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Arrows in the eyes: 21 fashionable idea with a photo


White eyeliner - an option for the podium and magazine shooting? And no! We tell how to use it in everyday makeup

Text: Editorial Makeup.ru May 5, 2018

It cannot be said that white eyeliner is a make-up tool that is very popular. In the meantime, it can be used in daytime and evening make-up. Different ideas and tips on how to apply a white eyeliner, look in this material.

“Pure” make-up with white eyeliner

Nude make-up is still the favorite makeup option for podium makeup artists. To enhance the impression of the “purity” of such an image, the masters add white arrows to it and slightly tint the eyelashes at the tips. The rest remains intact. White arrows paint in a rigorous, graphic manner using liquid white eyeliner such as Razor Sharp from Urban Decay in the Bump shade.

Double Arrow Makeup

Is there a way to make classic black arrows even more expressive? In order to achieve the most effective result, they can be supplemented with white lines, exactly the same as the outlines of black ones. This little detail will completely transform eye makeup. It will be a bright accent in the image due to the contrast of colors - white and black. You, again, need a liquid liner - it will help make the lines clear and graphical.

Outline focus

White pencil eyeliner can be useful to those who want to look more refreshed and fresh in the morning. It is enough to supplement your usual eye makeup with a white outline of the inner contour. This technique is often used by makeup artists to remove the redness of the eyes. By the way, the same technique with a white accent on the contour is also used in the evening make-up - so that it attracts even more views. Particularly well the white contour looks in those versions of makeup, the basis of which is a thick dark smoke on the eyelids.

Contrast Makeup With Red Lipstick

Makeup with white eyeliner can be easily combined with different options for a bright accent on the lips. The main bet in this image is again better to do in a striking contrast. Draw white arrows on your eyelids using eyeliner (good variations are White Liquid Liner from NYX Professional Makeup and Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk shade of the same brand). And then on the lips, apply matte red, pink or wine lipstick. Do not forget about blush in tone lipstick. So the image will turn out really complete.

Cat eye with white arrows

How else to use white eyeliner? We offer an option for experimenters - white arrows, drawn with a liquid eyeliner over a haze of shadows with darkening at the outer corners of the eyes. In this form, cat eye makeup will acquire an unusual futuristic shade. In this case, the background color can be any - brown, pink, purple and blue-blue will do.

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14 step by step lessons with photos, how to draw arrows on the eyes

Idea 1. Colored arrows on the eyes "Rainbow"

These are bright and vibrant colors combined with each other, ideal for summer eye makeup. To achieve this result is very simple.

Step 1. Draw a thin black line as close as possible to the growth of the eyelashes.

Step 2. Take a beveled brush and use it to apply pink shadows on the inner corner of the eye.

To get brighter colors, wet the brush with a face spray or plain water.

Step 3. We continue to draw an orange arrow, which turns into yellow (gold), green, light blue and dark blue.

Make sure your brush is clean before applying each new color.

Step 4. Gently blend the border between the colors.

Step 5. Apply a white liner on the lower eyelid, so the eyes will be visually larger and more expressive.

Step 6. Apply black mascara and, if desired, apply false eyelashes.

Another option makeup “Rainbow”. It is done by analogy with the previous one.

Idea 2. Evening make-up with twinkling arrows

This makeup is made with eyeliner with fine glitter, which further shimmer delightfully.

The focus should be on the arrow, do not use bright shadows. It is enough to add brown shades in a fold that will give depth to your look.

Idea 3. Luxurious combination of black and gold

Gold is able to decorate any makeup, bringing in the image of brightness and bohemian.

After you are satisfied with how your eyeshadow has been applied, gently draw a black arrow and on top of it, with a gold pencil, add a gold line that repeats the main arrow exactly. Make it very simple, but it looks fantastically attractive.

You can make a wide arrow using only golden shadows.

In this case, you get a glamorous daytime makeup, which, by strengthening the shadows, can easily be turned into evening.

Idea 4. Blue wide arrows with false eyelashes.

Blue is one of the trendy colors of the spring-summer 2016 season.

Blue color is perfect for eye makeup of any color, but it looks especially good in combination with brown. If it is difficult for you to make blue arrows, practice with blue, it does not clearly contrast with the skin color and blemishes are less noticeable.

As soon as you feel ready to draw more complex arrows, try the turquoise version.

Idea 5. Purple arrows combined with shades of blue.

Feeling a bit of adventure? Try this most bright makeup with colored arrows.

Violet is perfectly combined with shades of blue, and bright blue eyeliner bottom and dark purple mascara will only enhance the impression!

Idea 6. Dramatic double arrow in combination of purple and black

If the previous two options did not seem to suit you, then this rather complicated version of the double arrow will appeal to many.

The double arrow visually makes the eye more spectacular, giving it the correct almond shape. If the combination of black and purple looks hard, you can experiment with other colors.

Idea 7. The classic combination of white and black

Nothing decorates your eyes like a white liner. If a completely white arrow is not your option, try timeless classics - a win-win combination of black and white.

In this makeup with arrows, it is important to well shade the transition from one color to another.

Describing the new and trendy makeup ideas with arrows, we could not get around variations on the theme of black arrows.

Let's see how to draw the beautiful black arrows on the eyes.

Non-standard solution

For a while, white was undeservedly forgotten in the make-up industry. But today he confidently regains his former popularity. How to properly make up with cosmetics of such a shade so as not to create the effect of applying chalk or alabaster?

  • A new kind of old shooter. If you have always adhered to a conservative style, using an exclusively black eyeliner, then it is time to refresh it a little. You can refresh your makeup by drawing a thin white line over the existing black one, and you can emphasize the depth of your look if you completely replace the black liner with the white one, as shown in the photo.

Particularly relevant will look arrows made corner, when the line passes through the upper eyelid and reaches almost half of the lower. Choosing this option, abandon the use of mascara on the eyelashes of the lower eyelid, and focus on the expressive eyebrows.

  • Smoky eyes. The effect of "smoky eyes" continues to be in trend, but stylists and makeup artists recommend improving it by drawing a light line, and moving it beyond the century. Further, the effect is fixed, as in the traditional version, with two shades of shadows, which gradually merge into each other.
  • One shot - two birds with one stone. If you do makeup with white arrows drawn along the inner eyelid line with a pencil, you will not only make the look more expressive, but also hide red, tired eyes.

Who would suit such makeup?

Perfectly refreshing it is dark and tanned skin, and also goes well with gold and bronze shades of decorative cosmetics. But girls with small eyes should be careful with similar experiments. Despite the fact that light tone visually increases the volume, in the case of eyes the effect will be opposite.

Make-up experts advise to combine white arrows with gray shadows and red liners if you want to create a retro image. Red lipstick will also help to add brightness, an example of such make-up can be seen below. Sensual lips and "open" eyes - the most for pleasant dates, fun parties and even special occasions.

Do not be afraid to experiment with images, because they make a woman's life even more rich and interesting. But do not forget to listen to the advice of experts to look really stunning.

How to wear a white eyeliner

White eyeliner is the perfect option for spring-summer makeup. With her, any image will be advantageous, and make-up - bright and unusual. Below - several options for using white eyeliner in the makeup of the eyes.

1. Apply a white eyeliner (eyeliner) on the upper eyelash growth line and on the water line. So your eyes will instantly shine, and the look will become more expressive.

2. Draw a thin black arrow and draw a white eyeliner over it. This will create the perfect contrast for the night or work day. No matter what you wear, this makeup will be perfect for everything.

3. Experiment and paint your eyes with white shadows! For a more expressive effect, apply them all over the eyelid after using the white base under the shadows (if not, apply the usual one).

4. Enhance your perfect cat-eye with a white liner. Apply it on the upper lash line and draw the arrow.

We offer to look at the most beautiful makeup options using a white eyeliner. Get inspired!

  • We told you about the new trend in makeup - white arrows! Try, experiment and be the most-most!

    How to use white shadows

    White shadows are selected depending on your color type, skin condition of the face, its shape and other factors. White shadows can be an ideal base for other shades of shadows - so if you put a drop of white shadows on a dark tone, you get an interesting smoky color.

    White shadows - an indispensable tool for day makeup. It suits absolutely everyone, but on girls with fair skin, blue and gray eyes, this makeup looks especially impressive. Tanned beauties will have a white make-up too.

    Remember a few rules about how to use white shadows.

    • Experienced makeup artists put white shadows on the cheekbones and lips - follow their example.
    • White shadows are added to blush and powder: from this means will get an elegant pearly shade.
    • With the help of white shades you can adjust the oval and facial features, they will help to highlight the necessary areas perfectly.
    • In white makeup it is good to combine shades of blue, gray, brown and green with white shades.
    • White shadows will help to correct unsuccessfully made makeup - if you overdo it with shadows, it is enough to put a little white on the eyelid.
    • White makeup - the perfect solution for close-set eyes. Apply a few shades of white to the inner corner of the eye, blending them up to the eyebrow and sideways to the nose.
    • White matte shadows can perfectly replace kyal.
    [caption id = "attachment_1075" align = "alignnone" width = "660"] Slightly smoky eyelid color is very appropriate in white makeup. [/ Caption]

    White "New Year" makeup

    For white makeup, you can use not only the shadow, but also a pencil. Let's make a stylish make-up, popular in the era of the 60s, which, by the way, can be safely done on the New Year.

    1. Use a soft brush to powder a moving eyelid.
    2. Take a white pencil, draw a thick line and blend. Apply a second coat and do the same.
    3. We take the shadows of a smoky shade and with a beveled brush draw the crease of the upper eyelid. We draw a line along the upper border.
    4. A darker shade again draws the fold of the upper eyelid.
    5. White pencil draw line growth of the lower eyelashes.
    6. We draw a brush with dark shadows under the drawn white line: we drag this line into an arrow and reduce it with the top pattern. Shadows of light shade blend.
    7. Eyelashes paint black ink.
    8. For such make-up, lips of a neutral or beige shade are suitable.
    9. Since New Year's makeup, then add a little pearly glitter. White make-up ready!
    [caption id = "attachment_1077" align = "alignnone" width = "660"] Makeup in white on the New Year's party. [/ Caption]

    "Diorov arrows" with white shadows

    But this, as you understood, is an evening version. Now let's master the technique of creating a classic day makeup with white shadows. For a more spectacular make-up, take a black eyeliner.

    1. We apply a basis for shadows on a mobile eyelid or we powder an eyelid. You can in this case use a primer for the shadows.
    2. Apply white shadows and gently blend.
    3. Dim the outer corner of the eye with beige shadows.
    4. Light shadows are applied under the eyebrow.
    5. Getting to the most difficult - applying liner. This is a step that not everyone succeeds even from the tenth time. But we will tell you in detail how to draw a perfectly straight, “Dior” arrow with eyeliner. In addition, it will help fix the overhanging upper eyelid. So, take the eyeliner and draw a narrow line. The main thing is to paint the shape of the eyelashes well. The inner corner must be removed very carefully. Drawing a line wider and wider, paint the arrow to the end of the eyelashes and draw a line - this is the lower border of the arrow. From this line we lead the line back, holding it almost horizontally. We lower the arrow down and soften the transition. Do the same with the second eye. We wait until this layer of liner dries out, then once again we pass along the arrow for a more ideal result. Dior shooters are ready!
    6. We paint eyelashes, and better - we paste overhead, because the arrows look best with luxurious, thick eyelashes, which not every girl can boast.
    7. These arrows are more suitable elongated eyebrows, so the eyebrows should be extended to the temples.
    8. Lips in this makeup should be a neutral shade, slightly beige.
    9. And, of course, the hairstyle should open the face as much as possible - the arrows “require” absolute attention to themselves.
    [caption id = "attachment_1073" align = "alignnone" width = "660"] Clear black arrows will in no way spoil the light make-up. [/ Caption]

    Black and White Makeup

    1. Apply foundation under the shade, primer or powder.
    2. We impose white shadows on the mobile eyelid and blend.
    3. Draw a contour with a black pencil on the outer corner of the eye. Then we bring it to the arrow, and we, in turn, take it upward and lead it to the crease of the upper eyelid — we get a triangle. Now we lead to the lower eyelid and blend. We darken the outer corner and make the right transition. Bring the line to the inner corner of the eye and darken the mucous. Along the top line we reduce to the inner corner. Try to paint over the space between the eyelashes - otherwise there will be ugly bright gaps. Due to this pattern, a certain almond-shaped eye appears, resembling a cat's eye.
    4. A little golden shadows add on the crease of the upper eyelid and on the growth of the lower eyelashes.
    5. Apply concealer pinkish under the eyelid and blend.
    6. Color eyelashes or use the overhead.
    7. Finish makeup with brown shadows. We blend the transition from black to the crease of the upper eyelid, as well as along the lower eyelid.
    8. Make eyebrows slightly curved and pull to the temples.
    9. Outline outline the contour of the arrow.
    10. Face thoroughly powdered, we pass through the highlighter.
    11. Lips should not be emphasized: we put a little lipstick pinkish hue.

    As a rule, makeup in white does not require accessories, and if it does, it is simple and concise. As for clothes, a little black dress is the most suitable option.

    [caption id = "attachment_379" align = "alignnone" width = "660"] Black and white makeup. [/ Caption]

    Arrows and eye shape. Which ones are right for you?

    If there is a desire to visually enlarge the eyes, black and dark eyeliner tones will not work - they will “reduce” them. The arrow needs a lighter, "swinging." With her eyes will acquire brilliance and sensuality.

    Delicate image using arrows

    Narrow eyes

    Narrow eyes are corrected by wide, dark arrows. They should not be taken outside the eye. Eyeliner lines should be sharp in the middle and slightly softened shadows in both corners, this will create a greater effect of roundness and openness. The lower eyelid is given a dull color, without affecting its inner corner.

    Almond eyes

    The almond-shaped eyes of charm will add subtle, classic arrows. They are applied along the lash line, their width and brightness depend on the case. If the makeup is everyday, they hardly go beyond the limits of the eye. For an evening out you can put them with a thicker line.

    Eye shape

    The upper arrow, applied from the middle of the century, visually distributes the eyes from the nose. It is carried out thin at the beginning, expanding and elevated to the outer edge. The effect will be more complete, if you shine a light inner corner of the eye. The lower eyelid is drawn in the same way.

    Deep-set eyes

    Глаза, посаженные глубоко станут красивее, если их подвести широкой, блестящей, не очень длинной стрелкой. Ее нужно растушевать к вискам вверх.

    Arrows adjust and slightly looming eyelids. The upper line continues the line of the lower eyelid to the connection with the fold. Above, a line is added along the crease of the eyelid to the connection with the already drawn one. The resulting corner is completely painted with eyeliner and toned shadows. This deepens the crease above the eye.

    Types of arrows

    Consider the main types of arrows.

    • The classic option - thin arrows. Their lines gently bring the eyelids along the entire length and rise in the direction of the temples.
    • Double arrows are always bright. Unlike others, here the upper and lower arrows do not merge, but form a thin lumen. This is not a daily makeup, it is inappropriate in daylight.
    Double arrow
    • Egyptian arrows - the eyelids describe the entire length, the outer tips of the arrows bring up to the eyebrows, and the inner down to the nose. For evening makeup, they are perfect.
    • "Smoky" arrows are drawn in pencil and slightly shaded sponge.
    • Thick arrows add thick eyelashes. They are applied with a thin line from the inner corner of the eye and thicken towards the middle.
    • Colored arrows suggest the use of different eyeliner tones, from the lightest to bright and saturated. You can combine multiple colors.
    • Creative - here fantasy is not limited. It can be arrows with a pattern or modeling an unusual shape of the eyes. Options for these arrows, you can think of many. Very good they will look at a disco or theme party.
    • "Cat's eye" and "Fox look" - the lines of the upper and lower eyelids from the outside are drawn up and connected at the eyebrow. Very popular and impressive image. Below we take a closer look at this type of makeup, consider the features of applying arrows and shadows, and provide step-by-step instructions.

    Tools to create arrows

    The perfect arrow is not a problem if you have a skill and a handy tool. What can draw a beautiful arrow?

    This is the simplest and most convenient tool. It is indispensable for inexperienced in make-up or when you need to hurry. Soft texture allows you to confidently apply the line in one motion. Does not spread, does not smear and, in case of an error, is easily removed.

    Step-by-step application of arrows at least with a pencil

    Such arrows are easily shaded and at the same time look neat. For smoky makeup, a pencil is preferable to take on a powdery basis.

    Compact eyeliner

    This tool is good for light and natural makeup. It is made in the form of pressed powder, which is applied to the eyelids with a thin moist brush. Its structure is often water resistant and lasts for a long time without lubrication. Most of all, this eyeliner is suitable for cases where the makeup is designed for the whole day.

    Felt-tip pen for eyes

    Like a pencil, it is light and easy to use. With it, you can draw clear and beautiful lines of arrows quickly and in almost any conditions. However, it is short-lived due to drying out. This tool has to be updated more often than others.

    Eye marker

    Color arrows

    When choosing an eyeliner, first of all, consider the shade of your skin and eye color. Makeup should also be in harmony with clothes. The classic is the black color of the arrows. Black eyeliner visually narrows and burdens the eye.

    In everyday make-up, other colors look more attractive - brown, dark green, dark blue or dark purple. Lighter tones are appropriate during the daytime. This make-up is young and refreshing. Gray eyeliner emphasizes eye color.

    Golden eyeliner arrows

    Very interesting options for applying arrows of different colors. For example, if you use a saturated color for the upper arrow, and a couple of tones brighter for the lower arrow, the look “opens” and becomes more expressive.

    Step by step instructions for applying some types of makeup

    There are a lot of types and variations of make-up with arrows; the most popular and spectacular images will be discussed further.

    The shape of the arrow always depends on the shape of the face, eye and eyebrow.

    As there are no two identical faces, so the shooters in the makeup are always individual. Based on the tips of this article, find "your" arrow and your combination of shadows.

    "Cat's eye"

    Most of all, this make-up is suitable for those who have almond-shaped and large eyes. Make-up with cat shooters is done with a liquid or compact eyeliner and eye shadow.

    Step-by-step application of arrows for the “Cat's eye” image

    It has the following step-by-step description:

    1. Cover the upper eyelid with white or beige shadows and further up to the eyebrow.
    2. Mark the outer arrow with shadows of a darker shade, for example, peach, from the outer corner to the eyebrow. Apply dark shadows just above the crease of the eyelid and underline the edge of the arrow.
    3. Blend the transitions between the shadows. Take for this soft brush. After feathering, lighten the area under the eyebrows.
    4. Lightly covering your eyes, gently apply small dots along the lash line, outlining the shape of the future arrow. Its length and shape completely depends on your taste, but ideally it is directed towards the temple.
    5. Connect the guide points in one flat, thin line extending to the outer tip of the arrow. In the same way, move the lower eyelid, bringing both lines together. This can be done both liner and dark shadows.
    6. Pay attention to your eyelashes, especially from the outer edge. Take advantage of mascara.

    "Fox Look"

    In general, this makeup is identical to the "cat's eye." Only the shape of the arrows differs slightly, which favorably emphasizes small eyes with slightly overhanging eyelids.. It implies a golden brown gamut. But the shadows of other colors do not look worse.

    Eye decoration with the use of arrows in the style of "Fox Look"

    Step by step it is applied as follows:

    1. Apply light shadows to both centuries. Especially carefully lighten the area under the brows.
    2. Set the upper eyelid depth, causing a slightly higher fold light brown or light gray shadows.
    3. Blend to light shade.
    4. The arrow is drawn in the same way as in the cat's eye, but, unlike it, its outer corner is not much elevated. The lower eyelid is brought only from the middle to the outer edge of the eye. And both arrows are connected in the same way.
    5. Eyelashes for such makeup must be curled, lift up. False eyelashes will give a look of languor.

    Retro style arrows

    The style of the 60s is associated with the beautiful face of Audrey Hepburn. Many modern fans admire it and consider it the standard of beauty.

    Retro style

    If you wish, its image is easy to reproduce. Repeating such an elegant makeup with arrows and shadows will help step by step guide below.

    In this style, either eyes or lips are emphasized.

    Now it's about the eyes.

    1. First of all, align and emphasize the complexion with tone and powder.
    2. Pick up the shadows of one tone of three different shades - basic, light and dark. Apply the main color on the upper eyelid. In a darker tone, highlight its outer corner, and the inner one with a lighter tone.
    3. Use a black pencil to draw an arrow along the border of the eyelashes, and blend so that it is slightly wider in the middle of the century. This will give the look of innocent surprise. Draw the lower arrow in the same way and connect it with the top one.
    4. Underline arrows with eyeliner.
    5. Now you need to select the eyelashes. To do this, you need mascara with the effect of lengthening. Apply it in several layers.
    6. Lipstick for lips suitable neutral color or light - beige, pink.

    Eyes in the "Arab style"

    This makeup is very effective, but requires carefulness. If the arrows and shadows are applied neatly and harmoniously, your eyes will become hypnotically charming.

    Arabic style display option with arrows

    With the following step-by-step instructions, you can easily do this makeup yourself:

    • You need to start with the choice of colors. Do this considering your eye color and skin tone. Do not be limited to one color of the shadows, select some of the most suitable for you.

    Young girls are suitable pearl shadows, those who are older - matte. You will also need white shadows to create a highlight between the lines of the arrows, and black ones to draw the lower eyelid.

    Pencils for drawing arrows take two colors. One is necessarily black, and the second is the color of the shadows you chose — dark gray, saturated brown, or another suitable. Also need a liquid eyeliner.

    • First of all, prepare your face for makeup. Remove corrector wrinkles and minor bugs.

    Eyebrow shape should be perfect

    • Now look into your eyes. Apply a little bit of makeup or tonal foundation and spread evenly over the upper part of the eyelid. That will prevent the shadows from rolling and make them brighter.
    • Light shadows, from those that you have chosen, apply, starting from the inner corner. In the middle of the century - bright. Closer to the temple - a darker, more saturated color. Brighten the shadows with a straight brush to get a smooth transition from one shade to another.
    • Take the cooked pencils. In black, mark the arrow in the outer corner in the direction of the tip of the eyebrow. Then the second line, just above the crease of the eyelid, draw the upper edge of the arrow. Both features combine a beautiful, smooth bend.
    Step by step image creation in the Arabic style

    Fully blend the eyelid between the lines with another, lighter pencil and blend the resulting arrow base with a thin brush. Do this in a circular motion in the direction of the dark color of the shadows.

    • Now you can proceed to the arrow. Use a liquid eyeliner to apply a clear, even line dyeing the eyelashes. This should be done from the inside of the eye to the outside, without changing the pressing force and observing the trajectory. Top arrow ready.
    • Glare-feather draw with white shadows on the lower border of the end of the arrow towards the eyebrow.
    • The lower eyelid is also decorated with an arrow that will give the eye a beautiful, elongated shape. Her spend black shadows. The inner corner of the eye is also drawn in black.

    The arrow can be given depth, highlighting it with dark, saturated shadows. Then paint the mucous from the inner corner to the center of the lower eyelid with a black pencil. And further to the outer corner - white.

    • Round brush to soften the makeup, remove clear boundaries and transitions.
    • Eyelashes lengthen with mascara.

    Do not be afraid to experiment with colors when creating Arabic makeup. The combination of unexpected shades will give him luxury and originality. The main thing is that the colors favorably distinguish your own eye color, and not clog it.

    White arrows

    They look very unusual. And as all unusual does not depend on patterns and stereotypes. Here is full scope for your imagination. It can be a contrasting combination of white eyeliner and black mascara.

    Option make-up with white arrows

    In retro style, a combination of three colors - black, red and white - will make an impression. All these images imply equal participation of the eyes and lips. Therefore, lipstick should choose a bright. But if you are to the natural tones, do not emphasize the contour. Ink is recommended to paint only the upper cilia.

    Styling tips for beautiful shooters

    Bright and expressive make-up with arrows and shadows, using the step-by-step guide suggested above, you will easily master. It will meet and exceed your expectations if you take into account some more tips.

    Important to remember! Shooters always draw attention to the eyes. therefore watch skin around eyes, do not allow edema and use concealer or foundation.

    The arrows are beautiful, smooth and confident. "Dancing" arrows spoil the entire make-up. This can not be allowed. It is not necessary to track when creating arrows. Do not try to draw them, keeping hands on weight. The hand for a flat line should have a stop.

    Arrows in any form and variations of makeup will always help to make a woman’s look mysterious and attractive

    Place the mirror at eye level and when drawing the arrow do not turn to it one side, look straight at it. Then the lines will lie smoothly, and the arrows will look neat and attractive.


    Makeup with arrows is one of the most popular. As you can see, it fits all women and for all cases. The above-described techniques and types of such a make-up are far from exhausting its diversity. Experiment, show imagination, and create your unique image.

    Correctly and quickly draw arrows: tips and tricks. Watch useful video:

    How to make perfectly smooth hands in 3 minutes? See the video tutorial:

    How to draw arrows with shadows? Find out from the video:

    How to draw arrows on eyes

    Regardless of the type of make-up chosen, the technique of applying it is based on the basic rules:

    1. To make-up stayed all day and did not require adjustments, you must first put a base under the shadows on your eyelids.
    2. When applying arrows, care must be taken that the elbows have an emphasis in the form of a flat surface. At the same time, the palm should rest on the cheek so that the hand is fixed and does not tremble.
    3. It is important to draw arrows on both eyes in parallel, starting with the one that turns out worse.
    4. It is important that when applying the arrows there are no gaps between the eyelashes, therefore, the cross-page contour is emphasized first, and then the main line is drawn.
    5. Tail arrows - the most important point, he needs to pay special attention. To make it even, you can use a ruler or self-adhesive tape, sticking it at the right angle.

    Eye makeup with arrows using eyeliner is a classic technique of its execution. Many newcomers find it difficult to draw a flat line, it can be smeared or turned out with spaces. Makeup artists recommend to start to draw the outline of the arrow with a pencil, and then boldly send it with liner. To create a deep and bright look, you should use rich black paint. For day or office makeup, gray, brown, dark blue will do.

    Although it is the most difficult and capricious to draw arrows with an eyeliner in the technique, it can be used to make a perfectly flat line. Makeup step by step:

    1. If it is difficult for you to draw a smooth line with a liquid or gel liner, you can first draw a contour with a thin brush with shadows, and then draw an arrow.
    2. We draw a thin line along the ciliary edge, starting from the inner corner, moving to the outside.
    3. From above, you can draw a line that continues the upper eyelid. Give it volume gradually.
    4. To soften a sharp line, it is necessary to walk along the upper border with light movements with a soft brush with shadows.

    Felt tip pen

    A great tool for applying makeup for beginners. With the help of a felt-tip pen, you will learn how to draw straight lines. Thanks to the texture tip, you can well paint over the space between the spaces and spaces. How to paint the arrows on the eyes with a marker:

    1. No need to strive immediately draw a solid line. Start with short strokes, then connect them.
    2. Make out the arrows from the middle of the century, moving to the outer edge, then work through the inner corner.
    3. Observe the correct parameters: the arrow in the inner corner should not be too thick, it should expand closer to the outer edge.


    For make-up, it is advisable to use a moisture-resistant pencil on a wax base: it lends itself well to feathering, it is not imprinted on the upper eyelid. It should be remembered that the waterproof lead dries quickly, so immediately after applying the line you need to shade it, and then switch to the other eye. Before creating an arrow with a pencil, you need to sharpen it well, then your drawing will be more even and clear.

    To create a romantic tender image, use the shadows to create arrows. They should be black, well pigmented, so that they do not have to be applied in several layers. Having typed shadows with a beveled flat brush, draw an arrow, applying it to the eyelid. The line should expand at the outer edge and taper off, starting from the center.

    What arrows for which eyes

    Each person is unique, has special features. This also applies to the shape of the eyelids. It should be remembered that makeup with arrows should be applied, guided by the technique designed for your type of appearance. Using this rule, you can visually add depth to the look, and centuries - a beautiful shape. Professional makeup artists in their work always take into account the type and color of the eyes.

    For round

    Holders of rounded eyes always try to lengthen them. Eyeliner can help visually stretch the eyelid. How to draw an arrow on a round eye:

    1. The eyeliner line at the outer corner should be extended beyond the natural cut of the eyes, while dramatically widening it.
    2. When working with the lower eyelids, you first need its inner half to be painted over with dark shadows along the lash line. Hold the liner to the outer corner up, connecting with the top line.
    3. If the eyes are bulging, you must hold the arrows thicker above and below to visually deepen them.

    This shape of the eyes without makeup creates a slightly sullen look. When applying arrows, you must use a technique that will visually expand and open the eyelids:

    • on the upper eyelid begin to draw a thin line along the ciliary edge,
    • продвигаясь к внешнему краю, необходимо расширить линию, но не заводить за естественный разрез глаз,
    • нижнее веко следует подводить темными тенями, растушевывая их, чтобы придать глазам необходимый объем.

    Для миндалевидных

    Счастливым обладательницам такой формы век подходят любые типы стрелок. Almond-shaped eyes allow a girl to experiment with images, try new items in make-up, thereby always staying in fashion. To soften the eye section when making the arrow, it is necessary to draw a line from the middle of the upper and lower eyelids, removing it straight, without bending it up, as in a classic make-up.

    For little ones

    Medium-wide arrows are suitable for small eyes: they should not be very thin or too wide. To visually enlarge the eyes, the tip must go towards the temple. Makeup for small eyes:

    1. The arrow should be drawn with a felt-tip pen or liner, starting from the inside corner. Moving to the outer edge with short stitches, fill the space between the slides.
    2. The tail should continue the line of the lower eyelid and looked towards the temple.
    3. To make the evening makeup, you need to add arrows to the lower eyelid with a pencil. After applying the stroke, it should be slightly shaded.

    Video tutorials: how to make beautiful arrows

    The first video will be interesting to those who do not know how to choose the arrows for brown eyes. Having looked at it, you will gain confidence in your strength and firmness in your hands. In the second video tutorial, you will see step-by-step instructions for applying makeup, starting with contouring the face with foundation and ending with stroking with the help of shadows. In the last video you will learn how to make a festive version of liquid eyeliner.


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