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10 movies and TV shows for those who want to understand science


If you often watch TV, then try to spend time with benefit and learn a lot. And this is possible if you choose the most interesting scientific series.

So, we offer the top 10 best scientific series:

  1. "Brain: secrets of consciousness". The human brain is a unique organ with amazing capabilities. But why is it not fully developed and functions only by a few percent? How does our consciousness work and why does it sometimes govern us? Why do we perform certain actions in those moments? Where do instincts come from? What drives humanity? Is it possible to develop your brain and with the power of thought move objects or control other people? What happens to us in a dream and under different circumstances? The answers to these questions interest almost everyone, and the series about the secrets of consciousness will allow them to find out.
  2. "Through space and time with Morgan Freeman". The main character and lead of the most interesting series, launched by Discovery TV channel several years ago, is the incomparable Morgan Freeman, and its presentation makes the information even more interesting. Each episode begins with some actor's story, which traditionally ends with a new mystery of the universe. Every time Morgan Freeman asks questions that have long interested many, both geniuses and scholars, and the most ordinary people. Is there any god Are there other worlds? Black holes - is it a myth or the truth? How long will the universe exist? Will mankind die? You will get answers to these and many other questions by starting to watch “Through space and time with Morgan Freeman.”
  3. "Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking". The author of this series is a well-known astrophysicist and an incredibly talented and brilliant scientist who proved to the whole world that even being confined to a wheelchair and completely immobilized, one can reveal the secrets of the universe and make unique discoveries. And Stephen Hawking in one of his television works will try to tell ordinary people about certain phenomena and objects that he understands much better than others. He solves exciting riddles of the universe, talks about other planets and their inhabitants, about space and time and many other things and events. And all this is incredibly informative, interesting and truly amazing.
  4. "Lost Worlds". If you list the most interesting scientific series, then you should definitely mention this one. It is dedicated to the most unknown and disturbing secrets of the history of mankind. You will be able to solve the riddles of the most famous world civilizations and find out why they no longer exist. The series covers such important issues as the development of Ancient Egypt, disappeared tribes and entire civilizations, atomic bunkers, various fortresses, amazing temples and other structures that ordinary people could not build.
  5. "Invisible Worlds". If you think that you know everything about the planet Earth, you are deeply mistaken, and Richard Hammond will prove it to you once again. From the series you will learn that the human eye is a unique organ and one of the most powerful and amazing tools in the world. But what catches sight is not all that is on the planet. Many events and phenomena occur literally next to us, but at the same time remain invisible to us. The creators of this short series used the most modern technology to penetrate the secret world, which can be called parallel and invisible. And you will be able to uncover many of its secrets and learn many new, interesting, and sometimes literally unimaginable. And it deserves your attention!
  6. "Cosmos: space and time". The author of this television scientific work, Neil deGrasse Tyson, is long and, most likely, mutually in love with science. He wants to instill his love in everyone. And it’s impossible not to begin to harbor sincere feelings for everything that seems to be going on around us, but at the same time remains covered with mystery. You will understand a lot of their things that used to remain unexplored and mysterious for you, because Neil tells everything in such a clear and simple language that even children can watch the series. The author will tell about the greatest scientists who shook the whole world of discoveries, about physical phenomena and reactions and about many other things.
  7. “Secrets of the soul: Archetype. Neurosis. Libido" - a documentary cycle consisting of eighteen episodes and dedicated to the well-known scientists involved in psychoanalysis, real phenomena of psychology and psychiatry, as well as insane, but went down in history geniuses. After watching this series, you can unravel the mysteries of the human soul, learn more about the psyche of people and find the keys to consciousness, reveal the secret meaning of your dreams or visions, become a witness to unique experiments and phenomena, understand yourself a little or yourself. such phenomena as split personality and other. All this is incredibly interesting and undoubtedly very useful for self-development and self-knowledge.
  8. "Disappearances" - this is a whole documentary cycle that the authors have devoted to historical events, which have not yet been fully disclosed and disturbing the minds of historians, scientists and ordinary people. In each episode, one seemingly strange phenomenon is seen, connected with the disappearance of people or entire airplanes and ships, with the so-called “white spots” in the lives of individuals. These are the most shocking disappearances that open up on the other side. In the series you can see new and unusual explanations, recently found and published documents and personnel, and much, much more.
  9. "How the Universe is arranged". Space has always attracted people and has been the subject of study for many scientists. Moreover, it remains the greatest mystery to this day, although space ships have been plowing its spaces for several decades now, and they managed to visit other planets. And yet the universe continues to reveal more and more of its secrets, and it, perhaps, will never open completely. If you want to go on a virtual space trip, the series "How the Universe is arranged" will definitely give you this opportunity. It was shot relatively recently, and some special effects are so realistic that at some point it may seem to you that you really happened to be on another planet or witnessed the birth of a new star or even a universe. It's just awesome!
  10. "Black mirror" - this is not really a scientific series, but rather an artistic one, but it is also worth seeing, because it reflects the essence of the consequences of scientific achievements available to modern humanity. The fact that several decades ago seemed unreal and fantastic today has become firmly established in our life and in the customary everyday life of the majority of the inhabitants of the planet. Everyone has a smartphone or tablet, every home has a plasma TV, and many people replace live communication with short messages on social networks. The Internet means more to us than the experience of past generations, and only 140 characters from a short message are stored in memory, while unique possibilities and access to all information of the Universe have opened up to humanity. The black mirror is a faceless display of mobile devices, which reflects the essence of the existence of the Earth’s population in the 21st century. And this reflection is sad and frightening.

These were the most fascinating scientific series. Be sure to look at least one, and you will learn a lot of new or unusual.

Through space and time

The series, led by Morgan Freeman, is already doomed to success. Each series of five seasons “Through space and time” tells about the Universe and its creation, and also tries to answer the question that worries everyone: is there anyone else besides us? The original series is voiced by Freeman, so if you understand English, be sure to watch it without translation.

Space: space and time

Neil Degrass Tyson is one of those dreamers who adore science with all their hearts and want everyone to do so. In Cosmos: Space and Time, Tyson talks about various physical phenomena, scientific discoveries, and great people in science. All this is done in simple language. So simple that you can watch the show even with a small child.

Planet Earth

Living in the city, we do not think so much about what our planet really is. In the series “Planet Earth” the BBC channel showed the diversity of our nature and its incredibly beautiful landscapes. The crew visited the most remote corners of the planet. After watching the series, you will understand that we have something to lose.

Invisible Worlds

Another series from the BBC, the leading of which - Richard Hammond, known for the transfer of Top Gear. Our vision is the main tool for knowing the world around us, but we see only a small part of what is happening around. In The Invisible Worlds, they talk about phenomena that are too fast for us to notice, or so slow that you have to watch for dozens of hours to see at least some change.

How the universe works

Another series about space. But you know what? Space series does not happen much. Discovery project was created in order to answer the question that is given in the title. Since the series has been released relatively recently, besides interesting discoveries, there are also fantastic special effects here. You will see how the universes are created and the stars collide, and you will pass through the asteroid belts. And all this is drawn so real that over time you forget that you are watching a series created using computer graphics.

Life in the microworld

It is unlikely that the series will appeal to those who are horrified by the sight of a spider. The world of insects is much more diverse, and its inhabitants, whom we see every day, are only flowers. The whole universe under our feet is in constant motion. There are predators, victims and dramas. If you want to learn more about the world of insects, then be sure to watch this series.

2001: Space Odyssey

Our predecessors thought of us too well, believing that in 2001 we will already plow the expanses of the universe. So far we have not gone so far. The film by Stanley Kubrick is considered a classic of sci-fi movies. There will not be gorgeous special effects, after all, the film was shot in 1968. But the plot and the quality of the film make you forget about it.

"District 9" clearly shows what will happen if one day we see an alien ship in the sky and aliens we are so eager to find. The film is replete with special effects and looks very, very cool. And once again reminds us that we are not as friendly as we think.

Blade Runner

A film with young Harrison Ford about an alternative world in which people turned into gods. They managed to create an artificial intelligence that thinks like a person and is engaged in slave labor. Ford in the title role and Ridley Scott in the director's chair made The Blade Runner the classic of science fiction cinema.

Do you have any favorite movies and TV series about science?

Comrade Detective / Comrade Detective

  • Comedy, detective
  • USA, 2017
  • IMDb: 7.3

Comedy Detective, produced by Channing Tatum. According to legend, this is a Romanian series, filmed in the 80s by order of the communist government. And in fact - a witty parody of the propaganda films of the Cold War.

Detective Gregor Angel investigates the murder of his partner by a man in the mask of Ronald Reagan. All the action takes place in happy socialist Romania, and the main villains are US capitalists.

Atypical / Atypical

  • Comedy, drama
  • USA, 2017
  • IMDb: 8.4

In the center of the plot - a teenager Sam suffering from autism spectrum disorder. He will have to solve the usual problems for young people: look for friends, meet girls, communicate with family. But the disease creates additional difficulties.

It is a rare case when an autist without embellishment is shown on the screen, making his illness not a background for the narration, but the center of the plot, without exaggerating comedy or excessive tragedy.

Rellik / Rellik

  • Crime
  • USA, 2017
  • IMDb: 5.9

Relic - is the word "killer" vice versa. Therefore, the story is told from the end. Detectives are engaged in ascertaining the causes and motives that led the killer to commit a number of crimes.

The unusual structure, when the riddle remains not the outcome, but the very beginning, turns the perception of the plot upside down. The result is a decent crime detective without platitudes.

OA / The OA

  • Mystic, drama, fiction
  • USA, 2016
  • IMDb: 7.8

The blind girl, Peiris Jones, returns home seven years after he disappears. She inexplicably gained sight and now calls herself OA. Peyris does not tell what happened to her, claiming only that she was nearby all the time.

This series has appeared almost from nowhere. The first promo videos came out just a couple of days before the premiere, which only fueled interest in the project. And the plot itself was worthy of the X-Files or Twin Peaks.


  • Comedy, drama
  • USA, 2016
  • IMDb: 8.1

An employee of the Capitol learns that some senators are captured by alien insects, who climb into the heads of politicians and eat half of the brain. After that, people become ardent patriots who dream of the greatness of the country.

Unfortunately, this series lasted only one season and was closed due to low ratings. But very few people are capable of joking on the topic of politics so rudely and sharply as the authors of "Brainless".

Guestbook / The Guest Book

  • Comedy
  • USA, 2017
  • IMDb: 6.9

Each series is a separate funny story recorded in the hotel's guest book in the resort town. Here you can find everything: from detective investigations to love adventures.

This witty comedy from the creators of “My name is Earl” is distinguished by a good cast and a slight touch of vulgarity.

Ozark / Ozark

  • Crime drama, thriller
  • USA, 2017
  • IMDb: 8.4

Martin Bird and his family secretly move from a suburb of Chicago to the small town of Ozark. The thing is, he used to launder money for Mexican drug dealers and owed them a large sum.

This series could claim the laurels of such a legend as Breaking Bad, but so far remains in the shadows. Sudden plot twists, passions and a constant sense of danger make the Ozark really exciting. In addition, it has stunningly beautiful landscapes.

Orville / The Orville

  • Comedy, fiction, drama
  • USA, 2017
  • IMDb: 7.6

The action takes place in the future after 400 years. The series is centered around the motley crew of the Orville spacecraft exploring the universe.

This parody of Star Trek, released almost simultaneously with the new Star Trek: Discovery TV series, has every chance of being lost against the background of the original. Surprisingly, the author of the project Seth MacFarlane, known for “Griffin”, does not focus on humor below the belt, but creates a witty and pleasant comedy.

Hunting for Unabomber / Manhunt: Unabomber

  • Crime drama
  • USA, 2017
  • IMDb: 8.2

The story of the capture of the real criminal Theodor Kaczynski, known for sending homemade bombs by mail. FBI linguistics specialist for about 20 years tried to catch a maniac.

The series is released channel Discovery, which can already be called an indicator of quality. There is no need to wait for a dynamic action, but you can completely immerse yourself in the psychologism of the situation and look at it from rather unexpected sides.

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams / Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

  • Science fiction
  • USA, 2017
  • IMDb: 7.5

Each episode - the film version of a separate work of famous science fiction writer Philip Dick. In most of his books, this author combined the development of technology and the story of what makes a man a man.

Episodes of the series in the spirit of the famous "Black Mirror" no doubt deserve attention. In addition, the basis lay stories without exaggerating the great writer.

Cosmos: A personal journey with Carl Sagan / Carl Sagan’s Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

Space: Space and time / Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (2014)This cult film is often called the “greatest educational series of all time,” which has not lost its relevance even after 30 years. Karl Sagan - an astronomer and biologist, a famous popularizer of science, had an amazing ability - to speak about complex concepts in simple language and without prejudice to the content. The film tells about the structure of the universe, and the history of life and the history of mankind. A separate line of the film is the search for extraterrestrial intelligence: Karl Sagan is one of the founders of the extraterrestrial intelligence search program SETI. If you are even a little bit interested in how the universe works, go on a 13-part space voyage with this documentary series.

American science fiction documentary series in 2014. Continuation of the “Personal Journey”. “We want to make a program that does not just continue the first series, but reflects the time in which we created it, so that it was immediately clear that it was intended for an audience of the beginning of the 21st century,” said presenter Neil Tyson when work was done on the project.

Elegant Universe / The Elegant Universe (2003)

Этот мини-сериал сняли в 2003 году по бестселлеру американского учёного-физика и популяризатора науки Брайана Грина о теории струн и М-теории. Здесь вас ждут интервью с наиболее интересными струнными теоретиками, а также с нобелевскими лауреатами Стивеном Вайнбергом и Шелдоном Глэшоу, современная компьютерная графика и простые, но довольно точные аналогии раскрывают базовые понятия теории относительности, квантовой механики и объясняют такие особенности теории струн, как суперсимметрия, 11-мерная Вселенная, пространства Калаби — Яу, браны и т. д.

Сила искусства / Simon Schama’s Power of Art (2006)

This series of films is not at all like a tiresome walk through the museums of the world. Instead, we offer you something unusual and exciting, like a parachute jump into the volcano of the creative imagination of eight geniuses of painting: Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Picasso, Van Gogh, Turner, Rothko, David, Bernini. Only in this way can one imagine, feel and appreciate how the greatest masterpieces of painting on Earth were created.

Disappearances! / Stardust Lost In The Andes (1995 - 1996)

This documentary cycle of the History Channel is devoted to the mysteries of history related to missing people, white spots in the biographies of prominent figures of politics, culture, sports and the unexplained disappearances of ships and expeditions. In each episode, they talk about a mysterious and inexplicable incident at first glance.

Lost Worlds / Lost Worlds (2006 - 2007)

The cycle of documentaries, which is devoted to the mysterious and interesting world of history. It will focus on the secrets of ancient and modern civilizations. From the castle of the present Count Dracula to the atomic bunkers of the 1950s, the history of temples, fortresses, missing civilizations.

Wonders of the Universe / Wonders of the Universe (2011)

Who are we? Why are we here? Where did we come from? These are the most fundamental and eternal questions that we can ask ourselves. And this is an integral part of human nature, which seeks to find answers to them. We can trace our ancestry for hundreds of thousands of years until the dawn of humanity. But in fact, our story goes much deeper. Our universe originated about 13.7 billion years ago. Today it is filled with more than 100 billion galaxies. And each of them contains hundreds of billions of stars. In this documentary cycle, Professor Brian Cox tells the epic story of our Universe, showing that we are an integral part of it.

Wonders of the Solar System / Wonders of the Solar System (2010)

For millennia, people stared at the starry sky fascinated. Professor Brian Cox proposes to go on an exciting 5-series journey into the depths of this unknown space, to see with your own eyes the true and amazing beauty of the solar system. Better astronomy textbook.

Wonders of Life / Wonders of Life (2013)

This mini-series tells how, 3.7 billion years ago, some fundamental laws gave rise to the most complex, diverse and unique force in the universe - life. Light, gravity, time, matter and energy served as the building blocks of everything that exists, from the smallest microorganism on Earth to the largest galaxy. Currently, it is estimated that there are 100 million different species on Earth. “The Wonders of Life” tells the story of amazing diversity and adaptability of life in connection with the laws that govern it. From the movement of chromosomes during cell division to an electrical spark that causes muscle contraction, this series reveals the secrets of life in the most unexpected places and the most stunning details.

From the point of view of science / Naked Science (2004 - 2011)

The name of the film can be literally translated as "Naked science." This is a popular science and documentary series on the National Geographic Channel devoted to current scientific and technological issues, riddles and problems of our time. Both recognized historical facts and supernatural and paranormal phenomena, natural disasters and catastrophes are considered.

Inside the Human Body / Inside the Human Body (2011)

The mini-series “Inside the Human Body” is most clearly and precisely, but at the same time it describes the person as clearly as possible as an incredible phenomenon in the life of the planet. This popular film, shot with the help of modern technology, tells about the most important processes taking place in our body. Michael Mosley gives us a fantastic journey through the universe that is inside us.

Mysteries of the soul: Archetype. Neurosis. Libido. (2011 - 2013)

This 18-episode documentary is dedicated to the fate of the famous soul healers, scientists of the XIX – XX centuries who stood at the origins of modern psychoanalysis, psychiatry and hypnosis. Among the themes of the series: the theory of Sigmund Freud about the sexual development of the personality and the circumstances in which he created his theory, which changed the minds of many people, the story of the Italian psychiatrist Cesare Lombroso and the system he created that defines the “natural criminal” by his appearance, hypnosis of Dr. Charcot, methods of Carl Jung, which he, before applying on his patients, experienced himself, the Austrian psychologist and psychiatrist "King of complexes" Alfred Adler, who first used the term "inferiority complex". Stories of great discoveries made by trial and error, and sometimes at the cost of his own personal life.

Brain. Secrets of consciousness / The Brain. A Secret History (2010)

Why do we perform this or that action? What really drives us? How does our mind work? Can we control our thoughts and control other people? For centuries these questions have occupied philosophers and theologians. But about a hundred years ago, a new science opened the veil of secrecy. And this science is an experimental psychology, which will be discussed in the next BBC project.

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking / Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking (2010 - ...)

The famous physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking, who at the age of 30 turned out to be almost completely paralyzed due to a progressive disease, shares his thoughts on the most intriguing mysteries of the Universe. According to him, life on other planets exists in various forms - from the simplest organisms to developed civilizations. But people should avoid contact with the alien mind. A journey into the past is impossible, the scientist believes, since this is contrary to the basic laws of nature (violates cause-effect relationships). But a journey into the future is theoretically possible.

Desperate tasters go ... / The Supersizers Go ... (2007 - 2009)

Writer and restaurant critic Giles Coren, along with the famous British comedian, writer and radio host Sue Perkins, “set off” to live and eat like they did in Britain in various historical eras. They are dressed in costumes of the corresponding historical period, sent to the doctor, then taken to the house decorated in the style of the desired era. In the same spirit, the heroes are fed there, often leading them into a state of shock. At the end of each trial, the doctors arrive at surprising conclusions.

Food Factory / Food Factory (2012)

An instructive and fascinating show takes us backstage product lines to show how food is actually made. For each package of chips, a can of beer, a bar of chocolate or a loaf of bread stands a gigantic production line, thanks to which all these products are made available to the masses. Learn about the miraculous process of turning raw materials into many favorite products - from pasta and pesto to chewing gum and Canadian whiskey.

Adam spoils everything / Adam Ruins Everything (2015 - ...)

The unsightly truth that is dear to our heart. Adam Conover with stunning humor destroys stereotypes imposed by society, television and neighbors. Work, sex, cars, restaurants, tips, terrorism and charity - all knowledge about these aspects is seriously questioned.

Black Mirror / Black Mirror (2011 - ...)

This is the only art series on our list. The Black Mirror is a British fantasy cycle created by the script of Charlie Bruker. It consists of seven episodes that are not related to each other by the plot, the actors, or the time or place of the narration. All plots are united only by satire on the way of life that is common in modern society. The main theme is the influence of information technologies on human relations.

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Desperate tasters are sent.

The Supersizers Go. (2007–2009)

A well-known restaurant critic and comedian actress in each new issue are sent to the dramatized historical epoch of Britain and eat exclusively those dishes that were eaten at that time. After each such experiment, participants are examined and receive a doctor's opinion on the state of health. Watching the cooking and eating of insane dishes (like the head of a ram, a pie with frogs, a stew of 15 varieties of meat, pies 30 cm high) is for some reason very fascinating.

Black mirror

Black Mirror (2011 -.)

The latest and only art series in our collection. This film will make you think about modern technologies: what can a black mirror lead to or lead to? It is in every house, on every table, on every palm - a plasma TV, a computer monitor and a smartphone display. This dystopia of the XXI century. Recommended for viewing.