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12 secrets of comfortable flight by plane


If the flight takes a short distance and lasts from an hour to three, then you may not even have time to get tired. But when flying to faraway countries, you will have to think through what you can do on the plane:

  • Sleep. If you have a chronic lack of sleep, a long flight is a great opportunity to correct this misunderstanding.
  • Read an interesting book.
  • Meet new people and start a conversation with them. The conversation can turn out to be so fascinating that the question of what to do on the plane at 9 o'clock will disappear by itself.
  • Plan a rest plan. Explore the country you are flying to. Tighten a foreign language. These useful lessons will not be in vain.
  • Watch a movie or series. Modern aircraft are equipped with special screens on the back of the front mounted seat.
  • Play tic-tac-toe, solve crossword puzzles or sudoku.

How to choose a comfortable seat in the plane

How your flight will take place depends largely on which place you choose to fly. All seats on board can be divided into two classes:

  1. Economy class occupies most of the aircraft. Usually it is three rows of seats with three seats in each. The disadvantages of such places are in the possible unpleasant neighborhood and the minimum distance to the seats in front, that is, there is very little legroom. The advantage, of course, is the cost of tickets in economy class.
  2. The business class is separated from the housekeeper with special curtains. In large aircraft it is located on the upper deck. Differs more comfortable chairs, the presence of additional service (alcohol, smoking) and its uncrowded. However, the price of tickets here is five times higher.

The most comfortable are the seats in the first row, where in front of you there are no other seats and passengers. You can stretch your legs, which undoubtedly adds a bit of comfort to a long flight. But the worst places, according to most air passengers, are located in the tail - the view from the window overlaps the wings of the plane, the chairs are next to the toilet, and the noise from the engines can even prevent you from falling asleep.

Three reasons to sit near the porthole

1. Bird's-eye views are simply mesmerizing. You can look at the city from a different angle, see the seas and lakes, historical monuments and other things.

2. If you love privacy and are not set up to talk during the flight, then a place near the window is a great way to be alone. It is enough to turn your face to the window and go into yourself.

3. The contemplation of passing clouds soothes. I just want to touch them with my hand.

However, if you are afraid of heights, you are swayed or you just do not want to sit at the window, ask at the reception for another place and think about what to do on the plane.

What should children do during the flight

Children on the plane can be capricious and cry. And not only because they may be uncomfortable or they are afraid of closed space. In flight, they can be uncomfortable by constantly laying their ears when changing flight altitude. To do this, grab a handful of small candies with you. Do not forget to take on board the favorite books of children. Under their reading, they can even fall asleep, so the flight will be faster and calmer. Coloring and markers can also take a child for some time. Rescue and album with stickers of your favorite characters. If the plane has monitors, you can include cartoons for children or an interesting program. If you do not know what to do in the plane for children, take a toy to the salon, preferably a new one, in order to interest the child for a relatively long time. And of course, the food that is carried in airplanes also attracts children. Let them choose the range of drinks and dishes on their own.

Sleep or not sleep

This is a personal matter. Some at the beginning of the flight are asked not to disturb them even with food, put on a special dark mask over their eyes and fall asleep during the whole flight. This is done not only by those who really want to sleep, but also by those who are very afraid of flying and thus relieve their stress. If the flight is long, then try to sleep over all passengers. For greater comfort, flight attendants are offered special kits for sleeping, as well as pillows and small blankets. The backs of seats recline for a comfortable location, except for those that are located near emergency exits. Consider this when choosing a seat on the plane.

The content of the article

  • What to do on the plane during a long flight
  • How to feel good during the flight
  • How to behave during long-haul flights

Popular ways to do on the plane

The first and most popular way to occupy yourself in an airplane is sleep. It is also the most productive method, because the person is resting during sleep. And while the person is resting, the flight time passes unnoticed. For those who can not sleep on the plane because of the hum, it is recommended to bring headphones.

The second method is reading. This is also a popular method of spending time on the plane. During the flight it is appropriate to read simple works, easy to read. It is convenient to use electronic books, as they include many books, the weight of which in reality would not allow them to take with them.

The third method is listening to audio recordings. After all, music is relaxing. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire a good set of music in advance and enjoy the whole flight. In addition to music, you can listen to audiobooks. You can dive into the beautiful work with your eyes closed. Only it is necessary to take into account that only good headphones that completely cover the organs of hearing can allow you to comfortably listen to both music and audio books.

The fourth method is suitable for business people. For them, this issue is much easier to solve. After all, they can go about their business right on the plane. This is writing a report, planning a speech, meetings, etc. Someone can prepare a schedule of what he will do when he arrives in the city, or learn the local language and traditions. This type of aircraft activity is the most productive.

The fifth method is a laptop or tablet. In this case, the problem of what to do on the plane during the flight is solved by itself. Charging devices should be enough for medium-range flights.

Additional methods of spending time on the plane

If all the methods mentioned above are not suitable, you can use another one - also simple and well known from ancient times. To do this, you just need to get acquainted with the neighbors in the chair. It is possible that they also miss during the flight. You can ask who they fly to, why. Maybe there is something in common with them. To dispel the situation well help different games, for example, playing cards.

If it is impossible to establish contact with the neighbors, or they are busy with something, are sleeping, then you can do a crossword puzzle.

If you have to fly with a child, you need to think in advance about how to occupy him on the plane. After all, children are even more restless than adults, and they will be interested if you carry them with your favorite games.

If the flight is tourist, then it would be good to draw up a plan of events and places to go. What tours to sign up, who and what to buy as a souvenir.

The list of tasks that should be taken on the plane during a long flight so as not to get bored turned out to be quite large, so you can easily find a suitable occupation for yourself.

1. The best place in the cabin - by the window

Choosing a place near the window, you kill several birds with one stone: first, you can lean against the wall to take a nap, and second, the neighbors won't bother you to get out. And of course, you will be provided with a wonderful view.

2. Choose comfortable clothes

The times when the most sophisticated outfits were chosen for traveling on an airplane were gone a long time ago - give preference to comfortable and comfortable clothing that will not hold down movements.

During long flights, the temperature in the cabin may vary, so it is best to wear "layers" for example jersey, sweater, sweatshirt. Do not forget to take warm socks with you so that you can take off your shoes and not freeze.

3. Bring water, eliminate caffeine and alcohol

To avoid dehydration, do not forget to drink plenty of water during the flight. The cups offered by the flight attendants are not too big, and in order not to wait once more, it is better to stock up on several bottles of water (do not forget to buy it only after inspecting the baggage).

It is better to refuse drinks containing caffeine.: it prevents sleep, increases dehydration. Alcohol may relieve some stress, but can also lead to dehydration and lethargy.

4. Take care of your skin

On board the plane is very low humidity, so our skin suffers first. To avoid discomfort, follow these tips:

  • Direct the airflow of the air conditioner to where it is fit, except for the face.
  • If your skin begins to shine, wipe your face with cleansing wipes and apply a moisturizer.
  • Do not spray water on your face - this will dry your skin even more. Or blot it with a napkin after spraying.

5. Sit back in the chair

From long sitting the legs go numb and the back is very tired, and the seats in the plane are not very comfortable. Put a pillow, a rolled-up scarf or a sweater under your lower back and do not forget to take cover with a rug. Bring a pillow and a blanket is better to ask as soon as you get on board the plane (sometimes they end quickly).

Also do not forget: the higher the legs relative to the floor, the better, so try to put them directly on your own luggage under the front seat.

6. Stock up on everything you need for a comfortable sleep.

Instead of massive gadgets like a big laptop and a few thick books better take with you into the cabin of the aircraft bag with useful things in flight. With them, even in economy class you will be able to sleep and relax:

  • Ear plugs or noise canceling headphones.
  • Sleep mask.
  • Pillow for neck support.

7. How to prevent laying ears

Due to pressure drops, especially during takeoff and landing, unpleasant congestion may appear in the ears. To get rid of it, try to yawn wide, take a few swallowing movements, dissolve candies.

8. Try to move

It is not easy to spend several hours in the same position: the body becomes numb, and blood accumulates in the lower extremities and does not reach the top of the body. Try at least once an hour to get out of the chair, and also do a little warm-up right in the chair: Some airlines print special exercise notes for their passengers.

9. Take a healthy snack with you.

The low level of pressure and humidity on board leads to a decrease in taste receptor sensitivity. It is for this reason that airlines add a large amount of spices, salt and sugar to their meals, and this is not always beneficial. Think about a snack that is convenient to take with you on a plane: fruit, nuts, yogurt.

10. Make a plan for your trip

Long flight useful to divide into small intervals - and now he does not look so threatening. You can watch movies or broadcasts for which there was not enough time, to do long-delayed cases - write letters, make an entry in a diary, start an interesting book.

Plus, do not forget about the time for sleep, lunch, take-off and landing - and now your flight comes to an end, and you are alert, fresh and full of strength and inspiration.

11. Bring your headphones to the plane

Accessories issued on board are usually not new, although they are carefully packaged. Used accessories after the flight are cleaned and then re-packaged. Hence, their use is not entirely safe from the point of view of personal hygiene, so it’s better to grab your own.

12. Get rid of the old marks on the suitcase and do not waste time on locking

Here are some tips from airport staff. First, the locks on the suitcases are easily opened for inspection of baggage. Therefore, it is not necessary to spend time hanging the locks, but rather take valuables with you to the salon.

Secondly, it is recommended to get rid of irrelevant marks and stickers on the suitcase.which confuse conveyor belt operators - as a result, your luggage may fly in the wrong direction.

How easier to transfer flight

Air travel requires some training on the part of the passenger, especially when it is long. This will not only protect your health, but also make the trip comfortable.

What to do on the plane

If you need to fly a long time in an airplane, you need to take into account some features and recommendations:

  • Power change. Approximately one day before the intended flight, it is required to change the usual diet - it is recommended to exclude greasy, spicy and excessively salty foods that overload the stomach. For example, summer vegetable salad is suitable for saturation. It is important to remember that during the flight the body is dehydrated, so food and drinks must be nutritious and fortified.
  • Convenience and comfort. In order for the passenger to be as comfortable as possible during the flight, all personal belongings must be removed on the shelf intended for baggage.
  • Preliminary strengthening of immunity allows you to avoid sudden infectious diseases and influenza, which will spoil further leave. To do this, drink a vitamin course and try to avoid stressful situations.
  • Make a list of what to take on a plane with a long flight, for example, warm clothes (blanket, scarf or jacket), as it is often cool in the air.
  • It is important to take a comfortable position, even if the flight is an economy class. This can be achieved through comfortable clothing and shoes that will not hamper movement. It is recommended to completely abandon heels, even small ones.
  • Think in advance what to take on a plane for a long flight. The obligatory items include a small cosmetic bag that allows you to clean up, a first-aid kit, water, moisturizing and disposable hygiene products, a mask for a good sleep and an orthopedic pillow. It is advisable to take an additional light bars for a quick snack.

Let us now consider in more detail what to do on the plane within 10 hours of flight.

Pillows and blanket in the plane

What to do passenger during a long flight

The most relevant option, what you can do in a passenger plane is a dream. But if the flight is heavy enough, you need to try to fall asleep without disturbing thoughts. Calm music or fascinating reading will help to cope with stress. The book is selected light genre, which will not burden the brain, but simply help to spend time with benefits.

It is believed that for business people who fly with work tasks, it is not boring. Many in this period are busy preparing for a conference or presentation. It is important to understand here that the process should not cause discomfort to other passengers. The main rule of behavior in an airplane is politeness towards others. If such training causes irritation to a neighbor, it is better to do something else.

You can have fun by communicating with passengers, but only with mutual desire. You can also pre-purchase scanwords or magazines, download your favorite movies to watch on your gadget. Only in this case should bring a headset.

There is an option to occupy yourself with the manufacture of bracelets - this will become relevant for teenage girls. And for fans of a quiet and relaxing pastime, manufacturers offer earplugs that protect against noisy passengers.

Some connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages are offered a little drink to sleep during the flight or just to relax. The main thing here is not to drink a lot of hard liquor. Will help to cope with boredom light wine in a small amount.

Important! Bringing alcoholic beverages with you is strictly prohibited.

If a child flies with the passenger, the maximum number of his favorite toys is required. To make the flight calm, not only for the parent, but also for those around you, you need to think in advance about the long-term occupation of the baby. This may be your favorite games on the gadget or cartoons.

Can I smoke on the plane during a long passenger flight?

All airlines have banned the use of nicotine at the time of the flight. This is facilitated by two main reasons:

  • Fire safety - a non-extinguished cigarette can cause the crash or fire of the aircraft as a whole,
  • The discomfort of others, as well as the harm of passive smoking.
  • Persistence of an unpleasant odor in the cabin, even with an equipped smoking room in the cabin.

An electronic cigarette can help. But before using it, you should familiarize yourself with the instructions on the behavior of the aircraft, since not all airlines allow its use on board. It is advisable to contact the commander with this question, since he is fully responsible for the passengers.

Doctor's advice: how to transfer a long flight

Important! Такой стресс для организма может провоцировать ухудшение здоровья период перелета.

Врачи рекомендуют придерживаться основных правил и требований:

  • Головокружение устраняется путем фиксации взгляда на неподвижном предмете.
  • Nausea is eliminated by means of a lemon wedge or a medicinal product that was previously purchased at the pharmacy.
  • Tinnitus and nasal congestion are triggered by a change in pressure, to level the passenger, it is recommended that the passenger open his mouth or dissolve the sour candy. It is strictly forbidden to clamp the ears with your hands - this will provoke a complication of the situation.
  • An increased level of nervousness is removed by breathing exercises, a single glass of wine, or a favorite activity in the form of watching a movie or listening to musical compositions.
  • Have compression underwear to relieve the load on veins during flight and pressure drop.
  • The presence of sprays, drops, creams can reduce the degree of dehydration.
  • Adaptation is possible only in the absence of alcohol in the body.
  • The presence of a first aid kit is mandatory, even if the passenger gets sick once a year,
  • Pregnant women are required to submit a certificate from a doctor, if the flight is ten hours, then the period should not exceed seven months.
  • Movement is a mandatory aspect of the flight.

Bad on the plane

Doctors do not recommend citizens of certain categories to use the services of airlines. These include:

  • pregnant women for more than seven months
  • people with cornea diseases
  • increased blood pressure
  • acute and chronic diseases, for example, otitis.

Important! It is necessary to take into account the recent illnesses of passengers, for example, it is forbidden to fly after a heart attack, since it is unlikely that it will be easy to transfer the flight in any aircraft, exacerbation is possible.

One of the main aspects of the flight in an airplane is leisure. Here were considered all the main types of activities that are permissible for an aircraft. And what it will be, a dream, a game on the phone, reading a book or something else, the passenger himself will decide, depending on his preferences.

We collect correctly hand luggage

It is important to remember that before the flight you must pass your luggage to the luggage compartment, these are the rules, so during the flight you will not have any access to it. That is why it is very important to pay special attention to collecting hand luggage, which will remain with you on board the ship.

Hand luggage always has weight restrictions (usually 5-7 kg), but it also cannot be folded up in a row, there is a certain number of restrictions that the airline itself puts forward. You can read the full list of inadmissible items on the website of your airline, but every passenger should know the most common cases.

For example, you can hardly take someone with you to carry knives with you, but a sharp file or nail scissors can be taken away at customs, well, what if you decide to do a manicure on board.

This also includes various liquids, especially alcohol. Do not worry, as soon as you take off, flight attendants will offer you tea, juice or alcoholic beverages to choose from. Take care of all electronic devices: laptop, tablet, phone, camera - all this is sure to put in hand luggage.

When landing and taking off, it is forbidden to include gadgets, but during the flight you can safely enjoy watching your favorite movies or TV shows. To do this, pre-record everything you need on the device.

What to do on the plane?

It is very nice when during the flight you come across a sociable and cute neighbor, with whom you can just start a conversation, and maybe even play some mini-games that you also need to take along with you. It can be mini chess, backgammon, board game, scholar, and with the help of an ordinary leaf and pen you can play sea battle or points.

There are always word games in cities, card games, so don’t forget to bring a pack with you. Thus, the flight passes unnoticed, you will not have time to look back, as the plane starts to land, and you will be asked to fasten your seat belts.

If the neighbor does not contact, but persistently tries to sleep or is closed by headphones, then, of course, you should not impose your communication, but you will have to have fun alone.

If the flight is long and the flight is more than 3 hours, then usually small screens are mounted in the backs of the front seats where you can watch movies, listen to music or play games. You can actively use your own gadgets, but do not forget to use headphones, because it is prohibited to interfere with other passengers.

Electronic books are very helpful, they are light and thin, they do not interfere in hand luggage at all, but they allow you to download a large amount of information, they are not quickly discharged. Have you wanted to read any literature for a long time, but you still lacked any time for this? So before you a great opportunity to do it!

On board the ship you will be offered a snack and a drink of alcoholic beverages. It is necessary to treat the latter with special attention, since the effect of alcohol at a height changes and increases somewhat, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise instead of a light amusement or a sweet lulling effect, you will run around the toilets.

Remember that walking around the cabin while intoxicated irritates steel passengers and can be dangerous to your health.

Those who fly very badly, better stock up on sleeping pills and sedatives, perhaps this is the best way to spend time on board.

If you are traveling with children, be sure to ensure that they do not get bored and do not interfere with the rest of the passengers. Stock up on your favorite toys, bright books with color pictures, it is desirable to take with you a new toy or book, so that it aroused great interest in the child.

What else to entertain yourself when films get bored and books are not read? Try origami, create a beautiful rose, crane or plane, and then present your creation to a passenger or passenger you like. To do this, upload yourself some interesting lessons, stock up on paper and go!

You can try to draw or write poetry, but not everyone can concentrate in a crowded place. Probably the most win-win option on an airplane is to try to fall asleep, because it is in a dream that time passes quickly and unnoticed, and at the end of the flight you feel fresh and vigorous. All the same helpers - books, favorite music, series and maybe some alcohol will help you to fall asleep.

By the way, what is interesting is that some large airlines, due to high competition, offer their own ways, which, in their opinion, can entertain passengers.

In one of them, the conductors dressed in traditional outfits of the country to which the liner was heading, showed small theatrical performances, told about the customs and traditions of the country.

In others, singers were invited, and in the third, barmen shows were organized with various alcoholic treats. What and how to entertain yourself - everyone chooses himself, the main thing is to follow all the rules and enjoy safe flight.