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Jeans - flared back. What is it to wear?


The universal love of denim clothing has brought her into the category of permanent elements of modern woman’s wardrobe. In the world of denim fashion, there are several basic models that at regular intervals experience a peak of popularity, followed by a brief decline in interest. At the moment of relevance, fashion designers develop multiple variations of traditional trends, which supports long-term attention to them. After the frankly bored models of skinny skinny trousers today again on the crest of success jeans flared. Recall that they represent the silhouette of pants, extending down from the hip or knee.

Turning to the origins

The history of flared trousers began in the nineteenth century. The basis of fashionable style served as sailors uniform. It was the US military who first began to wear pants with extended trousers. The entire length of the side seams were inserted zippers. This made it possible to quickly get rid of clothes in case of immersion in a shipwreck. In the Soviet army, side button fasteners on sailors' uniform trousers reached only mid-thighs.

Thanks to the hippie culture, which loudly declared itself in the seventies of the last century, shaped flares became typical clothes of freedom-loving children of flowers. Representatives of the new direction opposed war and violence, calling on all people for love and peace. This subculture has made flared jeans a real hit of the time. Fashionable silhouette organically fit into a relaxed hippie style, successfully combined with his attributes.

To go flared denim pants

Extended cut is distinguished by enviable versatility. Flared gins perfectly emphasize female forms, successfully concealing flaws. The most important thing when buying a new pair is to find a good fit and decide on your model.

Retro style in hippie style is able to make any trendy look stylish and original.

Flared jeans from the knee beautifully emphasize the roundness of the hips and help to visually lengthen the legs. The expansion of the legs varies from the minimum to the largest. Flared jeans like “sun” are not designed for everyday wear, they are more often used by artists to create bright stage images.

Women with a figure resembling an hourglass, it is advisable to choose a model with a standard belt height and a slight expansion of the pants. High waist and big bell flaps help to increase hips too narrow. The extension from the knee well masks full calves. These denim pants are equally good to wear in the summer and in the cold season.

Flared hip jeans are recommended for women with curvy shapes. An elongated silhouette resembling the letter A visually lengthens the growth and smooths out the sharp bend of the figure. Small pockets in combination with a wide belt and zippers with buttons additionally help to reduce the width of the figure.

Low pants fit is recommended only for tall ladies, because it hinders growth. High waistline can hide extra wrinkles in the abdomen. Especially well-looking such denim jeans, designed to be worn in winter.

How to choose flared jeans

Length is one of the main characteristics that you should pay attention to when buying new clothes. Going to the store, do not forget to bring along shoes that you intend to wear with jeans. Stay on the pair of pants in which the bottom edge touches the floor.

Cropped flared jeans should be chosen with great care. This model is ideal only slim slim girls with a sporty figure. Despite the fact that short flared trousers look fashionable or not, they are absolutely not recommended to undersized individuals. Those who decide on a specific model should wear open high-heeled shoes under it.

If a woman has full knees, then it is advisable to select a model from the knee, with a slightly larger size. Otherwise, the pants will drag the leg, exposing the physiological deficiency of the limbs.

Remember that the silhouette of flared jeans resembles a mermaid's tail. To model looked beautiful on the figure, the width of the flare must be equal or be slightly less than the width of the hips.

How to wear flared jeans

The stylish model is not much different from the classic in the selection of clothing. But still some features can be traced. Designers from fashion attribute the flared jeans to country style, characterized by touching romance. Therefore, T-shirts with radical images such as skulls or crosses will be completely inappropriate. You should not also wear blouses decorated with beads, rhinestones or sequins.

In summer, it is best to wear simple sleeveless jackets, free tops plain or with prints. A good addition would be a short vest made of denim or leather cloth, a spacious jacket. Torn models of flared trousers look great with these things.

For office work, a set consisting of a white blouse, a jacket and dark-colored jeans with a moderate flare is quite suitable. The laconic image successfully distracts attention from the hippie style.
If your hips are not perfect, then wear high-rise flared jeans. They are well suited turtlenecks or blouses paired with an elongated jacket, cardigan or tunic.

Fashionable bows demonstrate a successful combination with a plaid shirt, which should be tucked into pants or tied with a small knot under the breast. Western style is decorated with a wide leather belt, cowboy boots or clogs. It remains only to supplement the image of a hat and a bag with a fringe. In the cool season a small leather jacket is useful.

The stars of cinema and show business clearly show us what to wear with flared jeans. Judging by the numerous photos on the pages of glossy publications, great attention is paid to accessories, with which it is easy to create a variety of fashionable images. Bells, scarves, scarves, wide belts with heavy buckles are well suited to flared jeans. A good addition to the created images will be decorations made of natural wood or stones.

Finally, it only remains to clarify with which shoes to wear flared jeans. Hippie lovers put on flat-soled shoes. Today, such a preference is hardly appropriate, since the lack of a heel violates the proportions of the body and can distort even the most successful image.

With flared trousers look best shoes on a high stable support. If you find it difficult to cope with heels, then wedge shoes can become a compromise solution.

What can I wear flared jeans for?

It is this issue that should be on the agenda as a priority in drawing up the image.

After all, no matter how beautiful and expensive jeans are, they will not look tasteless if you don’t wear them with matching things in a pair.

But in fact, it is not very difficult to choose an outfit that fits the flare.

One of the best options would be a wide shirt that can be tucked into jeans. She will give a woman a free and confident look.

Also, do not lose sight of blazers.

These versatile wardrobe items can be found in the wardrobe of every self-respecting lady.

Different types of blazers will allow you to create a variety of images - from strict classics

up free style for a walk.

No less attractive will look crop-top, exposing part of the abdomen. For girls with the perfect figure, this option should be especially to the taste.

A high throat sweater will also look good. It is very beautiful to wear such a combination if the sweater is solid and “calm”, and jeans, on the contrary, are bright.

Also, these jeans will look stylish in combination with a tunic - this will especially please fans of the hippie flow.

Hoodie will attract to the girl in flared jeans no less close attention of the opposite sex than a short jacket.

As for outerwear, women should not discount their coats. This is the case when with the right choice of components, the flare can look strictly and elegantly.

What shoes to wear flared jeans?

In choosing shoes for girls who love flared jeans, there is a huge scope for imagination.

Those who prefer low-key femininity can perfectly combine such jeans with elegant heeled shoes that will make the girl visually taller.

Those who love hippies should buy shoes with flat shoes like shoes or simple sandals.

In addition, flared jeans are very suitable for a cowboy-style dress. Therefore, beautiful boots with low heels and buckles will ideally be combined with them. If we talk about color, such shoes should be, preferably - red-brown.

Women who would like to combine flared jeans with a bohemian style, should buy shoes with heels, but without unnecessary rhinestones - they would look tasteless.

In this case, the color can be practically any, but it should fit all related accessories - a purse, an umbrella, gloves.

It is equally important to focus on the weather conditions and the season for which the shoes are chosen.

Ankle boots will look great with flared jeans, but a high-heel shoe will give them an equally attractive look.

Jeans, flared from the knee

It's no secret that even the very concept of “flared jeans” contains several subspecies of such jeans.

Classic and the most common is considered to be jeans, flared from the knee.

It is this type of pants that best emphasizes the female figure and its sophistication.

These jeans make their owner stylish and attractive due to the fact that they visually affect the proportions of the female body. Thus, the legs become longer in appearance, and the waist becomes narrower.

Depending on the density of the fabric, jeans, flared from the knee, may look different. If it is a thin jeans, the view will be one, if the dense winter - is completely different.

Therefore, you should always take into account the characteristics of the fabric, buying yourself such a piece of clothing.

So, for example, it’s very important how wide the flare is on the chosen model and whether the pair of jeans has cuffs.

You should also pay attention to the fact that different height of the beginning of the flare can affect the appearance of the knees - a high flare can hide any obvious defects that are visible on the legs.

Ripped Flare Jeans

Another trend of the season are ripped jeans. And it is not surprising that very quickly there were people who remembered that in former times it was possible to wear torn flared jeans. If we take into account the fact that jeans with cuts themselves carry a certain spirit of youth and freedom, then in combination with wide floors of flared jeans such pants can generally become a symbol of carefree youth.

This version of the pants is ideal for people with a light temperament and fun kind. If you recall the old films about the seventies, you can easily immerse yourself in that atmosphere and understand why ripped flared jeans were so popular and how they became popular again among women of different age categories.

For example, these jeans will look great on an irrepressible fan of a rock band during a large-scale music festival. No less organically, they will fit into the heartbeat of a large metropolis, in which there is complete freedom of expression. The main thing is to carry them for your pleasure, and then everyone around you will appreciate such a bold choice.

Flared Flare Jeans

This type of jeans is suitable for special owners. In order not to look silly in them, the mistress of such trousers must combine an excellent figure, long legs and a great taste to the choice of other items of clothing. After all, cropped flared jeans are quite an eccentric model, an experiment model, so to speak. If we take into account the fact that for the present time the return of the flare to fashion is generally nonsense, then one can imagine what kind of furor the flared jeans are capable of producing.

This type of jeans is usually flared from almost the top. Otherwise such pants would look rather silly or, at least, too childish. But a real lady can overshadow such an unusual style with her appearance and make it her own highlight - the main thing is to competently approach this issue.

It is important that the shoes fit together. For example, it is possible to create an image in the French style and shod with low-heeled shoes with cropped jeans with an average height of the top. This combination is well suited for a long scarf and a sweater as a vest with a thin strip.

Fashion trends 2016

The new year has already managed to prove to everyone its unpredictability. If we consider it in the key of fashion and, apart from the fashion for flared jeans, we can draw several important conclusions. Firstly, this year you should not wear jeans that are highly flared above the knee - it is unlikely that others will appreciate it. Also, girls and women should pay special attention to the choice of color. This year, classic denim and its various variations will be popular for the most part. It can be dark, light, but most importantly - just jeans. But it is necessary to focus on the fact that, contrary to the foregoing, jeans with prints in the waist and upper legs are in vogue. Flared high-rise jeans are also popular. Basically, we are talking about the most overpriced landing.

In any case, regardless of fashion trends, it is worth monitoring the quality of the chosen clothes. Therefore, a thing bought by mom back in the seventies can gain a second wind if at that time it was done at the highest level. Flared jeans are an ideal opportunity to correct a figure if a girl has problems in the calf or abdomen area. Hiding the tiny flaws, flared jeans perfectly attract the attention of others and focus on all the advantages of the figure. And exactly with the same efficiency - on all the flaws, in those cases if the model is chosen incorrectly or out of place. For example, if a girl has a problem with a waist, or rather, with her absence, such jeans will demonstrate such a feature of the body "in all its glory."

Given the wide range and variety of styles, literally every woman of fashion will be able to find for herself exactly what will satisfy her taste and needs. This applies to both cut and color pants. As for the accessories, it costs even less to worry, as the flared jeans are almost universal in this regard and you can easily find suitable accessories for them.

What to consider when choosing flared jeans

It is believed that such models visually pull the figure and make it slimmer, but it is not. In fact, they make the bottom more massive, especially if the lady hips are wide enough, and she prefers to wear shoes on a flat sole. If you also pick up the top with flounces, ruffles or a collar-collar, you can visually add up to 10 kilograms to your own figure. The only category of fashionistas who can absolutely not worry about what to wear with jeans flared - young girls with narrow hips and long legs - such models always look good on them.

In order to create a harmonious image with them, it is necessary to choose the top of a straight cut (it is desirable to stay on fitted things). You need to abandon the multi-layered clothing, as well as details of the wardrobe with horizontal patterns - stop at the elegant feminine silhouettes and simple cut, and your image will look really amazing.

The best fashion images with flared jeans

Flared jeans will look good with clothes of any style. You can combine them with other wardrobe items as follows:

  • With a plaid shirt and a leather jacket. The image can be supplemented with a kerchief and coarse earrings or with a massive chain around the neck - so you can get a stylish rocker look.

  • With a light red or olive coat or a jacket with an English collar, a straight tunic without decorative elements, as well as ankle boots and a bag in tune with them. So you get a casual look, quite suitable for a friendly meeting or a walk in the fall or spring.

  • With things ethno style. In this case, you can, as an exception, combine long tunics with flared pants and even wide dresses with frills, as well as ponchos, fringed bags and other similar elements. The truth about how to emphasize your figure in a profitable way in this case can be forgotten - the silhouette will still look somewhat baggy.

  • With a romantic blouse and sleeveless to match her. This set should be supplemented with a big bag, a felt hat and glasses - this combination is most suitable for women who are going on a romantic date.

  • With a bright blouse, as well as accessories of acid tones, as well as bright shoes. Эта комбинация будет неплоха для тех дам, которые хотят добавить широкие джинсы в собственный отпускной гардероб. Однако же такой наряд подойдет только смелым девушкам, которые сами выбирают, с чем лучше носить джинсы клеш, не боясь нарушить пропорции собственной фигуры.

  • Со строгой блузой (желательно, чтобы она была однотонной), сумкой в деловом стиле, а также тяжелыми серьгами. Дополнить комбинацию можно приталенным или же полуприталенным жакетом. This kit is recommended for ladies who want to add flared jeans to their business wardrobe.

Important: when creating your own image based on these combinations, consider the proportions of your own figure. Remember: your task is to make your legs as long and slim as possible. Choose models of jeans with a high waistline, tuck in a blouse or shirt in pants and give up the wide belts. So you can wear wide jeans without fear of spoiling the proportions of your own figure.

Video: how to choose the perfect jeans on the figure

What shoes are suitable for such jeans

Girls with long thin legs can afford to wear any shoes with such jeans - from classic shoes and to ordinary sneakers on a flat sole or shoes with lacing. All the rest should be very careful when choosing shoes to make their image look harmonious. So perfect for flared jeans are popular in 2017, pumps, sandals, high heels, as well as ankle boots with a thin heel. It is advisable to choose such models that will be completely or partially covered with jeans, but it is better not to experiment with models with elongated noses and large decorative elements - they will look bad in such a combination.

Care should be taken when choosing models of shoes with tractor soles for such pants, especially if we are talking about massive shoes or sneakers. Feel free to wear these only if you are going to complement the image with a jacket-jacket and other punk-style details, in all other cases such shoes are contraindicated. The same applies to sneakers and sneakers, in particular, massive models that create an additional accent in your image.

Velvet gum

Such gum was popular in the 90s: especially sophisticated women of fashion made a “palm” haircut with their help, managing to use two to five pieces at once (“palm” turned out to be high, yes).

Today, of course, you shouldn’t shock your boss with retro hairstyles and the number of velvet elastic bands - you just have to wear one in combination with a simple horse tail or a sloppy bunch. And do not choose models of frankly gigantic sizes or with decor - let it be a simple velvet elastic, without ruches and sequins.

Choker choker

In the 90s, in addition to velvet elastic bands, a variety of choker-chokers were also a fashionable hit - from the most concise models of simple velvet ribbon to unusually decorated ones.

Today, the chokers literally captured the minds of all fashionistas: both stellar and "privates". If you do not want to scour the shopping centers in search of the very choker, just look at the sewing accessories store - there are a lot of ribbons and laces (velvet, satin and even leather) for different images.

A variety of hairpins occupied the minds of fashionistas in the 90s and 2000s, after which all of them abruptly fell out of love and proclaimed the movement.

But this year, a loud comeback took place at the hairpins: the trend set in the World Fashion Weeks very quickly picked up the mass market brands.

Flared short jeans

Perhaps the key must have of the season - short, flared jeans, opening the ankle. This model, of course, was also invented not yesterday and was worn twenty years ago.

Today, this model can be found literally in every store - from the luxury segment to the mass market, so your chances of finding Those Most Jeans are extremely high. Go for it!

Do you remember how even in school we literally “stuck” with all sorts of stripes of jackets, backpacks and jeans? So, now the stripes are back in fashion, but not for schoolchildren, but for quite adult fashionistas.

Old fashion touched again jeans, as well as jackets-to-shirts and denim jackets. In the case of jeans, it is better not to overdo it with stripes, but with outerwear it is quite possible to afford to “come off”.

The beret is not the easiest "to use" headpiece. There is always the risk of not looking like a fashionista, but as your own grandmother.

But if you wear it properly, this will not happen. Therefore, we take for the landmarks the image of the heroine Eva Green in the cult film "Dreamers" and complement the beret from the set of lightweight feminine dress and pointed-ballet lace-up shoes or ankle boots.

Print with "Titanic"

A variety of sweatshirts, T-shirts, tops and even dresses with sentimental scenes from the “Titanic” were the dream of every girl whose childhood or youth came in the 90s. And now, after almost 20 years since the release of the film, this print is back in fashion.

The culprit of the return of the trend is the designer Demna Gvasalia, who heads the trendy Parisian brand Vetements, who at the recent Fashion Week presented sweatshirts with such a print, which, of course, urgently desired by fashionistas around the world.

Mühl (who in the common people are derogatively called simply “splashes”) returned to fashion not this season, but a year ago, but nevertheless continue to remain popular. In the late 90s and early 2000s, they were all worn (remember at least Carrie Bradshaw).

If you decide to finally buy yourself mules, but you are afraid to look inconsistent, opt for a model without a heel and with a pointed nose. On the contrary, are you not afraid of experiments? Then the range of models of this shoe will pleasantly surprise you with its variety.

Jeans jackets

Another companion of every teenager from the "zero" - a denim jacket, she's "jeans". A special chic for girls were considered models decorated with rhinestones or rivets.

Today, however, the "glamorous" details are no longer relevant, so we keep the course on models resembling vintage ones. There are no denim jackets, the best option would be a shabby model resembling a bomber jacket, or a loose denim jacket with stripes.

Pointed shoes

Do not be in a hurry to frighten, remembering the sharp noses of shoes from the "zero", which looked as if its mistress robbed the cabinet of Little Flour. Pointed noses are in fashion again, but - an important remark - their length should not exceed the limits of reasonable.

We recommend this trend to all women of fashion without exception - a sharp nose visually makes the legs longer and generally “pulls” the figure.

Who is suitable?

Flared jeans have an amazing ability to emphasize the dignity of a female figure. They are ideal for the hourglass, with beautiful hips and slim legs.

If you are the owner of thin legs and voluminous top, jeans, flared from the hip, will help to balance the figure, giving elegance to your forms.

Flared jeans are a real find for girls with full calves. Flush perfectly hide this flaw and relieve you from complexes.

Girls of short stature, well-fitting flared jeans will help add height. Choose a moderate flare, starting from the knee. Be sure to wear them with high heel or wedge shoes. In this case, the leg should almost completely cover the heel.

If the figure allows you, you should choose a model with a high fit, which will further lengthen your legs.

When will they be in fashion or can you wear it now?

For several seasons, flared jeans are at their peak of popularity. If you like this style, you can feel free to start wearing it today. Choose a trend model that fits tight hips, in which the flare begins to expand from the knee.

Prefer the classic model of jeans without prints and holes. Embroidery or lace is appropriate for boho-style jeans, but in minimal quantities.

There are two main models of flared jeans that are in fashion today.

Bell flare

Trousers, flared from the hip, as a rule, very wide, sometimes even resemble a long skirt. Although there are models with a moderate flare, which is more like classic trousers. Flared hips are only suitable for tall girls with a slim figure. They can also hide various flaws - the curvature of the legs, full calves, ugly ankles and so on. This is a bold and free model, which is ideal for creating images in the style of boho.

Knee bell

This model seductively levies hips, like skinny jeans we are used to, and flared only starts from the knee. These jeans are suitable for girls with attractive shapes, because they flaunt the upper legs and buttocks. Thanks to a stricter silhouette, the model is even suitable for a business image, perfectly combining with a shirt and a strict jacket.

Shirts and blouses

For some reason, many flared jeans are associated only with hippie style, so they strive to wear them with color shirts, suede fringed vests and shoes with wooden soles. Of course, such an image has the right to live at some summer festival. For every day, fit a simple shirt, blouse, turtleneck, T-shirt or T-shirt.

Flared jeans are just jeans, wear them with the same clothes as your favorite tabernacle or boyfriends.

Monochromatic flared jeans blend perfectly with a jacket. The color can be classic black, gray or blue. Ideally, the jacket should reach mid-thigh or be slightly longer. Suitable shoes are ankle boots, court shoes or loafers.

You can also experiment and pick up a bright jacket - red, green, orange, yellow.

Prefer monochrome sweater, gray or white. If you choose a sweater-oversize, wear it with a flare from the knee, which fits your legs as much as possible. Both footwear with a heel, and without it will approach such a dress.

At first glance, such a tandem seems unthinkable. However, the dress just above the knee goes well with flared jeans. Choose a straight dress to mid-thigh, which visually resembles an elongated top or tunic. This image is suitable for work and for a fashionable party.

Jacket and bomber jacket

To keep your look as modern as possible, wear flared jeans with a voluminous stylish bomber jacket, and sneakers or sneakers will complement the look.. Also appropriate would be shoes on the platform - boots or shoes.

To work fit a strict business image: loose-fitting flared jeans, a sweater, a coat of straight cut and shoes with a flat sole. If you like fitted coats with a belt at the waist, wear them with stylish modern shoes - sneakers, slip-on shoes or pumps.

Immediately decide what look you want to create - modern or retro style.

To create a vintage look, wear flared jeans with clogs or sandals on a wooden sole, sandals with straps, ankle boots with a massive heel. Loose hair, a wide-brimmed hat, a colorful shirt and a bag with a fringe will complement this image.

To create a modern look, choose fashionable shoes with heels. It can be ankle boots, shoes, sandals, depending on the time of year. Elegant shoes add to the image of femininity and visually stretch the silhouette.

If you like convenience and comfort, choose stylish shoes in a sporty style - slip-ons, sneakers, sneakers. In winter, massive men's shoes will be appropriate.

Be sure to complement your image with stylish accessories - handbags, clutches, air scarves, jewelry. Particularly relevant massive bracelets, volume earrings and long necklaces. The highlight of the image will be a wide-brimmed hat and an original belt.

What should you not wear?

If you wear flared jeans, make sure that your silhouette looks proportionate. So, at the top should not be too much volume, especially if you wear a flare from the thigh. Additional volume in the shoulder area does not play into your hands.

Do not wear flared jeans with flared outerwear or a leather coat. Such combinations are good only for retro-images, as they directly refer us to the fashion of the 70s.

It is better to give up the knitted tight top, especially if you have problems in the waist. Otherwise, your figure will look completely unattractive with a loose top and a massive, flared bottom.

Spectacular images

1. To make you feel cozy and comfortable on a chilly autumn day, pick up a cozy sweater for flared jeans and complement your look with stylish accessories.. This can be a very voluminous checkered scarf, beautiful jewelry in the form of earrings and bracelets, a clutch bag or a handbag on a long strap. Under a sweater, you can wear a plaid shirt or throw a leather jacket over the top. Shoes better pick up on the platform or heels.

2. Open shoulders, as well as flared jeans - the trend of the season! So why not combine them together? Get a very interesting and original summer look. For work, it is better to choose a shirt with open shoulders, adding look with stiletto shoes and a voluminous bag. Going to a party, wear a black free baby-dol top and flared jeans from the knee. Your companions will be sunglasses and a small handbag on a long strap. For every day, you can choose simple dark jeans and a loose monochrome shirt, in which you will be easy and comfortable.

3. Flare jeans are the best fit for a casual look.. The simplest solution is jeans and a vest, complemented by a bright handbag on a long strap and sunglasses. If it's cool outside, you can throw an elongated vest or cardigan on top. A small handbag and wide-brimmed hat will complete the look. This outfit is suitable for exploring the city, meeting with friends, shopping.

4. If we are talking about jeans-flare, you can not leave without attention to the images in the bohemian style. Loose tops, colorful shirts, kimono capes, suede bags, fringe, wide belts, jewelry with natural stones, huge half-face glasses. All this will help you to create a great look in the style of boho-chic, refer to the hippie culture and the 70s of the last century. This outfit is good if you are tired of boring everyday images, or are going to the summer festival in the open.

Flared jeans give you the opportunity for unusual experiments. Suppose that at first glance they look unusual, but over time you will love them for the convenience, comfort and sense of novelty, which they are able to bring in even the simplest everyday look.

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Are flared jeans suitable for everyone?

Who will wear jeans? Not everyone, as many believe. First of all, such a thing goes to slim and tall girls who acquire a special charm and femininity. But owners of medium or even low growth can afford flared jeans, if they pick up shoes with heels.

Another important requirement is beautiful thighs. Volumetric due to the tight fit can be strongly distinguished, and the narrow ones will seem even more boyish due to the expansion of the legs and an increase in the lower legs.

Particularly harmonious thing will look at the owners of the type of figures, an hourglass and an inverted triangle: in the first case all the most feminine parts of the body will become even more expressive, and in the second, flared legs will allow to achieve a balance between the legs and the body.

What every girl should know: flared jeans are able to hide some flaws, for example, thin or not very straight legs, full or pumped calves.

How to choose?

When choosing flared jeans should be guided by such criteria as:

  1. Landing. Low this season is a move and indicator of bad taste, but the average is just what you need. This option is universal and fits almost everyone. Only women with a pronounced waist and slim figure can afford a high landing.
  2. Length. Incorrectly chosen, it can disfigure the legs and spoil the overall impression. There is such a rule: the edges of the leg should be about 1-2 centimeters from the floor. And if you wear mostly shoes with heels, be sure to keep this in mind when buying.
  3. Style. Expansion may begin from the knees or from the hip. The first option is considered a classic and is suitable for many girls. And jeans, flared from the hips, will come in handy if you have narrow hips or a thin physique.
  4. When choosing a color, keep in mind that dark tones are slim, and light ones, as a rule, increase volume.

How to wear?

What is fashionable to wear jeans with? We list the most successful ideas:

  • All sorts of shirts: loose and sewn from light fabrics “razdetayki”, denim, plain, checkered, decorated with flowers or peas. Virtually any models are in harmony with flared jeans, and the choice of the top will depend on the directionality of the style, which can vary from cowboy or boho to grunge, casual or Provence.
  • To create an elegant and somewhat strict image, you can use a blouse, but it should be opaque and restrained, without extra details in the form of flounces and ruffles. This thing is best to fill in jeans.
  • A sexy bodysuit combines perfectly with flared jeans, which will not constantly get out of the belt, and also allow you to model the silhouette.
  • In summer, you can wear all kinds of tops, and best of all not fitting and opening most of the body, but loose, which look at ease and somewhat careless.
  • An alternative to the top can be a T-shirt or T-shirt.
  • Shortened jumpers or sweatshirts are ideally combined with models with inflated fit.
  • Весной прекрасным дополнением комплекта станет стильный блейзер, который, кстати, прекрасно вписывается как в строгие офисные, так и в повседневные образы.
  • Красивые расклешённые джинсы можно комбинировать со свободными туниками, закрывающими ягодицы, но частично открывающими бёдра.
  • Прохладным летним или весенним вечером накиньте свободный кардиган.
  • Если ваша бунтарская сущность рвётся наружу, то смело носите кожаную куртку-косуху!
  • Of the outerwear most preferred straight coat and trench coats above the knee length.
  • The photo of fashionable bows shows that you can create a stylish tandem with the help of a poncho.
  • The bomber jacket will allow you to get a stylish youth bow.
  • A great option is a denim jacket.

Tip: Do not wear flared jeans with high-waisted or papa items, as double flared will definitely be overkill.

Shoes and accessories

Best women's flared jeans look with feminine shoes, especially with heels. It can be woven wedge sandals, clogs, pumps, mules, ankle boots with a steady heel. Loafers, Greek sandals, oxfords are suitable for casual bows.

Complement stylish images with accessories: fashionable hats, scarves, sunglasses, wide bracelets, miniature or fringed handbags, beads, straps.

Trendy flared jeans are an opportunity to create a variety of bright and stylish images!

Style 2018: Are flared jeans fashionable now?

Despite its vintage origin, these models today look more relevant than ever. For a start, because the style is in the spirit of the 70s of the last century, and it was then that these models appeared - today it is in the lead among other urban trends. Fashionable jeans flare in 2018 very clearly and unambiguously set the necessary accents that easily make it look relevant.

The head of the fashion line of almost all manufacturers of the model of the classic denim color "indigo". Slightly forgotten in recent years, it looks especially fresh and tempting: shades of "indigo", from bleached to rich, perfectly enhance all the advantages of the model. And there are a lot of them, for the beginning - the cut itself, which allows you to perfectly emphasize the shape.

These models have obvious advantages and advantages. Tight-fitting hips and cleaving from the line of the knees create a sophisticated and feminine silhouette. By the way, unlike competitors by trends - tabernacles - flares go to a much larger number of women with any types of figures. Moreover, their distinctive features of this season are high waistline and length, practically covering the shoes, even with heels.

The question is whether fashion jeans flare in 2018, can be considered rhetorical. Of course, fashionable and considered a key part of the images in several relevant styles at once: “hippie-chic”, bohemian or non-trivial urban. The ideal model in this case would be jeans of saturated colors and an excellent fit to the waist and hips. It, by the way, is provided due to the choice of fabric - the denim should be thin and rather plastic. A bit of lycra in the cotton fabric allows you to achieve the desired silhouette without difficulty.

Fashionable flared jeans marked the decline of the trend for active decoration. “Ripped textures”, decoration with rhinestones and embroidery is yesterday in the world of denim fashion. The only decor that also perfectly “works” on a silhouette is bright stitching along the outer contour. It visually adds growth and perfectly “lengthens” the legs. Such models are the basis of urban and neutral images.

But if you are close to bohemian or frankly vintage moods, then you should pay attention to the models bleached with light scuffs, trimmed with a fringe on the bottom edge. In this case, delicate embroidery stylized to the style of "hippie" - miniature flower arrangements also looks organic.

The hue of “indigo” is considered classic and perfectly supports the idea of ​​a trend, but this season models are presented in a wide range of colors: from white to black. All shades of the flower range are bright and certainly elegant in such models: yellow, red, orange and pink. But in this case, designers completely eliminate the decor, playing with a combination of style and color.

Look at the photo, fashion trends for jeans bell 2018, looks promising:

Fashion Ideas-2016: stylish flared jeans from the knee

If you still doubt whether fashion jeans are flared in 2018, it’s enough to look at the current silhouette solutions of this season. One of the key points is the underlined waistline, which is provided by a high fit. Many even very slender girls are skeptical of this idea, but just such models as flared jeans allow you to actively use it in your own image.

Any fashionista always decides for himself whether to use cutting-edge trends or skip them. But "high waist" in this season can not be omitted in any case. It is enough to properly assemble the image and build a silhouette with the help of things companions.

There are several simple techniques for creating an organic and bright trend image. In the first place - correctly selected tops. Blouses, T-shirts, cardigans or jackets, as well as tight-fitting and short-cut jackets are the best companions for creating such images. Moreover, the style of these things can be anything from glamorous to frankly conservative and classic.

The unconditional and positive answer to the question “whether flared jeans are fashionable now” is given by silhouette solutions. On the one hand, they should be as feminine as possible, and on the other, they should be universal. Collecting your own outfit, pay attention to the fashionable ideas of 2018 with flared jeans from the knee in combination with comfortable high-heeled shoes.

And the shoes by today's stylish standards should be completely closed. To embody these ideas in the image will help shoes and sandals on a high and stable heels, wedges or low platform, they fit perfectly into such an ensemble. Such a selection will not only make you visually slimmer and higher, but also recreate exactly the trend silhouette that is asked by the best designers.

See how stylishly collected images for 2018 with fashionable women's flared jeans on these photos: