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New Year's makeup 2019 - master classes and photo ideas for a chic holiday


To look attractive at the festive evening, you should think about the make-up for the New Year before the advent of 2019. Cosmetics for such a solemn occasion should be bright and sparkling in order to give the face a shining effect, especially since the zodiac fully supports modern cosmetic trends.

In which way to meet the year 2019

Astrologers believe that this New Year's holiday just needs to appear in the image of a vamp woman: relaxed, energetic, bright and attractive. The coming year of Earth Boar favors all shades of gold. The festive dress should be trimmed with sequins or sequins. The colors of fire will remain in fashion - red, orange. Without the appropriate makeup in such an outfit, a person can get lost, become too pale.

Therefore, the brilliant and mother-of-pearl cosmetic palette becomes the main focus of New Year's Eve 2019. The shade is selected according to the type of skin. So, for the cold type, the classic tones of gold and silver are suitable, and for women with a warm skin tone, you should choose peach variants with a metallic sheen.

Trends New Year's Makeup

One of the main trends of makeup on New Year's Eve is the emphasis on the eyes. Among the trends of the New Year's makeup 2019 can be identified:

  • glitter shadows (dense crumbly variations are used, holographic brilliance is especially effective),

  • shimmering liquid eyeliner (sparkling arrows can be of various shades, but it is important that they are correctly combined with the color of the shadows),

  • colored eyebrows - they look interesting and unusual, but such a bright image is more suitable for young girls or teenagers who are not afraid of bold experiments,

  • glowing skin - for those who do not like excessive extravagance in the image, it is enough to add a little golden shine to the daily foundation (it can be blush with mica or highlighter),

  • gold lipstick - to give a shine, after applying lipstick, add a little golden shine to the middle of the lips and shade,
  • the most important thing - makeup should be persistent, keep well and not spread on the face on New Year's Eve.

Fashionable make-up under the eye color for the New Year 2019

Before you apply makeup that matches the color of your eyes, you need to worry about a good base. The skin of the face must be cleaned in advance with a gentle peeling, it is even better to apply a refreshing and restoring mask. Then apply a tone that should be composed of reflective particles, giving the skin a glow.

After that comes the turn of the highlighter, they are allocated chin, cheekbones, upper eyelid, back of the nose.

Bright brown shades are suitable for brown eyes: gold and silver, turquoise, aquamarine, malachite, as well as gray-black. Suitable for black-eyed beauties and bright, eye-catching eyeliner. Lipstick should not compete with eye makeup, it is enough to emphasize lips with light gloss.

For green eyes, warm shades of shades would be appropriate, for example pale pink, peach, as well as chocolate, golden, purple. The expressiveness of the face will give powder, darker than the natural skin color. The shade of lipstick should be warm, but not pearl.

Cold shades of pink, silver, smoky gray are suitable for gray eyes. It is better to apply a liner thinner, only slightly emphasizing the outline of the eyes. Powder recommended lighter, and lipstick should have a bright shade, closer to scarlet, you can use pearlescent gloss.

For the new year 2019 for blue eyes, it is preferable to use their inconspicuous shades of blue and blue palette: gray-blue, light blue with mother-of-pearl shine. Make-up can consist of several colors of shadows, while a lighter shade is applied to the inner corner of the eye, the main color is applied to the middle of the eyelid, and the outer corner of the eye is emphasized with a darker color. In conclusion, it is recommended to emphasize the lips pale pink gloss. This will give meekapu ease and expressiveness.

Ideas beautiful makeup on the photo

The difference between New Year and make-up from everyday is that it should be brighter and more contrast. On the selection of photos you can see how to properly make up under the shade of hair, as well as step-by-step instructions on the implementation of its various techniques. When selecting cosmetics for a festive event, you need to focus on your color type and on the shade of the festive attire.

For blondes

Women with blond hair should carefully consider the combination of makeup with a New Year's outfit. So, a girl in a dress of gentle pastel tones, made up in the “nude” style, risks becoming pale and inconspicuous at a party. If blond hair is combined with dark eyes, then preference should be given to coffee beige or brown tones with a golden sheen. If the eyes are bright, green or blue, lavender, olive, blue, pink and gray shades will do.

For brunettes

Makeup for brunettes at a meeting in 2019 pigs can be bright, sharp and fancy. So, brown-eyed brunettes will suit even shades of purple and fuchsia. Blue-eyed - cold blue and gray. Smoky eyes make-up will look great too. But it is important not to overdo it with dark tones, because they visually age the face. Dark-haired shades of white, light blue and pink will not work.

The bright appearance of red-haired girls must be emphasized appropriate makeup. Another feature of redheads is that their skin is often covered with freckles. To even out the tone, you have to resort to the help of concealer, which will give the skin smoothness.

The palette of shadows can vary from dark gray to plum and emerald shades. Red owners of light eyelashes need mascara of bright shades. Lipstick should be bright enough, but not close in tone to the hair color. It is better to stop the choice on red or plum flowers. You can make make-up in pastel colors, but it is necessary to focus on the eyes.

Until New Year 2019, there is still enough time to experiment with various make-up techniques and color palette of decorative cosmetics and choose what will help to be bright and unique throughout the holiday. In this case, the New Year 2019 Pigs will be happy and will definitely bring good luck.

Makeup for the New Year from the Yellow Pig

The new year 2019 will be held under the sign of the Yellow Earthen Pig or Boar. For the next 12 months, we will get an original in all respects totem. Outwardly, he seems plump, interested only in a person, but under a thick skin hides a multifaceted nature.

A pig has a good taste, knows how and loves to spend money, domovita, not averse to having a good time exclusively on the highest level. Beautiful makeup, one of the indispensable conditions, should not be a separate touch, but an effective accent of a harmonious image.

It is advisable to make a little gloss, golden metallic - one of the favorite colors of the Yellow totem. Brown, bronze, sand, peach tones are welcome. But in general, follow the current recommendations for your color type. The pig, with its excellent sense of style, will appreciate the whole rainbow spectrum, in the New Year's make-up according to the laws of harmony.

Correctly prioritize. Meet the Year of the Pig and take care of financial well-being - emphasize your eyes. Look for the second half and enter the year of the Boar - highlight the lips. There is always one thing - the make-up should be evening, idle time will not work in a hurry.

New Year's makeup in terms of good taste

Fashionable makeup today, including New Year's, is clearly divided into two areas. Gentle option - this is natural, nude shades, a feeling of fresh, freshly washed skin. Contrast style - straight lines, bright colors, rich lips, clear graphical arrows, Smoky ice in natural dark gray tones.

  • dullness
  • even skin tone
  • neat eyelashes
  • sparkles in the form of single accents.

Bright splashes from the 90s are left in the past - blue and green mascara, colored arrows, acid shadows, large glitters. False eyelashes, resembling a bird's wing, also came out in circulation. Want to increase the volume of your own - pick a moderate length and good mascara.

Be sure to take into account the color of the New Year's dress. Dress in pastel colors and nude makeup for the blonde - a complete failure. The girl will simply turn into stealth, or rather into a pale mole. For brown-haired women is also preferred makeup medium saturation, but brighter clothes.

For brunettes - only clear lines and contrasting combinations. This also requires an outfit with character - a red dress. Your favorite color is black, and the New Year 2019 is not a reason to refuse it - keep in mind the insidious features. Dark tones in the face visually add age. But the black dress is gorgeous in a company with a deep neckline or perfect skin tone.

Step by step to perfection: the basic rules of literate make-up

Before you apply directly New Year's makeup, take care of your skin. You can not boast of absolute smoothness, healthy color, even tone - it does not matter, let it become your little secret. There is time - visit the cosmetologist in advance, with total employment, special care products will save.

The algorithm of action is as follows:

  • First, the skin must be well moisturized,
  • Console is used for correction,
  • Hailarter gives shine
  • all masking means are applied to the foundation,
  • transparent powder will help to fix the effect.

A good moisturizer works wonders. It will not allow fine wrinkles and irregularities to stand out treacherously on New Year's Eve. The consiller is spotted and carefully shaded. His role can fulfill the dark powder.

To narrow the nose, apply it on the side surfaces and the tip. Want to highlight the cheekbones - retract your cheeks and retouch hollow surfaces. If necessary, you can darken the chin, temples, forehead area along the growth of hair.

Highlighter will make the face expressive and sculptural. It is applied:


  • on cheekbones,
  • upright to the back of the nose
  • above the upper lip
  • in the middle of the chin, forehead,
  • under the brow on the upper eyelid.

The main requirement for makeup for the New Year - resistance. Naturalness and clarity should be maintained throughout the night. Do not experiment with new tools on the eve of the holiday, use proven and reliable.

What make-up to choose depends not only on the tone of the hair, the dress, but also on the color of the eyes. To help - photo ideas, step-by-step lessons on applying shadows, lipsticks, the art of creating arrows, and other tricks for beginners and experienced makeup artists.

Makeup for brown eyes

Mysterious, deep, tea color requires rich shades. How to create bright accents step by step - tell a selection of photos. What colors are suitable - choose for your New Year's outfit.


  • nacreous brown,
  • silver,
  • turquoise
  • lilac,
  • bright blue
  • dark green
  • blue black
  • saturated gray.

Combine several shades, apply an arrow on the upper eyelid and do not forget to highlight eyebrows. In conclusion - powder for the tone of the face, lipstick matte or with a slight sheen, and your New Year's image is impeccable.

Highlight green eyes

Your face already has an expressive accent. Make the green eyes even brighter, more mysterious, the correct palette of shadows will help to complement them with a mystical note on New Year's Eve. Optimal colors:

  • smoky,
  • green,
  • turquoise,
  • bronze,
  • golden,
  • chocolate,
  • Violet,
  • purple.

Powder is better to choose a tone darker skin, lipstick matte warm shades - brown, coral, for a contrast image - burgundy. Blush preferred soft peach.

How to do:

Highlight green eyes

Your face already has an expressive accent. Make the green eyes even brighter, more mysterious, the correct palette of shadows will help to complement them with a mystical note on New Year's Eve. Optimal colors:

  • smoky,
  • green,
  • turquoise,
  • bronze,
  • golden,
  • chocolate,
  • Violet,
  • purple.

Powder is better to choose a tone darker skin, lipstick matte warm shades - brown, coral, for a contrast image - burgundy. Blush preferred soft peach.

How to do:

New Year Makeup for gray, blue, blue eyes

Mysterious gray eyes fully reveal its depth surrounded by cold shades - blue, purple, lilac, purple. Color-chameleon is interesting in itself and does not require the mandatory application of shadows. Sometimes it is enough eyeliner and light veil of dusty-white tone.

Blue eyes should not be overloaded with bright colors. Choose for a New Year's image a calm range:

Cornflower blue iris in harmony with the purple and orange palette. Brown mascara and eyebrows in hair color are well combined with eyes of gray and blue tonality. Powder is better to choose a light texture, lipstick nude or bright with glitter.

Lips nude and vamp

Step-by-step photos of New Year's lip make-up will help to complete the image. But remember that only one accent should be expressive. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, the lips are the sensuality, and they should not conflict. Select any zone, the second soak in calm tones. Bright lips and eyes with clear lines are permissible only in the style of smoky-eyes.

Lessons on creating a New Year's makeup are over, it remains to complete your homework. Sit in front of the mirror and start. Successful training will help to meet the magic moment of fulfillment of desires fully armed. Happy New Year and successful images!

Colors for New Year's makeup

Makeup palette should fit the colors of evening dress and manicure. This does not mean that you need to choose one color, the main thing is to choose a harmonious combination of several colors and their shades. Also, you should pay attention to the appropriate colors, symbolizing the New Year of the Goat 2015. In order to be lucky in the New Year, you should choose to have makeup and clothes colors of blue, green, yellow, brown gamut. Also suitable colors such as black, white, gold and silver, beige and pink.

New Year's makeup: nayuansy

  • It is important to use high-quality decorative cosmetics, which will last a long time throughout the holiday. Choose waterproof shade and mascara so that New Year's makeup will not deteriorate if you fall under the snow.
  • Under the shadows, a good base is always used, which will prevent the shadows from rolling and shedding. Also, it is not superfluous to use a special spray for fixing makeup.
  • False eyelashes will help make the eyes look attractive, look open and flirty.
  • To avoid misunderstandings, as well as hurry, before the holiday, make several options for a trial make-up. In this case, on the eve of the New Year, you will already know exactly what resources will be needed and how long it will take to apply makeup.
  • Do not forget about the rule, if the eyes are made up brightly, attract and focus attention on themselves, then lip makeup is performed in more soothing colors and vice versa. The emphasis in make-up should be done either on the lips or on the eyes. For a bright saturated color lipstick is to choose not too bright eye makeup.

Turquoise Golden Makeup

An excellent make-up option would be to use turquoise and golden shadows with a shimmer. This makeup is suitable for girls with brown, blue and gray eyes.

  1. Apply the base under the shadows on the entire eyelid. Brown matte shadows are applied in the fold and in the outer corner of the eye. Well shade the border.
  2. We put turquoise sparkling shadows on the outer corner of the eye. Make sure the shadows draw the shape of the eye, lifting the outer corner.
  3. Golden sparkling shadows are applied to the inner corner of the eye, in the middle of the century and in the fold. They also emphasize the lower eyelid.
  4. Under the eyebrow we apply bright milky-beige shadows with a shimmer.
  5. With a black or dark blue eyeliner we draw a thin arrow, leading the tail of the arrow up.
  6. We paint eyelashes with mascara, you can use false eyelashes. Eye makeup for the New Year is ready!

Eye makeup for the New Year step by step in the pencil technique. Gold gamma

This makeup is performed using a pencil, which will be the substrate under the shadow. This New Year's makeup is suitable for girls with brown, green and gray eyes.

  1. Apply the base under the shadow on the entire upper eyelid. With a brown pencil for eyes we build the form: we bring the upper and lower eyelids along the contour, draw the fold and the outer corner of the eye.
  2. Brush very carefully shade the boundaries of the pencil, creating a soft and smooth transition.
  3. On the upper eyelid apply golden sparkling shadows.
  4. Apply light golden shadows to the inner corner and lower eyelid.
  5. Black eyeliner draw an arrow and sum up the upper eyelid.
  6. Mascara and New Year's makeup is ready!

Make-up for the New Year step by step

  1. Putting the base under the shadows. Light pink or white pencil sum up the inner corner of the eye.
  2. We also impose light pink shadows on the inner corner of the eye and mid-century. The outer corner of the eye is obscured by dark gray-blue shadows.
  3. Shade the border of the shadows, achieving a smooth transition.
  4. Apply silvery shining shadows to the inner corner of the eye.
  5. На середину века наносим золотистые сверкающие тени.
  6. Ближе к внешнему уголку глаза наносим оливково-золотистые тени с шиммером (сверкающие).
  7. Нижнее веко подводим тенями аналогично верхнему.
  8. Черной, темно-фиолетовой или темно-зеленой подводкой рисуем стрелку и подводим верхнее веко.
  9. Ватерлинию (веко над нижними ресницами) можно подвести карандашом в тон подводки.

3 main features of New Year's makeup

What should be the New Year's makeup? Memorable! Follow our tips on creating New Year's makeup so that there are no questions to it.

To make-up worthily survived New Year's Eve, be sure to use a primer! And even if you usually neglect this makeup tool, this time you can't do without it. It will prepare the skin for applying cosmetics, smooth it, help to hide enlarged pores. And the makeup applied over such a base will last much longer.

Means with Shimmer - what you need for the New Year! To shine in the literal sense, try a shadow, highlighter, or powder with shiny particles. And better give preference to cream formulas, they are more resistant.

On New Year's Eve, as you know, anything can happen, so even if you used only persistent means when creating makeup, everything you need should be at hand. To be able to correct makeup at any time.

Fashion trends-2019 in the New Year's make-up

What fashion trends to take note, thinking over the image for the New Year's Eve? We offer ten ideas!

Focus on blush

Blush in the autumn-winter 2018/2019 season is applied not only on the apples of the cheeks. The scope of their distribution has expanded significantly: distribute the blush in the Japanese technique (under the eyes), along the cheekbones and up to the temples, grab the sides of the forehead. And to make the image truly festive and New Year's, use a rouge with a strong shine. Or decide on an experiment: the most fashionable blush is now yellow! By the way, yellow - one of the main shades of the coming Year of the pig, so this makeup will certainly bring more luck.

Smoky ice in shades of precious metals - silver, gold, platinum - is the best fit for the New Year's meykap. Fill the image with bright lipstick or, on the contrary, with lip gloss: both options are acceptable for a festive night.

One of the options for a spectacular make-up in silver tones can be found in our video instructions.

The hue of rose gold is among the hit flowers of this year. Brighten up the shining shadows over the upper eyelid, bring the lower ones and lightly tint the eyelashes. Lip up with soft pink lipstick or balm. Get a delicate New Year's image for those who do not like bright makeup. Or is going to celebrate the New Year not at a noisy party, but in the home circle.

If you do not like "modest" evening makeup, experiment with rich colors. Judging by the latest fashion weeks, in the first place in the list of favorites - blue. Sweeping Smoky in shades of aqua, a bright accent on the lower eyelid or a “drop” of blue in the inner corner of the eye - these are at least three beauty solutions for the New Year's Eve.

Sharp as knives sweeping arrows met almost every second fashion show. And makeup artists still like to experiment with forms: the more intricate the shooter, the better. Take an example from them and choose original variants for your New Year's look - for example, as in the photo below.

Shining makeup with a stroke of the century along the contour in everyday life may look too “heavy”, but for a festive make-up for the New Year it would be a great idea.

Hollywood-style makeup

Make-up of a Hollywood diva will never let you down: bright matte lipstick and active eye makeup with lush eyelashes will harmoniously complement any New Year's outfit.

By the way, how to repeat the image in the classic "Hollywood" style, we told in detail in the video instruction.

What a new year without sparkles? We do not call to compete with the New Year tree for the title of the most brilliant decoration, but it is worth adding a few large rhinestones or beads to your look.

Complement your Christmas image with an art element - a pattern on the face, a bright arrow or, for example, colored eyelashes. Not sure where to start? Here's a specific piece of advice: draw a silver zipper in the spirit of David Bowie on your face.

In general, the red arrows can also be attributed to the art make-up: every day you will not allow yourself such, but on the New Year - completely. Before repeating the image, read our instructions on how to use red shades in the makeup of the eyes.

10 Ideas for makeup for the New Year-2019

2019 will be held under the sign of the Earthen Pig, which loves all shades of yellow and brown scales very much. Add a detail of a similar color to your image (for example, lemon shades or lipstick with a copper tint) to please the "mistress" of the holiday. If you do not believe in such signs, the choice is significantly expanded. Dark eyeliner, plum Smokey or the effect of wet eyelids? You decide! Look for 10 successful options for New Year's makeup in our photo selection.

How to make eye makeup for the New Year?

New Year's makeup, like any other, should be designed in the color scheme that suits you. We have written many times how to choose the perfect shades for the eye color and skin tone. Today we will discuss in more detail schemes for creating New Year's makeup.

Any make-up should begin with a tone: cleanse the skin, apply moisturizing and concealer according to the type of skin, use concealer and blush. If necessary, you can make easy sculpting. Be sure to apply a base for the eyelids so that the makeup lasts as long as possible. Then act on the situation, choosing shades that will make your eyes brighter. A few ideas of festive makeup, we will discuss below.

New Year's makeup for green eyes

Purple, peach or copper shadows - the best choice for New Year's makeup, if you want to highlight green eyes. How to create a beautiful make-up with their help? Here are three ideas.

To repeat the image from the photo below, follow the step-by-step instructions. On the upper eyelid and under the lower eyelashes, apply a copper shade with a strong shimmer, blend using the Smokey technique. In the inner corners of the eyes, add light gray shadows, and the mucosa of the lower eyelid bring black kayalom.

Apply soft peach sateen shadows to the mobile eyelid, and apply mucous with a bronze or gold pencil. Eyes instantly shine!

Smoky ice in deep wine or purple hues will make eye color brighter. But if such an image seems too gloomy for a New Year's Eve, add silver or golden shadows with a strong shine over it.

New Year's makeup for brown eyes

Brown-eyed girls are lucky: they are the shadows of almost any color, so the options for makeup in this case - hundreds. For New Year 2019 try on one of the images below.

Stop your choice on a gentle make-up in the purple-violet range, which will delicately emphasize the color of the eyes and create a festive mood.

Use a few shades of gray in the makeup - as in the photo example below. And do not forget to emphasize the growth line of the upper eyelashes with a black pencil.

Another spectacular version of the New Year's makeup for the brown-eyed girl is Smokey Ice in bronze tones. As we have already found out above, this is also one of the most fashionable methods of the autumn-winter season 2018/2019.

New Year's makeup for blue and gray eyes

What kind of makeup do light-eyed girls for the first night of 2019? You might like one of these.

The combination of light golden and rich wine shades is a noble union that is suitable for festive New Year's makeup of bright eyes.

Bright golden shadows in combination with berry lipstick - an image for the Queen of the New Year's party.

However, dark frosted Smokey without a hint of glitter can also look very impressive and festive.

New Year's make-up: photo instruction

Make-up for the most fashionable Snow Maiden, which will suit any girl, regardless of hair or eyes color, is in front of you.

You will need the following set of cosmetics.

For tone:

Maybelline Fit Me matting foundation !,

The most fashionable makeup for the New Year 2019: top make-up ideas on the photo

Would you like to look your best on New Year's Eve with an unsurpassed New Year's makeup 2019? Then the top examples of New Year's make-up 2019 in the best performance are shown. Here you will find makeup for the New Year and for blue, gray, green and brown eyes. As well as makeup for the New Year 2019 for brunettes and blondes in the best performance.

Look for the trendy New Year's makeup 2019, which you can do with a professional makeup artist, or you can try the New Year's makeup yourself at home, recreating the best examples of fashionable makeup for the New Year 2019, which are shown in the photo…

Dazzling makeup for the New Year with rhinestones and glitter

Use in the evening make-up of shimmering shiny shadows and eyeliner remains one of the main trends of the season. Therefore, the trendy New Year's makeup 2019 can use glitter and glitter to reflect the most chic evening looks.

Shiny arrow or shimmering shadows are not necessarily bronze and golden hues. Dark blue shiny arrows look very cool in the make-up for the New Year. Evening New Year's makeup with shiny shades of burgundy and purple hues will also be fashionable.

Missing shocking makeup for the New Year can be achieved through rhinestones. In everyday make-up, we can hardly afford to put on the face a few sparkling stones. What a deal New Year's makeup, allowing to emphasize the beauty of the eyes with a pattern with rhinestones.

Rhinestones and sequins can be applied in the form of an arrow or to decorate part of the upper eyelid. With a similar make-up for the New Year 2019 you will definitely be dazzling and charming.

Chic New Year's makeup in bright colors

Despite the fact that the black eye in the evening make-up is always on the tops of the trends, on New Year's Eve you can try brighter and bold versions of the New Year's makeup with color shadows.

For those who adore bright and rich colors in make-up, the latest fashion trend make-up called as Unique, allows fashionable women to use rich shades for New Year's eye makeup 2019.

Delightful canary and emerald eyes will surely attract attention to your person. Fashionable makeup for the New Year with yellow or blue shadows that you can simply put a finger on all eyelids will refresh any image.

Such a New Year's makeup 2019 can be made in a mono-gamut or combine several shades, selected on the basis of clothing, hair and eye color. For such an evening makeup for the New Year is better to use dense matte shadows.

Intriguing and mysterious makeup for the New Year in the style of body art

Among the interesting options for a spectacular evening New Year's makeup in 2019, make-up masters distinguish the most mysterious and unsurpassed New Year's aqua makeup or body art. For the New Year's masquerade, a similar make-up will be the perfect solution.

A chic New Year's make-up in the form of a mask or lace veil on the eyes will make the image unique and intriguing. Such a beautiful eye makeup for the New Year, complemented by a monochrome floral pattern or a bright design, will look very nice and gentle.