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How to learn to get enough sleep in a short time? 6 proven tips


The classic idea of ​​a “correct” dream is to sleep through the third part of your life, that is, eight hours out of twenty-four, available in a day.
However, the modern rhythm of life has accelerated at times, and for some people to sleep a long time is an unaffordable luxury. Numerous studies in this area have allowed us to develop methods of productive sleep, when the body rests and recovers in a shorter time, say, 5-6 hours.

How it works?

Sensation occurs when a person wakes up in a phase of REM sleep. If the sleeper is awakened in the phase of slow sleep, he will feel sluggish, broken and, of course, sleepy.

So, the main thing is not how much to sleep, but at what point to wake up. This is the principle of productive sleep. However, one should not be mistaken in the main thing: it is impossible to shorten the total duration of sleep uncontrollably! If fast sleep restores the psyche and is necessary for the development of the brain, then slow sleep is necessary for our physical body, which also gets tired and needs rest and recovery.

What are different phases of sleep for?

Sleep consists of cyclically repeating phases - fast (10-20 minutes) and slow. In the continuation of the phase of slow sleep (about 2 hours) there are several consecutive stages that immerse a person in a dream deeper and deeper. Overnight passes 4-5 cycleswith each cycle, the duration of the phase of rapid sleep increases.

In the phase of slow sleep is the restoration and regeneration of body cells. Our brain is testing the state of internal organs and corrects the "downed settings", preparing our body for a new day. Slow sleep is the time to generate antibodies and optimize the immune system. Those who do not get enough sleep regularly, for example, get the flu and colds, are twice as likely.

Fast sleep is the time when the brain's bioelectrical activity is at its maximum. At this time, the process of analyzing information accumulated by memory for the past day, its sorting and systematization. At this time dreams. The most vivid and memorable dreams in the last cycle, in the morning, when the brain is already rested.

Fast sleep is vital: in the experiment, the rat was deprived of the fast sleep phase, and after forty days the animal died. With the deprivation of the phase of slow sleep - survived.

Productive sleep technique

Its essence is to use the fast sleep phase as efficiently as possible. To do this, you can apply the following methods.

"Siesta". One small dream during the day and one large sleep at night. Allows you to reduce night sleep by almost 2 hours. Daytime sleep should not exceed 20 minutes, since it is in 20 minutes that the BDG phase fits. To do this, set the alarm, which will wake up 20 minutes after falling asleep. If you do not do this, you can get the opposite effect and wake up, say, in an hour and a half - sleepy and overwhelmed. When using the “Siesta” method, night sleep is shortened by one cycle and allows you to wake up refreshed and sleep not at 7-00 in the morning, but, say, at 5-00.

"Stairs". The essence of the method consists in the number of “steps” - sessions of daytime sleep for 20 minutes, each of which reduces the duration of sleep at night by one and a half hours. Two days of sleep reduce nightly sleep to four and a half hours, three to three hours, four to one and a half hours.

"Superhuman" the method is to sleep during the day 6 times for 20 minutes, which is a total of 2 hours of REM sleep.

Of course, not all of these techniques are convenient for people with a standard daily routine, working, for example, in the office eight hours a day. The most advanced and progressive employers in some companies provide for the possibility of having a 20-minute day’s rest for their employees, since an increase in labor efficiency in this case will overwhelm the loss of working time.

However, if you are a creative person who does not have a rigid planning of the day, for example, a freelancer, then the “ladder” method will stimulate your creative ideas well and allow you to rationally allocate time for work.

The “superhuman” method requires tough self-discipline and time planning, since falling out of one sleep session will ruin your entire schedule and lead to the opposite result - a feeling of tiredness and lack of sleep. Do not forget that this method should not be practiced constantly, because it does not allow to fully restore physical strength and immunity, and the need for a strict routine brings to life a certain stress. The “superhuman” method is good at working on short-term projects that require concentration and creativity, and brainstorming.

High tech way

This is a special “smart” alarm clock that will wake its owner at the very time when the awakening will be most comfortable - at the end of the BDG phase. There are many modifications of such alarms (for example, aXbo, Sleeptracker), but the principle of operation is common for everyone - special sensors located in a bracelet worn over the night on the hand record all movements of a person in a dream. Thus, the phases of sleep and their duration are determined.

The time is set on the alarm clock, after which you can not get up, for example, 7.00. In the range of 30 minutes, that is, starting at 6.30, A smart alarm clock will choose the best time to wake up. and wake him up with a pleasant melody, for example, in 6.54, when you have the phase of BDG close to completion.

Some models, besides the “wake up” function, have a useful function that helps you to go to sleep in a soft and comfortable way thanks to a set of special melodies and sounds that bring the brain to a state of rest.

Prices for a miracle device start at $ 150, but it pays off thanks to good health and excellent performance.

There are special programs for iPhone, iPad and Android OS, which allow iPhones and smartphones to work as “smart” alarms. True, for this they need to be put to bed at night so that all noises and sounds are recorded. Based on their analysis, the sleep phases and the optimal time for waking up are calculated.

What is important for good sleep

  1. Low temperature The activity of the body increases with its temperature. During the day, it must be high so that your body can work properly. At night, the temperature should be lower in order for the brain to remain at the deep sleep stage a little longer.
  2. Sleep hormone melatonin, which is produced when a person stays in the dark. In bright light, it begins to collapse. It is known that this hormone is best produced by the body from 11 am to 4 am, so it is very important that you sleep at this time.

Considering these rules, try to make a sleep schedule for yourself.

1. Wake up every day at the same time.

If you need to get out of bed at 6 am on weekdays, you should do the same on weekends. Therefore, set the alarm every day and do not turn it off until you wake up. Why is it important? Your body should get used to waking up and going to bed at the same time. As a result, your brain is aware that it has a certain number of hours to restore the resources of the body.

2. Wake up during REM sleep.

It will be much easier for you to wake up while you are in the fast sleep stage. There are several ways to determine this point:

  • Use special applications for smartphones. Although they are accurate, they are not always convenient, since you will have to keep your phone on the bed to track your movements and sleep data.
  • Waking up at the same time every day. If you wake up more easily at 6:20 than at 6:00, it means that this time is in the phase of REM sleep. To determine your time, you can set the alarm for different hours for several days. Also, if you wake up every day at the same time, your brain will get used to it and realize that by 6 o'clock in the morning it should be at the stage of REM sleep.

3. Humidity, temperature and light

If the air in your apartment is very dry, many of the body's recovery processes will begin to slow down, which will adversely affect the quality of sleep. The optimum level of humidity is from 45 to 70%. To solve the problem, you can buy a humidifier, which will determine the level of humidity and maintain its optimal performance.

The optimum temperature for sleeping is between 15.5 and 20 degrees Celsius. If it's cold enough outside, you can just open the window for the night. If you live in a hot climate, you have to buy air conditioning.

The darker in your bedroom, the faster melatonin is produced. This means that you will fall asleep faster and reach the stage of deep sleep. Even the street light outside can disturb the sleep cycle, so it is very important to choose thick curtains for the bedroom.

4. Charging in the morning and physical activity during the day

Exercise increases body temperature. If you have never exercised, in the early days it will be very difficult for you to force yourself to move, but soon your body will get used to it. It is very important to do exercises that make you sweat, such as pull-ups and push-ups. Perform them at a high pace for 10-15 minutes.

During the day it is also very important to do some physical exercise. However, playing sports in the evening, less than 3 hours before you go to bed, can disturb your sleep, so it’s best to find time for it during the day to increase your body temperature and heart rate.

5. Say no to some products.

This part may be the most difficult for you, especially if you are not used to denying yourself something. To improve your sleep, you have to give up coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, energy drinks, and also reduce the amount of heavy, fatty foods in your diet. Even a simple meal, eaten at night, can disrupt the stage of deep sleep. If you drink a lot of energy drinks, you can completely destroy your schedule.

How to sleep in a short time

Lack of sleep and a strong desire to sleep is not a harmless human condition. Systematic lack of sleep leads to insomnia, becoming the main cause of depression and chronic fatigue. The risk of developing cardiovascular diseases increases. Lack of normal sleep affects our appearance and causes us to overeat. The result is unhealthy complexion and excess weight. Admit it, it does not climb in any frame?

Healthy sleep is a cyclical alternation of phases of fast and slow sleep. During REM sleep, brain functions are restored, and during the slow phase, physical strength is restored. Based on the study of the physiology of sleep, scientists have developed methods of productive sleep, providing rest and restoring the body for a short time, even when there is no more than 5-6 hours left for sleep.

5 ways to sleep in a short time

  1. Pre-sleep diet - prohibition of eating three hours before bedtime, exclusion of fatty, smoked, spicy, tonic drinks and alcohol from the evening menu. Familiar recommendations for weight loss. It is clear that instead of resting, the brain and the stomach will have to work “in a factory for processing” the contents of an overcrowded stomach.
  2. "Siesta", or an afternoon nap - short-term (20 min) daytime sleep replaces one night cycle and reduces the duration of sleep by 2 hours. Advanced managers practice the “Siesta” method and significantly increase productivity.
  3. "Ladder", or step sleep - Each session of a 20-minute daytime sleep reduces nightly sleep by an hour and a half. The method of pre-lunch and afternoon sleep allows you to sleep in a short time.
  4. Airing the room before bedtime - It is proved that in a cool room, we fall asleep faster and sleep better. The fact is that the internal body temperature when falling asleep decreases, and the sooner it comes, the sooner you fall asleep. If you cannot fall asleep because of cold feet, put on your socks or take a warm bath before going to bed and immediately go to bed.
  5. «Hi-tech "or" smart alarm clock " - a bracelet with special sensors captures the movements of the human body, determines the phases of sleep and wakes up pleasant music in the most comfortable time (REM sleep). There you can sleep even 4 hours.

Your bed should be comfortable: an orthopedic mattress, perfect bedding, the right pillow. All these attributes will help prepare the body for a good sleep and will give you the opportunity to sleep well in a short time.

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How to sleep well in a short time?

Sleep is needed to restore strength and normal operation of all important body systems. But what if the time is sorely lacking? Is it possible to sleep in just a few hours? You can, if you sleep right!

So, how to sleep well for a short period of time?

Having learned to get enough sleep in a short time, you will feel better and have time to do much more work.

Due to work schedules and having a family to sleep a normal amount of time just does not work. And so it turns out that I can’t do anything about it. And even the observance of all the rules of healthy sleep did not give me that state of “sleep”. She focused on a good bed and mattress, it became much better. At least, there are no problems with the position during sleep - very comfortable. Therefore, I advise everyone not to save on the mattress and take an orthopedic, so that the body really rests in a dream, and not just for you to spend the whole night thinking “when will this torment end”. I bought myself Ascona, in a month I took such children, because well, the buzz is simple.

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Organization of a berth

* Before bed, be sure to ventilate the room well. The presence of a large amount of oxygen in the room favorably affects the quality of sleep. For the same reason it is useful to sleep with the window open.

* In the cold, the person gets enough sleep worse than in heat. Therefore, purchase and sleep under a warm blanket. Desirable from a natural material.

How to sleep less

If you can not afford to sleep as much as you want, follow these rules and the harm from lack of sleep will be minimal:

1. Try to sleep in accordance with the biological rhythms of nature, the main thing is to go to the sunset and get up at dawn. Try to fall asleep at 22.00, get up around 6 in the morning. Follow the schedule at the weekend. An organism, having become accustomed to such a schedule, will be able to recuperate in a shorter period of time.

2. Sleep until midnight has the maximum restorative effect: an hour of sleep from 7 to 10 pm replaces at least 2 hours at night. Try to sleep an hour until midnight.

3. Try to take a nap at least 5 minutes (preferably 15) in the afternoon. Remember the movie "17 Moments of Spring"? “Stirlitz was asleep, but he knew that after exactly 20 minutes he would wake up awake ....”

4. There is a method invented by genius Da Vinci. He managed to sleep only one and a half hours a day and he completely got enough sleep, kept working and was able to give humanity a huge number of inventions and works of art far ahead of his time. His technique is simple - you need to sleep 15 minutes every 4 hours. Few people can afford to live like this, but it’s worth adopting this method. If possible, take a nap: in a taxi, subway, on a chair during a break, etc. The method has only one drawback: what to do with the released time?

Some more tips

5. We are a nation of ever-sleep-deprived people addicted to caffeine. But not everyone knows that because of him we only get into a vicious circle, drinking more and more coffee to overcome the lack of sleep provoked by caffeine.

Do not consume caffeine in the afternoon - it remains in the body for more than half a day.

6. When approaching, the rest time around you should become quieter. Preparing for the arrival of guests, clarifying relations with households, obstruction at work - these are important topics for discussion, but it is better to close them long before you go to bed.

7. Nicotine and alcohol - one of the main causes of insomnia. Do not use them before bedtime. Initially, alcohol has a soporific effect. But after a few hours it becomes a stimulant, causes toss and turn in a dream.

8. A cup of warm milk actually helps. Milk contains L-tryptophan, an amino acid that helps you fall asleep. A light snack may help. A good source of tryptophan is protein food, especially poultry.

9. If it is difficult for you to fall asleep, start getting ready for bed in an hour and a half — take a warm bath, put on your favorite pajamas, set an alarm, turn off the light a little, beat the bed. So you can tune in to rest.

10. Конечно, толстое пуховое одеяло кажется весьма уютным, но вам может стать душно, поэтому стоит надеть что-то легкое.

11. У каждого человека есть свой внутренний будильник. Именно он контролирует периоды сна и бодрствования. Яркий свет солнца утром заводит этот будильник. Regardless of what time we went to bed, the light from the window makes us wake up. Hang thick curtains - you can sleep a little longer, especially on weekends.

12. Calm down, turn off thoughts and inner dialogue. Postpone the solution to tomorrow's problems in the morning. Twisting yourself, trying to solve a question that involves many answers for the thousandth time, you will never fall asleep normally. Listen to the sounds of nature or good, quiet music.

Be in silence

Make sure that before going to bed for 2 or more hours silence is observed. Home preparations for tomorrow, disputes with households, noisy parties - all this must be done long before bedtime.

It is important to organize a bed in such a way that it is cozy. Transfer the TV to the living room, computer - to the office. In no case do not use the bedroom as an office, otherwise thoughts of work will haunt all the time.

Go to rest every 4 hours

The genius of his work slept no more than 1.5 hours a day, while he felt great throughout the day. He got better sleep than people who rest more than 8 hours.

The secret is that you need to go to rest every 4 hours, while sleeping should be about 15-20 minutes, not longer. Of course, not everyone can observe a similar rhythm of life, but it’s worth adopting a technique.

Look for time to sleep absolutely anywhere: taxi, subway, lunch break. Eliminate restless thoughts from the head throughout the rest.

Postpone business tomorrow

Most people cannot fall asleep due to unresolved issues. They mentally scroll the dialogue in the head again and again, while clearly realizing that today this question will remain open.

Disconnect from the past day, postpone the actual affairs for tomorrow. Late evening and night is not the right time for such manipulations. Think of a blue sea or high mountains, turn on the sounds of nature or a relaxing melody on your smartphone.

Conduct the preparation for sleep

Tomorrow you will find a grand and exciting event? Need to wake up at 6 am and still feel sleepy?

Start training in advance, tune in to rest for 2.5-3 hours before going to bed. Put on a bedclothes, put on pajamas that smell good. Prepare a hot bath with essential oils, foam and medicinal herbs.

Beat the bed, turn on the night light so that the light is slightly muffled. Set the alarm beforehand, go to rest, sticking to a pose, lying on your back, not on your stomach.

Cover the windows

It is no secret that absolutely everyone has their own internal alarm clock, which determines the time of wakefulness and rest.

The alarm clock starts up when the sunlight that penetrates through the eyelids gets into the closed eyes. From this point on, the body prepares for awakening, no matter how late the person went to sleep.

To increase the rest time, curtain the windows with thick curtains that will prevent bright rays from entering. Advice is especially relevant for people with nightlife or those who wish to sleep well at the weekend.

Observe biological rhythm

The biological law of nature does not imply sleep before dinner or wakefulness at night. The rest will be correct in the period 22.00—06.00 hours. It is at this time that a person is able to get enough sleep to the maximum, and it is important to observe the regime constantly, regardless of whether it is a weekend or weekday. In the event of a certain period of time, you will begin to recuperate not in 8 hours, but in 6-7.

Drink a glass of milk

The main property of whole milk is considered to be the presence of an amino acid (L-tryptophan), which helps to fall asleep. For this reason, it is recommended to drink 250-300 ml. warm milk with a teaspoon of honey just before bedtime. You can make a drink and take it with you to bed, or sit under a rug reading your favorite book.

The action begins after 20-30 minutes after use. During this period, the most important thing is not to miss the moment, so as not to cause the discovery of the “second wakefulness.” As soon as you feel that you are feeling sleepy, immediately go to bed.

Do not eat heavy food

Refrain from eating fatty, fried, spicy, salty and very sweet dishes before bedtime. First, it contributes to swelling of the limbs and the body as a whole, and secondly, you will not be able to sleep well.

If after a hard day you want to eat, prepare a vegetable or fruit salad, drink kefir or eat cottage cheese. In this case, always observe food hygiene, which involves the absorption of complex fats and carbohydrates at least 5 hours before bedtime.

Air the room

The optimum temperature for sleep is considered to be 19-22 degrees. For this reason, it is recommended to ventilate the room for half an hour or more, depending on the initial temperature. If the weather permits, leave the window open all night.

Such a move will “air out” the brains and fill the lack of oxygen; in the morning you will feel like a rested person. The main thing is not to get cold: in the summer you sleep under a sheet or duvet cover, in the winter - under a warm blanket. Do not abuse the air conditioner and heating devices.

Give up alcohol

Discharged ethanol will begin to act as a catalyst, causing dehydration. You will start tossing and turning, depriving yourself of any opportunity to sleep. Particularly hard for people who smoke, alcohol and tobacco - an ominous combination.

In addition, in the morning after drinking, you will not feel sleepy at all, the headache, tired state and irritability will set the tone for the whole day.

Do not consume caffeine

Modern man so often does not sleep that begins to abuse strong coffee and other invigorating drinks. It is important to understand that such products make the heart beat more often, but they do not at all contribute to arousal. Not many people know, but green tea with jasmine or melissa invigorates better than caffeine, focus on it.

In cases where it is not possible to refuse coffee, drink one mug per day only in the morning. Be sure to add cane sugar or its equivalent, as well as cream / milk. It is worth remembering forever that caffeine is eliminated naturally after 11-14 hours, depending on the strength of the drink.

Modern urban rhythm imposes its imprint on society. More and more people are trying to improve the quality of sleep, without spending a long time. You are in silence, do not eat heavy food, follow the biological rhythm.