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10 best shower gels 2018


Fluffy foam, pleasant aroma, clean and well-groomed skin - that's what we love shower gels for. The “expert of prices” found out that most of the time when choosing the best gel for people, the shower focuses on its smell, foaming and cleansing properties, as well as on the condition of the skin after using the product. The gel should not overdry the skin and cause discomfort. Based on these criteria, we have selected for you several popular shower products with good consumer characteristics.

10. Oriflame "Raspberry and Mint" - a good shower gel with exfoliating effect.

Average price in Russia: 280 r.

The tool is not without drawbacks, but beloved by girls, first of all, because of the smell: the dizzy aroma of fresh raspberries with delicate notes of mint is popular with many. And from other fragrant gels it is distinguished by a jelly-like consistency and a slight exfoliating effect.


  • fragrance, uplifting,
  • interesting texture
  • scrubbing particles.


  • the fragrance does not hold on to the skin
  • does not moisturize and sometimes dries the skin,
  • overpriced.

Typical reviews of the Oriflame “Raspberry Mint” shower gel:

“Peeling grains are hard, but not sharp, they massage the skin, they perfectly exfoliate! After bathing with this gel, the skin is renewed, soft, smooth. ”

“The gel is thick, resembles jelly, it foams well. After washing, it is felt that the skin is very fresh and clean, but ... alas, the gel dries the skin. After it, you need a moisturizing lotion. ”

Women's Shower Gels

The quality of the shower gel depends on the amount of chemical, herbal ingredients. As a rule, manufacturers use at least twenty ingredients. For deep cleansing add detergent ingredients. Salt provides a thick consistency. Glycerin - velvety. For a pleasant aroma use preservatives, special additives and plant extracts. Neutralizes high pH lactic acid.

In fact, herbal ingredients are more advertising PR move. Only some of them can provide a pronounced effect. For example, vanilla has a relaxing effect. A lotus extract gives smoothness to the skin.

Shower gel: pleasant sensations plus care

3. Antibacterial gels

In their composition, as in the composition of other antibacterial cosmetic products for face and body care, enters triclosan.

An additional effect will provide extracts of plants with a similar effect, among which the most popular are fir and calendula.

These products should be handled with care by people with sensitive skin.

4. Energy gels

These gels invigorate the body and are an ideal morning remedy for awakening and saturation with good mood and energy for the whole day.

The composition of such gels include extracts of cinnamon, citrus, menthol. Take great care with geranium extract gels - if you have any allergy, It does not suit you.

5. Gel with peeling effect

The composition of such gels include active fruit acids, which help the upper keratinous layer of the skin to “exfoliate”, thereby contributing to a shallow peeling.

Peel gels are also added as much as possible. crushed apricot kernels, raspberry or strawberry kernels, etc.

Do not use them every day. The best option is several times a week, alternating with moisturizing gels.

Shower gel with loofah "Red tea and figs" from Mary Kay.

This shower gel not only cleans and refreshes the skin - it contains vegetable exfoliants that promote skin renewal: natural loofah fibers, finely ground macadamia nut, raspberry and kiwi seeds.

The gel allows you to simultaneously cleanse the skin and remove dead cells, saving time and not exerting extra effort.

6. Gels for spa-care

They include sea ​​minerals and algae extracts.

Such gels have a healing effect and allow you to arrange a spa-salon at home - with a minimum of costs and maximum pleasure.

7. Gel care (cream gel)

Gel care mainly have creamy texture and neutral smells. Their composition includes oils and natural vegetable milk, nourishing the skin with beauty and health.

After taking a bath with such a gel, the woman feels like a real queen - her skin becomes smooth, velvety and tender, like a child's.

Shower gel from NIVEA "Beauty Granules". It contains a unique ingredient: ginkgo leaf oil.

This plant helps to turn water into a gentle foam and gives the skin extraordinary tenderness and freshness.

The gentle texture of the gel helps to care for the body, making the skin soft and elastic, and the exclusive structure of the formula, including particles of ginkgo leaves, improves blood circulation.

8. Gels for youthful skin

First of all, antioxidants - anti-aging substances: vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, lycopene, flavonoids, trace elements help to preserve youth and elasticity of the skin. Foods rich in antioxidants have always been considered healthy - kiwi, lemon, coffee, vegetable oils, nuts.

Among medicinal herbs, Ginkgo biloba is especially valuable - the only plant that has not changed since the Ice Age due to its resistance to environmental pollution.

Shower gel "Ginkgo and pink grapefruit" from Oriflame.

It contains extracts of ginkgo and pink grapefruit, which is no less valuable because of the nutrients it contains: for example, vitamin PP helps to cope with fatigue, and vitamin D strengthens the skin, pectin normalizes metabolism, and lycopene removes toxins and slags.

It is believed that the aroma of pink grapefruit is subject to the planetary influence of the Sun and therefore charges with vitality.

9. Gels for seduction

Those who want to create a unique and exciting atmosphere for a hot night of love can be used shower products with aphrodisiacs - substances that increase sexual activity.

Aphrodisiacs include not only certain products, but also essential oils, such as ylang - ylang, jasmine, patchouli, bergamot, sandalwood, lavender, cinnamon, rosemary and many others.

10. Gels against cellulite

These funds are designed to enhance metabolism and blood circulation, and also contain complexes of smoothing ingredients. If you aim to fight cellulite, choose shower gels that include, for example, seaweed extracts - they are rich in oligo-elements and amino acids, which helps to get rid of cellulite.

1. Palmolive. Thermal Spa "Skin renewal"

This gel has a great softening and moisturizing effect on the skin. Its structure includes soft massage components, so the gel perfectly cleans the body, making the skin silky and very soft. Coconut extract and jojoba oil perfectly soften the skin, as well as give excellent sensations when washing.

2. Green Mama. "Honey and Lavender"

This is one of the best shower gels. It is thick, it foams well and it smells good. It contains lavender essential oil, which fills the room and skin with a delicate floral scent. The gel, thanks to honey, nourishes and softens the skin. It also includes a complex of moisturizing substances, so after the shower the skin does not need a lotion or cream, it remains moisturized and soft all day.

3. Yves Rocher. 2 in 1 Moisturizing Shower Gel "Tenderness"

Soft, transparent shower gel fully justifies its name and gives the skin a feeling of freshness and tenderness. Witch hazel extract has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect, helps the skin to maintain youth. Citrus notes of the flavor of the gel charged with cheerfulness and optimism. The gel is so soft that it is suitable for sensitive skin, after it there is no need to use body lotion.

4. Dove. Cream-shower gel "Harmony of Nature"

This shower gel has a refined and relaxing smell, so it is great for evening showers. The aroma of cherry blossoms and ripe plum envelops, giving peace of mind and comfort. Gel perfectly moisturizes the skin, gently cleanses it. The cream structure gives a particularly pleasant sensation when washing. Adding cream to the gel allows you to do without additional funds after a shower.

5. The Body Shop. Shower gel "Wild Argan"

Argan oil from Moroccan walnut has unsurpassed moisturizing and softening properties. Also, oil perfectly rejuvenates the skin, prevents aging. Gel "Wild Argan" is the best choice for taking a shower. It does not contain aggressive detergent components and parabens, and therefore very delicately cleanses the skin. A pleasant nutty flavor gives the wash a special sensation of tenderness and softness.

6. Doliva. Shower Gel "With Vitamins"

The basis of the shower gel is natural olive oil of cold-pressed from Tuscany, so the tool softens and nourishes the skin, giving it a silky texture. The gel contains a complex of vitamins that allows you to care for your skin during cleansing. The brand Doliva is famous for being created only on the basis of natural ingredients. Therefore, in our list of the best shower gel it could not be.

7. ANARITI. Moisturizing Shower Gel

The gel of the Indian brand is created solely on the basis of natural ingredients. Therefore, it is reasonably among the best shower gels. It consists of extracts of natural plants from India: aloe vera, soybean sprouts, randy berries, citrus, as well as tea tree oil and coconut. Shower gel will give an unforgettable pleasure while washing, it very carefully cleanses the skin and leaves a delicate fragrance on it for a long time. After washing, no additional skin softening is required, it remains moisturized and velvety all day.

10. L'Occitane. Lavender Organic Shower Gel

The invigorating scent of the gel helps to wake up perfectly, while the elegant scent of lavender will accompany you all day, giving you a feeling of relaxation and tenderness. The thick gel foams well and gently cleanses the skin. The tool is based on natural ingredients and therefore does not harm the skin when washing.

What is your favorite gel? Share with us the names of your best shower gel. We are waiting for your feedback and comments.

What company shower gel to choose

The domestic market is not lacking in the presence of a variety of cosmetics for body care, which also includes shower gels. A large number of foreign and Russian manufacturers are trying to keep up with the times, creating innovative products. They are able to perform not only their main task - cleansing the skin, but also many additional functions: moisturizing, toning, rejuvenation and so on.

Currently, the following mass-market companies are considered the best among manufacturers:

5. Johnson's baby

When choosing a company, you should rely on the experience of the company (the longer it is on the market, the more it can be trusted), the results of clinical studies and, of course, the composition of the produced funds. No high ratings can be more important than what the manufacturer uses in the product as main and additional components. It is worth remembering that no completely natural remedy will not be able to cleanse the skin of high-quality impurities, so more often this is just a trick by marketers and nothing more.

Palmolive Thermal Spa "Skin Renewal"

Palmolive Thermal Spa “Skin Renewal” is a recognized leader in shower gels. Many independent studies indicate harmoniously selected components that form the basis of the detergent. Palmolive won the love of the female half due to its pronounced moisturizing properties, as well as neutral pH and minimal salt content. Such characteristics when using show respect for the skin, guarantee its good cleansing without drying.

The gel has the necessary density, it is quite thick, so it is easy to apply to a sponge or sponge without spreading. Due to the high level of moisture, the product foams relatively moderately. The pleasant and sweet smell of coconut is not intrusive. After washing the skin does not remain a sticky film. The shaped package, narrowed in the middle, conveniently lies in the hand without slipping. The cap can be opened without difficulty, with one hand.


  • active moisturizing
  • there are scrubbing particles in the composition,
  • economical consumption
  • affordable price,
  • convenient packaging.


  • the flavor may not suit everyone.

DOVE "Deep nutrition and hydration"

Shower Gel DOVE "Deep nourishment and moisturizing" is designed to restore the beauty and elasticity of the skin. This product has a unique complex of moisturizing ingredients that nourish skin cells. Many clinical studies conducted show that this product does not leave dryness, since the amount of salt in it does not exceed 1.3%. A small amount of volatile components and water also indicates the high quality of the product.

The gel has a very thick texture, which is characteristic of products with such a high content of moisturizing substances. Because of this, it does not give an abundance of foam. The smell of DOVE is light, not chemical, it lasts for about two hours. Packaging has an oval shape with an extension in the middle. In her hand, she lies comfortably, does not slip, because there are roughnesses on the surface of the tube. The lid is small and tight, you have to hook it with your fingernail, which is not very convenient.


  • intensive nutrition and hydration,
  • a large number of detergent components
  • pleasant aroma,
  • low price


Nivea "Milk and Apricot"

Another shower gel Nivea "Milk and Apricot" also applies to moisturizing products. It contains apricot kernel oil and milk proteins. These components make the skin velvety, soft and elastic. Neutral pH provides a gentle effect on all skin layers. In this case, the tool has powerful components that are able to thoroughly clean the treated areas from dust, dirt, sweat and sebum.

Fruit flavor Nivea is quite neutral, not intrusive, it does not last long on the skin. The density of the gel, like most moisturizing products, is high. It is easy to apply on a sponge or sponge. When rubbed, an optimal amount of foam is formed, which is enough to wash the whole body. Special attention should be paid to the bottle: its volume is much larger than that of standard gels, and instead of the usual cap there is a convenient dispenser installed. One click is enough to get the necessary portion of funds.


  • Suitable for all skin types,
  • well moisturizes
  • convenient dispenser.


AX Dark Temptation

AX Dark Temptation men's shower gel immediately after entering the market won the love of not only men, but also women who appreciated the sexy spicy scent. In addition, the product has an excellent composition, including a wide range of detergent components that do an excellent job with their task - they cleanse the skin. After using the product, the skin surface remains moist, there is no unpleasant tightening effect.

The translucent caramel gel has an average consistency of thickness, does not spread and foams well. With such characteristics, it becomes clear that a small amount of the product will be needed to wash the whole body. Convenient and stylish packaging is made in black. On both sides there are relief sidewalls, so the bottle will not slip out even from a wet hand. The lid opens easily: you need to press your finger on the triangular part protruding at the top. The volume of the tube is standard - 250 ml.


  • excellent aroma
  • gives a large amount of foam,
  • cleans well
  • affordable price,
  • economical to use.


  • the aroma opens over time from chocolate to the smell of spruce.

Nivea for Men "Sport"

Shower gel Nivea for Men "Sport" is designed for active men. This tool does not just cleanse the skin of high quality dirt and sweat, but also gives a charge of vitality and freshness. The structure contains strong detergent components that provide not only thorough cleansing, but also respect for the skin. The lime extract contained in the product contributes to raising the charge of energy needed by a person who has just completed a workout.

Bright fruit aroma helps to get rid of unpleasant smell, enveloping the skin with a citrus veil. The gel can be used not only for the body, but also for washing the head. Hair after its application becomes silky. Of course, it will not replace a full-fledged shampoo, but it is quite suitable for use after active physical exertion, because the head also sweats. The consistency of the Nivea for Men "Sport" is moderately thick, transparent, delicate bluish tint. For washing you will need a small drop of gel, because it foams well. The tube has embossed sides and a wide cap.


  • does not dry the skin,
  • forms a lot of foam
  • economical consumption
  • can be used to wash your hair,
  • budget price.


Johnson's baby 3 in 1 with chamomile extract

Among parents, Johnson's baby 3 in 1 gel with chamomile extract is especially popular among parents. It is perfect for the delicate skin of the baby since birth. In infancy, this product can be used not only for washing the body, but also for cleansing hair. When the child grows up, he should get a separate shampoo, leaving this tool as a regular shower gel. Johnson's baby содержит в составе натуральные компоненты, помогающие бережно удалять с кожи загрязнения. Продукт был проверен дерматологами: он гипоаллергенен и безопасен.

Средство оптимально по густоте, имеет прозрачную и бесцветную консистенцию. Fragrances in the composition of a little, so the child will not be disturbed by strong and intrusive smells. In case of accidental contact with the product, there will be no tweaking, as the patented “no tears” formula is used in all the manufacturer’s products. The tube has a convenient dispenser, easily triggered by light pressure.


  • does not dry the skin,
  • well foams
  • small expense
  • harmless to children's health,
  • suitable for newborns
  • convenient dispenser.


Princess "Milk Orange"

Princess shower gel “Milk Orange”, unlike the previous one, is intended for grown-up children from three years old. It contains extracts of milk and orange, which help to moisturize the skin and give a sunny mood. Since children over the age of three are actively exploring the world around them, they also get dirty no less actively. This tool has a formula with a large number of detergent components that can carefully remove any dirt from baby skin.

Delicious orange flavor obviously will appeal to many kids. The consistency of the gel is almost transparent, with a slight peach shade. Means gives the good volume of foam, is easily washed away. The packaging is made of soft plastic, which is easily compressed, so even the baby can independently squeeze out the desired portion.


  • hypoallergenic,
  • does not dry the skin,
  • pleasant aroma,
  • gives a lot of foam
  • economical to use
  • affordable cost
  • volume is more than average (400 ml).


  • in the composition of the few natural ingredients.

What shower gel to buy

1. Women who prefer a high-quality shower gel with a scrubbing effect should buy Palmolive Thermal Spa “Skin Renewal”.

2. If you want to restore the beauty and elasticity of the skin, then feel free to purchase DOVE “Deep Nutrition and Moisturizing” shower gel.

3. Shower gel Nivea “Milk and Apricot” will appeal to ladies who are looking for a good product at an affordable price.

4. Those men who want to impress those around them with their sexuality should pay attention to the AX Dark Temptation shower gel with a bright and exciting aroma.

5. If you are a man leading an active life, engaged in physical activity, then look at the invigorating shower gel Nivea for Men "Sport".

6. Johnson's baby 3 in 1 shower gel with chamomile extract is perfect even for washing newborns.

7. For parents of already grown up babies we recommend to purchase the Milk Orange gel from Princess.