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What to wear with a short fur coat? Fluffy ideas for a stylish winter


Fur coat - a popular and fashionable fur, which serves as outerwear for the winter period. In the wardrobe of every woman of fashion there should be a red women's coat, as such a product will allow you to emphasize your own style and be the center of attention.

Due to the high level of development of the dyeing industry of various materials, the red fur coat can be made of natural or artificial fur. Fur fox, mink, fox, sable, nutria, or chinchilla fur, as well as artificial, are often used as the base material.

To suit

Red fur coat - the choice of certainly stylish and courageous women who follow fashionable novelties and are not afraid of undue attention. A red coat will decorate every fashionable woman who dares to wear it. The main thing to consider is the length, the texture of the product and the features of your body.

Red color is relevant in any season for many seasons. The popularity of this color does not subside over time.

So that women of any addition could freely choose a red coat, designers offer original design, shades of amber, decor in the form of a hood, belt, shortened sleeves and cut asymmetry.

Variety of model range

Red women's fur coats are diverse not only in shades of this color, but also in length and decor. Ladies who prefer bold decisions or classic combinations will choose an option for their wardrobe without much difficulty. In fashion now:

  1. Products with short sleeves.
  2. Models of the type of fur coat with an A-shaped silhouette.
  3. Fur coats with a smell.
  4. Straight cut and asymmetrical solutions.

The function of decoration can be performed by various elements: brooches on the sleeve, stylish accessories, belt, color of amber, collar, cut.

Slender beauties can experiment not only with length, but also with texture.

Women of full body will be charming in a red coat of a free style, suitable products like poncho, trapeze.

You can use a red fur vest as an outerwear if you wear it over a coat or leather jacket.

From mini to maxi

  • Red coat classic length. This product has a length of the knee area. The length is considered optimal because it is suitable for office solutions, images for everyday life and celebrations. Base combinations are considered to be ensembles using a sheath dress, classic and skinny trousers, pencil skirts and blouses. Shoes should be heeled. You can use a snood or stole as a headgear. The knitted hat will not break the harmony.
  • Fur coat maximum length. The red coat to the ankle line or to the floor is a stylish and startling finish for a social event. It is worth thinking about the formation of the basic set. A dress to the floor decorated with an asymmetrical hem, sequins and a neckline is a godsend for a fashionista. Stiletto heels, persistent makeup and amber scent - filigree frame of onions. It is necessary to refuse a headdress not to spoil laying.
  • If your red fur coat is decorated with a three-quarter sleeve, then wearing it without elongated gloves is a sign of bad taste. This fur coat has a minimum length or mid-thigh. The product is not intended to protect against frost, it serves as an ornament to your stylistic decisions, full of femininity and coquetry. White cobweb as a headdress - out of any situation.
  • Cropped red coats - the choice of avtoledi and women who lead an active lifestyle. Despite the minimum length of the product, it is easy to form practical and feminine style solutions with the help of an appropriate basic kit. For parties, you can combine a fur coat with cocktail dresses.

Red fur coat

Among the successful combinations are the following:

  • Mini skirt black or white.
  • The skirt of the maximum length, made of dense material. Chocolate palette and cage are welcome.
  • Tight trousers and classic models, leather pants of red or black color. Shoes on the platform or heels - you decide.

Recommendations for the selection and operation of a red coat

  • The red coat in no case should not be too tight to the figure. Such a product should not interfere with the movements.
  • Purchase fur coats exclusively in specialized departments where you can familiarize yourself with the documents and get a guarantee.
  • Pay attention to the quality of accessories.
  • If your red coat is decorated with a hood, then do not use cheap tonal means. This measure will allow you to no longer go to dry cleaning.
  • To avoid any bald spots on the product, do not carry a bag on your shoulder.
  • To prevent the fur coat from eating the mole, store the product in a case.
  • If you prefer to wear a belt, then pay attention to the presence of a textile lining.
  • If you pay attention to the aroma of every day, then do not spray perfume on the fur, so as not to spoil the appearance of the red coat.
  • If the winter is frosty, then you should take into account that with a sharp temperature difference a fur coat made of natural furs may crack or burst.
  • A red fur coat in an ensemble with a white headdress is a harmonious solution. It is worth avoiding hats. Snood, stocking cap, classic knitted hat model - the perfect solution for every day. If you prefer bulk forms, then choose a cashmere stole.

Winter landscape is an excellent background for images with a red coat of any texture and length. It is necessary to show a little imagination to create unique images for celebrations, social events, parties and city everyday life. If you prefer comfort and style, then the fur coat of red color will become an ideal choice of outerwear!

What is called a fur coat?

As the name implies, a short fur coat is considered to be a shortened coat of fur, whose length is above the knees and can end at the waist. Its short length makes it possible to wear a fashionable fur product in any winter weather, put it on in public transport, feel confident driving a car.

Unlike a long fur coat, the risk of damaging valuable fashionable fur or degrading its quality is minimal.

Depending on the material, shortened fur coats come from expensive fur: mink, nutria, fox, muton. Products of rabbit, raccoon, fox and silver fox have proven themselves well. The cheapest, but no less popular, is a fur coat made of faux fur.

The cut for a fur coat can be the most varied: from fitted to flared silhouette. The color range is the most diverse. It can be natural soothing tones, combinations of several colors. Young girls can get even the most sparkling colors.

How to choose a fluffy thing on the shape and preferences?

In contrast to the long, constraining movement of fur coats, which are distinguished by a high price, coats belong to more youth clothing. There are no special rules for wearing them. They are worn both with evening dresses and for every day. There are no age restrictions.

When choosing a fashionable fur coat, you should be guided by the features of your body. Pay particular attention to the collar area. It is in this place that the style can visually expand the figure and disrupt the proportions.

On ladies with the type of a pear figure, A-shaped short fur coats look good, they hide wide hips well. Focusing on the waist with a belt, you can emphasize the dignity of the figure and make it more attractive.

On ladies slender silhouettes look best short shortened fur coats. On the figure resembling an hourglass, the belts ideally sit, visually lengthens the silhouette of a V-shaped collar and a little flared bottom.

Office Style

Bright products from faux fur do not really fit into the office style. All other models will look good on top of business suits and knee-length dresses. A pencil skirt or long dress pants is a good office solution.

When purchasing a short fur coat as a business dress, note that the legs need special protection from frost. It is better to wear high boots, long woolen skirts or trousers with a shortened fur coat. Well in the image will fit neckerchiefs, bags, hats. Those who want to stand out from the crowd can use bright colors. Fortunately, if the bag will be combined with a leather insert on the fur coat.

Casual style

The short coat from fur perfectly fits into youth wardrobe. High boots with heels of any shape and height, jeans, leggings, pants, skirts. In warm weather, short skirts and shorts with tight tights and ripped jeans look good. Perfectly complement the clothes of sweaters, sweaters, turtlenecks and sweatshirts.

A good addition to the fur top is a large capacious hood, which sometimes can put not only a high hairstyle, but also a small cap. In the absence of a hood, suitable accessories will be knitted scarves, hats, berets. All these little things look good with a fashionable fur cape, when choosing, pay attention to the combination of colors.

Evening exit

The fashionable natural shortened fur coat will be good addition to evening dress. Stylists advise in this case not to button the top, it will only emphasize the solemnity of the image. Shoes choose the evening, of course high heels - out of competition.

Shoe selection

Choosing with which shoes to wear a short fur coat, look at the boots of classic style or with wide tops, to ankle boots. You can opt for half boots or boots. Fans of informal style can follow the high fashion and choose uggs or athletic shoes.

The tricks of creating a solid image

Entering into your wardrobe a shortened fur coat, and choosing what to wear this universal product pay attention to two rules that will allow you to always look great and preserve the integrity of the image:

  • Do the main focus on the fur product, take it as a basis, and form your entire wardrobe in such a way as to emphasize the elegance of this thing. Next to the fur coat, the presence of accessories or other things interspersed with fur is unacceptable. You should not be limited to one color of clothes. It is important that all the details together form a harmonious color gamut.
  • Choosing with what to wear a coat, pay attention to the combination of length and proportions of all worn things. Short fur products look better next to shorter models of clothing: shorts, mini skirts and short dresses. Together with a fur coat up to the middle of the hip, it is better to wear long skirts and a dress, pants, models that cover shoes look good.

When considering whether to add a shortened fur coat to your wardrobe, enjoy advantages such as versatility, convenience and comfort, and remember that, like any thing, it should fit perfectly into your chosen style.

Dressing up for a 70s party

Depending on the type of fur and the length of the pile, red coat can be combined with completely different styles of clothingBeginning from sport chic and ending traditional for this type of outerwear - glamorous.

It is fashionable to combine a shortened red fur coat (burgundy or wine) with high boots with a low coal-black or beige-gray color.

Any short fur coat looks best with boots or boots on a low run, such shoes level out excessive crying of the shortened fur item.

A short red fur coat with a long nap (made of llama, for example) would be appropriate for a club party in combination with flared jeans, pointed-toe booties and hoop earrings. The dress in the style of the 70s is the best solution for a bright fur coat.

Fashionable bows according to Vogue

Trend mink coat should not have a shade of pluck eyes. For mink, dark shades of red are preferable:

Such a fur coat can be combined with narrow jeans or leggings, knee-high boots with low speed or heels, midi dresses or skirts, stockings and ankle boots. For sport chic, a mink coat can be combined with white sneakers.

To create a relaxed bow with a straight fur coat mid-thigh, you will need:

  • Beanie hat
  • Training sessions
  • Small bag with a thin strap
  • Slippers

In this way, you can not only visit the fitness center, but also walk in the shopping center with a friend or meet a boyfriend.

In fashion blogs you can often find trendy boots with a thick heel to the knee in combination with a midi-length fur coat. Fashionable company boots and a fur coat of red shade with a short nap will be a midi dress with a belt at the waist.

Inspired by the images of the new-fashioned bright fur coats, you can view photos on fashionable portals, like the famous Vogue.

We paint gray weekdays

Most bright models are made of artificial material. This allows you to buy a stylish thing, even for women with average incomes, because the approximate price ranges from 3-6 thousand rubles. Such fur is often allowed to be washed even in a typewriter, so there will be no problems with spending money on dry cleaning.

But if you prefer exclusively natural materials, then among the variety of “soft gold” you can find colored wool of raccoon, sable, arctic fox and even fox. Stop your choice on models with medium and long nap.

What to combine?

First of all, it is worth remembering that the red color itself is quite aggressive, so accessories and clothing should be restrained if you do not want to look ridiculous.

  1. The best option for creating an ensemble is a dark color (black, dark brown, deep blue). It is better if it is a straight cut, as in the photo.
  2. The game of textures. Nobody canceled bold experiments, and girls can quite put on a red fur coat with a light chiffon dress. But of course this outfit will be inappropriate in the cold.
  3. Jeans - not the best option for creating fashionable bow, it is better to opt for narrow-cut pants or leggings.
  4. Accessories. One of the simplest and most successful for a bright fur coat is a wide belt. He focuses attention on the waist line and will make the volumetric top more accurate. But keep in mind that constantly wearing a belt is not recommended, because over time, the fur under it will be rubbed and crushed.

By the way, you should pay attention to makeup. It is better if it is as natural as possible. The best option - style nude, but some negligence in the hair is permissible.

The red coat is a loud statement about yourself, because such a thing shows a bold and self-confident girl who not only knows how to shock, but also competently creates fashionable images.