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What and how to make a Christmas wreath with your own hands


By the New Year, everyone is trying to decorate their homes, workplaces and of course the Christmas tree.

New Year's wreath is a great way to make any interior colorful and festive.

It is worth noting that such a wreath is a symbol of family warmth and hearth.

There are many ways to make a beautiful wreath for the New Year with your own hands.

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Here are some of the most interesting and simple Christmas wreaths that you can make with your children and hang them in the house or on the Christmas tree to decorate your home.

New Year's Eve wreath of oranges and cinnamon

- thin and flexible branches (for the frame)

- pine branches or leaves with berries (natural or artificial)

- dried slices of oranges (you can use lemons)

1. Make a new year wreath frame from the branches.

* To get dried orange slices, they need to briefly put in the oven on a low fire.

2. Using glue and wire, attach to the frame of the decoration. Cones can be glued, slices of oranges can be attached with wire, and cinnamon can be tied with rope or pieces of cloth.

* Pine branches or leaves with berries just stick inside the frame or you can fix them with wire or glue.

How to make a bright Christmas wreath with your own hands

- a framework from a cardboard or polyfoam

- hot glue or tape

- jewelry (bows, pipes, toys, etc.).

1. Cut a wreath frame out of cardboard or a piece of foam. Perhaps, to make a stronger frame, you need to cut two circles and glue them.

2. Start wrapping the frame with tinsel. Glue or scotch can fix the tinsel in some places, but so that the attachment points are not very noticeable

3. When the wreath is ready, you can attach ornaments to it. This can also be done with glue or adhesive tape.

Christmas wreath with your own hands of candy (master class)

- corrugated cardboard (cardboard from which the boxes are made)

- a compass or a round object of the desired shape and a pencil (to draw a circle)

- scissors or office knife

1. On a piece of cardboard, draw a large circle (in this example, the circle has a diameter of 22 cm)

2. Cut a circle and draw another smaller circle inside it. Cut this circle. You can use a stationery knife instead of scissors.

3. Repeat step 1-2 to make another bagel and glue the two resulting bagels so that the frame of the wreath is stronger.

4. Use white paint to paint the cardboard frame of the future wreath.

5. Cut a bagel of similar size from the foam rubber and cut a few pieces, which then glue to the cardboard ring on both sides.

6. Wrap the frame with a bandage.

7. Prepare sweets - for this example it took 300 grams. truffles. Try to choose light sweets - they keep better.

8. Cut the double-sided tape into small pieces and glue them to the bottom of each candy, then glue all the candies to the wreath.

9. To make the wreath even brighter, you can fill the spaces between the sweets with rain, beads and / or tinsel, which is fixed with glue.

Here are a couple of options for Christmas wreaths decorated with sweets:

Christmas wreaths on the door with their own hands

- cardboard cylinders (from toilet paper or paper towels)

- scissors or office knife

- spray or acrylic paint (if desired)

- decorations (ribbons, bows, small Christmas decorations).

1. Cut each cylinder into small rings. Press each ring so that it takes the form of a leaf (see image).

2. Glue all the rings together so that they form a wreath.

* You can paint the wreath, if you wish.

3. Start decorating the wreath with ribbons, tinsel, Christmas decorations, ribbons, etc.

How to make a wreath with cones and fruit for the New Year

- green organza (if necessary)

- PVA glue or hot glue

- decorations (artificial fruits, cones, flowers, leaves).

1. Twist the newspaper into a straw and make a ring out of it. If necessary, use two newspapers to make a ring.

2. Wrap the ring with a few more newspapers so that it is more durable and does not unwind. Parts that protrude can be fixed with white glue.

3. Give the ring of newspapers a more attractive look. To do this, use a white paper napkin, which you want to wrap the ring.

4. If desired, you can wrap the ring with an organza, securing it with PVA glue or hot glue. This step can be skipped.

5. Now start wrapping the ring with tinsel, fixing, if necessary, with PVA glue.

6. Prepare small artificial fruits, flowers, leaves and cones. Begin to glue them to the wreath with hot glue.

* You can use any decorations, not just fruits or leaves. For example, you can buy bows, glue bright ribbons or small light Christmas decorations.

Wreath for the New Year from Christmas balls (master class)

- a framework from polyfoam

- small Christmas decorations

- glue (hot, superglue).

1. Remove the mount from each Christmas tree toy.

2. Start sticking large toys to the foam frame.

3. Continue pasting the frame with smaller toys and finish with the smallest balls.

* Not all Christmas balls are glued to the frame, some are glued to other balls. The main thing is to add toys until the foam ring closes completely.

Beautiful wreath for the new year with cells for gifts

- corrugated cardboard (thick cardboard from the box)

- knitting thread (any color)

- office knife (if necessary)

- cardboard cylinders (from toilet paper or paper towels)

- PVA glue or hot glue

1. Cut the cardboard cylinders into rings.

* If you want the fan to have not only small but also large rings, then you can cut stripes from colored cardboard and glue the ends together.

2. If you wish, you can paint all or some of the rings with acrylic paint.

3. Cut a large circle out of the corrugated cardboard, and cut another smaller circle in the center of the circle - this will be the base of the wreath. You can make the foundation more durable by gluing two cardboard circles together.

* To cut a circle inside a circle, it is easier to replace the scissors with a stationery knife.

4. Thread the base of the wreath.

5. Start to glue the rings to the base.

It remains to put on the "shelves" small gifts. You can wrap these gifts with paper and fasten with a thin ribbon, as in the image.

Wreath of paper for the New Year do it yourself (master class)

- acrylic paint (white)

- paper for scrapbooking, colored or wrapping paper

- pictures on dense sheets (from old cards, packages, boxes)

- various other decorations.

1. Prepare several newspaper sheets and twist them into thin tubes (see the image). Glue the end of the newspaper with PVA glue. The number of tubules depends on the thickness of the wreath.

2. Take any round object (a plate or bowl, for example) and wrap this object in several layers. As you add the tubes, lubricate them with glue. At the end, coat the entire structure with PVA glue and let it dry.

3. Remove the blank from the round object and paint it with white acrylic paint.

4. Time to decorate. First, attach all the decorations to the wreath to know where that looks better.

Since the ring is paper, other paper decorations will stick to it well, which you can cut out from different packages, old postcards and so on.

You can also glue bows, stickers, add glitter and / or beads. Items not made of paper are best glued with hot glue or superglue ("moment").

How to use a Christmas wreath in a festive decor

Now, when the Christmas wreath is ready (and maybe not even one!), You need to find a suitable place for it. The traditional option is hang the ornament on the front door or above it. It can be supplemented with small Christmas trees on both sides of the porch, garlands of coniferous branches, or compositions in a style and design similar to a wreath.

The traditional option is to hang a wreath on the front door or above it

If this is too simple for you and usually, place a wreath decorated with colorful lights, on the pediment right under the roof. With this "identification mark" guests can easily find your hospitable home on New Year's Eve.

You can place a wreath on the pediment under the roof

Can and on the fence or the wall of the barn Hanging a simple bright decoration is a simple and affordable way to create a festive mood for yourself and your neighbors. And the feathered guests can be pleased, if you use when creating a wreath suitable treat: cones with seeds, berries, rose hips and so on

You can even hang a bright decoration on the fence or wall of the shed.

In the house a wreath will be successful addition to other Christmas decorations - snowflakes, garlands or Christmas stockings, hanging in anticipation of gifts from Santa Claus.

In the house a wreath will be a good addition to other Christmas decorations.

By the way, pay attention, as in this case fit into the interior, made part of the decor ordinary skis. Someone modestly hides them in the attic or in the pantry - or you can, it turns out, make them part of the holiday dacha decoration! You look, and on a ski trip in the New Year holidays are more likely to get together.

Even ordinary skis can be part of the New Year's interior.

Wreath can serve beautiful candlestick. Just do not forget about fire safety: candles must be securely fastened so that they do not fall in any way, and place the decorative elements away from fire. And of course, you should not wait for the candles to burn out completely - the risk is too great that the resinous sprigs will flare up from the approaching flame

Christmas wreath can be a beautiful candlestick

By the way, it is from this, they say, began sometime ago. christmas storyInvented by Lutheran Johann Hinrich Wiehern. His wreath was decorated with candles (24 small red and 4 large white) and helped the students of Viherna count the days before Christmas: one red candle was lit on each day of the Advent (pre-Christmas period), adding one white on Sunday. Over time, only 4 large candles remained from the original version (in the Catholic tradition - not white, but colored: 1 pink and 3 purple), one for each Sunday of the advent. Well, this beautiful tradition came to us and remained just an element of the festive decoration of the house.

And a wreath can be unusual gift and even declaration of love. Why not? Christmas and New Year are a great time for romance and happiness. And if there are not enough words to tell about your feelings, try to express them in a festive decor.

A wreath can be an unusual gift and even a declaration of love.

In fairness it should be added that the idea to decorate the house with a Christmas wreath to taste is not for everyone. Still, the tradition is not ours, but a borrowed one, and it causes not the most positive associations from someone. But is this a problem? After all, there are so many ideas for creativity! Take a look at our New Year's review - surely there will be something that you will like: Christmas wreaths, garlands and other decorations for the New Year's interior.

And you hang a Christmas wreath, decorating the house for the holiday?

Step by step making

STEP 1: Making the basis of the branches

  1. First, make a base of pine branches. Spread them in the same direction, for example counterclock-wiseLet the ends of the branches be to the right, and lay the soft tops of the branches to the left side. Attach them to the straw wreath., tying around floristic wire, tie down to the base.
  2. Keep adding more and more branches around the form.
  3. Look are there any empty spaces left, fill all gaps smaller branches.
  4. So far, he looks a bit disheveled and sloppy. Wrap a little more wire around to pull together all the big branches that stick out. The wire should hide behind the branches.. Now we have a uniform lush wreath - the foundation for further work.

Step 2: Decorate the wreath

  1. Now add a few other branches (in the same direction as the pine), spreading them evenly over the wreath.
  2. Attach a red bow. You can do without it, so the view will be more festive.
  3. You can add small pine cones, if they were not on the branches themselves.
  4. The distribution of colors should be symmetrical (so that it does not happen that all the red decorations are in one place, otherwise it will look like a red spot). Conditionally divide the wreath into 4 parts, in one of them there is a bow, and in the other three add a branch with red beads.

In principle, it already looks good and you can leave it, you can finish it.

IDEA: Or, to hang a wreath first in this form, and after a week to add decorations, so the wreath just does not get bored for the holidays

Step 3: Add More Decorations

  1. For contrast, attach few sprigs with golden beads.
  2. Fasten pine cones: wrap floral wire around the cone closer to its base, attach to the wreath, fixing it well in place. Make sure the wire is visible., as less as possible. At this point, you can also stop, or continue to add balls.
  3. Attach three balls, taking into account the same conditional division of the wreath into four parts
  4. Add three red and three golden ornamental flowers.

You did it! It turned out a wonderful Christmas wreath, it remains only to attach to the door to please yourself and your neighbors!

How to make a Christmas wreath with your own hands from tinsel

Now I will tell you how you can make such an accessory using thick cardboard and tinsel, as well as Christmas balls.

I also want to say about the fact that in such products the elements of decor must be combined by colors so that they do not contradict each other, but on the contrary, they complement.

You will need:

  • tinsel three shades
  • thick cardboard
  • Christmas decorations and other decorations,
  • Scotch,
  • scissors,
  • cord.

Manufacturing process:

1. Cut a bagel of the right size from thick cardboard. Next, place on it Christmas toys and other decorations in the order that you like.

2. Now secure them with tape.

3. Next, take the tinsel and secure its end behind the donut with scotch tape.

4. Secure the tinsel wrapped around the entire product.

5. Then wrap the same craft with another color tinsel.

6. And for the third time, wrap a wreath of tinsel of a different color. It is possible to use the tinsel for the last time. And do not forget to fix the ends of the tinsel.

7. Next, to your liking, decorate the product, for example, wrap with a gold cord or silver rain. Fasten a loop of braided cord to be able to hang your beauty.

After you learn how to make a cardboard frame, I suggest complicating the work a bit and try to make a foundation out of a newspaper and fabric.

You will need:

  • newspapers,
  • kitchen napkins,
  • green organza (if necessary)
  • PVA glue or hot glue,
  • tinsel,
  • decorations.

Manufacturing process:

1. Twist the straw out of the sheets of the newspaper and make a ring. Wrap it with several more sheets to make it durable. The ends of the newspaper can be glued together with glue.

2. Now wrap the resulting ring with white paper napkins.

3. Next, wrap the organza and secure the fabric with glue.

4. After on the base, fasten the tip of the tinsel and wrap the entire ring around it. Tighten the tip again.

5. Decorate your product at your discretion.

And now the options for finished work using tinsel.

Christmas wreath of fir branches and cones on the door

I love it when natural materials are used in handicrafts, especially cones and spruce twigs. Firstly, such works always look natural and elegant, and secondly, the coniferous smell from such products is throughout the house.

So now let's try to make a wreath using cones and twigs. And we will learn to make the basis of foam base and fabric.

You will need:

  • papier mache or foam base (or cardboard bagel),
  • decorative wide ribbon
  • decorative twigs with beads,
  • spruce with cones,
  • large artificial flower (poinsettia - "Christmas Star"),
  • pins, scissors,
  • hot glue gun.

Manufacturing process:

1. Take the base and secure the decorative tape on the back side with a pin. Tightly wrap the base.

2. Once you have completely hidden the base, fasten the tape with a pin on the inside.

3. Now prepare the elements for decoration.

4. First secure the branches with beads.

5. And then fir branches with cones.

6. Put a flower on top of the twigs.

Or another way to make a wire base.

You will need:

  • wire,
  • fir branches,
  • durable black rope
  • Christmas toys.

Manufacturing process:

First, make a round frame of the required size of wire. Then form lush bunches of fir branches, and tie them at the base with a black thread. Then secure the harvested bundles on the frame. Next, decorate your creation using toys, bows, ribbons. Tie a loop.

But a detailed master class on making a New Year's wreath from the purchased frame.

You will need:

  • ready or homemade frame (you can use a wooden hoop),
  • twine or twine,
  • bumps
  • all kinds of decorations
  • glue gun, scissors.

Manufacturing process:

1. Take the spruce twigs and start to fasten them on the frame in the direction from yourself on the right side. Tighten the twigs with a string, tying on three knots.In this case, do not cut the thread, but wind it through the frame and fasten all other branches in the same way.

2. And at the very end, tie a string on the knot and fix with hot glue. Make a loop.

3. Now spread out the jewelry and determine their place on the product. Glue the decor. All is ready!

And I suggest to look at the photo samples.

Master class on making a wreath of balls

And now an interesting way to create accessories from Christmas balls. We will take as a basis a circle from polyfoam. You can make a frame of the options already considered.

You will need:

  • foam base,
  • Christmas balls,
  • beads,
  • tape,
  • paint in a can,
  • glue gun.

Manufacturing process:

1. Take a foam base and cover it with gray paint. Dry the product.

2. Now inside, glue small balls in size.

3. And from the outside, on the contrary, larger.

4. Next, glue the small balls across the base. Make a loop from the ribbon and fasten it on the reverse side.

Balls can be used not only different in size and color, but also in different textures (matte, glossy, shiny).

Another creative little idea. Can use it to her.

You will need:

  • wire,
  • wide ribbon
  • factory christmas balls
  • glue gun.

Manufacturing process:

From metal wire make a round frame. Then string Christmas balls on the wire, while glue them initially to the metal eyelets. Decorate the craft with ribbon.

Samples of ready-made scenery this time do not throw off, since they are all identical.

Making a new year's wreath of paper

And ahead we have another way to create products from plain paper. Such creativity will be interesting to the kids, so be sure to involve them in the process.

By the way, we will make a bagel from newspaper tubes.

You will need:

  • newspapers,
  • PVA glue,
  • scissors,
  • tassels,
  • acrylic paint (white)
  • scrapbooking paper, colored or wrapping paper,
  • pictures on dense sheets (from old cards, packages, boxes),
  • various other decorations.

Manufacturing process:

1. Newspaper sheets twist into thin tubes. Glue the tips of the newspaper with white glue. The number of newspaper tubes will depend on the thickness of your product.

2. Now take any round object and wrap it in several layers. Grease all tubes with glue. When you lay out all the tubes, grease the entire structure with white glue and let it dry well.

3. After drying, remove the blank from the round object and paint the base with white paint.

4. Next, prepare the decorations. They can be independently cut from colored or wrapping paper, using scrap ornaments or pictures from old postcards.

5. Place them on the product, and then paste it.

6. Additionally, crafts can be decorated with sparkles or beads.

Now I will tell and show you how to make such beauty out of cardboard.

You will need:

  • colored paper, colored cardboard or patterned paper,
  • cardboard (for the base),
  • stapler
  • scissors.

Manufacturing process:

1. Take a white cardboard. Circle round object on it. Cut circle.

2. Then inside, circle the object of a round shape, but of a smaller diameter.

3. Cut out the middle.

4. Cut colored petals from colored cardboard.

5. Twist each petal at the base.

6. Start gluing the petals to the cardboard base.

7. Stick the parts close together, forming a twig.

8. Thus seal the entire base.

9. And in the end, glue the loop-loop.

As you can see, everything is very easy and simple. Throw more ideas? Then catch!

For the basis for crafts you can take an ordinary paper plate. Cut the inner circle and decorate.

How to sew a New Year's wreath of felt + patterns

In addition to the usual and usual options, you can and should also use felt and fabric. In this case, the base-bagel, you can also sew from the fabric and fill it with padding polyester. Or use frames made of twigs, paper and other materials, but the jewelry itself is still sewn.

I liked the next option. I share with you.

You will need:

  • foam base
  • fluffy threads of green color,
  • ordinary sewing thread
  • glue gun,
  • felt of different colors
  • scissors,
  • fabric patterned in different colors
  • chalk for fabric,
  • cardboard stencils of figures: heart, snowman, herringbone, bell, etc.,
  • synthetic winterizer
  • elements for decoration: ribbons, buttons.

Manufacturing process:

1. Take the base, fix the fluffy thread and gently, without glimpses, wrap the workpiece around it around the circle.

2. Secure the end of the thread with glue and bulge the villi up.

3. Circle a larger heart on a felt, cut it (2 pcs.).

4. On the fabric, circle the heart of a smaller size, also cut it (1 pc.).

5. Now attach a small fabric heart to a large felt heart and sew it carefully.

6. Connect the details of the big heart, start to sew with each other. Then fill with padding polyester and sew the workpiece to the end.

7. Next, sew any figures in the same way. It can be snowmen, little men, bells, etc. Decorate them with ribbons, beads, sparkles.

8. Stick all the stitched figures to the fluffy base.

9. Also tie bows of satin ribbons and decorate the crafts with them.

Or choose from the following works.

And of course, schemes, patterns and patterns for needlework.

Christmas wreath with your own hands from the hanger. Step-by-step instruction

I want to share another interesting idea. We will take a usual metal hanger for a basis. Thanks to her, your frame will be strong and will withstand even heavy attributes, plus the loop will be ready. So, you will not need to invent from what to do it and how to fasten it.

You will need:

  • thick wire hanger,
  • sweets (candies or jelly),
  • braid
  • scissors,
  • Double-sided tape.

Manufacturing process:

Straighten the coat hanger and form a circle out of it. You have a strong frame, and the “ear” is the mount for the hanging product. With a rope, fasten the braid to the frame and tie the candies in turn. Candy should completely cover the entire wire. Decorate the finished product with ribbon.

You can also attach small scissors to the wreath so that everyone can cut the candy and eat it.

But the beauty of the balls. You can also use tinsel and stitched figures.

Video compilation of what wreaths can be made at home from scrap materials

And in the end still try to make just such a sweet hack. I think this decoration is perfect for the decor of the nursery.

You will need:

  • corrugated cardboard
  • two objects of round shape of different diameters
  • pencil,
  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • acrylic paint
  • bandage,
  • double sided tape,
  • foam rubber
  • sweets in shiny wrappers.

Manufacturing process:

1. Take a cardboard and circle on it a round-shaped object of a larger diameter. Cut it out.

2. Then inside the large circle a small circle. You can also use compasses. Cut out the middle.

3. Make another exact same basis (repeat clause 1 and clause 2). Glue the two parts together.

4. Next, paint the frame with white paint. Dry it.

5. Then cut the foam rubber into pieces and paste over the finished frame.

6. Now tightly wrap the base with a bandage.

7. Next, prepare the candy. Truffles are best. At their base, glue pieces of double-sided tape.

8. And then sweep over the whole frame.

9. Well and in the end fill the empty places with tinsel or beads. Fix them on glue.

And, as promised, a selection of interesting and most creative ideas for your creativity.

Now you know how and from what you can make Christmas wreaths from scrap materials. There will be no difficulties in such work, and the process will be a pleasure, the result will please the eye. Use the below memo and everything will work out!

  1. Create or buy a frame of the desired shape and diameter
  2. Fix the basic material on the frame, on which the decorations will be attached,
  3. Make loops to secure the wreath,
  4. Decorate the product using any available tools.

Christmas wreath - a little history

In our country, it is customary to make a wreath as a New Year's decoration. However, it has a certain history and symbolism. This ornament came to us from Western countries, where it is a symbol of Christmas. And the real name for him is “Christmas wreath”. It is believed that his invention belongs to the year 1839, and is attributed to the hands of Johann Hinrich Vihern. Hamburg theologian, Lutheran raised children from a poor family. With the onset of winter, they often asked the mentor whether Christmas would soon come (and according to Catholic traditions, this is December 25). So that the pupils could count the days before Christmas, he made a wreath from the old wheel, branches from the garden and satin ribbons, and put 24 small red candles and 4 large white candles in it. Every day, the children lit one candle each, and on Sunday, along with the small one, they also lit a large white candle. So on December 24, the last candle was burned on Christmas Eve, which indicated the advent of Christmas.

This version is the most famous. However, there is information about the ancient German settlements, where such wreaths were made before Christmas. The ancient Slavs made such wreaths of ears, hung on the door at the entrance. They considered him a talisman and very revered. But the exact data on how these wreaths looked and what symbolism was not carried. In ancient times, the Ukrainian Slavs, for example, used diduh decoration as a symbol of Christmas. This is a sheaf of straw, which was installed in the corner of the house under the icon. He was considered a talisman, a symbol of wealth, prosperity and preservation of the kind of ancestors.

In modern traditions, the Christmas wreath has lost its symbolism, and is used as an ornament. Often spruce branches, holly, mistletoe and poinsettia are used to make it. These plants are famous for their ability to stay green all winter. In addition, there is a belief that says if two lovers kiss under a mistletoe wreath on Christmas night, their life together will be full of happiness. So, this decoration is hung over the entrance door or placed on a festive table. In the second case, candles are often used to light them on New Year or Christmas night.

In general, this tradition is characteristic of western countries. However, as a decoration, we meet it in our country. Only here he does not bear special symbolism, and make wreaths not at Christmas, but as a New Year's decoration. They look very attractive. We offer to create this miracle.

Christmas wreath has its own history and symbolism

There are several stories of the wreath

General principles

Although the Christmas wreath is recognizable in any form, in different countries it has its own modification. So in Scotland we will see pieces of checkered fabric on the product, along with fir branches. Red ribbons are used in American jewelery, which supports the traditional Christmas combination of red and green. In France, we will meet wreaths with interweaving of dried flowers. We use all available means. So you can see on the doors of neighbors wreaths of socks, ties, tinsel, and of course the traditional fir branches.

For each country, the wreath has its own modification

The goal of all the wreaths is the same, only the modifications differ

Red ribbons used in American jewelry

But regardless of their modifications, Christmas wreaths have a general principle of creation. Only the tools and materials used are different, in some cases the number of stages and the principles of creation may differ. We divide the work into several stages.

Prepare everything you need

Depends on the view

Pliers, thread, glue, scissors

Make a circle-based wreath

Preparation of decorative items

Cut the required amount of tinsel or fir branches, strung candy on a string, etc.

Candy, tinsel, Christmas tree decorations, fir branches, ribbons, cones, etc.

Scissors, glue, thread, varnish, paint

Make a composition without fixing it

Finished circle, material selected as base

Pin all items based on

All finished parts of the composition

Glue, thread, tape, wire

We see the main stages of creating a composition. In the process, we will follow them. Let's start making festive decorations, having considered different types of Christmas wreaths.

Creating a wreath on your own is easy if you follow the instructions.

For the wreath can fit all available means.

Various options

We offer you a variety of options for making Christmas wreaths. You will be surprised what materials are used and how many modifications of wreaths exist. We have already said that the principle of their creation is similar, and only the exterior design is different. And the ring for the New Year's wreath on the table is about the same for various options. There are two most used types: the base of wire and cardboard. Of course, you can make a circle of paper, wood, foam, do not use the basics at all. However, the use of cardboard or wire will help make the product more durable. So, let's do a start for the beginning.

The wreath can be made of cardboard

Ring for a wreath can be made of metal or cardboard

The use of wire can make the wreath more durable

Wreath ring

First, determine the size of the future wreath. It depends on its location. If you plan to decorate the table, remember that it should be neat and not interfere with food, but at the same time noticeable at the festival.

So, first draw a circle on a piece of paper corresponding to the size of your future wreath. Now cut the amount of wire along the circumference. Calculate its size according to the formula:

Where C corresponds to the circumference, n is a mathematical constant equal to 3.14, r is the radius of the circle. You can measure the radius with a ruler and calculate the required wire length using the proposed formula. You can also use another method, and by applying a wire to the sketch of a circle, determine the required length. It is even easier to form a circle "on the fly" without accurate calculations.

In any case, with the length we decided. Now twist its ends with pliers, forming a circle. Depending on what the following layers consist of, wind another one or two layers of wire, holding them together. Is done.

A ring made of cardboard is made without a blank. A circle of the required diameter is drawn on a piece of cardboard. Further, a certain distance from the external line is deposited at four points of the circle (so that the internal one is smooth). On the marked point is drawn inner circle. Now remove it without disturbing the external. So we only have the bezel. These are the rings for the New Year's wreath, on which the decorative elements are mounted.

Now the base is ready, and with its use we can start making Christmas decorations using various materials.

First you need to determine the size of the wreath

It is much easier to make a wreath on the go, and not to calculate every centimeter

Christmas tree branches

It is worth paying tribute to tradition. The symbol of the New Year, and in Western countries, from where this tradition has come to us, and Christmas, is spruce (New year tree). A wreath of fir branches is perfect as a decoration on the door, on the window, as well as on the table.

To create it, use both wire and cardboard base. The latter is better to wrap a thick layer of paper to give volume. Now we are preparing the decorative part. Take spruce or pine branches (with short needles), cut them into small pieces, prepare glue, yarn. Additionally, you can use cones, satin bows, artificial berries, bells, etc. But do not overdo it. It is advisable to mix no more than three colors (in our case it is green, red and gold).

Now proceed to the layout. It is carried out in two ways.

As for fasteners, you can:

  1. to tie the branches to the base with the help of threads,
  2. glue them using polymer glue.

The most popular is a wreath of fir branches.

Toys, cones, ribbons are suitable for decorating a wreath.

Cardboard and wire can be used to create such a wreath.

As for the appearance, we make a wreath in the following variations.

  1. "Disheveled", placing the branches in a chaotic manner. To do this, they must be short. Put them on the glue so that they stick up. Fill in the blanks and add braid, bumps, etc.
  2. "Smooth" compared to the first option. To do this, we tie the ring in such a way that the branches are on both sides, and they are fastened in the inner part of the ring. So they will be sent in one direction (from the inside to the outside), and we get a relatively smooth and voluminous wreath. For this option, you will need flexible and long branches.

In the same way a wreath of holly, fir or mistletoe is made. You can find it in flower shops, or grow it in the garden. This amazing plant also remains green throughout the year.

The wreath can be made smooth by placing the branches in one direction.

By laying out the branches in a chaotic order, you can get a bulk wreath

Natural materials

Other natural materials that are quite suitable for making a New Year's wreath on the table with their own hands include cones, acorns, nuts, tangerines (dried), berries.

For these materials, it is better to use a cardboard base, tying it with a large layer of paper or fabric (for volume). Attach the safest with glue.

You can make a wreath completely made up of cones.So, paint them in one color, different, or leave natural brown. Also, cones make an excellent company for tangerines and cinnamon sticks. Good looks together gifts from the squirrel - nuts and acorns.

It is better to dilute such compositions in green, using natural green leaves or a few sprigs of needles. It is also well able to withstand the entire composition in brown, adding to it a string or burlap.

For decoration you can use natural materials.

Cones are perfect for decorating a wreath

For natural materials it is better to use a cardboard base.

Fabric and thread

Speaking of burlap. Use it yourself. It is an excellent material for creating a warm, rustic atmosphere.

Create a wreath using squares of burlap. Cut out the same squares, modify them at will. We propose to fold them, wrapping the edges, and overlap put on each other. So fill the whole circle. Add some greenery and a bright bow to the composition.

Another option. Cut the long part of a not very stiff burlap, fold it in half and sew. Then, using a needle and thread, sew in the center of the stitch, slightly gathering the fabric (to make an "accordion"). Here is an airy and light wreath. Use it without a base, or fasten the resulting element on a cardboard ring, diluted with decorative elements (bells, asterisks, berries, etc.).

We present the original idea with the use of threads. A wreath of colorful balls. This option looks great both on the door and on the table, symbolizing the comfort of home and warmth. It is made as follows.

Wind balls of wool of various sizes. Threads should be woven as loosely as possible so that the balls will be light. Then, sew or glue the resulting balls to the cardboard base in a chaotic manner rather tightly. Tie a small canvas of the same thread. Sew it to several balls and stick knitting needles. This idea looks creative and adds a special comfort.

You can use fabric and threads to decorate a wreath.

This wreath looks very nice and gives the room a special atmosphere.

Tinsel and Christmas toys

New Year's tinsel is the material that is in every house, and is a symbol of the New Year. It will also make a beautiful Christmas wreath.

Here we will use the base of the wire. It is enough to wrap it in a large amount of rain to get a volumetric silhouette, and the wreath is ready. Dilute it with cones, acorns, candy, Christmas balls. Combining several colors of Christmas tinsel, get a wreath with a pattern that does not require additional elements.

Mentioned Christmas balls, like other Christmas toys can be used independently. The principle is the same. Fasten them to the wire frame with the help of the thread, and the wreath is ready.

There are still many ideas: use pasta, socks, ties, beans, clothespins, sweets ... In general, everything that comes into your head. The main thing is that in the process of work there was a festive mood.

Adding an article to a new collection

New Year is not far off, and it is time to think about decorating the house. Let's talk about how to make a wreath for Christmas and New Year from improvised means with your own hands to create a festive mood now.

Blanks for Christmas wreaths are sold in specialized stores. Wireframes and foam forms are most popular. If desired, the foundation can be made from almost anything. You can cut a circle from thick cardboard or plastic round packaging from the cake and wrap it with a cloth or paper tape. Another option is to twist the frame of wire or cable.

And now to your attention - ideas of New Year's wreaths. Inspire and create!

1. New Year's Newspaper Wreath

Weaving of newsprint does not lose relevance for several years. The needlewomen makes not only small decor items, but also whole chests out of this simple material! To make a wreath, cut the newspapers into longitudinal strips 10 cm wide. Using knitting needles, twist the tight tubes, twisting the paper diagonally. Grease the end of the paper with PVA glue to prevent the blank from unwinding. The number of tubules depends on the desired size of the wreath.

Paint each tube with wood stain (if you want them to look like vines) and let them dry. If desired, instead of the stain, use white acrylic paint, a little diluted with water.

Next, fold several tubes together (you can fasten the ends with tape) and weave the braid. If you own other weaving techniques, go ahead! You can also take the basis for a wreath and beautifully wrap it with tubes.

2. Christmas wreath from photographs or postcards

Such a wreath will decorate your home not only during the Christmas holidays, but also on other days. You will need a frame for a New Year's wreath. You can buy it at a handicraft shop or make it yourself by making a few turns of strong wire and holding them together in several places.

Attach photos of your loved ones to the finished frame using thermoplastic glue (usually it is applied with a glue gun). Especially impressive will be a selection of black and white images. For the composition, you can also use bright Christmas cards.

3. New Year's wreath of felt

This is where you can give vent to fantasy! Consider the composition and cut various shapes out of colored felt. It can be leaves, flowers, gingerbread in the form of a house or a heart, a snowman, a tree, - everything your heart desires! Figures can be single-layer or consist of several layers (for this they are sewn together). When the details of the application are ready, wrap the knitting thread around the wreath base and secure the decorative elements with glue.

6. New Year's wreath of cones

Fir and pine cones are one of the classic variants of festive home decoration. Remember the school years: what crafts alone were not made from this popular natural material! It is time to “return to nature” and take advantage of its gifts. And here is our master class on how to make a Christmas wreath of cones with your own hands:

7. New Year's Foamiran wreath

Foamiran - a material familiar to many needlewomen. It is a soft foamy thin sheets, to the touch resembling suede. Sheets of foamiran produce beautiful flowers, very similar to living ones. It is very convenient to work with this material: it is plastic, it is easy to cut and stitch. Decorate the base for the wreath with Foamiran details and admire this beauty all year round!

8. New Year's wreath crochet or knitting

Surely needlewomen who know how to knit, thought that in this technique you can do almost anything. Your attention - knitted Christmas wreaths. See how cozy and homely they look! The wreath can be decorated with knitted details or be completely connected. First, the wreath base is tied, then the elements of the composition are added “to taste”.

9. New Year's wreath of grape vines

If you have a vineyard, then after pruning a considerable amount of unnecessary vine probably remains. Try to make a Christmas decoration for your home from this natural material. To make a Christmas wreath from a vine, weave a base and decorate it to your taste.

Vine need to soak in warm water for a couple of hours, otherwise dry shoots will break and bend poorly.

The wreath can be covered with gold, white or silver paint, depending on how it fits the interior of the house.

10. New Year's wreath of beads and beads

Those who are familiar with beadwork firsthand, it is not difficult to weave a Christmas wreath of beads. The beauty of this product is in its miniature. Such a wreath can be used as a brooch or an ornament for a small composition. Another "lazy" option - cover the wreath with glue or epoxy resin, and then strew with beads and beads.

11. New Year's wreath of yarn

To make such a wreath, cut a thick cardboard circle of the required diameter. Wrap the cardboard base tightly with yarn so that there are no gaps. Then connect the fantasy and boldly decorate the wreath with details. Another option: a wreath decorated with balls of yarn of different sizes looks particularly original. You can add needles here too.

14. New Year's wreath of branches

Making a Christmas wreath from branches is not at all difficult. Well fit flexible branches of birch, willow. Soak them in warm water for several hours. After that proceed to the manufacture. The rods can be twisted into a circle and tied up, or they can be fastened on a wire frame, leaving the ends of the branches to hang casually.

16. Christmas wreath of cardboard sleeves

Cardboard sleeves from toilet paper and paper towels are an eco-friendly and rather unexpected material for a New Year's wreath. Cut the cardboard cylinders across and glue the rings together to make an interesting composition. Use sleeves of different diameters, paint them if desired.

19. New Year's wreath of trifles

The basis for the Christmas wreath in this case must be fairly solid to withstand the weight of unusual decor. Glue several layers of cardboard into one or use a plastic blank. Glue everything on the base that is “badly lying”: small toys, stationery, watches, various knickknacks.

21. New Year's wreath from gift boxes

To make this Christmas wreath with your own hands, you have to spend a lot of time. First you need to make some small “gift boxes”. To do this, cut cubes of different sizes from foam or foam rubber and wrap with multi-colored wrapping paper. Then glue the boxes to the base for the wreath.

30. New Year's wreath of cocktail tubes

Use cocktail straws for home decoration. Glue on the base for a wreath of tubes of different lengths, add a couple of details, for example, a bright ribbon bow. Straws of the same color look good, but you can take two types of tubes to make the wreath more variegated.

Making Christmas wreaths - only a small part of the process of preparing the house for the New Year holidays. We suggest not to stop there and continue to create:

New Year's Eve wreath of pine cones

Pine Cone - is the most affordable type of decor in the Urals and Siberia. We have several urban parks, where pines and spruces are planted, so there are plenty of lumps.

They can be used in their original form, or they can be covered with glitter or coated with glue or colorless varnish.

By the way, kids will also like the creation of a wreath.

Any Christmas decoration, as a wreath, consists of two parts: the base and the decor. The basics are very different: foam, paper, wire, fabric.

You can buy them in the store, or you can make them at home with your own hands.

Consider two options for the basics:

  1. We make a round substrate for a wreath of paper. We take newspaper spreads or any other paper and fold them across, then we wrap it with another similar spread, we join them with masking tape.

Try to build a ring to make it thicker.
Wrap the entire blank with masking tape to make a white base.

  1. Also as a basis to use cardboard. Cut a circle of the selected diameter from the cardboard sheet.

To make it voluminous, glue wrinkled paper to the base and paste it on with masking tape.

Make a loop of durable thread on the base to hang the wreath.

Glue a wreath with cones with a hot gun, you can paint them or glue them with sparkles. And you can spray on top of the "snow" from the aerosol.

Leave a place among the cones for balls, otherwise they will look ugly. Glue the Christmas balls between the cones on the base with hot glue or Kristall glue.

Decorate the seamy side with a ribbon of tinsel.

So the handicraft look of a product will be cleaned.

How to make a New Year's wreath with your own hands on the door?

The front side of the door meets your guests, and when they are already decorated, then the guests will have a desire to consider your masterpiece closer and create such beauty themselves. Well, the mood, of course, will rise.

The decor in the form of a wreath on the door should hold well, so we make a loop of thick thread for which you will hang your masterpiece.
One of the easiest options for a wreath on the door - from Christmas balls.

  • Wire thicker
  • 2 packs of small balls.

From the wire we make a ring.

Therefore, you need to take a thick wire so that it does not deform under the weight of the balls.

We put the end of the wire into the skirt with a hole and string the balls, turning them in different directions.

Twist the ends of the wire.

Crown do-it-yourself felt: many ideas

Felt allows you to create very realistic shapes. It also perfectly adheres to both fabric and paper.

The basis can be woven from a voluminous fabric in the form of a pigtail, but you can already decorate it with figures of deer, balls, Santa Claus and snowmen from felt.

You can make Christmas shoes, trees, flowers and other attributes of the New Year.

Here are some ideas for decorating a wreath with felt crafts.

Even from fabric ribbons, you can create beauty.

Wreath for the new year from balls and live fir branches

The branch must be divided into small twigs.

Each subsequent put on the previous above and often wrapped with thread or rope.

Now we connect the ends of the branches and wind them in a spiral thread. It turned out a circle.

If bald spots remain somewhere, then report small twigs to these places, wrapping them with threads to the base.

Now decorate with balls and other decor.

Balls can also be tied with a line to pine branches, or you can glue them with hot glue.

So that the needles do not crumble quickly, they advise you to put the branches for a week in glycerin, which will preserve moisture and pigment inside the branches.

You can make the basis of a thick wire, gluing to non-fir ​​branches, you can also link the branches themselves with wire in the form of a ring.

If you are using dried twigs or vines, then it is better to twist it in a spiral.

And you need to take branches of shrubs that do not prick.

A simple crown for the new year of tinsel

Tinsel is present in every home. This shaggy ribbon is an indispensable attribute of the New Year. It is decorated with walls, windows, herringbone. But it is interesting to use it for a wreath. Only the tinsel is better to take a bright, fluffy and well-kept on the basis so that there are no bald spots.

You can make a wreath of silver, gold or red elements, selecting the desired tinsel tone.

  • Wire
  • Masking tape
  • Paper
  • Green paint
  • 3 tinsel 2 m each
  • Decor

We form a ring of thick wire to make it durable.

We take any paper, wrapping it around the wire and wrapping masking tape.

We paint the blank in green and let it dry.

Now paste the tinsel to the base. Edge fix hot glue.

In some places already wound tinsel can be glued with hot glue.

You can wreath wrap Christmas beads, ribbon or braid.

It is better to paint the cones in white, golden colors or sprinkle them with a shimmer or grains of sparkles.

Christmas wreath burlap

Now comes the idea of ​​everything natural. Therefore, we can take for a zest of wreath burlap. It is sold in hardware stores. And you can buy the bag itself and strip it into ribbons of the desired width and length.

Beautiful texture and deliberate coarseness of the fabric will only add aesthetics to the decoration, especially if you also decorate it with natural materials: dry twigs, peach pits, cones, harness or dried orange or lemon circles.

  • Basis for paper wreath, covered with scotch tape or wire base
  • Burlap cuts
  • Cones, balls, candles and other decor
  • Hot glue gun

You can twist the substrate for a wreath of three wire rings of different diameters, but it is easier to replace it with a lightweight paper circle. A ring is formed from newspapers and covered with a simple or painting scotch tape. Paint it white or paste it with white paper.

Burlap can be put in bleach, then it will have a more interesting color, you can paint it with acrylic paint.

Wrapped with sacking, glue sticks all the folds and beautiful bends. Try to give more volume and folds.

The decor is already glued on it: cones, painted apricot kernels or avocado seeds, beads, braid and other.

Ideas wreaths of paper and napkins

A lot of ideas are thought out using only paper and its derivatives in the works.

It will be nice if you make stars out of paper and stick them on the base.

And you can take the skeleton of toilet paper, they are hard to keep the shape and give the desired composition to the wreath.

We use plugs from toilet paper

  • 5 sleeves
  • Green paint or spray
  • Glue gun
  • Beads

Sleeves are needed not ecological, which dissolve in water, but ordinary ones, because we will paint them with green paint on both sides.

Once dry, mark the lines along the entire length of 1.5 cm and cut.

By the way, you can cut the parts first and then paint them, but there will be a lot of them and the process will be more laborious.

Теперь формируем цветок из пяти лепесточков и склеиваем их.

Складываем получившиеся цветочки в форме круга и также все частички приклеиваем.

В центр приклеиваем бусины или пуговички алого, или бордового цветов, как атрибут нового года.

Попробуйте приклеить ленты, мишуру или золотую тесьму.

Венок из салфеток

Салфетки стоят довольно дешево и продаются разных размеров и расцветок. It is better to take plain colors.

  • The basis for the wreath
  • Pack of napkins
  • Hot glue
  • Decor

We make the substrate, turning the newspaper spreads in a circle and wrapping them with masking tape.

Now the packaging of napkins monochromatic color is cut into four parts.

We take a square of 3-4 layers, put a pencil in the middle so that the box seems to be placed on it, but it does not make a hole, and glue the outer end with hot glue to the base.

So we do all of the entire basis.

Now paste the beads, light balls, shiny ribbons.

Found from all of the above something interesting for yourself? There are many more interesting reviews on how to create a wreath of candied fruits, various small toys, using candles and garlands.

Have you seen circles decorated with tangerines or sweets?

The main thing is to keep the composition and the ratio of elements relative to each other.

You can also make not only the classic round shape, but also square or star-shaped.

The very same composite point can be on top, bottom or side.

And also evenly divided throughout the circle.

By the way, in this article about New Year crafts I gave an example of an interesting wreath from the bottoms of plastic bottles that are interconnected by a thread. Every detail is painted in advance.

Agree, does not look cheap at all? Quite the contrary!