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Shopping clubs RUSSIA - closed sales


Even living in relatively large cities of our country, a demanding customer does not always succeed in satisfying his desires for a particular area of ​​purchase. Naturally, first of all, we are talking about beautiful ladies who always strive to look perfect, but, unfortunately, the market for the offered products often leaves much to be desired.

The prices are high, the choice is small, and will you find so much time to go around all the shops, shopping centers and boutiques in search of the perfect dress?

The modern pace of life of young and active people just rolls over, which means every minute is worth its weight in gold, but what to do if you want to look good, but at the same time save yourself from endless wanderings along the long corridors of shopping centers?

It turns out that there is a solution, it appeared relatively recently in Ukraine and Russia, but it has existed in the world for more than 10 years; moreover, it is rapidly developing, progressing and gaining new momentum. A new trend in e-commerce has become shopping clubs - a modern format for the sale of fashionable clothes, shoes and other household items.

What is shopping clubs, you ask, because of this interesting direction the general public knows little or absolutely not enough to trust this. To put it simply, this is a store of clothes or other things in which you can make purchases without leaving your home or office. Quickly, conveniently, and also, often, very profitable!

You say that is it new? Online purchases have been made for a long time and actively, are there any differences? It turns out that there are, moreover, the most important and interesting for the buyer.

Features shopping clubs

There are fundamental differences between the two concepts - online store and shopping club. The latter, in contrast to the online store, allows you to buy products of well-known, global and very expensive brands at quite attractive prices.

The site of the club is updated every day with information, new promotions and discount systems that target certain brands of clothing, shoes or other accessories.

Sometimes such discounts reach 80%, which can be very tempting when buying things from such world brands as Gucci, Prada, Chanel, etc. Any world brands, including Ukrainian and Russian, and even those that are not on sale in the territory of the country can take part in promotions.

Shopping clubs have a fundamentally different business model from online stores: without actually possessing the goods offered on the site, but only information about them, they sell them to customers online.

Here, in truth, there are shortcomings: the delivery is, most often, long, and the information about a particular thing may be inaccurate. Sometimes another system works: the goods are already in stock in a limited quantity, which is more convenient for the buyer: he does not risk having ordered a thing to find out in time that it is no longer available.

On the other hand, shopping clubs that have to rent space for warehouses are not able to make maximum discounts on branded goods, because they also need to cover the costs of their own costs.

But where are these discounts from?

How it works? You are probably wondering how the shopping club manages to sell branded and high-quality items at such low prices? After all, yesterday a concrete dress cost 2000 UAH, and today it is only 900! Is that possible? And, most interestingly, such discounts are not a seasonal phenomenon, as it happens in regular stores, there they are all year round!

It's all about the basic principles of operation of such clubs: firstly, due to the fact that the whole process of buying and selling is carried out online, the seller significantly saves the lack of the need to rent warehouses, hire a whole staff and spend money on expensive premises in the city center for pretty boutiques .

Secondly, shopping clubs agree with a particular brand on the sale of the remaining goods left over from the last or previous collection. It is profitable for the store to immediately sell all 10 jackets that remained from the previous collection at a reduced price, and to get new products as soon as possible with the money received.

The trouble of the stationary stores is as follows: they are often limited by the purchasing power of a particular city, and in the shopping cube they will be able to order the same product from almost any, even the most distant point of the world.

In fact, shopping clubs are not competitors for branded stores, they are, in a way, an additional channel for selling and selling things that could not be sold permanently. By the way, in order to use the services of such a service, you just need to register for free on this site, everything is simple.

Shopping Clubs in Ukraine

The first project, similar to modern shopping clubs, appeared in the early 2000s, in France, only VIP clients of the founder, Frenchman Jacques Antoine Granier, could enjoy such privileges.

The idea of ​​such an Internet enterprise turned out to be incredibly successful, the movement spread throughout the world and became accessible to the masses, and in 2009 the first shopping clubs were founded in Ukraine. The principles are the same: free registration and unlimited possibilities even for the most selective buyers.

As for the security of remote payment of goods: you can not even worry, because all the sites of clubs are certified by a special data encryption system that ensures their confidentiality.

Especially for those who, as yet, have not learned to trust such systems, it is possible to pay for the goods upon its availability, i.e. after delivery straight to hand.


IDEAL PRICE represents its discounts on products of well-known manufacturers.

Already today, new product categories will start:

  • stylish watch,
  • cosmetics and accessories
  • home clothes and others.

To become a member of this community, it is necessary for a member or partner of the community to invite someone to join the club. You can buy goods during a short promotion, where the number of products is limited. Community sales can be compared with Moscow sales, only here delivery to all regions of Russia is possible.

KUPIVIP is an online store that provides closed sales in Russia. The catalog is built in groups using a brand, product category or its size.

The club has many advantages:

  • Daily sales of European class offers the best price and product directly from the manufacturer. Discounts can grow up to 90%.
  • The guaranteed low price is only on this site, the club also promises to compensate for the difference, if another store offers a lower price for the same product.
  • The quality and authenticity of the goods are guaranteed by the creators of the store.
  • Free shipping throughout Russia will make shopping even more convenient.

There are many more advantages of this site kupivip.ru, become members and see for yourself.

MAMSY is one of the few stores offering branded products for moms and kids.

This store promises:

  • excellent price and discount up to 70%
  • one hundred percent authenticity of branded products,
  • possible return of any products,
  • delivery is made to all regions of the Russian Federation,
  • possible payment at the time of receipt of the goods.

To become a member of the club, you only need to register on the site mamsy.ru.

WESTWING is a modern interior design shop that will help decorate any home. Here are the branded accessories and furniture at attractive prices. Westwing also offers a catalog of ideas and tips for contemporary style and design.

  • Parcel arrives via courier.
  • Convenient return of goods is guaranteed.
  • Reliable payment.
  • Careful delivery with the help of professional transport organizations.

FABIKA is another site presenting its products. A wide range of gifts and accessories will delight every site visitor.

It has many headings:

  • products for all family members,
  • home products,
  • appliances and gifts
  • prints and furniture,
  • gadgets and office supplies.

The site Fabika.ru presents existing and new promotions. Each category is represented by a specific brand.

MNOGO.RU - club of closed sales, allowing you to collect bonuses, receive prizes. To do this, you must issue a card for many.ru and, having collected a certain number of bonuses, you can get a prize. All details are described on the site mnogo.ru.

There are a lot of rubrics here:

  • Electronics.
  • Health and beauty.
  • Children's world and others.

It remains only to become a member of the club, get acquainted with the shares and rules of delivery, and make your favorite purchases will be simple and easy.

Discounts and coupons!

For many of the represented clubs in our service, you can find promotions - for example, valid promotional codes for KupiVip for discounts, as well as promotions for the Mamsi website - here.

Features of shopping

Online sales of closed sales - sales, working in the "nonstop". Sale can begin only at a strictly defined time, given its stated duration (24, 48, 72 hours or more). Products are combined into one group, taking into account the brand, product category or its size, discount level and so on. Closed sales came up with the Americans, but use them in Russia and Ukraine.

Everything is very simple. You need to go, choose a product, buy it, ahead of its competitors. The volume may be limited, but many interesting proposals are presented. The design of sails is always made in a bright and colorful style. Any subsequent sale may differ in its design, given the different holidays. The picture of the goods pay special attention. It should look so perfect that you would unwillingly want to buy everything you see. The hand as if presses the "buy" button.

Range of closed sales

As a rule, the set of goods is the same as always. You can see clothes for children or teenagers, women’s or men’s, sales people offer shoes as well as a wide variety of accessories (glasses, jewelry, bags or watches). Cosmetic and perfumery products may also occur. Allocate products for home and leisure, in particular products for the kitchen, as well as appliances and electronics.

Some online stores attract the attention of such brands as Ferragamo, Prada, Gucci and Zegna, others prefer the popular brands - Crocs, Reebok and Timberland. Some sites with closed sales focus on laptops, tablets or smartphones, in particular, Apple. Other sites give preference to baby products. A large variety, you can choose to suit every taste.

Price policy of sales

The main factor in attracting buyers at any sale is the price. Closed sale should have a very low price. Sometimes, of course, websites can be deceiving by offering big discounts, having exaggerated the cost of goods in advance. But some sales offer real discounts, sometimes even very generous. Knowledge of the real value of the goods to suggest adequate discounts on it.


Today, online stores of closed sales, particularly in Russia, have become very popular among modern buyers. Buying the necessary goods will now turn into a convenient and enjoyable process, and this is good news. And most importantly - every member of the club has the opportunity to save money, thanks to very favorable discounts.

The essence of shopping clubs

Clubs are organizations whose activities are aimed at bringing together like-minded people. Accordingly, shopping clubs unite those who love to shop and often does. The largest club of this kind in RuNet is the project kupivip.ru, which is widely spread due to its many advantages. That is why to clarify the essence of the clubs of buyers, we would like to use this service as an example.

Prerogatives of the shopping club

When you get acquainted with such a phenomenon as a customer’s club, a person has a quite logical question: why do I need such a service, if I can go to the mall, measure my favorite thing and buy it there. The point is that it is necessary to spend a lot of time on a trip to the shopping mall, but virtual shopping on the www.kupivip.ru service will take only a few tens of minutes. An incredibly wide range, due to the cooperation of the club with the stores of the most famous brands, as well as amazing discounts - these are two main prerogatives that force us to buy clothes on the web.

Shopping club www.kupivip.ru was created with thoughts about the client, because this project is as functional and convenient as possible. In order for the buyer not to worry about the fact that the chosen item is not suitable for him, the administration of www.kupivip.ru gives you the opportunity to try on clothes or shoes before making the payment to the courier. In addition, the purchased item can be returned without any difficulties back to the club. To do this, you only need to meet the deadlines - thirty days.

The minimum discount for a shopping club is twenty to thirty percent, and the maximum is ninety. This means that by becoming a client and at the same time a member of the customer service, you get the opportunity to dress in things of famous brands, paying only a part of their full cost. This advantage of the shopping club will certainly appreciate those who are accustomed to save on wardrobe. Delivery of purchases is carried out by courier service to anywhere in the Russian Federation. Delivery is not necessary to pay - it is absolutely free. Any customer’s question can be solved by the customer service, working without days off and breaks around the clock.

- In recent years, the e-commerce market in Russia has been actively growing, new players and new development strategies have appeared on it. Tell us, what are the main differences between e-commerce business models - an online store and a Club business model?

- Club business model (online shopping club) is a community of members who are available three-four-day sales with great discounts. Online shopping club is usually different from ordinary online stores (such as, say, Ozon or Lamoda) for a number of signs.

First, the audience. Online stores are open to all visitors, shopping clubs are available only to registered users. Secondly, the product range. Most of the open stores have a constant range of products; on the online fashion sites, the assortment is usually updated twice a year when new collections arrive - spring-summer and autumn-winter. Shopping clubs, on the contrary, work on a different principle. For example, in Westwing we sell designer goods (furniture and interior items) from international brands that are on sale or have remained from previous collections. In addition, there is a shortage in shopping clubs: the number of things is strictly limited, so you can only buy them within two to four days.

One more, the third difference of models - product curation. Unlike a regular store, shopping clubs do not sort products into categories, but create whole images from them. For example, we divide products by subject, make photo shoots and fit them into real interiors. Due to the lack of a permanent range of shopping clubs do not need to maintain large warehouses and constantly maintain stocks. By accumulating orders from users, shopping clubs acquire a limited amount of goods, reducing logistics costs and reducing working capital.

“Let's add some practice to theory now.” Can you give examples of successful companies built on the model of online shopping club?

- Of course. Let's take for example the Russian fashion market, because this is one of the leading industries for all e-commerce. Companies WildBerries.ru or Lamoda.ru started and developed as open online stores that have a large and constant range of products, assembled by category or brand and available for delivery immediately after ordering. KupiVip.ru, on the contrary, began as a shopping club, organizing new discount actions for its members every day. Later, KupiVip.ru changed the business model and partially opened access to goods for unregistered users. This is a trend that we are seeing on mature online sites.

- What is the main advantage of working on a shopping club model?

- From a marketing point of view, the online shopping club has one significant advantage over the online store - a lightweight collection of customer base. Members of shopping clubs leave an e-mail address during registration, which means they can be included in a targeted newsletter, tell them about new offers and promotions, thereby attracting constant traffic to the site without additional marketing costs. In addition, we can define patterns of customer behavior when they enter the site and “travel” through it during shopping. This in turn allows clubs to increase conversion by improving the site, its interface, as well as through more targeted advertising. А вот обычным онлайн-магазинам приходится серьезно инвестировать в маркетинговые каналы, которые привлекают на их сайт «анонимный трафик». Иногда эффективность таких инвестиций может быть очень маленькой.

- Как в каждой из моделей построена работа с клиентами? Какая позволяет добиться большей лояльности, почему?

- На мой взгляд, лояльность клиентов строится по-разному в обеих моделях.

In the model of a shopping club, the company tries to surprise its customers with new ideas and fresh solutions, so that they want to visit the site again and again. Ideally, the site should inspire beautiful images and photos.

Online stores, by contrast, are based on customer needs. Customers go to the site, choosing for themselves a specific product. Whether the client will return or not will depend on the brand's reputation (and ultimately on the effectiveness of marketing investments) - the level of service, payment terms, return policy and quality of customer service. All this is also important for a shopping club, but not as much as for online stores.

In my opinion, online stores strengthen customer loyalty through brand awareness and level of service. The shopping club builds a loyal base, based on fresh offers and inspirational ideas.

- And what are the main difficulties of the model?

- Despite all the advantages, managing a shopping club is not easy. For example, we work with more than 4,000 suppliers, launching more than 1,000 new products daily. Provide daily tasks and operational work that begins with coordinating and storing samples, making arrangements for picking, choosing products and editing materials, describing products, and ending with a number of sales steps. Among other things, there are global challenges in finding new suppliers, negotiating, organizing logistics and client management.

- Can you formulate the secret of business success for each of these models?

- Open online store requires more marketing costs to attract traffic to the site. This can work in a segment with a high percentage of re-purchases, such as in fashion. Building a strong retail brand allows you to attract customers every time they need to buy new shoes, new pants or a shirt. In categories with a high purchase frequency, an online store is an excellent business model.

In our product category, the purchase frequency is slightly lower than in fashion. How often do you need new chairs and a table, bed frame or sofa? In enterprises with a low purchase frequency, the shopping club model is effective for start and rapid development.

- Is it possible for companies to restructure from one model to another?

- It is quite difficult to restructure from one business model to another, because the key processes that determine a particular business model vary greatly. The procurement team to search and attract new suppliers in a shopping club should be more numerous than the procurement team in a traditional online store with a standard assortment. Although the models at first glance seem similar, in the end, the mechanics of business will differ, primarily in marketing, in inventory management, in logistics, etc.

Nevertheless, now we often observe how closed shopping clubs become open as the market strengthens. KupiVip did this in the fashion industry, in the USA I know several players who have transformed into another business model - for example, One Kings Lane, an interior store.