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How to attract luck and luck in your life


The energy of money is special and depends on the desires and mood of a person. How to attract luck and money can be explained in two words: it is reasonable to love them, to believe in luck and always thank your destiny for the bonuses and bonuses received. By following these simple recommendations, a person will not remain without capital.

Opinion of scientists about why some people are richer and more successful than others

In psychology, there is a whole direction, studying the issue of attracting good luck and money. People who come to the trainings, first of all, are taught a positive outlook on life, composure and self-reliance.

A prerequisite for a quick change in the situation for the better is a change in mental images. Representing yourself in need of money or having lost your job, it is very easy to drag these fears into reality. One should think about the success of any undertaking and imagine what happiness it will bring. Otherwise, why take up a new business?

Psychologists ask about the attitude to the material goods in the family of the person who wishes to get rich. If relatives consider them evil and by all means shun wealth, then they will have to get rid of wrong beliefs.

Changing domestic installations as a way to raise money

To become rich and successful, first of all, prevent their own installations:

  • fear of big money
  • feeling guilty about suddenly falling riches
  • inability to save and accumulate capital.

Having got rid of erroneous thoughts and internal clips, a person will feel a surge of energy. He will be able to choose the best from a multitude of ideas for improving his material situation and, stubbornly moving toward his intended goal, will get a fantastic result.

The complete replacement of the sad reflections of a loser on the thoughts of a confident, successful person happens gradually.

Communication with successful people

The status of a person depends on his environment. Communicating with embittered losers or people indifferent to material benefits, you will not earn much. Their point of view will bring the wrong attitudes and reduce the desire to break out of the series of failures and poverty.

Even one successful entrepreneur who has appeared on the horizon will be of great benefit. He reasonably thinks and is able to suggest what steps need to be taken on the path to wealth. In addition, he is surrounded by an aura of money, which will partially affect the beginner.

Search for a society of wealthy people correctly and necessarily if you want to become the same as they are. Successful people will open up many opportunities when looking for a job or help with the discovery of a business that is beneficial to their own business.

The "golden" rule of money

Money comes to those who love them. The “golden” rule suggests starting to dream about finances and represent traveling to exotic countries or buying beautiful things that will become available thanks to them.

Some compose poems about money, praising them in every way. Someone is positively affected by the drawing on the table with a bundle of bills. The choice should be made based on the characteristics and preferences of the person.

Popular prayers for wealth

Prayers are a consistent set of words, formed over centuries and tested by representatives of many generations. Appeal to the higher forces for help was accepted from time immemorial. However, do not rely only on prayers.

Success will come to a man who has banished laziness and despondency and is actively taking up the search for ways to accumulate capital. Hope for the support of higher powers will give confidence in the correctness and effectiveness of action.

In Russia, it is customary to ask about Nicholas the Wonderworker and the Matrona of Moscow about prosperity and well-being. Both saints have never refused to those who suffer, and helped to remedy the shaky affairs.

The famous prayer to St. Nicholas is: “St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, I pray you for help. Please, be strict with me, but fair. Send me wealth and abundance according to my faith and save me from mistakes. Give me the wisdom to properly manage money, and attract opportunities that give me financial freedom. I trust in you, for you help every one who asks. May thy name be glorified for ever and ever. Amen".

Another prayer addressed to the guardian angel will help to achieve success in any business, and not only related to finances: “I urge my guardian angel to touch my fate, to direct my paths to the channel of well-being and good luck. When my guardian angel hears me, with a blessed miracle my life will wrap a new meaning, and I will gain success in today's business, and in future things there will be no obstacles for me, for the hand of my guardian angel leads me. Amen".

Rites, plots on luck and wealth

A business that promises an influx of finances should begin with a rising moon. There is an ancient rite, also associated with it. Taking out the largest bill from your wallet, you need to lift it up and, showing the sickle of the month, say: “As you grow, let my money grow”.

It is useful to recount money more often and never leave the wallet empty. When shopping, you should leave at least one coin in it. When folding notes into a wallet, you should carefully straighten them and place them in order of seniority, “face” to yourself. Money values ​​respect and will not fail to please their faithful admirer.

According to the clairvoyant Vanga, the strongest conspiracy is written for abundance and luck It is made on black bread, on an empty stomach. Having broken off a piece from the loaf and waiting for the night, you need to retire in the room and say the following: “God, as you fed during the life of all the hungry and needy, so help you and all members of my family so that they always feel satiety. Bring good luck to me, and bring sorrow. Let the long road of happiness, satiety and joy come to my house and never end. I solemnly promise to spend every penny wisely and help everyone who needs it. Amen".

Feng Shui Technique

Equipping the interior of the house or office, the Chinese and other peoples of the East are trying to arrange furniture and mirrors in the order established by the teachings of Feng Shui. Ancient Eastern wisdom is in many ways similar to the main modern tenets of how to attract good luck and money to a house. Cleanliness of the dwelling, especially windows, throwing out old unnecessary things and clothes are rules familiar to all people. However, there are differences based on religion and traditions of the people who invented Feng Shui.

The hot climate made them appreciate and read the water. To this day, when it became available in most localities, it is believed that an aquarium or a small fountain in the room will bring harmony. The Chinese are launching a certain number of gold or red fish to the aquarium to open a money channel.

It is always nice when the house smells of freshness or sweet fruit. In the East, ripe fruits were considered obligatory attributes of wealth and prosperity.

Growing a money tree

A beautiful tree with juicy fleshy leaves helps to attract money and good luck in the life of its owner. It reflects the thoughts of well-being, accelerating growth and increasing the size of the leaves. It has long been believed that this flower brings abundance into the house. It is possible to strengthen his abilities by putting a couple of coins on the bottom of the pot, where he grows.

Many people know about the specifics of the plant and, seeing a tree with a lush crown and large leaves in a friend’s apartment, they will certainly want to take a process for themselves to improve the cash flow.

The use of amulets

Another answer to the question of how to attract money and good fortune to yourself is the manufacture and wearing of amulets and talismans. Ancient letters and signs that our ancestors worshiped will help now.

The Europeans wore a round pendant around their neck, depicting a coin with an icon drawn inside. Its form remained unchanged for centuries, and the manufacture of an amulet at home was accompanied by a number of rules, such as the order of placement of candles on the table and the choice of the time of day.

Feng Shui advises to tie three coins with holes in the center with a red string and put them away in the purse, away from other people's views. The Chinese prefer to invest in a purse gold plated plates with an engraved symbol of the animal patron from the Eastern calendar by the year of birth of the person. The disc must be hidden in a scarlet case.

Among the talismans can be noted a frog with a coin in the mouth and a cat waving his right paw. They also relate to the teachings of feng shui. In principle, any object can become a talisman, if you believe in its magical power.

Money mantras

Mantras are associated with Buddhism, preaching peace and a friendly attitude towards others. The followers of the doctrine believe in the immense forces of the universe and suggest it to her to communicate their desires and aspirations.

The most common mantra that changes the flow of energy flows within a person: Om lakshmi viganshri kamala dhayrigan matchmaker.

Signs for money

They are different for different nations. The Chinese are afraid of the number "4", since its sound is reminiscent of the word "death." What kind of well-being is possible in an apartment or house with such a number? Hoping for superstition, in China they abandon this figure even in the numbering of the floors of a building.

In Russia, folk omens prohibit brushing the crumbs off the table with your hand and transferring money over the threshold. A bad sign is a black cat or a man caught in the way, especially if a big deal is planned. This sign makes it clear that things will not go smoothly and the intended profit is unlikely to be received.

A good sign is a coin found on the road, lying upwards in an “eagle”. To increase wealth under the threshold of the house is to put a silver coin, and put a trifle in the corners of rooms.

Expert advice

Currently, abroad and in Russia, a lot of trainings are being held, giving advice on how to attract money into your life. However, no matter how professional the teachers are, the main role in the process is played by the desire of the person himself to transform and become successful.

You need to be ready for changes and have the courage to remember the saying that it is this quality of the “city takes”.


It is believed that the meaning of life is to achieve their goals, which helps a person to develop and find his place in the world. To achieve well-being and prosperity for yourself and loved ones is a worthy task that requires energy and concentration, but the respect of others and the high status in society are worth it.

My name is Julia Jenny Norman, I am the author of articles and books. I cooperate with publishing houses "OLMA-PRESS" and "AST", as well as with glossy magazines. Currently helping to promote virtual reality projects. I have European roots, but I spent most of my life in Moscow. There are many museums and exhibitions that are positive and give inspiration. In my free time I study French medieval dances. I am interested in any information about that era. I suggest you articles that can captivate new hobbies or just give pleasant minutes. We need to dream about the beautiful, then it will come true!

Bringing good luck with the power of thought

One of the main ways of how to attract luck and luck can be considered the right attitude. Yes, there are a number of positive affirmations, repeating that, you can turn fortune at the angle you need. You can use ready-made phrases (like "I am in complete harmony and enjoy my life") or make them up myself. If you are inclined to the last option, then consider some recommendations.

  • All affirmations should make you feel positive and entice you to go on the chosen path.
  • In the composed phrases it is necessary to use the pronouns “I”, “Me”, “Me”. This way you associate yourself with a positive picture.
  • All affirmations must assume the present. You seem to show that you already have it, and the Universe adapts itself to your desire.
  • Do not use long affirmations, they should be easily remembered, and they should be repeated as a mantra.

It should be noted that any formulas for luck should be repeated in a good mood, and you should start with a small number of phrases. Do not shirk work, the main thing here is regularity.

Magical ways to attract good luck

There are various ways in which you can bring good luck into your life. We will look at them below. In addition to using various affirmations, you should know how to attract good luck and luck into your life with the help of magic. This may be a personal amulet or talisman, which is specifically spoken, as well as simple rituals and rituals. Knowledge of some rules and signs that can both attract good fortune and turn it away from you will not interfere either.

So, if you arrange your life in the right way, using all the knowledge, as well as applying some strong rituals, you can radically change the situation to your advantage.

How to attract luck while studying

Perhaps one of the most famous ways to attract good luck and luck in school is to use a special button conspiracy. The ritual itself is rather uncomplicated. You will need a button with the clothes that you most often wear to the school or institute. Cut it off.

Next, light a candle and hold this button over the flame for a few seconds. Then throw it into the running water, and after some time take it out. Now you have to utter a special conspiracy that will allow you to achieve success in school.

After pronouncing the words, sprinkle the button with sugar and shake it off. The item can be sewn to the place where it was before. Now you can’t wear this clothes for a week, and you need to eat sweets during this time (honey, jam, sugar). Then wash this suit, iron it well and wear it for a week. Only after that you will find a powerful talisman for study.

Signs and beliefs for a successful exam

Obviously, each of us once passed the exam. Few people experienced excitement. Of course, everyone used different methods to attract luck. Not always they were effective, but enjoyed great popularity. So, consider how to attract luck and luck on the exam, using signs.

  • Immediately before the exam, you are not recommended to wash your hair (so as not to wash off knowledge), as well as to dye, cut hair, shave.
  • At night, under the pillow you need to put the main textbook on which you prepared.
  • When you are ready in the morning, put five-ruble pieces of paper into a pair of shoes or a paper bill.
  • In the class where the exam is taken, you need to enter with the right foot.
  • Take your lucky talismans and amulets with you (they are individual, so do not give them to anyone). If you have a happy blouse, skirt, pants or even a belt, then wear it without thinking. Excess luck does not hurt.

Now consider how the conspiracies. Sometimes they require to act at all on signs. For example, you can wash your head on the day of test or exam, but after that you should say magic words three times:

"My head is clear, my mind is clear, my mind is bright. I know everything, I understand everything, I solve everything quickly, I answer all questions. I will have good luck with every task. Amen."

This plot is considered quite strong. Of course, he will not put knowledge in your head, especially if they are not there, but he will systematize them and make it possible to answer the teacher's questions easily.

Good luck at work. What to do for this?

Even simple workers who do not have their own business, but go to work every day, will not interfere with a bit of luck. Perhaps it will give them the opportunity to improve their well-being and position. So, we will consider how to attract good luck and luck in work with the help of a conspiracy. It needs to be said on the day when you need to do something very important.

To do this, get up at dawn and, looking at the sunrise, say the following words: "Sun, shine from the sky to people, shine your heat on Mother Earth. Give me luck so that my work is successful. Sun, you live the earthly source of life, you are bright light and heat is flowing.!"

Good luck in business. Proven methods

If you have your own business, then you just need to know how to attract good luck and luck in business. Here you can use various plots and amulets that will contribute to this.

So, take a green bag of small size and count ten pinches of basil, three pinches of coarse salt into it. Prepare the dried peel from three apples, wipe it off and put it into a bag. Add there three copper coins and one white. Then read the plot for good luck: "Cases behind, affairs ahead, profit in the midst". The bag must be hung where you conduct your business. Read this conspiracy at the beginning of each week, while fingering the amulet with the contents.

For men, you can make a wonderful talisman that will ensure success in business and business, as well as in gambling. To do this, you will need to take three bay leaves purchased on Wednesday. Also purchase geranium oil. Remember three words: Zaaks, Mufaoks, Kramor. Теперь на каждом из лавровых листов нужно написать по одному из перечисленных слов. Затем сложите их вместе и свяжите нитью коричневого цвета. Этот своеобразный талисман нужно носить при себе, если вам нужна в этот день удача.

Минералы для привлечения удачи

Везение могут принести разные предметы, причем некоторые просто приспособлены для этого дела. Consider how to attract luck and luck with precious and semi-precious stones.

  • Aventurine. This is a stone of fortune, putting on which, you can attract an incredible amount of luck.
  • Olivine. You can wear it if you need luck in new endeavors, as well as in your job search. Use it as an amulet to protect against fire, theft and any other damage or deprivation of property.
  • Lapis lazuli. This stone will bring good luck in love, and also help you choose the right and right path in life. One of the properties of lapis lazuli is the purification of negative energy and its conversion into positive.

Items that bring good luck

If you want to know how to attract good luck and luck in your life, then you should use all means. For example, surround yourself with objects that, undoubtedly, bring only good. Below will be a list.

  • If you need luck in love, then you should carry your mother’s wedding ring, happily living in love, or another similar item with you.
  • Acquire a money tree to your house, then you will certainly carry in money.
  • Buy a picture or a poster with a unicorn. This is the beast of luck, which he can give you.
  • Of living creatures, luck brings the fish - the American cichlid, as well as the black cat (in many countries, it is exactly luck, and not vice versa).
  • Horseshoe. This is the most universal subject for good luck. By the way, you do not need to take care of it at all, the main thing is to place it in the right place.

How to attract good luck and luck in the house with the help of Feng Shui

Good luck is necessary not only in deeds and love. Sometimes, in order for luck to come, you need to change something in your home. Therefore, we consider how to attract good luck and luck in life with the help of the eastern teachings of Feng Shui. The most important thing that suggests this direction is the free circulation of energy in your home. What do you need to do for this? Consider more.

  • The first thing you need to clean the house from debris and unnecessary things. All this creates energy stagnation, which destroys your chances of success and luck in any business.
  • Make sure your windows and doors are not cluttered. Sunlight should freely enter your home, and you should also easily enter it.
  • Look at the location of your bed. If you sleep with your back to the door, then move your bed. This is the position that dispels your luck and health.
  • Mirrors that are placed in the bedroom behind the headboard or in front of it, repel luck and bring misfortune.
  • Use different types of energies to achieve a balanced state in your home (for example, you can harmoniously use fountains or living plants by placing them in the right places).

Signs and rules for good luck

Now we will look at some of the rules that tell how to attract luck and luck. What do you need to do?

  • Your kitchen table should not be empty. Be sure to cover it with a beautiful tablecloth or napkin. Otherwise you will not have good luck in profit.
  • Wipe the table with a cloth that has raw edges.
  • Try to sew a small house with a small size, and then spend with it a gift ritual. Domenko needs to be given a name, since now he will be your good luck charm.
  • Luck in your house will be able to bring a money tree. Take care of him, if it grows well, then you will be lucky.
  • Do not forget the magic talismans. With their help, you can bring a little more luck to life.
  • Also, do not overlook the various charms. Constant wearing them in your pocket or purse will make you more successful.

Prayer help for luck

If you are a believer and conspiracies with amulets do not suit you, then you should know how to attract luck and luck in your life with the help of God. This will help you a variety of prayers that can protect you from the negative and send fortune in the right direction.

Addressing your guardian angel with a prayer, you should very clearly form your desire. First pray with faith in your heart, and then ask what you really need.

You can also contact Nicholas the Wonderworker, who is considered the patron saint of merchants, sailors and children. Orthodox Christians pray to him around the world, hoping that he will hear and the desire will be fulfilled.

Addressing a prayer to the Matrona of Moscow will also help to cope with the confusion in any area of ​​your life. Say a prayer to her, and then tell me about your need, about what exactly you need luck. You will surely be heard.

Looking for a good job or returning to your previous job

A person can help not only himself in finding good work, but also close people, for example, her husband. 7 times you need to read the words on food:

“I share my strength and my light. Let him find the heart sweet that is looking for. Let him find what he wants and attract happy. His soul will rejoice, and my soul will rejoice. Strong my plot, as my love "

After reading the plot, give the dish to someone who needs help. These same words will help to return to their previous work.

You can help yourself with employment by using the text below:

I whisper and whisper: there will be God's servant (name) on the road luck, success in work. Where to go - work there and find it. I cannot see any failures, the words “no” are not heard. Amen!

It reads seven times on a bought white handkerchief. The ritual takes place during the New Moon period or when the moon grows. Carry a shawl with him, he will play the role of a talisman and will help in the coming days to solve problems with finding work.

Conspiracy to work with a high salary

If a person sets a goal to get a high-paying job without taking satisfaction in doing what he likes, a conspiracy that reads once per reading will do):

“Belun-father, scatter coins from his bag in front of me. Serve give and earn. I ask for no gifts, I ask for the well-deserved, to help me find a job on the back and on the cheat. ”

Conspiracy for successful interviewing

If the new work options already exist and a person is invited for an interview, in order for a person to be hired, you must say three times immediately before the interview:

“I go to the bar, not young but not old. I go to engage and the owner seem. My face is sweet to him, my soul is not cleared. Everyone would be amazed at me, the hosts smiled and touched my words. He cannot drive away the baptized soul. Lord Jesus, our God, have mercy on us all at any hour. Amen"

Plot for a successful career

In order for things to go wrong in the workplace, the beginning of a career was successful, they read a conspiracy to succeed in work:

“I am going as a successful catcher, I will enter as a brave merchant. I am a lion, I am a wolf, I am a fox, everywhere I have a ladder. Who, perhaps, others below, I everywhere and always all above. Let me love and honor, they are inviting me to a high post. All the words spoken by me, be strong and sculpting. Amen".

It is read several days in a row, but not in the workplace, but on the way to work or at home. This conspiracy can be applied from the troubles at work.

A conspiracy from the envious at work

It rarely happens when a team is quiet and peaceful. There will always be an envious or evil colleague. From enemies at work, the following actions apply:

  • Honey is bought on Wednesday. When buying with the seller do not bargain,
  • On New Moon day, dissolve honey in water and read the text in the process of dissolving:
  • “The people are dying before him. Let everyone love me the same way, they feed me with bread and salt. They run into the house, plant it at the table, pour the sweet wine and serve lush pies. In the mouth and cheeks kiss, indulge caress. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!"
  • The resulting honey water wash face for 12 days without a break

Conspiracy to raise wages or receive a bonus

There are situations when a person likes his job, but the management is not going to raise wages. In this case, the magic words are read to a salary increase:

“Thank you, Lord: I catch fish, and You send me a catch. Let my catch grow and bloom with wealth, so as not to know and not to count money. The Lord will not forget me, the good will come to me for the glory of the Lord. Amen. Amen. Amen."

Words recite on a coin of any value, and then it is hidden in the area of ​​the workplace. And if the salary is not increased, then you can count on the premium.

It is not necessary to turn to a professional, rituals are performed at home.

Natalia Stepanova: Siberian healer

Natalya Stepanova is a well-known Siberian healer who is the author of books with a lot of effective conspiracies for all occasions. Natalia uses only white magic. >>> Learn more

Change the energy frequency

Before you take up practical work to change the situation, you need to understand: money loves those who love them, and do not go into the hands of sad pessimists.

So success depends on several factors:

  • the intention to get a good job (or change its conditions),
  • self-reliance, that is, that you can deal with the problem, and that the chosen method works,
  • rejection of negative attitudes and their replacement with positive statements.

The fact is that when a person lives on a wave of positive, the frequency of his energy vibrations is radically different from the one that is characteristic of a negative thinking person.

In other words, it radiates the energetics of a positive into space, thereby attracting even more luck to itself. And vice versa. This is the law of the universe, about which our ancestors knew. It is not by chance that there are so many sayings related to the topic of trouble (“Trouble came — open the gate,” “Trouble calls trouble,” etc.).

Choose a way to attract good luck in your work.

Seriously preoccupied with how to attract work and money, you need to choose your way to negotiate with the universe. There are several methods that work for different people in different ways. Someone perceives the world through sight, someone through hearing, and to someone touch and the material side of life are important.

That is why there are several ways to attract work and money:

  • visualization,
  • Feng Shui,
  • plots and mantras,
  • rituals and symbolic acts.

Any of these methods is quite working, but without the appropriate mood, it is unlikely to work.

Visualization method

This method is based on the fact that our subconscious is able to perceive bright clear images and affirmative thought forms. That is, in order to change something in your life, you need to create a concrete image of the desired in the material world, constantly have it in front of you or in front of you and act as if the desired is already there.

For example, if you dream of working in a large insurance company, for example, in

Rosgosstrahe, in a high position with a good salary, you can do the following:

  • analyze which areas of work attract you to Rosgosstrakh and what advantages will give you a position,
  • write a resume as if you had received a preliminary invitation,
  • consider the smallest nuances of future work, enter them into an employment contract, specifying, for example, not only the amount of wages, but also the social package, the amount of bonuses, etc.,
  • Imagine that luck has smiled, you have been accepted for this job, try to feel what you are experiencing (joy, satisfaction, peace, happiness). It is necessary to try, so that the body also responds to your senses, for example, with warmth, spilled over the chest, or with pleasant sensations in the abdomen, heart.

It remains to sign the contract, roll it up and carry it all the time with you (suit pocket, bag) or keep it in a visible place. The visualization method is one of the most effective. It really helps to understand how to attract good work and money, and therefore it is worth it to spend time on the written part of the work.

Additionally, you can create a wish card by sticking your photos, pictures, money and even small objects on a sheet of paper, symbolizing the desired place of work. It remains to hang the card and consider it more often. The rest will be done by the subconscious along with the positive energy of the Universe.

How to make work more cash

Suppose a person already has a job, she is quite satisfied. But the money ...

I would like to receive more. Do not think where the authorities will find money to raise wages. This is not your problem.

Do not convince the boss that pregnant women can be attracted to work and pay decent remuneration for it. Just act.

Eastern teaching on the harmonization of space at home or in a public place is considered one of the most powerful ways to attract money, health, and good luck into your life.

Here is what you can do:

  • to place in the northern sector of an apartment objects symbolizing success, career, money. As a rule, it is a turtle (heavenly protection, wisdom, support), a toad, holding coins in its mouth, mirror surfaces, crystal spheres,
  • strengthen the positive energy of metal or glass figurines. You can, for example, put a glass pyramid on your desktop, and put money under it - with one note or coin. Important: the shape of objects should be round, without coarse, sharp edges, so as not to frighten luck away.
  • water is considered a powerful symbol of monetary well-being, as it is associated with an endless stream of money. Therefore, you can strengthen the career sector with a fountain, an aquarium with a goldfish, or just hang there pictures of the water element.

How to attract success in work, if you respond best to sounds? If conditions permit, wind music can be used in the zone of fame and career. It will attract positive energy, good luck. Another option is to listen to the mantra.

Conspiracies and Mantras

Speech formulas are one of the most human-readable ways of transmitting and perceiving information. When we clearly formulate a thought, our subconscious mind perceives it as a direct guide to action, a mood for good luck. That is why the belief in the power of popular conspiracies is so strong. They actually work, and anyone interested can use this knowledge today.

How to attract good work and money in this way? It's simple: take any source of information (books, specialized Internet resources, etc.), find the necessary conspiracy, recite it daily for several days in a row. As a rule, changes begin immediately: money comes in, job offers are received.

Similarly, one can work with mantras - that is, phrases taken from sacred Hindu texts. It is believed that the set of sounds in the mantra - is an appeal to a particular deity. To attract money, you need the mantra Krishna Gayatri, Lakshmi Gayatri. It is not necessary to read them yourself. Today you can easily find records of mantras, and then listen to them 3-4 times a day.

Rituals and symbolic acts

A clear ritual made at the right time also applies to effective ways of working with the subconscious. How to attract good monetary work, luck, success in this way, psychics are well aware. It is necessary to activate the vital energy of a person, to clear the space surrounding him from negative information, to create a new model of behavior.

In practice, this means that you should go around the apartment with a burning candle, reading prayers. Then write your wish on a piece of paper, roll up a note, seal it with melted wax from a burning church candle (it should be another candle, not the one that was used to cleanse the space).

Another ritual will help, if constantly unlucky with work. How to attract luck?

  • Take 9 coins
  • come up with each word to reflect what you want (wealth, happiness, luck, help, strength, luck, health, energy, money),
  • put in a glass jar and put it next to the money tree,
  • every Wednesday to sort out the coins, pronouncing their "names", attracting money.

Attract money, success, luck, you can own. Just choose the way that is in tune with your desires, while maintaining a positive attitude.

What we believe

As one American writer Richard Matheson wrote in his writings, “what we believe in becomes our world.” In other words, it can be said that everything that happens to a person is inevitably related to what he is thinking. There are many ways to attract good luck in your work, but you need to choose the one that is closer to you and your faith. Of course, you can read any information and believe in it, take it for yourself, but it takes time. And if the result is needed at the same moment, then you should choose the method that is closer to you, in which you really believe.

Ways to attract good luck

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of ways. There are certain rituals, conspiracies, mantras, prayers, objects, symbols and rules that contribute to attracting good luck. Each of the methods is quite interesting. In addition, do not use everything immediately. You must choose one or more of the most suitable for you and practice them for 2 weeks.

Important nuances

No matter which way you will use. In any case, there are several important aspects to consider. Before we consider how to attract good luck in work, let's talk about them. The first important aspect is privacy. Не следует рассказывать о ваших намерениях окружающим, во всяком случае пока вы не получили хороших результатов. Посторонние люди также могут оказывать определенное влияние на вашу жизнь. Даже если намеренно человек не желает вам зла, его «внутренние демоны» могут поступать наоборот. Зависть, злость и негативные мысли о вас могут только поспособствовать невезению.Moreover, when a person shares his plans and thoughts with others, he opens and becomes more vulnerable.

The second important nuance is the internal installation. You need to tune in to a positive result. Of course, one should not prematurely rejoice or be upset, but just need to remember that everything will definitely work out.

Rituals and conspiracies

When asked how to attract good luck in their work, many esotericists answer this way: with the help of rituals and conspiracies. For example, there is one very interesting ritual for a successful interview. It is necessary to pour 3 spoons of salt, 3 spoons of sugar and 3 spoons of rice on a small saucer. From these products should get a small slide. It is necessary to stick a pin into it, and it is very important that it be open. Next, the design should be hidden so that no one saw. In the morning, this pin is pinned to the clothes in which the person will go for an interview. The used ingredients should be folded in a bag and put away in a secluded place for at least a week.

Here is another one of the most effective ways to attract good luck and money at work. It should be carried out only on the growing moon. To do this, in the nearest church near the work to buy boiled water and a candle. When it gets dark and the moon will be seen through the window, you need to stand next to it, put the purchased one on the window sill and read the plot: “I crumble, I ask, I will ask by luck. Give me perseverance and strength so that any work for which I undertake, I left successfully. And may my bosses be honored, and my colleagues - in respect, and in all matters - the best. And no one let the plot does not build against me and does not do me filth. Amen".

These words must be read three times. Then this sacred water should be sprayed on the workplace. If this option is not possible, then you can water it with flowers that are at work. Are there any other ways how to attract good luck in your work?

Prayers and mantras

A great way to draw wealth and success into your life is mantras. Ancient wisdom, which was collected bit by bit, has tremendous energy. In addition, reading mantras allows you to relax and relieve stress. As you know, each mantra has its own number of repetitions. In order not to lose count, it is desirable to have a rosary in your arsenal. How to attract luck and find work with the help of mantras? One of the most effective and common mantras is considered "om." This syllable is chanting is recommended to be repeated 108 times. In any case, you need to focus on the number of beads on the rosary. Repeating the mantra, try to relax and not think about anything. Let imaginary cash flow envelop you.

What if you are completely unlucky with work? How to attract luck in this case? Prayers can come to the rescue. The first and most important is “Our Father.” It can be pronounced in those moments when you are the most confused and broken. Before the word "Amen", you can sincerely ask for what you sincerely desire.

Items and symbols

One of the main symbols of attracting success is a three-headed toad holding a coin in its mouth. This item came to us from Buddhism. There is a legend that once, walking along the river, the Buddha caught the evil and very greedy toad. In order to teach her a lesson, he forced the animal to deliver gold coins to people. It is believed that a statuette with such a toad in the workplace will surely bring good luck and wealth.

Another good symbol is the turtle. It is associated with wisdom and secret knowledge. From the salary, preferably first, you need to buy such a statuette and place it in the place where you are most often (office, car, office). Some sources claim that if you stroke such a turtle, then a variety of creative ideas come to mind.

Some tips and tricks

It is believed that like attracts like. In the case of financial well-being, the same rule applies. It should be very respectful of money, it does not matter, it is a trifle or large bills. The wallet must also be clean and new. Bills should be held in the hands as often as possible, folded and recalculated. It is desirable that in a purse they lay in a certain order - from the smallest to the largest. In addition, they should not be turned upside down and face each other. Leave a little nest at home. The greater their denomination, the better. They will carry a positive income energy, and financial flows will increase each time. In addition, there is another very good rule: if you take a certain amount from a stash, you need to put back a little, but more.

A wonderful way to attract good fortune in your job search is through meditation. By closing your eyes, you can present yourself in a new workplace. Try to reflect in your imagination the smallest details (employees, their clothes, your workplace, and most importantly, the moment when you get paid). Of course, only meditation and conspiracy without decisive action can not attract into your life a huge amount of finances and good work. Combine rituals and practical recommendations with perseverance and perseverance, and the result will not take long.

The thought is material

Luck is picky. She goes into the hands is not for everyone. A person who does not believe in himself and his strength will never be able to grab a fastidious woman by the tail. Therefore, the first step should be awareness of oneself, recognition of one's own capabilities.

Most esotericists agree that there are huge reserves in a person. You can reveal them, freeing themselves from negative thoughts and replacing them with positive settings.

Enough for this daily use correct affirmationsand setting yourself up for victory. Under the affirmations are short capacious phrases containing the necessary installation. Experts say that their regular repetition will gradually lead to the fact that the program is pledged to start working.

And here examples of affirmations to attract good luck at work

On this day, I will find my dream job, because I deserve it!

All the necessary people have an interest in the data of my resume.

My knowledge and experience attract tenants.

I am a resolute person, so I show my knowledge and skills in the position I love!

I can be a contender for rivalry in any economic field, since I have the necessary qualifications and talent!

I am a responsible employee! That or that chief was lucky to work with me!

Every time I talk with an employer, I assure him of my importance in the enterprise.

I am convinced of my talents! Today, my career growth is actively increasing!

I make it clear to the employer, with each of our conversations, that I have no doubt of my abilities.

Employers trust me and feel my energy, communicating with me in person.

I know how to conduct a dialogue. I trust myself.

I have to get a job that I will be satisfied with! And without any pretexts, I will start the search today!

If a start was made, the person began to feel more confident, you can move on to folk magic.

How to attract good luck in your job search

The work itself can not appear, so it must be actively sought. Conspiracies and rituals will help not to miss what should be yours, and bypass possible competitors.

On the eve of an important interview take two spoons of salt, sugar and rice. They must be poured in turn on a saucer with a golden border. It should make a small slide. At its top should stick an open pin. All this can no longer be touched, it is best to remove to a secluded place so that no one can destroy the structure. In the morning you need to pin a pin to your own clothes on the wrong side.

To attract good luck you can make a peculiar amulet. In a small leather pouch you must put the coins of all existing denominations. There you also need to add bay leaf, on a pea of ​​black and allspice and bird feather. The bird can be any, but the amulet has great strength if the feather is bright. The finished bag must be hung in your room or never shifted from place to place.

Universal conspiracy to find a good job

It will help to get a job and a specially prepared and conspired coin. If you are invited to an interview, immediately look in the wallet and select the largest metal coin. Until the evening it should be carried in your pocket, then at night put under the pillow. In the morning, the coin should be firmly held in the palm of your hand and whisper to her about what you expect from the new day, ask for help and assistance. Then the amulet must again be put in your pocket and go about your business.

The following ritual must be performed on Thursday evening. You will need to find a secluded place in a garden or park where no one walks. Having dug a shallow hole, you should put a large coin in it, a live bug and remnant, then cover it with earth. In the process of performing these actions, it is necessary to pronounce the plot:

Faster than soap let my bad luck end,

Replaced his luck in all matters.

As the bug gets out into the light,

So luck and money will come to me.

How to return the left luck

If in life came the black stripe, do not despair. She will change to white. But just sit and wait for this, too, is impossible. How to attract good luck in work and money in this case? Special rituals and plots can be used.

First you need to be cleansed from evil thoughts. If you are sure that someone deliberately deprived you of good luck, try to get rid of negativity towards this person. Ask for forgiveness from all those whom they deservedly or undeservedly could offend. As soon as you feel within yourself the ease and peace, proceed to magic.

On a Sunday morning, pour water into a glass. It should be consecrated or spring. Take a slice of black bread. Sit at the table and light a candle in front of you. Then take the bread in your left hand and the glass in your right. In this position, look at the flame of a candle and pronounce the plot:

«The Lord God gave people life, and bread, and his mercy. Jesus Christ brought faith and hope, saved from certain death. Give me back my unstable success. Take away evil people with unclean thoughts. Give to do the works of God-pleasing, bright and pure, bring benefits to your neighbor. Take away my failure, let him curl up a serpent in a faraway lair. Let him not go outside, neither drink, nor eat, nor breathe. Amen»

After that, eat the prepared bread to the smallest crumb and drink it down with water. Put out the candle and take it to church. They put in front of the icon of the Savior and ask him for help.

To increase conspiracy, give alms to those who ask. At the same time, whisper to yourself: "What I give, it will return to me a hundredfold."

How to arrange a workplace

We learned, how to attract luck and find a good job. But this can not stop, because the action of rituals ends sooner or later.

First of all, the workplace needs order. Then the flow of positive energy will circulate freely, and the negative will have nowhere to be born. Therefore, never arrange a dump on the table of folders, documents, reference books and other things. Even if all this is necessary for work, put what you are not using at the moment, in the appropriate boxes.

Never keep unnecessary papers on the table. Throw them away right away. The waste bin should also be regularly released, without waiting for the evening and the arrival of the cleaners. If there is too much used paper around you, you risk getting stuck in your business in one place.

Be sure to keep on the table some plant. It not only dissipates negative energy, but also adds strength, improves mood.

Using all the above rituals and conspiracies, get ready for the fact that it will be necessary to work hard. However, you will succeed, as to attract good luck in your work.

About luck and luck

Luck in the work can be defined as a positive result of any business, for which you have undertaken, everything would always work out. The specialists of any organizations, from ordinary employees to managers, dream of success.

Most of them believe: permanent luck is the lot of the elect, to attract luck you need to perform magical acts. Rituals support the faith of man that he will succeed in his work.

Ways to attract

There are various ways to attract good luck in your work. Some of them are simple, do not require much effort, others will have to spend time, effort and money, but the result will not take long.

  • psychological,
  • magical,
  • prayer,
  • rituals and conspiracies
  • items for good luck.

Materialization of thought

The path to any business begins with a belief in its success. It has long been known that thoughts materialize. If you give yourself an installation for good, to provide an internal positive attitude, then you can easily attract good luck, which will open up large professional horizons.

To attract success in work, use certain tips. In any activity, money should not be an end in itself; it is necessary to treat them as a way to improve life.

Do not envy more successful people, to condemn, to be angry with them, negative feelings harm you, not the rest, hinder luck. It is necessary to communicate with those people who inspire, can convey professional experience, teach something useful.

You should always be grateful for the help, success in your work, for the fact that everything works out, for every day you live. Even in the bad you need to try to see the positive moments.

If something in the work is not going well, then you should not give up the case, you need to try again. People prone to self-criticism, a depressed state, need to work on self-esteem. Self-confidence, ability helps to do more, you need to try to get rid of the thoughts that lead to a dead end.


To attract good luck, psychologists often recommend using a tool such as affirmations. Affirmations are short positive verbal expressions.

It is necessary to repeat them several times a day out loud or to oneself. It is not the quantity that is more important, but the person’s belief in their reality and reachability; without it, they lose their meaning.

The most popular affirmations include:

  • I'm always lucky,
  • i will cope with difficulties
  • I will succeed,
  • the boss will be pleased with my work,
  • I can do a difficult and responsible task,
  • I have a lot of talents to unlock,
  • my colleagues will support me in everything
  • I can attract interesting people
  • the best deals go to my hands
  • I will always have money.

Registration of the workplace

There are several rules for the design of the place where you constantly work. The space around us invisibly affects success in business.

1 unspoken rule: there must always be order in the workplace.

This will not only speed up the workflow, but will also attract positive energy. All boxes, folders, papers need to be sorted all the time, they must be carefully laid out, the extra ones must be thrown away.

The more plants in the workplace, the better, you can put a money tree. Put on the table various talismans and souvenirs that attract good luck.

Help finding a job

Good luck is necessary not only for those who work successfully, but also for those who are in search of a dream job. In order for the search to be successful and be crowned with success, follow the rules:

  • it is preferable to look for work in those professional areas where knowledge and skills are useful, it is useless to try to get a job in which you do not understand anything,
  • If you have found a job that you want to take, then for several days always mentally imagine that you got this job,
  • before an interview with a potential employer, engage in auto-training, which will instill positive and confidence,
  • cultivate a readiness to start work immediately, not to be afraid of difficulties,
  • it’s impossible to be lazy - looking for a job is also work to which you must be careful and thoughtful and see the ultimate goal before you,
  • before the interview, it is desirable to repeat effective affirmations,
  • wear an amulet / talisman that gives you peace of mind,
  • while communicating with your employer, smile, radiate confidence and good nature,
  • Do not concentrate when looking for a job to get more money.

Much depends on the applicant, whether he will be stubborn, active in the search for work, whether he will show his merits. Magical rituals will be effective only in conjunction with his own efforts.

Many people over the years trying to grab luck by the tail, but it constantly eludes them. There can be many reasons, they are both objective and subjective.

The most common are fears, a sense of undeserved big money, inability to manage capital, lost opportunities, competition, incorrect calculation of their resources.