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White color in the interior of various rooms


It is necessary to take into account the size of the room, since the white room will visually make more of a small room, and there will be a feeling of lightness, and it also matters which room you need to paint in white colors: bedroom, kitchen, living room, nursery or bathroom.

White is suitable for a bedroom with a hint of purple, it will stimulate creativity and imagination.

Children's room and bathroom, will look good with the color of freshly cut grass, green, duet with white.

In the kitchen and living room, the contrast between white and red fits, unlike blue, which only dulls the appetite, it is more suitable for the living room than for the kitchen.

The use of black, the complete opposite of white, can be used in a joint tandem only for rooms with a large area, for this the living room is quite suitable.

If you still resort to the white color of the walls, then they can be diluted with bright, picturesque pictures.

And the white color is not exactly the operating color white, it can be milky, ivory or cotton.

In addition to walls, you can focus on the white floor, it will also make the room visually wider.

White furniture

White furniture will look elegant, if it is decorated, combined with glass and metal.

It is desirable that all the furniture was in the same style, and much also depends on the lighting. Furniture from expensive materials, snow-white, with a lot of patterns, but look in a yellow or bluish tint, it all depends on the lighting in the room.

It is necessary to dilute it and add neutral sources of color. Or in order not to risk taking furniture in a silver, beige or cream color, then you will not need to think about how the light falls.

The conclusion is one of everything said - white has basically only advantages; the room becomes more spacious and lighter.

White color is universal, and never goes out of fashion, the only negative is impracticality.

And so, with white color you can turn on the whole flight of fantasy, he himself has many shades from cream to ivory and beige, as well as his huge number of combinations from orange, red, blue, pumping green and purple, even with his antipode black as such . It all depends on the bold decisions of the designer and owners.

Start from the white room, like a clean slate.

Do not be afraid of white! Look at white as a kind of beginning, allowing you to do whatever you want, and go wherever you are creative! Do you have a charming view of the ocean, forest, mountains or city from your window? White is a canvas that can be used as a backdrop for great perspectives. There is no better way to bring a fresh start to the interior of the house than to paint its walls white. This clean slate strategy is often used immediately after buying a new home.

Note the source of natural light.

Before you paint a room white, determine its orientation relative to the cardinal points. The rooms, which are facing away from the midday sun, acquire a gray-blue tint that is great for a summer bedroom, gym or studio. White paint optimizes light in these spaces, while making rooms cool.

The same white color, however, will work very differently in the living room at home somewhere in New England. The visual connection of white with snow and ice outside the windows will generate negative associations, even scare. Here it is worth trying to diversify the white color with red, yellow or orange inclusions.

Rooms that are not exposed to sunlight during the day are good candidates for being painted white in warm shades. Colored pigments reproduce the thermal range of sunlight, as a result of which people present in this room have an increased level of activity and improved mood.

Neuroscientists, using magnetic resonance imaging, confirmed the physiological effects of color. Each of us can confirm the fact that warm colors make us feel warm. The artists are well aware of this, and they do not just know it, but have been successfully and successfully used for a long time in practice.

The rooms facing the south (this is the northern hemisphere, in the southern - everything is exactly the opposite), the most insolation. Both in winter and in summer, that part of your house that faces the sun will acquire red and yellow shades on a clear day. White walls are an excellent choice for cooling these spaces, and the paint color can be adjusted for the brightness of the lighting. For example, gray softens the reflective qualities of white and helps to “calm” the space in which there are large windows that fill the living room with sunlight.

Of course, one color option cannot satisfy all daily or seasonal variations in illumination. But at certain times of the day and at certain times of the year, your room will look most attractive.

Use wall color to enhance or attenuate natural light. The Benjamin Moore Off-White Collection, consisting of 140 white flowers, is organized in shades and can help you choose a cool (with a blue, gray or green tint) or warm (with a red, orange or yellow tint) white color. Other brands of different shades of white are also quite a few, so we recommend that you check with the color fan each time to see the basic shade for each option.

What is outside affects what is inside

Take a look behind the window and decide whether the foliage that prevents the passage of light helps, or, on the contrary, interferes with your perception of the interior. For example, a tree outside the kitchen or living room window, located on the south side of the house, will condition the house year-round, holding back most of the sunlight in winter and creating shade in summer. If you wish, you can make a "dirty white." For example, gray-green will reduce the brightness of sunlight in the winter when the tree is devoid of leaves, and the sun is low after the winter solstice. Pure white would reflect the rays of the low winter sun too much.

Ocean view rooms are always stunning. The white walls of the summer residence can reinforce the impression created by opening the house and bringing it closer to cool water.

But in winter, in houses on the coastline, white enhances the feeling of chills created by the inhospitable sea behind the window panes. It is especially well felt in those areas where the climate has strong seasonal fluctuations in temperature. Some owners of houses located on the coast, for the whole winter, close the windows with heavy curtains to protect themselves and their loved ones from the gloom created by the winter ocean.

When we see something cold, we feel cold. A color that is associated with something known, hot or cold, can make us feel it. This explains why we perceive colors according to their temperature, divide them into cold or warm ones. White is considered the coldest color (especially its blue, gray and green hues), because it reminds us of snow and ice. We see what we expect to see ...

But white can still be a solution for a house located on the seashore, where, on the one hand, the window offers a breathtaking view all year round, and on the other, the climate is characterized by extreme changes in air temperature. Choose a creamy white that has a small amount of yellow-orange pigment (such as the California Paints ’DE6141 Salt Box). In summer, when tenants are more often outside, soft vanilla will create a cool evening when people return home from the beach to relax.

If you decide to paint the walls in the house, from the windows of which a breathtaking view opens, in white, think about choosing the right shade. Having correctly selected the tone and eliminating the distinction between walls and wooden elements of decoration with white paint, you will allow the landscape to remain frameless, expand the presence of an amazing picture in your home. This strategy (painting both walls and finishing elements) used for sifting out architecture that obstructs the view can be used with any color, but it is most effective with white because of its reflectivity.

Use white color to expand the space.

Due to the increased light of the room, painted in white, seem larger. Shadows and edges are reduced in white space. When creating a palette for your home, try to keep in mind this white feature.

But remember that spatial perception improves when rooms that are located consistently on the same floor have a subtle, without sharp contrasts, shift in shade. For example, using white, the shade of which deepens as the rooms become larger, will help to visually reduce the variation in the size of the rooms.

Find the white you like on the color fan of the company whose products you prefer to use. In this color, you can paint the walls of the smallest room. Then use the next darker shade for a larger room. Use different in brightness and color saturation to increase or decrease the visual size of each room. Your guests will not notice a change, moving from room to room, but they will praise you for the calm and comfortable home that you have created.

Add texture to whiteness to avoid sterile appearance.

There is no bathroom or kitchen that would not appear cleaner thanks to white walls, countertops, cabinets or lamps. We associate white with purity. This, by the way, can be used if you are preparing a house for sale and want to make the best impression on potential buyers.

However, white has some drawbacks. By limiting the color palette of a room to a single color, you can make it sterile and even boring. In this case, simply adding a textured surface to one of the walls will help to return the lost interest to the space.

Layering white and close shades

If your room lacks individuality, consider layering white with similar shades — white, warm white, gray, warm gray, etc. Use different materials of the same white shades, but different patterns and textures to create a room that has depth and defiance. interest. It works especially well in bedrooms. Textiles, headboard upholstery, window curtains and bedding can be harmoniously combined with each other and with the color of the walls, creating the effect of layering of various shades of white in the interior.

Let art occupy the central place among white

Have you ever wondered why, in art galleries, walls are usually painted in the same bright white color? This technique allows you to reject the architectural details of the room on the second plan, so that nothing prevents the visitors from focusing on the exhibited works.

If you can’t imagine your home without pictures, sculptures or any other works of art that attract attention, consider placing them on a white wall, on a white mantel or on your snow-white bed. Do not doubt that the attention of your guests will be riveted precisely to the artistic values ​​you have!

But if you don’t have a wonderful art collection in your house or a breathtaking view doesn’t appear from its window, the white color may be dead or at least inconvenient, because it will become the background for the usual domestic disorder and chaos. You must admit that not everyone wants to expose to the general display all the imperfections of their daily lives. That is why young families often prefer to put off the pure white color that they dream about for later, and instead choose khaki that endure and hide everything.

Use white for modern or traditional cuisine.

The beauty of white is multifaceted - from creamy-white tones, well combined with traditional and classic wooden kitchen cabinets with marble countertops, to the ultra-modern snow-white color of minimalist kitchens. Many homeowners love white in the kitchen, because the room looks clean, and its style is as close to the classic as possible.

Add color to the white room

The bathroom, whose color palette is limited to white, looks beautiful, but alas, a little boring. Get rid of this feeling will help stunning color accent. A white bath, sink and floor will look striking against the background of any eye-catching color. The red mosaic, emerald and blue tiles or even monochrome metal covering one of the walls will make any snow-white bathroom refined and elegant!

Use white paint to improve dressing room functionality.

In most dressing rooms there are no windows. In addition, the idea of ​​the need to create a full-fledged lighting in them very often comes too late, after the repair is completed. As a result, we have, to put it mildly, a poorly lit space where finding the right thing or finding a party outfit can be difficult.

You can maximize the look and functionality of your dressing room by painting all surfaces with reflective white paint. To find out the reflective properties of your chosen white paint, carefully read the inscriptions on the can. The higher the LRV value (light reflectance), the more light will be reflected.

White emphasizes the other colors that it surrounds (which is why it is so often used in art galleries). This will allow you to understand the color combinations of items of clothing in which you plan to dress up.

It is not necessary that the interior dressing room coincides with the color of the walls in the bedroom. Paint it with white paint with a slight tint of the color of the bedroom walls.

Do not give up white upholstery

Perhaps you think that white furniture upholstery is more difficult to keep clean and it will quickly become dirty. There is, of course, some truth in this, so it’s worth considering which type of fabric is best for this room. For example, for a living room where there are quite a lot of people every day, it makes sense to choose artificial leather or artificial suede, as well as covers made of coarse cotton fabric. Similar options are ideal for homes with pets or small children. Do not discard the white color, instead choose the right type of fabric.

White and metal - timeless combination

Have you noticed one of the latest trends in the world of interior design - using a neutral color (white, black, gray or brown) in combination with classic metallic colors? White is increasingly appearing in home interiors in combination with stainless steel, brass, copper or gold, and this couple creates warmth and comfort. You can combine white with stainless steel appliances in the kitchen or with brass lamps in your living room. Reflectivity of metals and clarity of white - what could be more interesting?

White color can make your interior versatile.

White creates a canvas for you so that you can decorate your interior in different ways depending on the time of year. Whether you love autumn with its gorgeous yellow and red tones or you like bright colors and pastels of spring, the white background gives you the flexibility and versatility to change the interior according to your mood! Create a year-round home, welcoming all year round - you just need to change rugs, cushions, curtains, bedding. In summer, the white interior gives coolness and freshness and does not need seasonal colors.

Use white to hide flaws.

White color can work as an eraser in your interior. If the house has some architectural flaws, white will help disguise them. And vice versa: in old houses, white color will accentuate the magnificent stucco, will highlight other man-made masterpieces of past masters. Transform your home with the help of white, and you will see how your home has become more comfortable and more comfortable!

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of shades of white! Each color in the spectrum has a white version. White may have a faint hint of pink or yellow, green or purple. Look at kitchen cabinets and countertops, flooring, tiles in the bathroom, try to figure out which color prevails in your interior, and with this in mind, choose the best shade of white. For each house there are several "ideal white".

China White (Lead White) by Benajmin Moore

"This paint rarely brings me, no matter where I use it. Neither green nor pink shades make their way through it. При размещении цвета рядом с чисто белым, можно заметить легкий желтоватый или сероватый оттенок, но сам по себе он выглядит как истинно белый». // Эрик Колер (Eric Cohler)

All White («Белоснежный») от Farrow & Ball

«Эта краска как хороший друг – надежна и в нужный момент оказывается рядом. И это заставляет вас и все вещи вокруг выглядеть потрясающе. Цвет остается неизменным при любом освещении, но в послеобеденное времяможет возникать эффект «свечения». // Брэд Форд (Brad Ford)

Cotton («Хлопок») от C2 Paint

«Белый вовсе не является робким и застенчивым. Он заставляет все вокруг двигаться вместе с ним вперед. Cotton от C2– самый мягкий из белых, с едва заметным оттенком желтого. This is the perfect background for a tree, emphasizing its appearance and enhancing the effect created. I especially love to use this color in the bedrooms - it makes the skin shine. " // Elizabeth Martin (Elizabeth Martin)

Honeymilk (Milk with Honey) by Valspar

“The choice of white paint is not easy. It is better to give preference to softer and warmer grayish or beige shades. Honeymilk is a soft white color that is great for walls. I used it in the finishing of many rooms and was never disappointed. ” // Elaine Griffin (Elaine Griffin)

Lily of the Valley ("Lily of the Valley") by Benjamin Moore

“I found this color more than 20 years ago, when I needed a really nice warm shade of white for finishing. Since then, he has been my reliable support. It works well in very bright rooms and in rooms where there is clearly not enough light. ” // Alessandra Branca (Alessandra Branca)

Great White (“Gorgeous White”) by Farrow & Ball

“This white color with character. It can be called anything but not sterile. Great whiteit looks best with natural light, especially in the morning when fresh warm tones are peeped out. During the day, it slightly changes color - from white to grayish. ” // Kara Mann)

Decorator's White (“White for Decorators”) by Benjamin Moore

"I like to use this white color to paint ceilings and woodworkas well as in any other places where I want to achieve bright, pure whiteness. It works well with any light source. Some whites may be cool and slightly blue, while others have a cream or yellowish tint, but Decorator's White is real white - warm and modern. ” // Jeff Andrews (Jeff Andrews)

Paper White (Pure White) by Benjamin Moore

I use paper whitein kitchens and bathrooms, because it combines the gray tones of Carrara marble and the absolute whiteness of the sink and toilet". // Katie Ridder (Katie Ridder)

Pointing from Farrow & Ball

"This is the perfect ivory color, suitable for almost any occasion- not too bright and not too saturated. I really like this balance. This paint has proven itselfand in the sunlit living room of a country house, and in the small bedroom of a New York apartment. " // Anne Maxwell Foster) and Seysel de Pedro Cunningham (Suysel dePedro Cunningham) from Tilton Fenwick

White Wisp by Benjamin Moore

“This is a tinted white with a tinge of gray-green, but it looks bright white. I like to use it to create a cool shade on the walls. I often use wall coverings from hemp fabric and other natural materials. WhiteWisp makes many of these materials look crisp, fresh, and crisp. ” // Frank Roop (Frank Roop)

Huntington White (“Huntington White”) by Benjamin Moore

“My Favorite Paint - Huntington White- I discovered while working on the Benjamin Moore line - a long journey full of trial and error. It is very different from other white colors, which are non-permanent and change their appearance depending on the time of day. ” // Darryl Carter)

Super White (“Super White”) by Benjamin Moore

“This is the purest expression of white without color shades. This color reminds me of a gallery in the Gagosian Gallery. I am delighted with the fact that it makes your furniture look like a work of art. ” // John Call (Jon Call)

Wimborne White (Wimborne White) by Farrow & Ball

"Wimborne White from Farrow &Ball is a beautiful shade of white that has depth and dimension. The surfaces covered with this paint acquire gloss and gloss without the use of varnish, which gives them a very chic and modern look. ” // Suzanne Kasler (Suzanne Kasler)

Swiss Coffee ("Swiss Coffee") by Dunn Edwards

“Every home should have one cozy room, such as a living room. In this space, I prefer to use white paint as the background for an amazing collection of artworks that brings bright splashes of color. For me, the perfect shade of white is not too yellow and not too pink - like Swiss Coffee by Dunn Edwards". // Trip Hainish (Trip Haenisch)

Slipper Satin by Farrow & Ball

“Slipper Satin is my desire to“ revitalize ”traditional rooms. This color soothes and gives a feeling of lightness and serenity. It is attractive and cozy, but it also works well in houses with rich architectural forms, as it helps to focus attention on details. ” // Jeffrey Alan Marks (Jeffrey Alan Marks)

White Dove (White Dove) by Benjamin Moore

“White Dovehas creama shade that brings the desired warmth to the houses of megalopolises, as well as to houses located in areas where the climate does not indulge in sunny days, and a gray, overcast sky is usually washed overhead. However, traditionally White DoveIt is positioned as a fresh and invigorating white color that is not too cold or modern at the same time. ” // Emily Munroe (Emilie Munroe)

Historic White (“Old White”) by Dunn Edwards

“The classic warm white color will suit any interior - it was like this before, it will continue. The premium paint from the DE Everest collections has a faint odor.and zero content of volatile organic substances, therefore it is pleasant and safe to work inside the premises ”. // Sarah Barnard (Sarah Barnard)

Acadia White (“Acadia White”) by Benjamin Moore

“Acadia White by Benjamin Moore is my desire for balance, for a golden mean. This perfect creamy white color, not too warm and not too cold - just right. " // Patrick Ediger (Patrick Ediger)

Chantilly Lace (“Chantilly Lace”) by Benjamin Moore

"Chantilly Lace- the paint is lively and bright, with sufficient depth, and this is enough to avoid the sterile appearance of the premises. This white is in the cold range, but is capable of bringing warm tones. It will look great where modern and traditional meet. ” // Moises Esquenazi)

White color is simple and sophisticated. But to paint a room or several rooms in this calm peaceful color is the same as deciding to cut hair much shorter than usual. Be adventurous and do not give up on the design of the apartment in white. Take a confident step to a clean and luxurious new interior!

The benefits of white

Many people underestimate the value of white, but in vain. Its use has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Such color, undoubtedly, will make the room brighter. So if the light in the room practically does not fall, then stick the white wallpaper.
  • This color will allow you to visually enlarge a small room and make it more spacious. The walls will literally expand, and the ceiling will rise.
  • This shade involves a lot of textures and forms.
  • White is a classic color and never goes out of style.
  • It can fit into any style, both classic and modern.
  • White combines with almost all colors.
  • This is a great background for catchy and bright details.

But there is one drawback of such a shade: it is quite marks. But here you can find a way out. So, buy a moisture-proof wallpaper and wash them periodically. Furniture may have removable covers. Laminate flooring is easy to clean. So everything is fixable.

What does white symbolize?

White for many is associated with purity, innocence, freshness. And so, the interior will be fresh and at the same time soothing.

And what do Feng Shui followers think about this color? It symbolizes the honesty, purity of a person’s intentions, his striving for high Also, white can lead to strive for rigor, for the ideal. But if the whole room is blindingly white, then the residents may feel restless in it.

Oddly enough, the interior of the apartment in white color may suggest different shades. Here are the options:

  • Soft white (ivory color). This shade will help to relax and calm down. It involves the use of soft and natural textures and textures: fabrics, stone, wood, leather.
  • Neutral white - cream. It has a light yellowish tint. This option will be perfectly combined with brown, coffee, sand, beige tones. You will get a calm classic interior.
  • Cold white is white-white and snow-white. These colors are quite bright and sharp, they are more suitable for modern style and combined with metallic tones.

What colors does it match?

We offer several of the most successful combinations:

  • Shades of brown. This includes all the tones from light sand to a hint of dark chocolate. These combinations can be called noble and rather soft. Living room in such colors will be very comfortable.
  • White can be successfully highlighted with gray. Surprisingly, all this will not look gloomy. On the contrary, this interior will literally come to life, but it will remain calm and discreet.
  • Love bright colors? Then use red or orange. Most often white in this case acts as a background, and in bright colors the furniture and details are made, but some act in a different way.
  • Purple color will add chic, elegance and originality to the room. A more calm lilac may be suitable for a bedroom or even a children's room.
  • Do you want to refresh the room and make it "tasty"? Use green. This combination is suitable for a bathroom or kitchen.
  • If the room is small, then you can choose blue or blue color, this will expand the space and make the room airy and light.
  • Black and white is a pretty bold choice. It is catchy and bright. Such a room will invigorate and excite thoughts. This option may be suitable, for example, for a kitchen or bathroom. Cheeky and bold decision would be a chess floor. In addition, black large drawings on a white background look bright and original.

How to use?

We offer to consider each room separately:

  1. Bathroom. You can experiment a bit. For example, purchase white glossy sanitary ware, and decorate the walls, floor and ceiling in a different shade. It can be black or dark blue.
  2. Bedroom. In this room, we spend a lot of time, fall asleep and wake up, so choose more relaxed combinations. For example, a white bed will look good on a gray floor (on a carpet or parquet). The walls can also be white, and dilute them with some large-sized pattern, for example, a panel, a painting or an appliqué. On the bed scatter gray pillows, they will complement the interior. Other items of furniture may be black.
  3. The kitchen can be fresh and original, for example, if you make the walls bright, for example, orange or green. Countertops and appliances while choosing white. You can dilute all this with metal lines. And you can do the opposite, making the former background and adding bright details of the interior. But here is a completely white kitchen - this is very boring.
  4. Living room. Dreaming of a chic white couch? Buy it! Bright pillows will help to dilute white. The ceiling can also be white, but the walls and the floor are better decorated in other colors, so that the sofa does not merge with them and was a bright and original accent of the room. Do not forget about the chairs. Spread a carpet by the sofa that matches the color with the interior, but differs in the shade of this color (you can match it to the pillows). You can make the living room bright by diluting the white with green or, for example, blue. And comfort will add noble brown shades, they also perfectly fit into this room.
  5. So that the white corridor did not look like a hospital one, decorate it with bright details. It can be stickers on the walls, panels or paintings.

Useful tips

Some useful recommendations:

  • You can use a variety of textures of the same color, it will save the range and at the same time revive the design of the room, make it more original.
  • Do not interfere with each other cold and warm shades, this combination is not correct and successful. Move in one direction: either warm tones or cold.
  • Think carefully about the lighting design. First, choose a shade of light. Remember that the yellow light can kill all the uniqueness of white, crush this color and turn it into a completely different - pale yellow. And with blue light you will feel uncomfortable, as if in a hospital. The best option is daylight. You can make one accent in the form of a chandelier (it is better to lower it a little from the ceiling) or to disperse the flow around the perimeter of the room by providing several spot built-in lamps, wall or floor. Do not overdo it, because white scatters light!
  • Refresh the interior will help bright details. It can be figurines, paintings and other decorative elements. But do not overdo it, otherwise the white behind all the ornaments and variegation can be lost.
  • Also, do not use too many shades in the interior. Three or four (along with white) will be quite enough. Otherwise, you will create an effect of confusion and variegation, which is unacceptable for white.

If you learn to skillfully use white color in interior design, you can make your apartment (or house) spacious, cozy and at the same time original and chic.

Fashion trend in interior design - white kitchen

In the interior of the kitchen white are most often two things - walls or kitchen units. The latter option looks especially luxurious, considering that the bright facades can be glossy, there can be a kitchen island of this type in the room, and the white color visually expands the space. Let's check it out.

Interior white kitchen with island and dining area

In the photo: White kitchen interior with kitchen island

The interior of this room uses a white kitchen set with glossy facades from floor to ceiling and a kitchen island of the same color. Even the bar stools, the dining room chairs and the walls here are also white. Balances so many bright spots in the interior of the dark brown floor, black countertops and shine - facet on mirrors, steel, gloss and crystal.

White kitchen in the style of minimalism with illuminated facade

In the photo: White kitchen interior in the style of minimalism.

If your kitchen has a less spacious format, you can choose a design option in the style of minimalism. A white headset will look great with multi-colored modules, as in the version on the interior photo above. And household appliances here can be white, and black and best of all glossy.

In the decoration of this interior, our designers used stylish glass panels for the walls and porcelain stoneware in gloss for the floor. Both materials are perfect for minimalism.

Modern kitchen in Provence style in white with a spectacular mosaic on the apron

In the photo: The interior of the white kitchen in the style of Provence.

In the style of Provence, light kitchen set can be found very often. Traditionally, it is made of wood with neat details and a lovely decor, exquisite cupboard with glass and wooden top.

Luxurious classic kitchen in bright colors

Picture: Interior of the kitchen-living room with dining area.

In the classic style of white kitchen set is also quite common. Sometimes it is decorated with gold elements of the decor, sometimes not, and in the design of the floor, ceiling and kitchen apron there is a desire for luxury and the use of natural materials such as marble and wood.

White kitchen design with breakfast bar

In this memorable interior, the kitchen suite with snow-white facades and a marble worktop, which passes into the bar counter, effectively contrasts with the blue onyx panel. U-shaped kitchen layout is very ergonomic - the window sill area is used under the work area, and high cabinets to the ceiling are as spacious as possible.

Neoclassical kitchen in white with island and marble worktop

Pictured: White neoclassical kitchen interior

White interior can be different - with pastel or bright accents, black and white or, for example, white and red. There are even completely white interiors, which is more often found in the design of the neoclassical kitchen.

Modern kitchen in white gloss with an island and a bar

In the photo: White interior of a modern kitchen with an island

The patterns on the stoneware floor give this room an exquisite charm, and the strict lines of the headset and the islands call for restrained emotions. Using white color, our designers can create a completely different atmosphere in the atmosphere - romantic, ultra-modern, modest and luxurious, of your choice.

White kitchen with a bar and chairs in shades of black velvet and purple-pink

In the photo: White interior of a luxurious small kitchen.

The combination of white and white-gray shades looks extremely elegant in neoclassical style. If you add deep accents to such a combination (for example, purple pink or black velvet, as in the photo above), the interior will become even more aristocratic.

Pictured: Modern white kitchen

Among the suitable accents are the emerald, malachite, midnight, and Persian blue, azure, indigo and Prussian blue, shades of viridians, chartreuse, lime and green moss. All of them can favorably emphasize a light gray or white interior.

Fashionable open-plan kitchen-living room in white colors

In the photo: White kitchen-living room in a city apartment

White color is an excellent background for an open plan. Using accents on a white background, it is very easy to zone different rooms according to their functionality - the kitchen, the dining room and the living room, as well as the fireplace, study, library. The open-plan monochrome interior is an opportunity to create the illusion of maximum space and make the space visually much larger.

Варианты дизайна гостиной в белом цвете

Конечно же, в дизайне гостиной все мы хотим видеть роскошь, отражение собственного образа жизни и презентабельность. Но кроме этого очень важно, чтобы гостиная была удобна для ежедневного использования и вами, и вашими детьми.

Photo: light living room in a country house.

In this case, white or bright colors using white are ideal for a premium interior. These shades perfectly smooth chic and aristocratic entourage of the interior, while making it more modern.

Modern living room in white with art deco elements

Pictured: Interior of a luxurious white living room

In this living room white is used everywhere - it seems that it is almost the only shade in the interior. But this is only at first glance. In fact, our designers have created a unique format with harmonious transitions in semitones - from ivory in the upholstery of the sofa to beige mother of pearl in the design of high-nap rug, from the dazzling white gloss of the coffee table to crystal, iridescent silver.

Such a composition looks great in the interior with an expensive finish, because the textures of each material here are 100% felt, which also supports positive visual impressions and tactile. So, if in a multi-color interior different fabrics, upholstery, textures and reliefs are less noticeable, then in monochrome they come to the fore. And it advantageously emphasizes the quality of luxury finishes.

Fashionable living room in white with natural stone walls

Pictured: Modern style in living room design.

This luxurious living room is decorated in a contemporary style and looks elegant and elegant. Such an interior can be found in a condo in Manhattan or a small apartment in an expensive area of ​​Singapore.

White living room interior with luxurious ceiling design and fireplace

In the photo: Stylish interior living room in white

And here the light color scheme of the interior is organically emphasized by black glossy accents in the design of the floor, fireplace and wall panels. But even more fascinating design of the ceiling with the use of stucco and mirrors!

Strict and modern interior for a living room in a one-room apartment

Pictured: White living room interior in a one-room apartment

White interiors in a small apartment are more a necessity than a luxury. Different shades of white and light gray can successfully cope with creating a sense of the integrity of the image of the entire design project. Along with pure white color, mother-of-pearl, coventry, abalone, gray harbor and ashen gray are often used.

Stylish lounge area with art deco elements

In the photo: White color in the design of the walls in the living room.

Looks great in a white interior and dark accents - brown, black or dark blue. Alas, there is a myth that white walls are only suitable for simple interiors with a simple finish. In fact, just the opposite - they look best in such complex variations as Art Deco or Neoclassic.

Trendy interior for the living room in a modern style.

Photo: White living room interior with a corner sofa.

In this living room, white color was used in the design of walls, furniture, flooring and textiles, and among the accents we found only a classic black, enchanting amethyst in the upholstery of the chair and uniting all this multi-colored poster. This combination works perfectly in the format of standard apartments in residential areas. With such a presentation, they look pro-French, modern and very unusual, even staying with their previous layout.

Design a small living room in white

Photo: White living room interior with a corner sofa.

In this miniature lounge there is everything for 1-2 people to relax on any of the Sundays. Just look at the elegant patterns on the ceiling, cute pillows and sofas in country style - everything is created to inspire and delight!

Stylish living room with white parametric walls

In the photo: The interior of a large living room in white colors.

And in this living room we found another popular design element, which is in trend last season - 3D polyurethane panels for walls, very showy and interesting. Made in white with black gloss, they look incredibly luxurious.

Fashionable living room with a bright interior and accents in shades of eggplant and arctic ice

Pictured: White living room interior in modern style.

Delicate shades of arctic ice and eggplant perfectly fit into this bright living room, where white, beige and gray colors reign. It seems that such a room is just perfect for an apartment with small children!

Open plan living room in modern style

In the photo: Interior of the kitchen-living room with a white suite.

If you like white color - it does not mean at all that you will need to refuse such things as dark wood, transparent furniture, steel or gold, neon lights or dark accents. White color is not always pastel interiors and feminine décor, it is also great for the design of an apartment for a young person, as in the photo above.

Bedroom interior design in white colors

In the photo: Luxurious bright bedroom in the house

The bedroom is a realm of peace and blissful bliss, where you not only relax and gain strength, but also simply enjoy life. Psychologists consider white color not only soothing, but also joyful. It symbolizes purity and a feeling of complete freedom, gives a sense of security. You must admit that we need such emotions in the interior of the bedroom.

Luxury Art Deco Bedroom in White

Pictured: White bedroom interior

The Art Deco style is so good with white that in such an interior it is easy to make completely white walls. Combined decoration of wallpaper, mirrors, decorative inserts and stucco will allow you to arrange the room in accordance with all the canons of style.

Romantic bedroom in white

Pictured: White luxury bedroom interior

In this elegant bedroom in the residential complex Skolkovo Park, which is famous for its surprisingly smooth architectural form and closed courtyard type (ideal for children), white plays one of the most important roles in the play titled Luxury and Romance for Your Bedroom.

Fashionable white bedroom with azure accents

Pictured: White premium bedroom interior

Gray parquet flooring, white cabinets facades and light bed linen form the basis of the decoration and decoration of this room. Bright accents of azure, pale mint, gold and black gloss eclectically complement the interior.

1. Looking for luxurious colors in the kitchen

The easiest way to get inspired by luxurious shades is to go to your kitchen. For starters, you can open your fridge and see what products can decorate your home. Dark vases, plates, trays and tablecloths will help you!

And now let's see how the same tones look on a light background.

Feel the difference? Then you can go further.

2. Rich furniture and decor

Let's move from food to furniture and various decorative things. So, bright lamps and textiles in combination with gold and silver elements make the wallpaper, furniture or parquet of dark colors look even deeper and more sophisticated.

At the same time, furniture made in classic luxurious colors can look great even in the most modern interiors.

Luxurious bedroom in a classic style in bright colors

Pictured: Interior of a luxurious classic bedroom in white colors.

Light colors will help in the implementation and more unique projects for interior design, for example, in the classical style. In this bedroom dark mauve and other adjacent shades occupy all our attention. Fretwork, as well as decorative openwork panels with backlighting behind bedside tables, is made in white. Looks just great!

Fashionable suite with textile panels in white

Pictured: Stylish bedroom in white

The brilliant interior of this bedroom is decorated in an exceptional manner - in the style of the hotel master suite. In this case, we are talking about the design of a room in a mini-hotel, but such an interior can be in your country house! The magnificent combination of restraint, aristocratic chic and European traditions in this bedroom speaks for itself.

Romantic lounge area on the loggia in the bedroom

On the photo: Interior design of the loggia in white colors.

And to create such a recreation area on the loggia, you do not need to make the whole bedroom interior white or even just bright. But white decorative panels adorn an oasis of comfort and tranquility for spouses in this sunny corner.

White and pearl bedroom in classic style

In the photo: Shades of white and gray in the interior of the bedroom.

The interior of this bedroom may seem familiar to you, because this is another design option for the same room, which we talked about just a couple of paragraphs above. There are no dark purple hues, but there is an unrivaled combination of silver, pearl, gold, white and dark brown. With the magnificence of this interior, little can compare!

Modern bedroom interior with white walls.

In the photo: Interior of a modern light bedroom.

The white color in the design of rooms is most often associated with the modern interior design - with simple and concise furniture, bright accents and, above all, with the Scandinavian style. But, as we now know, he is not limited to this.

Charming bedroom with hints of lavender and lilac

In the photo: Interior design of a white bedroom with lilac and lavender accents.

Exceptionally aesthetic shades of lavender and lilac always look good on a white background. For the interior design of this bright bedroom, our designers found a brilliant decor, high-quality textiles and a very attractive boudoir table!

Hallway, corridor and hall in white

In the decoration of the front area of ​​an apartment or house - the hallway, corridor and hall - light shades are popular, since these rooms almost always do not have a source of natural light and are rather compact.

In the photo: Spacious cozy hall with a mirror wall.

Designers visually expand them through the use of white finishing materials for walls and floors, mirrors and a variety of built-in spotlights. This strategy is useful for the hallway, and for the long and narrow corridor, and for a spacious hall.

Luxurious interior hallway in bright colors

In the photo: Black and white interior hallway

Thanks to its stunning aesthetic and practical characteristics, porcelain stoneware has become one of the most popular materials for floor design in the hallway and corridor. In this black and white hallway, it is the balancing element of a beige shade, which makes the room more earthy and cozy and less abstract, which interiors in the achromatic palette often are.

Fashionable hall with a decorative panel in gold

In the photo: White color in the design of the hallway.

In the small hallway, the white color is not replaceable at all - with it comes the feeling of precise organization, cleanliness and order. It is difficult to argue with this, and therefore it is so often used in the design of small apartments.

Small and narrow corridor in a one-room apartment

In the photo: Interior design of a narrow corridor in bright colors.

The peerless design of this hall is due to the use of two main design techniques - a mirror finish of the left wall (including the doors!) And a combination of white background with bright accents in the form of pumpkin, olive and strawberry!

The interior of the white staircase hall with marble

In the photo: Interior staircase with natural marble

This staircase clearly can give odds to the majority, because it contains the charm of the classics and the practicality of modernity. Luxurious marble steps and fancy glass security screens blend in perfectly!

White interior corridor in modern style

In the photo: The interior of a small hallway with white 3D panels on the walls.

In the design of the apartment in a modern style hallway usually looks easier. The best thing to do is add a trendy accent, make a beautiful accent wall, put a built-in wardrobe with large mirrors and make the lights so spectacular that it diverts attention from the fact that there is no window in this apartment zone. As, for example, in this project the hallway is higher.

Bathroom in bright colors

In the photo: Interior bright bathroom

There are so many first-class design techniques used in this bathroom that it simply cannot be compared with other projects. Our designers made sure that the clients - the owners of this bathroom in a country house - every time they entered this room forget all their worries.

White bathroom interior with Prussian blue shade

In the photo: the interior of a small bathroom

The alternation of sky blue and the shade of Prussian blue in this bright bathroom can inspire anyone! With the addition of gold, this interior looks like a painting, and not like a regular room.

Interior white-pink bathroom with gold and pink marble

Pictured: Beautiful white and gold bathroom with pink marble.

In the bathroom, light colors are the most preferable. They allow you to create a feeling of harmony and tranquility, while not imposing a special mood (for example, how pink creates a romantic or feminine mood). In this sense, the white color is completely universal.

Stylish bathroom with bright accents

Photo: Laconic bathroom interior.

The interior of this modern bathroom will appeal to every lover of modern style. A dark crimson dressing table and a panel with a morning forest landscape here ideally approached light wall decorations.

White-gray bathroom with turquoise accent wall of natural stone

In the photo: The interior of a small bathroom.

Very often in a white or pale gray interior for accents are used cold shades. Now they are the most fashionable - for example, turquoise and teal, eggplant and amethyst, sky blue and lilac.

Interior white-gold bathroom

Pictured: White and gold bathroom interior

While in modern bathrooms cool colors are preferred, and in traditional styles (for example, country), warm, classic bathrooms should be decorated in shades of white with gold accents.

White bathroom interior with a luxurious panel "Venice"

Pictured: Interior design of a small bright bathroom.

And to use such colorful panels in the interior of any room, the white color is completely necessary, because you need to create a background and a perspective so that all the attention is given to such a work of art in the decoration!

Katya Avrutskaya, interior designer:

- Riviera Maison creates objects in the simplest and most grateful style. You just take this factory and that's it.
God, this is just great - a country house with tall ceilings and floor-to-ceiling glazing. Nature as part of the interior instead of paintings and a huge fireplace. Non-uniformly painted walls, gray oak on the floor. Shades of gray, beige, earthy shades, brown, brown-green. Materials - stone, wood, flax. Everything. The interior is ready.