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10 of the most expensive and high-quality lipsticks in the world


Champion of the most charming lipstick - French brand Paul & Joe. Look at what a charming cat they came up with in 2010. I am afraid that no girl ever decided to make up her lips, keeps rariret as a treasure.

Spring 2012 Paul & Joe created a contented cat in a flirty hat. Please note that case and lipstick are sold separately, so you can make a nice pair to your taste.

Paul & Joe they know our girlish weaknesses, so they wear unusual lipsticks every season. In the spring of 2013 on bright sticks unicorns jumped as a reflection of the latest fashion. Do you want this beauty too? Then carefully track the new items in foreign online stores. In Russia, unfortunately, such beauty is not for sale.

But black cats Tony moly Cat’s Wink is easier to find on sale. Seven pink and red shades gently set off the lips, and an unusual case will delight every day.

Site Urban outfitters offers the most fashionable things and in response to the banal seals put lipstick in the form of owls. It is a pity that the cosmetics has long been sold out.

Another rarity - lipstick matryoshka from the American brand Anna Sui. The creator is Chinese by birth, so the cosmetics of her design reflects unusual and funny Asian trends.

The most fabulous lipstick from Lime crime decorated with shining unicorn. You will definitely find any shade of your fantasies: purple, green, blue, yellow and even black. You can buy on imecrime.com

Inventors Paul & Joe also love fairy tales and in the spring of 2010 they released a collection based on “Alice in Wonderland”.

Professional cosmetics MAC Not often indulge in a charming design, but the collection of spring 2011 will be remembered for a long time. The series is dedicated to the brave warrior from the comics Wonder Woman. Love cartoons? Then do not miss the new collection with the image of Marge Simpson in September of this year.

10. Lipstick Pure Color Envy Sculpting by Estee Lauder - $ 30

A cosmetic product worth $ 30 is able to change the lips, image and mood. With it, you can improve the line of the lips, and the pigments will make the color perfect. The structure of the lipstick is very gentle and well moisturizes the lips for the whole day. Lipstick gently lays down evenly. She deserves to be in her purse!

9. Lipstick "Voluptuous Monica" from Dolce and Gabbana - 34 dollars

The fashion house Dolce and Gabbana presented a collection of 6 lipsticks under the name of the muse, the Italian model and actress, Monica Bellucci. The collection includes the following lipsticks: “Italian Monica” 160, “Attractive Monica” 140, “Magnetic Monica” 120, “Chic Monica” 100, “Only Monica” 80, “Natural Monica” 60. “Voluptuous Monica” is permanent lipstick with silky texture. Special components visually enlarge the lips. Rich colors and creamy texture will make them more sensual.

8. Lipstick №999 Red by Christian Dior - 34 dollars

Lipstick from Christian Dior costing $ 34 is presented in a new formula and in 32 fashionable shades, scallop extract stimulates lip skin renewal. Delicate texture of lipstick envelops lips with delicate silk. Lipstick red on the lips of Natalie Portman received her number 999 from a combination of red lipsticks number 9 and number 99.

7. Lipstick "Red Rose" from Givenchy - $ 36

Losing lipstick "Red Rose" from Givenchy worth $ 36 is characterized by a bright coral color, gloss and silky texture. Due to the light structure of the lips moisturize and visually increase. As a result, they acquire not only beautiful shape and tenderness, but also a beautiful matte color. The cap is made of leather that is not only pleasant to touch, but also protects from scratches.

6. Persistent lipstick from Kanebo Sensai - $ 40

Lasting lipstick from Kanebo Sensai Intense Lasting costs $ 40. It is odorless, ideally kept on the lips for a long time. Lipstick is available in several shades, for example: 112 (Hazemomiji) peach color with gold spangles, 103 (Usuiro) delicate pink with gold spangles, 102 (Soubi) - orange-red, 110 (Hananadeshiko) red-pink, 109 (Neshoubu) warm pink and 101 (Hitoeume) bright pink with silver glitter. The names of shades are given in Japanese, and the number of colors you can find on the website of the company Neiman Marcus.

5. Lipstick “G Jewel” with a mirror from Guerlain - $ 51

This is not only lipstick, but also an exceptional jewel. In addition to a luxurious case, lipstick strikes with an amazing formula, which includes ruby ​​powder for luxurious shine, hyaluronic acid capsules for smooth skin of the lips and mango oil for long-lasting hydration. When you open the case from the Parisian designer Lorenz Baumer discovered lipstick and a mirror.

4. Lipstick “Cellular Luxe” by La Prairie - $ 55

Due to the fact that the case is made of silver, the cost of La Prairie Cellular Luxe lipstick is 55 dollars. In addition to the luxurious appearance, its advantage is the extract of black caviar in combination with other moisturizing and visually enhancing lips components. Lipstick released in limited edition.

3. Sisley Moisturizing Lipstick - $ 60

In third place on our list is Sisley's moisturizing lipstick worth $ 60. This cosmetic product offers long-lasting hydration and lip protection, which is the most important characteristic of a quality product. Among the ingredients in the lipstick contains vitamin C, vitamin E and calendula extract. Lipstick is available in a variety of shades with different effects - from pearl luster, transfusion of color to a silky luster.

2. Lipstick “KissKiss” by Guerlain - 62,000 dollars

At one time it was the most expensive lipstick in the world. But not today! Guerlain Lipstick “KissKiss” is available in 15 exclusive shades and luxurious cases that cause high prices. The case is made of 110 grams of 18-carat gold and 199 flickering diamonds weighing 2.2 carats. This is a wonderful gift for yourself. You can engrave your name or inscription on the case. The co-author of this masterpiece, Herve van der Straten, said that the lipstick is simply magical, since no one knows how it will change, after the first layer disappears in time.

1. Lipstick and mascara from H. Couture Beauty - 14 million dollars

The most expensive lipstick is a cosmetic kit from the company H. Couture Beauty, which was created in 2006 in collaboration with Taisha Smith Wheels. In addition to lipstick, the set includes mascara, the case of which is made of 18-carat gold and encrusted with Swarovski crystals. The mascara itself costs about 600 dollars, and lipstick is 150, but due to the popularity of the product among women in Las Vegas, the cost jumped sharply. The new mascara case is encrusted with 2,500 blue diamonds instead of Swarovski crystals, and the lipstick case is 1,200 pink diamonds. The price, $ 14 million, includes a range of services: lifelong personal assistant services, refueling, product discounts, packaging and 24-hour telephone support. That's just store such cosmetics will be in the safe, but not in the usual cosmetics bag.

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Brand Guerlain (Guerlain) is considered a classic cosmetics. In the list of products from Gerlen you can find almost all the necessary cosmetics, but lipsticks from this brand are distinguished by rich colors and special durability. For 175 years, starting in 1828, the company has been producing quality products, which is rightly proud of. Gerlen experts continue to develop high-quality products such as eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.

Lipstick from Gerlaine is a sign of style and attractiveness of every woman. It gives lips a seductive and striking look.

NARS is one of the best cosmetics companies in the world. It was founded by Francois Nars, who is a world-class makeup artist and photographer. The company began with lipstick. Then the line to choose was only 12 positions, which were successfully bought. Now NARS has a wide selection of both lipstick and other cosmetics. It is blush, eyeshadow and eyelashes, cream and more. Choosing lipstick from NARS, you always get a quality product.

Brand Mas is known for a wide range of beautiful lipsticks of various shades and glitters. Every woman, even with the highest demands, will be able to find a suitable color from season to season. Lipsticks Mas are famous for their brilliance and accessibility. You can always with the help of lipstick of this brand give your lips expressiveness and emphasize individuality.

Sonia Kashuk (Sonya Kashuk)

Sonia Kashuk is the next luxury brand on our list that has gained popularity due to high-quality lipsticks and other cosmetics products. A distinctive feature in lipstick from this brand is that it never irritates buzzes and does not dry them, even after washing off the lipstick.

Consumers need to know that the Sonia Kashuk brand is often tried to be faked. This lipstick SoniaKashuk has a cooling effect on the lips in both summer and winter.


Lancome is a famous French cosmetics brand that manufactures high-quality products for body and skin care. Widely distributed throughout the world. The company has been leading its history since 1964. Originally owned by L’Oreal, a member of the Luxury Products group. Offers a fairly wide range of products.

Lancome collaborates with several famous artists and designers who help in creating unique shades of lipstick. They own one of the best lipstick L’Absolu Rouge, which is considered a sign of true femininity and beauty. The line of this brand consists of 31 shades.

Lancome is a brand that has forever entered the top ten best lipstick manufacturers in the world.

Estee lauder

Estee Lauder is one of the most renowned manufacturers of prestigious fragrances, body and hair care products and other cosmetic products. The company was founded in 1946. Joseph Lauder and his wife Estee Lauder began the first steps in the production of cosmetics in New York. Today, Estee Lauder is considered one of the best in the production of lipsticks and other products for women.

Lipsticks of this brand are distinguished by bright colors and durability, which are suitable for both young girls and women of age.

Dior is a well-known brand. It was founded back in 1946 by designer Christian Dior. Now Dior is known for producing trendy accessories, jewelery, skin care products, perfumes and other cosmetics. But most importantly, it is Dior lipstick, which is very loved by women around the world.

If you want to look attractive and inimitable, then you should choose a lipstick of this particular brand. They are always of excellent quality and do not violate the natural texture of the lips.

Bobbi brown

The CEO of this brand is beauty expert Bobby Brown. The company listens to the wishes of women and tries to produce products that meet the requirements of fashion. Bobbi Brown strives to find the perfect combination that will make you a real style icon.

Lipstick from Bobbi Brown gently covers your lips, giving them a natural and rich color with a matte shade. All lipsticks contain vitamins C and E to nourish the cells of your lips.

By the way, on most-beauty.ru there is an interesting article from which you will learn who has the most beautiful lips.

Makeup forever

Brand Makeup Forever was created by French makeup artist Dani Sanz. He himself is a sculptor and painter. This brand is famous for its colorful and high-quality lipsticks and other cosmetics. For the past 25 years, Makeup Forever has dominated the matte and satin lipstick manufacturing segment.

You can highlight Rouge Artist Intense lipstick, which contains persistent pigments and has a long lasting effect. Also in the assortment there are lip glosses and moisturizing fluids that keep the sensual moisture of your lips all day.


Chanel is the home of high fashion. The company specializes in high fashion, manufacturing outfits of both women's and men's, fashion accessories and cosmetics.

Chanel is a famous brand among the stars of show business and models, and is also an affordable product. The most successful products are lipsticks, perfumes and skin care products. If you want to shine every day, then there is nothing better than persistent lipstick from Chanel. In the range of a huge selection of different colors and shades. Lipstick is easy to apply and moisturizes your lips all day.

Top 10 most popular lipsticks of 2014:

1. Lipstick "Clarins Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick" - A remedy for those who prefer natural beauty. The active users have found a lot of advantages for this lipstick. First, it is a complete lip care (some have compared lipstick with lip balm). Secondly, it is a light texture.

Thirdly, it is a bright, interesting, iridescent, but not acidic and completely unobtrusive color. Especially many were pleased with the romantic spring shade №19 Tropical Pink. But this tropical pink is not similar to the usual and banal shade of a rose, it is more like the color of tropical flowers.

The composition includes the smallest crystals, providing a light shine, tripeptides, giving the lips an extra sexy volume, pigments for persistent color, as well as a special complex with mango oil, which nourishes, moisturizes and protects the skin from negative influences.

2. "Perfect Color Lipstick" from "Artdeco". Those who have already used the tools of this brand, know how they are of high quality. This lipstick in 2014 has become one of the most popular.

It has a lot of advantages: a gentle and incredibly light texture of the cream, a rich and, last but not least, lasting color, as well as a unique plastic consistency that provides a comfortable application and distribution on the surface of the lips.

Moreover, the product contains vitamin E, which provides moisturizing and nourishing of delicate skin, as well as protection from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation and other negative environmental factors. A durable metal case protects lipstick not only from damage, but also from temperature changes. The most favorite shade was 57A "Deep Love". He is very feminine, not too bright and at the same time deep.

3. “Rouge Volupte” from “YSL” can safely be called a unique tool. This lipstick is based on a unique formula and contains hyaluronic acid, which penetrates the micropores of the skin and starts the regeneration process, as well as the production of collagen and elastin, providing elasticity and a fresh appearance of the epidermis.

A sun protection factor will protect the sponge from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation (and in fact their delicate skin can burn in the sun, even in winter). The texture of this lipstick is very delicate, it is applied almost in one easy movement.

The color palette is diverse, but the shade 32 “Jealous Coral” - the romantic, feminine and noble at the same time - became the most popular. And many were pleased with the packaging, which makes the lipstick not only a high-quality cosmetic, convenient use, but also a bright accessory, which is very pleasant to get out of the bag.

4. “Rouge Automatique” by “Guerlain” - This is not an ordinary, but a unique tool that allows you to create the perfect lip makeup with one hand and literally on the go. The fact is that this lipstick does not have a cap, but opens with a single movement of the fingers. It is not only fast, but also very convenient.

You can fix make-up in just seconds, holding the bag in your hands. But such convenient use is not the only plus means. Another indisputable and attracting many advantage - it is resistant and rich color. Even a few hours after applying the lipstick does not spread and does not smear, you can be sure of this.

Flickering pearl particles make the color romantic and radiant. A special pigment is ideally distributed on the lips, fills all fine wrinkles and makes the shade uniform. And the refined texture literally melts on the skin. The most favorite shade was 171 "Attrape Coeur".

5. Lipstick “Rouge Allure Velvet” from “Chanel” - This is the first matte lipstick, which gives the lips a natural and subtle shine. He looks very natural and feminine. Light texture makes application comfortable. The components evenly cover the lips, like another thinnest layer of skin.

After applying you forget that you put lipstick, as it does not tighten the lips and moisturizes them (unlike many other matte). The tone is even, saturated, but unobtrusive, which makes the product versatile and suitable for both evening and light day makeup.

Many people compare lipstick with real velvet, which lasts all day, does not dry out and does not tighten the skin. In addition, many noted the effect of moisture and a convenient case that allows you to open the cover with just one touch. A real discovery was the shade 47 “L’amoureuse”.

6. “Interdit Shine Lipstick” from “Givenchy” - This is a novelty, which in 2014 became one of the best. The advantages of this tool are several. The first is a soft and light texture, which makes the application easy, pleasant and comfortable, and also allows you not to feel the film on your lips. The second is a light, pleasant scent with notes of carnation, rose, cedar, jasmine, ylang-ylang and lilac.

Третье преимущество – шикарный блеск, который обеспечивают уникальные компоненты, входящие в состав: микрогранулы золотых, медных и серебряных кристаллов, обеспечивающие переливание оттенка, а также отражающие свет частицы, которые усиливают блеск и сияние.

В составе можно обнаружить натуральные воски, касторовое масло, а также жирные кислоты омега-6 и омега-3, обеспечивающие полноценное питание и интенсивное увлажнение. Самым популярным оттенком стал романтичный «Rose Sensation».

7. «Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color» – это настоящий тандем увлажняющего и питательного бальзама для губ и помады. Лёгкая текстура делает нанесение комфортным и избавляет от неприятных ощущений стянутости и тяжести после него. Эта помада ложится гладко и ровно и имеет не совсем обычную, но очень удобную форму красящей части, которая позволяет использовать помаду даже без зеркала.

Прозрачная основа делает оттенок полупрозрачным, очень лёгким и максимально естественным. Но при этом средство держится на губах несколько часов. Приятное дополнение – насыщенные масла, которые сразу впитываются в кожу и интенсивно увлажняют её.

8. «PUPA Diva`s Rouge» - an easy-to-use product with a light and delicate creamy texture that almost instantly covers the entire surface of the lips and fills wrinkles, making the lips fresh and appetizing.

Saturated color will persist for a long time, so you do not have to constantly worry and think about how to fix makeup. You will get an expressive velvet color without streaks. In 2014, nude shades were very fashionable, so one of the most beloved tones was delicate beige, which suits both brunettes and blondes.

9. “Rouge D`Armani Lipstick” from “Giorgio Armani” - This is an incredibly resistant and intense color that will stay with you for 8 long hours, that is, almost the whole day.

Light, soft and soft texture allows you to evenly distribute the tool on the surface of the lips and avoid the formation of lumps and other troubles. And many more noted the elegant and alluring packaging - a chic black case with a magnetic clasp. Especially, everyone liked the delicate and at the same time saturated pink color No. 510.

10. "L`Oreal Color Riche" - This is a set of bright and exciting shades of imagination, each of which is unique and fascinating in its own way. This lipstick is mouth-watering, full lips, natural shine, maximum moisture, amazing shine, good nutrition, rich and lasting color, perfect application and removal of all imperfections.

It was the most popular lipstick in 2014.

How to choose the perfect lipstick

1. Neutral Noble Nude

Rouge Coco 400 and 420 from Chanel, Color Sensational 630 from Maybelline New York, Pure Color Envy Lip Potion Ambition from Estée Lauder, Le Rouge 101 from Givenchy.

2. Bright clean red

Fard à lèvres Roman Rouge by Serge Lutens, Russian Red by M.A.C, Pure Color Envy Restless by Estée Lauder, Diorific 014 Christian Dior's Dolce Vita, Pop Lip Color + Primer Passion Pop by Clinique.

3. Delicate pastel pink

Rouge G de Guerlain 60 Gabrielle from Guerlain, L’Absolu Rouge 510 Brise Rosée from Lancôme, Color Riche 133 “Carefree Pink” from L’Oréal Paris, Be Legendary Pretty Social from Smashbox, Millebaci 01 from Nouba.

Comments of leading mark makeup artists:

Bobbi Brown:

“Lipstick should not be lighter than your skin color and the pigment of your lips - this is the most common mistake. Choose a few shades of lipstick, which, in your opinion, as close as possible to your natural lip tone, and test them, putting on the lower lip. Rate the result. The color that will blend in with your lip color will be your perfect nude shade. Focusing on the lipstick of a natural shade, you can easily choose the lipstick of brighter saturated colors - they will belong to the same color family. ”

Will Malerb, Chief European Makeup Artist for Smashbox:

“Bright fuchsia, a cool shade of pink, is now at the peak of popularity! The stranger this color looks in combination with the skin tone, the more striking will be the whole image. Orange is very fashionable now! Instead of the usual red lipstick, use matte bright orange lipstick in lip makeup. Such as lipstick Smashbox Be Legendary shades of Fireball. In winter, also choose purple lipstick. The perfect shade should look like chocolate and rich red mixed together. ”

Yuri Stolyarov, official makeup artist of the brand Maybelline New York in Russia:

“We can confidently say that absolutely all is the natural color of lips. And the more transparent the texture, the more versatile the lip product. Any translucent gloss of a neutral shade will suit everyone without exception. As for dense matte textures, each girl has a natural tint, and there may be corrections for a cold or a warm subtone. Except for some shades from the gamut of Color Sensational (630 - for darker hair or 725 - for lighter). You can also slightly adjust the shade of lipstick, pre-applying a little more tonal basis on the lips - so the tone becomes a little lighter and colder. If it is liquid lipstick or translucent lip gloss, feel free to choose neutral shades - they blend with the tone of the lips, and the gloss level slightly obscures the evidence of the lipstick shade. "