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Sports in the pool - not only swimming and water aerobics


If your legs and buttocks are not sufficiently tightened and elastic, you may need to turn to a relatively new, but rather effective type of fitness - aqua-gogging.

Aquajogging is fundamentally different from water aerobicsabout which we already told. The essence of this program is running in water, which allows you to train the lower muscles of the body, namely, the legs and buttocks. In order for the training to take place according to all the rules, a special belt is put on the person, holding him in the water like a float. Thanks to the belt, the person does not reach the bottom of the pool with his feet, so running in water is very different from the usual run on the ground. When running in water, the ligaments and joints do not experience such a significant load as when running on the ground, which means that the risk of injury is much lower, and there are more pleasant sensations.

This is an excellent addition to alterantiva. exercises for slim legs, because the load on the muscles during aquajogging is significantly higher, because a person has to overcome the resistance of the water masses. Due to this, calories are burned much faster: for example, half-hour jogging will allow you to get rid of 240 kilocalories, and the same aqua-jogging exercise - from 340 ka. In addition to losing excess weight and strengthening muscles, aqua-jogging allows you to stimulate blood circulation in the body, helps to improve the coordination of movements, trains the body for endurance and activates the activity of the cardiovascular system.

In addition, aqua-jugging will completely replace cellulite exercises for the buttocks and legs, since water pressure has the same effect on connective tissue as massage.

The first classes of "water" run occur at a fairly decent depth - a person is immersed in the water on the chest. After some time the water level drops lower and can reach the knees. With this level of water load increases, but the effectiveness of training is also increasing. In addition, you can run in the water with different intensities, which also affects the applied efforts and the final result.

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Instead of a stuffy gym we go to fresh air.

Water aerobics

Water aerobics - charging in water, thanks to the resistance of water, all exercises will be much more effective than in the air. If the water temperature is chosen correctly (23-25 ​​degrees), it will help in the fight against extra pounds, since the calories will also go to warm the body. In addition, in the water decreases the force of attraction, as a result, the load on the spine and joints decreases. That allows people to do exercise overweight without the risk of harm to the joints and the musculoskeletal system. With this charge, body fat is actively leaving, and not water, since sweat is not released, which makes classes even more comfortable. When practicing aqua aerobics, you can choose the difficulty of practicing not only a set of physical exercises, but also the water level in the pool: Shallow water, water to the waist, and charging at this depth will help strengthen the muscles and joints of the legs. Average water-water on the chest, will help make a slim waist, beautiful buttocks and breasts. Deep water - without touching the bottom, such a charge for more experienced athletes, aimed at the entire body, which requires good physical preparation. To increase the load and perform the exercises more productively, special equipment will help: The belt for aqua aerobics provides support for the body in the water, it helps to keep the body upright when exercising. Such belts are most often used in a deep pool, where the feet of the practitioners do not reach the bottom. When using the belt, the lower part of the body remains free, which allows it to be used in a greater number of different exercises. Dumbbells for aqua aerobics from floating material, like foam plastic, create an additional load to enhance the effect of training. They look like big colored dumbbells for weight-lifters, but at the same time they weigh almost nothing. Weights for legs and arms create additional load for the muscles to work them out more efficiently. Also used dumbbells, weighing 0.5 kg. These accessories are for advanced aqua aerobics lovers. Noodles are flexible floating colored sticks with a diameter of about 10 cm and a length of more than a meter. This tricky thing can be used to maintain buoyancy, as well as to increase resistance when performing exercises. Gloves with membranes increase water resistance when doing exercises for strengthening and hand strength. Swimming boards are used to maintain the upper body, as well as to increase the resistance when performing exercises with this accessory. Swimming boards are also used when performing swimming exercises on the footwork technique. Step platforms - are intended for use in the water, excluding sliding. The average price in Moscow ranges from 350-500r. For a one-time visit to water aerobics classes and 1200-3000 rubles for a monthly subscription.


Aqua-boxing is for fans of martial arts, exercises with elements borrowed from boxing, judo, karate. Effective training, which allows you to actively expend calories from the workout. Fully utilizes all muscle groups: chest, abdomen, arms, legs, buttocks. When modeling martial arts movements in water, coordination, balance, speed of execution of movements, strength and stability develop. In training can be used such equipment as a boxing bag, only improved and adapted for training in the pool. The recommended depth for training with a simulator is 110-150 cm, so that such training is available at any age.


Aquacalanetics - for people whose goal was a beautiful figure. Rhythmic exercises on average water with a large number of repetitions and an increase in the speed of movements, while the exercises are simple and for everyone. Due to the large number of repeated exercises and performing them at high speed, a significant reduction in weight, a decrease in volumes, improved coordination of movements, posture, and endurance develops. To more quickly achieve the desired result, you can also use dumbbells, gloves, weights for the legs.

Aquapress will be a friend to fans of the relief of the abdomen. Exercises on the press in the water strengthen the abdominal muscles to help restore and strengthen the muscular corset. Examples of abdominal exercises in water: Take a vertical position in deep water: feet do not touch the bottom. Do not drop your shoulders in the water, push your legs and turn to the supine position. Immediately push again and take a prone position. Watch the amplitude of the movement: the feet should be shown above the water each time. Repeat 10 times without pauses. From the same starting position “standing” in deep water, lift straight legs to a corner with a body of 90 degrees, perform a “corner” and return to the starting position.

For all lovers of dancing and music, dance moves with rhythmic music, the most fun and not forced kind of water aerobics. As well as on the air, you can practice different styles of dancing in the water, hone your skills in this beautiful and spectacular hobby. Having learned to dance in the water, you will float in the air.


Water Pilates - exercises aimed at stretching the muscles in the water. Warm water relaxes the muscles well, makes the joints more mobile, increases the ability to stretch. The loads in the water are better transferred, so the exercise can last longer. On the other hand, water resistance makes even simple exercises more difficult, and therefore more effective. Usually during aquapilations classes, special aquabouts and aqua gloves are used. If you relax or get distracted, they push a person out of the water. Overcoming water resistance, a person trains the muscles of the abdominals, legs, arms and back, improves posture.

If you are tired of the usual step aerobics, you can try to do it in the pool. For trainings, a special step platform is used, which must be stepped on in various combinations. Such exercises give a good load on all muscle groups, train the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, develop coordination and have an excellent fat-burning effect.


Aquaforming, gymnastics in water, recommended for those who are in rehabilitation after suffering spinal injuries, osteochondrosis, is also indicated for all types of scoliosis. For future moms, this type of fitness will also be useful, will help relieve tension from the back, prepare muscles for childbirth, which will further facilitate not only childbirth, but also recovery after them.

Akvasaykl is the exercise bike installed directly in the pool. Such devices effectively strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, while exerting minimal stress on the heart and joints. If there is no opportunity to practice on an expensive simulator, you can imagine it: lean your hands on the side and move your legs in a circle, as if you were pedaling a bicycle. The same can be done by sitting on a foam board. The effectiveness of classes is not so high, but also useful.

What is akvadzhogging and its advantages

So, aqua-jogging is a variety of exercises under water (running, walking, etc.), which are mostly aimed at working out the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

Classes can be held as underwater simulators, for example, a treadmill, and without them, but with the use of any sports equipment (dumbbells, aquapalka, etc.).

Pluses of aqua-juggling:

• study of the main problem areas (inner side of the arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks),

• In 30 minutes of such activities, you can burn at least 500 kilocalories,

• A great way to get rid of cellulite, stretch marks, as well as aqua-jogging helps to tighten sagging skin,

• Safe and effective way to lose weight.

• Combining cardio exercises and strength training increases the percentage of fat loss,

• Water, while performing exercises, creates an additional load on the muscles, which in turn makes classes much more efficient,

• Useful for the cardiovascular and nervous systems,

• Ensures the supply of required amounts of oxygen into the body,

• Improves the immune system,

• Useful for the spine

• Removes excess fluid from the body,

• Improves coordination of movements,

• Promotes normal functioning of internal organs,

• After class, you will feel light, cheerful and energized!

Contraindications to aqua classes

Despite the large number of benefits of aqua-jogging, for some people it is contraindicated, for example, for those who have such diseases as asthma, eye diseases, diabetes mellitus (severe), oncology, tendency to thrombosis, damage to eardrums, acute infections, severe cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Therefore, before proceeding to classes, be sure to consult with a specialist.

Do not be afraid to try new areas of fitness, because only this way you can find the best way to lose weight and improve the body for your individual characteristics and preferences!

New directions in water aerobics

I always loved the usual aqua aerobics, because other classes in the club are too heavy for my age. Why all these innovations in it?

The advantage of aqua aerobics over other activities is that you can engage people of different ages and levels of training. You can give an adequate load and beginners, and more prepared involved. Whatever equipment we use, this accessibility does not change. In addition, for groups with different physical training and different age categories, different equipment is used.

New types of aqua aerobics are needed not only for a variety of sensations, but also for working out different muscle groups. In any case, you will get all the advantages of this type of training: stimulate the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body, improve your physique, increase muscle strength, including small muscle groups, increase endurance, improve flexibility and coordination.

An interesting new look - aqua skiingcombining elements of aqua aerobics and cycling. A person who is in the water in the chest turns the pedals of a special exercise bike placed in the pool. Due to the resistance of the water, the muscular load and calorie burning increase, while injuring the joints in the water is quite difficult. Aquabikeing is good because there are practically no contraindications for it, it is suitable for people with any level of physical fitness. Even those who are afraid of water can do it, because they do not have to dive very deep, and the exercise bike is fixed at the bottom and provides a reliable support. I personally observe that even “lazy” people who avoid long workouts in the gym can achieve excellent results in aqua-biking.

In general, aqua-biking is often recommended for pregnant and elderly women, because it helps relieve back pain caused by the weight of the child or spinal disease, and tightens the abdomen and other problem areas. This type of physical education is useful even for those who suffer from osteoporosis, plus strengthens the venous and lymphatic system, which is an excellent prevention of varicose veins.

Who is the occupation for?AquaCombatand how heavy is it compared to other aqua aerobics lessons? How can you do martial arts in water?

Aqua combat - training in the pool with the basic elements of boxing, karate, kickboxing. This is a lesson for people of high and medium level of physical fitness, it will be quite hard for novices at all.

I want to note that during classes more calories are burned than with similar training on land, and all muscle groups work. Training includes percussion techniques for arms and legs and teaches how to breathe properly in water. But, of course, the sharpness of the movements will not be the same as on land, so you should not consider this occupation as a training in the field of martial arts.

For comparison, I advise you to pay attention to Aqua dance - dancing in the water. As a rule, these classes are divided according to the level of training, so that beginners will be able to study them. The most effective for burning calories, perhaps, aquajogging (jogging in the water), but he is the least entertaining.

Now there is a dance novelty comparable to aqua jogging on vigor - Aqua zumba. As you probably understood right away, she is based on the exotic Zumba dance. In this dance there are a lot of jumping movements, so on land it is not at all safe for people with greater weight, problems with joints and the spine. And in the water such exercises are not a hindrance! In addition, Aqua Zumba is specially held very fun and incendiary, like a pool party, they say it is a cure for stress and bad mood.

Power aqua aerobics - available fitness

It is necessary to tighten the muscles and increase stamina after a long sitting at home after giving birth. What is better, gym or power aerobics in the pool?

Power aqua aerobics really helps to “pump” and develop strength endurance. Due to the fact that water is denser than air, the body constantly encounters uniform resistance, sufficient for the muscles to work well and not lose their dynamic properties and explosive abilities (that is, for example, the ability to jump).

Plus, in the water, both the main muscle groups and the deep muscles are worked out, which are practically not involved in any way during the work in the hall. For people after a long break in fitness or beginners in the gym, there is a risk of unevenly distributing the load across muscle groups, for example, “siphoning” the press so that it begins to drag the lower back. In water, the load on different muscle groups always falls balanced. And, of course, if there are concerns about problems in the spine, which often happens because of the large weight or after carrying the child, the power load is generally allowed only in water.

New aquafitness trends

I would like not only to have some fun with the new equipment in the pool, but also to get health benefits. What new training is worth paying attention to?

You might be interested Aqua pole. This is a new trend in fitness - dancing on a special pole (pole) attached to the bottom of the pool. It may resemble a cardiostrip in the aerobics room, but in the water you are not visible to anyone except a trainer, which is important for some women. This program has all the benefits of practicing in water: the load is distributed evenly, the muscles are pumped intensively and harmoniously, even the smallest muscles stabilizers work. You can not only maintain the body in tone, adjust the shape, strengthen muscles and develop endurance, but also effectively train in the rehabilitation mode after injuries. Classes are also suitable for problems with the spine.

In addition, in my opinion, the most interesting and today equipment - Aquaflat. Это занятие на плоту, из высокопрочной синтетической ткани, который располагается на поверхности воды и крепится к бортикам иди дорожкам бассейна. Он рассчитан на вес занимающегося до 140 кг. Поверхность мягкая, не скользкая, плот широкий и закреплен, так что бояться падений не надо.

This equipment makes training more and more difficult due to the need to maintain balance, the methodology is based on exercises to develop coordination, balance, flexibility, strength and agility. On it do slats, lunges, squats, in general, familiar exercises. Aquaflat develop control over the whole body and significantly increase physical fitness. We can dose the load itself individually, due to which the program is available to people with different levels of physical fitness.

What it is?

Aquajogging is a relatively “young” direction of fitness, which involves running in water. It appeared in the 70s of the last century in America and was originally intended for the rehabilitation of people who lost mobility of limbs and suffered serious injuries. Later, the direction “migrated” to the world of fitness and today is used for weight loss and body contouring.

What is the use of aqua-jogging?

  1. Elaboration of almost all muscle groups. During the water run, calves, thighs, buttocks, and press are used. And if the movements are additionally carried out with hands, then they are also worked out, as well as the shoulder girdle.
  2. Training is very useful for losing weight. Water has the power of resistance, so more energy is expended to complete each movement. In just half an hour of running in the water, you can lose about 350 calories.
  3. Aquajogging allows you to cope with the unpleasant manifestations of cellulite, tighten the skin and model the contours of the body.
  4. Classes will help to normalize and accelerate blood circulation, improve blood supply to all tissues and organs.
  5. This is an excellent training of the respiratory system, which will improve the respiratory function and increase the volume of the lungs, ensuring the supply of the necessary amounts of oxygen in the body.
  6. Aqua-jogging is very useful for the cardiovascular system: it trains the heart and normalizes the contractile activity of its muscles, strengthens the blood vessels and fills them with blood.
  7. Training has a tonic effect, improves the immune system and increases the body's resistance to various infections.
  8. Aqua-jogging lessons help to get a boost of vitality, get rid of depression and apathy and elevate mood.

How are the workouts?

Training takes place in the pool, and there are two options. The first involves the use of inflatable restraint vests: the practitioners put them on and, thus, are held in the water, so that they can freely and comfortably carry out active movements with their feet, as during running on surfaces.

The second option is to use a treadmill, which is installed directly on the bottom of the pool. Such trainings assume more intensive loadings and are conducted far not in all fitness centers. In some cases, running is supplemented by hand movements, and sometimes dumbbells are used.

For classes you will need to purchase only a swimsuit, a rubber cap and a subscription to the fitness center. Additional accessories are given by the instructor immediately before workouts. Swimsuit should be as comfortable as possible, preferably sports.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Training has a complex effect on the body involved: strengthen muscles, promote weight loss, improve health and improve mood.
  • The load on the spine is minimal, since water has pushing properties and supports the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, even people with some health restrictions may be engaged.
  • Occupations are as safe as possible, since the risks of injury are minimal.
  • If you are shy of your body, then aqua-jogging is perfect for you, because the figures in the water will remain invisible to others.
  • After training, you will not feel very tired, as after training in the gym.
  • Classes are held as comfortable as possible, as the water relaxes and reduces perspiration.

  • There are some contraindications.
  • Such a direction of fitness will not work if you are afraid of water and everything connected with it.
  • Unfortunately, while this direction of fitness is only developing, therefore in small cities it is not easy to start exercising due to the lack of such services in sports clubs.

Who can not do?

There are the following contraindications to aqua-jogging:

  • muscle cramps
  • epileptic seizures,
  • severe cardiovascular diseases (including recent heart attacks or heart attacks), heart defects,
  • acute infections
  • period of exacerbation of chronic diseases,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • damage to the tympanic membranes (with such a problem during classes there may be problems with maintaining balance)
  • some diseases of the organs of vision, for example, lesions or atrophy of the retina,
  • gallbladder disease,
  • hypertension,
  • thrombosis, thrombophlebitis,
  • aneurysm,
  • any bleeding
  • decompensated or uncontrolled diabetes,
  • malignant neoplasms.

Relative contraindications are the period of menstruation, diseases of the joints, and skin problems. For dermatological diseases, it is obligatory to consult a dermatologist, since the water in all pools contains chlorine, and it can irritate the skin. In case of problems with the joints, lower water temperatures are contraindicated, as well as with weak immunity. Training during critical days is possible if menstruation is not abundant and pass painlessly.

If you want to lose weight and avoid intense workouts, then start akvadzhoggingom.

Where did aquajogging come from?

This direction came to us from faraway America, it was there that they created it. The purpose of the exercise is the recovery of athletes after injuries and rapid rehabilitation. Today everyone, not only sportsmen, are engaged in aqua-jogging. This type of training allows you to lose weight and get rid of cellulite on the hips and legs.

How is the training

In order for the load to go to the legs and thighs, the person is wearing a vest that keeps him afloat and does not allow you to touch your feet to the floor. As a result, you just have no choice but to run through the water. At first glance, this seems to be an easy and simple task, but in fact, this exercise is very difficult and after 5 minutes you will feel tired. You need to run with different intensity, it depends on this result. The more intense you run, the faster you can lose weight. Training in the pool for weight loss will help you become the owner of the perfect body!

Energy costs

Akvadzhogging allows you to burn a lot of calories, the minimum amount - 340 per hour, it all depends on the intensity.

Benefits of training with aqua-jogging:

Improving blood circulation

Improved motor coordination

Strengthening the muscles of the lower body

Intensification of the cardiovascular system

Improved mood and energy

You will notice the result of aqua-jogging after the first trainings, and it will simply amaze you! When combining workouts with proper nutrition, you can lose weight by 2 kg per week. After two weeks of active training, cellulite and excess volumes will begin to go away.