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Boots and shoes - fashion trends 2018-2019 year


Surely, if you have a good rummage in the storerooms, many of us will find mothers or grandmothers beautiful home slippers with fur. They were worn with pleasure in the 60-80s of the last century.

But if you dig deeper, the first such shoes came to us from the Stone Age, when cavemen began to make such pairs of animal skins for themselves. Today, designers have gone even further, decorating with fluffy inserts not only home slippers, but also everyday couples for all seasons.

Not only for winter

Wearing boots with fur or warm boots with a similar exterior finish will not surprise anyone, because this is the usual winter version. Therefore, today we will pay attention to more original models, and learn how to wear them correctly:

Sandals. For many, they remain fantasy, and have nothing to do with practicality. But believe me, the “fluffy” sandals can be fully worn in the summer. Remember at least the heroine Kerry Bradshaw in the TV series "Sex and the City", which raved about such a couple, and was ready to give the last money for it.

It is possible to combine such a model with a dress a la 70s: a monophonic top with an open line of shoulders and a long sleeve, and a checkered skirt to the floor or length to the middle of the shin.

A bright pair with fur in an ensemble with wide culottes and a classic tonal shirt will also look beautiful.

Flip flops. Especially liked the idea of ​​creating such an unusual shoes fashion house Gucci. Connected to the development of such extravagant couples and Rihanna in collaboration with the company Puma. They may not always look clear to others, but a fashionable couple can be successfully combined with a sporty style. For example, a tracksuit and a cap, and so that the bow doesn’t look too sporty, can be complemented with a shoulder bag and a classic knee-length coat.

Such slaps paired with straight jeans and a white shirt, over which stylists advise to wear a light summer trench coat, look beautiful.

Young girls can afford more freedom, and wear a fur summer couple with a short denim skirt, a sweatshirt, and complement the look with a small backpack.

Wonderful summer bow can also be created with a tank top.

Ballet Flats - A great model for creating an image in the style of the 60s. For this you need a trapeze dress and a small number of accessories. By the way, such famous women as Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot wore such shoes at the time.

Sneakers. Sport shoes designers also did not deprive the pleasure of being decorated with fluffy trim. Funny fur tails and ears appeared on sneakers, sneakers and moccasins. Their undoubted advantage is that you can wear them with clothes of almost any style. The most practical option is jeans and a shirt, and a short dress is quite suitable for romantic dates.

Still not sure that you will look stylish in the "fluffy" shoes? In vain, because this trend designers in the past few seasons especially favor. In addition, you now know what to wear with such a pair. So, go ahead for updates.

Fashionable shoes of the season

Stylists do not limit women in choosing shoes for the cold season. They propose to use in the wardrobe a few pairs, wearing suitable for the occasion and together. Many manufacturers of branded items take into account not only the taste preferences of clients, but also practicality, convenience, and wearing comfort. Fashionistas have to choose among these trend models:

  • Knee-high boots: They do not lose relevance in the new season. For winter, they can have fur or artificial insulation, lightning through the entire bootleg, or spectacular lacing for decor. Beautiful boots with heels or wedges present in all the latest collections, complement outfits with fur coats, vests or elegant coats.

  • Boots back in fashion and great for the cold season. A large variety of heel options, finishes and shades of materials allow you to experiment with images. In addition to the usual classics on an average or low heel, you can diversify the image of biker brutal bots, elegant on stiletto or practical on a flat sole.

  • Dutiki at the peak of popularity is not the first season. Fashionable changes have touched this original women's shoes. Leaving a voluminous bolognese tops without any changes, the designers turned simple “lunar rovers” into feminine high boots with heels or a steady wedge heel.

  • Sexy boots - solution for autumn or winter. This season in the trend of the highest models, fitting the knee and rising over the thigh. A perfect option for a real lady will be the boots of delicate suede with a hidden zipper. Lovers of shocking wear varnish or leather pairs with a brutal lacing to the top, on a stiletto or flat platform. This spring, young people will experiment with original products that resemble ordinary sports sneakers on the platform.

Women choose the model to your taste, without limiting the imagination. If high boots are not comfortable for everyday wear, you can choose simple or elegant shoes with beautiful fur, leather or lace trim. This type of footwear has long been adapted to the winter cold and off-road, so this season it will be difficult for women to solve the problem of whether shoes or boots are better.

The most trendy models

Feminine notes and a stylish silhouette that prevails on the catwalk are in fashion. Standard classic boots made of leather in a new way “sound” in the collections of Nina Ricci and Marc Jacobs. Expensive high-quality leather and a steady heel make such shoes indispensable in bad weather. The actual length is up to the middle of the calf or under the knee, and shortened boots are perfect for autumn looks. But this season has prepared a few surprises and fresh ideas for everyday, office or romantic bow:

  • Boots stockings of velvety suede with a matte finish, beautifully fitting leg. This is a real hit from the Christian Siriano collection, which suggested adding fashionable details in the form of embossing under a python, a crocodile. High models emphasize the slimness of the legs, fit into winter and autumn outfits with a coat, short jackets or fur vests.

  • Stylish spring boots with a top of bologna. The basis is taken by the usual sports dutik, which the designer's idea turned into casual shoes. For greater practicality, the lower part is made of polyurethane, insulated with fur or nubuck. This youth version of boots or boots is suitable for women of any age who love comfort and simplicity.

  • Boots with fur outside - interesting trend. Fluffy décor goes along the entire length of the tops, creating an interesting contrast with velvety suede or smooth skin. They look creative, bright and feminine, decorated with pompoms or leather straps. Short boots with such a design should preferably be selected with high heels to show the whole elegance of a long pile.

  • Rubber footwear - the original and practical trend for the fall. Knee boots or neat shoes are made in bright colors with unusual prints. The fashionable novelty is very actual for a rainy season and keeps legs of the woman of fashion in heat. In the Jeremy Scott collection appeared rubber models of blue, yellow or pink on an average heel, which attract attention with its immediacy.

  • Boots or high heels can decorate any outfit in a romantic style, complement an elegant coat. In such shoes, the girl will look irresistible in any weather. Designers Altuzarra and Burberry skillfully worked with matte leather, beautifying it with straps with metal spikes, large buckles or lacing to the very top.

  • Boots or boots without heels very relevant this season. This pair with a classic sole and a rounded toe is suitable for any weather, providing maximum stability on ice or snow. She is suggested to wear Lanvin and Marc Jacobs. They diversified monophonic ankle weaving leather, textured embossed or shiny zipper.

  • Sports dutik - lightweight and practical boots for winter. Stylish design and juicy shades make it an interesting solution that can decorate a boring wardrobe. The waterproof fabric, special membranes and relief sole are made for bad weather conditions.

  • Men's Rough Boots - The trend of the last seasons. The fur edge, pleasant to the touch texture of suede or natural leather gives femininity and lightness. Timberland beige or bright red models can be worn under jeans and worn with spectacular cardigans. Alexander Hotto proposes to courageous girls to pay attention to the series with chains that adorn short brutal bots in front or behind, replace the lacing.

  • Fringed Crop Boots at the ankle conquered the podiums of many countries. Soft suede made them spectacular and cozy, and warm colors are perfect for autumn days. Such a model in the style of "country" will fit well into the daily youth bows.

  • Boots with transparent heels - a bright hit, proposed this season by Valentino and Christian Dior. The unique detail adorns even monophonic models, making them non-standard and fashionable. The addition will be a gilded painting, rhinestones or shiny decor. The combination with burgundy leather allows you to wear them with a dress to the party, creating a glamorous image.

Any model of boots on a platform sole or a platform will look extraordinary. For fans of the classics, a low platform and a rounded sock are more appropriate. Tractor or relief sole indispensable for rainy autumn, saving from impassable dirt.

Actual materials and colors

In the fashion of genuine leather of different textures of natural shades of beige or gray. Soft to the touch, smooth or embossed under the reptile color Marsala or chocolate is suitable for the embodiment of fashion designers of any model on the heel or platform. No less interesting in this season suede bright colors, painted in plum, ashy or carrot colors. It blends perfectly with fur and cashmere coats.

The novelty of the season is elastic latex, which has made spectacular plain boots. They perfectly fit the leg, give the image of sexuality and shocking, attract the attention of the opposite sex. When embodying many ideas, designers use artificial leather, teflon-coated nylon or bologna. Rabbit fur, polar fox or raccoon, metal rivets or buckles, woven laces and belts are used as finishing materials. At the peak of popularity, all the options are green: from juicy emerald to noble olive, which look perfect in matte suede, smooth skin of high boots.

Fashionable styles

Fashionable winter boots with fur have a wide range. Designers offer a variety of models, so you can choose the option for each day and at the exit, as well as for any preferred style of clothing.

Sole options

The sole of fashionable ankle boots for the winter should not be thin, otherwise the legs will freeze. But the heel option can be chosen to your taste. Models for everyday wear may have a low steady heel. This option is especially convenient for those girls who have to spend a lot of time on their feet. But if a woman of fashion does not recognize shoes on a low run, you can choose ankle boots on the wedge. This option is convenient and at the same time visually pulls the silhouette.

When choosing ankle boots for the cold season, note that the wedge should not be made of plastic, and the sole would not be too smooth. Otherwise, it will be extremely inconvenient to walk in shoe boots in winter, they will slip heavily. The more protrusions on the sole, the more confident the owner of the shoes will feel on the winter sidewalk.

Ladies who prefer shoes with heels should pay attention to models that have a steady heel in the shape of a rectangle, cone or prism. Well, on the way out you can buy ankle boots with fur on an elegant heel-stiletto.

Design options

First of all, you should pay attention to the length of the product. Classic models barely close the ankle, however, you can pick up and an elongated version, the shaft of which reaches the middle of the calf.

The fur can only be used for warming ankle boots, that is, there can be a fur lining that is not visible. However, many fashionable women prefer shoe boots with fur to the outside. This may be a thin edge or wide cuffs, there is even a full fur ankle boots. However, the last option can be seen, mainly on the catwalks, since the fur shoes look very unusual, and it is not particularly practical.

Fur may be insert. For example, models with high heels, in which the entire front part is made of long-woolen fur, intercepted in several places with leather straps with buckles, look very interesting. But this shoe is more suitable for a solemn occasion.

For everyday wear more practical shoe-transformers with cuffs cuffs. A feature of this model is that it is possible to lift the cuffs upwards, which will turn ordinary ankle boots into stylish boots.

For finishing of shoes various fur can be used. It can be a tsigika, a rabbit, a fox, an arctic fox, a mink, etc. But there are quite a few models for the decoration of which artificial fur is used. So even those girls who are of the opinion that it’s immoral to kill animals for the sake of getting fur can wear such shoes.

In addition to the fur for the manufacture of ankle boots used natural or artificial leather, suede, less often you can see the textile or felted options. Sometimes designers combine several types of materials in one model, for example, leather and suede.

Accessories and decor

Ankle boots with fur, as a rule, do not need additional decoration, since the fur itself is the best finish. In addition, accessories can be a stylish decoration. It can be a stylish lacing, which can be both functional and decorative. In the latter case, ankle boots have elastic inserts or a hidden zipper.

Often to decorate the models used straps of different widths and buckles. Metal buckles stand out beautifully against the background of fur; in addition, this detail is sometimes decorated with rhinestones.

If fur is used only for the edge, then models may have additional decorations in the form of chains, rivets, appliqués, etc.

Color spectrum

Ankle boots with fur are presented in a wide variety of colors. Traditionally, the most popular models of classic colors are black, different shades of brown, gray. You can choose the color option - dark blue or burgundy ankle boots with fur.

You can also buy bright ankle boots with fur, you can see models of red, orange, violet, blue colors on sale. However, colored shoes are less versatile, you have to pick up clothes for her more carefully. There are also models with a print, in a special “honor” among designers, an “animal” print imitating the coloring of the skin of a leopard, zebra or other animals.

Fur trim can be painted in the color of the shoe or be contrasted. Sometimes used fur, painted in several colors.

Choosing ankle boots with fur, you should pay attention to the shape of their legs. If they are slim and long, then you can safely buy any model. Miniature girls are not too elongated models are up to the middle of the calf. They are better suited classic version of ankle boots, covering the ankle.

If the legs are too thin, you should not buy models on a massive wedge, as they will look too massive. But for girls with a “wide bone”, this option, on the contrary, is very good.

With great care it is worth buying ankle boots with wide tops, as well as models that are decorated on the top with a cuff of long-haired fur. Such shoes look good only on a slender leg. If the legs are too thin or, on the contrary, are full, then shoes with a wide shaft or with a long pile edge will only emphasize the lack. In this case, it is better to stay on models that fit snugly to the foot, that is, lace-up or zipper. Fur cuff can be present, but it must be from tiger shank or other short-haired fur.

Create stylish images

Let's figure out what to wear boots, decorated with fur. These shoes are rather “cunning”, they visually shorten the legs, so clothes should be selected in such a way that this visual effect is leveled. Particularly attentive to the choice of clothing is fashionable women of short stature.

Since boots with fur is a model for the cold season, it is better to wear it with warm clothes. That is, such shoes look good with sweaters, jumpers, but not with T-shirts and tops on the straps.

The best “companion” of ankle boots is skinny jeans or trousers-pipes. If classic ankle boots fit snugly to the leg, then the legs of the leg leave “butt” with the tops of the shoe. If the option with a wide or elongated shaft is chosen, the legs of the legs are tucked inside. Надевать прямые и тем более широкие брюки и джинсы с ботильонами с мехом не следует.

Можно носить ботильоны с юбками или платьями. Но нужно выбирать укороченные модели – максимальная длина до колена. Лучший вариант юбки – прямая или зауженная модель чуть выше колена. Но если вы выбрали ботильоны на танкетке, то зауженную юбку к ним надевать не следует. With such shoes, a trapezoid-shaped skirt will look much better, but it should also be short.

A great set with ankle boots with a fur edge will make a knitted sweater dress with a straight silhouette. You can wear a dress made of wool or tweed. The main thing that the model had the most concise cut.

If you are planning to wear a dress or a skirt with ankle boots, then the kit will need to choose tights. You should use thick winter tights. Ideal if they match in color with ankle boots. But this only applies to models of classic colors. Black, brown, gray or beige tights can be worn with red or other bright ankle boots. Color is selected depending on the color of the clothes.

It is categorically not recommended to wear with ankle boots with a fur edge of the skirt and dresses up to the middle of the calf. This combination distort the proportions of the figure, the silhouette will look squat.

When choosing outerwear will need to try not to overdo it with fur. That is, if ankle boots have wide fur cuffs or fur inserts, then it is better to wear a coat or jacket to them, and not a fur coat. However, if the outerwear will have a fur collar of the same fur that is used to finish the boots, the ensemble will be quite harmonious.

If ankle boots are decorated with a narrow edge, then they can be worn complete with a fur jacket or waistcoat. But the classic long fur coat or coat length below the knee with such shoes does not fit well.

Fur and fur trim in the coming season are very fashionable. And many designers use artificial fur of the most unexpected colors. In most cases, the fur is not only inside the shoe, but also outside, that is, is a decoration of shoes.

The fashion brand Fendi has released ankle boots made entirely from fur, that is, the fur is both the lining and the upper part. Leather in ankle boots from Fendi is used only as a finish.

Thakoon models are leather, and fur is used for decoration. Designers of this brand have relied on an unusual color. So, in their collection you can see blue-blue ankle boots with a white-silver fur edge.

But Roberto Cavalli decided to offer fashionable women ankle boots with fur trim on an unusual sole. His models have a transparent heel, so it seems that the fashionista literally hovers above the ground.