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Pattaya - a wonderful resort for a chic vacation, Pattaya hotels

Pattaya Hotels

Rest in Thailand, many tourists from Russia and neighboring countries prefer in the winter. This is due to the peculiarities of the Thai climate and the peculiarities of the Russian winter, from which an obsessive desire arises to get rid of and hide. Therefore, hotels in Pattaya. resort, located on the southern coast of Thailand, became for many Russians the option of rest in the winter season - escape from frost in the heat of the tropics.

Holidays in Pattaya today are mainly popular for two reasons: here are some of the best beaches in Thailand and all of Southeast Asia and one of the most developed prostitution industries in the world. At the same time, in recent years there has been a certain lurch towards beach holidays: more and more luxurious restaurants are opening in Pattaya, not so long ago a new luxury hotel complex from Sheraton appeared at the resort. However, from the neon advertisements of various sex shows in Pattaya dazzled in the eyes of much more than the morning sun, which is reflected in the waters of the ocean.

The choice of hotels in Pattaya and prices in the resort are a model of democracy. Among the hotels in Pattaya today you can find cheap five-room hotels with thatched roofs, and megapolis hotels represented by a number of global hotel corporations.

High season in Pattaya begins in early December. From now on, booking your desired hotel in Pattaya may not be easy. Therefore, when planning a vacation in Pattaya, it is best to provide for an early hotel reservation, at least two weeks in advance.

Cheap hotels Pattaya

Budget hotels in Pattaya provide an opportunity to save money, but it does not give an opportunity to relax. With an average daily price of around $ 15 per day, such hotels are not distinguished by the minimum comfort that doesn’t have a clientele. Most of the cheap hotels in Pattaya are in demand only by renting rooms for the night. Nevertheless, you can find quite a decent modest hotel near the beach for 800-1000 baht (about 25-30 dollars). Among the cheap hotels in Pattaya with a decent service can be identified:

- Hotel Areca Lodge. from $ 25 a day in the Soi Diana area, near the beaches of Pattaya and the shopping area
- Dynasty Inn Pattaya Hotel. in the center of the resort, which offers rooms from 30 dollars per day
- Flipper Lodge Hotel is also in the center and also from $ 30 per day.

Luxury hotels in Pattaya

At the opposite pole of hotel real estate in Pattaya there are giant deluxe hotel complexes, many of which were built in the southern part of Pattaya, along the famous Jomitien Beach. At the same time, the cost of a room in many resorts is often quite “hospitable” - from $ 50 in equivalent.

The Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa is a Marriott resort hotel with 287 rooms, each with a balcony and superb ocean views. The hotel is located a short distance from the sea, which means the absence of its own beach. Nevertheless, in the territory of Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa there is a magnificent garden, which allows you to somewhat brighten the lack of access to the sea. The hotel is just a stone’s throw away from the Royal Garden Plaza Shopping Center, which can be an added plus for lazy shopaholics.

Sheraton Pattaya Resort - opened in 2005 a kilometer from the resort, near the famous Jomtien Beach, in the luxury hotel zone of Pattaya, the Sheraton Pattaya Resort is a new indicator of the quality of hotels for all of Thailand. Small villas, located along the pools imitate the atmosphere of an exotic Asian village, which suddenly put things in order. Sheraton Pattaya Resort has 114 rooms, which is not much for a resort hotel. However, it should be borne in mind that the number of rooms here is balanced by their size - the villas are very spacious. Sheraton Pattaya Resort has several hi end bars and restaurants, as well as one of the best spas in Thailand.

Hotel Royal Cliff Beach Resort - it stands directly in front of the Sheraton Pattaya Resort, all on the same Jomtien beach. The first thing they say, mentioning the Royal Cliff Beach Resort - is about the size. The hotel has 966 rooms and 162 suites - a kind of mini-city for a holiday in Pattaya. The hotel is suitable for a family holiday in Pattaya - some rooms of the Royal Cliff Beach Resort have two baths at their disposal, which allows to smooth over the “my shower!” Problem for large families.

Other luxury hotels near Jomtien beaches:

- Avalon Beach Resort Hotel
- Hotel Dusit Resort
- Hotel Amari Orchid Resort and Tower
- Grand Jomtien Palace Hotel
- Hotel Natural Park Resort
- Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel
- Hotel Ravindra Beach Resort & Spa

Hipster network opened the first hotel in Britain

Moxy Hotels, a bold and experimental Marriott International brand, will debut in the UK with the Moxy Aberdeen Airport hotel. The hotel invites guests to evaluate their cheerful style at surprisingly reasonable prices.

Conference rooms of world hotels in a virtual tour

Marriott International, Inc. announced an exclusive partnership between the European Conference Hotels Association (ECN) and the London-based technology company GoInStore. As a result of this agreement, event organizers will be able to make virtual tours of the conference rooms of 14 European hotels - ECN members who have received the gold standard of hotels - conference centers.

Marriott will tighten guests in the network

M Live will communicate in several languages, including French, Spanish, German, Italian and English. The first studio M Live appeared in Bethesa (USA) in 2015, followed by studios in the Asia-Pacific region, the Caribbean and Latin America, and now in Europe.

Top 10 places

The most popular place to rest among foreigners. Here life is in full swing 24 hours a day. Many restaurants, bars, discos, nightclubs, entertainment complexes, water attractions offer their services to anyone. This resort of Thailand enjoys great popularity among men, as there are so many girls of easy virtue who offer to spend a sweet night at low prices. It is in Pattaya that most of the travel agencies bring their clients. And for this they have several reasons: planes fly here directly (without transfers), which reduces the cost of the tour, a lot of entertainment, cheap hotels, a lot of beaches. Needless to say, Pattaya is one of the most convenient places to stay in Thailand.

Phuket is the largest and most popular island of Thailand. Developed tourist infrastructure makes the rest comfortable and versatile. In different parts of the island created the conditions for different types of pastime. For example, on Patong Beach, big parties are held at night, attracting several thousand people every day. And on the beach Nai Thon you can soak up the sun on the beautiful, clean sand, swim in the sea, enjoy a relaxing massage, and with all this there are no crowds of tourists, peace and quiet everywhere. It is possible to fly to the island directly by plane, since the airport can take international flights.

Phuket's best beaches

In the province of Krabi, the best beaches, at least on the island, at least on its mainland. Virtually the entire coastline is white sand beaches. Krabi is also called the edge of the islands, because there are a huge number of them here, some of them are inhabited and attract "eco-friendly" tourists who like to relax in uncrowded places with stunningly beautiful, untouched by civilization nature.

In the province of Krabi, the best place to relax in pristine nature, but with modern amenities (Wi-Fi, spa-centers, luxurious and not-so hotels with great service, bars, restaurants with some of the best chefs in the world) are Phi Islands -Phi. Fans of being in very uncrowded places will like the island of Koh Lanta, where no more than 10 people are on the beach at one time.

The capital of Thailand. This modern 8 million city never sleeps. Skyscrapers can be seen everywhere. A huge amount of entertainment waiting for you in this place. And shopping in Bangkok is simply amazing: prices are much lower than in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus, the choice is simply huge, and the service is just the highest class. Also Bangkok is one of the best places for sightseeing, there are a lot of them. You can also visit museums, exhibitions, see how Thais live in a big city. Everyone will find in Bangkok that he likes. For young people, nightclubs work here, although they close early enough, but everyone will have time to break away from them. You can get to the beaches by bus or taxi, which takes about 30-50 minutes of time. Bangkok is a very developed and versatile city with its charm and splendor.

General views and resort beaches

Pattaya is located just two hours drive from the capital of Bangkok, despite the fact that it is located in the so-called industrial zone of Thailand, it remains primarily a tourist center. What is nice, the town can be visited all year round, but still has its seasons: cool, hot and rainy season.

Tourists, to a greater extent, favor the cool season, which lasts from November to March. This time - the most favorable for people who are not accustomed to the hot tropical climate.

In the cool period, the temperature does not rise beyond the 30 ° mark in the afternoon, and in the evening it can fall below 20 °. From April to June, the hot season lasts, the temperature rises to 40 °, and there is almost no rain. In July, the rainy season begins: the heat subsides a bit, and the humidity of the air increases significantly, in August the abundance of rains slightly subsides, and in September-October reaches its peak.

Due to the absence, as such, of winter, the sea is warm and tender all year round, there are several beaches in the city, each of which has its own characteristics.

The main beach of the city is Pattaya Beach, it is located right next to the most entertaining place of the resort, Walking Street. It is a very lively place, water sports enthusiasts enjoy it during the day, and in the evenings you can have fun in local bars and restaurants.

Those who prefer a more calm and quiet rest, more suitable small beach Dongtan Beach, which is located away from the road, besides, there is almost no nightlife.

Jomtien Beach usually attracts the attention of fans of windsurfing, compared to the central beaches, the water here is cleaner, but the places are more crowded. Those who go to Pattaya not only for entertainment, but also for beautiful landscapes, should visit the coastal islands - Koh Lan, Koh Saak or Koh Krok.

There is a ferry service between the islands, in addition, you can hire a private boat or a tray. On the territory of Pattaya, there is a national currency, baht, but in the tourist areas, Thais willingly accept dollars. A ferry ticket will cost between 20-40 baht, and in just 30-40 minutes you will reach one of the islands. Most of them - this is a great place for swimming and diving, simple recreation and fishing.

Sights and excursions

What else can you do in Pattaya, besides going to night clubs and swimming in the sea? It turns out that the city is fraught with a considerable number of interesting places that will be interesting for both children and the older generation.

In addition to the coral islands, where you can spend hours admiring the colorful underwater life of coastal zones, you can visit the temple complex Wat Yan, located in a small but very beautiful park. Here you will learn a lot from the history and religion of the country, will visit the temple, where, according to the imprint, there is a trace of the Buddha himself.

Another impressive landmark is the Temple of Truth - a huge wooden structure in the style of Thai architecture, located right on the seafront. The local safari park “Khao Kheow Open Zoo”, in which you can navigate by car and feed the animals, will not leave indifferent.

It is also worth a visit to places such as the village of Nong Nooch with one of the most beautiful orchid parks, Silver Lake, as well as the top of the Pratumnak Hill, where the huge statue of the Big Buddha is located.

Kitchen and Accommodation

Most of the tourists who are accustomed to comfortable rest, most often stay in hotels near the coast: and to the main entertainment nearby, which are located in the city center, and the sea nearby, though not as clean as we would like.

Lovers of romance and lovers of natural beauty are given the opportunity to stay in island hotels, which are usually made in the form of individual bungalows.

Meals can be included in the price of a hotel, but most tourists prefer to pay only for breakfast, and for lunch and dinner go to local cafes and restaurants that are found there at every step.

Pleasantly surprised by the price: eat in Pattaya, as, in fact, throughout Thailand, can be inexpensive and tasty. Cuisine in restaurants and cafes varies from high-quality French or European, to local, Asian, there are exotic places.

Most often served dishes from fish and seafood, rice and noodles, seasoned with a large number of hot and fragrant spices, the main method of cooking - frying.

Hotel base

Another beach, Hat Rey-Le, is divided into two “wings”: western and eastern. The west coast is much wider and quieter than Ao-Nang. The eastern part of the beach is distinguished by its “coverage”: instead of sand there is silty soil and mangroves.

Beach Hat-Noppharat-Thara (by the way, the closest to Krabi) is perfect for swimming and searching for seashells, so here, most likely, families with children will love it.

But the most attractive Krabi beach with fine white sand and very clear water is Hat-Tham-Phra-Nang. You can reach it only by boat, but it is definitely worth the time spent on the road.

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Hotel base

When searching for accommodation in Pattaya, it is important to remember that smoking here is allowed in most rooms, so that tourists need to warn the hotel management when they book about their dislike for the smell of tobacco.

For a family holiday with children, Jomtien Beach, located in the southern part of the resort, is more suitable. From the bay of Pattaya it is separated by the hill of the Buddha.

Central Beach Pattaya Beach is an active place where life is constantly full of life, and along the waterfront you can find a huge number of shopping centers and cafes with local and European dishes.

Near Naklua Beach and Palm Beach, located in the north, the sea is cleaner than in the center of the resort area, so these beaches are perfect for swimming.

But the clearest water is on the coral islands, where every 30 minutes from the Central Embankment cruise boats depart.


For example, tourists interested in culture and history can visit the Wat Yang temple park and Khmer temples. And nature lovers will enjoy excursions to the tropical garden “Nong Nooch”, an elephant village (of course, with an elephant ride through the jungle) and a coral island.

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For example, a chic beach with impeccable service - Bang Tao (also known as Laguna Beach), it will suit fans of absolute comfort and those who are willing to spend a considerable amount on their holidays.

Youth and lovers of active rest can advise Patong - the most popular and crowded beach of the island (cafes, bars, massage and dancing are attached).

Surin Beach, located on the territory of a small Thai village, is not inferior in popularity to Patonga. Due to the growing flow of tourists, the infrastructure is actively developing here, so that the upscale hotels of Surin are oddly but very organically combined with the local village houses.

Families and seekers of tranquility will suit Nai Harn Beach (a small bay with a small number of hotels and several restaurants), Panwa Cape (true, the infrastructure here is very poorly developed) and Karon Beach (the most beautiful and clean beach in Phuket, all accommodation facilities here are located road from the coast).

Among the beaches of Phuket is also worth noting Kamala Beach with its famous amusement park Phuket Fantacy and Nai Yang Beach, part of the marine national park area (motorized sports are prohibited here).


There are also overland entertainment at the resort: tourists can visit Buddhist temples, exotic farms (crocodile or, for example, pearl), amusement parks, or take a ride through the jungle on elephants.

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A shopaholic worth visiting the town of Ban Phe, located 19 km from Rayong.

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Accommodation facilities of the central and most popular Chaweng beach have undergone a massive reconstruction. So instead of hostels and bungalows that previously constituted an absolute majority here, the beach was filled with modern, high-priced hotels. Staying here, it is worth considering that the whole nightlife of Chaweng is concentrated not far from the main beach hotels.

Пляж Ламаи тоже накрыла волна популярности и реконструкций, однако бюджетный вариант размещения найти здесь все еще можно. Из удобств в номерах (помимо стандартных кровати и ванной комнаты) — вентилятор, холодильник и телевизор.

А на спокойном Чонг-Моне преобладают просторные бунгало и неплохие отели категории 3-4*, почти в каждом из которых есть собственный бассейн.

Немного южнее находится пляж Ламаи — песок здесь более крупный и темный, а сам берег местами скалистый. Помимо этого, море у Ламаи глубже, а волны выше, что привлекает на пляж серфингистов.

Almost all of the north coast of Samui is represented by three bays, suitable for relaxing swimming and sunbathing.

And in the west is the beach Bophut - the only stretch of coast of the island, where Thais and tourists live close by almost neighborly. It is worth going here for tourists wishing to explore Thailand "from the inside".


Samui’s popular excursions include the Wat Kunar temple with a mummified monk, the Tiger Zoo, a crocodile farm (with a show), and a transvestite show.

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