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Biohacking - anti-age therapy


Initially biohacking is a kind of civil biology, which is based on experiments with plant DNA. The main idea is to improve biological objects.

Professor Warwick from the University of Reading, along with his colleagues in the study of cybernetics, wanted to show how easily a computer can interact with the biological systems of an individual.

In 1998 he I put a chip in my handwhich allowed him to track his movements, opened the doors and even turned on the PC. Then he inserted the implant to his spouse to know what she was doing.

The actions of the professor inspired young scientists who began to move the science by purchasing the necessary equipment. Thus, the association of biohackers released the first PCR amplifier. Studies have given a chance to people who are not ready to put up with an incurable disease.

Today, biohacking is considered as a means to improve the quality of life, and it does not have to be associated with the introduction of machines into the human body. Across the world, entire departments for biohackers are starting to appear, selling the right tools.

The popularity of nootropics is growing - drugs that have a number of properties:

  • increase the speed of thinking
  • improve learning
  • increase work efficiency and attention.

Despite the fact that biohackers consider their business to be the medicine of the future, many things have arisen around this ambiguous phenomenon. legal and ethical issues. However, the developers do not stop the sale of drugs for gene editing.

Personal biohackers seek to improve their potential and improve their health thanks to the achievements of science. They practice biohacking. brain with Modafinil, hormones and tranquilizers. Many doctors are skeptical of such experiments.

Biohacking in Russia

In our country, we learned about biohacking after Sergei Fage told us about how he optimized his sleep, workouts and nutritious diet on vc.ru. He tested on himself a lot of drugs, became stronger and more confident.

This method of longevity has been criticized by many experts. Some consider his recommendations frank manipulation, which is to call for the use of expensive effective drugs. It will not be so easy to refuse them, and the reception of such funds should be carried out under the supervision of a physician.

In fact, the correction of metabolism with the help of drugs is appropriate only in the treatment of serious pathologies. You can burn fat and speed up your brain using other methods. Healthy sleep, competent day regimen, reasonable exercise and proper nutrition are the keys to success.

The founder of “Ostrovka” Serge Fage wrote an article entitled “How I spent 200 thousand on biohacking.” However, not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on medical services. Therefore, Phage's experience is used by other biohackers in order to restore health and become happy with the lowest cost.

Basic principles of biohacking

In this systemic approach to human biology, there are several main stages:

  1. The latest diagnostic methods . Include comprehensive measures to assess the functioning of the body. A person passes all tests, visits a psychologist, and undergoes a diagnosis of organs in various states.
  2. Consultation with a specialist and an individual program . Desired outcomes and methods for achieving them are determined based on the goals of change and health status.
  3. Treatment . Lifestyle correction is underway.
  4. Re-diagnosis . Carried out in order to track the dynamics and evaluation of results. If necessary, the program is adjusted.

Biohacking includes the following areas:

  • proper nutrition
  • moderate physical activity
  • restoration of hormonal balance
  • identification of genetic risks
  • healthy sleep,
  • beauty care,
  • improved brain activity
  • getting rid of stress.

Quick Start Guide

Those wishing to master biohacking should read the quick start guide.

The following techniques will help bring positive moments into life and improve your well-being:

  1. Motion . It is important to restore its natural mobility.
  2. Nutrition . Supporters of biohacking advised to give up sugar, limit the consumption of carbohydrates and fruits. We must choose natural proteins and eat more vegetables. It is necessary to drink clean water and refuse semi-finished products. Some biohackers practice fasting for 2-3 days.
  3. Solitude with nature . It should be more often to walk in the fresh air, to be in the sun.
  4. Mindfulness . We must abandon the comfort of home and learn to meditate.
  5. Music . The sound wave can affect brain activity.
  6. Thanks . Daily practice should be a sense of gratitude to other people.
  7. Mindflow . If it is impossible to finish the job, it is necessary to abandon the problem and enter the state of flow. You can learn more about this practice in Steven Kotler's book The Rise of Superman.
  8. Daily regime . It is advised to go and wake up at the same time.

As for the reception Dietary supplements here you have to be careful. Their composition often does not correspond to the information indicated on the label. At best, taking drugs, you can throw money away, at worst - to undermine your health.

Almost every person is afraid to grow old or lose their ability to work. Therefore, many strive by any means to achieve longevity. Of course, some principles of biohacking are good for health and will help direct your life in the right direction.

Our ancestors lived much longer than the current generation, not knowing anything about biohacking. Therefore it is necessary to conclude: a happy and healthy individual can live for many years without the help of gadgets, tranquilizers and hormonal drugs.

Health control

Biohacking is a health monitoring system that is based on determining your vital signs and bringing them to normal and sometimes beyond normal data. The main task of biohacking is longevity and maximum efficiency of the organism, the development of all its functions.

He was born, like all tasty, our enemies - in Silicon Valley. The guys working there decided that it would be nice to stop being zadrotami, over whom everything burned, and decided to become zadrotami from which everyone comes to the delight, and began to pump their organisms with the help of any improvised means, so that this very organism was effective and He gave them advantages, but at the same time he served them as long as possible. Everything is used: drugs, physiological processes, practices, physical culture.

I must say that all this did not appear from scratch, as the future people and the doctors who deal with the aging process were treated by preventive medicine for a long time. Even terms like “anti-age medicine” and “geroprotectors” have already appeared. Interestingly, this “glade” is not very extensively covered here, and people, who at best read something and have a medical education, have become involved in this. But I am sure that this specialty has a future. And we will return to our biohacking and consider in more detail the main aspects.

Biohacking Characteristics

So, biohacking brought us to us, and described his system in detail - Sergey Fage. In my opinion, he painted everything in great detail and on the shelves. Of course, not everything was slim there, which was later indicated to him, and the author himself admits this and says that he is experimenting with some things.

What is the philosophy of biohacking? Rationalism. Spending a minimum amount of time on useless things, combating procrastination and spending time on things that are good for your body.

From a giant list of various tricks list the key points.

The system consists of 6 blocks: sleep hygiene, proper nutrition, optimal exercise, medical tests, supplements and medications, meditation and work with a psychologist.

Sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene - to spend a lot of time in the phases of fast and deep sleep, which is achieved by additives (for example, melatonin), turning off bright cold lighting (the nightshift mode on the phone) or completely refusing to use displays for an hour or two before sleep, using yellow glasses, so that the brain reduces activity and prepares for immersion in sleep. The temperature in the room should be about 20 degrees. It should be dark and quiet (ear pads and a sleep mask to help). Sleep better with a special bracelet that tracks these parameters. Sleep and wake up better at the same time. What it gives: better recovery, normalization of hormonal levels.

Nutrition - not to consume sugar, it is believed that it increases the risk of carcinogenesis. Try not to eat semi-finished and cheap food - for obvious reasons. And what is very important - do not overeat. Also considered a very useful practice 24-hour fasting.


Training is aimed at raising the level of hormones and fat burning. Biohackers do not train at the limits of their abilities so as not to get injured. The training process includes basic exercises (many start with a trainer for setting the right technique) and cardio load - while the author of the acclaimed article recommends gaps with maximum acceleration.

Labor Day Organization

Organization of work day - try to sit less, move more at work. You can set the task for the day for the steps. Many followers of biohacking try to work standing up, now even there are such tables. As a surgeon, a person who conducts a lot on his feet - I do not see much benefit in this, since I am already already preventing varicose veins on my legs (I stand on operations in compression golf), but walking is definitely useful. Here is the most interesting thing - to work ideally you need no more than 5 hours! I do not know how this is possible, but if you have such an opportunity, use it. The fact that you die at work is only interested in your leadership, not in your body.

Followers of biohacking daily take drugs, their selection is based on the analysis to understand exactly what indicators need correction. But there are drugs that are called geroprotectors and they are taken very actively even by healthy people: metformin, a drug that lowers blood sugar (people with diabetes mellitus), has already been proven in animals and people that this drug reduces the risk of carcinogenesis and prolongs life his people. It is also achieved with drugs: an increase in the hormonal level, an increase in libido, an improvement in cognitive functions, and resistance to stress - up to the intake of antidepressants.

Psychologist visit

A visit to a psychologist - sometimes to relieve stress, you need the help of a specialist who will help get rid of reflection and other spiritual anxieties. Meditation is also aimed at reducing stress. And control over the dynamics in the form of testing.

Briefly described to you the blocks that can help prolong the body's youth. Some biohackers do not stop at this and install all sorts of analyzing devices on themselves, the frequency of analysis and their volumes come to compulsion, but in general this is all very interesting and long-term results will soon appear on the basis of which conclusions can be drawn about the correctness of these approaches . Well, and remember - the vector is set and all this is just the beginning. The future is here!

Basic principles of personal biohacking

All biohacking directions see a goal in preserving health and prolonging life. The phage, for example, wants to live for more than 100 years. The idea of ​​longevity and immortality worries people, probably since the inception of civilization. And we really go to this - the development of medical technology is gradually increasing the average life expectancy.

Partly biohacking is another fashion trend, but the idea is not devoid of common sense. In her favor speak structured and scientific approach. Individual enthusiasts surprise extravagant techniques that cause controversy and questions. But the general principles of biohacking do not create doubts about their benefits. They comply with the recommendations of official medicine.

2. Healthy food and diet

Another aspect, about the importance of which they speak a lot and actively. Accurate diet is made only after anamnesis, the study of the body's reaction to certain products, the calculation of the amount of energy consumed and other factors. But almost always doctors give the following advice:

• Eat less pure sugar. It should be ingested from fruits, vegetables and other natural products.

• Reduce or eliminate salt.

• Do not eat meat products that are produced on an industrial scale. On farms and farms animals add growth accelerators, chemical additives.

• Refuse from alcohol, tobacco.

• Drink clean water. Tea, coffee and sugary drinks are sources of light carbohydrates and "boosters" that disrupt the body's natural work.

In addition to such standard principles, biohackers come to more severe practices. For example, Phage periodically suffers cyclical starvation, like Phil Libin, the former head of Evernote and the current head of the AI ​​studio All Turtles. Another diet known in biohacking is ketogenic, in which a person consumes few carbohydrates, but a lot of fat.

3. Optimum physical activity

Constant exercise of varying intensity is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. But it is important to understand that someone’s tips and workout complexes do not guarantee anything. The best selection of exercises is that which is based on the personal level of training, nutrition and lifestyle. True, many biohackers advise not to turn sport into one of the main occupations. Motility is more necessary to relieve muscle tension, maintain blood circulation in the body and psycho-emotional tone.

4. Mental Health

Fighting stress through mental practices is also one of the key principles of biohacking. Psychotherapy, meditation, sex help get rid of tension, prevent chronic fatigue, remain optimistic.

Mental health affects the physical, psycho-emotional state and mental abilities. It is important for any person, regardless of his professional sphere.

5. Taking drugs and vitamins

This principle is one of the main differences in biohacking from the traditional understanding of a healthy lifestyle. Some "sozhniki" deny the need to take dietary supplements, vitamins, mineral elements. They adhere to the position of "natural" recovery: they need vitamins - pick up the product in which they are.

Biohacking does not deny the importance of natural nutrition. But it emphasizes that each diet has weak points, and it cannot provide the body with essential nutrients 100%. Therefore, it is actively practiced medication to maintain a healthy level of nutrients. It prevents the development of diseases, preserves immune properties and slows down aging.

The list of medicines and dietary supplements for admission must be made individually. And here lies the main mistake of many beginners and even experienced biohackers. They take supplements without prior medical research.

What is biohacking dangerous?

Eating right, sleeping well, avoiding the lack of certain substances in the body - can such a lifestyle have flaws? Of course. To create a truly personal system and stick to it, huge resources are needed. This is money, and time, and willpower.

Biohacking is not a recovery course, but an approach to life. It must always be observed, otherwise the positive effect will go away. Calculating calories, playing sports, taking monthly examinations and making adjustments to your life schedule - it sounds good for the goal to live long. But will it help to live happily? Psychologists believe that not everyone. The fact is that biocaking hobby can deprive a sense of well-being. And the desire to establish total control over any process that occurs in the body will give rise to serious psychological problems.

Speaking of flaws, the following should be noted:

• Rejection of important products. Sergei Fage urges not to eat sugar, or rather simple carbohydrates, in any form. That is, completely eliminate from the diet bread, pasta, candy, confectionery, fruit nectars. Yes, the abundance of light sugars - the trouble of modern man. But this does not mean that the body does not need them. The same applies to salt, meat, raw food craving. The main thing is the measure.

• Diets. Голодание, кетоз и другие диетические практики часто выглядят со стороны не как часть здоровой жизни, а как фанатичное увлечение биохакинговыми ноу-хау. В отдельных случаях это действительно полезно. Но проводить такие эксперименты над телом можно только под наблюдением врачей. А они, скорее всего, запретят их, чтобы предупредить развитие пищевого расстройства, сердечной недостаточности и ослабления иммунитета.

• Препараты. Несистемный подход к употреблению витаминов, минералов и биостимуляторов способен нанести организму урон. Например, многие биохакеры пьют метморфинил. It lowers blood sugar levels, but with prolonged use provokes a lack of B12, digestive problems. A modafinil improves concentration and memory, but depletes the nervous system, is addictive.


Biohacking is the pursuit of well-being, high productivity and a long happy life. A person who really succeeds in following a complex individual biohacking system is a matter of respect. But do not forget that this requires responsibility and sanity. It’s easy to get involved in “healthy” practices and anti-age technologies, especially when they are accompanied by good advertising.

If you are interested in biohacking, act fundamentally. Plan your diet, sport and use of drugs, based on data from medical examinations, and not on forums or tips from famous people. Be attentive to the body, and do not turn the enthusiasm of a healthy lifestyle into a test. It is the pleasure of life and well-being that make us successful, productive and happy.

What do biohackers do

Biohacking involves upgrading processes that occur in the body. Each biohacker chooses his path. Someone tries various diets, others take certain drugs, undergo experimental procedures, implant electronic chips and other implants.

Biohacking is usually expensive. One of the most famous biohackers, the co-founder of the “Island” service, Sergei Fage, published an article in which he painted his way to become a superman. In order to become better and live longer, he has already spent 200 thousand dollars.

Publication from Serge Faguet (@sergefaguet) 27 Nov 2017 at 7:38 PST

Sergey approaches the matter thoroughly. He consults with experts, monitors the condition of the body, plays the right sport and drinks a handful of various medications and vitamins. “I became calmer, slimmer, more energetic, healthier and happier,” says Fage.

In fact, I am very conservative and treat these things as paranoid. I can explore the topic for a few months and talk to people before deciding to take a new drug. I start with small doses and consult with several independent experts.

1. Acceptance of a large number of drugs

In the list of drugs that are popular with biohackers, there are quite serious drugs. For example, metformin, which reduces blood sugar levels. He is prescribed to diabetics, and biohackers drink this drug as a cure for old age: for weight loss, prevention of cancer and heart disease, slowing down the aging of the body.

The World Health Organization recognizes metformin as one of the safest medicines. However, it has side effects: it can cause problems with digestion, it can not be mixed with alcohol. Prolonged use of the drug causes a lack of vitamin B12.

The list of medicines that Sergey Fage takes every day also includes:

  • Lithium is a “mood stabilizer,” as defined by the biohacker. “It is toxic in high doses, so you need to be careful,” Sergei warns.
  • Modafinil is a drug prescribed for patients with attention deficit disorder and narcolepsy. Biohackers use it to enhance cognitive abilities and improve concentration. However, stimulants can deplete the nervous system. There is data Modafinil. that modafinil is addictive and has unpleasant side reactions.
  • Antidepressants - in particular, escitalopram, which is used to treat depression, panic and anxiety disorders.
  • A lot of other drugs - vitamins, dietary supplements.
The pills Sergey Fage takes every day

I also take many non-drug products that can be helpful and are not likely to be harmful. Many of them are probably useless. I just do not know which ones.

Whether the use of drugs by handfuls will turn into a superman is unknown. It is also not known what the health effects will be.

Many biohackers practice fasting. They refuse to eat food for quite a long time and drink only black coffee and water. One of the adherents of this diet - the former head of the company Evernote, the head of the studio of artificial intelligence All Turtles Phil Libin. He practices the Silicon Valley execs who doesn’t eat for days: ’s It’s not dieting, it’s biohacking ’. refusal to eat for a period of two to eight days.

I feel a slight euphoria. I have improved mood, there is a constant supply of energy. I feel much healthier. The decision to try fasting has become one of the most important in my life.

This is a very hard version of interval starvation. His goal is to deplete the supply of glycogen in the liver. This leads to short-term ketosis - the breakdown of accumulated body fat for energy.

However, biohackers go further: they do not starve for 14–20 hours, but seven days in a row, believing that it helps to lose weight, increases productivity, stabilizes mood and can prolong life.

Doctors warn: there is no research confirming this. Starvation can trigger an eating disorder. A long refusal to eat can be dangerous if not carefully controlled. It is fraught with heart failure (important trace elements do not enter the body in sufficient quantities: sodium, magnesium, potassium), an increase in susceptibility to infections and other serious disruptions in the body.

3. Refusal of products that the body needs

Many biohackers refuse to use "harmful" products.

Do not eat sugar in any way. This is poison. This means that you should not eat sweets, bread, pasta, honey, drink fruit juices. Sugar is extremely unhealthy.

But the body needs simple and complex carbohydrates. This is an important and necessary battery, necessary for physical and mental stress. You just need to use it in moderation.

The same applies to the rejection of salt (its lack in the body leads to muscle weakness, drowsiness, and even impaired coordination of movements), raw food, and others.

The perfect diet is full. You can try to fill the lack of vitamins and microelements with the use of special preparations, but it is unlikely that the body will be pleased.

4. Injections of untested drugs

Biohackers practice improving themselves at the gene level. Josiah Zeiner, a former NASA employee and head of Odin startup, has made CRISPR. imagine an injection that must insert the genes of a superpower into his DNA. Biohacker said that in six months or more, he would get an incredible muscular mass.

Earlier, Josiah tried to insert the jellyfish gene into his DNA so that his body would glow green in the dark. The biohacker did not fluoresce after that. But he began to say that such injections are safe, since his health has not deteriorated.

Seiner posted instructions on the Web on how to use CRISPR, an innovative technology for editing genes, at home. For $ 20, he sells DNA, which, in his opinion, promotes muscle growth.

I want to live in a world where people get drunk and don’t get their tattoos, but they say: “I’m going to go cry out (from CRISPR - ed.)”.

Doctors treat such experiments negatively. It is not clear what might lead experiments with gene injections. In addition, there are other risks. You can, for example, bring yourself an infection.

Recently, a biohacker CEO Aaron Traywick was found dead in Washington after a flotation therapy tank was found dead in Washington. biohacker Aaron Treyvik. The 28-year-old man headed Ascendance Biomedical, sought to revolutionize biomedicine and experienced experimental medications for himself.

At the beginning of the year, Aaron publicly introduced an uncertified cure for herpes, a disease that he had suffered for several years. Treivik also said that drugs developed by Ascendance Biomedical can defeat HIV.

These statements were perceived negatively by other biohackers. Aaron became a recluse: he stopped communicating with colleagues and locked himself in his laboratory. Treyvik found dead in the chamber of sensory deprivation, which is used for relaxation.

It is still unknown what exactly caused the death of Treyvik. The police only reported that there were no signs of crime in the incident.

5. Psychological problems

Biohacking changes not only habits, but also thinking. The idea to improve yourself, to achieve super-results, to live to 100 years or more can become intrusive.

Sergey Fage is tested for hundreds of biomarkers for hormones, ketones, toxins, allergens, insulin, mercury, passes tests, monitors the pulse, pressure, heart function. Uses inconspicuous hearing aids, although his ear is in perfect order to hear better than ordinary people, to formulate phrases more precisely and to be more convincing when communicating.

Even without serious progress in medicine, when I will be 100 years old, I will be in excellent mental and physical condition. And I will live longer than any other person who has ever lived since 2017. And thanks to technical progress, I think, immortality is also available.

Psychologists believe that biocaking can deprive a person of a sense of well-being. Denying what is natural and necessary for a healthy body can be harmful and even dangerous. An attempt to establish total control over the processes occurring in the body, can lead to serious physical and psychological problems.

What will happen next

Many experts agree that mass gadgetization is waiting for us. A variety of wearable devices and implants will allow you to quickly monitor the condition of the body and cope with problems, including using microinjections of various drugs.

Humanity can be divided into those for whom biohacking and a long and healthy life, and those for whom it is too expensive.

The public non-governmental organization Humanity + is already trying to deal with this potential phenomenon. It supports technologies that expand human capabilities.

Popularization of biology, the emergence of kits for home genetic editing will lead to the fact that there will be more experiments with the genome. Perhaps in one garage laboratory there will indeed be a revolutionary means capable of defeating all diseases and making a person Superman.

In the meantime, you can upgrade your body in proven and safe ways. Get enough sleep, go on a proper diet, pick up a reasonable physical exertion, deal with stress (for example, with the help of meditation) and just enjoy life.

Amateur Biohacking

But there is another level of biohacking - amateur, accessible to the ordinary person. We will say this “improved HLS”, the essence of which is to follow 6 principles, which is described by Phage. They are based on a strong evidence-based scientific base: sleep hygiene, optimal nutrition, optimal physical exertion, mental health, medical tests, medicines and supplements.

And everything seems to be extremely simple. Here are the principles and they should be followed. But most people far from medicine who want to live to be 150 years old, have needed the mentoring on the path to "immortality." Well, as you know, demand creates supply.

And here it is impossible not to mention the frantic growth of the popularity of blogs about health, nutrition and sports. But even if the blogger himself tried the most fashionable diets and assessed their effectiveness, even if he read somewhere and put into practice a new approach to training and improved his functional performance by taking various dietary supplements, this does not give him the authority to write about health and nutrition without being a certified specialist in this field. Because something that is good to one does not always benefit the other.

In this way, doctors in their practice began to deal with “woeful biohackers” and increasingly correct the effects of modern diets (hormonal disturbances, deficiencies of vitamins and microelements), illiterately chosen exercises (hernia, osteoarthrosis) and uncontrolled use of dietary supplements and medicines for aging.