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Litotherapy - a myth or a panacea?


How is the treatment carried out? People have long believed in the properties of stones. It is believed that they emanate certain vibrations that are very similar to the vibrations of the human body. In addition, some of them are able to influence the work of certain organs or systems.

And if you find a suitable stone, you can troubleshoot and significantly improve the condition. In general, many people believe that lithotherapy is a very effective method.


Scientific and medical evidence of the effectiveness of lithotherapy is not, and that is why this method does not apply to popular and generally accepted. But some claim that the condition is really improving.

This is probably due to more faith and self-suggestion. Although some areas of lithotherapy in addition to the use of stones suggest other effects. So, massage or reflexology are useful in their own right.

And yet it is worth trying out the influence on yourself. You will probably find a suitable stone and you will actually feel better with it. The properties of some minerals are known for a very long time, and among them there are proven by scientists.

What stones are used in lithotherapy? Almost everything. This and the most different minerals, and rocks, and crystals, and precious stones. Moreover, they can be used both in pure and unprocessed form, and as part of any products, such as jewelry or accessories.

How to use stones?

How to use stones correctly? There are several ways:

  1. Just hold the stone in your hand for 20-30 minutes, closing your eyes and relaxing as much as possible.
  2. With the help of minerals, you can make a massage, leading them through the body.
  3. A specialist can press with small stones on certain points of the body responsible for the work of certain organs or systems.
  4. Wear jewelry or accessories with stones, use products with them.
  5. You can charge the water. Immerse the mineral in it and leave for the night or for a day, and then drink this water in the morning on an empty stomach.

Indications will depend on what stones are used, because each of them has certain properties. In general, if you decide to test the method in question for yourself, it is better to find a specialist in the industry and ask for help from him to assess your condition, as well as select suitable minerals and specific methods for using them.

Properties of some stones:

  • Shungite treats joints and digestive organs, as well as alleviates the condition for varicose veins and asthma.
  • Turquoise is very good for the liver.
  • Agate strengthens the immune system and normalizes the kidneys.
  • Aquamarine is effective for toothache, stress, and disorders of the liver, kidneys and thyroid gland.
  • Jade helps rejuvenate the entire body.
  • Pomegranate cleanses the body and starts the processes of regeneration.
  • Pearls help normalize blood pressure, as well as the work of the digestive tract.
  • Amethyst fights depression and insomnia, eliminates inflammation.
  • Moonstone gives positive thoughts.
  • Amber has a beneficial effect on the lymphatic and circulatory systems.
  • Carnelian is good for the nervous system.
  • Emerald improves memory and vision.
  • Rock crystal has a positive effect on intuition.
  • Pomegranate helps remove toxins and sputum from the lungs.
  • Lapis lazuli is used to treat skin diseases and osteochondrosis.
  • Ruby gives energy, gives strength.
  • Opal is effective in chronic diseases.
  • Sapphire helps relieve the pains of almost any nature.
  • Chrysolite helps to make decisions and improves mood.
  • Diamond works as a powerful energy charge.
  • Alexandrite strengthens blood vessels and normalizes blood pressure.
  • Serpentine (serpentine) is effective for colds.
  • Coral normalizes metabolic processes and the cardiovascular system.
  • Onyx accelerates recovery from any disease.

Can they harm?

Since lithotherapy does not involve any intervention in the body, there are no contraindications. Minerals do not release any substances into the environment, so they cannot provoke undesirable reactions. Allergies, they also do not cause.

That is, in fact, stones can not have any negative impact. Nevertheless, lithotherapists believe that if the mineral is chosen incorrectly, then the condition may worsen. But there is no evidence of this.

Advantages and disadvantages

Summarizing, we can list the following advantages of lithotherapy:

  • Security. Natural and high-quality stones can not harm.
  • Lack of contraindications.
  • It will not require any effort from you. For example, you can simply wear a product with a stone.
  • It is absolutely not painful and even pleasant. Touching many stones brings real pleasure. Do not forget about aesthetic pleasure, because even the appearance of stones is able to give positive emotions.

  • Some stones are very expensive.
  • There is a risk to stumble on a useless and even dangerous for health fake.
  • The method has no scientific substantiation and evidence.

If you are interested, be sure to try the effect of lithotherapy on yourself!

History of lithotherapy

Like many unconventional practices, lithotherapy is based on the experience of our ancestors. Rocks have been studied for several centuries. In ancient times, Indians considered stones to be living matter. Moreover, they were taken for the gifts of the Gods falling from the sky. Also, there are enough recipes for healing minerals from the days of ancient Egyptian medicine. The unique properties of the stones mentioned Aristotle and Herodotus.

Now Eastern therapy is quite actively used in many countries, it is used in sanatoriums. Despite the huge number of pharmacies for various diseases, this treatment is actively used now.

How do stones affect a person?

Many of them have truly wonderful properties:

  • treat unhealthy joints and organs
  • improve digestion, vascular function,
  • normalize blood pressure
  • skin diseases are treated,
  • help to maintain and improve vision
  • promote rejuvenation

They are often used to clean the aura, relieve stress and fatigue, restore vital energy. The unique properties of stones provide protection from damage and the evil eye, negative effects.

How do lithotherapy?

Some of the stones are worn as wearable jewelry. Others clean the water instead of the filter. With the help of third do massage, and the fourth crushed and taken orally.

The healing elixir is obtained by infusing ordinary water on certain minerals. The resulting water is drunk and used for cooking. It has an antimicrobial effect when washing, relieves eye fatigue if used as a compress.

During the massage stones are used in various shapes, colors and weights. Applying aromatic oils, pre-relaxing massage. The entire session lasts from half an hour to 60 minutes. This treatment helps to get rid of anxiety and fatigue, enriches the cells with oxygen and beneficial substances.

Everyone has active centers, which are nerve nodes, blood vessels. They are called chakras. There are a total of seven of them. They are affected by mineral rocks.

What stones are useful?

Virtually all minerals. They are used in a pure, raw form, as ornaments. To understand what is suitable for a person, in olden days used a simple method. Before going to bed, the stone was tied to the outer part of the arm at the left shoulder. If you had a nightmare or a bad dream at night, it means that it does not fit. If you have a pleasant good dream, a stone will bring happiness and good luck, and help preserve health. If the dream has not dreamed at all - there is no impact, neither positive nor negative.

Try to hold a solid mineral in your hand. If it becomes warm - it suits you, cold - no. It is believed that a person feels "his" stone intuitively, feels his power. Surely, many have favorite earrings, bracelets, amulets of various breeds.

It is very important to choose the right natural substance depending on the problem. It is better to turn to a real lithotherapist in order, on the contrary, not to harm yourself.

It turns out that even the most famous stones have amazing properties:

  • agate treats prolonged cough and sore throat, protects against infections, relieves seizures,
  • Amethyst helps fight insomnia, irritation, gives peace of mind,
  • diamond helps to bring down the heat, protects against disease,
  • turquoise restores the liver, strengthens the eyesight,
  • pomegranate relieves depression, treats bronchitis,
  • pearl improves immunity, normalizes blood pressure,
  • Emerald is used for epilepsy, diseases of the teeth and joints,
  • the cat's eye helps to heal diseases of the ears, heart, eyes,
  • lapis lazuli will help with asthma, radiculitis, high temperature,
  • malachite strengthens teeth, heals ulcers,
  • jade is used in childbirth, protects against the evil eye,
  • Ruby fights insomnia, gives strength, is used for anemia,
  • carnelian cleans the blood, heals wounds and boils, strengthens the teeth,
  • tourmaline reduces toxins,
  • onyx strengthens memory, saves in case of headache,
  • Chrysoprase helps the brain work
  • citrine cleanses the body of toxins
  • schungite will help with asthma, arthritis, diabetes,
  • amber is used for myomas, cysts, improves eyesight,
  • Jasper is used by people with liver and kidney disease.

And this is not the whole list of minerals and their amazing properties.

Features of treatment with stones, side effects and contraindications

When choosing therapeutic minerals, two points must be taken into account:

  1. They must be mined in ecologically clean areas.
  2. The correct processing is important. Drilling and violating integrity should not be.

A full treatment process requires several sessions. For complex diseases take a longer time. There are the following side effects:

  1. Stomach upset.
  2. Loss of sensation
  3. Headaches and dizziness.
  4. Negative emotions.

Mostly side effects are of short duration. They are manifested purely individually. It will be necessary to adjust the recovery scheme.

Despite the fact that there is no evidence of a negative effect of treatment with stones and they do not cause allergic reactions, healers advise that they are used responsibly. It is important to know your diagnosis in order to use a particular stone.

As for the massage, such treatment cannot be performed for pregnant women, diabetics, varicose veins, as well as other patients who are prohibited from thermal procedures. It is not recommended to resort to hypertonic methods of lithotherapy.

Harm or benefit?

Speaking about the pros, it should be highlighted:

  • safety of the composition of natural substances
  • no contraindications
  • treatment does not bring pain, and even, on the contrary, pleasant sensations,
  • wearing jewelry does not require effort, gives the beauty of appearance.

Of the minuses worth noting:

  • the high price of some breeds
  • lithotherapy has no scientific evidence, is not officially recognized in traditional medicine,
  • in our country there are few real specialists in this field. There is a risk of being treated for a charlatan.

What are amulets for?

Stone amulets represent charms against misfortunes, ailments, dangers, and talismans enhance these protective qualities. Wards can be made yourself. In the manufacture of amulets use a variety of rocks. For example, a charm made of sapphire or crystal will bring happiness in love, and onyx will give confidence in their abilities. Pearl necklace will help overcome the feelings of unrequited love. Amethyst amulet will protect from drunkenness. Chalcedony talisman helps to cope with despondency.

For a certain zodiac sign there is a favorable stone. For example, Taurus is recommended to purchase topaz to maintain physical condition and peace of mind. Scorpios better choose garnet, malachite, lapis lazuli. Zircon will improve the ability of the brain of Aquarius and protect against unhappiness, and jade will bring Libra luck in your endeavors.

Try to turn your thoughts to the talisman, then it may turn out to fully feel his magical power.

What should patients know and remember?

Lithotherapy is only a type of alternative medicine, but not a panacea. Do not be fanatical about this method of healing. It is better to contact real specialists who have sufficient knowledge in the field of this therapy. You should not use such treatment yourself in the absence of medical literacy, without fully understanding the principles of the effects of stones on the body.

To begin with, when problems are detected, it is necessary to consult a doctor and receive treatment in the traditional way. It is necessary to understand that in many cases the help of classical medicine and medical supervision is necessary.

There are many seminars on the topic of healing stones. Anyone can attend training and learn about the amazing properties of natural substances and their effects on humans. In any case, knowledge of the method of magical healing will bring only positive results and favorable emotions.


Lithotherapy is a way to treat many diseases with the use of stones that meet certain criteria. Treatment with stones has been known for a long time, today this method is being revived.

Lithotherapy is a method of treating diseases used in alternative medicine. The main means in it are stones. Litherapy is not recognized by official modern medicine and is evaluated as pseudoscientific.

At the heart of lithotherapy are isolated subjective ideas about the healing properties of stones and minerals. There is no scientific confirmation of the method, although today it is used by many healers and has found ardent supporters and admirers.

Lithotherapists, who are engaged in such a therapy, argue that each stone produces only its inherent radiation, which coincides in parameters to the same processes in the organs of the human body. Due to this coincidence, stones can affect individual bodies in the body (physical, astral, karmic, mental) and heal it.

In lithotherapy any minerals are used, they use synthetic, natural stones. Among the latter: fossils left over from extinct animals in ancient times, pearls, mother of pearl, use mollusk shells, rocks (solid, suitable jewelry, in the course of products made of stone. Help treat precious stones, various crystals, numerous minerals. Each of these has its own brand effects that correct the consciousness and state of the human body.

Due to the large amount of materials used, lithotherapy is a method that combines highly targeted techniques that use a specific set of stones. This is stone therapy, hemotherapy, metaltherapy, mineral therapy, and crystallotherapy contribute to the fight against diseases. There is also a direction associated with adjusting the chakra with stones. A massage is performed using drusen, crystals, which is combined in a separate direction - astromineralogy.

History of lithotherapy

About the ability of stones to influence a person is known from ancient history. The lithotherapy methods used in many countries are thousands of years old. It is known, for example:

  • the use of about hundreds of minerals for drug formulation by Tibetan and Mongolian llamas, their healing practices imply the use of stone pyramids, rosaries, balls, massagers,
  • ancient Chinese healers used biostimulant stones, which they applied to the bioactive points present on the body, as a result, the body energy leveling, increased vitality, pain relief, treatment of diseases were achieved,
  • charging the chakras with the use of stones that Indian healers practiced as part of the Ayurveda system for rejuvenating the body, its healing.

Stone therapy

This method of lithotherapy is a natural development of reflexotherapy. To the techniques of the latter added temperature, energy impact on the body of stones. The latter are applied to certain points of the human body that are biologically active and sensitive to such effects.

Conduct stone therapy using consistently warm and cold stones. The first ones are black and are made, as a rule, from various volcanic rocks (for example, basalt). The latter are white, most often made of marble.

Black stones keep warm for a long time and give it away for quite a while. White - on the contrary, quickly cooled and cooled tissue on which they are laid.

With the help of stone therapy, disorders of the nervous system, especially depression, stress are treated. The method helps to relieve muscle, vertebral pain, leads to an acceleration of metabolism, to rapid loss of excess weight.

Crystal therapy

This technique is based on the inherent sound of crystals that can act on a person and heal him. Звуковые волны восстанавливают энергетический баланс, нормализуют давление, делают устойчивым и правильным ток крови, разогревают уставшие мышцы, избавляют от болей, заряжают человека энергией.

The session of crystal therapy is the location of various crystals and minerals around the human body for about an hour. For the treatment of specific diseases used specific crystals, their various combinations and locations. As a rule, the location of the crystals corresponds to the pain points, acupuncture points and lines, the locations of the chakras on the human body.

As a result, as littherapists explain, the crystals absorb the patient radiation emanating from the human body and return them to the natural rhythm. The result - health returns to the human body.

Diseases that are treated with stones

The list of diseases that lithotherapists take to correct or treat with stones is extensive. For example, using pearls, emerald, moonstone, diamond, they remove the heat, fight against infections that have penetrated into the body, help to remove inflammation, sharp increases in the liver, vomiting, jaundice.

The list of diseases affecting the bladder, causing problems to the kidneys, urinary tract. They are treated using diamond, topaz, emerald, pearl, sapphire. Apply these stones to dissolve kidney stones, to improve the condition of diabetes.

Stones and diseases that they relieve or treat

There are a lot of such stones. Each of them is able to help fight a particular disease, there are more universal ones used in a whole group of diseases.

For example, krovavik helps with allergic reactions, varicose veins, bladder diseases, circulatory disorders. The action of the diamond is aimed at curing the plague, removing the temperature. An extensive list of problems that amber can cope with: bursitis, varicose veins, fever, indigestion, pain with localization in the back, in the ears. Sapphire helps to overcome eczema, and hyacinth, malachite, opal, ruby, cholera.

Aventurine, amethyst or amazonite is used to relieve anxiety. Malachite will help to cope with asthma, and blue cirrus agate with bursitis, which affects the articular bags, inflammation of the throat. Stones are able to defeat herpes (lapis lazuli, jade), constipation (ruby, black tourmaline, smoky quartz), measles (turquoise), cough (turquoise, aquamarine). To stop hurting my head with migraines, use blue tourmaline, turquoise, aquamarine.

Stones and names

Stones, according to the same lithotherapy, are associated with the names of people. The correct mineral can, for example, with constant wear, improve health, vitality, prevent the penetration of infections, etc.

For example, Alexandra is a cat's eye, and a man with the same name is rauchtopaz. Alla will help to be calmer and healthier turquoise, Anne - hematite. Ivanam should give alexandrite, corundum, victors - olivine, Vladimir - carnelian. For women with the name Valentina the best gift will be amber, Victoria - corals, Galina - aventurine.

If your daughter, wife, lover's name is Eve, then you should shell out rubies. If they have the name Zoe, then emeralds. Lydia requires cheaper gifts - malachite. The latter is suitable as a presentation to Igor.

Lions will be healthy with sapphires, Michael with aquamarines, Nikolai with alexandrites. Ludmila will bring peace and health to white agate, Natalia - malachite, Tatian - rauchtopaz. Men Sergeyam better to choose spinel, Yuriyam - jade, Yaroslavam - sapphire.

We use healing stones

The simplest thing is to make an ornament suitable for you and, for example, to wear it. At the same time, it is worth knowing how best to use it, on which days of the month they give the greatest health effect.

If you decide to treat a specific disease or condition with stones, then the best option would be to contact a linoterapist. The effect of treatment depends not only on the correct choice of stones, but also on their number, location relative to the diseased organ.

Mineral based healing water

Among the methods of lithotherapy is the use for the treatment of diseases of the healing water. Prepare it by placing certain stones inside the vessel with normal water. As a result, as lithotherapists say, a mineral elixir is obtained, which positively affects the person.

The healing water is drunk as drinking water, it rinses the mouth with diseases of the gums, teeth, and throat. It is suitable for washing: such water, if it is drunk, makes the skin, hair the best, and during the treatment, cell renewal or regeneration is accelerated.

For the treatment of wounds that are different in nature, burns, all sorts of skin diseases, pestering itching, water is sprayed into areas where all this is observed. The same problems are cleaned with compresses on the healing water, baths with it.

In lithotherapy use several types of healing water. They differ in the use of various stones for insisting. This is flint, quartz and schungite water.

Contraindications to the use of stones and minerals

There are also contraindications for the use of stones in the treatment. According to recommendations of lithotherapists, not to wear jewelry not from their own stones.

In addition, there are prohibitions or wishes from the application in the procedures. For example, hot stones cannot be used for those people whose blood circulation is greatly enhanced by temperature effects. Cold stones categorically do not recommend to use for pregnant women, those who suffer from hypertension.

Matching stones and eye color

Depending on the eye color, women with jewelry with such stones are suitable:

  • blue eyes: suitable for those who have orange, golden color,
  • greenish-gray eyes: these women have a great choice, they can choose from agate, alexandrite, turquoise, light green beryl, green pomegranate, malachite, chrysoprase,
  • eyes with zolotinka: so women should ask the price of orange hyacinth, heliotrope, golden topaz,
  • brown eyes: dark amber and carnelian are suitable for such eyes,
  • radiant eyes: the stones in this case should be stellar and reflect the rays of light,
  • very bright eyes: for such eyes it is better to choose from rock crystal, transparent topaz, transparent aquamarine, pale lilac amethyst, pale green chrysolite,
  • pistachio eyes: these rare eyes are combined with only one stone - chrysolite,
  • black eyes: these eyes need saturated stones: turquoise (bright blue), coral, emerald, amethyst,
  • eyes in which the iris sparkles: these eyes need the same sparkling stones, you can use the cat's tiger eye.

    But there is a stone that fits any eyes. This is a Siberian charoite.


    The art of healing diseases with the help of minerals in human history has very deep roots. It was associated with the centers of the emergence of human culture in Persia, Ancient Egypt, Arabia, Middle Asia, China and India, and originated in the Paleolithic. In the most ancient treatises (from those that have come down to us), the influence of precious stones on human well-being or on certain diseases or on the psyche is almost always discussed. Information about healing minerals can be found from the Egyptian papyrus of the Ancient Kingdom period. Herodot, Pliny the Elder, and Plutarch described precious stones and healing properties in antiquity.

    Later, the Christian church authorities began to consider the echoes of paganism in healing with the help of minerals. There was an attempt to limit their list to the “12 stones” mentioned in the Bible, which adorned Aaron's fool and the biblical high priests preachers who followed him. Now it is believed that these 12 minerals consisted of: jasper, agate, emerald, amethyst, turquoise, pomegranate, jade, lapis lazuli, onyx, chrysolite, carnelian and amber. Despite this belief that other stones also have healing properties, it was developed and strengthened in the Middle Ages. The texts of some lapidarians of that time reminded a kind of mineralogical benefits, medical books. For example the essay of Jacob Maidenbach 1491 "Garden of Health".

    The interest of doctors and researchers of past centuries to healing stones as “potential healers” is logical and quite understandable. Against the background of the rather limited ideas of those times about the physiology and anatomy of the human body and rather strange from the point of view of the modern pharmacology of the medical system, minerals made a magical impression of the owners of the mysterious higher powers. Then it is not surprising that behind each type of gem in human history there is a long train of myths and legends about its healing properties.

    In modern times, with our powerfully developed pharmacist, a rich arsenal of pharmaceuticals, whose action is based on a rigorous scientific basis, interest in the therapeutic properties of minerals has not only not died away, but it was revived with a new power at the end of the 20th century. In this case, it is not the role of certain mineral chemical compounds and microelements in metabolic processes that attract attention, but the potential therapeutic properties of substances with a unique crystal structure (the structure of stone crystals). At first, this is quite strange, since no mineral is used by biological organisms, in its direct crystalline state. In addition, it is known that crystals sometimes have a negative effect on living cells. Suffice it to recall the acute silicosis "miners' disease", which occurs when light is injected into quartz crystals.

    Basics of Mineral Therapy

    Lithotherapy is a fairly common term in popular literature to describe a section of medicine that relates to minerals, their properties, their crystalline form, and other physical characteristics. However, it would be more appropriate to use the term “mineral therapy”, since, in contrast to the word “stone” used in everyday life, the term “mineral” has a clear definition: it is a chemical substance formed as a result of natural physicochemical processes, possessing a certain crystal lattice, chemical and physical properties. Mineralotherapy is a part of medical mineralogy that studies the healing properties of minerals and the possibility of their use as medicines.

    In some cases, it is reasonable to speak of a completely natural basis of the healing properties of certain minerals. For example, some carnelians have poorly expressed radioactivity, and the stimulating effect of mini-doses of radiation in biology and medicine is well studied. Modern science proves that in the overwhelming majority of cases we can only talk about “minerapsychotherapy”. The positive effect of treatment is achieved only due to the belief in the healing power of the crystal or stone, which plays the role of a placebo (from Lat. Placebo - “like”). Placebo in medicine refers to this kind of treatment, which is used because of its psycho-physiological effect on the patient’s body, a particular symptom or a specific type of illness.

    Many people underestimate such effects in therapy. They can be very noticeable. Let it be known to you that the authoritative international bibliographic reference book, Current Contens, lists several dozen scientific articles a week on the topic of placebo. You can also recall the words of the famous American healer of the late 19th century that became an aphorism. Quimby: "The success of treatment depends on the patient's FAITH in the doctor and in the remedy, but not on any medicine." The well-known Russian doctor V. Bekhterev writes similarly: “Self-suggestion enters the field of consciousness not through the front porch (as opposed to persuasion), but through the back (bypassing the watchman of the critic). Therefore, any self-suggestion (positive and negative) is omnipotent. ”

    Many lithotherapists write that crystals have sources of specific fields and “vibrations”, which, due to the resonance effect, are able to influence the functioning of cells and organs of the human body. Unfortunately, modern chemistry, physics and medical sciences have so far not enough data to confirm the very existence of these phenomena.

    Mineral characteristics

    The site on which you are located contains an image of more than 150 semiprecious and precious stones and minerals, the magic and healing properties of which can be found in world literature. Here you will meet such famous stones as emerald or aquamarine. Emerald and aquamarine jeweled crystals are sure to be found in any serious jewelry store. But there is also a description of such rare minerals as titanite or apophyllite. Such samples are stored in geological collections of museums, specialty stores and mineralogical collections of collectors. All representatives of both mentioned groups, regardless of market value, share one quality - they are minerals.

    Professional geologists or gemologists can perform a description of each mineral. It consists of a long list of such properties as: cleavage (the ability of the mineral to crack in certain crystallographic directions), the color of the line (the color of the line that remains when scratched with mineral by unglazed porcelain) and others. There are about 14 such properties.

    Use only after consulting a litherapist!

    Try to treat information about the magical and healing properties of minerals as interesting facts that have been gradually described in world culture over a fairly long period of time.

    If we are talking about mineral therapy (lithotherapy), then only contact (or non-contact) impact on the human body is meant. But nevertheless, this method of therapy should be treated as a medical treatment, it should be controlled by a specialist - a lithotherapist (preferably with a higher medical education).

    Methods of lithotherapy. Stone properties

    How is the process of lithotherapy? First you need to choose the stone that is best for solving your problem. Then you need to purchase an appropriate crystal, a mineral sample, a piece of jewelry, a pyramid or a massage ball and use them for treatment. When choosing a mineral or a product with a stone, first of all listen to your feelings. You should have positive emotions when you look at it or hold it in your hands.

    The easiest way to treat stones is to wear jewelry, amulets or amulets with precisely those precious minerals that can solve your problem.

    For example, it is known that amazonite frees one from anxiety, cleanses the whole body of toxins, removes a feeling of insecurity and gives its owner a sense of optimism. This stone helps women maintain their attractiveness longer, as it has a beneficial effect on the condition of hair and skin.

    Stone properties Serpentine (serpentine) - has long been used in the treatment of physical and mental diseases, as it has the property to remove negative formations and emotions from the damaged field. The powerful energy of this mineral creates a sense of protection and emotional balance. That is why he has long been a talisman of healers, pharmacists, doctors, homeopaths, massage therapists.

    Onyx, if worn in the area of ​​the solar plexus, has a beneficial effect on digestion and appetite, normalizes the condition of the liver. Also this properties of this stone help with violations of brain activity, headaches, suicidal tendencies. Onyx also strengthens memory and causes respect for its owner.

    It is important to remember a few simple rules: first, rinse your talisman from time to time under running water to remove negative information. The second important point is that in order to avoid the effect of getting used to the only favorite talisman, there should be several of them - for different occasions, for solving different tasks. And the third important point - communicate with your amulet, at least once a day, mentally addressing it. You can say with this healing mantra or positive affirmations. For example, “I'm getting younger every day” or “cosmic abundance is manifested by the flow of money in my life.”

    In addition to jewelry, lithotherapists use stones in the form of plates, balls, disks, massage sticks. Before the treatment, the stone is heated (activated) by holding it on the Sun or dipping it in warm aromatic oil. Then you can massage, acupuncture, acupressure, disinfection and treatment of wounds, applications, treatment of light from the stone and other procedures. lithotherapy.

    For example, massage with rhodonite, charoite, rose quartz helps well with functional disorders of the nervous system, migraine, vegetative-vascular dystonia and for cosmetic purposes. A massage with malachite, serpentine, onyx, jasper is recommended for sensitive, motor and trophic disorders, for pain of a neurogenic nature in the heart, intercostal neuralgia, for weight loss.

    Smoky quartz (rauchtopaz), lapis lazuli, onyx, jasper, jade can be used for massage in acute respiratory infections, chronic bronchitis, pleurisy, arthrosis. Nephrite, jasper, and obsidian work very well during massage to heal diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

    Special place in lithotherapy takes jade. “Gold has a price, but jade is priceless,” says an old Chinese proverb. It is believed that свойства этого камня позволяют омолаживать организм.

    Его называют камнем вечности. Его прикосновение приносит успокоение, снимает усталость, продлевает жизнь. Нефрит излечивает почечные и другие болезни, оберегает владельца от «сглаза» и неудач, благоприятно влияет на супружескую жизнь и помогает при родах.

    The world of magical crystals and minerals is amazing and diverse, as is the palette of your aura, which can change with the change of your mood. Let the process of knowledge of magical techniques bring you only positive emotions and help to reveal the brightest facets of your personality!

    From time immemorial, people believed in the magical abilities of stones. They made protective amulets from them, with their help expelled evil spirits, treated infertility, rescued from fever. What is this: the power of suggestion or stones - really wonderful healers?

    Methods of lithotherapy - how to choose a healing mineral?

    The recipe for selection is very simple: you need to find out which mineral is best suited for the treatment of the disease or organ system in question. Next, purchase the necessary crystal, jewelry, a mineral sample, a massage ball, or a pyramid and start using it in everyday life. There will always be some freedom in choosing a healing stone. What do you think is better: beads or a simple pyramid, a ring with a polished or cut stone, or a beautiful pendant with a healing mineral? The advice is very simple. Mineral and the product from it should you like, you should experience positive emotions holding it in your hands or looking at it. This feeling of a certain “positive empathy” is a reliable guarantor of good treatment. If the stone specially selected for you does not affect the thin strings of your soul, it leaves you indifferent, it is probably worth refusing to use it.

    How to use healing stones

    The easiest way to use healing stones is to make an ornament, a talisman or an amulet on their basis. It will only be necessary to wear the product regularly and sometimes rinse it with running water (it is believed that negative “informational layers” are accumulated in this way during accumulation). You should also keep in mind the “addictive effect” - it “erases” the sensations you receive from a medical product, these sensations “fade away” with time. In physiology, a well-known mechanism, due to which the human nervous system begins to react less well to regular stimuli of weak intensity. As time goes by, we cease to hear the quiet ticking of the clock on the wall, or we forget about the discomfort from the recently delivered dental filling, etc. In the same way, we can stop noticing a necklace on the neck, a ring on a finger, or a pendant in the case of constant wear.

    In order to not lose the healing properties of the healing stone with time, it is often useful to “talk” with it regularly, as if to “communicate”. It is enough 1 time per day to mentally contact your talisman. “Hello, how are you?” Try to feel the positive response psychological action and try to fix it in your memory. Next time, feel the "medical wave", your amulet will be much easier.

    Stone massage balls

    Stone massage balls are the most simple objects that can be used in lithotherapy. A long time ago, the practice of body massage using banshee crystals with healing properties appeared in China. Thus, minerals carried out acupuncture effects on the biologically active points of the body and reflex therapy segments. These medical techniques have been preserved in our time, they are usually dealt with by experts in the field of acupuncture, or lithotherapists (professionals in the treatment of minerals). Stone massage balls have a very mild effect on the external structures of the human body, therefore there are practically no contraindications (neither absolute nor relative) for this method of treatment.

    Stone balls of small size can be used to affect the acupuncture points of the palm. Typical techniques for working with such balls are quite well known. Usually they are described in the instructions attached to the massage balls (can be found in any shop selling medical and magical minerals, stones, etc.). What can I say - just rolling a pair of balls in the palm of your hand for 5-10 minutes may already have some positive effect on your health, general well-being or individual psyche.

    Relatively larger (1 is placed in the palm of your hand) balls are used to massage the back, limbs, body. In a number of countries in Southeast Asia, stone devices in the form resembling ordinary pebbles can be found.

    Such stones are usually recommended to warm up before using in the open sun or hold them in hot water. At the end of the session, it is recommended to wash the massage ball with cool water and even hold it for a while.

    Healing Stone Pyramids

    Today, quite extensive literature is devoted to the unusual properties of structures with a pyramidal shape. Pyramids cause close attention to themselves, which led to the appearance of so-called “healing pyramids” in the specialty stores, they are made of certain stones, minerals, “for every color and taste”. Usually they are made of ornamental stones of suitable hardness (aventurine, rock crystal, agate, jade, amazonite, rhodonite, cacholong, or seraphinite). It is very important that the mineral retains its original crystal structure in the manufacture of the pyramid. Amber pyramids stand apart, they are usually made by pressing amber chips.

    Use pyramids in lithotherapy in several different ways. They are useful in meditation (the pyramid is held in the palms at the level of the chakra with which you need to work, breathing is complete, uniform, the eyes are closed, mentally concentrate your mind on the pyramid, you can imagine it as an information and energy center or channel, your connection with the Universe , the communication channel of your body with life-giving cosmic energy. The duration of the procedure varies from five minutes to an hour. It is recommended to conduct such meditations 2-3 times a week in the open air, also in a room where nothing ekkaet your attention.Also, therapeutic pyramids can be applied to one or another part of the body, in a supine (half-sitting) position. Muscles are maximally relaxed, arms are stretched out along the body. Try to imagine that with the help of the pyramid all negative layers of you are stretched out and carried away all the dirt, the body becomes lighter, the mind free from fears and worries.

    Mineral (Stone) Cylinders

    In specialized stores for the sale of therapeutic and magical minerals, as well as various of them products, you can encounter mineral cylinders (harmonizer cylinders). They can have a certain energy impact on the human body as a whole, and on individual organs and tissues. In contrast to these cylinders, the so-called cylinders of the pharaohs operate on galvano and magnetoeffects.

    Usually 2 cylinders are used, one is made from the "Yin" mineral, the other is turned from the "Jansky". For example, a pair of jade-schungite, there are other similar combinations of minerals. Cylinder size from 10-15 cm in length, 3-4 cm in width.

    When used, a person usually sits with a straight back and eyes closed. He holds the Yin cylinder in his left hand, the Yansky cylinder in his right. Hands with cylinders freely rest on their knees, the cylinders themselves are vertical. You can carry out the procedure lying down. It is recommended to concentrate your thoughts on your feelings and send positive impulses mentally to the area of ​​the affected organ. A positive sign of a correctly performed procedure is the feeling of warmth that spreads out of the palms of the whole body, a certain “pulsation” in the hands, or a slight tingling in the hands.

    The course of treatment usually lasts about two weeks. It is recommended to conduct sessions 2 times a day - in the mornings and evenings. The duration of the initial sessions is about 5 minutes, the final - 15 minutes or more. Before the start of the session is very important inner desire to heal.

    It is especially recommended to work with cylinder-harmonizers to those people who are forced to recuperate after a debilitating illness or are under constant stress load.

    Healing crystals

    It is possible to work with healing crystals as well as with cylinder-harmonizers. The difference is that the crystal is held with the dominant hand (in the right - for right-handers, left - for left-handers). You can also use a pair of approximately identical crystals of a specific mineral. And similarly work with both hands.

    Therapeutic effect of low doses of radiation

    Carnelian (and a number of other minerals) have the property of weak radioactive radiation. Associated with this property of such minerals is their healing effect.

    The fact that radiation can have a healing or stimulating effect at first seems a bit strange. Radioactive radiation has always been associated with injuries, hazards and diseases such as tumors. In practice, radiation does have many negative effects, but this is characteristic of large doses of radiation. It must be remembered that there is radiation everywhere only its background is insignificant.

    Every day, about 30,000 radioactive atoms of bismuth, radon, polonium and lead trapped with air get into the human lungs. With each meal, about 7,000 atoms of radioactive uranium enter the human intestine. Against this background, various organisms gradually developed their own defense mechanisms against the effects of this kind. Based on the scientific data of the late 20th century, it became clear that small doses of radiation increase the metabolic rate in cells and stimulate DNA synthesis.

    You can talk about the positive general stimulatory effect of low doses of radiation. It manifests itself at various organizational levels - from individual cells to whole enzymatic systems and systems of animal and plant organs. It has been proven that irradiation with small doses of radiation from animals stimulates their immunity (its specific and non-specific factors).

    Radiation can damage biological macromolecules, which leads to the formation of free radicals - highly active fragments of macromolecules, which, in turn, cause a spontaneous mechanism of generation of free radicals from nearby molecules. However, the presence of these radicals is a prerequisite for many intracellular reactions. It can be said that small doses of radiation participate in the preparation of the “raw materials” necessary for them.

    The stimulating effect of low doses of radiation on the immune system is also possible to explain. The immune system can distinguish its own proteins from alien ones. As a result of radiation exposure, a part of the intracellular proteins is modified, the damage to proteins is the label of the immune system. For the immune system, this situation is equivalent to the massive appearance of a multitude of foreign proteins in the body. Which leads to a sharp increase in the activity of the immune system. Any other related effects (increase in life expectancy, etc.) are the result of intensive work of the immune and other body systems.

    But remember that not all samples of a certain mineral have an equal degree of radioactivity (among the same carnelians there are more "silent" stones). Another important condition - do not wear a radioactive product all the time, take breaks in its use.

    Contraindications to the use of minerals

    In lithotherapy there is a narrow number of relative contraindications to use (as in any other field of medicine).

    Pregnant women (unreliable) during the period of gestation (doubtful). It is not recommended to apply the methods of lithotherapy to patients with acute inflammatory disease and hypertensive patients (also doubtful). However, one should not use minerals when relieving acute conditions, a serious symptom of which is very high temperature, acute abdominal pain, heart or blood pressure (in these cases it is better to use the services of an emergency doctor or ambulance doctors). Recently suffered a heart attack or stroke, acute angina also require constant medical supervision. It is not acceptable to completely replace the treatment with classical medicine of oncological diseases with lithotherapy.

    Healing Minerals and Zodiac Signs

    Long ago, people noticed that the Moon, while moving across the night sky, consistently passes through fixed combinations of visible stars (constellations), moreover, this phase of the Moon is visible in a fixed part of the sky (in each period of any year). Since the moon shines with light reflected from the sun, then by the position of the full moon in the sky it is possible to determine the path of the sun among the constellations. Still in the 2nd c. BC the path of the main body of heaven was well known to the Greek scholar (Hipparchus). The ecliptic of the Sun (the line of its movement across the sky) was divided into twelve segments according to the number of zodiacal months in a year. All sectors corresponding to the 30 ° ecliptic were given the sign of the nearest constellation. These constellations (except Libra) depict people, mythical creatures or animals, because the set of sectors in the sky, uniting these constellations, called the circle of the Zodiac (from the Greek. Zodiakos kyklos - "circle of beasts"). The starting point is the position of the Sun at the time of the vernal equinox (March 22).

    If a person says: “I am Scorpio”, referring to the signs of the Zodiac, he says that during his birth the Sun in the circle of the Zodiac was in the sector of Scorpio.

    The constellations of the zodiac earlier than others were identified by ancient people among the many stars of the night sky. It is not surprising that each of them has its own traditions, myths and legends. And, of course, astrologers long ago attributed natural minerals (and precious stones) to the corresponding zodiacal signs. There are several classifications in total. The following is the most common.

    Azurite, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Ametrine, Angelite, Garnet, Quartz, Morion, Neptunite, Obsidian, Mother of Pearl, Rose Quartz, Haliotis, Chrysoprase, Zircon

    aquamarine, aragonite, white albite, vavelit, jet, hyalite, demantoid, emerald, coral, moonstone, neptunite, opal, orthoclase, peridot, mother of pearl, tsavorite, chaliotis, chrysolite

    diamond, bovenite, rhinestone, kyanite, moldavit, tektite, zircon

    Aventurine, agate, alexandrite, amazonite, turquoise, bovenite, cacholong, kyanite, malachite, rutile quartz, chrysocolla

    agate, amethyst, ametrine, beryl, bovenite, heliodor, cat's eye, morganite, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, rutile quartz, carnelian, tiger eye, celestite, citrine, charoite, epidote

    Aventurine, aquamarine, white albedo, hematite, emerald, demantoid, dioptase, pearl, moonstone, moldavit, orthoclase, tektite, tsavorit, chrysoberyl

    verdelit, heliodor, rock crystal, dravite, obsidian, pyrope, rhodolite, ruby, tourmaline, uvarite, spinel, amber

    Aventurine, heliotrope, rhinestone, jadeite, serpentine, cat's eye, jade, onyx, sardonyx, carnelian, tiger eye, eudialyte, jasper

    azurite, aquamarine, amethyst, angelite, bovenite, kyanite, conicalcite, lepidolite, malachite, muscovite, nephrite, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, rubellite

    actinolite, alexandrite, apatite, beryl, jet, hematite, garnet, serpentine, kunzite, morganite, topaz, unakite

    alexandrite, turquoise, Herkmayer diamonds, verdelite, Vesuvian, gelitrop, dravite, lazulite, lazurite, obsidian, pyrope, rhodolite, sapphire, tourmaline, uvarite, chalcedony, chrysocolla, celestite

    almandine, vesuvian, verdelite, jet, dravite, smoky quartz, obsidian, Apache tears, tourmaline

    Healing Minerals and Chakras

    In many eastern cultures, the seven chakras are the most important active centers of the human body. According to some ideas, they consist of blood and lymphatic vessels, nerve nodes, etc. According to others, the chakras are not material, but energy-information centers in the human body. Chakras can be called accumulators or generators of prana, energy Qi (Ki). All chakras correspond to natural frequencies, colors, tastes, etc. For example, the wavelength of a particular color or the sound of a particular mantra. It is believed that the lower chakras (1-3) correspond to the low frequencies of the Earth, while the upper (4-7) high-frequency cosmic vibrations. Healers of ancient India were able to influence the chakras with precious stones (they correspond to certain frequencies of vibration, etc.). The technique of the ancient Eastern healers (harmonizing) is fundamentally different from the Western astrological recommendations (reinforce the already strongly expressed aspects of the personality). Often, people do not even suspect that the reason for their indisposition is the wrong decoration from some kind of mineral.

    The following are the chakras with a list of minerals and gems that have a stimulating effect on them.

    agate, diamond, anhydrite, apophyllite, Brasiliano, rhinestone, danburite, pearls, iolite, calcite, cacholong, quartz, kyanite, Creed, Moldova, Morion, Oken, scapolite, stiblit, Tektite, topaz, ulexit, Phenacite, fluorite, chrysocolla , cerussite, zircon, charoite

    agate, azurite, amethyst, benitoite, wulfenite, iolite, quartz, lepidolite, malachite, sapphire, carnelian, smithsonite, tanzanite, fluorite

    agate, azurite, aquaurite, aquamarine, alabaster, amazonite, angelite, apatite, turquoise, Herkmayer diamonds, varistsite, verdelite, Hessonite, dravite, Dyurtierite, pearls, kyanite, covellite, conicalcite, coral, corneroperin смитсонит, содалит, ставролит, стиблит, халцедон, чароит, янтарь

    aventurine, agate, actinolite, alexandrite, almandine, amazonite, andalusite, apophilite, belomite, beryllite, bovenite , serpentine, emerald, calcite, cornerupine, lepidolite, moonstone, kyanite, kunzite, kuprite, malachite, morganite, nephrite, pyrope, prehnite, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, pink quartz, rhodolite, rubellite, ruby, sagilite, serafinite, syblitite, rhodolite, rhodochroite, ruby, sagulite, serafinite, steblit, t rhodonite, rhodolite, ruby, sagulite, serafinite, stiblit, t , unakite, chrysoberyl, chrysoprase, charoite, zoisite, eudialyte

    Manipura (solar plexus)

    agate, apatite, benitoite, beryl, Wawel wulfenite, jet, heliodor, goethite, jade, serpentine, calcite, flint, cuprite, Labrador, malachite, morganite, jade, onyx, peridot, prehnite, rhodonite, rutile quartz, onyx, scapolite , staurolite, tiger eye, chrysolite, cerussite, citrine, epidote

    agate, almandine, ametrine, anhydrite, hematite, heliotrope, crocoite, ruby, spinel, citrine

    agate, actinolite, jet, hematite, howlite, garnet, smoky quartz, kyanite, cuprite, moldavit, neptunite, obsidian, petrified wood, rubellite, tears of the Apaches, steatite, tektite, cerussite

    The history of science

    Lithotherapy - treatment with minerals, one of the methods of alternative medicine. The art of healing with stones was known in the distant past. During the Paleolithic era in the Mediterranean and Indochina, healers actively used the healing properties of stones in their practices. Gradually lithotherapy spread throughout the world. In I-II thousand BC, the Ancient East became the center of alternative medicine, then Asia.

    The Bible mentions only twelve minerals that adorn the breastplate of Aaron and the biblical high priests. People were not convinced that not only these, but also other stones have a beneficial effect on a person. Gradually, minerals clothed with a halo of mystery and magic, legends and legends about them.

    Russia met with the wonderful properties of minerals much later. When studying the teachings arising in the East, many annals of the healing power of crystals were created. In the Middle Ages, the interest in stone-making faded away. This was facilitated by the rapid development of science and the negative attitude of the church, which saw pagan roots in lithotherapy.

    In the East, science did not occupy such an honorable place. There appeared textbooks on mineralogy, treatises on healing stones and minerals. They described which stones have the greatest healing power and how to choose a suitable mineral.

    In the modern world, interest in lithotherapy has gradually increased. Mankind no longer relies on traditional medicine and has fixed its eyes on the ancient mystical power of nature. Various studies are now being conducted on the interaction of the human body and the energy of minerals.

    Many medications include mineral constituents. However, the healing power is not only medication, but also the wearing of minerals, the decoration of them and just the contemplation of crystals. Today, science confirms the interaction of the human bio-field with the energy of stones.

    Ways to use stones

    With a properly built connection with stones, a person improves blood circulation, improves sleep and appetite, and accelerates tissue regeneration. The positive effect of the energy of minerals on humans is absolutely indisputable, although not yet fully understood.

    To obtain positive energy, which is emitted by healing stones, it is necessary to choose the way of interaction with them:

    1. Amulet. Crystals and stones can be worn as jewelry. They favorably emphasize the chosen image, fit any style. An amulet with a stone is a keeper from an evil eye and a bad intention. He protects his master from misfortunes, ailments, diseases.
    2. Mascot. As a talisman used stone, which has a specific energy field. He is selected depending on what character trait needs to be strengthened or, conversely, to weaken. The talisman is able to calm the passion, instill confidence, charge with optimism. It is believed that the stone that was donated or inherited is stronger. If the mineral was purchased, then it needs to get used to its new owner.
    3. Massage. The healing power of stones is fully revealed during the massage. Depending on which minerals will be used, the massage can be relaxing, invigorating, toning, soothing.

    Feed water. The practice of feeding water with stone energy has been around for a very long time. For the production of healing water, it is necessary to put the mineral in clean spring water, put it in a dark place and leave it overnight.

    In the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of such water. Silicon gives the greatest effect of such feed.

  • Also, the stone can be worn in the pouch over the sore spot, rotated over the wound, put on a tumor or bruise.
  • The strength of the crystals has a positive effect on the body, allows you to concentrate positive energy and enhances the protective forces of the human biofield.

    Healing properties of stones

    In the modern world, minerals are actively used in the treatment of many diseases. Each stone has certain healing properties, thanks to which it is used for a particular ailment:

    1. Since ancient times, agate has been considered the personification of calm, peace and harmony. Its action favorably affects with angina, bronchitis, diseases of the heart and blood vessels. It helps to get rid of insomnia, annoying fears and heart depression.
    2. Alexandrite has the ability to balance emotions and mind. Helps in the treatment of the pancreas, normalizes blood pressure and sugar. In India, this mineral is considered sacred, because it is able to give longevity to its owner.
    3. Diamond helps to cure mental diseases, normalizes the central nervous system. It also weakens the craving for smoking and alcoholism, helps with headaches. In the hands of a cunning and evil person, a diamond loses its magical properties and adversely affects the health of its owner, bringing him adversity.
    4. Amethyst is a stone of wise men. It has absorbed the power of the Universe and the energy of the cosmos, therefore it has a beneficial effect on the human mind, strengthens the power of the spirit and endows with faith. Amethyst is used to improve immunity, improve vision and hearing.
    5. Turquoise brings peace to the heart and love to the home. Mongolian lamas believed that this stone changes color depending on the human condition.
    6. Rock crystal is the personification of purity and tenderness. The healing stone is able to disinfect water and disinfect wounds.
    7. Pomegranate is an exotic mineral that is capable of causing turbulent passions in its owner. The gem is used for fever, headaches, insomnia, and is capable of treating sore throat, fever and bronchitis.
    8. Pearls help to cope with the disease of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, lungs.

    Emerald is a stone of chastity and composure. Will save his master from ill-considered actions and hasty decisions.

    Protect against debauchery, lies and conspiracies. Also, emeralds treat joint pain, rheumatism, gout.

  • The moonstone is able to help its master overcome depression and boredom. It improves sleep, normalizes blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Coral improves memory, has a positive effect on a person’s emotional background. He is able to strengthen the intuition, gives confidence and determination. It helps fight inflammation of the pelvic organs, asthma, sclerosis.
  • Brilliant brings composure, prosperity in business, good luck and success. Favorably affects the female genitals, normalizes metabolism, improves appetite. Diamonds treat blood diseases, help cope with tumors.
  • The cat's eye helps to avoid conflict situations, protects the owner from bad companies, protects family relationships. It is able to normalize the work of the central nervous system, kidneys and liver.
  • Malachite has a beneficial effect on the hematopoietic function of the body, a positive effect on the pancreas and bladder.
  • Amber softens the adverse effects of magnetic storms on the human body, regulates mental balance, helps to find harmony with nature.
  • Dangerous stones and minerals

    Along with beneficial properties, some minerals can have a negative effect on the mental and physical condition of a person. When purchasing medicinal minerals, it should be remembered that people who aspire to profit often sell beautiful, but dangerous for health stones.

    It is difficult for an innocent eye to determine a fake, which is used by pseudo-doctors and pseudo-healers. Giving dangerous stones for healing, they cause great harm to human health:

      Celestine blue, which is often confused with rock crystal, contains the very poisonous salt of strontium. Its harmful radioactive effects affect the bone marrow and internal organs.

    Green conicalcite contains arsenic. This mineral is often offered as a green pomegranate, which is used to make powder and powder.

    Conicalcite powder can be deadly.

  • Opaque natural green zircon is damaged by radiation.
  • Arsenopyrite may contain large quantities of arsenic, sulfur and iron. It is dangerous when in contact with human mucosa. Getting into the water or food can be fatal.
  • Liquid mercury may be present in minerals. It represents a direct threat to human life.
  • Stones and minerals are not recommended for purchase from questionable sellers.

    It is necessary to contact the specialized stores, which employ competent specialists. In the modern world, alternative medicine is gaining more and more speed.

    Littotherapy, the treatment with stones, deserves special popularity. Properly selected mineral will help improve the well-being of its owner, help him find harmony with the world around him.

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    Can stones heal?

    Of course, lithotherapists, specialists who are engaged in a detailed study of the healing properties of stones, are sure. Aristotle, Theophastus, Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Avicenna wrote in their writings about the wonderful abilities of minerals. Pliny, for example, recommended rubbing medicines in a mortar of Sicilian agate, because this mineral enhances the beneficial properties of plants and is indispensable for spiders and scorpions bites.

    Dioskurit in his writings collected a lot of information about the healing properties of stones, especially about malachite, lapis lazuli, jade and amber. And Nicolaus Copernicus developed medicines that included powdered stones. The tradition of using precious and semiprecious stones to heal a person is still alive today. Her name is lithotherapy (in Greek, litos is “stone”, and therapy is “treatment”).

    Paths of impact stones

    Trying to uncover the secret of the effectiveness of lithotherapy, modern scientists have carefully studied the properties of stones and came to the conclusion that minerals can affect humans at several levels: energy, psychological and chemical.

    Energy level. Every living thing, be it a plant, animal, man, or stone, has its own energy vibration. Measuring it with the help of special devices, scientists have concluded that in the human body each internal organ has its own oscillation frequency. During illness, stress, a weakened state, energy vibrations are distorted, blocked, and quiet. Precious and semiprecious stones, which, like tuners, restore the sound of an upset “instrument,” tuning it to the desired energy wave, help them to restore them.

    How to choose the right stone?

    Minerals should be selected only by a professional litherapist. Street vendors of semiprecious stones, sellers in jewelry boutiques, as well as the authors of lithotherapy brochures are poor advisers because they have only a superficial idea of ​​stone treatment. Often they are unaware that only untreated stones possess healing properties that have the integrity of the crystal lattice preserved. They also do not know that the stone, like a sponge, first absorbs, and then gives out information about the reality surrounding it. And well, if the mineral grew in a relatively prosperous region, and if it was brought from Afghanistan, where blood, Chechnya, Iraq or any other hot spot of the planet has been flowing for centuries? According to lithotherapists, such stones are not only incapable of curing a person, but they can even more upset his health.

    What problems solves lithotherapy?

    Lithotherapy copes well with chronic diseases, and also serves as a method for the prevention of various deviations. Properly selected minerals can restore the overall energy potential of the body, start the process of updating all organs and systems, improve immunity, improve the cardiovascular system, respiratory organs, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine and nervous systems.