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The secrets of flawless makeup for girls with freckles


Girls very often take for the shortcomings some features of their appearance. And freckles are no exception. If light spots appear on your skin with the arrival of the warm season, then the article about makeup with freckles will definitely be interesting for you. Here you can learn how to hide these features of the skin, and how to choose makeup for a freckled face that will really emphasize your virtues.

How to hide freckles?

Very often the owners of freckles try to hide them by all means. To do this, they usually use a dense layer of tonal means, which only spoils the exterior. Yes, and completely mask the skin, "kissed by the sun", still can not.

If you want to completely disguise your freckles, you will have to arm yourself with a concealer and lots of patience. It will be necessary to devote a lot of time for dot makeup to hide every freckle. They can be corrected with a pencil, stick or thin brush, gently shading means immediately after application.

If freckles you have too much, and they cover almost the entire face, then you will need to disguise the skin beforehand with a light tonal framework or BB-cream. If you use high-grade and dense tonal powder as a base, then makeup will look very unnatural. Especially if you are a beautiful woman with fair skin.

As an exception, a solid tone foundation from an assortment of professional cosmetics manufacturers will do. Select the product so that it fits the tone of your skin as best as possible, and only after you thoroughly distribute the foundation, proceed to the spot adjustment of freckles using a concealer. It helps to make freckles less visible and products with reflective particles. With their help, you will make your skin shimmering, well-groomed and beautiful.

Secrets of makeup for the face with freckles

  • Choose a lighter tone foundation. The key to choosing the perfect foundation is the right formula. Look for light textures that create a transparent veil on the skin and even out the tone without overlapping the freckles. Anything that is too dense will either turn your face into a mask, or “blend” with freckles and look messy. Try tonal fluids, BB and CC creams. For example, theBalm theBalm Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer, Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream 8-in-1 or light mineral powder, like BareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation.
  • Pick the color of the tonal tool in the tone of the neck. Choosing the right base color is difficult even for those who do not have freckles. But those who have them often make one mistake - they buy the foundation by means of darker skin, which is closer in color to the color of freckles. And why do you look like Umpa Lumpa? The easiest way to find your tonal color when you have freckles is to look at the overall complexion and neck color.

But this is not certain: what trend in makeup has replaced the shooters?

  • Always use a nude pencil under lipstick. Whatever shade of lipstick you are not painted, freckles on the lips tread through it. Black and burgundy shades - the exception. But with other makeup artists are advised to use a pencil to match the lips. Paint over it not only the outline, but the entire surface. This will make the color of lipstick brighter, and lip makeup will be more lasting.
  • Do not overdo it with bronzer. When it comes to bronzing freckled leather, it’s better to use a big fluffy brush made from natural wool to make the color softer. Apply bronzer need instead of rouge or contouring. Bronzer is applied to the protruding parts of the face, where the sun would naturally fall: the cheekbones, temples, the bridge of the nose (between the tip and the back) and the protruding part of the chin. On such products, look for the "sheer" mark, which means that the product has a light formula, and will not look like plaster.

  • Choose the right color blush. You do not need to look at your hair or eye color to select the appropriate shade of blush. Those who have freckles go two options - pink and peach and pale pink. It is important that the medium has a balance of cold and warm pigment. This is a natural blush, not a trace, as if you were beaten with bricks. It is better not to take warm shades to girls with freckles - orange, coral and apricot tones will merge with freckles and look dirty. Even in the peach should be a share of pink.
  • Use liquid concealer instead of cream. Creamy products have a dense texture, and when applied under the eyes, they will block all the freckles on the cheeks and nose. Instead, apply a little liquid concealer. The best tools are suitable in the handles - they have reflective particles that give a beautiful satin finish to dry skin.

How to disguise freckles?

Mariam Muradyan, leading makeup artist at beauty salon Jean Louis David “Hymen”

“To disguise freckles, you first need a concealer (mind you, it is important to use a yellow shade, not a pink one),” says Mariam - Apply a little bit of skin on the skin that you want to hide, and gently beat it with pads with your finger. Then even the tone of your face with the foundation - ideally with a dense texture and the same shade as your concealer. At the final stage, make-up should be fixed with double-acting powder.

Also, if you want to disguise your freckles, you can use bright shades of lipstick, which will become the main focus in makeup and will distract attention from freckles. ”

How to emphasize freckles?

“Freckles make the face youthful and perky, so use the lightest tonal textures with a warm subtone. Blush choose peach and coral and forever refuse pink (they can give an ugly gray effect). As for lipstick, shades of pink or peach gamma will suit you, ”- comments Irina Ivanova, makeup artist Max Factor.

“Use a lightweight moisturizer with tonal properties. For example, creams BB, CC and DD. Such products are especially good for those who have very dry skin. They help to even out skin tone and hide small redness and provide long-lasting hydration, - specifies Mariam Muradyan. - Also pay attention to the mineral powder. It creates a thin leveling coating, but it does not mask freckles and allows you to avoid the appearance of oily shine within a few hours. It is important to note that the tone of the powder should match in tone with the neck, but in no case with freckles. ”

Recommendations for “solar visage”

We offer you some secrets of professional beauty masters.

  • You need to choose a framework that repeats the complexion. When the face is completely covered with brown spots, it is sometimes difficult to determine the exact color of the skin. Consider the shade of the covers carefully in the light of the day sun. The color of the tonal base should either repeat the shade of areas that are not covered by dots, or will be an intermediate shade between the dark points and the areas of skin under them. You don’t need to choose the color scheme to match the cannabis pads, otherwise the make-up will look like a dark mask that will enter into discord with a light neck.
  • Primer. It is designed to make makeup longer on the covers, and look more natural.

  • Mineral powder. Powder coating will be thin and natural. The face will not be covered with oily shine for a few hours, but do not hide the pretty konopushki.
  • Moisturized foundation. When dry skin moisturizer helps hide minor flaws (for example, redness or inflammation), nourishes and moisturizes the face for the whole day.
  • Avoid dense coatings. Makeup for women who have freckles, should not include tools that create a dense mask. Such cosmetics can not completely hide the points, and create the impression of an unsuccessful attempt to gloss over them.
  • Blush pink shades. Delicate, light shades of cosmetics will give the face with freckles more freshness and youth. All the colors of the brown gamut will not do, because they will look like a mud patina. To prevent such embarrassment from happening, the color of the blush must be contrasted with the cannabis.

  • Means with SPF filters. The thin dermis, painted with cannabis, is most of all exposed to ultraviolet radiation, which is why it is necessary to protect it from the aggressive effects of scorching sunlight. For the summer take toning agents with sunscreen ingredients.
  • Bronzer. A few strokes of the clarified bronzer in the cheekbone area will be a great addition to the image. He will highlight the face a little, will outline the cheekbones, while remaining almost imperceptible.

  • The correct eye shadow. Professional cosmetologists advise not to choose monophonic shadows that repeat the shade of pigment. Contrast cosmetics clearly emphasize the shape and color of the eyes. Discard the chocolate or beige tones in viscosity. In addition, there are no restrictions on the color of cosmetics.
  • Lipstick for lips. Depending on what purpose in make up you pursue, you can either emphasize the brightness of the specks, or make the dots less pronounced. For underlining choose pink colors of lipstick. It will make the lips seductive and tender. If the goal is to hide cannabis, then it is better to choose lipstick or gloss of cherry, plum or brown colors.

Vizazh for women with different types of appearance

Konopushki can give their owner a gentle touching, childlike immediacy and special warm charm. Now makeup under the freckles can enhance and emphasize the effect of the features of the exterior. However, makeup needs to be chosen, taking into account the difference in hair color, eye color and skin tone.

The fundamental rule of every visage is the absence of a variety of color shades also applies to sunny ladies. We allow only one strong color in the visage, so as not to turn into a peep eccentric Pippi Long stocking.

  • Makeup for skin with freckles in women with fiery red hair is desirable to perform in greenish, brown, gold and terracotta shades, it is beneficial to reflect the brightness of the eyes. Remember that shade should be one. Paint the cilia with black mascara, touch the cheekbones with smoky pink blush, and cover the lips with matte lipstick of natural deep tone.

  • Auburn ladies and brown-haired women with a bright look of green or gray eyes emphasize the fervor of the image in olive, peach, golden or blue tones. Black and purple need to say "no", because they obscure freckles, turn them into a dark-red, incomprehensible spot. Sponges cover with lipstick of red or coral color.

  • Makeup for red with freckles, pale translucent on a white face, the most complex. Pretty women with light red or light strands should carefully select make-up in order to turn the image of a moth into a look of a fairy fairy from a fairy tale. The most important thing is not to overdo it with the palette to prevent a hint of vulgarity in the makeup. Shadows choose cold pastel shades of brown, blue, green and haze. Take a pencil in a pair of colors: in the center of the eyelid is light, and in the corners is darker. At the end of the make-up, use a colorless lip gloss or pale pink lipstick.

  • "Refined aristocrat". Align the skin tone with a transparent tonal base, apply pink shimmering powder, highlight the cheekbones with a slightly pink blush, and the eyes with light gray. Take mascara brown or black. Pale pink or peach lipstick will be the final touch to the image. Freckles will shine through the makeup, thereby giving the female image a refined charm.

  • "Bright Flower". If you are tired of the grayness of every day, experiment with colors and shades. Shadows of contrasting eyes of color, coral lipstick, colored mascara, and others around you are smiling at you on the street.

  • "Office lady". The first task of all office workers is full return without distraction. Brown mascara, light shadows on the tone is darker than the eyes, and natural peach lipstick in tandem with delicate brown dots gives you the image of an embarrassed, but very nice female worker.

If you decide to hide the kisses of the sun

If fashion trends are alien to you, and you want to get a porcelain look of the face, do not expect to cover the dots with foundation or powder on it. Use tools to lighten them, so how to hide freckles with makeup is almost impossible, but you can only slightly dim their brightness. Means for brightening sun spots:

  • ointments and lotions,
  • lemon juice - moisten the cotton pad with juice and wipe the skin with it,
  • sour milk or kefir - wash with yogurt a couple of times a day,
  • cucumber juice + honey + lemon (combine in equal proportions and apply gruel on the face for 5-7 minutes).

You and the concealer. Apply it to the skin areas on which the freckles are located, and carefully beat it with your fingertips into the pores. Concealers with a yellowish shade will suit, not in any way pink.

Every day should be chosen such a makeup, which will emphasize the fragile elegance of the face with kisses of the sun. Looking at the photos of models, it becomes clear that the trend of fashion spring 2017 is freckle tattoos, which prick themselves fashionable women, seeking to pass for beauties. Sunny luxury on the skin will allow you to realize a variety of original images with the help of cosmetics. And if, with the first rays of the sun, the kisses of the sun appeared on your skin, it does not matter. It is fashionable, fresh and beautiful.

Basic rules for applying the correct makeup

To make a beautiful makeup, it is not enough to have a set of high-quality professional cosmetics, you need to know the basic rules of its creation and be able to apply them in practice. Accurate make-up always looks impressive, attracting the attention of others. A girl who knows the technique of its application, can easily be transformed by emphasizing her merits and causing enthusiastic compliments. Despite the fact that makeup is predominantly female art, not every woman owns it. And the presence of the most expensive and luxury cosmetics does not guarantee an excellent result, if you do not master the rules of its use. Knowing how to apply makeup, you can look spectacular and attractive in any situation, even without an arsenal of tubes, jars and palettes.

Make-up can be of two types - simple and complex. The first is necessary to give a freshness to the face of a woman, with the help of the second, skin imperfections (moles, scars) are carefully concealed. Depending on the time of day and function, the make-up may be day (close to natural) and evening, that is, intended for a ceremonial exit.

Everyday make-up refers to a simple look. It is designed to disguise minor flaws, give a face freshness and highlight its natural beauty. If the skin does not have very noticeable defects, and the facial features are harmonious, the correct daytime makeup will only enhance the natural charm of the woman, while he himself will be invisible. Evening “make-up” is usually complex, requires more time and cosmetics. It allows the use of decorative elements, glitter, false eyelashes and other paraphernalia.

Regardless of the type of makeup you choose, you have to go through the same stages of applying it: toning and dusting the skin, eyebrow and eye liner, applying blush and lip coating with lipstick or gloss.

Preparing for the makeup process

Preparation is no less important than the process of applying cosmetics. Make-up correctly applied only to clean skin. Therefore, first you need to remove the remnants of makeup, wash, rub your face with a tonic. Next, determine the type of skin. Dry skin is important to moisturize the day cream. In the case of oily or combination skin, apply a matting agent or base.

From this stage depends on the durability and accuracy of the makeup, as well as the time spent on its creation. It is important to pay attention to every detail, try new techniques and select a harmonious combination of shades and textures. Practical skills will work out over time, and then there will be no question how to apply makeup correctly. The face lays down on the cleared and moistened face better and longer keeps the firmness. It is not allowed to apply new layers on the existing "plaster". Be sure to do a make up remover. In general, the more the skin rests on cosmetics, the better is its appearance and condition. In the presence of free time or during weekends, you can practice the use of masks for a person's personal preparation or from the store assortment. The regularity of such procedures is 1-2 times a week.

Washing with water for adult skin is not enough, it needs to be supplemented with cosmetic cream, milk or gel. Cleansing with tonic or lotion ends. The treatment is selected according to the type of skin and the season. The caring agent can be a cream-fluid that nourishes or moisturizer, emulsion.

Как наносить основу и тональный крем

Коррекция проблемных зон и мелких дефектов осуществляется с помощью корректора, консилера. Ими можно "спрятать" темные круги под глазами, прыщики, выступающие прожилки, пигментацию. To consolidate the camouflage effect should be applied foundation and powder, which also provide an even complexion.

For oily or combination skin, a mattifying agent can be used that will absorb excess sebum and eliminate oily sheen.

  1. We put the base. Before you apply the foundation, you need to prepare the skin. To do this you need a special base for makeup. Girls with oily or combination skin should stop on a product with a matting effect, for a normal or dry skin suitable nourishing, moisturizing base. Such tools effectively align the complexion, refreshing it. After applying the base, we hide circles, swelling under the eyes with the help of a corrector. It is worth doing fingertips, soft patting movements.
  2. We put a tonal basis. It should cover the sharp boundaries of the face to smooth them out, making the face more “soft”, gentle. Walk along the line of the cheekbones, nose bridge, forehead, cheeks.
  3. Apply foundation. Do not make the face too thick layer of tone, because even the most high-quality and expensive cosmetics in excess can give your face an unnatural look. Squeeze a little cream on the inside of the palm and begin to gently apply it with a brush, moving from the borders of the face to its center. Carefully blend all over your skin. Powder a layer of foundation with a soft brush a little - it will give the face a natural look.

When creating makeup, it is important to choose the right color of foundation and foundation. Too light shades will make the face puppet, lifeless. Dark ones can create an unnatural contrast with the neck and other exposed parts of the body. Choosing a tone, apply it on the inner side of the brush - the tool should completely match in color with this area of ​​the hand. To adjust the shape of the face, you need to use two shades of foundation - your natural and darker. The first is applied on the whole face with an even thin layer. The second is superimposed by a zone, depending on the type of person.

Tools and cosmetics

Determining the color type of appearance, namely, skin, eyes and hair, is the next step on the way to flawless makeup. Properly selected palette of shadows, blush and lipstick can embellish or completely transform the face of a woman. You can determine the range experimentally, relying on the recommendations of professional makeup artists and your artistic taste. It is clear that for daytime makeup you should choose nude and pastel shades that will not clearly stand out on the face. For an evening look, bright, rich colors, enchanting combinations, interesting textures are suitable.

In any case, it is better to prepare the necessary cosmetics and tools in advance in order to apply everything at once and not be distracted by the search in the process of creating makeup. It is important to pay attention to the shelf life of cosmetic and decorative products and not to forget about the time of their storage after opening the package.

A set of sponges and brushes of different shapes and sizes will help in the difficult but interesting process of creating a “make-up”. Cotton pads and sticks will correct errors and remove excess cosmetics. And of course, at a comfortable table with good lighting and a large (preferably a magnifying) mirror it will be easier to apply makeup.

Small tips:

  • It is recommended that owners of square faces should apply a light tone on the middle of the forehead, the tip of the chin and the area under the eyes. Dark means is to treat the area near the hairline, in the corners of the jaw and temples. Borders between transitions should be carefully shaded.
  • A round face should be covered with a light foundation, and using a dark tool to visually narrow it, darkening the area of ​​the cheeks and temples.
  • Girls with a triangular face should put a light tone on the forehead, chin and under the eyes - this is how you focus on the center of the face. Dark tone cover the line of cheeks, forehead.
  • With an elongated type of face, it is necessary to darken the lower part of the chin - this will allow you to visually shorten the face. Do not feel sorry for the blush for cheeks, because such an accent also helps to focus on the middle of the face.
  • On the pear-shaped face (narrow at the top, full at the bottom) in a light tone, you should select the area of ​​the forehead, the area under the eyes and the tip of the chin. A dark tone is applied to the cheeks and jaws - this visually makes them narrower.

Step-by-step make-up creation

It is important to follow the sequence of cosmetics applied by makeup artists. In makeup, especially in the evening, it is recommended to focus on any one part of the face. As a rule, these are eyes. They give unlimited scope for the application of unexpected shades of shadows, their interesting combination with the natural color of the iris. A wave of luxurious eyelashes, a charming look - these epithets are not for nothing used when describing attractive women.

If there is a desire to highlight the face seductive lips, it is easy to do with the help of bright lipstick. In this case, eye makeup is properly done natural and inconspicuous. Focusing attention on two or more parts of the face will make the image puppet or too “babsky”. Confidence and accuracy - the distinctive features of a stylish and luxurious woman.

Eye makeup is the most crucial and difficult stage.

How to apply makeup on the eyes? The first thing to consider is what type of makeup you need to do. For a daytime make-up, you should use a couple of shades of shadows and a pencil of dark brown or black color. Gentle movement of the pencil shade the line of growth of eyelashes and the mucosa of the upper eyelid. Visually, eyelashes will appear thick, and your eyes will get an expressive beautiful shape. Apply eye shadows with a round applicator or brush. If you do not know which tone suits you, you can use universal shades - they are gray and brown tones. To achieve an increase in the eye, apply light shade on the inside of the eye, dark - on the outside. Naturally look matte shadows in pastel colors. For evening make-up, choose warm or nacreous pearl tones. The final stage will be applying mascara on the eyelashes.

It usually uses tools such as:

  • base under the shade
  • pencil or liquid eyeliner,
  • palette of shadows
  • mascara.

In the daytime version only light shades and mascara or only mascara can be applied. Evening or stage make-up is unthinkable without expressive arrows and rich colors, it allows the use of false eyelashes or rhinestones. Also, a solemn image should be combined with outfit, hair and accessories.

In the complex visage, the eyeliner is applied after the base, then the shadows are shaded. There are a variety of makeup schemes - horizontal, vertical, "bird", "Smoky ice", "banana". Their use depends on the cut eyes, the distance between them, the shape of the eyelid. The choice of mascara is determined by the natural thickness and length of the eyelashes. It can be lengthening, twisting, increasing volume. Waterproof specimens provide a more resistant make up. Carcass color may also vary. So, brown-eyed girls are recommended to use brown shades in daytime make-up. For a festive occasion, blue, purple, green or silver mascara can come in handy. Especially extravagant ladies turn their attention even to the red color. Some manufacturers offer products "2 in 1", consisting of caring serum, which additionally increases the thickness of hairs, and coloring composition.

The hue of the shadows must be combined with the color of the eyes. Green-eyed girls need to use warm colors to create makeup. The beauty of the green eyes can still be emphasized with the help of blue, gray, purple shades. Brown eyes should be set off with ash-gray shades, brown-beige colors. For blue eyes, shadows of a cold spectrum are suitable, for example, smoky, white, blue colors. To achieve the desired effect when painting the eyelashes, you can try several ways to apply mascara:

  • vertical, in which the brush moves vertically relative to the eyes, that is parallel to the hairs,
  • blinking - quick sweeps of the eyelashes when horizontally touched them with a brush,
  • zigzags - alternating movements of the brush on the left-to-right and up-down.

One of the final stages is lip makeup.

To emphasize the natural beauty of the lips, choose light, but not very pale lipstick colors. Fresh shades are perfect for summer make-up or light makeup for every day. Choose a light coral, transparent berry, peach or pink lipstick. As a result, the lips should not look bright, but expressive. No matter what the girl chooses - lipstick or gloss, both means are allowed to create a classic make-up. If she prefers to use lipstick to get a uniform layer and a clear outline, it should be applied with a brush.

Lips can be pre-softened with a balm and thus prepared for applying lipstick. There are also special scrubs with fine peeling particles that will delicately remove the stratum corneum and weathered skin. Pencil lip liner emphasizes, if necessary, correct their shape. Its color should match the lipstick or differ from it by several tones. A soft, well-sharpened lead will help achieve a clear outline.

The shade of lipstick should be combined with the color of the shadows, skin tone. For each color type of appearance there are recommendations on the choice of cosmetics. In case of bright make-up of eyes, nude lips are commonly used, that is, lipsticks close to the natural color of the lips. In the daytime make-up can be limited to a liquid shine or balm. Someone may come to taste persistent lipstick, but do not abuse their use, as they dry the skin of the lips.

Blush - refreshing facial tone

Give him a natural glow and complete the makeup. Their color is usually selected under the shade of skin: light pink and beige fit, dark brown - bronze or brown. By changing the direction and width of the strokes, you can correct the shape of the face, visually extend it vertically or horizontally, or increase or decrease the width. Optimum intensity, how to apply blush, - when they do not stand out on the face.

Understand how beautiful and properly apply makeup is easy. To consolidate the knowledge gained will help their practical implementation. Possessing such skills, a woman in any situation will feel confident and be able to provide the desired impression on others.

Examples of beautiful people with freckles

Look at the pictures - what beautiful people! These are ordinary people who can be seen around us and have freckles.

And these are well-known personalities whose skin is dotted with freckles. That did not prevent them from winning the glory and love of many thousands of other people.

I hope this compilation will help you to look at your charming feature from a different angle and henceforth only be proud of it. 🙂

The secrets of flawless makeup for girls with freckles

Pale and even skin tone has always been considered a sign of aristocracy. But in England and France, freckles were considered a sign of youth, enthusiasm and sexuality. Some of the ladies of the court specially painted the face with small bright dots. Nowadays, girls, whom nature has made "freckled", often consider themselves unattractive, trying in every way to hide the so-called skin imperfections from everyone.

But even famous stylists and makeup artists confirm that “cannabis” is a nice feature that you just need to be able to emphasize.

First of all, you need to abandon the foundation with a dense texture. Such tools do not mask the features of the skin, but only worsen the appearance, giving the face a grayish tint.

The ideal option is a light tone that will even out the texture and give the face a haze. Remember that freckles should shine through the base, then you will look as natural as possible. Suitable shades - beige-gold, honey, peach.

Before imposing tone do not forget to use concealer. But remember that it was created in order to hide such defects as pimples or reddening, so you need to use them wisely, without trying to “cover up” everything.

On top of the tonal framework is to apply loose mineral powder. You can use a transparent tool or with a light tone that will gently fall on the face, keeping it opaque.

If you do not want to look ridiculous, it is better not to paint eyebrows. If they are too light, you can use a pencil or special shadows as close as possible to the hair color.

Putting make-up, "sunny" girls should follow a few rules.

  1. Give up the shades of brown, they will merge with freckles and look sloppy.
  2. But the pencil or eyeliner brown and bronze color perfectly emphasize the beauty and expressiveness of the eyes.
  3. If you want to make invisible freckles on the eyelids, apply a small layer of powder first.
  4. Shadows with glitter will give a special charm and solemnity.
  5. In the afternoon, you can use colored mascara (blue, purple, brown) for eyelashes, and black for evening makeup. To visually enlarge the eyes and “open” them, it is necessary to paint only the upper row of eyelashes in two layers.

The complexion of “sunny” girls may look very attractive, but in this case the final touch should be a bronzer or rouge. Bronzer will help create a light tan, which is beneficial to shade freckles.

A bright peach, soft pink and coral blush will look very natural, focusing on the cheekbones.

It all depends on whether you want to emphasize your zest or hide it. How to make freckles less visible? Choose a plum or cherry shade of lipstick. But the pink color contrasts well with the "kisses of the sun", making the image romantic and tender. Also suitable coral, red, apricot shades.

It is also worth remembering that the cause of the appearance of freckles is often the sun, so it is best to choose cosmetics with a high SPF filter that can protect you from exposure to direct rays.

In addition, skin with freckles should be given enough attention in the process of cleansing. Do not forget to use facial cleansers, as well as facial peels, which will make the skin texture smoother, and special whitening ingredients will help to lighten the face a little.

Any woman is beautiful, if you are confident. Take care of yourself and have fun.

The rules of makeup on the face with freckles

Many women diligently try to hide freckles under a layer of makeup, considering them to be a flaw in their appearance. And they do something completely wrong, because modern trendsetters consider freckles to be a distinctive feature that gives a woman charm and originality. There is no point in displaying freckles, remember that any unique feature of your appearance can always be presented as something unusual and very “tasty.”

In addition, freckles create a bloom of fervor and give some charm to the face of a woman.

And if you add skillfully used makeup products to all this, then a woman, no doubt, will be unique and will no longer think how to remove freckles from her face.

You need to know a few simple rules to successfully put makeup on your face with freckles. First, you need to choose the shade of the foundation that suits you, because this is the basis of any makeup. On the advice of beauticians freckled women should choose for themselves light and light shades.

Never try to gloss over your freckles with too dark powder or toner, as you turn your face into an unnatural mask. Slightly translucent freckles through tonal means - and now your face looks fresh and natural. Warm and light shades such as peach and honey are perfect for the base.

Be sure to pay attention to your eyes.

Make them bright and expressive. It is better to choose the shadows in harmony with the color of the eyes, however, it is better to forget about brown shades for women with freckles, this color creates a dirty effect on the skin and does not look very beautiful. But a brown eyeliner or eyeliner is perfect. Use them before applying the rest of the makeup. You can choose any mascara, either black (for the evening) or color, you can also use mascara with a lengthening effect to make the eyelashes more noticeable. For the effect of "open" eyes, paint only the upper eyelashes (in two layers).

The right lip gloss or lipstick - the last chord in our makeup. Cosmetologists recommend choosing colors that are closest to skin tone. Golden brown, apricot, light beige, caramel shades are perfect. It all depends on your chosen color scheme. In any case, better avoid pink shades, they only spoil your image.

Make-up depending on the hair color

As a rule, freckles are the hallmark of fair-haired or red-haired women. If you are the owner of blond hair, then use dim cosmetics and in the most minimal quantities. Постарайтесь превратиться в мечтательную и нежную фею. Коричневые или синие оттенки туши помогут вам зрительно увеличить глаза, а тени холодных тонов прекрасно дополнят картину. Главное не переборщите с макияжем, иначе получится вульгарная маска.

Если же ваши волосы темно-рыжие, то подчеркнуть задорный взгляд вам помогут синие и персиковые тени. But the black and purple tones are not your choice, these colors will turn your freckles into auburn spots. Red or coral lipstick is perfect for these shades.

Freckles are a decoration bestowed by nature. And you do not need to constantly fool yourself with the question of the causes of freckles on the face. With skillful use of makeup and the right choice of colors, freckles will be one of your main trump cards

Video example of make-up face with freckles: