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Overview of the best restaurants in Rome


Overview of the best restaurants in Rome

Top 10 Italian Restaurants in Rome

In majestic Rome, everything should be impressive - from architecture to gourmet cuisine. And the menu should be, of course, much wider than Neapolitan pizza or seafood pasta.

Castel Sant'Angelo. Rome. Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aigle_dore

It is difficult to imagine what may be common in a classical trattoria, an experimental bistro and a sign institution that has been repeatedly marked by a Michelin star. All of them are respected for their unique authentic cuisine and will become a real must-go on the tourist map in Rome.

In this article, I wanted to collect 10 cozy places that are worthy of the attention of a real gourmet.

La pergola

“Roman German” is the joke of the chef of La Pergola restaurant Heinz Beck, indicating his Aryan origin.

However, exquisite recipes and the observance of classical Roman recipes with hints of Mediterranean make the kitchen under his strict guidance truly in demand here in the heart of Italy.

The La Pergola restaurant is a three-time Michelin star winner, and his cook is the only one in the world to be awarded the Foyer of Artists Gold Medal. Heinz is the only chef to receive this award in the field of culinary art from the University of La Sapienza in Rome.

Restaurant critics unanimously recognize Heinz Beck as the best not only in the city, but also far beyond its borders!

The meal here is more like a theatrical performance than a typical lunch or dinner in the usual form: luxurious interior and imperial furniture, a breathtaking panoramic view of the Eternal City and enchanting serving dishes will not leave guests indifferent.

Heinz Beck and his culinary masterpieces. Photo: http://shoppingspirit.pt

The influence of idle Italian life on German character, the star chef also reflects in its menu:

  • an interlude of white asparagus and morels with cheese mousse,
  • royal lobster medallions on a pillow of marinated bacon and apple sauce
  • delicate goose foie gras under fragrant strawberry sauce and amaretto liqueur jelly.

The signature dish from the chef, “Sea”, is a worthy example of Beck’s extravaganza: when serving, the waiter pours seafood-based broth onto sublimated garlic shrimps and potatoes, which in a few seconds turn into a flat sea bottom with shells, white shrimps and shellfish.

Each dish is a culinary masterpiece!

But the restaurant is not a single cuisine. The best in the business sommelier, Marco Reitano, and an extensive wine cellar, which has more than 3,500 items, the oldest of which is dated 1888th year, will satisfy the highest taste requirements.

Restaurant La Pergola in Rome. Photo: http://www.stardiamondaward.com

Star cooks have star guests. Only Beck at the next table can safely count on a chance meeting with the Prince of Monaco, the Oscar-winning Hollywood actor or the great French director, relaxed smoking a strong cigar.

The restaurant is so popular that even on the site, visitors are strongly advised to think about booking a table in advance, preferably in 2-3 months. After all, even a solid average check of € 200 does not diminish the number of people willing to spend an unforgettable evening here in the company of the ladies of the heart in the secular atmosphere of the luxury of fine cuisine.

Cost of meals: from € 39

Address: Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria, Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101, +39 06 3509 1

Antica pesa

This is a restaurant-museum, located in the colorful quarter of Rome - Trastevere. The history of the restaurant began 4 centuries ago, when Antica Pesa was still a diner hotel, whose cuisine was famous throughout the city and attracted wealthy clients.

Restaurant Antica Pesa. Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jordan-wong

On the site of a luxurious garden, in the shadow of which successful jetsetters from all over the world now spend their evenings cheerfully, it was previously the only bowling alley in the city.

Portraits of famous visitors, including Madonna and Robert de Niro, are smiling from the walls. And during the filming of The Godfather - 3, Ford Coppola enjoyed this authentic atmosphere of Antica Pesa during business conversations with director Keith Haring.

But what attracts famous people here for so many years? And the answer lies in the traditional dishes of authentic Italian trattoria with a modern flavor.

Thus, the “Monte San Biagio” hamburger was created in honor of the restaurant’s esteemed American customers, and the grilled pork and “Milfey” mozzarella in pear sauce is a piece of Italian history that has survived to the present day.

Cost of meals: from € 15

Address: Via Garibaldi 1, +39 06 580 9236

Panoramic restaurant with a story that changed the sign from “Rooftop” to “Imago” in 2006, celebrating its 50th anniversary. Having recently won the Michelin star, Imago is one of the most popular restaurants in Rome today. Traditional Neapolitan cuisine takes on new flavors thanks to Asian ingredients from chef Francesco Apreda.

Restaurant Imago. Photo: http://www.thetwentypoints.com

A luxurious interior, a delightful view of the city and light unobtrusive music, creating a somewhat decadent atmosphere of beautiful life, have always attracted the successful and famous. At one time, the luxurious Grace Kelly, the great Frederico Fellini and the unique Audrey Hepburn preferred to dine here.

Cost of meals: from € 33

Address: Piazza Trinità dei Monti, 6, +39 06 6993 4726

Be sure to try the Italian Strip Food. Grilled olives, cannoli, gelato will add bright taste impressions as much as restaurant cuisine!

Do you know all about Italian cuisine? Read this article. to dispel 10 persistent gastronomic delusions about Italy.

Pipero al rex

The name of this restaurant causes shine in the eyes of passionate meat lovers. A young, ambitious Michelin-starred chef knows how to make the mega restaurant popular.

For two years working in a restaurant, he brought its formula for success. Meat dishes cooked with the addition of unusual spices, fruits and herbs.

Restaurant Pipero al Rex. Photo: www.hotelrex.net

Do not deny yourself the pleasure, and order one of these dishes to be sure of the talent of chef Lucciano Monosilles:

  • goose carpaccio with apple and mustard sauce,
  • rabbit in boiled zucchini,
  • snails in garlic sauce
  • suckling pig with lentils and whiskey, with beer and cherry sauce.

Cost of meals: from € 22

Address: Via Torino 149, +39 06 481 5702

Giggetto (al Portico d’Ottavia)

The history of the restaurant Giggetto al Portico d’Ottavia began when Luigi “Giggetto” Sekkarelli and his wife Iness acquired the old hotel in the Jewish quarter.

Since 1923, the hotel has been famous for its Frascati wines and the incredible Carciofi alla Giudea (crispy fried artichokes in Jewish style).

All these years, the family created an institution worthy of the name “Osteria Romana” - the Italian likeness of a tavern.

When the building was rebuilt, products of the Roman era were found in the basement, unique frescoes and drawings were painted on the walls, which were restored in time to keep the spirit of eras inside the institution and in our days.

Restaurant Giggetto (al Portico d’Ottavia). Photo: discov-art.blogspot.com

Here you can relax after escaping from the annoying summer heat, after drinking an aperitif with cod croquettes or stuffed zucchini flowers.

For a special Italian-Jewish atmosphere you should go here!

Cost of meals: from € 14

Address: Via del Portico D’Ottavia 21 / 2-22 tel 066861105 Fax 066832106

Family trattoria, which creates a truly homely atmosphere. Relaxed relaxed atmosphere contributes to a hearty lunch.

On the menu are giblets, braised oxtail, and carp with brains.

Tratoria Lilli. Photo: www.iristorante.it

If you are not ready for such radical dishes in the middle of the day, try “Bucuttini” - Classic Roman pasta with a thick sauce of tomatoes and pork cheeks. I think you will like it!

Cost of meals: from € 8

Address: Via Tor di Nona 2, +39 06 686 1916

There are legends about the unusually tasty Italian bruschetta - read her recipe on our website.

By the way, the Cretan Dakos is a prototype of bruschetta, read about it and other dishes of sunny Crete.

There are a lot of restaurants and bars all over the world, but there are very few such unusual ones that we are talking about in our article. Read and watch the video - it's interesting!

Restaurant Roof Garden

According to the mysterious Roman tradition, it turned out that the best restaurants are located on the territory of hotels. And the restaurant Roof Garden (“Roof Garden”) is no exception.

Unforgettable views of the Colosseum and amazing cuisine are the main advantages of this rooftop restaurant.

Restaurant Roof Garden. Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/space_hotels

Items on the menu change from day to day, but fish remains business card institutions.

Try the tuna tartare caught near the island of Sardinia, which is traditionally served with a delicate avocado sauce. Also say a decisive “Yes!” Risotto with langoustine sauce or salted cod with zucchini flowers.

Do not be surprised if at the table next door you see French handsome Alain Delon or former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. Rumor has it that they often dine here.

Cost of meals: from € 19

Address: Hotel Forum, Via Tor Dei Conti 31, +39 06 679 2447

Fresh establishment on the gastronomic map of the city, which is rapidly gaining popularity due to experimental kitchen. A small cafe with an interior in contrasting colors - a combination of black and white - offers a conceptual menu.

Meals are prepared before your eyes in the open kitchen, a bit like a laboratory. Get ready for the unusual flavor mixes - oysters with sugared ginger and vodka sauce, pig with fragrant strawberry sauce.

Restaurant Marzapane. Photo: www.velvet.by

For lunch, come here for delicious sandwiches and salads, for tea with ricotta mousse and ground pistachios in the afternoon and for light salami snacks in the evening.

Cost of meals: from € 10

Address: Via Velletri 39, +39 06 6478 1692

The fish market

The main motto of this institution should be considered “Seafood at affordable prices!”. Fish restaurant, where it is always tasty and crowded.

But be prepared, the order may take a little more than usual - each visitor chooses from the menu the volume of servings that he is ready to order.

On the counter next to the cashier, fresh fish awaits its time, which is why the place is called “Fish Market” in English.

Restaurant Fish Market. Photo: romeinsider.blogspot.com

When you have decided on the order, go to the checkout for payment. Drinks will have to go separately and wait at the table.

Over a glass of wine and pleasant music, 15-20 minutes of waiting for the selected dish will pass unnoticed. And if you manage to take a seat on the sun-drenched terrace, the day will surely be lived not in vain!

Cost of meals: from € 8

Address: Vicolo della Luce 3/5, +39 366 9144 157

Arancia blu

Rome has long been a bad place for vegetarians and gastronomical humanists. Everything changed with the appearance in the city of Fabio Passana - the owner and chef of the restaurant Arancia Blu.

His institution is actively winning the love of visitors thanks to non-standard approach to cooking and serving dishes representing the creative mix of Italian, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine with its unique flavors.

Restaurant Arancia Blu. Photo: http://traveltipz.ru/

As an aperitif, you can choose an avocado, almond and cumin salad with lemon and ginger under the airy mayonnaise without eggs, then go to the mustard ravioli with saffron and paprika linguine.

It is also advised to try the leek and almond custard, and meatless meatballs with tomato coriander seed sauce.

Olive oil aroma, coffee and chocolate tasting (chocolate waffles with various sauces) - only for real gourmets. We can say with confidence that after a hearty and healthy lunch at Fabio, the myth of unappetizing vegetarian food will be completely destroyed!

Cost of meals: from € 9

Address: Via Cesare Beccaria 3, +39 06 361 0801


I offer you a list of my favorite best restaurants in Rome. All restaurants are located right in the center. There are so many that it is sometimes difficult to decide, so I decided to make 4 different lists of the best restaurants in Rome, for every taste and every wallet. Separately, I have compiled lists of the best restaurants in Rome according to Michelin, high-level restaurants and home restaurants.

Best home restaurants


This is one of the most charming restaurants especially in the summer, it is located right on the roof of the church on the most beautiful square of Rome, Piazza Navona, but tourists did not spoil it, it is invisible, without a sign, so only the initiated get here. And here there is a beautiful trail on the floor above, where you can enjoy the views of Rome, drink a glass of champagne or alcohol-Apperol before dinner, or end the evening with a cocktail. They serve traditional Italian cuisine without creative delights, but everything is incredibly tasty. By the way, the prices here, too, can not but rejoice. For a restaurant of this level, they are quite democratic. But finding it is not easy, you are guided by a specific address, and you need to reserve a table both for dinner and on the terrace for an aperitif.

Dress code: elegant clothes

Work time: every day 19.30 — 22.30

12.30 — 14.30

aperitif terrace 18.00 — 24.00

Prices: A la carte: 30 € -100 €


Delicious homely restaurant, small but incredibly tasty. It serves traditional Italian cuisine: seafood, meat, and pasta. They also prepare seasonal dishes: truffles in the season of truffles, white mushrooms in autumn, artichokes in winter, pumpkin in autumn, berries in summer. The chef is just a magician, I especially like his lobster pasta, but since the interior is simple, the prices are low. Highly recommend.

Work time: every day 18.30 — 23.30

12.30 — 14.30


Isola della pizza

Homely restaurant with a cozy interior and delicious food. The cuisine is traditional, but there is no seafood: meat, pasta, pizza. Here they cook meat directly on the fire, and even the famous Florentine steak is served, even in Florence, this is not always found. And what a delicious pizza they have! Real Roman - thin and crispy. Pizza, as it should be, insist 48 hours and cook in the oven on the wood. And here they serve magnificent artichokes, both cooked in Roman style (stewed with spices), and in European style, Alla Giugia (deep-fried).

Opening hours: Thursday - Tuesday 19.30 — 23.30

12.30 — 15.00

A small restaurant with an elegant and cozy interior, is prepared here as a traditional Italian dishes, and author, developed by the chef. You can find dishes with seafood and fish, and meat, well, and, of course, delicious pasta. All sorts of snacks and pasta are especially impressive. As it is easy to guess from the name of the restaurant, special attention is paid to wines, the carat of wines is grandiose. Another plus: it is open from lunch to dinner without a break!

Work time: every day 12.30 — 23.30

A small modern restaurant with an unassuming interior, but the cuisine here is excellent. Author's dishes and traditional, but with a twist. The dishes are not much, but they are constantly changing, this is not a tourist restaurant far from the streets. Both meat and fish dishes are cooked here. Spaghetti with shrimps and truffles are especially noteworthy (if they are still on the menu when you come)

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday.19.30 — 23.30

12.30 — 15.00


A quiet and peaceful restaurant in the heart of the city, two steps from Plaza de España, on the most charming street of Rome - Via Marghutta, it was the heart of the creative city in the 60s, Federico Fellini, Anna Manyani, Giorgio de Chirico liked to visit here that time has stopped here. The atmosphere here is actually the 60s, and even the glasses are the same. And the recipes here are also traditional, but very tasty. They cook both meat and fish dishes. The first dishes (pasta) deserve special attention. And on Fridays there is still live music Jazz.

Work time: every day19.30 — 23.30

12.30 — 15.00

monday only 19.30 — 23.30

sunday only 12.30 — 15.00


This is not only an enoteca, but also an osteria and a restaurant. Here you can drink a glass of refined wine in snacks in the wine bar or go to the restaurant and enjoy delicious dishes. Offer two menus: Roman dishes or author. A great place to get acquainted with Roman delicacies: beef tail in tomato sauce, artichokes, pasta alla carbonara, trippa (the curious can ask Google), zucchini flowers in batter. But the author's dishes delight and surprise. Excellent wine list.

Work time: every day19.30 — 23.30


I chose this restaurant primarily because of the interior, it is located inside the workshop of the greatest sculpture by Antonio Kakova, and later Matteo Tadolini, where you can have lunch surrounded by sculptures and enjoy the atmosphere of the museum. In fact, an unforgettable experience. And the dishes serve traditional Italian cuisine, both meat and fish. The restaurant is open all day, so you can even just look at a glass of wine or a cup of coffee in the afternoon. It's worth it.

Work time: every day12.30 — 23.00


A small cozy restaurant with an amazing atmosphere and hemming cuisine. Here you can feel the Italian hospitality of the hosts, see the excellent service, taste the chef’s original recipes and excellent wines. Just a few tables create a very romantic atmosphere.

Work time: every day 19.30 — 22.30

12.30 — 14.30


Этот ресторан попал в мой список не только за вкуснейшую кухню, но и за прекрасную террасу, утопающую в зелени. Это в двух шагах от Площади Навона, но атмосфера здесь волшебная, лучший способ насладиться римским очарованием и итальянской кухней. Кстати именно его очень любят снимать в фильмах про Рим, например, «Ешь, молись, люби». Блюда достаточно традиционны, но прекрасны. Есть как морепродукты, так и мясные деликатесы.

Время работы: каждый день 19.30 — 23.30

La tavernaccia da Bruno

И другие надежные траттории

Настоящее сокровище — честная и недорогая семейная траттория в квартале Трастевере. Закуски, паста, лазанья, мясо — все на высоте. Бруно, открывший это место в 1968 году, приехал в Рим из Умбрии, поэтому помимо местных специалитетов здесь есть и умбрийские — например, паппарделле с рагу из кабанины. Now the founder’s daughter is filling the restaurant, and the husband of one of them, a native of Sardinia, is working in the kitchen, thanks to whom a new hit has appeared on the menu: a milk pig baked in a wood oven. The main thing is that tourists are treated here exactly the same way as regulars who dine here for two decades in a row.

In case there is no way to get to Bruno, write down the address Da Dazo - this is another gastronomic clamp of Trastevere. Here the Roman classics are made standard: zucchini flowers in batter, Jewish artichokes (sauteed in butter until crunch) and pasta Kacho-e-pepe with pecorino and black pepper. In the center of Rome, the family restaurant Colline Emiliane near the Trevi Fountain, which has been specializing in the cuisine of the Emilia-Romagna region since 1931, never lets down. Order homemade egg pasta there, ravioli with pumpkin deserve special praise - and always something from meat dishes.

Mini Empire Roscioli

Exquisite cheeses, sausages, pastries and coffee

The Rosholi family shows by example how to build a successful family business: it all began in the 1970s from the Antico Forno Roscioli bakery on Chiavari street, where you can still grab a slice of hot pizza. Later Salumeria Roscioli appeared - a hybrid of a delicacy shop, wine cellar and restaurant. Expensively, crowded, the tables are torn off with the hands, but you have not eaten such burrata with dried tomatoes and mortadella with parmesan. Actually, it is recommended to concentrate on snacks for wine. Finally, a new and also noteworthy point for the tireless Rosholi is the Roscioli Caffè pastry shop with beautiful pastries (try Maritozzi, classic Roman cream buns), excellent espresso and a terrible rarity for Rome — coffee brewed in alternative ways.

Best ice cream

From classic to avant-garde

On the Roman ice cream, which greatly brightens up life in the time of sizzling summer heat, you can write a separate guide. The starting point is forever: the 100-year-old Giolitti ice-cream maker is a real gastronomic attraction with all the crowds of Japanese tourists: not to eat a cherry ball here is the same thing as not seeing the Colosseum. Giolitti's closest competitor is Il Gelato di San Crispino with notable branches at the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain.

Gelateria del Teatro on Coronari Street is recognized by the crowd, swallowing handmade ice cream on the steps of the picturesquely worn stairs. The best varieties: honey and lemon, raspberry and sage, dark chocolate with red wine. In Fatamorgana, they also pray for natural ingredients and include fantasy - you can take a simple, but perfect fig or coconut, and you can have something more interesting, for example, fennel with licorice or chocolate with the addition of tobacco infusion. But the main Roman maestro for this part is Claudio Torche, the first to start making ice cream from hot pepper and black sesame. The outpost Torche is located in the distant quarter of the EUR (where, however, it is recommended to get out for the Mussolini architecture), but there is a branch not far from the center - look for the sign Il Gelato di Claudio Torcè next to the ruins of the Great Circus.

Central Market, Testaccio and Eataly Market

Temples of Italian Food

The first gastronomic market of the city opened at the end of 2016 in the renovated pavilion of the Mussolini era, near Termini station. All according to the laws of the genre - a lot of light, beautiful wooden shelves, cooks in caps on one side and vigorous sellers who vied with each other to offer something to treat: one can take artichokes, others have a chianin burger, others have wine, and the fourth - Sicilian sweets (tables, of course, there are also). In a word, an excellent base for a bite to eat, especially if you just can’t get used to the Italian tradition to unlock restaurants strictly at lunchtime and dinner: the market is open from 8 am until midnight.

Those who consider the Mercato Central to be too emasculated and touristy go to the market in the Testaccio working-student quarter. There, be sure to find the Mordi e vai kiosk, where they prepare sandwiches with meat filling according to old recipes - in the course of this is a varied tripe, but it is very tasty.

Nearby is another large-scale celebration of food: the three-storey Eataly gastronomic supermarket near the Ostiense station, from where they drive to the sea, to Ostia - these are mountains of delicacies in beautiful packages and a scattering of cafes and eateries.

Airbnb Superb Tips

Fiamma regularly receives guests and shares with them their favorite places in Rome. These places you probably will not find in the classic guidebooks. Try the Roman pasta in the trattoria, arrange a real Italian date in the Monti quarter, treat yourself with sorbet and feel local in the market of the Testaccio district.

If somewhere in the center of Rome there are still good trattoria, it is in the Testaccio district. Take, for example, Da Bucatino - nothing has changed here for decades: the same old photographs of honorary clients on the walls, the same middle-aged waiters, the same home cooking. I advise you to order bukatini-amatrichana, classical Roman pasta with cheek and pecorino: the sauce is put in it so generously that guests are offered a special collar so that they do not soil the clothes.

Janicul Hill is a great place to walk, especially if you complete it with lunch or dinner in the Antico Arco restaurant. The cuisine is Italian, but not traditional, but processed in the direction of lightness and freshness, and the chef seems to be an artist in his heart - the food on the big white plates is painfully beautiful. Expensive, but for romantic dates perfect.

I love to sit on the terrace of Ciampini - an elegant cafe where elegant people flock to after shopping in boutiques on Corso Street: what is called “show yourself, see people”. I know that many are crazy about their chestnut ice cream, but I myself prefer coffee granite, ice crumbs with the addition of coffee - it is very refreshing in the heat. And for ice cream I go to Gelateria dei Gracchi - they especially manage pistachio and light fruit varieties, especially persimmon sorbet. A favorite place to meet with friends is the Enoteca Spiriti in the chamber on Pietra Square: a good wine list, decent snacks - and the people there are very kind.


Promising new restaurant

Informal atmosphere, reasonable prices and ingenious food: there are so many in Berlin or Copenhagen, but for Rome, where the niche between traditional trattorias and pathos restaurants is still mostly empty, is a breakthrough. A small restaurant near Piazza Navona is the work of two young, ambitious chefs who are busy rethinking classic Italian recipes. The menu is new every day, but you need to wait for something like a dove with leek and persimmon with soft cheese and pollen for dessert. If possible, sit at the counter encircling the open kitchen to see how your order is being prepared live. By the way, the owners of Retrobotegga decided to be innovators in everything, so they rejected the sacred Italian rule to close between lunch and dinner - you can eat here at 5 pm.

Those looking for a restaurant with the keywords “modern furnishings” and “interesting cuisine” can be advised of another place - LʼAsino dʼOro. Young Romans like a laconicly decorated restaurant for unbanal snacks, good pasta and inexpensive wine.

Trapitstsino and suppli

Branded Roman fast food

The Roman answer to the crown, the word trapizzino, is formed by adding pizza and tramezzino (the triangular sandwich on white bread is called in Italy) —the local restaurateur Stefano Callegari invented it. In essence, this is a pizza facing inward: triangular pockets of dough with a variety of fillings, from eggplants with parmesan to Roman meat classics - have courage and try trapsitsino with tripe or stewed oxtail. The invention of Callegari is a huge success - there are several Trapizzino points in the center, including the Vatican, not far from the Castle of Saint Angel and on the Central Market, a branch in New York opened in the spring, and judging by the fact that the site has got a version in Japanese, not over the mountains landing in Tokyo.

If trapitstsino - cheeky newcomer, then suppli - croquettes made of rice, stuffed with mozzarella, tomato sauce and most often with chicken gibles - the original Roman fast food. If you break such a croquet, the melted cheese stretches between the halves, like a telephone cord, which is why these balls are also called suppli al telefono - about "suppli on the wire." You can get acquainted with the suppli in pizzerias and trattorias, where they are served for a snack, or you can go to the Supplizio eatery, which is kept by Arkangelo Dandini, the chef of the Michelin guide of the LʼArcangelo restaurant. Dandini is served with copyrights, for example, with anchovies, cod croquettes, hot mozzarella sandwiches - fast, satisfying, tasty.

Il Goccetto, Ai Tre Scalini and La Barrique

Wine cellar in which you want to stay forever

At the table of the Roman wine bar it seems that you can spend the whole vacation and a lifetime, of course, if you choose the right place. Il Goccetto - precisely of them: the old painted ceiling, shelves with bottles from floor to ceiling and at least 30 positions by the glass. There is little space inside, so the regulars drank at the entrance, leaning on their “vespa” - if you come here immediately after arrival, you will get a happy feeling: I'm in Rome. In Ai Tre Scalini, which is in the most pleasant Monti quarter, the choice is simpler, but the degree of revival is not lower - for a more intimate atmosphere, go to your neighbors in Al Vino al Vino. And in the case when it is necessary not only to drink, but also to have a solid dinner, La Barrique will save, where a full-fledged hot cooking is attached to the extensive wine list with all sorts of rarities and modishness.

Da Remo, Emma and Pizzarium

Pizza with ceremonies and without

Roman pizza, unlike the lush Neapolitan - thin and crunchy, you can eat the whole alone and not become heavy. For its reference design, go to Da Remo - a noisy and cheap establishment in the Testaccio quarter: pizza is only a little thicker than paper tablecloths on tables. In the fashionable pizzeria Emma, ​​the bill will be three times larger - you have to pay for the center layout, tall ceilings and a gourmet approach. Flour - organic, mozzarella - the most delicate, made of buffalo milk, prosciutto - from Salumeria Roscioli plus decent snacks, pasta, craft beer and a wine list with 30 pages.

You can master the pizza al taglio genre (ie pick-up pieces) in the old bakery on the Campo de Fiori market square - let the square itself turn into a tourist hell with souvenir in the form of phallus from a living, colorful market place, the bakery is not going to surrender. And look for the most sophisticated pizza sold out next to the Vatican - in Pizzarium almost every day they come up with something new from seasonal products. Bakery owner Gabriele Bonchi, who admire Michelangelo's pizza fans, claims to have tried over 1,500 recipes on the guests, including rabbit, scallops, pumpkin and bacon, while the headliner remains a seemingly boring, but in fact a wonderful option - with potatoes.

La toricella

And two more proven places with fish and seafood

The absence of the sea is probably the only drawback of Rome: there are few fish restaurants, they are expensive and often disappointing, but there are still some good places. One of them is La Torricella trattoria: the quality of food is not always even, but you can vouch for snacks like small fried octopus, spaghetti with vongole and other pasta with seafood.

The best fish carpaccio, fresh sea urchin caviar and selected oysters are served in the ceremonial Tempio de Iside restaurant next to the Coliseum. True, you need to get ready to leave at least 60 euros per person. Its opposite is that of the common people Dar Filetarro: to spend there more than € 15, you have to try hard. A hot dish on the menu is one - cod fillet in batter for € 5, take to it Puntarella, young shoots of chicory with vinegar-anchovy dressing, and draft wine in a shashbaty decanter. Not that the best food in your life, but an unforgettable Roman experience.

How much is

You also need to understand that in the historic part of Rome The average check for a modest dinner for 2 will start with at least 50 euros. Doubt? Try dinner, for example, on Piazza Navona or near the Pantheon, cheaper than 60-70 euros and share your experience in the comments. Moreover, the main attractions of the high cross, which means that the owners in most cases do not care whether you return or not. And, of course, you will be charged a good percentage or a fixed fee of 5-8 euros per person for service.

In Rome, all locals know that the Trastevere district is a gastronomic paradise. For delicious, inexpensive food and the real atmosphere of the old city to you exactly here.

Bottega Fienaroli

First place in our personal ranking. It is here that we just walk with my wife Yana at least a couple of times a week, and it is here that our stomachs sing the odes to the Italians. In fact, this is a small but very cozy bistro with self-service. It used to be called Take Your Time.
The owner Giacomo sincerely in love with his business, all his life was fond of cooking, dreamed of opening his own restaurant-bistro. And so, having achieved success in another business and becoming a fairly wealthy person (continuing to do business during the day), he realized his dream. I thank you that once walking along the narrow streets of the Trastevere district, we accidentally discovered this unusual place. On the first evening of your stay in the Eternal City, you are only here.
Important: Pasta and pizza are not cooked here., but you will find tasting of many types of prosciutto and jamon, cheeses, as well as rare sorts of beer and wine (a bottle of wine ranging from 18-35 euros, but these are the best wines in this price category), selected with knowledge and inaccessible in most restaurants. About each dish, Giacomo and his staff will tell you a story - where it comes from, what's different, who supplies it and other interesting facts. Agree, it is very nice when the owner of the establishment is often personally present on the spot, in love with his work, and your stomach and the bill for lunch and dinner say that you have enough money to return here more than once.
Of the nice options - free internet (takeyourtime password) and the ability to recharge the phone.
Address: Via Dei Fienaroli 4 - 00153 Roma Trastevere.
Phone for reservations: +39 335 533 0628, you can also write to the Whats app in English or Italian, or in extreme cases, in Russian (Giacomo teaches)
Working hours: daily from 12:00 to 15:00 and from 18:00 to 01:00
Reservations on Friday, Saturday, Sunday are recommended.
Facebook Page: Bottega-Fienaroli
For whom: perfect quiet place to have a tasty meal under a bottle of wine.
What to try:carpaccio and mozzarella bufalo and everything that fits. Crafting beer, which Giacomo has over forty. Look through the photos of the dishes in Instagram @bottegafienaroli
Dinner price for 2 with wine or beer: 40-60 euros.
Note: If you have never been to Italy and want to start with basic (standard) dishes go to dinner at restaurants / pizzerias that are written belowand then to Giacomo to touch the beautiful.


It is here that I now drive all my friends to try Roman cuisine, unlike Carlo Menta (lower in the ranking), you can order any dish here, not just pasta - everything is very tasty! A minus for a mass tourist is a reservation to Impichetta for at least two or three days. Salivate and read my review about the restaurant Impiccetta.
Address: via dei Fienaroli 7, Trastevere (next to Giacomo)
Working hours: daily from 19:00 to 23:00, sometimes open for lunch from 12:00 to 14:00
My favorite dishes: all kinds of pasta, lamb (Abbaccio), tiramisu
The cost of lunch for 2: 30-40 euros.

In our ranking of the best pizzerias in Rome, it is rightfully ranked first, with no options. I recommend to begin acquaintance with the real Italian pizza here. You can take a pizza to go, and it is better to wait. Yes, imagine there are queues here, but I advise you to wait 5-20 minutes and sit down to eat inside. Bake pizza here at the highest level since 1995. Service again, as lucky, but all compensate for the price and quality of the pizza.
Address: Vicolo del Bologna, 45, 00153 Roma
Working hours: every day from 12 to midnight, after 18:00 there is a queue of about 20 minutes
What to try: all kinds of pizza, but you don’t fit in that much.
Cost for 2: 25-30 euros.

Carlo menta

The first restaurant I got in Rome many years ago. Today it is the cheapest place in terms of price / quality ratio, where you can have lunch or dinner in Rome and, of course, is very popular. I advise you to start acquaintance with Italian pasta here. Ideal to come here for lunch, as the "Carlo" from 12 o'clock. Be sure to try homemade lasagne (lasagne fatte in casa), spaghetti carbonara (spaghetti alla carbonara), penne Carlo Menta. Soups, main dishes, as well as pizza, leave to others - nothing special. Take a liter of red or white homemade wine (vino della casa) for 8 euros - Rome will seem even more beautiful. Some of the staff speak Russian, although it can sometimes hide it. Especially an individual approach should not be expected, but in this case it is not the main thing. You want pasta for 5 euros?
Address: via della Lungaretta 101, Trastevere
Working hours: daily from 12:00 to 23:00
My favorite dishes:Gnocchi (Carlo Menta), tiramisu fatto in casa (homemade tiramisu), panna cotta con frutti di bosco (panna cotta with wild berries).
The cost of lunch for 2: 25-40 euros.

La botticella

This restaurant is open only after 19:00, keeps the Italian family. He is more expensive than the average. Delicious steaks, ravioli with mushrooms and everything. If something remains on the plate will not understand! Read the review here.
Address:Vicolo del Leopardo, 39a, Trastevere
What to try:
cozze (mussels) and everything that fits
Working hours: after 19:00, reservation is required
Cost for 2: 40-70 евро.

ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ: я сюда последний год не хожу, так как испортились. Типичная римская остерия – ресторан с домашней обстановкой и упрощенным меню. Основан в 1924 году, специализируется на римской кухне. Цены на блюда на 1-2 евро дороже, чем в Карло Мента, о котором выше, но все же для Рима супер демократичные. Мне заведение импонирует индивидуальным подходом, официанты в большинстве своем не просто называют блюда, но и могут рассказать о каждом небольшую историю, хорошо говорят на английском. Не бойтесь их расспрашивать.
Адрес: Via della Lungaretta 54, Trastevere, рядом с автобусной и трамвайной остановкой Belli
Что пробовать: курицу в перцах (Pollo colli peperoni), все виды пасты.
Стоимость ужина на 2-х: 40-50 евро
Официальный сайт:www.anticaosteriarugantino.com

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Jerry Thomas Project и Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà

Creative cocktails and craft beer

The best, by a wide margin, cocktail bar in the city is Spikyzi Jerry Thomas. The atmosphere of the underground of the times of Prohibition is carefully observed: in order to get inside, you need to know the password (it is hidden on the site) and pay a membership fee. And then you can relax: the local gurus in the eyes will read all your unspoken desires and mix up something perfect from a classic or a free program. If the goal is not fantastic cocktails, but a crowd, fun and new acquaintances, go to Freni e Frizioni - the main bar of Trastevere, known for its noisy and generous aperitifs (from 7 to 10 in the evening on weekdays): by paying for a drink, you can Pleasure to eat pizza, salads and couscous.

Much rubbing in front of the entrance with a glass at the ready can be in Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà - a tiny place, which is considered perhaps the best crafting bar in Italy. But the second Roman pillar of the crafting scene - Open Baladin - is made in a big way: a huge, skillfully illuminated collection of bottles on the shelves behind the bar and heavy burgers for a snack.

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