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Interstitial tattooing - types and features of the procedure


Interracial tattooing is the most natural technique of permanent makeup, light and invisible - it helps to make the look more expressive and emphasize natural beauty. Independently daily apply flawless arrows with eyeliner or ideally shade the eyelash growth line with a pencil, not every fashionable woman can. Tattooing solves the problem of professional makeup applying for a long time, thereby saving time for morning gatherings and facilitating the creation of an evening make-up.

What is cross-hair tattoo?

Tattooing of the interstitial space is the application of a color pigment along the hairline and the space between them, by introducing the coloring composition with a cannula under the skin of the eyelids.

All manipulations with the tattoo of the century are made by the master manually, using a special handle-handle. The depth of subcutaneous injection of pigment is more than 0.8 mm and depends on the tattoo technique and features of the skin of the century.

Interracial tattoo has a number of characteristics that distinguish it among the methods of permanent makeup:

Visualizes the density of eyelashes
Corrects the line of growth of eyelashes for correct form.

Such a tattoo of the eyes (interracial) is suitable for both women and men. For people of public professions (TV presenters, journalists, politicians) - those whose appearance is a business card, the permanent of the interresnith space is a necessity of a business image.

The tattoo of the interresice space does not interfere with the rendering of daily new images using decorative make-up in the form of arrows or Smokey Eyes.

“Mezhresnichka” is a base for any kind of decorative make-up, as it carries professional filling with tone and sets the direction of the lines. It is combined with shades of shadows, pencils for eyes, liquid eyeliner.

In cosmetology, tattoo types with an arrow, as well as with feathering, are distinguished from the types of inter-page tattoo.

Cross-hair tattoo with an arrow

In the method of “cross-makeup tattoo with an arrow” (besides reference from the inner corner of the eye of an inter-slice pattern) the external corner of the eye is drawn up with a barely visible line - an arrow. The “intergloss plus arrow” form is suitable for young fashionistas who want to emphasize the shape of the eyes and give a slight playfulness to the look. Arrow interrescent tattooing is self-sufficient for both day and evening makeup.

Interstitial tattooing with shading

In contrast to the inconspicuous technique of drawing the cross-page contour, there is also an inter-page tattoo with feathering. The execution of this technique should be trusted only to tattoo masters with high qualifications, as well as paints of various tones are used to apply the pigment. The area of ​​the eyelids is pigmented in stages, the permanent can be applied to the entire area of ​​the century, so this method is the most traumatic. The size of points and strokes is different, depending on the applied pattern. The cross-eyed tattooing with shading creates an effect similar to the decorative make-up in the style of Smokey-Eyes.

How to do cross-hair tattoo

The key to the ideal result of permanent makeup is the slow implementation of all stages of the technique. In general, the procedure takes from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the amount of work. In this time period, the preliminary consultation of the tattoo master and allergen tests are not included.

The stages of long-term make-up include the following procedures:

Consultation and allergy tests on the composition of pigments.

Usually this stage lasts at least 30 minutes and should be directed to the study of the reaction of the skin to the injected paint. If your skin is not allergic to the pigment used, the master will begin modeling the pattern for the eyelid. Consultation is completed, if allergen tests have been carried out, a drawing has been agreed with the client, the client is informed about the post-care and preparations for the procedure.

Anesthesia. To reduce pain during microtraumatic tender skin of the century, anesthetics are used in visas of gels and ointments. Before applying the anesthetic drug, the master must clean the skin of the eyes and treat the eyelid with a disinfecting compound. Since the anesthesia is gel (surface application), the time when it will work can take from five to fifteen minutes waiting for the effect of pain relief eyelids.

Directly tattoo. Using a handle with a disposable needle, pigment is inserted into the upper layer of the epidermis according to the sketch previously indicated on the eyelid. Depending on the localization of the picture, the work of the master may take up to one hour or more.
Applying wound healing compositions. After applying the pattern, the tattoo master must disinfect the skin of the century, apply a soothing and wound-healing composition. The patient is given advice on home care.

After a month from the initial procedure, you will need to appear as a master for correcting the pattern and assessing the condition of the skin. The tattoo master will make the necessary adjustments to the design and suggest further care to save the tattoo for up to five years.

Preparation for tattoo

To realize how important it is to properly prepare for makeup, let us once again define what tattooing is. Tattoo is a controlled trauma to the skin of the eyelid, in order to add coloring pigment. For the speedy healing of wounds, sterility will be required, careful preparation and compliance with all regulations on post-care for inflamed skin at home.

Within 3-5 days before visiting the salon, it is prohibited:

  • - visiting the bath, sauna, long sunbathing,
  • - ingestion of coffee-containing drinks, alcohol, aspirin, drugs affecting blood clotting,
  • - peeling and scrubbing.

On the day of the tattoo, up to three days after it, the use of contact lenses is impossible (for the period until the swelling decreases).

Contraindications to tattoo

A list of contraindications to the procedure is announced at a preliminary consultation, taking into account the composition of tattoo pigments used by the salon.

The general list of contraindications for health reasons includes:

  • - skin inflammation of an infectious, non-infectious nature,
  • - skin injuries,
  • - acute viral diseases in the period of exacerbation,
  • - bleeding disorders, hormonal drugs,
  • - autoimmune diseases, hepatitis, blood diseases,
  • - chronic diseases in the period of exacerbation,
  • - pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation period.

Does it hurt cross-tattoo permanent

The difference between classic makeup and permanent makeup is that, with permanent make-up, the color is introduced to a shallower depth of the epidermis, thereby ensuring speedy healing, excluding infection and the development of inflammation of the subcutaneous layer.

Since the procedure takes place on the skin of the eyelids, the interstitial permanent cannot be painless. However, modern preparations of anesthesia in the field of tattoo, allow to remove the pain threshold for the period of manipulation. Under the influence of the anesthetic, the sensations during the procedure can be comparable to combing the skin. With a high pain threshold, the master conducts the procedure in several stages, periodically applying anesthetic gel anew.

To choose the tactics of anesthesia, you should discuss in detail the sensitivity of the skin in consultation with a specialist.

How to heal cross-tattoo tattoo

The period of healing of the tattoo depends on the volume of the applied pattern, the speed of skin regeneration, compliance with the care in the first days after the tattoo.

The healing process necessarily includes the following rehabilitation periods:

Up to three days takes the elimination of edema and inflammation. The wounds cease to bleed, the redness on the skin passes.
The disappearance of edema occurs no earlier than 3-5 days. The peel is covered with a protective crust and the tummy heals.
Before the natural change of the crust on the inconspicuous peeling can take from five to ten days.

Cross-hair tattoo: care after the procedure

Wipe the eye area with normal running water after tattooing is strictly prohibited. To wash with water, too, will not work. Water procedures are possible only at the stage of the formed crusts, and before them there is at least 3-4 days. However, eye hygiene is necessary - to prevent infection of wounds. Treat the eyelid should be at least 8 times a day with a solution of Hlohreksidina (or its analogues) with a clean cotton pad. After the crusts appear - running water for face hygiene is better not to use, decoctions of herbs or boiled water will be suitable for washing.

For body hygiene, only a shower is suitable, but by no means hot baths, a bath or a sauna. A visit to the solarium and beach holidays is also prohibited.

People leading a sports lifestyle, should refuse to exercise for up to 10-14 days. The fact is that excessive work of the sebaceous glands, in the absence of proper rehabilitation, can be the cause of infection of the wounds and distortion of the result of the tattoo.

Decorative and cleansing cosmetics also use is prohibited until the skin is completely healed.
Many girls are trying to accelerate the formation of crusts, using alcohol solutions. In the case of a tattoo, this method is not valid, since the draining and burning of the soft skin of the eyelid and mucous membranes occurs. The action of alcoholic solutions in this case is similar to the effect of acid. It is possible to wipe the nodule, crusts, peeling without pressing with disinfectant solutions like Miramistin (chlorhexidine).

Accelerated skin regeneration will help salon recommended tattoo master tools, you can also treat the skin with a cream with panthenol (for example, D-panthenol, Bepanten) and tetracycline ointment.

Cross-hair tattooing correction

The need for adjustment is not always associated with a master's mistake or non-compliance with post-care. Adjustment is necessary in case of natural leaching of pigment from the skin.

After 3-4 weeks from the initial procedure, the tattoo master can evaluate the degree of skin pigment acceptance and refine the design so that the tattoo keeps on the skin for at least two or three years, or even more. Since the revision will be partial, this procedure is less painful and does not require a long recovery period. In the majority of beauty salons (with masters of international level), the correction of cross-hair tattoo is performed free of charge, as part of the general tattoo service of the cross-page contour.

Cons and contraindications eye tattoo

Long before the future client of the tattoo master decides on the procedure for tattooing the eyelids, he must be clearly aware of the pros and cons of the tattoo of the eyes.

Common contraindications for tattoos are:

  • - skin inflammation of infectious and non-infectious nature,
  • - injuries of the skin,
  • - acute viral diseases in the period of exacerbation,
  • - bleeding disorders, hormonal drugs,
  • - autoimmune diseases, hepatitis, blood diseases,
  • - chronic diseases in the period of exacerbation,
  • - pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation period.

Neglecting health contraindications or hiding them from a tattoo master, a client risks getting undesirable consequences for his health, such as:

  • - allergy, edema of non-specific nature,
  • - relapses of infectious and chronic diseases,
  • - scarring
  • - loss of cilia.

If you use the services of a newbie working at home, the effects of a tattoo can be dangerous to your health, and it will be very difficult to prove the master's guilt. Tattooing performed in non-sterile conditions may result in infection with hepatitis viruses, HIV, and other infectious blood diseases.

Life after the procedure of tattoo

The procedure of the tattoo itself is not so painful as the recovery period after it is complicated and lengthy. However, after three weeks, women receive the first results of their long expectations and incessant care, in the form of clear beautiful lines of the century.

The tattoo does not require further thorough medical care. It remains only to enjoy long-term makeup and accept compliments to the expressive appearance.

The cross-page tattoo is certainly the most natural, but also gentle method of acquiring long-lasting beauty with the correction of eye lines.

To obtain a high-quality result, it is recommended to apply for the “cross-tattoo” service only to proven beauty salons (or tattoo salons), with an excellent reputation.

High qualifications of the master, the absence of contraindications for the health of the client, compliance with the rules of hygiene in post-care, will be the key to a great long-term result.

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Tattoo - filling the interspice space

The classic version of permanent makeup is suitable for all women. The considered cross-eyed tattoo of the eyes is performed mainly on the upper eyelid. It helps to open the eyes, make it more open and attractive. Using this type of pigmentation, you can visually adjust the size and shape of the eyes, increase them vertically. Sometimes additionally applied interracial tattoo lower eyelid. This permanent makeup is recommended for women with round eyes, preferring to constantly bring them around the perimeter.

Cross-tattoo permanent makeup - care after the procedure

Each master gives the woman individual recommendations for further action.

Correct care for the cross-hair tattoo implies compliance with the following rules:

  1. The first 24 hours after the manipulation do not wet the eyelids.
  2. During the week, do not wash under very hot water, avoid visiting saunas, baths, solarium and the beach.
  3. For 10 days to give up intensive training and any physical activity, which are accompanied by abundant sweating.
  4. Exclude the use of aggressive hygienic cosmetics (peels, srkabov).
  5. Do not wipe the skin with alcohol solutions and herbal tinctures, do not glue the crusts with plaster. It is recommended to gently remove the nodule with a cotton pad soaked in Chlorhexidine.
  6. To speed up healing and prevent the infection from attaching, the master will advise a therapeutic agent for the eyes. Often used cream with panthenol, tetracycline ointment.

Interstitial tattooing - correction

In the process of skin rehabilitation, part of the pigment is lost, so about a month after the procedure, you will have to contact the specialist in permanent makeup again. In this session, the master will finally restore the cross-page contour - the tattoo will get the desired shape and color. This manipulation is much faster, painless, not as costly as the first clogging of paint.

Should I do cross-hair tattoo?

Before registering in a beauty salon, it is important to take into account all the negative nuances and advantages of the described technique. Interstitial tattoo area is a painful event, the next 4-5 days the eyes will look bad, and in some situations they will also be covered with bright hematomas. The pigment slowly fades, but never disappears completely. Permanent makeup needs to be regularly adjusted to make it look neat and natural. If you want to get rid of paint injected under the skin will have to perform laser resurfacing.

Interracial tattoo has advantages. Persistent visage helps a woman to save time for applying make-up, at any time and everywhere to look well-groomed. With the help of permanent makeup, you can correct the incision and the shape of the eyes, visually make them symmetrical. Even without the use of mascara eyelashes will seem denser, thicker and more magnificent, and look - deeper.

Eyelid Tattoo - Contraindications

The considered cosmetic manipulation is not suitable for all women, sometimes it should be postponed, and in other cases it will have to be abandoned. Permanent makeup of the eyelids - temporary contraindications:

  • menses,
  • feeling unwell for any reason
  • herpes relapse
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage,
  • the presence of inflammation at the sites of pigment introduction,
  • lactation,
  • pregnancy,
  • conjunctivitis,
  • high blood pressure
  • the use of potent drugs,
  • exacerbation of autoimmune diseases, including allergies,
  • tumors of any quality (only with the permission of the oncologist),
  • heat.

Absolute contraindications for cross-tattoo tattoo:

  • severe pathologies of internal organs, insufficiency,
  • epilepsy,
  • decompensated diabetes,
  • the tendency of the skin to form keloid scars,
  • HIV and other serious immunodeficiency states
  • progressive psoriasis,
  • diseases associated with changes in blood clotting,
  • mental disorders.

Межресничный татуаж глаз – последствия

Если мастер имеет высокую квалификацию и богатый опыт, и процедура была проведена правильно, никаких осложнений не возникает. Максимум – отек после межресничного татуажа и покраснение. В редких случаях женщины сталкиваются со следующими последствиями перманентного макияжа век:

  • аллергическая реакция,
  • гнойное воспаление,
  • herpes relapse
  • scarring,
  • loss of eyelashes
  • infection with a dangerous virus (hepatitis, HIV),
  • severe hematomas
  • conjunctivitis,
  • damage to the eyeball.

How long does the cross-dressing tattoo last?

The stability of the presented variant of permanent makeup is individual for each woman. How does the cross-page tattoo look, how bright and clear it remains in the process of “socks”, depends on many factors. Fat content and skin type, age of a person, intensity of metabolic processes in the body, hormonal background and other conditions affect life. On average, the cross-page quality tattoo permanently lasts from 1 to 5 years, but there are exceptions. Some women enjoy a neat, indelible liner up to 10 years.

Is tattooing a tattoo?

Tattooing or, more precisely, permanent makeup, is not the same as a tattoo. Of course, technically the principle is the same, but the tools and pigments used by the beautician are different from those used by the tattoo artist.

For example, the cross-hair tattoo will last for centuries not more than three years, then it gradually begins to brighten, while the tattoo can remain bright for decades. The fact is that the pigments for permanent makeup of natural origin, they do not contain synthetic additives, therefore less saturated and bright.

Another difference is that when performing tattoo, pigments are injected only into the uppermost layers of the skin, due to which the color tends to “descend”.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Having decided to have a cross-cut tattoo or eyeliner for the entire upper eyelid, eyebrows, and lips, be careful about the choice of a master cosmetologist, beauty salon, or clinic. Read customer reviews in advance and see photos of the work. The master must have certificates of training, it is desirable to have a diploma of at least secondary medical education. You also have the right to see the certificates for pigments and check the integrity of the packaging of disposable needles.

Having defined the place and the master, you need to properly prepare for the procedure. Or rather, do not drink alcoholic and energy drinks, strong tea and coffee, and also not take drugs that promote blood thinning, such as aspirin. All this can cause increased bleeding during tattooing, which is bad for the result of the wizard.

Be sure to remove contact lenses, do not grow or laminate eyelashes, and also be sure that you do not have conjunctivitis. If there are any inflammatory processes in the body, transfer the procedure until complete recovery.

How is the procedure of tattoo?

Manipulations begin with the fact that you and the master decide how the tattoo should look as a result. The cross-page contour is one of the most frequently requested places for a permanent. The pigment is applied to the line of growth of eyelashes, without going beyond their contour. The effect is very natural, but the look becomes more expressive, and the eyelashes appear thicker and darker.

If you have little idea how the final result will look like, the master with a pencil will put a liner on the space between the pages. Likewise, it will look after permanent makeup.

Master will offer you to lie on the couch. Pay attention to her was a disposable sheet, and the master was in a hat and disposable gloves. Before permanent makeup is performed, the master must apply anesthetic cream. After that, with the help of a special machine, refilled with a disposable needle, and pigment, usually black, the procedure of introducing dye under the skin begins. The procedure takes about two hours, including time for anesthesia.

Those who have already tried tattooing interracial space, the reviews leave mostly positive, especially if you carefully approach the search for the master and the studio.

The skin of the eyelids is very thin and sensitive, so tattooing of the eyes (inter-muscular space, eyeliner and arrows) is done only after anesthesia. Most often, local anesthesia of the skin is carried out with the preparation "Emla". The cream is applied to the eyelid, covered with a film and left on the skin from 30 minutes to 60. After this time, the skin of the eyelid loses sensitivity for about half an hour. During this time, the wizard will make tattoo interracial space.

In addition to Emla, many cosmetologists use newer local anesthetics, which begin to act within 10-15 minutes. They are hypoalrgenic and provide anesthesia throughout the procedure.

Positive feedback on the procedure

Such a common procedure as a tattoo of the interresice space, the reviews are very different, but let's start with enthusiastic. Those who once decided, really like:

  • Expressive look. Eyeliner makes your eyes very delicately brighter and eyelashes visually thicker.
  • There is no need to do eye makeup on vacation, in the pool, on the beach, in the gym.
  • The ability to adjust the incision of the eyes. An experienced master will be able to visually make his eyes larger, smaller, or lift the lowered corners of his eyes through eyeliner.

The end result is often more pleasing than the other way around, because it’s so nice in the morning, instead of putting on makeup, sleep an extra ten minutes!

Negative reviews

There are also dissatisfied among those who did cross-page tattoo. Negative feedback is usually associated with sensations during the procedure and a period of rehabilitation.

  • Painful sensations during the procedure, even after applying anesthetic cream.
  • Swelling of the eyelids, lasting from three to seven days.
  • Itchy eyelids accompanying the healing period.
  • The need to make a correction.
  • Sometimes after the “crusts” are moving away, the pigment comes out with them, all or in part, leaving gaps. This may be due to the rejection of the pigment by the body, or due to the fact that the master is not deep enough to insert the needle.
  • Over time, the pigment can change color to gray or blue. In this case, it is necessary to make a correction.

It seems that there are much more negative reviews about the procedure, but in fact, when the healing process is over, women replace anger at the mercy and are glad that they decided to have an inter-page tattoo. Before and after the procedure, many take a photo in order to further compare the result. And these pictures are one hundred percent prove that the risk was justified.

How the eyes look after the procedure

The cross-pedicure tattoo gives eyes expressiveness and individuality. The introduced pigment fills the space between the cilia, visually increasing their thickness and giving the eyelashes a healthy, well-groomed appearance.

Features of cross-tattoo tattoo from other techniques

The main advantages of cross-eye eye tattoo are:

  • Significantly reduced the time for daily makeup application,
  • It gives the cilia a healthy look and visually increases their thickness,
  • The applied permanent remains on the eyelids for 3-5 years,
  • Allows you to correct the asymmetry of the eyes.

Who is recommended this procedure

Tattoo of eyes interocular space mainly fits:

  • Categories of women whose eyelashes are located far apart, cosmetics, this nuance can not smooth out.
  • If a woman's natural location of the eyes is a bit asymmetrical, then it can be corrected using a permanent procedure.

Contraindications for the procedure

  • The cross-eyelid eyelid tattoo has the following contraindications:
  • Diabetes,
  • Poor blood coagulability
  • Presence of any inflammations
  • The presence of colloidal scars on the face,
  • Addiction to mental disorders
  • Oncological diseases.

What materials and tools are used

For the procedure of tattooing the eyelids "interstitial space" are used:

  • Special machine with replaceable needles
  • Paint for injection
  • Needles and nozzles-tips for the device are used only sterile, designed for single use.
  • Gloves
  • Caps for mixing pigments.

The use of disposable instruments helps to avoid undesirable complications associated with infection under the skin during the procedure.

Care after the procedure

To prevent possible complications after applying a permanent for damaged skin, it is necessary to properly care for it, namely:

  • During the day you can not wet the eyes.
  • In no case can not remove the resulting crust.
  • During the week should beware of heavy physical exertion, including sports.
  • A visit to steam rooms, including a bath, should be excluded for at least 4 days.
  • Remove the nascent swell off with a cotton swab moistened with Chlorhexidine solution,
  • 2 times a day to treat the damaged eyelid skin with ointments recommended by the salon master.

Why is it better to do interracial tattooing with me

  • Perform any kind of tattoo,
  • Individually approach each client.
  • I work with high-quality equipment.

My clients consider me a highly qualified specialist with all the necessary skills.

You can sign up for me online or by calling: + 7-905-727-29-64.

What is eye tattoo?

Eye tattoo in its concept is no different from the tattoo of the lips or eyebrows. This is a kind of stencil that allows you to walk with made-up arrows on the eyes of 24 to 7. Tattoo of the interstitial space (or tattooing of the eyes) allows you to emphasize the eyes, to discreetly select them - to the non-professional eye it will seem that this is a natural effect.

This is a kind of colored tattoo in the form of an arrow on the eyes - permanent paint is introduced under the skin, it is absolutely harmless and safe.

There are 3 types of eye tattoo:

  • Classic - the space between the eyelashes is filled with tattooing pigment,
  • Tattoo "interresice arrow" - using a pigment on the eyelids is applied arrow line,
  • Interstitial tattoo space with shading - the applied pigment is slightly shaded, giving the line some blurring.

Pluses eye tattoo

Undoubtedly, cross-eyed tattooing eyes has several advantages. First of all, it doesn't hurt at all since the needle is quite small and the maximum that can be felt during the procedure is mild discomfort, which disappears if anesthesia is taken. Besides:

  • Eye tattoo reduces the time of applying makeup and greatly simplifies it,
  • It gives the eyelashes a healthy appearance and visually increases their thickness,
  • A permanent can remain on the eyelids for 3-5 years,
  • Does not cause allergies
  • Allows you to correct the asymmetry of the eyes.

As we already said, the eye tattoo (or tattooing of the eyelids) is able to correct the visible symmetry of the eyes and visually “correct the face”. So, the tattoo of the eyelids is able to cope with such problems as:

  • asymmetrical eye position,
  • eyes that are far apart.

What you need to know before the procedure

Eye tattoo (eyelid) is a rather serious, but not dangerous salon procedure. Therefore, before you come to it, you should fulfill some warnings and conditions. Also, it is important to understand that a professional master must tell you about the preparation for the procedure, contraindications and consequences. But, if you look at the eye makeup of the photo, the difference between the result "before" and "after" is worth it.

  1. Before the procedure can not curl eyelashes,
  2. Contact lenses should be worn during and a day after the procedure,
  3. Do not drink alcohol and coffee the day before the procedure,
  4. Do not take drugs that affect blood clotting,
  5. Do not wash or use cosmetics until complete healing,
  6. Itching is possible, but it is impossible to itch
  7. The paint will turn white when the skin heals.

Eye tattoo

Perform permanent eye makeup consists of several stages. At the first preparatory stage all details of the tattoo are discussed. Together with the master the make-up template is specified and drawn with a cosmetic pencil. Also, the master talks about what he will do and the rules of care for the finished tattoo.

At the second stage, local anesthesia takes place with the help of special means. For this, special creams are used, not injections. The latter cause swelling and the impossibility of the procedure.

After the anesthesia works, the master proceeds to the stage of applying tattoo. To do this, a pigment of the required color (black, brown, gray, blue) is inserted under the skin to a depth of 0.5 mm using a special needle. Upon completion of the procedure, the wizard treats the eyelids with a wound-healing agent.

At the beginning of the eyelids will be swollen and the pigment will be very bright. But later, the swelling will disappear, the crusts will begin to descend and the brightness of the pigment will become as it should. After a couple of weeks, you may need a correction, which corrects the shortcomings, and also adds pigment if it becomes too dull.

With the help of such a procedure as tattooing the eyelids, it is possible to achieve beautiful even arrows, which do not need to be drawn every morning for several years. In addition, the tattoo of the century is not terrible water and smearing. And different types of tattoo allow you to change the shape and shape of the eyes, visually increase the thickness of the cilia in the upper or lower eyelids.

Types of eye tattoo

There are several types of eye tattoo, each of which has its own characteristics and specific purpose. According to the impact zone, tattooing of the upper and lower eyelids is distinguished, and according to the method of execution it can be make-up in the form of arrows, feathering, filling the space between the pages and applying shadows.

Tattooing century shading

Feather is a rather complicated procedure among the tattooed eyelids. It requires a lot of experience from the master, because the arrows in this case do not have clear lines. As a result, you should get eyes, summed up with a soft pencil or shadows with a soft transition from bright color to almost imperceptible. Such a tattoo of the eyelids can be performed both in the upper eyelid and in the lower eyelid.

With the help of such a tattoo, you can change the shape of the eye, give expression to the look, and also hide the age-related changes of the century. Therefore, this method is suitable for older women.

Cross-eyelid tattooing century

This method of long-term makeup visually increases the thickness of the eyelashes, and also makes them darker and more noticeable. For this pigment filled interracial space.

A template or draft for such permanent makeup is not required, since the contour is already determined by nature. This makeup looks the most natural, so even on a clean face does not seem to be a bright spot.

In the video below, you will see how the master fills the space between the eyelashes with mascara and makes the eyes more expressive.

Shadow tattoo

The most complex technique is shadow feathering, which appeared relatively recently. It suggests soft color transitions, similar to make-up shadows. This method of tattooing is suitable for mature women when you need to hide heavy eyelids, as well as folds and wrinkles on them, because of which you often cannot draw a clear arrow.

It is important, with such a technique, to observe naturalness. In order not to make up the face looked harmonious, it is better to choose pigments in natural shades. And then you can visually lift the eyes and deepen the view, rather than weight it. For lovers of bright and evening make-up, a darker and more expressive tattoo may be suitable, but in this case you should always be in a parade.

How to prepare for tattooing age?

Since the result of permanent makeup will be observed not for a couple of hours, but for at least several months, it is necessary to study all the nuances of the procedure.

The master can specify the color palette, which he will use while performing tattooing for the eyelids. Make it better in advance, as the choice for a different technique of permanent makeup can be quite large. In addition, you can look at the portfolio of finished works, evaluate how this or that shade looks in the finished version.

Before the procedure, it is not recommended to take medicines or drink beverages that can increase the pressure - coffee, alcohol, black tea and other drugs. They should also be deleted after the procedure for three days.

Since swelling occurs after the application of a tattoo, it is better to plan the time so that after the procedure there is an opportunity to sit at home for several days and not attend any events.

For eyelash extensions, tattooing of the eyelids is not done, so a week before the procedure they should be removed. And those who like to curl eyelashes before applying mascara, do not do this two days before the procedure.

After the procedure requires proper care, which contributes to the speedy healing of the eyelids. For this, within 5-7 days special wound-healing ointments or creams are applied on the eyelids. This is done until the crust and peeling pass. It is important not to clean them yourself, otherwise you can damage the pigment. Eye makeup and makeup remover should not be used for the first few days.

In the first two weeks you should not steam your face, go to the sauna or swimming pool, sunbathe in the sun or in the solarium.

The result of tattoo age

The popularity of the procedure is due to the fact that it has several positive aspects.

  • First, there is no need to draw arrows every morning. Thus, the time for fees is reduced significantly.
  • Secondly, this makeup does not flow, that is, he is not afraid of rain, the sea, pool, sauna.
  • В-третьих, многие женщины перестают покупать себе подводки или лайнеры для прорисовки века. В этом уже нет никакой необходимости, так как макияж всегда при себе.

Перманентный татуаж век подходит девушкам с невыразительными глазами, так как с его помощью можно подкорректировать их форму, изменить разрез, а также добавить взгляду выразительности. And in this case, the girl with the tattoo will always look great.

Consequences of eye tattoo

With an unserious and hasty decision to make a tattoo for yourself, more often it all ends in a deplorable state. An unskilled master can make curves or ugly arrows, which will have to be output only by a laser. And given that tattooing the eyelids is an effect for several months or years, such an outcome of the procedure is highly undesirable.

If the master fails to comply with the rules for disinfecting instruments, you can become infected with a number of diseases that are transmitted through blood. Therefore, going to the salon, do not hesitate to ask how the tools are processed. The needles themselves should always be new for each session.

Pigment or painkillers used can also carry certain risks for those who will be wearing makeup. This may be an allergic reaction. If the swelling does not disappear within two days, it is worth contacting a specialist, as this may indicate an inflammatory process.

In addition to its remarkable advantages, tattooing the eyelids has disadvantages. For example, over time, the pigment can change its color. It is also worth considering that the fashion is transient, and it is quite possible that the form of arrows, which is relevant today, will change to a completely different one in a couple of years. The long-term effect may also be a minus, as the face is modified, wrinkles and folds appear. Therefore, the tattoo will also slip, which over time may not look very aesthetically pleasing.

The essence of the procedure

When tattooing hypoallergenic pigments are injected under the upper layers of the skin. Interracial tattooing is the filling of the space between the cilia with pigment.

This is not an "arrow", not eyeliner as such. The eyes do not look make up, but they stand out, are emphasized, the look becomes more expressive. Cilia look thicker, darker at the base.

Permanent make-up of the interresice space can be supplemented with eyeliner and “arrows”, which will create exactly the “painted” look.

There is also a cross-hair tattoo with shading, which combines the effect of eyeliner and shadows.

Most often, they are made only on the upper eyelid. Technically, in the lower eyelid such a subtle eyeliner can also be made. But this is not all. In many cases, it visually reduces the eyes. Therefore, it is often the masters of permanent makeup themselves discouraged clients from doing tattooing on the lower eyelid.

What the eyes look like after the session

On the day of the procedure and during the rehabilitation period after her eyes will not look very good. To judge the final result will be approximately a month after the tattoo.

The result is an expressive, bright eye contour, even without makeup. Eyelashes visually appear thicker.

Difference from other techniques

The first advantage of the cross-page tattoo compared to conventional makeup or even with a temporary henna tattoo is its longevity. Permanent eye makeup remains unchanged from one to several years. Later he begins to brighten.

How long the effect will be depends on the age and characteristics of the organism. The older the client, the longer the tattoo stays on. This is due to the age-related deceleration of the regenerative functions of the skin.

Tattoo is a “cosmetics” that will not be erased, not smeared. On the beach, in the bath, in the early morning you are still beautiful.

The main drawback of the tattoo - painful procedure. Despite local anesthesia, many note significant pain. It depends on individual sensitivity and pain threshold.

In the first days after the procedure, inflammation, swelling, redness of the eyes are possible. In some women, the eyes do not look too good during the entire period of rehabilitation, while healing is going on and crusts are moving away. It is impossible to use eye makeup at this time. So in the days of rehabilitation will have to abandon the secular outlets. For many, this is also a significant disadvantage.

The disadvantage may be a significant impact on the result of the human factor. The master must be qualified and experienced.

And one more drawback is the issue price. A good experienced cosmetologist cannot have a cheap procedure.

To suit

Owners of very thick and dark eyelashes do not make much sense to the cross-eyed tattoo; it will not be visible. But with light eyelashes, even if they are thick, this “eyeliner” greatly changes the overall look for the better. It is no less relevant for rare eyelashes.

The procedure is suitable for all women who would like to reduce the time for daily makeup and make their eyes more expressive.

Stages of implementation, materials and tools

First of all, the master will ask what result you want to get. May show pictures of different options. Sometimes a tattoo you can visually correct the incision of the eyes. In other cases, the eyeliner simply emphasizes the eyes. If the client wants to immediately fill the arrows, the master agrees with them on their width and shape. If necessary, draws a pencil on the client's eyelids to determine how the result will look.

The client lays down on the couch, and the master starts to work. The master should be a robe, cap and disposable gloves. All manipulations are carried out with sterile instruments.

The first stage - thorough makeup removal and cleansing. Then the master applies anesthetic cream to the eyelids and leaves it for a while (about 15 minutes) for complete anesthesia, then removes the remaining cream.

The tattoo itself is performed by a special device with a disposable needle. The cartridge refills safe coloring pigment. Most often use black paint, less often - dark brown.

The whole procedure takes about two hours, but this time may vary. Much depends on the sensitivity of the client. A good master tries to act carefully and reduce the feeling of pain to a minimum. Sometimes the pigment falls unevenly. In this case, the master makes several passes. Normally, in each century, two passes are made by the apparatus.

After the tattoo procedure, the master applies a soothing ointment. In conclusion, he gives the client detailed recommendations for further care.

In the first hours after the tattoo eyelids need to constantly moisturize. To do this, you need wet wipes, they need to be periodically applied to the eyes. This will reduce the burning sensation and reduce discomfort.

It is important to prevent dust from getting into your eyes at this time. So a long walk or a trip by public transport is not the best solution. From the cabin it is better to go by car, if necessary, you should call a taxi. Pay attention, you will not be able to drive the car yourself.

About once every three hours hydrocortisone eye ointment should be applied to the eyelids. It will help healing. You can also use the eye cornerel. No other means on the first day can be used for centuries! With dry eyes, you can drip moisturizing eye drops into them. Their brand is better to coordinate with your beautician. Drops based on tears will do; Vizin is not. You can bury solution for contact lenses.

In the next few days you can not wash your eyes and touch the eyelids. Contact lenses at this time can not be worn too. Edema should pass in one or two days.

Within a week, the crusts form on the eyelids and then begin to recede. “Helping” them and shooting something with their hands is impossible. It is necessary to wait, when the crusts will descend.

If the permanent is made only interracial, without a wide eyeliner and arrows, the moment of formation and separation of crusts can not be overlooked. It will be just tiny black dots that will fall from time to time from time to time.

If no allergic reactions have occurred, after a couple of days you can “go out”. Is that the use of cosmetics for the eyes until the complete separation of the crusts is undesirable.

During the entire rehabilitation period, you can not sunbathe, visit the solarium, bath or pool. It is advisable to wear dark glasses when going out to the bright sun.

Mandatory correction is carried out about a month after the main procedure of permanent makeup, when the skin is completely healed. Correction is needed, even if you are completely satisfied with the result. It fixes this result, increases the resistance of the pigment.

This procedure is completely analogous to the first. The master also cleans the skin, applies anesthetic, makes several passes with a pigment apparatus. Recovery after this is the same as in the first case.

If the result is not satisfied

After the first procedure, part of the pigment can move along with the crusts. This is possible due to individual characteristics or if the master did not insert the needle deeply enough.

Such defects are corrected during the mandatory correction, which is performed by the same master.

Not enough smooth lines can be smoothed by making the eyeliner a little wider. If the result does not suit you, you can make a correction with a more professional master. But this time, his choice should be approached especially carefully. A completely unsuccessful permanent can only be fixed with a laser.

Natalia, 35 years old

"I did the interracial space two years ago. Very satisfied. I chose wizards from reviews and photos of work. It was not cheap, but it was worth it. I was really lucky with the wizard. I was a rather difficult client, I had a low pain threshold, very sensitive skin, I always I jerked, almost cried. True, it was very painful. The master tried to distract and make me laugh, he worked carefully and carefully. The result was perfect. I myself would not draw so beautifully. Until now, the lines have not brightened, they have not changed. They look very natural. I think to do now lips - eyeliner with shading. "

Christina, 31

"My eye tattoo is already 13 years old! It has become brighter, has become gray, but hasn’t been erased. I made a cross-bed and arrows at 18 years old. I like the form to this day. But I still paint, I like the lines brighter. I use tattooing stencil. I’m not ready for such madness anymore ... the form can be boring, disliked - and nothing can be done already. And for me personally, this doesn’t cancel makeup. "