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Wedding anniversaries by year: titles, gifts and symbols


Two years of life together in marriage is over, which means that the anniversary has come, namely paper wedding. Marriage that lasted 2 yearsis called a paper wedding because such a small period does not speak of a strong union, is subject to change and can break as fast as paper.

Often in the second year of marriage, a child appears in a young family, and this indicates new obstacles and difficulties. Whatever obstacles you encounter on the way, you should be careful and careful with each other, always appreciate and respect. Otherwise, to break the "paper" is very simple.
Of course, guests are invited to the anniversary, who give paper products to the newlyweds, with numerous options: books, beautiful notebooks, calendars, etc. Glass gifts are also relevant. As for the newlyweds, they should also be given each other a gift, it is desirable that this be a love message.

As the saying goes, even though the paper breaks, it can endure everything and you can pour out all the most beautiful and unforgettable words on it.

Already two years, as you together.
Here is the birthday of the family.
More recently: you are the bride,
And her husband - timid groom.

Two years of happiness is valuable,
Let the anniversary and fragile.
Let your life sheet be bright
And eternal in centuries!

But seriously, forever
You connected fate.
May happiness be infinite,
You are a couple - just where!

Live in peace and harmony
And respect day after day.
Let there be joy, there will be happiness.
Until the golden live together!

Beautiful and young
And very, very expensive!
Congratulations on the paper wedding,
Love Nemer wish.

We wish you happiness and health,
Opportunities for you and expanse.
Let there be joy every day
In the winter - the sun, in the summer - a shadow.

Two years is only a threshold
And there is a huge time ahead,
Let it be a paradise for you.
And further - better than now.

Congratulations on your anniversary! We wish that every year your love will grow stronger, the relationship will only become warmer and more vibrant. Treasure each other, breathe, each other, enjoy every moment spent together. Let life and life adversity, never destroy the harmony and unity in your family.

With a paper wedding! Together you - 2 years.
Let it not be in the house of bad weather,
Let life go, fly yourself a year,
Live together and in love always.
Let the feelings be only hot
And on the way less sad days.

Here are the first two years
Flew - not to catch up,
And with a paper wedding
It is time to congratulate you.

We wish you, dear
For the family to stand by the mountain.
To live in love, in prosperity, in peace,
Do not swear among themselves.

To love your holy
Through the year carried forward.
To the golden wedding
People have come to you again!

So as each other,
As now, you watched.
We wish you forever
Hot, fiery love!

Here two years flew by,
But as if everything was yesterday:
The wedding was bright roaring,
The dress is white, veil.

Congratulations on the anniversary!
Divide everything in half,
So that love over the years has grown stronger
And gave you happiness.

Paper seems thin
But you need to know how to fold.
You will have everything right
In life, the main thing is to love.

You take care of each other,
Together be to the end.
Do not tear, do not burn
Your feelings and hearts!

You have a paper wedding today,
Two years you are happy together.
And let not yet acquired a hundred wealth
You are the bride and groom again.

Two years. Serious life began:
All life, vanity and care.
But your peace and order pleases the eye,
In love, you live in happiness.

I wish you a paper sheet
In a sheet of gold in an instant turned.
Shared happiness to you, shared roads.
Your union is only strengthened!

Love has connected your souls
Two years passed like two days!
You are called proudly wife and husband
To each other loyal eternal loyalty!

Let there be everything: comfort, warmth, prosperity,
May the star lead you to happiness!
In the family let your order reigns,
And let love never fade away!

Paper wedding, we congratulate you!
You have been together for 2 years, let you get lucky
Love and harmony we wish you
May fate bring happiness on the wings,

Let the hearth warm you up,
Love, appreciate each other always,
Love may pleases and inspires you
She is your lodestar star!

Congratulate you again and say the words,
That is not a year, but two whole ones
Hardened steel for your family.
Let's raise our glasses!
Fluffy speeches will flow
And you remember the romance, candles.
All this should not be forgotten in love
One young we want to wish:
Let the paper become plain paper.
Guys, you love, not counting the years.
You will have a golden wedding!

Name of weddings by year

All weddings by year can be divided into groups according to their symbolism:

  • Metallic: nickel, silver, gold, etc.
  • Stone: turquoise, emerald, ruby, etc.
  • Textile: calico, linen, lace, etc.
  • In honor of popular materials: leather, wooden, earthenware, glass, etc.

Let's briefly look at each of them and discuss what wedding names exist by year and what they symbolize, and the photos will tell you which gifts will be appropriate for a particular date.

Wedding anniversaries by year: 1-10 years

It seems that only recently the spouses made a plan for preparing for the wedding and celebrated this unique event, as they are now inviting guests again, but for a different reason. In the first ten of family life, the couple will have many unique wedding anniversaries, their names ideally describe all the beauty, but at the same time, the fragility of the union in the first decade of marriage.

  1. 1 year - chintz wedding. The union of the spouses is still “thin” and fragile, like a calico canvas, but simple and unconstrained, like this lightweight material.
  2. 2 years - paper wedding. Marriage is like paper, it can be easily “rumpled” and broken, so you should take care of such tenuous relationships for the time being.
  3. 3 years - leather wedding. The relationship of the spouses is not yet strong enough, but already very “pliable” and flexible, like leather, because the couple have already learned to adapt to each other.
  4. 4 years - linen (wax) wedding. During the four years of marriage together, the spouses have already gotten used to each other and are woven together like flax fibers, so it is not so easy to separate them.
  5. 5 years - wooden wedding. Wood is a cozy material, as is the relationship between spouses after five years of living together. In addition, many beautiful things can be made of wood, and marriage due to the work of the spouses over the years turns into their common “work” of art!
  6. 6 years - cast iron wedding. The relationship of the spouses is like cast iron - even at first glance as strong as any metal, but still not enough, because cast iron is a brittle material.
  7. 7 years - copper (wool) wedding. Over the years, the marriage union is becoming more beautiful and stronger: it acquires a copper sheen and strength. According to another symbolism: relationships are like wool - cozy and warm, but sometimes they are “prickly”, like wool products.
  8. 8 years - tin wedding. So that after 8 years of marriage together, the relationships of the spouses do not lose their brilliance and beauty, they must be constantly “polished” like tin products.
  9. 9 years - faience wedding. After nine years, marriage is beautiful, but fragile, like faience, because This period is usually critical in the life of a couple.
  10. 10 years - tin (pink) wedding. After a decade of marriage, the couple learned to give in to a friend, became supple and flexible, like tin. Well, the symbol of the rose directly emphasizes the beauty of the union, which, however, must be protected and cared for, like a naughty rose bush.