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Why is it worth keeping a diary


What associations arise in your head with the word "diary"?

I am sure that either something connected with the school, or with romantic girls who sneak up writing poetry in a notebook under the pillow. Meanwhile, keeping a personal diary can be useful not only for schoolchildren and writers, but also for you. Moreover, it can really change you and your attitude to the world. Below you will find six reasons why you should start making daily records of your life.

In our digital time, when information fixing tools are experiencing a real revolution, the forms of keeping a diary can be very different and largely depend on your preferences. Some may want to record videos or sound clips for this, others will prefer to use one of the many special programs or online services, others will remain true to a good paper diary and pen.

No matter what tools you use, the main thing is strict observance of two principles that have remained unchanged since the days of candles and goose feathers. Firstly, the diary must be personal, that is, inaccessible to a wide range of people, and secondly, you must be extremely honest with yourself, otherwise it all loses all meaning.

So how much benefit can you get from keeping a diary?

What do you really feel?

A diary can help you understand and articulate your feelings, usually hidden deep inside. Modern life often has such a pace that a person rushes like a horse in a race, ignoring his emotions and sensations. As a result, we have constant stress and mental breakdown. Now you will have a legitimate time for introspection, which will give you a deeper and more realistic view of yourself, your life and work.

Life is a cool thing!

We read and hear many fascinating stories about different people. Why not write a bestseller titled "The Story of My Life"? Imagine that your diary will be published after ... well, sometime later, and try to fill it with such events that future readers could not tear myself away. This is a great way to make your life more interesting and deep.

Hello my Name Is…

Yes, you really know who you are? Are you sure about your desires and goals? Get to know the present. Many people are so intertwined in official and family obligations that for them the delivery of the annual report and the purchase of a fur coat to the wife can overshadow their real dreams. It's time to sit down and think (and be sure to write down) about your real aspirations. And much, very much, neatly, but strictly, erase from your life.

Imagine that you were digging in the trash in the attic and found your father’s personal diary. Throw everything and can not tear yourself flipping page by page until the evening. Here he meets your mom ... here is your birth ... now worried about work ... complains about health ... Imagine?

So why do you deprive your children of these sensations? They need to know about you and what you really were.

Diary now, so as not to forget later

Because life moves so fast, it is important to record how it passes. There are so many little things that happen to us every day, shaping us as a person. Accounting for these experiences, how they occur, can show us how we came to important decisions in later life.

In addition, keeping a diary now can help us create something that we can share with loved ones in the future, or we can use to make important decisions that will bring great changes in our lives. Who knows, maybe your notes will help you solve a specific problem in the future. It's great that you can help the current situation by reading what has been written in the past.

Diary for the processing of feelings

Another interesting diary practice is to process your emotions to help you move on. For example, if there is someone close, who offended you, or even happened that someone died, and you have no chance to tell them what you wanted. Writing a “letter” in a diary, addressed to them, instead of keeping feelings inside you, can be a great thing to do to process your emotions.

It is not necessary to store such works. Some people write them in order to transfer their feelings from head to paper, in order to burn or destroy.

Diary of your success

Another interesting thing to write in your diary is all your progress. In case of failures, it's nice to go back in time with the help of records and see that you are not a complete loser and that you have something to offer to humanity. We can be very strict with ourselves, especially if we fail in something, believe that we are not understood by others, or do not meet our own expectations. Having a detailed account of our successes helps to get out of the negative rut and move forward in life.

Diary to understand your mistakes

Keeping a diary where failures are reflected is just as important as keeping a success diary. First, we can learn a lesson from our failures. A manifestation of insanity is to do the same and hope for a different result. Writing down your failures and learning from them is crucial. It will not allow us to go crazy and make the same mistakes over and over again.

Secondly, it is important to understand that we all cannot be amazing and amazing every second of every day. Understanding what you can and cannot do keeps you balanced and realistic. It also gives permission sometimes to make mistakes without being extremely strict with oneself.

How to keep a diary

Now that you know the benefits of keeping a journal, we’ll give some tips on how to keep it.

Write at least once a week. Ideally, of course, if you take notes daily. You can even have a few small notes throughout the day. But if you write once a week, every week, then this is already excellent.

In order to take notes, you can use special programs like Day One, a plain text file or just a pen and paper. The classic version, of course, is a diary in the form of a beautiful notebook. If you do not want to write, you can make audio or video recordings. The cost of storage is becoming cheaper and cheaper, so keeping your life story in audio or visual form is now more doable than ever. There is something special about expressing your thoughts out loud. It may seem crazy to talk to yourself, but before you give up on this idea, at least it's worth a try, especially if you don't like to sit and “squeak” over the text.

Let the diary be your personal thing. Some people do not mind having their thoughts read out loud, but the truth is that the more personal your diary is, the more you trust it to write important things you want to share. It is quite normal to have feelings and observations that no one knows about.

1. The diary allows you to achieve your goals.

Any goal must be recorded. An unwritten goal can simply fly out of your head, and you will immediately forget what you wanted. The recorded goal gains strength, being postponed by your subconscious. When you have recorded a goal, the brain itself begins to look for ways to achieve it, just like an autopilot. Ask people who have not achieved their goals: were the goals written down - in most cases the answer is no. On the contrary, most people who achieve the desired results always have recorded goals before their eyes. Write goals in your diary: for five years, for a year, for a month, for a week, for the next day - success will be guaranteed.

3. The diary helps to save your brilliant ideas.

Agree that brilliant ideas visit us all from time to time. But either we are busy, or there is no pencil at hand, or we are about to go to bed. How many brilliant ideas disappear in this way? Do not allow this to happen to you - look at geniuses such as, for example, Leonardo da Vinci - he kept a diary.

7. Keeping a diary helps build self-confidence.

Look at all that you have already achieved, starting, say, from birth! First, you have already been born and have learned to read, if you have read this far))
When I re-read my diary, I am amused by how much the goals that I set myself a few years ago seem ridiculous and elementary to me today. It gives me a boost of energy and positive every day.

You can also increase self-confidence by doing a simple exercise: write down at least 5 cases that you have completed and enjoy the results every day.

8. The diary makes your actions much more efficient.

In the diary you can record your experience for the day. This will allow you to gain the experience and wisdom that you can only dream of. Imagine: a year 365 days. Every day you are visited by several discoveries, insights, a few thoughts. How many such useful thoughts will come to you in a year?

For example, in your diary you can record the answers to the following questions:
What did I do well today?
What could I have done differently?

10. Become a coach for yourself

Answer your questions in the diary. Concentrate on what is truly valuable to you in life. Learn to look at any situation from the outside. And sometimes look at yourself, too, from the side. Achieve the results you truly deserve. A diary will help you become a coach for yourself!

Personal diary allows you to achieve your goals.

All plans, dreams or desires should be detailed on paper. With time, an unwritten goal can be forgotten, diverted to other activities, put it into the background due to circumstances. And the recorded goal - necessarily firmly fixed in the mind, becomes a guideline of movement in life. The brain itself begins to look for all possible ways to achieve the plans. This behavior of the brain, some scientists compare with the work of autopilot in the aircraft. If you ask people who could not get the desired result, whether their final goal was written on paper, they will say no. Conversely, many people who get their plans always record their thoughts in their personal diary. Ask them why they keep a diary, and you will hear a whole string of reasons. Writing desires to paper in most cases guarantees success.

Contributes to the maintenance of conscious life.

By fixing their thoughts, comments or observations daily in a diary, people get an opportunity after a while to look at themselves from the outside. This allows you to think about the way of life, to analyze its correctness and its purposefulness. We can forget a lot, such is human nature. The diary will tell. Do you live as you wanted before? Do you do what you planned? Or are you “bogged down” with everyday problems and difficulties at work and do not at all aspire to what you really wanted?

Personal diary will save ideas

From time to time all people are visited by brilliant thoughts. But if they are not written down on paper, they are lost and forgotten. To prevent this from happening to you, put all the brilliant thoughts in a diary. Even ideas that seem unrealizable today can “shoot” tomorrow. Do you not want to forget about them tomorrow?

Personal Diary disciplines

If in the diary to record all the things that you plan to do in the near future, then at times the probability of their implementation increases. It’s not just that you don’t forget about them. You can assign the tasks recorded in the diary to the degree of importance for you, and in the same place you can develop a plan for their execution.

Diary teaches you to competently and clearly express your thoughts.

If you are disciplined, get along with ideas and achievement of goals, and still do not understand why keeping a diary, what exactly this activity will give you, then you should pay attention to this point. Keeping a personal diary is a kind of story about the life of one person. You become a writer who improves his skills daily. This way of presenting thoughts motivates to make your story better and more interesting.

Strengthens self-confidence

The question why many people keep diaries is very relevant today. Many of them over time become more confident in themselves, analyzing the past, changing the future, understanding themselves. To do this, simply open the records made a few years ago and read the recorded thoughts. This is an effective way to understand how you grew up in a particular area, how much your attitude has changed to certain issues. And the analysis of a children's personal diary can not only energize and positive emotions after reading adorable “problems”, but also find an absolutely non-comical solution to critical situations of adulthood.

Increases the effectiveness of action

In order to understand why other people keep diaries, try to write down on paper all the experience gained during the day. After reading these records after a while, you will notice how much wiser and more experienced we have become. Emotions spelled out on paper, ideas written down, goals in stages in a personal diary help to structure life and act more effectively.

Eliminates negative emotions

It is no secret that all positive thoughts recorded in the diary acquire special strength. Thus, keeping a personal diary allows you to get rid of sadness, envy or anger. If during the day you have accumulated a lot of experiences, do not throw them on your loved ones. You just need to make a personal diary and write down your thoughts there. Share your experiences with your diary, it will help not only to avoid scandals, but also to understand the problem.

Personal diary - tutorial

Answer all your questions. If you decide to start a personal diary, then try to concentrate on what you really have great value in life. It is no secret that the beginning of a personal diary rarely coincides with its middle. Your thoughts and goals are modified, become clearer. You develop, allow yourself to look at your life from the side. Try to achieve the results you deserve. Teach yourself the right to live, think and feel.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that any start to a personal diary is a modest attempt to write down your deeds and plans on paper. But over time, this behavior will become a habit and the recordings will become more sensual and meaningful. From the banal descriptions of events you will proceed to a deep analysis of situations. This will help in completely unexpected life situations. Try it.

Why do you need it?

What is a personal diary for? Experienced psychologists sometimes advise him to know, knowing that it is very, very useful. Here are some important points:

  • Sometimes it happens that the soul has accumulated so much that you just need to throw it all out. And what if there are no friends who are ready to listen to the squall of negativity? Or they are, but not too reliable. A diary will come to the rescue. The paper will endure everything and under no circumstances will reproach.
  • Some find it difficult to keep secrets. So, if you put this secret on paper, it can help to keep silent in the future and not reveal secrets.
  • A diary can help you spill out and control your emotions. Having put all the malice on paper, you can soberly assess the situation and keep calm. Sometimes you need to evaluate something from the side and in a calm state in order to understand what was done wrong.
  • A diary can help get rid of fears. There is a very good method in psychology. If you describe what you are afraid of, in detail, to tell about it all, then in the end it may seem harmless and insignificant. Feeling shy about your fears? Write about them on paper, you can even add a picture. You will see how one day you will look at this page with a smile.
  • Do you have any important task or goal? In the diary, you can record your actions and evaluate your strengths and situations. This will certainly help to succeed.
  • Records will help analyze your behavior in certain situations and adjust it if necessary. Describe the situation that worries you, tell us about your actions. Evaluate actions, think about how you act in the future.
  • With the help of records you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to beat them from a position that is favorable to you. Sometimes in life it is very necessary.
  • Keeping a personal diary is also an excellent memory training. For example, if you take notes once a week, you will remember all the most important things that happened during these seven days. Soon you will notice that remembering something is easy.
  • One can learn to be organized and responsible, which by the way is unusual for many.
  • And finally, the diary is a priceless memory. It will help you to immerse yourself in beautiful memories and to feel a little bit nostalgic. Sometimes it is so nice!

Как вести личный дневник и как сделать его полезным для себя? По сути, ничего сложно в этом нет.

Что написать туда? Всё, что угодно. Во-первых, вымещайте на бумаге всё, что вас волнует, тревожит, злит, беспокоит или вызывает какие-то другие чувства. Можно просто описывать свою жизнь. Перескажите вкратце, как прошёл день или просто напишите об интересных моментах. Пишите в дневнике о людях, которые для вас дороги, а также о тех, кто вызывает неприязнь (это поможет такое чувство подавить или хотя бы не показывать).

Describe the thoughts that come to you suddenly or that you keep in your head all the time. You can also record everything that you have heard somewhere, everything that you liked: phrases, poems, lyrics, sayings, and so on.

Write about your dreams and goals, and remember that thoughts are material.

In general, write down all the most interesting and important for you. But empty unnecessary descriptions are not needed, this makes no sense.

When to take notes? If you have “bouts” of inspiration, then use them for good purposes. Sit down and write whatever comes to mind. Many will certainly have a few minutes to jot down something important or burning. If you have no such possibility, then you can take notes after work.

Give yourself a few minutes, close the room, pour a cup of delicious tea, take a pen and pour out all that has accumulated over the day. If this option is not suitable, you can select 1-3 days per week. Already a couple of hours in 7 days there is each, no matter how busy she was.

How to make records? Here, all the more simple. Just sit down and write. But if you are accustomed to everything being clear and organized, then select several sections, for example, “ideas”, “thoughts”, “dreams and desires”, “tasks and goals”, “emotions” or something else. So perhaps it will be even more interesting.

How to make a diary?

The cover of your diary is something that you will see often, so make it such that it was pleasant to watch. Registration and decoration depend only on you. Accustomed to brevity? Buy a regular diary or thick notebook and start keeping.

Want something bright and unusual? Then learn how to make a diary for a girl and start creating. For example, you can find magazines and cut out bright and unusual pictures from them, then paste them on the pages of a notebook. The cover can also be decorated. To do this, for example, glue it with a thick cloth. Then take beads, glitter, ribbons and other decorative elements and put them on the fabric.

By the way, you can equip the diary lock. Suitable and the usual small. Such measures will help protect such a personal and important thing from prying eyes and hands.

Original will look and strings. And if your imagination is not capable of such delights, then you can simply buy a ready-made personal diary in the store. But, having made such an object with your own hands, you will put your soul into it and create a special energy.

Useful tips

If you decide to take notes, then a few tips will not hurt you:

  • Immediately determine the place in which your diary will lie. If you hid him badly, then it is likely that he will fall into the wrong hands. And if a lot of secret and secret things are written in the diary, then all this will be revealed. It is best to put this item in some box and close it with a key.
  • Remember that paper will not answer you with reproach or reproach, so write everything as it really is. No need to exaggerate or distort reality. If you are dishonest with a personal diary, then what about the people around you? Yes, and analyze something is unlikely to succeed if the situation is not true.
  • The appearance of the diary should like you. Then you will take it and take notes with pleasure. If this thing will cause you positive emotions, then it will be pleasant and easy to write.
  • Do not treat the diary as a duty. If you have no desire or mood, then it is meaningless to write in this state, nothing good will come of it. Get involved only if you have the desire.
  • Do not immerse yourself completely in the diary, moving away from real life. This is just a notebook, not your friend. So the real life should not fade into the background.

Let the diary help you understand difficult situations and understand yourself!