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Felt hats for autumn-winter


Hats are not new in the women's wardrobe. They were worn by women in all ages. But lately about them, unfortunately, have been forgotten. And the girl in the hat could be met except on the beach. Now everything has changed, and hats are a complete subject of everyday images of many women. Felt hats that look stylish but can warm in bad weather have become especially popular.

Types of felt hats

Famous models, actresses, singers and fashion bloggers have up to date felt hats in their wardrobe. Female models of this headgear are of the following types:

This type of hat was probably seen by everyone. After all, he fell in love with the famous Charlie Chaplin and was popular in the USA among bank employees. Now he has changed a little. For example, hats with ears, which are now popular, are one type of pot. A distinctive feature of this style is a hemispherical shape, the lack of fields.

This is a masthead among celebrities and bloggers. It is universal, as it can be worn by both man and woman. It is combined with both classical images and everyday ones. You can distinguish this view from others by three dents on the crown.

The hat is felt, feminine, has the shape of a bell and fits the head tightly. Such a model was common in the 20s of the last century.

This hat has one large longitudinal dent, tape around the crown and curved fields. It can be both male and female.

It looks like Fedor, but has narrower fields and a low trapezoidal crown.

Hat felt, female, having wide and soft fields.

What a headdress of this species looks like, everyone knows. And now, to create an image in a cowboy style, it is best suited.

In addition to these types, we can note such felt hats: women's pills, cylinders, boleros, and many others.

How to choose a felt hat

Hats go to almost everyone. The main thing - to choose the appropriate style and color. For women with a round and large face, you should not choose a cloche style hat. Since it only emphasizes the shortcomings. For such women, a headdress with a high crown and wide brim will be the best option.

For women with a thin and oblong face, headgear with a high crown should be avoided, as they can lengthen the face even more. For owners of a square face, hats with curves and wide brides are ideal. Those lucky enough to have a perfect oval face can afford any style of hat. The main thing - do not make a mistake with the color, find the right size.

In addition to the shape of the face, you should choose a hat, given the height and build of the woman. For example, women of low stature are better off hats with very wide brim. Thin women, when choosing this headdress, should pay attention to the styles with a low crown.

What can you wear with a hat like a felt hat? Women's hat as part of a harmonious image

Perhaps the creators of hats and could not imagine that once these hats will be worn with jeans, sneakers, sneakers. But fashion is now quite democratic, therefore, flipping through fashion blogs, you can increasingly stumble upon the most incredible combinations with this headgear.

Hat fits perfectly with outerwear. And if in the summer or spring it can be worn with sneakers, then in winter it is better not to combine a hat with sportswear, but to give preference to a classic coat or fur coat.

In late spring or summer, this headdress will be well combined with a classic jacket or leather jacket. This kit will fit jeans and ankle boots with or without heels. In general, everything here depends only on the fantasy of the hat's owner, because in the modern fashion world there are practically no restrictions.

Hats with classic trousers and shirts look good. For this, it is better to choose a hat of a strict form. But the dress and hat - a great image in the style of boho-chic. To warm up on a rainy autumn day, you can wear a hat with a large knit sweater - a stylish and cozy bow is ready. Enumerate everything that you can wear with this piece of clothing, you can endlessly. Therefore, it is worth remembering that the hat is combined with all the classic and everyday things, sometimes it can be tried on to the image in the trendy style of sport-chic now, but here you need to look at a combination of things.

It is not combined only with clothing designed for sports. From shoes fit everything from boots to shoes, sneakers or sneakers will also look good. As for the latter, you should not be surprised, because bloggers have long chosen such a combination. The main thing is that sneakers are not openly sports.

How to care for felt hat?

It is necessary to clean it from dust using a special brush. With more serious stains, liquid ammonia diluted with water will help to cope, and if the hat is light, then the crust of bread. Sometimes, diluted gasoline is used for cleaning, but it is better to check in an inconspicuous place before all such manipulations how the material will react to such means.

You can do without popular methods and pass the hat to the dry cleaner, where it will be cleaned with the help of special tools. But it's best to try not to let it get dirty. To do this, you can not wear it in rainy or snowy weather.

How to store felt hats?

The honored place in the wardrobe of the fair sex is hat felt. The female half of humanity, which has already acquired this item, knows that it is very important to properly store and care for this headgear.

It is better to keep the hats in special boxes to protect them from deformation, or to allocate them a separate shelf in the closet.

Those who decide to bring a highlight and mystery into their image can try to sew felt women's hats with their own hands. This process is not so easy, but it gives you the opportunity to choose a headdress for yourself.

But regardless of the way in which women's felt hats were purchased, the photo of the images with these hats once again proves that every woman should have this versatile item of clothing.

Fashion trends

A variety of styles of felt hats for the autumn-winter season allows women of any age and preferences to choose an accessory, as now the abundance of fashionable cut makes it possible to wear them even in a sporting image. Modern felt hats keep up with the times and this season in a trend hat with wide brim, asymmetry, with the use of fringe, embroidery, rhinestones, stones.

Several fashion options

a hat with soft sagging undulating fields and a round top that suits almost all girls,

a hat with soft sagging undulating fields and a round top that suits almost all girls,

a cowboy hat made of felt with curved sides at the sides is also popular this season,

Fedor's hat is a male prototype, wide-brimmed with edging, with satin ribbon trim in a contrasting color or basic tone, well suited to a trouser suit, jeans, short coat or jackets.

These hats are a good option for girls with small facial features, under casual clothes, to a free style, vintage clothes, leather jackets, coats with fur or fur coats. The combination of a dress - a case and a hat with a brim will create a feminine look. This season in fashion felt caps and it is better to wear them with short outerwear or warmed sports things.

The most fashionable colors of this year’s fall-winter season will be black, various shades of gray, brown, beige, but the well-known shows have not done without bright options, such as red in duet with white or black, burgundy, blue, muted green, purple, that opens up new possibilities for creating images. The trend of autumn - informal prints, different in size and color, cell.

Retro, vintage and classic

Designers have not forgotten about the retro style, inspired by the fashion of the twenties and thirties of the last century, which is the most feminine line of headdresses in vintage styles, where the French style and elegance of forms are captured.

Hats - cloch in shape have the form of a bell, in which the crown, turning into small fields, pointing down, tightly fits the head and fits any type of face.

The hat - slouch (translated as “lowering, hanging down”) in the thirties was associated with the famous actress Greta Garbo, which became the embodiment of sophistication and sophistication, a hat with wide brims bent to the bottom and a high crown, looks more advantageous in chocolate classic tones, but in muted burgundy, blue, red colors, slouch of felt will create a bow in a modern interpretation.

How to pick up

When choosing a hat you need to pay attention to the type of appearance, height, oval face.

  • Holders of an elongated shape are better to wear hats with wide brim and low tops, and with square ones - with a high crown.
  • The face in the form of a triangle will favorably emphasize a headdress with asymmetry.
  • A moderately raised top and vertical hat decor (feathers, flowers, bow) will balance the chubby girls.
  • With a square head, complement the image with a wide-brimmed hat with a shift from the center, and with an elongated hat, it is contraindicated with a narrowed top.
  • Most of all lucky women with oval shapes - almost all models are suitable, especially asymmetrical.

There are several rules when choosing a headdress: it is better not to buy hats with wide brims that are wider than shoulders and already faces: if you like to wear glasses, better avoid jewelry in the form of bouquets, flowers, ribbons: tall girls harmoniously look in wide-brimmed gear, and small - in small hats. All these conditions ultimately lead to visual grace and wearing comfort. A hat, as an element of the image, should not be out of shape.

A bit of felt production history

Felt is the same felt, produced on the same principle, only higher quality, thinner and more elastic, therefore it is more widespread in the production of hats, it differs in long-haired, velor, short-haired, suede, smooth. In the seventeenth century, rabbit, hare and beaver wool served as raw materials, elasticity was achieved with a special chemical solution, which enhanced aesthetic and physical properties. Beaver hats are light, warm, waterproof, they keep their shape for a long time, therefore they were considered a luxury, they talked about the position of the owner in society.

Over time, due to the extermination of beavers and other animals, they began to look for cheaper wool additives and to apply mercury in the production of felt, which improved the quality of the material. From the end of the eighteenth to the beginning of the nineteenth century, the life of the hatter masters was threatened, and the production itself became dangerous for others. Nowadays, all production processes are mechanized and the tailoring of products is almost non-contact. The material obtained by the rolling of natural animal hair (basic sheepskin), under the pressure of steam and the mechanical action of the fibers adhere, intertwine with each other with shrinkage of up to eighty percent, which increases its strength and durability. Non-woven material in use is comfortable, keeps well the heat, form, is pliable in processing, it is well painted, which contributes to its wide use.

Do-it-yourself felt hat on the example of factory production:

Today we told you what to wear with a felt hat, now you will definitely know with what things to combine it not only in winter, but also in spring and autumn. Such a stylish little thing will perfectly dilute the familiar hat-shaped wardrobe, and will add to the female image a share of classicism with modern overtones. Well, in order to make it easier for you to navigate when considering what to wear with a felt hat, we supplemented this review with a mass of relevant photos. Follow the fashion and be stylish!

How to wear women's hats

First of all, these accessories need to be very carefully selected for the type of appearance. With equal success, they can both beautify and harm. There are several simple stylistic techniques that will easily allow you to navigate.

The larger the facial features, the wider the field should be the model and the larger the crown - the task in this case to balance the proportions. And the smaller and more refined the face - the wider the choice of styles. When deciding how to wear a hat, take into account your own body size and even height. A miniature donut in a wide-brimmed model will look ... cute, but not stylish and elegant. Hats with a high, “rigid” shape with a crown and narrow margins will balance the figure and even visually “stretch” it.

But most importantly, these accessories should not be worn as a crown, creating an image based on them. Today, especially in everyday clothes, a slightly ironic attitude has stuck to these models - this is a bright addition to convenient and practical ensembles.

The best answer to the question “why are they wearing a hat?” Was given by none other than the great Mademoiselle Coco Chanel: “because only she turns a woman into a lady”. Chanel, who laid the very foundations of the fashion industry, knew a lot about this, and her opinion is worth listening to.

What can you wear a hat

The most difficult thing today is to introduce these accessories into everyday and familiar images, where the caps or berets literally fall into place. But to make a step towards elegance is still worth it.

But first, what should not be done categorically, deciding what to wear with women's hats. For a start, do not create a total image. For example, in many respects ideal and versatile (they go for almost everything) classic brimmed hats, with what to wear them?

In no case should these models be combined with a coat of a classic style. This not only violates the modern canons of good style, but visually adds 10 years to you. A leather jacket or a raincoat over a figure, a fur vest - if it is cold and even a fur coat in combination with jeans or fashionable boots will make the image perfect.

Of course, you should not combine classic hats with sporty things or frankly masculine ones, such as boyfriend jeans. But to create controversial, complex and very stylish mixes classic models can perfectly. This is precisely the very manifestation of self-irony, without which a perfect image is impossible.

How to wear women's felt hat patterns

The question is fundamental, but in fact, the answer to the question “with what to wear a hat?” Is simple. The more conservative the model, the more avant-garde and bolder the outfit. By the way, even the most stringent male-style models, with everything, are not necessarily used only in a season — in the fall or in the winter. A frivolous and vivid image paired with a flower dress will perfectly complement the classic model, it can be borrowed for the occasion and the husband.

Felt models of the current line are absolutely perfectly combined with new denim ideas. Jackets, miniskirts, torn jeans shorts and a luxurious expensive hat are the key to a fashionable look. Just add a white jersey!

Why should such a model be expensive? There are things that are not worth saving, the trends for hats do not change as often as skirts and dresses and investing in a high-quality felt model will justify itself for years to come. The only important thing is that she ideally went to you.

In this connection, the question “what to wear with a wide-brimmed hat?” Becomes completely inappropriate. These models are the most attractive and feminine. But a contrast and even a crisis image is the best thing you can create with them, if you, of course, do not want to be like a grandmother-librarian.

Therefore, such models should be boldly combined with the most avant-garde and incongruent, at first glance, outfits. Sundresses, dresses in Victorian flower, ultra-mini length denim shorts - the more contrasting the outfit is, the better.

Two words about bags. In no case should not look for color or stylistic combinations - take your favorite. But the larger the hat, the smaller the bag, and vice versa.

And the more you should not build an image, choosing shoes. A wide-brimmed classic model will look perfect with sneakers, sneakers or sleepers. If you wear high heels and a tight dress with such a hat, you will not be understood, even if you are going to a reception at the British Embassy.

By the way, the current Queen of England is the most “advanced” bearer of hats, she has - for everyone along, and besides - a personal museum of her headgear, created during her lifetime. Pay attention to her caps - they deserve it.

How to wear a hat

First, by no means build a total image with her. Today's line of current models offer a lot of options for the original answers to the question "how to properly wear a hat?".

The main thing is the right style - there are no hard and fast rules in today's fashion, it is important that the model is ideally suited to the type of appearance. Hats of frankly male styles and classic colors can serve as examples. With their choice, and even more so, it is the most difficult to make a mistake of picking an image.

Но, ни в коем случае не стоит сочетать такую модель с идеальным классическим нарядом, а тем более использовать в ансамбле хотя бы еще одну вещь в мужском стиле, например, ботинки или мужского фасона брюки. Такие модели отлично смотрятся с нетривиальными повседневными или откровенно женственными вещами.

С чем носить шляпу, эти фото подскажут без лишних слов:

С чем носить шляпу с ушками и модель «трилби»

But in trends, in addition to impeccable classics - a lot of original styles and models. For example, hats with ears, what to wear them with? The key to the correct image will tell the very style of the model. The style is borrowed from the English dandies, which means that an image with such a model should be built in this style. Such models are more democratic than the classic ones and perfectly support an image built on contrasting solutions. Plaid pants or skirt, tweed coat and always feminine blouse, pullover. Fashion offers elegantly beat the idea of ​​the image of a dandy using feminine and sophisticated things.

Models with a historical past themselves set the desired tone. What, for example, wear a trilby hat? The style is also frankly masculine, and typically English, from other trilby models, distinguished by a low crown of the “trapezium” shape, and obligatory hollows in the center and from the sides. This is a constant accessory of the English bohemia, which means you need to combine it with original things, for example, dresses in the style of "boho" or "hippie-chic." Direct "male" combinations with this model only harm the image.

How to wear a wide-brimmed hat and where to wear wide-brimmed models

Regardless of the style and style, this accessory is elegant, and in some ways even aristocratic. Therefore, deciding with what you can wear a hat, immediately remove from the list of things companions clothing in a frankly sporty style. But you should also exclude perfectly matched classic options. The golden mean is sets in everyday or frankly feminine romantic styles.

When deciding what to wear wide-brimmed hats, and these are always perfectly elegant models, first of all, you should pay attention to the proportions of the silhouette that you get, and in no case should you wear such models with dresses or skirts with a fluffy hem, classic jackets or coat. Frankly-casual jeans-based looks or frivolous dresses will be your best companions. Such models have one drawback - they visually “cut” growth. Therefore, you should definitely consider the choice of shoes for such an image, and even where they wear such a hat.

Let it be not solemn and expensive stilettos, but platform sandals, boots with high lacing or spectacular boots. The more contrast you create - the better. These are the most stylish basic combinations for any urban images.

What and under what to wear a black and beige hat with narrow margins

With these models you can create the most incredible and at the same time simple images. Deciding for yourself, under what to wear a hat, in no case should not go on about the fashionable stereotypes. A well-chosen model, regardless of the trends, can become the “key” to the new image.

But besides the cut color plays an important role. With what, for example, wear a black hat. The color is perfectly elegant, perfectly emphasizes the merits of any style, but, unfortunately, it goes far from everyone, ideally this model will suit the owners of a contrasting and vivid color type, for example, brunettes. But, in no case should you supplement such an image with other things of black color - let this color accent become the most vivid and expressive in dress. In such a color scheme, narrow-brimmed hats look great, why wear such models? With any things lax and non-classical styles. Such models become an ideal “frame” for the face, and do not require additional accents in the image.

Much more original options and combinations can be created by thinking about what to wear a beige hat. Neutral color in combination with high-quality material and sophisticated styles looks the most advantageous. This, by the way, is ideal for blondes and lovers to put on an outfit in elegant pastel colors. What exactly to wear depends on the style of the model, but still, it is worth remembering that total images in the same style are out of trends.

The same effect has shades of red, brown or gray. Look for the model of the most current color in this season - not worth it. The basis of this choice is the color type of one’s own appearance, not fashion.

What kind of hat to wear with a coat and what is Fedor wearing?

Felt - especially expensive and high-quality looks great in any color and style, and the question of what to wear women's felt hats becomes rhetorical. The only thing that should not be abused in such images is combinations with classic gabardine or wool. Leather, suede, fur - as the source material for the coat will be the perfect solution. And the principal answer to the question "with what hat to wear a coat?". Seasonal, autumn-winter images, as a rule, need just such bright and expressive accessories. But in no case, you should not wear a hat with a down jacket or a quilted coat - the entire effect of elegance will evaporate instantly.

There are several universal styles that will not force to puzzle over the creation of fashionable attire. One of them - women's hat "Fedor". With what to wear such a model, only personal taste will prompt - it is combined literally with any images. But do not get involved in asexual or masculine things in such ensembles.

What can you wear a bowler hat

It is necessary to borrow the best from the men's wardrobe, and the most original styles of hats are a graphic confirmation of this. For example, a bowler hat. What to wear with such a model? This is an option for the most daring and ready to experiment fashionistas. Recall the history of fashion - these accessories - also of English origin were an indispensable part of a respectable male image. In no case should it be copied, and it is better to look for combinations with frankly feminine and things without hints of brutality.

What can you wear a hat with? With anything, the most stylish and fashionable look contrasting combinations. And this accessory deserves to spend a couple of hours and try on all possible options that are in your wardrobe. The best image will tell you your reflection in the mirror - the more unusual and, at the same time simpler, it will be - the better.

Features and benefits

Felt is used mainly for the manufacture of hats. Material is obtained
by special processing of wool. The highest quality products are made of wool.
sheep, beavers and rabbits. There are products from exotic deer wool. Felt hat
has a number of advantages in comparison with models from synthetics and cotton:

  • reliably keeps the shape
  • nice texture
  • has an affordable price
  • warms and protects from wind.

The technology of making felt hats is quite complicated. For the production of one product it is necessary to conduct more than five dozen operations. The price has a large range, so everyone will find an affordable option. Felt products are produced by a variety of brands from ultra expensive to commonly available.

Appearance history

Felt hat can not be called a novelty of the season. Elegant piece of clothing loved
to our high-ranking ancestors many centuries ago. Wearing a hat was
evidence of the high social status of the owner. Gradually the production of head
caps fell on the stream and became accessible to ordinary residents. The first products were made by hand,
but the development of industry allowed the release of hats unlimited circulation.

At the beginning, the hat was considered a privilege of men, later the product was loved and beautiful
half of humanity. After a while, women's felt hat strengthened its position and ceased
to surprise the onlookers along with trousers and coarse boots. Traditional option
the hat is represented by a crown and brim, and around the perimeter there is an ornament in the form of a ribbon.


With the help of a hat, bright and unlike bows are created. One hat will look elegant and strict, while the other will convey piquancy and enthusiasm. All awesome
The range of felt hats is divided into two main types:

  • Rigid models with a specific size range. The hat can not stretch or change shape, the product must be purchased strictly according to size.
  • Soft models can change shape: the owner can bend the field or make a dimple on the crown.

Felt hat has acquired a wide variety of styles and models. Among the most beloved options worth highlighting:
Cloche is a rounded cap with small fields flowing smoothly from the crown. Hats
Closh decorated fashionistas at the beginning of the last century. The name is of French origin and
literally means - "bell".
Slauch is a rounded crown and medium-sized soft fields. The model gives the image easy negligence along with elegance.
The bolero is a model with a flat top and small, bent fields.

Current is a hard no-field option. Usually has an interesting decor using a veil,
feathers, flowers and beads.
Dora is the most versatile and beloved hat of millions. Soft, has three holes in the crown
and medium size fields. Usually wrapped in plain tape.
The wheel is the model with the widest fields. The greatest popularity reached in the first
half of the twentieth century. "Wheel" serves as an excellent protection from the sun and makes an image
Cowboy hat is distinguished by large curved up fields. The hat has American roots
and good at creating bold looks.

With the help of the cap style, you can drastically change the style, emphasize the hairstyle and
makeup or vice versa divert attention from certain nuances. Lady in a hat with wide
The fields look romantic and calm.

Once in the women's wardrobe, such hats as hats have undergone serious metamorphosis. Fashion designers and designers have come up with so many styles that girls even
most specific tastes will choose the appropriate option.

Felt women's hats - great for the off season. They perfectly keep warm and
Protect hair from the weather. It's more usual to watch models from natural material,
executed in a monotonous restrained color palette. Modern brands more often offer attention to bright models decorated with ribbons, bows and brooches.

Unfortunately, hats are not as popular among men as women, so men's
Hats have a smaller selection of models. Not all styles that have come down to us, fit the modern man. Nobody will appreciate a mod in skinny jeans and a top hat. To the models of hats that are relevant today, you can otnoto Fedor, Homburg and pig.
Homburg - a strict model, suitable for everyday wear. The best combination will be
with strict suits and cashmere coats.

Model Fedor belongs to the category of unisex, and Trilby - its version. The difference lies in the fields shortened from the nape of the neck. The model looks like a hooligan, so it is produced mainly by youth brands.

Porkpay or pie - a hat with a perfectly round crown and small fields. Special
loved by musicians thanks to her dashing charm.
Surprisingly, a hat, wearing on one side adds charisma to many men. For
creating an open look, you can slightly move your hat back and slide over your eyes for the image of a mysterious detective story.

Trendy colors and decor

The hat is an accessory bright and does not need a catchy color expression. Colors are usually
soft and muted are used: black, dark blue, gray, burgundy, beige, shades
brown and green. Modern models may have more expressive colors.
The hat of the classic style is complemented by a ribbon of the same color or a couple of shades darker.
Now designers are not ashamed of rhinestones, stones, fringes and even embroidery in the decor of models.
Felt hat in the form of a tablet, decorated with drapery and complemented by a brooch, will bring in
image of the element of coquetry. This model will suit fashionable women of different ages.

A special charm has a hat that combines two colors. On the side, a hat can be decorated with a velvet flower or a tone brooch. The laconic design of the cap itself, the more decorations it will fit. A casual casual hat is possible with a flower and a pin.
turn into an elegant accessory for going to the theater.

A wide-brimmed hat decorated with a satin ribbon in tone will bring tenderness and femininity into
form. Stylish ladies prefer this model of hats, because their highlight is in their simplicity.
The hat with wide brim is worn without any decorations at all.

In creating a mysterious and extravagant image will help the model with a cut in the margins,
Decorated with an original brooch or bow. Luxurious felt hat capable
transform a woman beyond recognition. No accessory can give so much.
refinement of nobility. You can pick up a casual model and an expensive option for

How to care

The hat will be attractive longer if it is carefully treated and worn only in dry
the weather. A few basic rules by which the product will last longer:

  • It is not recommended to hang a hat on a hook. This will cause deformation.
  • Wash dry cleaners.
  • Independently maintain a hat in order you need with a soft brush
  • It is better to store the felt product in the box, with the margins down, putting inside the crumpled
    paper so that the crown held its shape. Will protect a favorite hat from attempts of moths
    Lavender will help.

Products made of natural wool are subject to adverse effects
moisture, so wear it if rain is coming should not be. It does not matter if the felt hat still came under rain, it must be carefully placed on a flat surface and allowed to dry well.

History tour

The beginning of the twentieth century - it was then that the felt hat rose sharply to the peak of popularity and for many years was kept on top of European and American fashion. No self-respecting man could imagine a costume without this element. Hats emphasized the elegance and seriousness of a person, his position in a rapidly developing society.

It rarely happened that a Hollywood film could do without a character (whether it be a gangster, a big official with a cigar in his mouth, or a private detective) wearing a stylish felt headdress. Over time, the stamp of the traditional American cinema began to be used less and less, new styles of clothing appeared, so that by 1960 the inhabitants had withdrawn from their hats.

However, such an attractive thing could not remain in the shadows for a long time, and in the twenty-first century it again entered the arena. Now the felt hat serves as an ornament not only for men, but also for the fair sex.

Universal options

Not all women are supporters of a style that conveys the atmosphere of the twentieth century through the prism of modernity. Sweatshirts, jeans and T-shirts are popular now - so why not create a spectacular image with a felt hat?

The combination of tight jeans, a free sweater with original colors, sneakers and hats will make the girl irresistible at any party or on a regular walk with friends.

Create a charming arrogant bow with the help of the union of a felt hat and leather jacket.

But not all products that are in demand in the twenty-first century, will look spectacular with a felt hat. Experiments with uggs, wide "rapper" jeans and sweatshirts will not end with anything good.

Felt hats will be useful in the bath, which once again proves their versatility. The advantage of using a hat in this location is that the fabric has no unpleasant smell of wool. They are very soft, do not cause skin irritation.

Style felt hats for a bath different variety. They are colorless, resembling caps, and originally decorated with embroidery, inserts and appliqués.

How to clean?

Constant use in a variety of weather conditions, a long stay on a dusty shelf in the closet - these factors have an extremely negative impact on fastidious felt, so each holder of a refined hat should be aware of how to clean it, so that the thing will please for many years with a presentable appearance.

At the beginning of the cleaning process is getting rid of dust. The devices for this purpose are necessary the simplest: the usual clothes brush or the vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle will approach.

  • If you need to get rid of shiny scuffs formed due to constant wear, you will need fine-grained sandpaper, and if it is not at hand, you can replace the table salt.
  • Traces of sweat and street dust are easily removed with a mixture of salt, ammonia and vinegar. We must act carefully, how to squeeze a rag, so that the felt is not wet and does not lose its shape.

Fighting water traces

What should I do if the felt hat is still wet when cleaning or due to precipitation? You can escape deformation if you fill the product with newspapers, magazines or paper, and then leave it in a warm and dry place, but away from the battery.

After this procedure, the rain traces will not disappear, so you will have to perform a number of actions:

  • Hold the hat over a pot of boiling water.
  • Smooth the pile with a brush.
  • Moisten the brush in cool water and go over the entire surface of the hat.

How to get rid of fat spots?

If the stain is fresh, there are several proven ways to deal with it:

  • Salt saves any tissue from stains. For felt hat, too, is suitable.
  • To rub a hat with a dry crust of black bread is an effective option.

В том случае, если пятно уже старое и сильно въелось в ткань, придется использовать очищенный бензин и картофельный крахмал. Смешав незамысловатые ингредиенты, необходимо нанести получившуюся массу на загрязненные участки фетровой шляпы, дождаться, когда смесь высохнет, и бережно стряхнуть щеткой. Eliminate stains can be a rag or sponge, pre-immersed it in a solution of water and citric acid.