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What kind of fruit can you eat when losing weight?


In pursuit of a slim figure, we often limit ourselves to nutrition. At the same time, we sometimes succumb to the influence of the myths invented by our grandmothers about the right diet. As a result, we buy fruit baskets in the store, considering them to be absolutely safe and useful. "There is not a drop of fat in them!" - we convince ourselves and enthusiastically absorb kilograms of tasty fruits in front of the TV, without even suspecting that by doing so we negate all efforts to lose weight. In order not to be mistaken in the choice of products, dieting, let's see what kind of fruit you can eat with weight loss and in what quantity.

Debunk Myths

Opponents of eating fruits during the diet claim that in no case should you fill your diet with sweet fruits. Like, they contain a lot of fructose, which is a modified sugar. But this myth can be easily dispelled, as scientists have long proved that the human body processes it completely differently than the same glucose. The fact is that fructose is quickly and easily broken down and absorbed, not having time to convert to fat, like other carbohydrates.

Many do not know what kind of fruit to eat when losing weight, and therefore they are completely abandoned. Especially when they hear the second myth about fructose: it interferes with the process of burning lipids. It also blocks the formation of hormones, so the body does not understand how much energy it has already spent and assimilated. But doctors refute this statement. According to them, in moderation fructose is not terrible. Of course, if you consume hundreds of fruits a day, then extra pounds can not be avoided.

Fruit benefits

There is no doubt that it exists. First, to discard all doubts, consult a professional nutritionist. He will explain in detail what kind of fruit can be eaten while losing weight. Also, the doctor will tell you that the body cannot do without them: the fruits contain the antioxidants it needs. They cleanse our body of harmful free radicals that oxidize cells and provoke the development of serious diseases.

Secondly, fruits contain many vitamins and micronutrients, without which the body is unable to function normally. If they are not enough, all sorts of failures in the immune, nervous and other systems begin. There are problems with vision, hair falls out, skin condition worsens. Therefore, do not be lazy to know what kind of fruit you can eat with weight loss and how much to avoid this kind of trouble. They may also be added and problems with the bowel. After all, by rejecting the fruit, you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to receive such fiber that is necessary for cleansing the body.


What kind of fruit can I eat for weight loss at night? Of course, citrus. They will not harm the figure even at a later time of the day, what can we say about morning or lunch. Eating a few orange or mandarin fruits a day, savoring slices of grapefruit or lemon, you not only keep your figure, but also lose weight. The fact is that natural sugar and various minerals contained in the middle of the product stimulate metabolism. Moreover, the most useful for losing weight is grapefruit: it tones the body and burns excess fat deposits. Enzymes of this fruit actively process calories. Know that any dish that contains no more than 800 kcal will not spoil your body if you eat half of this fruit after it.

In addition, every day using citrus fruits, you provide yourself with enough ascorbic acid, which serves as a shield for various viruses and harmful bacteria. The presence of phytosubstances strengthens the immune system, prevents the development of inflammation and even tumors, and also relieves the load on the heart.

Another exotic fruit that will make you slimmer. He was even dubbed the weight loss champion. First, low-fat kiwi. One hundred grams of fruit pulp contains only 60 kcal. Also, there are many useful trace elements (iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc), fruit and organic acids. Eating one fruit a day, you cover the daily need of your body for vitamin C, also provide it with enough folic acid and vitamin K.

Secondly, the famous nutritionist, Frenchman Michel Montignac, speaking about what kind of fruit you can eat with weight loss, first of all called it Kiwi. According to him, starting breakfast with this fruit, you get rid of extra pounds, without making any physical effort. The fact is that the soluble plant fibers of this fruit kill the feeling of hunger and remove all the excess from your intestines. Carnitine, which is in the flesh of kiwi, burns lipid layers in the body.

One of the most famous fruits that are used for weight loss. It is proved that, using only one mango per day, you can get rid of one or two kilograms per week, from 5-6 kg per month. Also, in four weeks, the fruit burns five centimeters of fat at the waist. People who lived many centuries ago already knew what kind of fruit to eat when losing weight, therefore not only mangoes were stored in order to prevent excess weight, but they also treated obesity.

In addition, the mango is also very useful. It reduces the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, cures foci of infections. Acts as a laxative, so they treat patients suffering from intestinal obstruction. Mango - a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients, its presence in your menu has a positive effect on the work of the kidneys and the cardiovascular system. It is recommended to make air mousses from mangoes, use them in cocktails and salads. The fruit goes well with yogurt in desserts, and with rice in main dishes. It is contraindicated for diabetics because of the high content of vegetable sugars.

Every day, eat three or four fruits - this is a sure way to lose weight quickly. The domestic fruit has many advantages even in comparison with its exotic counterparts. Firstly, it is inexpensive, secondly, it does not cause allergic reactions, and thirdly, almost everyone likes its taste qualities. Nutritionists recommend several times a month to do fasting apple days, during which only eat these fruits. That's only if you have stomach problems, it is better to refrain from consuming the product. Also, if you want to know what kind of fruit can be eaten while losing weight in the evening, it is best to consult with your doctor. For example, the same apple can cause severe heartburn, so it is better not to eat it at night.

Medium sized apples contain from 60 to 100 calories. The high level of fiber allows you to quickly satisfy hunger. The fruits are rich in antioxidants that kill cholesterol, as well as folic acid and elements that are responsible for bone density. The benefits of fruit are indisputable. There is even a saying in the UK: "Do you want to forget about doctors - eat an apple a day."

What kind of fruit can be slimming? Well, of course, pineapple - a real "king" in the fight against obesity. Fat people not only can, but also need to include it in their menu. Low calorie food (48 kcal) allows you to eat it in large quantities. Of course, you should not abuse it, but half a fruit a day will only benefit. The pulp contains bromelain, which provokes the breakdown of fats and proteins, the production of gastric juice, which improves the digestive process and at the same time reduces the figure on the scales. There is an opinion that only one gram of this substance can remove a kilogram of excess weight from your sides and waist.

Thanks to pineapple, food is quickly digested, without forming lipid deposits. That is why it is recommended to eat after a meal. Also in this regard, the juice from the fruit is useful: it also copes well with the calories attacking your body. But the most interesting thing is that before eating pineapple is useful. Nutritionists say that only a few slices can reduce your portion of lunch or dinner, as the fruit quenches hunger and creates a saturation effect.

Pest fruit

You should also be aware of them in order not to buy a product on the market that will contribute not to a decrease, but, on the contrary, to weight gain. What kind of fruit you can eat with weight loss, we have already figured out, now consider their antipodes, the first of which is grapes. It has not only a lot of calories and fructose, but also a high glycemic index, so for those who are on a diet, it is not suitable. Also, grapes often ferment in the intestines, which causes discomfort.

Bananas are very tasty, but at the same time absolutely not useful fruits for losing weight. The reasons are the same as in the case of grapes. Another pest fruit is watermelon. Many say that he copes with excess weight, but this is a misconception. The huge glycemic index is only one of the drawbacks of watermelon. For example, a large amount of fluid contained in it can disrupt the water-salt balance in your body.

Also, all those who are trying to lose weight, it is recommended to exclude from the diet dried fruits and canned fruits. They are very high in calories and contain a lot of harmful sugar. Therefore, replace them with useful fruits for the figure: pineapples, apples, kiwi, mango and citrus. Be always in good shape!

Advantages and disadvantages

Oddly enough, but the fruit and really bring a considerable effect when losing weight. Depending on the diet and the initial weight in just a week, you can throw up to 6-7 kilograms. In addition to burning fat, these foods will also help cleanse the body and improve your health. Many young girls ask questions about what kind of fruit can be eaten while losing weight, in order to get rid of the hated kilos as soon as possible. In fact, the answer to this question directly depends on what kind of lifestyle a person leads, what is his initial weight, and also do not forget about the individual characteristics of the organism, since any fruit can be allergic and so on.

First you need to figure out the benefits:

  1. There is an opportunity to get rid of excess weight without experiencing feelings of hunger.
  2. You do not need to spend time on cooking, because these foods are consumed raw.
  3. Fruits are allowed to eat not only during the day, but also at night, and most importantly, while those extra pounds will not be added.
  4. The complexion becomes dull and uniform, cellulite leaves at a fast rate, which is due to fiber.
  5. All fruits must have amazing substances that stimulate the production of serotonin (the hormone responsible for positive mood).
  6. Fruits contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals.

In addition to the pros, there are also disadvantages, although their number is much smaller:

  1. Absolutely all fruits burn fat, but some of them are weak in this regard (for example, bananas, dates, grapes).
  2. Often when eating fruit, people completely refuse from dairy products, which leads to a deficiency of vitamin B2.
  3. The fructose contained in some fruits is converted to fat deposits, and not to glycogen, as it should be.
  4. It is forbidden to eat fruits exclusively for more than two weeks, since this case is guaranteed to come protein fasting.


With what kind of fruit you can eat with weight loss and what their advantages and disadvantages, have already figured out. But in addition to negative features, there are also contraindications that you should definitely listen to.

It is forbidden for people to eat excessive amounts of fruit in food if they have:

  1. Diseases of the stomach and intestines or duodenum.
  2. Allergic reactions to a particular product.

Although it is worth considering that a person who adheres to proper nutrition constantly and turns it into a lifestyle, not only can, but should eat fruit in reasonable amounts daily. They help to improve digestion, as well as eliminate excess fat and prevent its appearance.

Calorie and glycemic index

Answering the question about what kind of fruits can be eaten while losing weight and how much they are allowed to eat daily, you first need to deal with caloric and glycemic index. First of all, it is necessary to note important facts that show why fruit cannot be completely excluded from the diet:

  1. Antioxidants. They are found in fruits and contribute to the removal of free radicals. As you know, their harm lies in the fact that they oxidize cells and can easily cause any disease.
  2. Micronutrients and vitamins. Also present in various fruits and prevent the occurrence of disruptions in the human body. Because of their absence, the immune system will immediately deteriorate, hair will start to fall out, and vision problems will arise.

When choosing a fruit, it is necessary to focus on the caloric and glycemic index. The first indicator in different fruits is different at times, so they are different in terms of fat burning. Doctors recommend eating those fruits whose caloric content is no more than 40 kcal. A glycemic index is an indicator responsible for the level of sugar after ingestion of certain products. Its value depends on the amount of fructose. Following from this, it can be argued that while losing weight too sweet fruits should not be consumed.

What fruits can be eaten at night

What kind of fruit can be eaten in the evening when losing weight, most girls are interested, because very often you want to eat something after 6 pm, but, as practice shows, you should not do this. In fact, there is a certain list of fruits that are allowed and even recommended to eat in the evening. Among them:

  1. Citrus. When there are doubts about what kind of fruit you can eat with weight loss after 18:00, you can safely turn to oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and so on. They contain minerals and vitamins that can speed up the metabolic process.
  2. Kiwi. Another French nutritionist named Montignac argued that this fruit should be eaten for breakfast before the main course, which helps to get rid of extra pounds without workouts and hard food restrictions. Kiwi is rich in microelements and vitamin C, and its secret lies in plant fibers, deadening the feeling of hunger and cleansing the intestines.
  3. Mango. This product has been used since ancient times in order to reduce waist size and weight loss. It lowers cholesterol and contains many beneficial trace elements. Even in modern times, nutritionists recommend it when answering the question about what kind of fruit can be eaten while losing weight. The list of foods that can be eaten daily, necessarily includes mangoes for these very reasons.

What to eat during the day

In the daytime, you can eat not only the well-known fruits, but also exotic ones. About what kind of fruit you can eat with weight loss, if you want something unusual, is written below.

The list of permitted fruits for daily consumption includes:

  1. Apples. With them you can arrange a fasting day, so that the excess weight will go faster. They contain enough fiber, the minimum amount of sugar and differ from the rest of the average calorie content.
  2. Japanese pear. The exotic version differs from the usual less pronounced aroma, as well as sweeter flesh.
  3. Medlar Another exotic fruit that is ideal for those who like to pamper themselves. Caloric content varies in the middle range, but fat burning properties in it are much more than in any other fruit.

With what kind of fruit you can eat while losing weight (the list of products is given above), you have understood, but there are other fruits, which are not recommended to be consumed if you wish to lose weight. These include:

  1. Grapes
  2. Bananas.
  3. Avocado.
  4. Watermelon.
  5. Persimmon.

All of these fruits are too sweet, and therefore contain many calories and will not benefit the figure due to excessive fructose content.

How to use

In order to lose weight in a few days, you must adhere to the basic rules:

  1. Along with the fruit should not eat fatty foods, as this combination will not give the desired result.
  2. There are in small quantities, high-calorie - no more than a couple of things a day.
  3. Alternate fruit to provide the body with all the vitamins it needs.

Cocktails and Smoothies

Now it is clear how and what kind of fruit can be eaten while losing weight (the list is provided above).But for a change, you can make a light cocktail or a smoothie from the same fruit, combining them, which will give an even greater effect:

  1. Refreshing. For cooking you will need to chop kiwi, a slice of lemon, as well as a few sprigs of mint. Все это залить стаканом воды и добавить ложку меда.
  2. Фруктовый. Необходимо перемолоть вместе пару кусочков ананаса, стакан кефира, 20-30 семян тыквы, ложку кокосового масла и маленький ломтик грейпфрута.
  3. Полезный. Основные ингредиенты: мякоть манго и половина стакана гранатового сока. По желанию можно добавить ложку меда, немного черники. Все элементы перемалываются и заливаются стаканом воды.

It is recommended to consume these drinks for breakfast and dinner. The amount should not exceed four glasses per day, so as not to cause allergies.

Pros and cons of fruit

They are loved and eaten by all people. Without them, it is difficult to imagine a balanced diet, because their use brings great benefits:

  • improves mood
  • gives energy for movement,
  • provides the body with nutrients

Unfortunately, excessive eating them may contain certain dangers:

  • they increase blood sugar levels
  • can greatly slow down fat burning
  • some of them are much more nutritious than it seems

Therefore, you should definitely understand what kind of fruit can be eaten while losing weight, and which should be avoided.

Fruit Calorie Table

The very first parameter to compare is calorie content. Below are the values ​​of this indicator in the most popular fruits.




As it turned out, not all fruits contain a similar amount of calories, among them there is even a record holder - avocado. But do not immediately abandon its use and go exclusively to lemons. It is necessary to understand further, because fruit is not only calories.

Is fructose useful for weight loss?

Fructose is literally fruit sugar. It is she who makes these fruits so sweet, and their use so desirable. She has several advantages that can not be overestimated:

  • it contains almost two times fewer calories than regular sugar,
  • has a low glycemic index, which is important for diabetics,
  • is safer for tooth enamel than sugar,

However, it also has disadvantages. The most important - fructose is not able to affect those hormones that are responsible for satiety. Therefore, uncontrolled eating fruits, you can easily overeat and not notice how the body gets extra calories.

  • Record for fructose content: grapes, persimmon, pear, apple, banana.
  • Mezzanines: orange, kiwi, watermelon, pineapple.
  • Fruits with a low concentration of fructose: grapefruit, peach, apricot, avocado.

When choosing which fruits to eat when losing weight, you should try to take fruits with a low content of fructose and a high concentration of fiber.

Weight Loss Fiber

Everyone heard the fact that fiber is good for the body. Its benefits are particularly relevant for those who are going to lose weight. Here are some of its useful properties:

  • It is not absorbed into energy. Fiber carbohydrates are literally not absorbed into the body, and hence the calories from it are not deposited on the sides
  • It cleans the digestive system, literally scraping all harmful deposits from the intestinal walls
  • Fiber gives you a feeling of satiety, which does not threaten to gain weight,

Choosing natural fruits, you can not ignore their fiber content. Moreover, if they have an extremely low content of dietary fiber, then these fruits can not be eaten with weight loss.

The highest fiber content is in avocados and pomegranates, medium - in pears, apples, kiwi, bananas and citrus, as well as peaches and pineapples. The lowest content of dietary fiber is in watermelon and grapes. When losing weight is in any case impossible.

The most useful and most harmful fruits for weight loss

Summarizing the above, it is already possible to understand which fruits can be eaten while losing weight, and which cannot. Rating fruit looks like this.

It is impossible when losing weight:

  • Watermelon It contains an extremely small amount of dietary fiber and an average amount of fructose. Alas, few people can limit the consumption of watermelon in one tiny piece. Therefore, despite the rather low calorie content (26-35 kcal per 100 grams, depending on sweetness), watermelon is one of the main enemies of the diet.
  • Banana It contains a high amount of fructose, an average amount of fiber and a lot of calories. From the point of view of proper nutrition, a banana is a good product, as it contains many useful minerals. From the point of view of losing weight, bananas cannot be eaten because of high calorie content.
  • Grapes Lots of fructose and little fiber. It is very easy to eat grapes for a good film or book. It should be removed from the diet.

It is possible with weight loss:

  • Pears and apples. A high amount of fructose and an average amount of fiber, and a moderate amount of calories. The undoubted advantage is the content of useful minerals, as well as the ability to easily dose the consumption of these fruits
  • Citrus. The average or low concentration of fructose, the average indicators of fiber content, and low calorie content - the combination of these factors makes citrus friends in the fight for the slim figure
  • Peaches and apricots. Little fructose, enough fiber - these are the fruits that can be safely eaten while losing weight.

A special category are some products, around which there is a decent amount of myths among people losing weight.

Pineapples for weight loss

There are legends about the miraculous properties of pineapple in burning fat. Allegedly, he is able to easily and easily burn those extra pounds without any effort. In fact, it is not. But you should not be disappointed in him, because he still has an almost magical list of beneficial effects for the body:

  • Pineapple dulls hunger. A slice of pineapple will avoid unnecessary unplanned trip to the refrigerator
  • it helps digestion, helping proteins digest,
  • helps in healing wounds and fights inflammations
  • improves skin and hair condition

In addition, pineapple contains a low amount of calories, a lot of fiber and a moderate amount of fructose. Almost everyone agrees that to exclude such a useful fruit while losing weight would be a real crime.

The verdict - pineapple should definitely be included in the diet for weight loss.

Avocado Slimming

Probably the most controversial fruit from the entire list. Indeed, excessive consumption of avocado is guaranteed to add extra centimeters at the waist, because 100 grams of this fruit contains as many calories as a fatty chicken thigh or a glass of selected milk.

But do not immediately branded avocado diets. After all, this fruit has several important advantages:

  • avocado has a beneficial effect on the heart and brain, nourishing them,
  • Avocado fruit contains a huge variety of vitamins and minerals,
  • is a record holder in fiber content, reducing the likelihood of developing intestinal cancer when consumed,

However, eating an avocado without stopping is also not worth it. After all, 179 kcal per 100 grams is not a joke. The best option is to use this fruit 1 time per week.

Kiwi weight loss

Among people there is a myth that kiwi burns fat. Alas, he is mistaken. In fact, this fruit is very similar to pineapple in its properties. Naturally, kiwi itself does not burn fat, but it definitely helps digestion, and also dulls the feeling of hunger. In addition, kiwi contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are indispensable to the body.

It is not recommended to eat kiwi in large quantities every day, but several times a week you can replace the usual apple or orange with this fruit. Especially in the evening, because due to the property to dull the feeling of hunger, kiwi will avoid overeating before bedtime.

How to eat fruit while losing weight

To diet gave the desired result, it is necessary to follow some rules. What kind of fruits you have when losing weight - the question is already clear, but now you need to figure out how to eat them to achieve the best effect:

  • it is desirable to limit their daily intake to no more than 600-800 grams,
  • in any case, do not use them in liquid form,
  • do not eat the entire daily rate at a time, and make a few snacks between main meals during the day,
  • in the evening, limit their consumption, for example, eat no more than one apple or several pineapple slices at night
  • try to consume them before the upcoming activity, whether it is playing sports or just walking,

If you follow these recommendations, you can not deny yourself the consumption of your favorite fruits on a diet, and keep a slender figure.


What fruits are possible, and what are forbidden to eat when losing weight - after reading this article, the issue is already resolved. It is best to keep a balance. In the diet should be both vegetable and meat dishes. And be sure to fruit. It is not necessary to create unnecessary restrictions, but you can’t eat everything without thinking. And then the figure will be slim, life will be happy, and the energy will be in full swing!

Benefit and harm

Fruits are useful for losing weight, due to its rich chemical composition and complex effect on the body:

  • long digested, reducing appetite and eliminating the need for snacking,
  • eliminate excess fluid and swelling,
  • normalize the gastrointestinal tract,
  • they cleanse organs of slagging and toxic compounds,
  • nourish the body with nutrients, strengthening the immune system and establishing the smooth operation of systems
  • are natural sources of energy: fructose and glucose uplifting, improve brain activity, give a charge of cheerfulness - this is what is not enough for people who lose weight during diets,
  • interfere with the deposition of fat and promote their burning,
  • accelerate metabolism.

In addition, they are allowed for vegetarians and are the basis of the diet in almost any diet.

There is no doubt that with a properly organized diet fruits contribute to weight loss, but they can also turn into harm to health.

Long-lasting fruit diets have a negative effect on the work of the stomach, for the normal functioning of which hot dishes are necessary. Therefore, it is necessary to select mixed food systems and at least have lunch for soups.

The risk of poisoning is high if rotten, overripe, or unripe fruits were selected. Indigestion can cause exotic and non-seasonal, so they are better not to get involved. If they are also washed out badly, a worm infestation is possible.

Side effects during fruit slimming are not uncommon: flatulence, abdominal distention, pain in the epigastric region, unpleasant and frequent belching, diarrhea.

Organic acids, found in large quantities in fruits, irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth and stomach. This leads to the formation of ulcers, so that complications such as stomatitis and gastritis are another minus of long-term weight loss.

As in any other plant food, fruits lack the proteins, iron and cobalamins that the body needs. Their shortage is fraught with vitamin deficiencies with all the ensuing consequences: anemia, shortness of breath, blurred vision, depression.

Prolonged use is contraindicated in the presence of diseases of the digestive system, kidney, diabetes and the tendency to allergies.

We conclude: if you make fruit slimming, then it should not be a one-man-fasting, but a balanced diet supplemented with other dietary products and for a period not exceeding 1 month. You can choose such a diet on this page.

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Depending on the effect on the body, all fruits can be divided into several groups.

Fat burning

These fat burners are best used for obesity and the presence of volumetric problem areas on the body. For example, to remove the belly.



If there are problems with constipation and heaviness in the stomach, they will get rid of them and help you lose weight:

  • plums
  • apples,
  • apricots,
  • peaches
  • bananas
  • oranges and other citrus fruits,
  • grapes
  • pears


According to nutritionists, these are the best fruits for weight loss, as they trigger a chain of cellular biochemical processes that promote weight loss and body health:

Appetite reducing

Can't resist the extra bit or sweets? Before eating and shortly before bedtime, eat something from this list:

  • quince,
  • apples,
  • apricots,
  • kiwi,
  • plums
  • pears
  • oranges, lemons, grapefruits, tangerines,
  • pineapples.
  • peaches
  • bananas
  • persimmon.

The most low-calorie (diet)

Low Glycemic Index

Restricted to use

There are no prohibited fruits in dietetics. Each of them is useful in its own way. However, some can not be eaten in large quantities, because they can trigger weight gain or cause unpleasant side effects.

High calorie

High glycemic index


They can cause a sharp jump in insulin, which for slimming is fraught with fatty deposits and bouts of hunger:

  • thai sugar apples
  • durians
  • tamarinds,
  • Thai hairy bananas,
  • grape raisin,
  • Torpedo melon,
  • thanpedak
  • mango,
  • sapodilla,
  • persimmon,
  • Jackfruits
  • marang
  • mangosteen,
  • pineapples.

If we take into account the level of acidity of products, then, from the point of view of an alkaline diet, pomegranates and fruit juices are not the best choice.

Among nutritionists, there is also an opinion that green fruits are mostly undesirable to use for weight loss. This is not scientifically proven, but in fact so. For example, avocado and durian - one of the most high-calorie. The grapes and jackfruit are too sweet. Carambola and kiwi fruit contain too much oxalic acid, which eats away the stomach lining. The only exceptions are apples.

Paradox. Avocado is a source of fat and at the same time has fat burning properties. But it is not only amazing. It turns out that it is off-season, as the ripe fruit can hang on the tree and not deteriorate up to 7 months.


In order for fruits to play their role of diet products flawlessly, you need to know a few rules for their competent use.

For fast weight loss fruit fasting days are good, especially apple and grapefruit. During the day you can lose up to 2 kg of weight. But you need to have a good stomach: in the presence of diseases, it can not withstand such a powerful attack of organic acids.

Fruits are much healthier in their raw form, but when you lose weight, you can eat and heat-treated - they gently act on the stomach and allow you to extend the diet.

Rinse thoroughly before use. Put rotten and spoiled immediately, because harmful substances could spread throughout the fetus.

If the diet is long-lasting, you should choose dietary and those that go well with fruits: vegetables, milk, low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, chicken, lean fish.

Follow the basic rules of weight loss, working for any diet and ensuring their high efficiency: exercise, eat fractional, drink plenty of water, do not eat at night.

You can use fruit cocktails, fresh juices, smoothies, juices. However, they must be homemade and without added sugar.

Experts say that only seasonal fruits are beneficial.

If you are the type of people who have an appetite for waking up mostly in the evening, it’s enough to eat some fruits that block hunger, and the problem will be fixed. Apples are especially good in this regard.

Curious fact. Scientists are still looking for a solution to this phenomenon: people who suffer from latex allergies do not tolerate mango or kiwi either.

Fruit Diet Salad

Calories: 50 kcal.

  • 2 apricots,
  • 1 orange,
  • ¼ grapefruit,
  • 1 pear,
  • 1 kiwi,
  • 3 plums,
  • 1 green apple
  • 1 lemon

Peel an orange, grapefruit, kiwi. Remove all hearts and bones from all fruits. Do oranges and grapefruit to remove white streaks and partitions. Apricots and plums cut into quarters, the remaining ingredients - in small random cubes. Squeeze out all the juice from a lemon. Ensure that no seeds or zest are caught with it. Mix. Eat immediately after preparation.

Note. On top of the salad is allowed to decorate with powdered walnuts, pomegranate seeds and berries, but note that this will increase the calorie content. The perfect recipe for lunch or an afternoon snack as part of any diet. Instead of lemon juice, you can use natural yogurt.

Fruit Diet Soup

Calorie: 95 kcal.

  • 50 grams of brown rice,
  • 2 liters of water
  • 2 apples
  • 1 pear,
  • 2 peaches,
  • 2 plums,
  • 1 mandarin
  • 1 orange.

All fruits, except for orange, should be cleaned from the core and seeds, mandarin - from the peel and white veins. Randomly cut, add water, boil, cook for no more than 10 minutes. To make boiled fruit with a noodle picker, pour juice squeezed out of an orange into broth and add rice. Cook until the cereal is ready. Then there are several options for serving and eating soup:

  1. Without returning the boiled fruit to the soup, we just eat fruit broth with rice.
  2. We drop them there again.
  3. Add fresh berries to the soup.

Note. Ingredients in this recipe can be changed at your discretion. The main thing is to keep track of calories (our tables will help you with this). The dish is suitable for lunch.

Fruit Liver

Calorie: 150 kcal.

  • 1 kg of chicken liver,
  • 2 bulbs,
  • 2 apples
  • 2 pears,
  • 1 orange,
  • 200 g 10% sour cream,
  • olive oil (only for greasing the tray),
  • spices at its discretion.

Liver arbitrarily chopped into pieces, put on a baking sheet, greased. Mix with finely chopped onions. Peel apples, pears, cores and seeds, put them on thin slices, put them on top. Полить соком, выжатым из апельсина. Посолить, поперчить. Залить сметаной. Запекать 20 минут в духовке при 200°С.

Note. The liver is unfairly not included in the diet: it is not too high in calories (136 kcal) and is very useful for blood circulation. During hunger strikes, it prevents the risk of anemia and beriberi. This dish can be consumed for dinner.

Fat burning cocktail

Calories: 38 kcal.

  • ½ avocado
  • 50 grams of pineapple,
  • 1 kiwi,
  • ½ mango,
  • 200 ml of 1.5% milk or kefir.

Peel fruits and seeds. Cut into large pieces, pass through a blender. Add milk or kefir, beat until desired consistency.

Note. Top allowed to decorate with chopped nuts, pomegranate seeds, sprigs of mint, berries, given their caloric content. Cocktail can be drunk during any snack.

When losing weight, the fruit is not only possible but necessary to use, however, only dietary and high-quality should be included in the diet. Otherwise, they can provoke intestinal disorders and even poisoning.


Basically all diets include the use of plant foods. But there are fruits that can not be eaten with weight loss. Excessive consumption can cause significant weight gain. First of all, when losing weight, you should be careful with grapes. The composition of this fruit includes an excessive amount of fructose. He is not able to satisfy his hunger or reduce his appetite. In addition, grapes have a high glycemic index.

To lose weight, you should forget about:

It is impossible to speak with certainty about the prohibition of a particular product. Each fruit is useful in its own way. For example, high-fat avocados are suitable for the type of diets with protein-carbohydrate alternation.

Bananas contain a large amount of quickly digestible carbohydrates (glucose, fructose) and starch, but with a minimum of fiber. These fruits are considered high-calorie.

The use of bananas provokes a sharp jump in sugar in human blood and causes a feeling of hunger. When losing weight, they can be eaten no more than twice a week.

This fruit with a high glycemic index should be banned during weight loss. Because of its composition, watermelon does not satisfy the feeling of hunger, but on the other hand, it violates the body’s water-salt balance.

Grapes are poorly absorbed by the body, causing fermentation processes in the digestive tract. And its high calorie and glycemic index do not allow him to enter the list of products allowed for weight loss.

Dried fruits and canned fruits

Due to the processes of release of moisture in dried fruits contain large amounts of carbohydrates. Frequent use of them leads to inhibition of the processes of weight loss and an increase in body weight. A day can eat no more than 30 grams of dried fruit with a glycemic index of less than 40.

Below is a comparative table of indicators of the most beloved fruits losing weight.

Are fruits useful for weight loss?

Fruits for weight loss can not be excluded from the diet, as they are useful and in some cases even contribute to weight loss. There are several reasons for this:

  • Many fruits are low-calorie, which allows you to adhere to the daily intake of calories and not to exceed the allowable amount. But it is worth remembering that the calorie content of the product is not the only indicator that affects the weight of a person, there are several others.
  • Virtually all fresh fruit contains fiber, which normalizes digestion and stimulates intestinal peristalsis. Thus, the risks of constipation are reduced, and they are an urgent problem for many people who are losing weight and diets. In addition, fiber removes toxins and wastes from the body, which can affect body weight and increase it.
  • Juicy fruits have a mild diuretic effect and remove excess fluid from the body. And if we take into account that the edema localized in different parts of the body is an extra 2-3 kilograms, then the weight will decrease, and the body will look more slender.
  • In fruits, there are carbohydrates that charge the body with energy used to ensure the normal functioning and functioning of important systems. And still carbohydrates are spent for work of muscles and brain activity, therefore it is not necessary to exclude their use completely or strongly reduce it, it is fraught with unpleasant consequences.
  • Dietary fiber contained in most of the available fruits, getting into the stomach, swell in it, fill the free volume and, thus, satisfy hunger, create a feeling of satiety for several hours and help control appetite.

Underwater rocks

Why while losing weight, some fruits are not recommended, and the number of others is often limited? There are several pitfalls. The first is carbohydrates. There are a lot of them in fruits, and sweet ones contain significant volumes, some of which are simple. They are consumed quickly, causing a sharp rise in the level of sugar, followed by the same rapid decrease and, consequently, a feeling of hunger. In addition, if there are a lot of carbohydrates, then an unused part can go “to the reserve” and be stored in the form of fat in problem areas.

The second pitfall is a low protein content. In most fruits, it is very small, and in fact such a substance is necessary for full-fledged work and nutrition of muscles, as well as for the formation of new cells. Therefore, it is impossible to eat only apples, oranges, grapefruits and their other "relatives", since they will not provide the body with all the nutrients it needs.

The third underwater stone is acids that are found in many fruits and, once in the stomach, stimulate the production of digestive juice. That is why some products in this category increase appetite. In addition, acids can irritate the mucous membranes of the digestive organs, so they are contraindicated in ulcers and gastritis.

Correct use

How to properly and without damage to the shape and health of eating fruit while losing weight? Follow a few simple recommendations:

  1. Do not think that you can eat as much fruit as you want. Of course, you probably do not harm your health (although this is possible), but the figure will definitely suffer. Therefore, the day is limited to 300-500 g of such products. But there are various fruit diets, subject to which the norms may increase.
  2. Many are interested in what time is better to eat fruit for weight loss. Since many of them contain carbohydrates, try to eat them in the morning or before 16:00.
  3. You can eat one fruit ten to fifteen minutes before the main meal in order to reduce the volume of servings and improve digestion. Another way to eat is snacks between breakfast and lunch or lunch and afternoon tea. In addition, a portion of the fruit can be turned into a healthy dessert, but without supplementing it with additives in the form of sugar, jam or heavy cream.
  4. It is not necessary to combine representatives of different families in one meal, as they are poorly combined, can overload the digestive tract and provoke indigestion, manifested in the form of flatulence, belching, bloating, abdominal pain. For example, one should not eat pome seeds (apples, pears, quince) or stone fruits (plums, peaches, apricots) simultaneously with citrus fruits.
  5. Fruits should be useful and easily digestible, so give preference to seasonal and local, that is, growing in your region and at this time of year. Exotic species can also be eaten, but you should trust the well-known suppliers.
  6. You can not eat only fruit! Protein products and even fats should certainly be present in the diet, but they are correct, namely vegetable and contained in red sea fish.

What fruits contribute to weight loss, and which - no?

There are fruits that help reduce and control weight. The most effective among them are:

  • Grapefruits contain significant amounts of fiber, as well as enzymes that contribute to better digestion of all food components and the breakdown of fats.
  • Kiwi also improves digestion, relieves constipation and helps to actively burn fat.
  • Pineapples contain enzymes that accelerate fat burning and normalize metabolism, which contributes to proper weight loss.
  • Apples, above all, are available at any time of the year and are relatively inexpensive. They also contain fiber, satisfy hunger and contain very few kilocalories. Well, and, of course, apples - it's delicious.

You can also include in the diet plums, pears, apricots, pomelo, oranges, peaches, gooseberries, nectarines.

If you want to lose weight, then reduce the use of starchy fruits and having a high glycemic index, which characterizes the speed of digestion of carbohydrates and an increase in sugar levels. These include grapes, bananas, dates, figs, watermelon, persimmon, mango, melon.

Eating fruits while losing weight is not only possible but necessary. And now you know how and when to do it right.