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Tan - a useful and unusual drink


Tan and airan are milk-based drinks with yeast, Bulgarian sticks, water and salt. The difference between tan and airan is only in the amount of added salt. Tan is more conducive to losing weight. But both drinks are useful for maintaining human health.

The benefits of airan and tan

Ayran is good for humans because it is almost completely absorbed by the body. It has a beneficial effect on the stomach, as it improves digestion, helping to digest heavy protein foods.

Like all fermented milk products, it inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the intestine and removes toxins and toxins. As a result, the general state of health rises, the immunity is strengthened, the body’s resistance to infections is enhanced.

The content of vitamins of group B, makes this drink a good way to maintain the health of the nervous system. In addition to this, it has bactericidal properties, helping the body fight viruses and infections. Therefore, it is useful to use during flu epidemics. In addition, it increases the flow of oxygen to the lungs and quenches thirst well.

Tan has the same beneficial properties as airan. But because of the change in the amount of salt, this drink improves the condition of a hangover, improves muscle tone. It is especially popular among those who want it, because it improves the water-salt balance, stimulates the metabolism and removes toxins and toxins from the human body.

They give strength and energy. Therefore, it is especially useful to use them in the spring, when the body is weakened after winter.

Damage to Ayran and Than

In principle, these products are not capable of harming health. The benefits and harms of tan and ayran for weight loss and the whole body depend primarily on the quality of the product. The shelf life of these drinks is only a few days, so when you buy, be sure to pay attention to the date of manufacture.

Some manufacturers modify the original recipe of drinks, adding cheaper ingredients that also make them less useful.

It is imperative that you consult a doctor before consuming these drinks for stomach ulcers and gastritis.

What is the use of drink tang?

Drink tan knows every inhabitant of the Caucasus and Central Asia. This fermented milk drink is made from cow's milk, with the addition of sourdough matsoni, salt, mineral or non-carbonated water and a mixture of aromatic herbs. The tang was widely spread among the nomadic peoples, because it does not deteriorate for a long time and perfectly quenches thirst. It is mistakenly called airan. But tang and airan are two different drinks. Cow milk is used to make tan, while camel or goat milk is added to airan. This affects both the taste and the beneficial properties of the drink. Tan is particularly valuable because it uses high quality cow's milk and a special starter, enriched with biologically active bacteria. Water quality is also important for tan, so boiled or mineral water is used to make it. To improve its taste, sugar and a little honey are sometimes added.

Useful properties of tan

The benefits of tan are due to its composition. The drink contains beneficial bacteria, vitamins A, B, K, PP and trace elements, including magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and zinc. Tan also contains lactic acid and protein. Useful properties of the product make it indispensable in the fight against various diseases. The benefits of tan are in its properties:

  • increases muscle tone
  • stimulates the production of gastric juice,
  • promotes weight loss
  • eliminates dysbacteriosis,
  • restores microflora
  • lowers blood cholesterol
  • prevents the development of atherosclerosis,
  • restores the water-salt balance
  • prevents the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • helps to treat respiratory diseases.

Tan improves overall body tone, promotes weight loss, improves heart function, and much more.

Useful properties of the drink can be used to prevent stroke, heart attack and hypertension. Tan and Ayran will save from dysbiosis and diarrhea. In the process of fermentation, fermentation matsoni produces acids, which increase the resistance to the formation of calculi and the deposition of salts in the kidneys. Its benefits include an antibacterial, protective and tonic effect. Despite the fact that matsoni and salt are part of the drink, it perfectly quenches thirst and has nutritional properties, reducing appetite, so it is known to use tan for weight loss.

Indications for use of tan

The beneficial properties of tan are often used for medicinal purposes. Sour milk drink is prepared from natural products, therefore, has a special benefit to the intestines. The main indications of the drink:

  • treatment of dysbiosis,
  • restoration of microflora,
  • eliminating poisoning
  • removal of hangover,
  • normalization of the bowels,
  • treatment of digestive disorders.

In addition to the indications for taking tan inside, there are many recipes for skin and hair care. You can rinse your hair with a drink to improve their appearance, nutrition and strengthening. Tan masks are used to relieve irritation and inflammation, eliminate acne and narrow pores. Despite the simple composition of the components, the benefits of the drink is to improve digestion, eliminate pathogenic microorganisms in the intestine, strengthen the nervous system and improve the appearance and overall well-being.

Tan strengthens and nourishes the hair

The difference between Tan and Ayran

Despite the fact that tan and airan are prepared according to a single technology, they differ in a number of useful properties and quality of the drink. Ayran is prepared on the basis of goat and camel milk in fresh form. Traditionally, Ayran consists of two ingredients and can have both a thick and liquid consistency. For fermentation, ferment is used, which includes yeast and biologically active microorganisms.

For the preparation of tan boiled milk is used. The fermentation process in the beverage provokes the ferment of matsoni. In addition to milk, the drink includes distilled or mineral water.

Herbs are added to taste, so it turns out to be tastier and more satisfying ayran. Thanks to the salt, which is a part of the product, the taste is balanced and saturated.

Contraindications to the use of tan

Despite all the benefits of the drink, there are conditions when its reception is contraindicated. It is not recommended to abuse the drink, as it can disrupt the water-salt balance and cause harm to the body. Harm of the drink can be triggered by allergies and intolerance to its components. Harm from fermented milk product may occur with increased pressure.

Tan is not recommended for meteorism.

There are also contraindications for taking Tan with:

  • kidney stones and biliary tract,
  • gastritis and ulcers,
  • bloating and flatulence,
  • chronic constipation
  • pancreatitis and cholecystitis.

Before you start treatment with tan at home, it is recommended to consult with a specialist and be examined for the absence of contraindications. In general, its harm is much less than its benefits, therefore, with proper preparation and consumption of the drink, it can be used to treat dysbacteriosis and intestinal disorders.

How to make a dance?

The classic recipe includes:

  • matsoni or any fermented milk product,
  • mineral water or distilled water
  • a pinch of salt,
  • herbs (optional).

Sourdough is poured into a container, and water is poured in a small stream. Everything is thoroughly mixed. Salt and herbs are added to taste. The classic tang is ready.

There are other recipes for the preparation of a drink based on bifidobactivated or ordinary kefir. Dairy product is poured into a container and water is poured. Everything is mixed with a mixer until smooth. Salt is added. Salt cucumber can be added instead of salt. Herbs can be replaced with mint or garlic. Usually for 1 liter of kefir they take 1 liter of water, but for those who love the drink more, you can take 700 ml per 1 liter of fermented milk product (milk or kefir). water.

You can fill tang okroshka or fill salads. In the Caucasus, the drink is also used as a base for the dough.

The unique properties of tan

One of the secrets of longevity of the inhabitants of the Caucasus is the regular use of the drink tan. This dairy refreshing product is made according to an ancient recipe. According to legend, the highlanders were keeping the secret of cooking Tan as the apple of their eye. However, the secret was revealed when one Armenian prince, wishing to conquer the heart of a Russian beauty, shared a valuable recipe with her.

Lactic yeast, thermophilic streptococcus, Bulgarian bacillus are used to prepare tan. The original taste of the drink gives and salted water. Often seasonings are added to the liquid, for example, dill, basil. The refreshing product normalizes the water-salt balance, it has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.

Tan is a rich source of calcium, magnesium, protein, potassium, phosphorus. It contains a lot of B vitamins, so the drink helps reduce cholesterol. The product has a positive effect on the functioning of the brain, strengthens the cardiovascular system.

All the benefits of tan

Drink tan is often recommended for use by people who want to lose weight. The fermented milk product is known for its toning properties, its soft-sour taste gives a good mood. Tan is also famous as a remedy that perfectly eliminates hangover.

On the shelves of stores you can find both a carbonated tan and a drink without gas. It is noteworthy that this product is often confused with airan, however, the taste and technology of making these drinks differ. At the heart of the tan is a fermented milk product mixed with salted water. The base for the drink can be matsoni, katyk, yogurt, etc. By the way, fermented milk products for tan are even made from buffalo milk.

Tang should not be used with increased acidity of the stomach, hypertension, kidney disease. You can drink a delicious drink without any additives or use it to make okroshka, knead pancakes, and flat cakes. It will be possible to make a tan at home, a product with pronounced acidity can be consumed immediately or by cooling it. It is better to drink tan within three days from the moment of preparation.

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    What is it and what is the drink made of tan and airan?

    These two drinks are fermented milk products.

    • The basis of tan is matsoni, obtained by fermentation of boiled milk. For starter use streptococci with Bulgarian wand. It is then diluted to the desired consistency with water and salted. If carbonated water is added to the beverage, it is obtained carbonated.
    • To prepare ayran, two main products are needed: lactic acid and alcohol. In a warm milk put leaven (katyk), salt. Water does not add or quite a bit.

    What is the difference between tan and ayran: a comparison of drinks, the difference

    A simple man in the street, using these tonics occasionally, will hardly notice the difference. For true lovers of these products, these are completely different products. In fact, Ayran and Tan have differences:

    1. In production technology
    2. In appearance
    3. By taste

    • Milk cows, goats, sheep sometimes added katyk
    • Milk buffaloes and camels
    • With the help of yeast, bacteria and yeast, with the addition of katyk, water and a small portion of salt to milk.
    • Katyk made from boiled milk and lactic acid bacteria.
    • The fermentation process is carried out with a Bulgarian stick, thermophilic streptococcus and yeast.
    • Milk is allowed to stand in a warm place until souring, until it becomes kefir-like.
    • Prepared yeastless way.
    • The basis is the ferment matsun, which is poured into the milk, then diluted with salt water.
    • Matsoni is very similar to sour milk.
    • For its manufacture they also use the Bulgarian rod and the thermophilic streptococcus.
    • May be liquid or thick
    • Soft, almost salty.
    • No sparkling water is added.
    • It is the best base for cold summer soups.
    • Due to its low salt content, it goes well with fruit.
    • The thick consistency of the drink helps to satisfy hunger.
    • If you dilute it with water or milk, you can successfully use it to quench your thirst.
    • Saturated, strongly felt the salt.
    • Maybe not carbonated or carbonated. In connection with what is best suited for cooking okroshka
    • It is impossible to cook from tan airan, and from ayran a great sour-milk product is obtained - tan

    Video: Tan and airan: what's the difference

    Having significant differences both fermented milk drinks are very helpful. Bacteria present in ferment promote the production of various vitamins. The unique composition of products contributes to:

    • Improving intestinal microflora
    • Fat splitting
    • Removal of toxic substances from the body
    • Cleansing the body of metabolic intermediates
    • Toning up
    • Relieving Muscle Fatigue Syndrome
    • Normalization of appetite
    • Enhance digestive and metabolic functions

    Having many useful properties, there are some contraindications to the use of sour milk drinks. Do not take products if available:

    • Hypertensive diseases
    • Increased acidity of the stomach
    • Kidney pathology
    • Individual intolerance

    In addition, you should use only fresh and properly prepared drinks. Otherwise, the body's response may be unpredictable.

    Drink tan and airan: chemical composition, calorie


    1. calcium
    2. phosphorus
    3. squirrels
    4. vitamins
    5. amino acids
    6. lactic acid
    7. fermentation bacteria

    Traditional composition of drinks:

    • Water - approximately 90%
    • Fat, protein - about 2%
    • Lactic acid - at least 1%

    Have a minimum caloric content of 20 to 100 kcal per 100 ml /

    How to drink the drink tan and airan: tips

    • Shake them before consuming fermented milk drinks. This is done to combine the protein base and the separated serum.
    • Take fresh cocktails, preferably not later than 24 hours from the moment of preparation.
    • When used for the first time, take 2-3 small sips to check the reaction of the body.
    • To enhance the invigorating, toning taste, pour ice and greens:
    • basilica
    • dill
    • cilantro
    • parsley
    • mint and others
    • Do not drink tonic at night, as it has diuretic properties

    Both drinks perfectly normalize the water-salt metabolism in the body, which helps to fight hangover.

    Considered drinks are used by most people in mountainous areas and deserts for many years.

    • They are nourishing and nutritious.
    • Perfectly cope with thirst
    • Saturated with a huge amount of vitamins, microelements and amino acids

    Due to this, at the present time it is becoming more and more popular among the modern inhabitants of megalopolises.

    What is a drink tang - its benefits and features of use. Can there be harm from the drink and who is recommended to drink it

    The pleasant salty and sour-milk taste of tan is known from ancient times and in the legends about its beneficial properties there is too much truth to leave without attention to the tan.

    The indications for its use cover almost all areas of health that are disturbing the modern person, and the restrictions for treating tan are minimal.

    Sour-milk benefits of the Tang drink - its features and differences from similar products

    The original recipe requires the use of buffalo or camel milk as a raw material for making tan, but today the industrial tan is increasingly produced from cow's milk, goat's and sheep's milk.

    The product closest to tanu is ayran, with which it is often confused, although they have plenty of differences:

    • buffalo or camel milk can be raw material only for tan,

    • Classical sourdough for ayran are katyk or suzma (products like yogurt from boiled milk), for tan-matsoni (made from boiled milk),

    • taste of ayran bole is soft, and saltiness is clearly felt in tan,

    • due to salinity, tang is rarely sweetened, not served with fruit, but often supplemented with fresh fragrant greens or grated cucumber,

    • The consistency of tan is always liquid, drinkable and homogeneous, with a small amount of clots.

    As for cooking at home, there are two opposite sides.

    Согласно простейшим рецептам, для его получения довольно лишь подсолить, сдобрить травами и разбавить холодной простой или газированной водой кефир или мацони, беря на 2 части «тана» 1 часть воды. Естественно, к настоящему тану это не имеет никакого отношения. To get closer to the original, it is necessary to ferment fresh milk with the addition of table salt and pure water.

    Tan industrial production is ready for use as is, it is not required to be diluted with water.

    Tan can be used in cooking no worse than any other dairy product - for okroshka, sauces, pickling meat or fish, kneading dough.

    Depending on the type of milk, taken as a basis for tan, individual indicators of its properties also change, but all the same - every time, in any variation of this drink, characteristic features inherent in it are found.

    How are the composition and benefits of the drink tan

    100 ml of the drink contains only about 24 kcal, which, together with its properties, stimulates metabolism, dulls the feeling of hunger, as well as delicately cleanses the body of toxins and normalizes the gastrointestinal tract. days

    Traditional medicine ascribes to the drink tan the benefit of almost magical - to rejuvenate and prolong the years of life. And according to the latest scientific research, there is some truth in this, correlated with some elements of its composition.

    • Lactic acid (lactate) is necessary for all chemical reactions occurring in the human body. In particular - for the activity of the central nervous system, metabolism and muscle work,

    • On a par with eggs, cheeses and other dairy products, tan belongs to protein products of the first category (for comparison, meat, fish and soybeans belong to the second). The product belongs to a higher category is determined by its biological value and degree of digestibility,

    • Vitamin D can help when changing a person's biorhythms, as in cases, for example, with changing time zones on a journey, having to work at night or owl to climb up a lark,

    • Vitamin K neutralizes the action of poisonous plant substances that can enter the body even with great care - just eat, say, a spoiled apple, unripe cherries or a fertilized tomato with nitrates. Despite the fact that the deficiency of this vitamin is a rare phenomenon, its supply will not be superfluous, especially with an unbalanced diet or taking antibiotics,

    • The complex of minerals in tan affects the healthy beauty of hair and nails, giving both of them strength and brilliance.

    In what cases will be the special benefits of the drink tan

    The tan is assimilated in comparison with the same milk incomparably easily and quickly, so it can be recommended for a snack in the vicinity of the scheduled fitness time, during which the charge of energy and energy supplied to the whole body will be very useful. In addition, over time, the tan begins to promote better adaptation of the muscles, ligaments and joints to the loads characteristic of this type of exercise.

    Saltish tan is very useful in the case when according to taste preferences on the table lightly salted or completely unsalted food prevails - tan belongs to rare products that can quickly fill the body's lack of salt.

    In addition, if the tan is obtained with the help of ferment from matsoni, during fermentation, salts with special characteristics are formed in it, which have the property of preventing such urological diseases as cholecystitis and nephritis.

    Like all fermented milk, tan is one of the products recommended for the health of the spleen, which is responsible for the body's immune response and in the metabolism of iron accumulating, which later becomes hemoglobin.

    In relation to the respiratory system, tang improves the functioning of the lungs by increasing blood flow to them, and also opposes the development of complications on them after a cold.

    Tan lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood, and also normalizes the permeability of the walls of blood vessels and delicately cleanses them of cholesterol plaques, which results in the prevention of atherosclerosis. It is also known that Tan enhances the effectiveness of drugs prescribed to combat this disease.

    As a prophylactic against serious consequences, tan is recommended for the risks of the transformation of benign tumors into malignant tumors, when working in hazardous industries and living in a dysfunctional environmental situation.

    Extensive impact of the drink on the inner side of the body is manifested in changes in appearance - improving the complexion, along with the disappearance of the signs of problematic skin, including oily shine, rashes and peeling of the epidermis.

    Can there be harm from the drink

    The harm of a tan drink is guaranteed when it is used with an expired shelf life or if it is stored in improper temperature conditions.

    Despite common home-made recipes for saving unsuitable food, such as, for example, from sour milk, you can make dough on pies, it is unacceptable to do anything like this with tan.

    Due to the nature of the drink, its use is limited in all disorders and diseases for which the amount of salt entering the body matters:

    • increased acidity of the stomach,

    Also, with a great love of sour milk, in order to avoid harm from drinking tan, you should monitor the consumption of salt in other foods, and do not forget in the days of treating them, drink plenty of pure water or green tea.

    The harm from drinking tan as a result of individual intolerance is very rare, and usually this product is suitable even for those who do not tolerate dairy products at all.

    What is useful drink tang

    Drink tan - fermented milk product, which is made from goat milk, fermenting it in a special way. The drink is suitable for daily use, has strong healing properties and a pleasant taste.

    The drink, prepared according to the old technologies, well quenches thirst and hunger. Hostesses based on it prepare summer soups: okroshka, beetroot soup - and sauces for fish or meat.

    Drink tan has a rejuvenating effect on the body

    Tan - low-calorie product that is suitable for diet, rich in proteins and amino acids. The drink is absorbed by the body much better than milk. Tang contains almost no fat, but it contains vitamins B, A, trace elements and lactic acid bacteria.

    Drink brings great benefits to the body:

    • improves the functioning of the heart, as it contains enough potassium, magnesium and phosphorus,
    • reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, cleans vascular walls well,
    • normalizes pressure, prevents the risk of vascular diseases,
    • improves appetite and speeds up metabolic processes,
    • removes toxins and restores microflora in the intestines,
    • restores the salt balance in the body,
    • reduces the risk of kidney disease and eliminates urolithiasis,
    • improves the condition of the patient with respiratory tract infections,
    • strengthens joints, tooth enamel, nails and hair,
    • promotes weight loss
    • cleans the skin, as normal digestion process.

    In addition, tan is a good prevention of diabetes mellitus, a positive effect on the brain and mental abilities.

    The product can cause long-term diarrhea if the cooking technology has been violated or the drink is unripe. Before buying, pay attention to the shelf life of the product, as it is perishable. Tang is consumed only fresh, it is stored in the refrigerator for no more than a day.

    Contraindications to the use of the drink is individual intolerance to dairy products. But it is very rare, as a rule, the drink is absorbed well. It is necessary to refrain from drinking for people with high acidity of the stomach and serious violations of water-salt balance. The drink causes heartburn and irritates the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract.

    The benefits of the drink tan more than harm. Daily consumption of fermented milk product is the key to longevity and good health. Be sure to include it in your diet.

    Description of the drink and chemical composition

    Tan is a traditional drink of the Caucasian highlanders. His homeland is considered to be Armenia. It is prepared on the basis of natural camel milk or buffalo milk. In the traditional recipe, matsoni is mixed with water, salt, spicy herbs and various spices are added. Lovers of savory taste put there honey, fresh herbs or pickled cucumbers. This combination will give an interesting touch to the drink and bright rich taste. It is recommended to use tan immediately after preparation. Store in the refrigerator, it can be no more than a day.

    Tan has its own unique mineral and vitamin composition. It contains large quantities of valuable vitamins (A, K, D, PP), a useful mineral complex is represented by calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and other equally important components. The composition of the tan contains Bulgarian milky acid bacillus and thermophilic streptococci, due to which the useful microflora of the drink is formed.

    The energy value of tan is about 20 kcal. The protein part is given 0.8 grams, fats are 0.9 grams, and carbohydrates - 1.2 grams.

    Useful properties of the drink

    The benefits of such a sour-milk drink are undoubtedly enormous. Due to its valuable composition, it has a great effect on the human body. Among other things, the tan is often valued for its anti-harassing qualities: it enriches the body with essential salts, quenches thirst remarkably, and the lactic acid contained in it normalizes the stomach and intestines, populating them with beneficial microelements. In addition, the tan is widely used in cooking. It is useful both as a standalone product and as a basis for other dishes. Also to the useful properties of this drink include:

    • improvement of digestive processes
    • prevention of intestinal diseases and constipation,
    • the presence of choleretic and diuretic effect,
    • stabilization and improvement of the cardiovascular system,
    • normalization of blood pressure,
    • reduction of harmful cholesterol in the blood, prevention of atherosclerosis,
    • normalization of water-salt balance in the body,
    • beneficial effect on kidney function,
    • enhancing immunity and strengthening the body’s natural defense against the harmful effects of the environment,
    • beneficial effects on the respiratory system.

    Tan also has high nutritional properties, as it is low-calorie and hypoallergenic. The drink stimulates the activity of the muscular system, which undoubtedly will appeal to people who are actively involved in sports. And also it is often used in the field of cosmetology, as a cleansing and moisturizing agent. It has a beneficial effect on the skin, improving and rejuvenating it.

    Cooking Application

    This product is widely used for culinary purposes, and not only as a standalone drink. It is often used to make delicious cold soups. Sometimes the tan is simply added to the finished okroshka, that is, it mixes with the whey, because due to the sharp specific taste, not everyone is ready to use it in its pure form.

    Often they prepare a refreshing drink with the addition of various vegetables and fruits. In the Caucasus, it is often added to the dough, which gives it a special piquancy.

    This drink is great to use as a marinade for pork kebab. The fact is that it unites in its composition precisely those qualities that value the ingredients of various popular recipes. Tan is quite sour and carbonated. It goes well with meat, so marinating it in this drink, you can get an amazing kebab.

    Cooking thane at home

    Preparing such a product at home is problematic, as the difficulty will be finding a natural yogurt made from camel or buffalo milk. Of course, if such a product is found, then for the preparation of tan it needs to be diluted with ordinary or mineral water in a 2: 1 ratio. After salt, add spices, pepper. Natural drink is ready.

    If there is no real matsoni at hand, then you can try to prepare a drink that will be very close to the original. To do this, take kefir, also dilute it with water, enrich with spices, spices, herbs, salt and pepper. However, not any kefir is suitable for production: you need to find a product that is not too liquid, but rather sharp. You may have to run around in search of such kefir, but it's worth it to achieve the best result.

    Application in cosmetology

    Tan is valuable in cosmetology as a means for internal use, and for outdoor use. If you regularly use such a drink, you can forget about acne, boils, peeling, redness and other unpleasant skin diseases. The whole thing lies in the cleansing of the stomach and the population of its beneficial microflora. Moreover, it has long been proven that this very property of it is able to significantly rejuvenate the body, since the aging processes are directly related to the putrefactive processes in the intestines. That is why there are so many long-livers among the Caucasian mountaineers.

    Also on its basis in the home cosmetology prepare masks for the face, neck and décolleté. They are useful for oily and sensitive skin. The healing and rejuvenating properties of the drink will give the skin a healthy and radiant appearance, relieve irritation, and contribute to the smoothing of wrinkles. After these masks, the skin becomes smooth and taut. Tan has a disinfecting, anti-inflammatory effect, thereby preventing the appearance of acne, tightens pores and disinfects the skin of the face. With it, you can cope with age spots and whiten your face.

    Also tan can be used as a tonic. It effectively removes impurities and excess fat from the skin of the face, and if you daily wipe the skin with it, it will become radiant and fresh. After the procedure you need to rinse your face with warm water.

    This drink is also used to treat hair. It strengthens the roots, promotes the emergence of new bulbs and hair growth. If you wash your hair with tan, your hair will become shiny, well-groomed, smooth and easy to comb.

    Use in home medicine

    Known and healing properties of tan. Yes, it is not surprising, if there is such a rich and useful composition. Often it is used for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as:

    • obesity,
    • bronchitis and pneumonia,
    • asthma,
    • diabetes.

    Doctors often prescribe it for intestinal dysbiosis, as well as for violations of the gastrointestinal tract. It is used to increase vitality and against muscle fatigue syndrome. Often it is drunk to increase potency and improve sexual function. It is irreplaceable as a restorative and immunopositive agent in the postoperative period. Tan is also often used for muscular dystrophy and general body weakness.

    For pregnant women, it will be very useful during toxicosis.

    In folk medicine, it is in demand as a cleansing agent to remove harmful substances and dangerous toxins from the body. It is used to treat gastritis, colitis, and enteritis. Such a drink is also effective in edema, as it is able to remove excess water from the body, and is also useful in reducing appetite. For ulcers and long-healing wounds, you can use compresses with tan to speed up their tightening and relieve inflammation.

    Tan slimming

    For dietary purposes, this product is very popular, as it is a low-calorie product with cleansing properties and is able to speed up the metabolism. Tan can be used for fasting days, as well as used in various diet programs.

    One of these is the weekly diet, which is very popular lately. With it, you can quickly lose about five pounds of weight. Such a diet is characterized by the use of any fresh vegetables, cereals and 100 grams of boiled fish. Tan can be used either after each meal, or as snacks in between meals. Usually consume 2-3 glasses of drink per day. The main condition of such a diet: the daily diet should not exceed 2000 calories. In this case, you need to know that the glass of tan (250 ml) is 600 kcal, and a little smaller (200 ml) - about 480 kcal.

    How to choose and store a drink

    When choosing a product you need to pay attention to several factors. Product packaging should not be complete and should not have any external damage. The composition should be only natural ingredients, the presence of synthetic preservatives and dyes is unacceptable. It should be remembered that a real quality drink is always a liquid consistency, and precipitation is quite acceptable for it. Well, of course, you should pay attention to the shelf life.

    Tan has a short shelf life. Freshly prepared homemade drink can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than two days, and the store can be stored a little longer due to hermetic industrial packaging. It must be indicated on the date of manufacture and the last term of operation. An open bottle of the store product can be in the fridge for three days.

    Harmful properties and contraindications

    Tan is contraindicated in hypertension, chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines, increased acidity, gastritis, renal problems. Also, do not use this drink at night, as it has a diuretic effect and can disrupt sleep. Не следует применять его при индивидуальной непереносимости компонентов, входящих в состав, а также при склонности к аллергическим реакциям. Употреблять нужно только свежий продукт, иначе это может привести к неприятным последствиям и вызвать ненужные проблемы со здоровьем.Also, when cooking it at home, you need to comply with the technology of preparation. Improperly prepared drink can also cause a negative reaction of the body.

    Tan is a fermented milk drink highly valued by the Caucasian peoples. Recently, it has become popular in our country, thanks not only to its interesting taste, but also to useful healing properties. It is not for nothing that it is called the drink of long-livers. Its fine composition allows to nourish the body with valuable vitamins and enrich it with useful minerals. Lactic acid bacteria contained in it are able to colonize the body with beneficial microorganisms, thereby improving the intestinal microflora. This is the biggest advantage of this drink, and if you regularly use it, you can actually slow down the aging process. This drink is used both for medical purposes and in the cosmetic field. It is successfully used in cooking for the preparation of delicious cold soups and marinade. It is also indispensable for weight loss, as it is able to cleanse the body, normalize water-salt metabolism and thereby speed up the metabolism. In general, tan is well tolerated by the body and is not capable of causing harm to health. But you should abandon it with individual intolerance to the product, as well as with exacerbations of diseases of the stomach, intestines and kidneys. Caution should be taken with hypertension.

    What is tan

    Armenia is considered to be the birthplace of Tan, but it is also used by other ethnic groups of the Caucasus.

    The drink is a derivative of another popular home-made product - matsoni, fermented in a special way milk of milch animals: buffaloes, camels, cows, goats or sheep.

    To get tan in matsoni add special ingredients - salt, water, a bouquet of aroma.

    Many people confuse Tang with another famous oriental fermented milk product - airan, but tang has more pronounced healing properties and differs in taste..

    At home, the tang is always prepared immediately before use. Strictly observing the proportions and the sequence of the components.

    First, matsoni is mixed with spicy herbs, then salted and, while intensively stirring, pour in water - either pure spring or mineral water. The drink is either slightly carbonated or soft.

    In the conditions of large cities, it is extremely difficult to find a homemade yoghurt, so some hostesses prepare the dance a little differently, using special multicomponent starters.

    Or fermented milk with a slice of rye bread and a portion of sour cream to ferment raw materials. The composition ferments in a warm place for at least 6 hours and after that it is already diluted and seasoned according to a known technology.

    Traditionally, the drink was designed to effectively quench thirst and hunger. But today, more and more people respect the dance not only for its nutritional value, but also for its powerful healing potential.

    Tan is well suited as a base for okroshkas and beetroots, as well as other summer soups.. It is used to prepare sauces, dressings for fish, meat or vegetables, tang is perfect for baking, both sweet and fresh.

    Chemical composition

    The qualitative composition of tan is largely formed by the elements that are present in its base - matsoni, and is also complemented by components of herbs. Tan low-calorie, the ideal product for the diet.

    Tan is rich in proteins, and easily digestible, essential amino acids. It is better accepted and digested by the body than milk.

    The drink has very little fat and no cholesterol, a lot of vitamins, the bulk of which is in the B group, vitamin A, D. Of the trace elements, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus are found.

    But the most valuable are lactic acid bacteria, which are many and different in the drink.

    Tan - good

    Among Caucasians, the largest number of long-livers is a statistical fact. Scientists believe that the secret lies not only in the clean mountain air, but also in the diet of the mountaineers - natural products, most of which are sour-milk.

    1. Tan is a recognized antioxidant, removes from the body toxins, slags, negative elements, provoking serious diseases, including cancer.

    2. Low-calorie, easily digestible, nourishing - an ideal food for athletes.

    3. Better than other drinks quenches thirst.

    4. Used by nutritionists for diets aimed at healthy weight loss.

    5. It colonizes the intestines with a variety of beneficial bacteria that actively inhibit pathogens.

    6. Possesses bactericidal properties, helps to prevent possible poisoning.

    7. Lowers blood cholesterol.

    8. Enhances immunity.

    9. Indispensable for people suffering from weak intestinal motility.

    10. Prevents atherosclerosis and other diseases of the cardiovascular system.

    11. Improves appetite, stimulates the production of gastric juice and enzymes.

    12. Quickly normalizes and restores the water-salt reserve.

    13. It is a good adjuvant for the treatment of bronchopulmonary and catarrhal diseases., contributes to the rapid removal from the body of toxic substances formed by the action of viruses.

    14. Normalizes the intestinal microflora.

    15. Improves the work of muscle tissue, relieves fatigue, gives strength.

    16. Helps to quickly recover from the abuse of alcohol and tobacco.

    17. Useful for diabetes, gout, kidney disease.

    18. Increases local immunity of the genitourinary system.

    Tan is useful for both children and adults, regardless of the season and state of health.

    A negative reaction in the form of diarrhea can be caused only by immature or tang prepared in violation of the technology.

    Also, using the tan, you should always remember about its short shelf life, as already mentioned, it is better to prepare the drink right before serving. The product is stored in the refrigerator for a maximum of 24 hours.

    Contraindications to tan include individual intolerance, which, fortunately, is extremely rare. Be healthy.

    What is this drink

    The Caucasus is considered the birthplace of the drink, and the basis for the classic tan is milk, but not ordinary, but obtained from buffaloes from high-mountainous areas. At the first stage of creating a drink, such milk is boiled, turning it into a product called “matsoni”, and then mixed with water in a ratio of 2: 1. Salt, herbs and spices are added to the finished mixture.

    In the taste of Tan there is a distinct salty note, which makes the drink very unusual.

    Composition and calorie tan

    The drink is considered one of the "secrets of longevity" of residents of mountainous areas. And this is not surprising - it is enough to study the elemental composition of the product. It includes:

    • useful lactic acid bacteria, which are of great benefit to the intestinal microflora,
    • vitamins - A and D, K and PP,
    • the elements phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium,
    • amino acids
    • vitamins of group B.

    The nutritional value of the drink is mainly expressed in carbohydrates - 1.2 g, while the share of fats and proteins is 0.9 and 0.8 g, respectively. Tan is very low in calories, it is impossible to recover from it - it contains only 20 calories per 100 g of product.

    Tan benefits for men

    During a feast, men often overestimate themselves by drinking too many strong drinks. Tan with a hangover is the best way to recuperate. Its benefit is that it helps eliminate and indigestion, and thirst, and increased heartbeat.

    For kids in a sour-milk drink, the benefit is concluded - but for the first time it is recommended to give it to a child not earlier than at the age of 3 years. Upon reaching this age, the product will be an excellent remedy for dysbiosis, constipation and other disorders.

    Is it possible to pregnant and breastfeeding?

    While carrying a child and during lactation, a fermented milk product will greatly benefit the female body - its positive effect on the digestive tract and kidneys will be especially valuable. In addition, it effectively helps to combat toxicosis.

    However, the tan is a product of fermented milk fermentation. It is impossible to drink it in large quantities - even a meager percentage of alcohol can negatively affect the condition of the woman and the child.

    Is tan good for weight loss

    During the diet to use the drink can and should be. The benefit of a sour-milk drink is that it is low in calories, and therefore does not cause damage to the figure. The composition of the product will help maintain normal digestion throughout the diet.

    It should be remembered that the drink should only complement the basic diet. You can not make it the basis of nutrition.

    How to drink tan for medicinal purposes

    The health benefits of the product are so great that it is also used in home medicine. It provides effective care for the following diseases:

    • diabetes and obesity
    • bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia,
    • high cholesterol and liver disease,
    • a wide range of gastrointestinal disorders.

    In addition, the product is used to cleanse the body of toxins, to invigorate, and to strengthen the immune system.

    Tan from a cold

    A rich supply of vitamins and minerals in the product helps to fight viruses and infections. To quickly get rid of the temperature and other symptoms of a cold, you can drink 2 cups of drink daily with honey added to it.

    For face skin

    To clean and tighten the skin fermented milk product is often used externally. For example, in order to eliminate excessive oily skin and clean pores, it is recommended to wipe the skin with fresh tan once a day, and then wash with cool water.

    Vitamins contained in tan strengthen hair roots and awaken dormant bulbs to growth. If the hair is not thick enough and smooth, 2 - 3 times a week, they can be washed with fermented milk product instead of rinse - it will make them more obedient and more voluminous.

    How to drink tan

    Milk product tan perfectly combines with almost all products. Very often it is used for okroshka, for pickling kebabs, used along with cereals. Be careful with taking a fermented milk drink only at the same time as fresh fruit, as this may cause an upset stomach.

    As for the dosage of the product, the maximum amount is 3 cups per day. It is better not to drink the drink in large volumes - it contains a lot of salt and in no case can replace simple water.

    How to choose and store dance

    Choosing a drink in a store is not difficult if you follow several rules.

    • The date of production of the drink should be as recent as possible - even the store tang is stored for a short time.
    • The consistency of the drink in the bottle should be liquid, we admit only natural sediment at the bottom.
    • As part of a good product should not be preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers.

    Keep in the fridge open drink permissible no more than 2 - 3 days. And the product prepared at home retains its freshness even less - no more than a day.

    How to make a dance at home

    Since the composition of the classic drink includes only a few natural products, homemade tang is easy to cook with your own hands.

    • Ideally, buffalo or camel milk is needed. But if it is impossible to find such a product in stores, it is permissible to replace milk with medium-fat yogurt.
    • Milk or kefir is diluted with clean drinking water, including non-carbonated mineral water - the volume of water should be two times less.
    • Then the two main ingredients are mixed together and salted to taste. If desired, you can add favorite seasonings, herbs or even honey to your homemade drink.

    Harm of tan and contraindications

    The benefits of sour-milk drinks are indisputable, but there are also contraindications. The product should not be consumed:

    • with increased acidity of the stomach, hypertension,
    • with severe kidney ailments,
    • with allergies to one of the main components.

    Due to the salinity of the drink, it is recommended to drink plenty of regular water on those days when it is present in the diet.


    The benefits and harms of tan depend mainly on whether there is a hypersensitivity to salt in the body. In the absence of strict contraindications, the drink will bring absolute benefits and delight with unusual taste.


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