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Indian cosmetics


Everyone at least once in his life heard about the famous Indian cosmetics. Once in India, every woman asks a question: what of Indian cosmetics do you need to buy?

There are so many Indian cosmetics, and it is so different that it is quite difficult to choose something worthwhile in the store at random. In preparation for our trip, I looked at a lot of reviews and made my small list of cosmetics and ayurvedic medicines, without which in no case can you leave magic India. Of course, this is not a complete list of the best Indian products, but it can be used as a base one, adding something as more information is found.

Magic Indian cosmetics: what to bring from Goa? So, I am sharing my list of Indian cosmetic (and not only) mast-kev goods and their value directly in India (since in various online stores their cost will be several times higher). For reference prices, 1 rupee = 1 ruble. Or $ 1 = 69 rupees.

Regiments of the usual small supermarket in Arambol (Goa)

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is something that you definitely need to buy while in India (as well as in other Asian countries). It perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, makes hair strong and shiny. It can also be used as a tanning agent (only for non-white comrades): it makes the tan a deeper and more intense. In Russia, it is very useful in the frosty winter and dry battery period in the apartment. Price coconut oil in india low: total 60 rupees for a bottle of 200 ml. The more the packaging, the cheaper the oil will cost. But for me personally, such a bottle lasts about six months.

Amla oil for hair (Amla oil)

Amla is a miraculous Indian gooseberry, which is part of many cosmetic, medical products and products. Amla oil helps to accelerate growth and strengthen hair. And the Indians themselves even use it to improve memory and get rid of headaches. The oil has a dark green color and a pronounced aroma, which is very rarely to someone like from the "first glance". However, after several masks, the scent becomes quite familiar. The oil must be kept on the hair and scalp not less than 2–3 hours (the longer the contact, the more tangible the effect). Cost funds in india - 84 rupees for a bottle of 200 ml. I think that it is necessary to buy this hair oil from India. According to reviews of blondes, the green color of this drug does not color the hair, unlike the following oil.

Hair and massage oil Navratna (Navratha oil)

It consists of a combination of medicinal herbs. Gives the effect of rapid hair growth. When applied to the scalp, it cools pleasantly (similar to the effect of a mask based on mint tincture). Also, like Amla's oil, it is necessary to apply on the roots and hair and stand at least 2 hours. This oil is not greasy at all and it is easy to wash it off Prevents hair loss and promotes the active growth of new hair follicles. According to reviews, it also relieves headaches. I read in a review that it dyed blondes hair in a pale pink color, so blonde girls should take this into account. Cost of oils in india - 120 rupees for a bottle of 200 ml.

Pink water

Rose water is a well-known and useful cosmetic product that is obtained by distilling rose flowers. Actually, only rose essential oil and distilled water are included in the composition of water. Rose water gives the skin freshness, elasticity, and is also used to cleanse the skin. In the east, rose water has always been considered the water of beauty, capable of prolonging youth for many years. Rose water in India produces many cosmetic companies. The most popular is rose water from Dabur. I did not find it and bought rose water from Jiva Ayurveda. Price 100 ml bottle (with a spray for easy application to the skin) - total 36 rupees. When applied daily to the face, such a bottle is enough for 2 months.

Facial wash Neem face wash from Himalaya

Neem is an Indian evergreen medicinal plant, widely used in the manufacture of Ayurvedic cosmetics and medicines. Funds with neim have a strong antibacterial effect, so they do an excellent job with the problem of acne. Himalaya also has a natural dietary supplement based on neem, which perfectly affects the overall condition of the skin. And washbasins with neem are also effective: tried on themselves! Himalaya also has a special male wash gel. Price gel for washing Neem face wash: 150 ml - 140 rupees, 200 ml - 170 rupees, male version 50 ml - 75 rupees.

Anti-Acne Series by Himalaya

The series includes:

  • Gel for washing Anti-Acne Face Wash Gel (price 75 rupees)
  • Face mask Anti-Acne Face Mask (price 100 rupees)
  • Cream for dot drawing Anti-Acne Cream (the price 70 rupees)

Serum and cream from Biotik (Biotique)

Indian cosmetic brand Biotique produces wonderful Ayurvedic products for skin and hair care. I have not seen any bad reviews about this cosmetics. A laudatory ode set. The most popular skin care products are:

  • Anti-aging series. Face serum with dandelion extract (230 rupees) and eye cream with dandelion extract (199 rupees). According to reviews, these products are much more effective than expensive L’OREAL anti-aging creams.
  • Gel for skin around with algae eyes for all skin types (199 rupees). Takes off fatigue and gives a radiant look.

Biotique Face Serum with Dandelion and Algae Eye Gel

  • Creams for all skin types (199 rupees)
  • Gels and lotions for washing (149 rupees)
  • Masks films and scrubs (199 rupees)
  • Face Tonics (149 rupees)
  • Sunscreen (199-209 rupees for 120 ml)
  • All kinds of lip balms (99 rupees)
  • Various shampoos (99 rupees for 120 ml) and conditioners (159 rupees for 20 ml)
  • Natural soap with different flavors (79 rupees)
  • Unrealistically scented oils and body creams (135–180 rupees)

Cosmetics from Biotic are a bit more expensive than Himalaya cosmetics in India, but it is worth considering that this is a higher level cosmetics.

Bio Kaajal Nourishing Eyeliner (Bio Kaajal) by Biotique

It is therapeutic. In fact, it is natural antimony for the eyes, which cares for the skin and strengthens the eyelashes. All oriental women greatly respect this makeup tool and use it plentifully and without embarrassment. Even the eyes of children they often fail in such a pencil. It looks very strange, but many Asians sincerely believe that this tool protects the eyes from the sun and contributes to their cooling.

Despite the fact that antimony is a therapeutic agent, today it is believed that it is very toxic and can harm the body. Yes, and such a bright eyeliner goes far from everyone. But I bought one thing, suddenly come in handy. Its price 99 rupees.

Patanjali anti wrinkle cream

Reviews of this cream are the most wonderful, so I decided to test it myself and brought it as a gift. This Ayurvedic cream stimulates skin cells and smoothes fine lines. It is really very good: despite the very dense texture, it is instantly absorbed and perfectly mats. Does not fatten and does not clog pores. Regarding the main function - anti-wrinkle - I can not say yet. But the skin has become significantly more pleasant. Warmly recommended to all young ladies after 35 years. Price - 150 rupees for 50 gr.

Vico Turmeric Face Cream (Vicco turmeric)

Another Ayurvedic Cream. It is based on turmeric and sandalwood oil, which is a very expensive and valuable component of Indian cosmetology. Pleasant silk dense texture, quickly absorbed and mattes well. Not fat and does not clog pores. This cream was personally tested by me several years ago, when my work colleague brought it from India to me. I remember it was a pity when it ended, so being in India myself, I hurried to replenish my cosmetic reserves with it. Price - 119 rupees for 30 grams and 199 rupees for 50 gr.

Ayurvedic Toothpaste by Dabur (Dabur Red)

Red clay paste with the addition of medicinal herbs and clove oil. It is completely natural, so it can be used for children, but it doesn’t like the taste, children will not appreciate it. Paste well strengthens tooth enamel and cope with bleeding gums and other oral diseases. I don’t remember the exact price, approximately 30-40 rupees for 100 gr.

Healing Indian Mask Powders

They are actually many, they are released by many Indian cosmetic companies. They are sold in jars and sachets. You can use them both inside and out. Personally, I purchased three such powders for the preparation of masks for the face, the recipes of which can be easily found on the Internet. Usually these powders simply mix with water or milk and apply on face for 15 minutes. My acquisitions:

  • Amla Powder. Suitable for face, body and hair masks. Contains all the necessary skin vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Such masks have excellent rejuvenating and toning effect. Price - 70 rupees for 100 gr.

Indian live gooseberry Amla

  • Neem Powder (Neem Powder). In addition to its most popular anti-acne function, neem powder is also excellent in treating more serious skin problems, such as: atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, urticaria, furunculosis. The powder can be used not only externally, but taken orally. In this case, he will clean the blood well and remove toxins from the body. Powder price - 60 rupees for 100 gr. But for ingestion it is still more convenient to buy capsules, for example, from the company Himalaya (more about them here).
  • Turmeric Powder (Turmeric Powder). Turmeric is one of the most popular oriental spices, it is a dried fruit powder of the ginger family. Famous for its antiseptic properties, it is considered a natural antibiotic. Face masks with turmeric powder have a rejuvenating effect, do a good job with acne, regenerates damaged skin cells, and regulates the function of the sebaceous glands, thanks to which the face loses an ugly greasy luster. Indian girls before the wedding traditionally take a milk bath with saffron and turmeric, and they know a lot about beauty. Price of turmeric powder (turmeric) - 98 rupees for 100 gr.

Indian shampoos and hair balsams

We tried only one type of shampoo and balsam from Himalaya. I didn't want to take them with me - they weigh quite a lot, but “the suitcase is not rubbery”. But this shampoo (we bought Dryness Defense Protein Shampoo by Himalaya) I personally was very pleased: the hair after it was soft and docile, the smell is very pleasant. Bought for use in India, but the remnants still brought to Russia. After it ended, I felt a difference with our Clear Vita Abe (not in favor of the latter). It would be more space in the suitcases - I would definitely buy such a shampoo with me. However, this shampoo contains sulfates. Personally, I am not hostile to them, so I praise shampoo. The price for a bottle of shampoo in 20 ml - 130 rupees. For balm in 100 ml - 90 rupees.

Lip Balm from Himalaya

Pleasant balm, delicious smell, an unusual application. Worth just 30 rupeesso you can safely dial a dozen for souvenirs.

Further not cosmetics, and Ayurvedic preparations and some medicines which can be bought in India for the future also will go.


This is an Ayurvedic immunostimulator. Helps from everything. Truly a magical drug: be sure to get it! True, heavy. In appearance and taste it resembles a thick fruit jam. In fact, practically it is: its basis is the Amla berry (the very ones from which I make hair oil and powders for masks, well, and a lot more).

In addition to amla, Chawanprashi includes about 40 different herbs, berries, and minerals: all the most useful things that have been invented for humans. The tool helps to cope with chronic fatigue, strengthens the entire body and gives an unreal surge of strength. In fact, the list of useful properties Chawanprashi impressive, it actually can help cure many diseases. I definitely recommend using the miracle of Indian Ayurveda.

We bought Chyawanprash, as soon as we arrived in Delhi and have been eating it for a month. The recommended course of treatment is three months, it is advisable to repeat the course twice a year (this is usually advised to the elderly and those who have chronic diseases). Chavanprash in India produce several companies. We ourselves bought Chyavanprash from Himalaya and Dabur (they, by the way, have Chyavanprash with sugar substitute).

Take Chavanprashu need on an empty stomach, 15 minutes before meals. Adults - 1 teaspoon, for children, 0.5 teaspoons per day, washed down with warm water, and even better with milk. During illness, doses may be doubled. Price 1 kg. Chavanprashi jars from Dabur - 295 rupees. The same jar from Himalaya is more expensive - 370 rupees. The composition of them is the same, so you can buy any.

Chyawanprash from Dabur and Himalaya: the same in different packages

Unique Ayurvedic Ointment Kailas Jeevan

This ointment is unique in that the spectrum of its action is unusually wide: heals wounds, cuts, bruises, burns, treats herpes, lichen, and acne. It even helps to cope with poisoning! Seriously, this is a natural ointment and it can be taken orally, this is indicated in the instructions! In general, "a good thing, we must take." Price per jar 60 gr. - 95 rupees.

Analogue of the miracle ointment Kailash Jivan - antiseptic ointment from Himalaya. It is also used for everything and everything: pimples, cuts, burns, etc. It is not mentioned on the use inside. Price - 40 rupees for a tube of 20 grams.

Ayurvedic cough suppressants from India

In India, very high quality and natural medicines. Therefore, we bought several cough remedies "prozapas", in case of colds during the Samara long winter. The best cough medicines are:

  • Tulasi from Himalaya. Indian Ayurvedic cough medicine, comes in the form of syrup and tablets. We bought the syrup so that it can be taken both by adults and for children. Price per 200 ml bottle - 105 rupees. It is convenient that the bottle is plastic: it will not break during transport and does not have much weight.
  • Honitus from Dabur. Ayurvedic cough syrup based on honey and Indian herbs. Price - 76 rupees for a bottle in 100 ml. The minus of this bottle is only in that it is glass, so that it is heavy and can break.

Vitamins for children

In India, there are special vitamins for children. Very popular among the Russian children's vitamins "with a giraffe", that is, with the head of a giraffe on the cap. But I have not found such, if you find, buy necessarily. The pharmacy advised other vitamins, assuring that they are even better, so here are:

  • Osto-Polybion Baby Vitamins (Suspension of Calcium with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12). Price - 92 rupees.

Along with dietary supplements from Himalaya, for ourselves and our family members, cosmetics and medicines took up about 2/3 of the suitcase (good, prices in India are very low). If you have your own Indian cosmetic and medicinal finds, write in the comments! This is so lacking for those who are just going to India!

The list of cosmetics from India is limited only by a suitcase!

Indian cosmetics: cosmetic brands of India

Let's start with the simplest - let's look into the brands of Indian cosmetics. All of them produce their products from natural oils and herbal extracts. Some of them have face creams, others have shampoos and hair oils. Some brands are more popular and well-known, while others are not inferior in quality, but are cheaper.

Himalaya (Himalaya, Himalaya)

I know everything Indian cosmetics Himalaya. This company has already become an international corporation, so cosmetics under the Himalaya brand are already being produced in Russia. But judging by the numerous reviews on the forums, Indian products are very different from what they do outside of India. In general, the conclusion is one - Himalaya should be bought in the original version. We like toothpaste and face gels. The Himalaya also releases many Ayurvedic herbal medicines that cleanse the body from the inside and make the skin clean and smooth, strengthen the nails and hair. I will write about drugs in another post.

When buying shampoos or cleansing gels, be sure to look at the composition. In goods not for export, the company sometimes uses an unhealthy chemical component, lauryl sulfate. The rest of the makeup is great.


Personally, I just fell in love with this brand after I tried their shampoos. A year ago, I gave up chemical shampoos with lauryl sulfate and parabens, and now my head feels very good any chemistry. Swati shampoos (200 ml bottle costs about $ 6) are made from natural ingredients, oils and extracts. In addition to them, the company also produces air conditioners and hair oils, masks and face and body creams. Swati is more expensive than Himalaya, but it is justified.

Khadi (Khadi)

Swati and Khadi are produced by the same company, only Khadi is positioned as a premium line. The products of both brands are made according to the principles of Ayurveda - the ancient Indian science of health and beauty. But Khadi is also made by hand. Under this brand - herbal shower gels, massage aromatic oils, soaps and herbal lotions, as well as shampoos, hair oils and facial gels.

Biotique (Biotic)

Excellent inexpensive series of cosmetics, made from natural ingredients. Biotic shampoos cost around 150-160 rupees ($ 3) for a small bottle of 210 ml. Biotics has a lot of cosmetic products based on exotic herbs and fruits. Масло для волос из горного черного дерева или мыло с гималайской сливой, скраб с папайей или кондиционер для увеличения объема волос с тимьяном.

Jovees (Джовис)

Еще одна торговая марка, заслуживающая внимания. Джовис производят на севере Индии, и еще совсем недавно эта марка продавалась только в дорогих косметических магазинах в Дели. Now it can be found in large supermarkets not only in India but also in Europe. You should definitely try anti-aging cosmetics, the choice of which Jovis is very large. I bought myself a face cream "for those over thirty" with black berries, grapes and alpha hydroxy acids. Now I wait, when I am younger. You should also pay attention to such unusual products as face cream with Himalayan cherries, lip balms with fruit acids and moisturizing face lotions.

Divya Patanjali (Patanjali)

Another inexpensive brand that produces cosmetics according to the canons of Ayurveda. You should pay attention to the shampoo with soap beans called Shikakai, Alma's oil to strengthen hair, In addition, the company produces food, spices, teas, incense and ayurvedic medicines (herbal supplements).

Magic ayurveda

This is a very interesting brand, not at all like the rest. In addition to the usual hair masks, she produces very piquant cosmetics. For example, oil for breast augmentation. The instructions say that the oil strengthens the muscles of the chest, and you should get a visual effect. It also helps to cope with stretch marks after breastfeeding and improve shape. How it works, I have little idea, but once in demand among Indian girls and tourists, then you can try.

Another unusual thing is Magic Sex Booster Oil. Oil to increase male activity, costs about $ 5 for a small bottle. Pleases instructions for use: Apply to the male genital organ and rub for 2-3 minutes daily. I think that even if the usual sunflower oil to rub three minutes, the effect in a healthy man will be about the same. If you try sex oil, then write down the results.

Now it is very detailed about what exactly from the Indian cosmetics should be bought.

Trichup Hair Oil (Trichup)

Trichup oil is sold in pharmacies, because It is prescribed for hair loss. At the heart of sesame oil and coconut oil, enriched with herbal extracts. The recipe is unique and patented. Manufacturers assure that the hair after Trichup becomes not only strong, but also fluffy, and also grows faster. If you want to grow long strong hair, try Trichup Indian Oil.

Gels, scrubs and masks with him

The leaves of the Indian tree by him as soon as not used in medicine. If you take the powder from the leaves inside, then the intestines and blood will be cleaned, and if added to cosmetics, you will get a powerful anti-bacterial effect. Cleaners with neim have any Indian brand, it remains only to choose according to taste and wallet.

Handmade soap with extracts of herbs and fruits is just a pleasant purchase that will give you the aroma of exotic plants and fruits for a long time after arriving home. The odorous soap along with other cosmetics can be a good gift to friends.

Indian toothpaste

Excellent paste from natural ingredients makes Himalaya (Himalaya) and Dabur. You can also buy exotic charcoal-based black toothpaste or Patanjali Ayurvedic paste (Patanjali) from acacia bark, neem powder, toothache tree extract, black salt and quartz powder.

Face masks

I already wrote about the handmade cosmetics brand Khadi. So, they produce excellent face masks in cans. Inside you will find a bag of powder or a ready-made mixture that needs to be applied to your face, and after 15 minutes wash it off. Such masks do an excellent job with the tasks that are set up - they moisturize, nourish and disinfect. In addition, thanks to the beautiful and unusual packaging, they can be a good gift from India for relatives and friends. Cosmetics Khadi is expensive by Indian standards, around 6-7 dollars per can.

Face creams Kumkumaadi Lepam (Kumkumadi)

The cream is sold in small nondescript tubes of 10 grams and is not expensive at all. Kumkumadi is produced in the Indian state of Kerala in southwest India. At the heart of the cream - saffron, ficus Bengal and a large list of other exotic plants. To all this had a creamy texture, add sesame oil and cow's milk.

Stone deodorant Crystal

I already wrote about hard antiperspirants in an article about what to bring from Thailand. Here is a similar principle. Deodorant from mountain minerals, looks like a transparent stone. This deodorant before rubbing into the skin, you need to moisten in water. It does not contain harmful chemicals such as aluminum, which you are sure to find in almost all antiperspirants in sprays or creams. But do not buy stone deodorant as a gift, because some people have allergies to them.

Solid perfume

Also pay attention to dry sandalwood perfume - Chandan paste. They also sell sets of six or even twelve jars with different flavors. To make the perfume dry, essential oils are added to beeswax. Often in perfume they add jojoba oil and aloe vera, which also cares for the skin.

Kadzhal or antimony for eyes

Eyeliner, which, according to Eastern women, not only makes the eyes more expressive, but also cares for the skin around. Kadzhal do eyeliners, pencils, as well as mascara. But before buying cajal or antimony, read the opinion of scientists. They consider this powder harmful and toxic to the human body. Antimony is a chemical element, a semimetal, which inhibits the thyroid gland, can cause nosebleeds and affect the skin.

Indian cosmetics in India itself is inexpensive. It is unlikely that you will leave the store more than a hundred dollars, buying everything that your soul wants.

Where to buy Indian cosmetics in Goa (map)?

The most famous brands - Himalaya, Svadi and Hadi - are sold in small shops and pharmacies throughout Goa. But if you want to have a large selection and live in North Goa, then go to the Oxford supermarket, which is located in Anjuna. I marked his coordinates on the map.

Numerous online stores in Russia and Ukraine sell Indian cosmetics, so if you are not going to India in the near future, you can order a present for yourself at home.

UPD: The reader shared with me life hacking How to buy Indian cosmetics Khadi cheaper than in stores. Below is a quote from our correspondence:
"I found the cheapest way to order it through the Internet store khadinatural.com. I plan to order from here on Monday. Not everything is from Oxford, but the prices have pleased me. It is 2-3 times cheaper than in supermarkets. Today have them. Delivery is 60 rupees. Payment upon receipt. I will wait now. Soap they have a set of 4 pieces for 135 rupees, like 1 piece in Oxford (approximately) In short, I am in anticipation.

. As promised, I will write about the package with Khadi. She ordered 29.12, arrived today 01/06/2015. As written 6 days (excluding holidays). As far as I understood, it is possible to order to our homeland, but they need to write and ask about the cost of delivery, otherwise it will be even more expensive than the order itself. In general, I am pleased. Ordered on 2 thousand rup. Saved at least as much. "

If you like something from Indian cosmetics, but you didn't find it on my list, please write about it in the comments. And if you think the post is useful and interesting, share it with your friends in social networks.

Make skin, hair and nails beautiful can not only with the help of creams and ointments. In Ayurveda, many old recipes like using herbs to cleanse the body and imbue it with energy. In the next post I will write about Indian medicines. Do not miss, it will be interesting!

Aroma sticks

Almost every Indian shop sells incense sticks, which are used in the service of puja (religious rite) in homes and temples. Passing through the Indian streets, here and there you can catch the sweet spicy smoke from these sticks - the Indians burn them several times a day, and not in just one thing like ours, but in whole bunches. If you want to bring home the real smell of India - run for shopping.

All sticks can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Natural. They are made from natural ingredients, herbs and essential oils. Their smoke is not so harmful. Cost more.
  • Chemical. Made with the addition of artificial flavors and dyes. Cost a penny.

The price of the cheapest chopsticks starts at 0.15 USD (10 INR) per pack (10-15 pieces). There are a lot of aromas: they can be mono-sapahs (jasmine, sandalwood, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, tulsi), and mixed smells. There are separate varieties that are used in temples during worship. Since I am not a gourmet, I always dial in the supermarket. My favorite fragrance is sandalwood.
You can buy chopsticks anywhere, the price and quality is stable. But there is one point in Goa, which deserved the love of our compatriots. At the market in Mapse (North Goa), near the entrance, there is a kiosk of the perfumer Ramakrishna, which won the hearts of many tourists. The magician and wizard makes individual spirits that can bring good luck and even change the fate of its carrier. Preparation of perfume is a real show, because Ramakrishna is an extremely charismatic man. He also has a big camber with handmade aroma sticks and his author's fragrances. Small package costs 1.07 USD (70 INR).

During the first trip to India you shouldn’t pounce on souvenirs that local merchants will offer you intrusively. Wait a few days, it will help you navigate the variety of goods. When you podzagorite a little, it will be easier to bargain. Before you buy, consider whether you need this item at home. I always pre-list the things you need to buy. This helps to avoid spontaneous purchases (unfortunately, not always!). And one more rule of commerce in India: every thing costs exactly as much as you are willing to pay for it. Happy shopping!

The composition of natural cosmetics from India includes:

  • from 3 to 10 plants that complement the healing properties of each other. Among them are both herbs familiar to us and those that grow only in India (Kharitaki, Nim and Ashvaganda). They have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, making it youthful and smooth, and hair healthy and silky. One of the important features of the production of this cosmetics is that all herbs are grown only on their own plantations and under the strict control of the producers.
  • Vegetable oils. For example, such as oil of rose, lemon and almond, as well as a large amount of other essential oils.
  • Precious stones and metals.
  • Natural dyes.

And now we list what is not in Indian cosmetics:

  • It lacks sodium lauryl sulfate. This component is found in all Western cosmetics. It serves for foaming, and is a strong allergen. In addition, it adversely affects the condition of the skin, removing its protective layer.
  • Artificial flavors and fragrances are not used in Indian cosmetics. Instead, they use various mixtures of natural aromatic oils, which, in addition to the pleasant smell, have a positive effect on our skin and hair.
  • Also, there are no synthetic preservatives, such as phenol and parabens. Instead, only natural remedies are used.

Manufacturers of Indian cosmetics seek to combine in it ancient recipes and modern technologies, and at the same time find an individual approach to the needs of each person. They make a variety of cosmetics suitable for different types of skin and hair. What kind of products does Indian cosmetics offer for hair?

Natural shampoos. Have you ever noticed that in all Indian films there is not a single Indian woman with a short haircut? As a rule, they have luxurious, long hair. This is due to the fact that they have been caring for their hair since childhood, using only natural remedies for this. Our hairs are exposed to aggressive environmental influences every day, such as temperature and humidity drops. And often we ourselves spoil them, using different varnishes and hair creams, each time drying our hair dryers. Of course, after such procedures, our hair looks dry and lifeless, and the tips begin to sektis.

In this case, Indian shampoos are a real salvation for our women. Due to the various herbs and aromatic oils contained in their composition, they gently cleanse, restore and nourish our hair from the inside. They become healthy and silky. What products for face and body are made in India?

India is a country with a hot and humid climate. Therefore, oily skin with dilated pores is characteristic of Indian women. Cosmetic manufacturers make many natural products that combat these disadvantages. They perfectly clean and refresh the skin.

But for women with a different skin type there will be a lot of interesting things. For example, various face and body creams. They contain medicinal, Indian plant extracts, vitamins and essential oils. Creams perfectly restore and nourish the skin of the face, making it supple and elastic. Due to their constant use, your skin will always remain young and healthy.

Another gift of Indian cosmetology are essential oils. Their selection is huge. All of them are environmentally friendly and have a lot of applications. Essential oils cleanse and nourish the skin, reduce wrinkles, and also produce a healing effect on damaged skin. These oils are indispensable for the scalp and hair recovery.

Be careful, buy cosmetics only from reliable suppliers, and then, using natural Indian cosmetics, you will get a lot of pleasant sensations and always wake you to look young and attractive.