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Turban - a stylish headdress for fashionistas


The turban is one of the most spectacular and unusual headdresses that will be appreciated by women who prefer to create extraordinary bows. Depending on the characteristics of a particular model, they can be worn in a warm or cool period.

Why wear a turban?

Such a headdress as a turban on the head has a very rich history. It was used by the people of India, North Africa, Asia. The purpose of this article of clothing among such peoples is to emphasize their belonging to a particular profession, to indicate the region of residence, the religious direction. Indian warriors used it to carry weapons and things. A significant amount of fabric was used for production, in some cases up to 20 m of material was required.

In modern fashion, a turban has the following purpose:

  • decorative function, women of fashion who want to stand out from the crowd and emphasize their originality, can use it as a replacement for the original hairstyle. This role is perfectly performed by a kind of bandage, twisted by a cord,
  • as protection from the sun's rays, this role is performed by a lightweight bandage, which serves as a complement to the beach wardrobe,
  • as a warm headdress, this function is performed by knitted models,
  • as a replacement for the rim or hoop, ensuring the fixation of long or medium strands.

Headdress turban

Some famous couturiers use a turban on the head when creating their collections. It is characterized by the following distinctive features:

  • this thing can act as a decorative bandage, replacing a hoop, or in the form of a full-fledged headdress, which is especially characteristic of the winter and autumn seasons,
  • as for the material used for the manufacture, it can be extremely light, for example, it is a scarf, or made of dense materials, for example, to be bound from wool,
  • a turban can be monophonic and concise or contain all sorts of prints, be decorated with brooches, chains and other decorative elements.

Turban hat

An extremely original way can be framed cap, which consists of parts that simulate wrapping around the head in several layers. Among its distinctive features are the following:

  • knitwear or wool can be used for manufacturing,
  • as for the color range, it can be white, beige, gray, bright color, black turban,
  • the product can be monophonic or decorated with various prints, for example, stripes,
  • the thing covers the entire head, including the top of the head, unlike such a model as a bandage.

Knitted turban

For a cool season, a knitted turban on the head will be a real find. It can be decorated in the following ways:

  • can be made in the form of a bandage or cap, completely covering the head,
  • can be placed in front of a spectacular brooch, performing a decorative and fixing function,
  • mating can be made in the form of a simple flat cloth or contain pigtails, bundles and other patterns.

Turban bandage

For warmer weather is intended headband-turban. Among the distinguishing characteristics of this thing are the following:

  • it can be made of lightweight fabric, such as silk or chiffon, or more dense,
  • the ends of a long piece of fabric can be lowered on the shoulders or be tucked in,
  • The turban can contain an original weave in the front, which is achieved by using different ways of laying matter.

Shawl turban

One of the most common variations of models is the female turban, made from a scarf. It can be laid in different ways, leaving some strands of hair to view or completely hiding them. The scarf can be wrapped around the head in the form of a bandage, while the top of the head remains open, or it can completely cover the head.

Beach turban

With the onset of the summer season, turbans on the head for girls, intended for the beach, are becoming very popular. These distinctive characteristics are peculiar to them:

  • the product also performs a decorative function, acting as a stylish addition to the beach bow, and practical, the turban serves as protection from the sun's rays,
  • for the manufacture are used mainly natural "breathable" fabrics, such as light cotton,
  • another option would be the lightest air chiffon,
  • Bright colors and the presence of various prints are characteristic of summer beach items.

Turban transformer

For the fair sex of all ages is extremely relevant turban from the stole, which can act as a transformer. It can be worn as a scarf, but if desired, at any time to be laid on the head using different ways:

  • in the form of a bandage or a headdress that completely covers the head,
  • with the ends of the fabric, fully tucked in or down on the shoulders.

Turban bezel

Girls who want to create spectacular styling and hairstyles on their heads will be able to use a hair turban, made in the form of a rim. It is characterized by such distinctive features:

  • made of lightweight fabric, because the bezel is smaller,
  • strands remain open to view, it can be curls of any length,
  • The material can be effectively twisted in the form of harnesses.

How to tie a turban?

Many women of fashion who seek to create original bows, ask themselves: how to tie a turban out of a scarf? Among the most popular and common ways are the following:

  1. The Turkish version, which consists in the fact that the scarf is worn like a hood, cross its ends behind, bring them forward and again weave. Then the ends are again placed at the back and tied, either pulling them down on their shoulders or hiding them.
  2. Another popular option, how to tie a turban on his head, known as the African. It has a significant volume, which is achieved by repeatedly wrapping a piece of cloth around a tuft of hair high on the head. The technique of weaving is similar to Turkish, but the intersection of the ends begins in the front.
  3. Romantic way - is that the fabric is gently twisted on the head with the help of standard technology and effectively decorated with a beautiful brooch. It is allowed to twist the material into a bundle wrapped around the head. If the first two ways of tying are more suitable for creating images in the style of casual, then the romantic option can be used in combination with evening dresses.

What to wear a turban?

Such a thing as a female turban on the head can be used to create numerous images. Among the most spectacular combinations of combinations are the following:

  1. Casual bow - made with the help of wardrobe items that match the casual style - these are jeans, shirts, t-shirts, denim or leather jackets.
  2. Evening look - created using spectacular dresses that can have different lengths.
  3. Beach bow - made with the use of light tops, T-shirts, T-shirts, shorts, cropped skirts.
  4. The image in the style of boho - you can create it with the help of skirts or dresses having a midi length or as long as possible to the floor. Such products can be complemented by fringe, embroidery with colored threads, applications, can be made in the style of patchwork.

What to wear a turban?

What to wear a turban in the summer?

In hot weather, the summer turban will be a great solution, which is combined with many lightweight wardrobe items. Among them are the following:

  • light chiffon, cotton, linen dresses or sundresses, which can be mini, midi or be as long as possible to the floor,
  • cropped shorts or knee-length breeches made from denim or some other type of material
  • as the top can serve as a fit or loose t-shirts, T-shirts, tops, air tunics,
  • as shoes you can use almost any sandals and sandals, the choice of model will depend on the features of the image.

What to wear with a turban in autumn and spring?

For the autumn-spring period, a knitted turban hat will be a spectacular addition to a demi-season outfit. It can be successfully combined with such wardrobe items:

  • jeans of various styles or trousers, corresponding to the style of casual,
  • skirts made in the style of boho or sports knit dresses or skirts,
  • shortened jackets made of natural fabrics, it can be a model of denim or leather "leather jacket",
  • An oversized coat, which is made in casual style,
  • for warmer weather, elongated knitted cardigans are suitable,
  • shoes can be on the low run, wedge, platform, thickened heels, on the tractor outsole.

What to wear a turban in winter?

In winter, a girl in a turban looks very stylish and extraordinary. Therefore, this headdress will be appreciated by women of fashion who prefer to attract everyone’s attention and create original bows. Among the successful variations of the combination can be identified the following:

  • an image that includes a fur coat made of natural fur, having a mini or maxi length, and elegant boots or ankle boots with a narrow heel can be extremely spectacular and contrasting,
  • as the outerwear can be a short sheepskin coat or a sheepskin coat. In this case, they can be combined with high boots or boots,
  • The coat can be selected as elegant and overseas, made in the style of casual. Depending on the choice of a particular model, it is complemented by elegant shoes or insulated sneakers or sneakers,
  • Another extraordinary solution would be a down jacket, which can have different lengths. It looks organic with a knitted headdress, jeans and boots on a tractor sole.

Turban and turban - the differences

The headdress is often known to women of fashion called turban-turban. In modern fashion, these two concepts are identified, but historically they have certain differences, which are as follows:

  • turban is made from a large amount of fabric, which can vary from 6 to 20 m. Turban is much lighter, it does not require as much material. In addition, it has such a distinctive detail as drapery,
  • the turban necessarily has a knot that is tied either to the front or to the back, its cloth below is uneven, unlike the turban,
  • The turban was originally intended only for the male, while the turban was worn by women.

What it is?

A turban or turban is a headdress that is a piece of cloth wrapped around a head. Presumably he appeared in ancient Persia and then spread throughout the East. In certain periods of time, the turbans were worn by representatives of the government and even the warriors who folded their weapons in a headdress.

Gradually the turban became one of the attributes of Islam, but later it became an accessory, and quite fashionable. So, the first women began to wear it French, then the headdress appeared in other countries. It reached its peak of popularity at the beginning of the last century. Today, the turban can be seen on the heads of celebrities, and it looks about the same as in antiquity, the differences relate only to size (modern variations are much smaller).

Who is the turban?

Turban is a very unusual and exotic, but at the same time a universal headdress that suits almost everyone. He is able to make a youthful image more mischievous, and he will turn a middle-aged woman into a real elegant and gorgeous lady. Features of the figure also do not impose any restrictions.

How to tie?

The easiest option is to buy a ready-made turban. It looks like a cap, quickly and simply put on the head and does not require additional training. But you can also do it yourself with a turban from the accessories available to every self-respecting woman.

So, how to tie a turban beautifully and simply? We offer several interesting ways:

  1. Turban can be tied on the head of a light scarf. To do this, place the middle on the back of his head. Connect the ends of the forehead and cross it twice. Next, remove them back and wrap their heads (under the knot) until the material runs out. Fill the tips under the turban, if necessary, fix the invisible hairpins.
  2. You can also make a turban from a headscarf, and this original way will suit long-haired girls. Fold the scarf in half and twist it into a loose harness. Divide the hair into two parts, place a bundle on the back of the head, so that the ends of the length are the same length. Then twist the hair with a handkerchief, wrap the head with the ends, cross it over your forehead, put it behind the back of your head and fix it with a barrette or a thin elastic band, put it under the fabric.
  3. The turban of two scarves will look original. To tie it, simply tie two scarves and follow the steps described above.
  4. Take a triangular scarf, place it with a wide part at the back of the head so that it is divided into two parts. Lean forward, wrap the entire head with a handkerchief, twist it once. Tie the remaining ends on the back of the head.

How to make a choice?

How to choose a suitable turban? Here are some things to consider:

  • Material. The ideal option for the summer will be lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, silk. And in the winter it will be very useful to have a warm knitted turban, which will replace the usual hat.
  • Colors can be very diverse. If the dress is bright, then it is better to give preference to a uniform headdress of neutral and restrained shades. If the clothes are calm and laconic, the turban, on the contrary, can be bright or decorated with prints: flowers, geometric patterns, oriental patterns, and so on.
  • Volume. If you do not want to look ridiculous, you should not choose excessively voluminous models, it is desirable to find a middle ground. You can also follow a simple unspoken rule: the more appetizing the figure, the more voluminous should be the turban. Otherwise, an imbalance will be created that will make the image absurd.

What to wear?

To look fashionable and stylish, you need to be able to make sets of clothes and accessories and competently create images. And the turban is an excellent opportunity to experiment without fear of looking extravagant and ridiculous.

The turban is combined with almost all styles, except sports and business (although some are trying to experiment with them). This headpiece fits perfectly into the hippie or boho directions, it will emphasize the hidden femininity and originality of the image.

The following things go perfectly with the turban:

  • Wide hip-flared trousers or bloomers from light flowing fabric.
  • Long skirt.
  • Dress style "A-line".
  • Long fitted dress.
  • Long sundress.
  • A turban will complement a light look, including jeans and a loose tunic or shirt.
  • A warm turban can be worn with a cardigan or an oversize overcoat.
  • If you are not ready to experiment, then connect the turban with a leather jacket, leather jacket. The result can be unexpected and impressive.

As for accessories, they must complete the image and complement the turban. You can use a voluminous bag (textile will look especially harmonious), a thin strap, long beads, as well as a brooch that you can pin directly to the headwear. But do not overdo it, so as not to overload the outfit with unnecessary details.

Turban will make your look stylish and bright if you learn how to tie it and properly match it with clothes.

Fashion hats 2018-2019: a few words about trends

If we talk about what the new trendsetters will offer in the near future, we can confidently say that color is important in any element of the wardrobe.

A rich palette and seasonal ornamentalism will also affect fashionable hats from 2018-2019, decorating hats with fun knitted patterns, cute little animals and flowers, intricate abstractions and geometric shapes.

Headgear with bright mixes of color combinations, current classic and pastel shades, as well as rich tones, for example, red, green, blue, blue, purple, burgundy, etc. will be in harmony with the outerwear of the autumn-winter season, complementing the set with the necessary warm accent.

Next you will see the headgear from which materials will be in trend in 2018-2019.

Fashion hats 2018-2019: hats, caps, hats ...

Someone such headgear as hats, cause not the most pleasant emotions. Many believe that a hat can ruin a haircut - the works of a few hours at the mirror.

Choosing women's hats, you have to spend a lot of time and effort to find the most successful style that would blend in harmoniously with the autumn-winter look, and fit you with the type of face and appearance features.

But do not be upset. Today, fashionable hats in the form of caps are so diverse that even the most whimsical lady will be able to choose a hat to your liking.

In the trend, such hats 2018-2019, as knitted hats of small and large knit turban and turban, luxurious winter hats made of smooth and long fur, hats - earflaps.

Such stylish hats 2018-2019 will not let you freeze even in the most severe frosts.

Если нужны еще варианты, дизайнеры предложили молодежные фасоны — легкие головные уборы бини (вязаные, либо с мохера), и трикотажные и вязаные шапки с помпоном.

Trendy berets that perfectly complement the romantic and retro look will be relevant in the autumn-winter season.

The novelty of the autumn-winter season has become unusual headwear hoods that will appeal to teenage girls and women who prefer an informal style of dressing.

A stylish and feminine hats 2018-2019 of felt will be an exclusive find for real ladies who prefer elegant classic images.

Women's hats 2018-2019: Loose - as an alternative to hats

As we have said, no matter how stylish the caps are, for many such hats are very uncomfortable.

That is why a successful alternative to hats will be fashionable hats 2018-2019 in the form of scarves such as LIC or as they are called - a collar.

Headwear clamps 2018-2019 is the best solution for creating unique and feminine autumn-winter bows with an elegant coat, a luxurious fur coat, a bright fur coat or a sheepskin coat, and a beautiful down coat-dress.

These hats are present in the spring-summer season, complementing a delicate little dress, or a tandem skirt, jacket and top with a light airy version of the yoke, which you can always cover your head when you need. Otherwise, you can wear a scarf in the form of a scarf.

As a rule, fashionable hats for winter days 2018-2019 are made of knitwear, in the form of large knitting, but neat and quivering knitted patterns are also welcome.

Stylish hats 2018-2019: original hats

Fans of classics and elegant style, as well as lovers of extravagant street style, designers are advised to choose for themselves such hats 2018-2019, as hats.

The usual hats in the form of hats have been replenished with exclusive novelties, demonstrating a variety of hat fashion with such models as Fedor, Trilby, Cloche, and Fez hats.

Fashionable hats with large brim in topical shades of the season - a tribute to the jockey style, will become a favorite for young fashionistas who choose urban style.

Many will be amazed by such models as the current, the tablet hat, the bi-bi retro style, unusual fur hats.

We have selected for you the original photo ideas, where fashionable hats 2018-2019 in the form of hats are also present, looking at which you will see how stylish the image can be in the presence of a hat.

Original hats 2018-2019: stylish caps and caps

Although such hats for 2018-2019 as caps and caps can also be attributed to caps, we still distinguished them in a separate category, because fashion caps and caps are very unusual, look very stylish, and often suitable for women who completely refuse from others options.

You can wear fashionable caps and caps, both with sports-style clothing, either casual or with more elegant coats, for example, cape, poncho, straight cut, and also with down jackets and fur coats.

It's nice that these hats 2018-2019 can be worn in the spring and summer, and look very stylish and original.

Headgear 2018-2019: fashionable bandages, bandanas, scarves

As you can see, the ideas that wear on the head, so that it is warm and beautiful, are not small. You can also add hats such as headbands, bandanas and women's scarves to the above styles.

They will create very successful and beautiful bows in different stylistic directions, refreshing your appearance, and giving your look a special mood.

It is characteristic that bandages, bandanas and scarves can be worn both in warm seasons and in cold weather. It all depends on the material from which the headpiece is made.

Note that the bandages and bandanas are remarkable for a wide variety of styles, which will allow you to add not only elegant sets, but it will also be relevant to look in combination with youth wardrobe in an informal direction.

But stylish scarves are an ideal solution for self-confident women, who pay attention to trifles and details, are ready to give fabulous money for a handbag, and do not represent their spring-summer, and even autumn-winter image without glasses.

Silk shawls and more dense material options will look unique with coats, short jackets and jackets, complement a fashionable cardigan, and will effectively look in tandem with a fur coat and sheepskin coat.


Turban is a traditional headdress for men in many eastern countries.

This thing is a narrow and long piece of fabric that wraps around the head more than once. As a rule, it is worn on top of the skullcap, although the Indians and the people of Pakistan wear a hat right on their bare head.

Each nationality is characterized by a certain color scheme, the size and material of the turban, and the variants of its setting are different. Even inside one country, this headdress is not the same - it indicates the social identity of a person. So, by tradition Muslims wear a white turban, however, anyone who has ever visited Mecca or belongs to the great prophet’s family has the right to tie a headdress of green or black color.

Researchers of Eastern life and culture have found that there are at least a thousand variants of wearing turbans. Interestingly, in the era of the Middle Ages, in its folds it was customary to hide a tulip - a flower, according to legend, bringing good luck.

Residents of the desert turban perfectly protects from the rays of the scorching sun, and in battle it protects the head from injuries and, moreover, simply adds to the man's height.

Of course, for many centuries, some types of Oriental costume have lost their former relevance. So, Today turban perfectly complements a strict business suit - Arab political leaders wear it during trips abroad, as well as meetings inside their country.

Often this headdress is mistakenly identified with a turban. However, with the turbans, in contrast, the bottom edge is not straight. And besides, it is much smaller in size.

Gradually, the turban became part of the female wardrobe. Made of expensive material and precious stones, this thing perfectly emphasizes the beauty of oriental beauties.

From the East, this accessory has come into European fashion. During the 20th century, he appeared and disappeared from the stylish wardrobe. For example, women of the postwar period began to wear a turban, wanting to dilute their lives with an element of luxury.

In recent years, this accessory is again in fashion and is not going to give up its leadership position. And for the convenience of fashionistas, a hat was designed that superficially copies the form of a turban - there is no need to waste time on tying it. This headdress is acceptable to wear in all seasons, it is very popular even in warm weather.

One type of accessory is a dressing that looks like a turban, a more primitive version that protects the ears from gusts of wind.

Speaking about the features of this headdress, which favorably distinguishes it from other options, we note the unique oriental style (after all, most modern hats are somewhat similar to each other). In addition, the turban has a variety: you can wear a ready-made hat or a bandage on your head, or you can effectively wind a long scarf or a scarf.

UhThis accessory is also beneficial due to the fact that it is appropriate with many types of outerwear. It is practical - hide unsuccessful hair or lack of styling. Turban is suitable for women of all ages: it will decorate both a young girl and a respectable lady of elegant age.

Modern female turban is made of fabric or yarn. As for the fabric options, the favorites are the models from natural raw materials - cotton and knitwear. Soft and lightweight cotton patterns are ideal for summer and early fall, while knitted ones are denser and warmer.

Any woman can make a turban out of a cotton or knitted scarf. It is easier to make it from a material of light texture. It is necessary to cover the head with a scarf, placing its ends behind. The tips are tied into a knot, twisted separately and fixed in front of the forehead. It remains only to issue a beautiful knot, you can decorate it with brooch or beads.

For the manufacture of turbans also suitable bright scarf, but not square, and a rectangular shape. As the original version - you can combine two shawls of different colors.

Knitted hats in the form of turban differ in a variety of yarn. The most in demand products made of wool. Stylish and romantic look option from fluffy mohair. Often in woolen things will include acrylic additives, there are also fully synthetic options (polyester), which look, in principle, no less neat and beautiful. In addition, things with the addition of synthetics unpretentious in the care, more wearable.

In addition, the yarn can have the original color solution - melange, gradient or sectional. Also, such hats are often decorated with a brooch or a pebble at the site of the knot. The knot itself, made of original knitting, can be a decorative element.

As for the pattern of knitted hats in the form of a turban, the following popular techniques are used: ordinary hosiery, pearl pattern (or “rice”), English, French, relief gum, 2x2 volume elastic. Such caps knit relief braids, voluminous braided. Elements of an openwork pattern look elegantly.

By the way, if you independently knit a turban of fine yarn, you must also make an extra base of more bulky threads so that the hat keeps the shape (do it with garter stitch).

Fashion trends

Like any stylish accessory, the turban cap changes with each new season. These innovations relate to style, color, material and decorative elements. This season in the trend of strict forms - the turban is more miniature, has a minimum number of lines. Shawls fade into the background, giving way directly to the caps and headbands.

European style suppresses the eastern: pliable soft-touch fabrics, minimal decor.

In a fashion saturated colors (for example, purple or fuchsia), choose your own suitable option, based on their own color type. However, the eternal classics - black and white - are still in trend and will suit many fashionistas. Also for the renewed softer look, gray is ideal. Favorite trendy wine shade (which goes for almost everyone), it is beautiful in itself, as well as in combination with other tones. It is not the first year that the emerald is popular. Knitted turban will be decorated with various shades of pink, beige and peach. Basic sand color is able to adapt to any female wardrobe.

The decor plays an important role in the modern headdress, especially it is relevant for an evening look. The classic decoration is a massive brooch, smooth or with a scattering of pebbles. Trendy turban today is also decorated over the entire surface with sequins or beads. The mesh veil on the headdress will add mystery and piquancy to the lady - an excellent evening option. However, it should be borne in mind that choosing a turban with decor does not need to wear other eye-catching decorations, since this is already a self-contained detail that attracts attention.

In principle, the turban hat goes to almost all women, the main thing is to choose the right style, focusing on the shape of your face.

Important tips:

  1. Ladies with an oval-shaped face and high forehead are most fortunate - they can choose any model they want. One has only to avoid too high options that can visually lengthen the face.
  2. If your face is long and narrow, the elongated style does not fit. Your goal is to visually equalize the proportions, so get a low turban reaching the eyebrows with a lot of horizontal lines.
  3. To chubby young ladies, on the contrary, it is necessary to extend an oval — an elongated model will fit without an abundance of folds.
  4. A soft draped fabric is able to divert attention from a square face, try a voluminous style without multiple decor.
  5. A triangular face will brighten up almost any style of turban. You can experiment with the decor: a large brooch will give features of fragility, and a veil from the grid will add mystery.

Fashionable women's hats 2018-2019: trends and trends

If we talk about colors, the fashionable women's hats 2018-2019 will remind you of the past warm seasons with brightness and richness of shades.

And although traditional hats of pastel and dark shades, in particular, cream, coffee, beige, white, classic black, gray and brown will not leave the wardrobe of the fashionistas, still stylists advise you to pamper yourself by choosing trendy hats of turquoise, green, red, crimson, emerald, orange, burgundy, plum, blue and pale pink.

Agree, such fashionable hats 2018-2019 can not go unnoticed, especially if they are worn with a scarf of the same material.

At the peak of popularity, fashionable knitted hats in the form of voluminous braids, color patterns, fish scale patterns, and Norwegian patterns.

And although knitted hats were in past seasons, in 2018-2019, fashionable hats were replenished with such innovative models as beanie, turban, Helsinki, snoody, etc.

And now on the shelves ... What fashionable women's hats for 2018-2019 you definitely need to turn your attention to look stylish.

Fashion hats 2018-2019: new items and styles of winter hats

Beautiful winter hats from 2018-2019 are presented with high-viscous variants that will successfully complement your autumn and winter bow in a sporting, casual, street and city style.

Fashionable hats of coarse-knitted Helsinki wool are not only special for their versatility, they are incredibly warm, and will save you from the most severe cold, carefully wrapping your hair in severe frosts.

If fashionable hats are also decorated with a magnificent pompons, admire yourself, because you are in trend!

Fashion hats fall-winter 2018-2019: turban and turban

Fashionable hats fall-winter 2018-2019 called turban on girls with delicate features look incredibly elegant and elegant.

These fashionable women's headdresses with typical fine viscous are most often made of wool of gray, burgundy, blue, brown, black color.

Fashionable turban hats are a great addition to luxurious outerwear, in particular midi or floor length fur coats, a fashionable coat of a fitted or loose model or an elegant sheepskin coat.

To emphasize the magnificence of the dress, fashionable hats turban 2018-2019 can be decorated with a beautiful brooch with stones, which creates the effect of chic, flirty and luxury.

But volumetric knitted turban caps will be appreciated by those fashionable women who wish to experiment with winter looks. Such fashionable hats will agree to wear only the original and creative girls.

Fashion hats 2018-2019 with a pompon - playful and positive models for active fashionistas

Despite the fact that fashionable women's hats 2018-2019 with a pompon were in demand and still, this did not prevent designers from presenting new hats with this cute element in new collections.

Knitted women's hats with a pompon fit to the things in sports and street style, providing comfort and good mood to its owner.

Note that fashionable hats with a pompon will be well combined with jackets parks, bombers, down jackets, puffed short jackets, etc., emphasizing the activity and bold nature of any fashionable woman.

Color variations of this model are very different: from calm to bright and rich. Also, designers have made a bunch of options with contrasting combinations of shades, which looks very original and relevant for the autumn-winter season.

Fashion hats for women autumn-winter 2018-2019 in a classic manner: timeless berets and women's hats

The fashion for hats from 2018-2019 did not cheat on women who like to look reserved, offering them beautiful hats in a classic manner with cuffs and without plenty of new products.

The most popular and stylish are fashionable hats 2018-2019 autumn-winter in such styles as knitted berets and women's hats, which will complement the elegant business, office, urban, romantic bow.

Fashion hats in the form of berets can be made of large yarn, and can be smooth in texture.

Leather berets that broke into the fashion season, creating good competition for traditional models, have become trendy.

The color range is usually calm, but nevertheless, the bright knit berets in color also have a place to be this season.

Fashion caps 2018-2019 berets are a great solution for women with a good imagination, because this model can be worn in different ways, which will help a woman to be always new and unique.

As for women's hats, fashionable autumn-winter looks with this option of a headdress will interest both girls and older women, because you can wear them with raincoats, trench coats, leather outerwear, and different coat models.

Fashion designers have proposed fashionable women's hats with wide brim and elegant warm women's hats made of felt, decorated with ribbons, stones, beads, feathers, which cannot but attract attention and not enchant.

Fashionable women's hats 2018-2019: beautiful women's hats Loose

Many women believe that whatever beautiful women’s hats for 2018-2019 do not appear, they will not fit them, and wearing them will only add to themselves the extra hassle of hair styling.

In fact, it's not at all like that. Тем не мене, если традиционные женские шапки в классической или более оригинальной манере вам не по душе, вы можете попробовать модный фасон под названием хомут или снуд, что является шарфом — шапкой и трансформируется так, как вам угодно.

Красивые женские шапки 2018-2019 снуды крупной или мелкой вязки, с узорами, или однофактурные помогут создать потрясающие стильные луки с пальто, шубой, дубленкой.

Depending on the color of your outerwear, choose fashionable hats in more subtle or bright contrasting shades, emphasizing the chic look and emphasizing the femininity and fragility of the silhouette.

Fashion hats 2018-2019: youth bini

Bendy hats have become trendy. New beanie hats and more familiar knitwear models will conquer girls with a new trick - a veil. By the way, the veil appeared not only in this style, but also adorned other models, for example, a turban.

The original women's beanie caps seem to have been designed to create exclusive youth kits with inflated jackets, quilted down jackets.

It is characteristic that new models of bini, proposed by well-known brands, will be combined even with fur coats and fur coats, simulating playful and unusual bows.

Fashion hats 2018-2019: women's hats with fur and cool women's hats

Every year there are new women's hats. Despite this, fashionable hats made of fur and with fur inserts are out of competition.

Fashion hats are presented, both from eco-fur, and with natural versions of fur. This winter will not do without hat with earflaps, which will save from the cold harmoniously fitting in sets in a variety of styles.

Fashionable hats made of fur and with fur inserts of more elegant models will wonderfully complement outerwear with fur accents of the same shade.

But for girls who want to attract special attention during the cold months, we recommend choosing cool hats 2018-2019 with all sorts of prints, bold and unexpected colors, trendy youth models with several pom-poms, beautiful women's hats with ears or long backs, etc. .

For many fashionistas - the most - there will be fashionable novelties of caps - tubes, hats in the form of warm and beautifully decorated headbands and kerchiefs, women's caps with a visor.

If you have not bought a hat yet, you will see a collection of fashionable hats, where you can find new items, trends and classic styles of hats fall-winter 20-18-2019.

What a turban hat looks like

A turban hat or turban is a headdress that imitates a piece of cloth repeatedly wrapped around the head.

Initially, this accessory was an element of the men's national costume of residents of Eastern countries and, indeed, was a long cloth of matter.

A long study by specialists of the characteristics of Eastern culture has shown that there are hundreds of ways of tying turbans. Today, women of fashion can choose the most simple and understandable method, or purchase a finished product that is worn on the principle of a traditional cap.

Externally, a turban hat may look different - the most common option is to have a knot or a cross made of cloth in the forehead area, and a triangular neckline frames the face. The knot can be decorated with a large brooch, which is especially characteristic of evening accessories. Subspecies of such a headdress can be called a turban-dressing - the head area in this case remains open, the product covers the ears and forehead, forming a stylish image.

The turban is noticeably larger in volume than the turban, and its bottom edge does not have a triangular notch. If the turban can be called the most ordinary bini with a cross on the forehead, then the voluminous turban dare to wear only real women of fashion with an exceptional sense of style.

Another option for tying a female turban cap involves the presence of a harness — the head wraps around with the fabric, completely covering the hair area, and a harness formed from the same fabric is laid along the head circumference. Any version of turban or turban can be complemented by a hanging edge of matter - when you knit a turban yourself, using a tippet, safely leave the edges, without torturing yourself the question of how to tuck them neatly into the folds of a headdress.

How to tie a summer turban

Do not be upset if you could not get a summer turban - it can be formed from any scarf, thin scarf or stole. The easiest way is as follows:

  • Take a long wide scarf and attach it to the middle of the head, straightening the fabric over the entire head,
  • cross the ends of the scarf on the forehead twice and move it backwards,
  • cross the ends of the scarf on the back of the head once and bring it forward
  • tie the ends on the knot in front, and fill the edges in the crosshair formed earlier.

The summer turban hat provides for different hairstyles - you can remove all the hair under a hat, leave the hair loose, or braid two braids.

You can tie a turban with a harness - to do this, attach a handkerchief to his forehead, straightening the fabric over the entire head, and take the ends back. Tie the ends into a knot at the back of the head, fold them together and twist in a spiral. Wrap the resulting harness along the head circumference and pass the edge of the harness through the previously formed knot at the back of the head. The edges can be tucked under a turban or left loose.

Silk and chiffon scarves, organza or veil shawls, as well as polyester or viscose are suitable as a material for a light turban. In the trend, both motley and monotonous turbans - choose colors, focusing on your wardrobe. It is best to supplement the monochrome headdress with a colorful outfit, and use a bright turban with a print as an addition to monophonic things.

The ideal choice would be a turban hat for women who like the boho style, it can be worn with multi-layered skirts on the floor, with long sundresses trimmed with lace, with cotton and linen blouses with an embossed pattern.

These kind of hats fit to the side of flared jeans and t-shirts with a print. A colorful dress and sandals in ethno style with wooden beads and lacing complement the silk turban, leather bracelets and a pendant on a long cord - you will get a fashionable outfit in African style. In this case, the turban should be tied up as much as possible, using harnesses.

A light turban hat is also appropriate on the beach - the photos demonstrate exquisite combinations with bathing suits and pareos:

The turban hat for spring and autumn

In spring and autumn, many fashionable women wear knitted hats, and the turban is no exception - this is a comfortable model that looks much more original than traditional beanie. From the description of the knitted turban cap, it becomes clear that you do not need to tie it - it is worn on the bini principle.

Wear such a hat with boho-style clothing - cardigans, oversized jumpers, fringed suede jackets, jeans, cowboy boots or even sneakers, with skirts and maxi dresses. Experiments of a stylist with a turban within the business style are becoming more and more successful - a trendy suit of trousers with arrows and a blazer can be supplemented with a thin knitted turban, and in cool weather wear a voluminous cardigan, a straight coat or a trench coat.

A womanly knitted turban hat with a leather jacket, skinny jeans and leather ankle boots looks chic. Also try on a turban with a cap and long gloves.

Sometimes in spring girls wear a classic turban that needs to be tied up. A turban from a knitted scarf can be worn even with a tracksuit or a bomber jacket. An option for bold and extravagant fashionistas. For elegant looks, use silk scarves or stoles made of polyester and viscose; thin velvet or thick satin may be appropriate.

Winter options

In winter, most ladies prefer knitted hats, which are often made with their own hands. If you want to tie a turban, but are not confident in your creative abilities, use a ready-made description of a turban cap. The simplest model is a scarf, folded and tailored in a certain way, even a child will cope with this task. You can decorate a headdress with a brooch of your own making or buy a ready-made decor in a jewelry store.

For the winter version, it is important to choose the right yarn so that the turban keeps its shape, is warm and pleasant to the touch. Most often knitters use blended yarn, which contains both natural and synthetic fibers.

Pay attention to the composition of the fabric - if natural fibers prevail, the hat will be warm, if man-made - easy to care for and durable. You should not use yarn with angora - it quickly forms pellets, it does not tolerate washing.

It is better to look for a mohair, alpaca or hypoallergenic camel wool. Of artificial fibers, acrylic and polyester do not cause doubts, nylon or lycra can be added in small quantities - these fibers increase the elasticity of the product and prevent it from deforming during washing.

For many women, a knitted turban cap is still something ethnic and inappropriate in everyday life. But designers think differently and offer interesting models of turbans for the cold season. Most often, turbans are knitted with a simple, viscous type of gum - the whole highlight is the weaving of full. Also an important role is played by the decor, in which quality sparkling brooches are used.

Fashion designers and other materials were not ignored - the winter versions of felt, velvet and even natural fur were presented on the catwalks. In 2018, the chalma cap conquered many stars: Ksenia Sobchak, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kylie Minogue, Salma Hayek, Uliana Sergeenko, Jennifer Lopez and other celebrities chose this style of headgear.

In the photo - a knitted hat-turban in combination with a luxurious volumetric fur coat, this set looks solid and status:

The glittering brooch on the hat can be the main and only jewelry in your look or be complemented with large earrings. A knitted turban goes well with a straight coat and a sheath dress, a fitted coat or a raincoat. Try to wear a turban with a down jacket - fashionable models of oversight, down jacket-blanket, down jacket-dress are perfect.

Wonderful turbans are combined with shawls and ponchos, which can be worn over a thin coat or raincoat. Leather jackets, jackets and down jackets stand firmly next to a knitted turban. If classic beanie visibly simplifies the image, then the original turban makes the outfit elegant and fashionable.

Who is suitable turban?

The only taboo for a turban style is the presence of a bang; if you wear such a headdress, you need to hide the bang under it. Owners of an oval face are suitable for any type of turban, but round-faced girls should choose high models that open their foreheads as much as possible.

If you have a long, thin face, pick a model that completely covers the forehead and reaches the eyebrows. Will help to visually expand the proportions of a large harness along the circumference of the head.

Girls with a rectangular or angular face fit turbans with soft folds of flowing fabrics or shaggy yarn. To hide the lower jaw protruding to the side with a square face will help straight hair - you should not fill them under the cap, leave the curls to fall smoothly over your shoulders.

An exquisite turban cap is a wonderful choice for a modern fashionable woman who is fed up with uniform hats. And stylists have long given turban versatility and ability to fit into a wide variety of bows.

Appearance history

Turban is a traditional men's headdress of eastern Muslim peoples and inhabitants of India. In these countries, it is customary to wear a turban on top of a tubite.

Muslim laws prohibit men from taking off the turban in the presence of outsiders. From ancient times, the status and place of residence could be determined by the color and material of the headdress.

Over time, the turban went into the female wardrobe. The beauty of oriental women is perfectly underlined by a headpiece of expensive fabrics and precious stones.

Turban among the peoples of the East and Asia is of practical importance.

It protects the head from the scorching sun, it can be tied in such a way as to protect the face from wind and sand.

In the wardrobe of European women of fashion turban appeared since the days of the Egyptian campaign.

The fashion is cyclical, so the headdress appears and disappears from the scene. The last few years, the turban has been actively exploited by designers and mods around the world, and there is reason to believe that the cap will not lose its relevance for several more seasons.

What is it like

Turban - in fact, it is a piece of cloth wrapped around the head in a special way.

Fabrics for it are used very different, depending on preferences.

This option is more suitable as an accessory in warm summer weather.

For the convenience of modern Western fashionistas, a hat was invented, visually repeating the shape of a turban. Such a product is more convenient to put on and take off if necessary. For the manufacture of hats, different fabrics are used, depending on the seasonality of the model.

There is another lightweight version of this cap - a bandage resembling a turban. A simpler option for fashionistas, covering the ears from the wind.

Distinctive features

From other headdresses, the turban cap is distinguished, above all, by the recognizable oriental style. He is responsible for its uniqueness. Many modern fashion hats remotely resemble each other. But this is not about the turban cap: having an oriental flavor and an unusual shape, it stands out favorably on the general background.

The second important feature is the variety of varieties: you can wind a scarf or a scarf on your head, or you can put on a finished hat or a bandage.

Why choose her?

Celebrity, fashion bloggers and just street dandies, they all included a turban cap in their kits. The secret of popularity is simple: they appreciated the advantages of such a hat:

  • Versatility. Combine a turban with any outerwear, or wear it with an evening dress, it will be appropriate in any case,

  • Practicality - such a hat will not only decorate your look, but will hide from others eyes the unfortunate hairstyle or lack of styling,

  • Variety: summer, winter and demi-season models. Wind airshades, or warm up with a large-knit hat - in any case, you will be in trend.

Due to the variety of styles, absolutely any girl and woman will choose a suitable turban for herself. A refined oriental headdress will decorate both a young fashionista and an elegant lady of an older age. And finally, a turban hat is just stylish, beautiful and practical, just what modern women appreciate in clothes and accessories above all.

The most fashionable styles

By itself, the turban impresses with a variety of models. A scarf or a piece of fabric can be wound on the head in many different ways. Every season fashion trends dictate new rules in choosing turbans. In the new season in the fashion will be:

  • The severity of the forms. Choose smaller, laconic headwear with fewer lines. The favorites of the season are hats and headbands, scarves go to the background,

  • The predominance of European style over the east. The simplicity of the lines, the minimum decor, soft noble fabrics - all these features are more European than Oriental style,

Popular materials

Fashionable changes were made to the materials from which the turban cap should be made. Natural fabrics and fibers are preferred.

The favorites of the season are models sewn from natural types of fabric, such as:

  • Cotton Soft and light, these hats are ideal as a summer accessory. You can wear a cotton hat in the offseason, but in winter and late autumn you risk to freeze in such a hat.

  • Knitted. Such turban fit to wear from autumn to spring. Knitted fabric is allowed both thin and dense, large knitting. The choice of knitwear will determine whether the dress belongs to a particular season, as well as affect the appearance of the product.

Choose caps connected independently, or buy ready-made ones. Knitted accessories are most often found on the catwalk in the last season. The yarn can be any, from pure wool to a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers. The latter, by the way, is less whimsical in care and more durable, thanks to high-tech fibers. Choose caps connected in the following techniques:

  • English gum,

  • Convex rubber band

  • Rice sticky,

  • Hosiery.

Trend colors

In the new season you should choose monochromatic caps of saturated colors. Colors should be selected, focusing primarily on their own type of appearance. Among the variety of colors emit:

  • Black and white colors are timeless classics that will adequately decorate any set and suit many beauties,

  • Gray - the new black is no less relevant than its predecessor. For a more democratic and soft image it fits perfectly. Gray can also be diluted with bright kits,

  • The wine color, it’s burgundy, it’s marsala - the favorite of the last seasons. It is beautiful both solo and in combination with basic colors and shades. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the correctly chosen shade of wine color goes to everyone without exception,

  • Emerald and the color of bottle glass are two similar shades of green, which remain the favorites of designers for the first season,

  • Powder shades of pink, cream, peach - delicate and feminine, will decorate a winter knitted hat,

  • Sand color - has long been the base because of its ability to adapt to any style of clothing,

  • Bold women of fashion will appreciate the bright colors: purple and fuchsia. Сочные, насыщенные, они сделают чалму не только функциональным аксессуаром, но и цветовым акцентом образа.

Модный декор

Создавая аксессуар для вечернего образа, дизайнеры придумывают для него разнообразный декор.

Классическим украшением шапки-чалмы можно считать массивную брошь на лбу. Она может быть гладкой или усыпанной камнями.

The decor can also serve as a scattering of sequins sewn to the fabric, or beads adorning the entire surface of the headdress.

The hat and turban decorated with a net veil will add a piquancy and mystery to its owner. Truly unusual evening accessory.

If you choose a turban with a decor for your look, try using a minimum of other decorations. Moderation is important in the image, and such a hat in itself is already a bright accent that attracts everyone’s attention.

How to choose and to whom it goes

Turban goes to everyone without exception, partly due to the variety of styles. Learn to choose a fashionable hat according to the shape of the face:

  • Owners of an oval-shaped face are incredibly lucky, if you are one of them, choose any turban to your taste. True, it is necessary to abandon too high models that can further stretch the face,

  • If you have a long face, give up the narrow elongated styles. Your task is to visually shorten the shape of the face, for this, choose a low cap to the eyebrows with an abundance of horizontal lines. This style evens out the proportions

  • Women with a round face, on the contrary, need to visually stretch its shape. Choose elongated models of turban, having a minimum of folds,

  • The features of a square face are required to soften. Soft draped fabrics will help you with this. Choose volumetric style caps without an abundance of jewelry.

  • Different styles of caps are well suited to the triangular face. Experiment with jewelry - massive brooches will add fragility to your features, and a mesh veil will turn you into a young mysterious stranger.

Stylish images

We’ve spotted some fresh images for you from carpets and fashion blogs and are ready to share inspirational ideas.

  • Create a stylish black and white image with an oriental twist. Wear a white sweater and a black pleated A-line skirt. Femininity and harmony in your kit will bring a concise black hat-turban.

  • Add brightness to your daily look: choose a hat decorated with small stones and combine it with your everyday fur coat.

  • A winter coat of pastel shades requires a light creamy hat-turban. With the use of this accessory image you will create a soft, feminine and warm at the same time.

  • Image in the style of boho. Choose a turban of green shades and combine it with bright colorful things in the bohemian style. Accessories for the image pick monophonic, in one color with your hat.

  • Take an example from celebrities: combine evening dress of simple concise silhouettes with a turban to match.

  • Make the turban a bright accent of the whole image. Choose a hat of bright color, combining it with monophonic clothes. A beautiful combination: a fuchsia-colored turban hat with a black fur coat and boots. It turns out at the same time strictly and feminine.

  • Use a stylish technique: pick up the lipstick in the tone of your hat - this duet will make the image thoughtful and complete. Let it be your bright detail in combination with a monochrome kit.

While the turban hat is at the peak of its popularity, take a moment: wear it boldly, choose shades, combine with fur coats and dresses. Fashion is fleeting, and in fact sometimes you want to stay bright and orientally refined even in everyday life.