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Unusual for us granulated tea


Masala is the Indian name for a spice blend.

You can buy masala from us for dishes from chicken, fish, lamb, pilau, salad and others.

There are a great many varieties of tea, and they differ from each other not only in raw materials, but also in the degree of fermentation, as well as in the subsequent processing steps. In addition to the leaf, the tea industry offers other types, such as granulated and tiled tea.

Differences of leaf tea from granulated tea can be briefly expressed with the following phrase: granulated tea - for strength, leaf tea - for aroma.

In fact, granulated tea and tea in the leaves are based on the same raw material. The only difference will be in the way the tea leaves are processed.

Production gtea tea carried out according to the following technology: after the oxidation process, the leaves are scrolled through special devices - rolls. In them the leaves are cut and curled into balls. This tea has the marking of CTC: “сut, tearandcurl”, which translated from English means “crushing, tearing, twisting” - one can say that the description of the whole production procedure in one name.

The advantage of this technology is efficiency - as a result of the granulation of waste less is obtained than after the production of leaf tea. In addition, this method involves the use of not only the first three leaves of the tea branch, but also the fourth and sometimes the fifth leaf.

Drink from such tea turns out stronger and saturated, but not so fragrant.

Tea granules can be of different sizes. The smaller they are, the faster tea is brewed, and the richer the infusion turns out to be the more saturated. Fans of a little less strong tea can recommend larger granules.

Regardless of the size of the granules, the CTC tea always has a greater strength than the usual leaf tea. This means that welding should be taken less than usual. If a traditional long leaf (loose) tea is brewed at the rate of one teaspoon for each cup plus another one for the teapot, then in the case of granulated tea the formula is different. For every two cups, take one teaspoonful (with a slide) of dry tea leaves.

In the view of gourmet granulated tea can not be recognized as a quality drink. In fact, this is far from the case. It is much more important to pay attention to what raw materials were used for its production. If the time of collecting tea leaves is observed, there are no irregularities in their processing and storage, then tea in the form of granules may well compete with the leaf option.

Granulated tea is very convenient to use when there is no time for a long tea. It is ideal for office or travel snacks, especially since if necessary, if there is no teapot, it can be brewed without problems even in the most ordinary cup. With all this, a strong and rich infusion of granulated tea has a rich full flavor and has a strong tonic effect.

Leaf tea not subjected to such processing as granular. It is less strong and tart than the tea in the granules, but it has a more pronounced aroma and smell of the tea leaf from which it is produced. For the production of leaf tea try to use the most top and young leaves, which contain the maximum number of useful trace elements.

Leaf tea requires a longer brewing time than granulated. Leaf tea is more expensive than similar granulated tea.

The art of brewing granulated tea

In order to reveal the true taste and get the maximum benefit, using the option in granules instead of the usual tea, you should know the secret of its proper brewing. There are several techniques that will allow you to get the perfect drink to taste:

  • Classic brewing
  • Indian brewing.

Using the classic method, you should take 1 teaspoon of tea for 2 servings of the drink. It is important to remember that the tea in the granules is very strong and invigorating, so do not increase the amount. In order to make tea, you must use dishes that have a wide bottom, but tapering upwards. The choice is better to give in favor of options with a wall thickness of at least 0.5 cm. The correct sequence of brewing is to pour boiling water, it must be used enough to close the available granules. Then let it brew for 2-3 minutes, then pour the boiling water necessary for tea drinking, then you need to close the teapot with a warm cloth for a few minutes. After that, you can safely proceed to tea. Sugar is added as desired.

The Indian method allows you to get an unusual drink, which is called masala. It is made from black, including granulated tea, milk, spices and sugar. In order to cook it properly you need to boil 350 ml of milk and 755 ml of water. As soon as the milk boils, you should immediately add boiling water to it. After that, you should add directly tea, sugar and salt - all the ingredients in a small amount. After the mixture boils, add ginger, cloves, and cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon. After that, the drink can be removed from the heat and let it brew for 10 minutes.

There are also special children's teas intended for use by babies. The main difference - quick brewing and the presence of certain areas for use - treatment, sedative effect, with gastrointestinal colic, colds and, of course, to quench thirst. Traditionally, the composition of the granules - herbal extracts, sugar. For brewing such a drink, one teaspoon for half a glass of warm water is enough. Brewing time 2-3 minutes.

Description of granulated tea

Granulated tea is a special kind of tea with which not everyone is familiar. The production of this tea is carried out by a special technology. Tea leaves after the oxidation process roll through rolls, special devices where the raw material is cut and rolled in a special way. This is an economical and profitable method of processing, after it there is very little waste. The method involves the use of not only the two top leaves, but the third, and fourth, and fifth.

Black granulated tea can be attributed to the products of medium quality. But here there is a classification by the quality of processing. Value for money depends on the manufacturer of the tea, and on proper storage, and on the method of brewing.

Marking a granulated tea is always the same - CTC. If you decipher this abbreviation in English, you can get "crushing, tearing, twisting." It turns out that the name hides the whole process of the production of this drink. The tea obtained in this way is highly demanded in many countries, including our country.

Production of granulated tea is a profitable business, but promoted global companies do not want to spoil their reputation by releasing such tea for profit. Therefore, under the well-known brands tea in granules can not be found. Despite the fact that such a drink can not be called an elite and expensive variety, tea deserves attention, because it has a tart and strong taste, pleasant aroma and rich color. It is believed that the drink turns out more vivid and pleasant, if the granules are small in size.

The benefits of granulated tea

Tea from granules possesses useful properties, but only under condition of the correct preparation. When compared with leafy teas, it can be noted that it is brewed more easily and quickly, and does not require adherence to special tea ceremonies. Ready infusion has a persistent aroma and bright taste. This tea is convenient to take with you to the office or on a trip.

Many people prefer granulated tea because of the special notes in taste and aroma. The drink has a tonic effect. But you need to know that the properties disappear within 15 minutes after brewing. The benefits and harms of this tea are equivalent. With proper storage, with proper preparation, all the nutrients contained in the tea leaves are preserved. But do not abuse tea, drink a drink that has been insisted for too long, it can cause harm.

Classic cooking method

For two servings of tea you need only 1 teaspoon of granulated tea leaves. This amount is enough to prepare a rich drink, strong enough in consistency. If someone likes a very strong tea, you can increase the amount of tea leaves. But it should be remembered that tea is really strong, it is different from the classic leafy teas or long leaf varieties, you need to take this into account when preparing. For cooking it is better to use dishes with a wide bottom with a wall thickness of about 0.5 cm.

It is necessary to fill the granules with boiling water so that the water covers them. After a couple of minutes, add the necessary amount of water. Capacity is closed with a warm cloth, left for a few minutes. After the mixture is infused, you can enjoy the tea. Sugar and other sweets can be served with the drink. Re-brewing tea is not recommended. You need to drink tea immediately after preparation.

Indian Granulated Tea

Tea with granules can be used to prepare the world-famous Indian masala tea. Tea drink is made from black tea and a large number of spices. There are many ways of making tea, we give the most popular and easiest.

It is necessary to boil 350 ml of milk, then add 750 ml of boiling water there. Pour sugar, black tea, salt. Most often it is enough to take a pinch of each component. Again boil the mixture, add cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, cinnamon. The drink should brew about 10 minutes.

This time ELITE BUCKWHEAT TEA! Unique healthy drink with a very pleasant and unusual taste! Personally, it reminds me of gingerbread,)

  • Provided for free testing

And again I am with buckwheat tea! I feel almost an expert! =)

This time it is about another variety - granulated.

Buckwheat tea is an unusual drink, natural, healthy, without additives and dyes, but it does not look like buckwheat porridge, as many may think. His taste is interesting and pleasant, and thanks to him, you can even give up buns! Because it definitely reminds something sweet. Sweet tooth note!

Rare people know about buckwheat tea. How many of them? Very little! And I am glad that this amazing tea is gaining popularity!

Therefore, I continue to get acquainted with the wonderful world of buckwheat tea.

After all, it turns out that they are far from one species!

I tried two before:

But although it was granulated, it was seen in stores, but for some reason it was ignored. Maybe, by the way, and for good reason.

The fact is that the taste of buckwheat tea depends on where the buckwheat grew. Therefore, unfortunately, the savings here will not allow you to enjoy the unusual taste of good buckwheat tea.

And when I was offered to try another kind of buckwheat tea, I just could not refuse! I was very happy, and it was incredibly interesting to expand my knowledge about this tea!

In Russia it is represented by LLC "Factory of Nature". They sell only one tea, which was carefully selected for quality and taste. Looked for tea really premium!

More information can be found on the official website or in instagram.

OFFICIAL SITE: Nature`s own factory - in the upper corner there are links to social networks, instagram is being actively pursued, you can learn a lot for yourself!

PRICE: 800 r. per 100 g

This buckwheat tea grows in a mountainous area in Taiwan (Taiwan, it turns out, the province of China!).

Pro useful properties written in full on the package and in my previous reviews about buckwheat tea. I will add on my own that the growing area of ​​buckwheat and the processing method are still very affected. Naturally, the least useful is preserved during heat treatment. So buckwheat tea, which I tried first, is definitely inferior in utility to that in beans and granulated.

Separately, I want to note that this tea has an unusual high content of magnesium for such a product. I make emphasis on this, because I recently wrote a review about the vitamin supplement Calcium, Magnesium + Zinc, and it turned out that many, including myself, suffer from a lack of magnesium from what sometimes reduces muscles. Especially at night you can wake up from a strong pain in the calves - it reduced. I think many are familiar with this problem, especially those who are actively involved in sports. And on my own experience I saw that magnesium contributes to a peaceful sleep!

And, of course, I would like to say that this is not tea in the usual sense. But still, we conditionally call herbal teas from lemon balm, rooibos, carcade, etc.? =)

And since it is not caffeine-containing tea, which means it does not affect the pressure, so it can be used by those who have high blood pressure or too many caffeinated drinks per day that can at least be alternated with such buckwheat tea.

▪▪▪ What makes tea beans from granulated

Tea Beans can withstand repeated brewing, even more than three. The taste is infused gradually.

Granulated tea obtained by grinding buckwheat grains and pressing. Thus, it quickly gives its beneficial properties when brewing, a brighter and richer taste is obtained. The brew will hold less accordingly. Although I brew three times. By the way, it is convenient to take such tea on trips and even to work, since You can cook right in the mug, and the granules themselves settle and do not interfere with drinking.

Buckwheat tea should be stored in a dry place in a vacuum package, only then it will retain all the beneficial properties of vitamins and trace elements.

Packaging: hermetic zip-package, impermeable to moisture. Buckwheat tea is a product that is very demanding to storage conditions, since with excessive air admission will lose its properties. Therefore, such packaging is perfect, and after opening it is not necessary to set aside and forget for months!

▪▪▪ Buckwheat Teas Comparison

I have already tried three kinds. They are a bit more, but according to the degree of processing can be divided into:

  • granulated
  • beans,
  • processed roasted grains.

These three types are presented in the following photos.

Visible difference in shape and color. And unlike the usual buckwheat, which is larger and has almost perfectly repeated shape with edges.

No, guys! Once again I will say, otherwise they wrote to me in the previous reviews that they would go and brew ordinary buckwheat. As a person who often just pours buckwheat with boiling water in a mug - and breakfast is ready for lazy! To taste that water will never be like! Generally disgusting.

Tea is a special buckwheat variety! With its unique taste!

▪▪▪ How to brew

The picture is all clearly demonstrated.

I often just pour about a teaspoon in a mug.

And pour hot water, but not boiling water. I wait until it cools down to a comfortable temperature and I drink.

The color of the infusion is bright yellow. The intensity depends on the amount of "brewing."

I talked to the shopkeeper on the topic of buckwheat tea and I think she would not mind if I tell a funny story about color.

If you leave the tea for a while in a white mug, it will color it a little. And the store's packer noticed this too and said: “You sell some kind of chemical garbage! How beautiful it is!”

The hostesses were frightened. How so, searched, selected the necessary, best! And run for examination recheck.

AND? Tea turned out to be an absolutely natural product without any extraneous additives!

But it is not surprising that such a story happened, because the color is really not an ordinary yellow, but as if illuminated from the inside!

Because the color of the tea is yellow, then I decided to compare it with other buckwheat tea, which also becomes yellow.

The shade of granulated is slightly warmer, in the grain it goes to lemon. Although, frankly, not a photo in life, few people will notice. And I specifically chose a photo where this difference can be seen (also the concentration is different).

In the grain, I clearly felt the bun but tried this kind of granulated.

I realized that if there is a bun, then there is a real gingerbread!

The taste is very rich and more pronounced! In that there is a little more fresh and as if vegetable (in comparison, of course).

Immediately not even baking, as if with the taste of cookies!

Only now the granules are not very tasty, but I can easily grains (but not everyone likes them, either).

▪▪▪ Recipe to cleanse the body

Recommended once a week. I tried and was surprised that I really liked it!

Pour hot water granules, drink this infusion quickly. And add kefir. So leave for a few hours. Kefir tastes a bit like ryazhenka, but tastes better. Kefir with cookies!

And in this version, I did not even begin to filter kefir, which can be done. But for some reason I was reminded of this drink Danissimo cottage cheese with chocolate chips, only in the dietary interpretation. And I decided to order my favorite cherry concentrate again with iherb, which is just perfect for such things!

Tea to taste is very cool! I am delighted with him! One of the most unusual drinks! Рада, что все чаще о нем появляются упоминания, что больше людей пробуют и влюбляются в этот вкус, потому что он абсолютно натуральный, самодостаточный и не требующий никаких ароматизаторов и прочих добавок!

Его не стоит воспринимать его как панацею от всех болезней, хоть и содержит много полезных элементов. Но при постоянном употреблении он принесет только пользу! А постоянно употреблять его захочется, уже поверьте мне!

Девушки, спасибо! Мне прям хочется прокричать, чтобы все-все попробовали гречневый чай! Для меня стал просто открытием года!

Sverhnovaya, отличного отдыха на природе!

Солнечный отзыв!
После него хочется света и литр чая!

I did not try this delicacy, I did not even suspect)) an interesting version with kefir!

Thank you all and all.

b2uty, she did not make friends with Rooibos)) and with Ivan tea, which is especially a pity, because our drink. I will look for more approaches to him, suddenly. I liked the match, but in a very strange way)) I drink only with cream, I can add to the curd or cheesecakes

girl_sssr, you can immediately see a non-member (coffee lover?) who does not go to tea shops where prices are even higher (((I understand people who do not like, for example, green tea, it became impossible to buy it in principle in ordinary stores, although I still found something has spoiled very much in recent years, but in general it's a matter of priorities, I like simple food, it's a pity to spend money on fast food, restaurants (especially in which they are disgusting for fabulous money). Shicking only with teas, cheeses and chocolate

Polina_swanlittle, but lovers of good tea is worth a try!

KorzunovaAnastasiyaand I'm a tea maniac

Zuli, my mother can not stand buckwheat, but she really liked the tea. there is nothing from buckwheat (only the one that is fried, looks like a bit, there is a link in the recall, then this is not worth taking)
and this pleasant taste, warm feeling from it, very cozy, the smell and aroma is set off by some kind of festive pastries. even the hand does not stretch to candy. I think a lot will depend on the raw materials!

SomersetI write answers right now and drink tea with rice

Vladka, and I have a kettle, but I became lazy, because I simply drink tea for business, as it sometimes seems to me and I always want something new. It is very convenient to use a strainer that goes straight into the mug. I have a broken one left (bodum, they are now very expensive), but they are sold separately. only not small, wash them uncomfortable

FeliĉoI am glad that there are those who also tried))))

fimmi, in the very first mention of the circles, the link a was right away, I have the only review on the dishes, so you can find it)) took aliexpress! You can just score the "heart of the mug glass double walls" - some of this should be, but the link in the recall seemed to be the most profitable. I have only a small amount of them in them))) I saw in the store, but there the tree was printed and more expensive, but I wanted everything without glass, just glass)))

EnchantedEva, with kefir prompted me! did not even suspect that it would be delicious! Most, of course, more like, if filtering but I'm noble

sova2021I myself am delighted!))) I like glass and its products very much! even at exhibitions I stick on glass compositions!

DavveroveroI have to fix it, I think it should please!

Other types of granulated tea

In addition to Indian tea from granules, it is worth mentioning specialized children's teas. They are made from medicinal plants, not from tea leaves. Teas are convenient to prepare, because the drink can be prepared in minutes. They all differ in a specific area of ​​application, they should not be abused, and the child should be given such teas only in consultation with the pediatrician.

Doctors recommend giving granulated tea to children with colds and intestinal colic. They consist of an extract of medicinal plants, as a part there is no sugar. Enough 1 tsp of granules to prepare 100 ml of the drink.

Whole Tea Leaf (LeafGrades)

Depending on the quality of the leaves, the tea can be labeled as follows.

T (Tippy) - to look for tea with such marking in a regular store, a business that is doomed to failure, since it is made from tips - unblown tea buds, and is very rare and, accordingly, expensive.

O (Orange - “Orange”) is a generic name for high-class teas, which are made only from whole twisted leaves, usually the youngest.

The word “orange” is a frequent guest on tea packages, and at first I thought that the tea should contain some orange supplement, because “orange”, translated from English as “orange”. But, as it turned out, the name is directly related to the dynasty of the Princes of Orange, subsequently, the kings of the Netherlands, to whose court the best sorts of tea were supplied. Therefore, "Orange" is "tea, worthy of the Prince of Orange." Tak to say - feel like a person of royal blood

P (Pekoe - Peko) - long leaf tea. It is made from tips and, as a rule, the first two, the youngest leaves.

By the way, do you know how the two names “pekoe” and “baikhovy” are related? The word pekoe comes from Taiwanese puk-ho, meaning "white down" - young leaves that have villus of this "down". From it came the Russian word "baikhovi".

These markings are most often found in a mixture with each other.

OP (Orange Pekoe) - tea, at the same time corresponding to two classes - “Peko” and “Orange”.

Regular Orange Pecay does not contain valuable tea buds - tips. If tips are added to OP, then this tea is more upscale and divided into categories, each of which contains more and more "precious" tips, and, accordingly, with each category it becomes better and better, more expensive and more expensive:

FOP (Flowery Orange Pekoe), GFOP (Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe), TGFOP (TippyGoldenFloweryOrangePekoe), FTGFOP (FinestTippyGoldenFloweryOrangePekoe), SFTGFOP (Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) is a rare tea that guarantees an exceptionally high quality with a great number and a great number and a good number of the number and the content of the number and the content of the number and the content will be a great way with the content of the subject, and the FGFOP (Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe Orange Pekoe) .

Allocate two more types of tea

Souchong (Souchong) (S) - large leaves, twisted in length. Often used in Lapsang Souchong smoked teas.

Peko Souchong (PS) is a tea made from short, rough leaves. Rough leaves are difficult to twist, so if the tea leaf is poorly twisted or easily crumble - this indicates its low quality.

Broken Grades

In addition to teas made from whole leaf, there are made from broken or cut leaves. Broken leaves can be formed during collection, twisting, or drying, or crushed (or cut) on purpose.

Broken or sliced ​​tea leaves are not as fragrant as whole-leaf leaves, but the infusion of substances contained in it, including caffeine, gives the infusion more quickly, thanks to which tea has its wonderful invigorating and tonic properties that make it easier to wake up in the morning.

The drink is quickly brewed, it turns out strong and tart, but with a not very bright aroma and not too delicate taste. Nevertheless, among these teas there are a lot of really worthy ones that have good color, strength and taste.

Broken teas are classified similarly to the whole leaf, but, at the beginning, the letter B is added to the label (Broken - “broken”). For example: BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe), BFOP (Broken Flowery Orange Pekoe) and so on.

Low-Grade Shredded Teas

Fanned Fannings) (F) - consists of fragments of tea leaves, used to make tea in tea bags.

Tea dust, crumb (Dust - Dast) (D) - the smallest parts of tea. Of course, tea is produced from it.

Interestingly, “tea dust” can be as many as seven types - “red dust”, “fine dust” and 7 more “flames”, which I think should not be listed, since even being called “golden” - it will remain dust.

Granulated tea (CTC - Cut, tear & curl) - during manufacturing, the leaves are cut and twisted using rotating small teeth. This cutting method gives less waste. As a raw material, except for the most valuable first two or three leaves, use the fourth and fifth sheets. The brewing of this tea is more robust, with a tart taste and rich color, but less rich in flavor than that of leafy teas.

It was interesting to look at this classification to see if the colorful descriptions on the tea packages match these abbreviations.

I have to say that I didn’t manage to find an abbreviation on all tea packages 🙁 Whether this international classification is still not international and is ignored by some manufacturers, or the tea is not quite correct and the “illiterate” producer has no idea about the existing classification.

But let's look at specific examples.

Ahmad tea, review

Teas that have not disappointed me for many years are being produced by the English company Ahmad. Of course, it was mostly made not in England itself, the United Arab Emirates is listed on the packaging I have, nevertheless, in my opinion, they have an optimal combination of price-quality-availability. This is a tea for every day.

I like almost all the teas of this series (I like English breakfast a little less, it is too strong for me), but more often I buy Ahmed Earl Gray tea with bergamot.

Bergamot is a plant obtained by crossing orange and citron, but in this tea, alas, this natural product is replaced by flavoring, although it is easy to guess about such a replacement judging by the price, because bergamot is not the cheapest fruit. Nevertheless, from the huge number of “EarlGreev” of various brands of the same price category, “Ahmad” tea can be called one of the best.

The cherished abbreviation on its packaging was present, on the pack there were small letters BOR1 (BrokenOrangePekoe), that is, the tea used medium-sized leaves, giving, according to the manufacturer, a bright copper color and a distinct bright taste. And you know, I agree with the stated aroma and taste.

But I usually do not use a few packs in a row, with long-term use, it bores pretty quickly and the taste becomes imperceptible

Tea consists of small leaves, which, when brewed, open up quite strongly and give a rich and pleasant aroma and taste. Invigorating this, apparently because of caffeine, whose presence in the tea I welcome.

Where to buy: online grocery stores.

Basilur tea, review

Tea Basilur Uva Pure Ceylon Tea. is one step higher, as it is made from whole tea leaves, and, accordingly, is in the price category higher.

You may have noticed that on the store shelves, one of the most beautifully and diversely packaged teas are Basilur teas. Such, for example.

Basilur Tea Company is a young Sri Lankan tea company. Its representatives say they are ready to compete with global manufacturers of high-quality tea. Check 😉

I decided to start my acquaintance with the teas of the Basilur line with a small but very nice package of Ceylon black leaf tea Basilur Uva Pure Ceylon Tea.

The packaging is charming and deserves high praise. On the package are photographs of the elephants of the island of Sri Lanka, inside it is a beautiful package that is hermetically sealed with a zip-lock made from an old newspaper.

Interestingly, the packaging is marked with the quality mark of Ceylon tea - a spotted lion with a sword, and there should be seventeen spots on it (it did not count, it’s a very tiny lion 😉). This emblem is a guarantee of the Government of Sri Lanka, their tea council that tea is produced and packaged on the island and subjected to strict quality control.

The abbreviation "OR" is present on the package and reports that it is a high-grade tea made from whole leaves.

I got the pleasure of unpacking and looking at the packaging, which I cannot say about the product itself. Some special flavors and aromas, tea, alas, did not conceal in itself. Just black tea is not strong enough for me. I tried to brew stronger, but the impressions were the same - nothing special. Of course, the quality and naturalness is felt, nevertheless, some kind of it is too ordinary, without frills and rather “empty” in taste.

But I will give this tea a chance to convince me that it is good, maybe I was not impressed with this kind of thing, and having tried others I will change my opinion. In the meantime, I can say that Bazilur can serve as an excellent gift option for connoisseurs of beautiful tin packages, but not the drink itself.

Where to buy: in all food stores.

Rating: 4/5 mainly due to the originality of the packaging.

Original blends

Rarely, but this tea with granules is mixed with expensive leaf tea. You can get a drink, different strength of tea CTC, the aroma of high quality tea. Such a blend can be made independently, if you use your favorite teas, mixing them at your discretion in the right proportions.

If leaf tea prevails in the blend, the mixture will be very fragrant and tasty. The optimal combination will be the following blend: seven pieces of leaf tea and three pieces of granulated. The drink will be strong, invigorating, fragrant and tasty.

China Rose Infused Black Tea

I always thought that I was not a lover of flavored teas, until I tried China Rose Infused Black Tea (“Black tea infused with a Chinese rose” - absolutely free translation) made by Just a Leaf Organic Tea, USA.

This is an organic tea grown in the foothills of Southern California without the use of chemicals.

In the composition stated: organic black leaf tea, organic rose petals and natural rose extract. Contains caffeine.

So he managed to conquer me from the first second after opening the jar. I had heard such a captivating, delicate and sweet rosehip aroma only from the rosehip itself. And no wonder, look, in what quantity there are petals of a wild rose.

When I brew it in a glass mug from the same manufacturer, I just get aesthetic pleasure, the twisted tea leaves and rose petals open beautifully in hot water, giving it the most beautiful amber color, which I also admire - a glass cup.

The taste is not as bright as the smell, but also gentle, without bitterness.

Pretty economical. Enough for a long time, although I drink tea quite strong.

But the letters indicating the international classification on the packaging could not be found.

Where to buy: in the online store iHerb. Update: I made the link inactive, unfortunately the tea is withdrawn from sale, when I find something similar - I will definitely share it.

Price: $ 7.16 (bought at a discount time for a lower price).

Rating: uniquely 5/5. China Rose Infused Black Tea is my love ...

Since tea is an endless topic, it is simply impossible to get by with one post and in the following I will write about misunderstood my teas, those that I liked very much and those that are not worth buying. In the tea theme, I would like to show my favorite kitchen "tea" shelf, and not only mine, my daughter, when she looks in, she often says: “How delicious it smells here!”

If you like “tea experiments”)), then take a look at the articles:

What is granulated tea?

This is a special kind of our usual drink, which is produced according to a special technology: after the oxidation process, the leaves are scrolled through special devices called rollers, where the leaves are cut and twisted in a special way.

This method of treatment is considered more profitable and economical, because after it there is not a large amount of waste, as with traditional methods. In addition, this method involves the use of not only the first three leaves of the tea branch, but also the fourth and sometimes the fifth leaf.

It is believed that granulated tea refers to products of average quality, but there is always a reasonable price-quality ratio, which, by the way, depends primarily on the manufacturer, quality of processing, proper storage and, of course, brewing.

Such tea always has a special labeling - CTC, which can be easily decoded from English - “сut, tearl and curl”, which means “crushing, tearing, twisting”, one can say, the description of the whole production procedure in one name. Basically, India is engaged in the production of such tea, which, by the way, is in great demand all over the world, including our homeland.

The production of this sort of tea is a very profitable and profitable occupation, however, not every self-respecting company will allow itself to risk its reputation for the sake of profit, therefore it is difficult to find granulated tea under expensive and popular brands.

Granulated tea, although not considered an expensive and elite variety, at the same time has a very strong and tart taste, bright color and pleasant smell.

It is believed that the smaller the granules, the drink turns stronger and velvety.

Whatever they say, but tea from granules has a considerable reserve of useful properties and advantages, the main thing is to know how to brew it correctly. If you compare it with leaf varieties, then it is brewed much faster, and the finished infusion is characterized by a bright taste and persistent aroma, so this kind of tea is very convenient to take with you on a trip or used as office snacks.

Special notes of aroma and taste will surely find their connoisseurs of the beautiful, moreover, such a drink has a very strong tonic effect. It is believed that granulated tea has the largest bouquet of beneficial properties in the first 10-15 minutes after brewing, then they begin to fade.

How to brew granulated tea?

Democratic in price and quite adequate in quality, the invigorating drink in the granules is a widely used basis for creating incredibly tasty tea drinks.

The classic method of brewing. Usually in this case they take only 1 teaspoon per two servings, of course, who loves stronger, falls asleep as much as he needs.

However, remember the main feature of such a drink: it is really strong and saturated. Brewing granulated tea is better in a bowl with a wide bottom, but tapering upwards, with a wall thickness of at least 0.5 cm.

Сначала заливаем кипятка ровно столько, чтобы покрыть гранулы, даем им пару минут настояться и заливаем оставшимся необходимым количеством воды. Закрываем чайничек теплой тканью и ждем несколько минут, после чего можно приступать к чаепитию. Не забываем подавать к чаю сахар и другие вкусности.

Индийский способ, масала. Особенный чайный напиток из черного чая, молока, специй и сахара, он имеет множество способов приготовления, но мы приведем самый удачный.

Для начала вскипятим 350 мл молока и 750 мл воды, когда молоко закипит, добавляем туда кипяток. Теперь засыпаем чай, сахар и соль (достаточно щепотки). As soon as the mixture boils, add ginger, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. Give the drink to brew for 10 minutes, after which it can be consumed.

In addition to the usual packaging, there is the production of specialized children's granulated tea, it is usually sold in beautiful packages, has a specific scope, and has a fast brewing speed.

They are usually recommended to give kiddies with various diseases: gastrointestinal colic, colds and to quench their thirst. Traditionally they consist of extracts of medicinal herbs, sugar may or may not be included in the composition, this point should be clarified on the packaging. For brewing such a drink, one teaspoon per 100 ml of warm water is enough, a couple of minutes and the tea is ready! To feed or not with such tea drink of your baby is the work of the mother herself, you can consult with your doctor, they often recommend special drinks from the first days of the baby's birth.