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From luxury to practicality: fashionable fur coats fall-winter 2015


Dear, beautiful, elegant fur and an incredibly feminine and mysterious image - this is all about the most stylish, elite fur coats that a woman can only dream of. In any fashionable winter collection, exclusive models of fur coats are presented on the catwalk.

The fur coat has long been considered an indicator of style and taste, as well as consistency.

Fashion for this element of the wardrobe will never disappear. Popular models of fur coats have a more concise design, designed for everyday wear. Elite models of fur coats look more like luxurious attire for the appearance and for creating a dazzling image of a royal personage.

Exclusivity Criteria

Elegant exclusive fur coats - the choice of self-sufficient wealthy lady.

In addition, it is worth considering that exclusive models of fur coats are created in the box version. Such coats are unlikely to be found in the same city. Original styles of fur coats can be presented in a rich variety depending on the fur used. This may be a chinchilla, mink, broadtail, fox, sable, or a combination of fur. Unique stylish models of fur coats reflect the creative potential of the creators.

How to create exclusive models of fur coats?

There are several criteria that are applicable in the manufacture of exclusive fur coats:

  • Use only expensive furs,
  • The material is carefully sorted by the quality and nature of the finish,
  • Tailoring is done in accordance with strict rules and regulations
  • Finished products meet the latest requirements of fashion trends,
  • An exclusive fur coat, as a rule, is created in a single copy,
  • The exclusivity of the model is confirmed by a certificate of quality.

What fur coats are considered the most expensive?

Traditionally, in the ranking of the most luxurious and fashionable models of fur coats, the highest lines are occupied by products from sable and mink, ermine and chinchilla, marten, lynx and silver fox. Let's look at some of these furs in more detail.

The image of the vicuna is present on the national emblem of Peru.

The coat of vicuna is appreciated for its practicality, it is always warm. After all, vicunas inhabit hard-to-reach places where cold and wind reign. Their fur gets incredibly resistant properties. In addition, this fur is incredibly soft. It is very nice to touch him, holding his hand. Moreover, the villi return to the starting position.

No wonder why the price of raw materials is so high. Hence the price of a fur coat, which can start from 3 or 6 thousand dollars. Several fashion brands represent valuable fur in their collections. For example, Loro Piana.

Sable fur, or soft gold. This fur deserves special admiration. Sable fur coats have long been considered in Russia a sign of wealth and status. Fur has several advantages that can not be found in other models of fur products. Sable fur is different. For example, for tailoring an elite expensive fur coat, the fur of the Barguzin sable, characterized by high quality indicators, can be used.

Fur coats from this fur are diverse in style, texture and color. Although the traditional version of the luxurious sable fur coat is distinguished by a noble chocolate color with a barely noticeable silver sheen. The fur is very soft, pleasant to the touch and attractive in appearance. The cost of such a coat can reach up to 60 thousand dollars.

From one hair bulb, chinchillas can grow up to 80 hairs at once, while the fur of another animal often grows only one hair. On this basis, the advantages of the chinchilla over other furs in terms of keeping warm under the fur coat are obvious.

Therefore, representatives of the northern Russian regions with a harsh climate prefer chinchilla fur. And this despite the rather thin structure of the pile. In general, the coat looks very stylish and high quality. The smooth, soft and silky surface of the fur coat will not leave anyone indifferent. The cost of the product, depending on the complexity of the cut and style, can be from 10 to 100 thousand dollars.

So, what does the fashionable coat of the season 2015-2016 look like?

In recent years, hot controversy has been around the fashion industry around fur coats. The use of natural fur for the tailoring of outer clothing is inhuman in relation to animals. And considering that modern artificial materials are in no way inferior to natural fur, neither in beauty nor in thermal qualities, many Fashion houses seriously decided to switch to artificial substitutes, thereby preserving the lives of hundreds of representatives of our smaller brothers. In the autumn-winter season of 2015/16, two world-famous brands, Louis Vuitton and Marco de Vincenzo, joined the ranks of animal defenders, who presented luxury fur coats and fur coats made of artificial fur to their fans. Due to the special production of artificial pile looks no less elegant than its natural counterpart.

However, today far from all the leaders of fashionable ideas rely on humanity. Almost all brands, in the collections of which there are coats and other fur products, still use natural materials. At the shows of Sonia Rykiel, Nina Ricci, Fendi and other equally important fashion houses one could see a lot of various products created from natural mink, fox fur, lamb, nutria, arctic fox and other animals.

Fashionable coat of the season 2015-2016

From season to season, designers play with the style of fashionable things, changing their cut line and adding new details. However, some brands still prefer to bet on the classics. Regarding the fur coats, conservatism was shown by fashion houses Christian Dior and Michael Kors, whose fur products perfectly match the traditional cut. Fur coats and short fur coats from these brands are made of soft fluffy fur of mink and arctic fox, and their style is distinguished by a direct free cut.

Fur coats are often blamed for being cumbersome and impractical. Indeed, natural fur is quite heavy, and the fur coat lining is dense, which creates some inconvenience when wearing. However, in the new season many fashion houses, including Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford and others, decided to fix this problem. These brands presented to women of fashion an interesting variation on the theme of a classic fur coat, the style of which is designed as a coat. Thanks to the fitted cut and lightweight finish, the fur coats, made in the form of a coat, do not cause discomfort when wearing, while looking very luxurious and presentable.

The autumn-winter season of 2015/16 will give lovers of fur coats a very original style - products without sleeves and with slots for hands. Perhaps, fur coats without sleeves are not the most practical item of a winter wardrobe, but designers insist on the exclusiveness of this trend. Original fur coats, the style of which does not provide for the presence of sleeves, have chosen such fashion houses as Sonia Rykiel and Burberry Prorsum.

Fur coats from the creative fashion house Dsquared2 are slightly isolated in the line of fashionable styles. In the presentation of the brand, the coming season will be held under the auspices of ethnic and folk motifs, so the fur coats from this fashion house exactly repeat the traditional robes of northern peoples. Fashionable products from Dsquared2 are decorated with bright ethnic prints, complemented by patch pockets, a hood and a fluffy fur trim.

Ethnic variations are also found in the collections of other fashion houses, but most often they are expressed as a combination of furs of different textures.

Colors and prints of fashionable fur coats

We will not dwell on the traditional color scheme, because it is not surprising that in the collections of almost all brands there are coats of black, white, gray, brown and other natural tones. But the ubiquitous love of designers for bright colors deserves close attention.

Contrary to traditional ideas and simplicity, many creators of fashionable fur coats dyed their wares in a non-winter bright tone. Fur coats of rich green, blue and red hues are found in collections from Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino and Giorgio Armani. And the designers of fashion houses Emilio Pucci and Saint Laurent decided not to limit themselves to one color and painted their products in a combination of several bright colors.

As for prints, all the "predatory" patterns are very popular. Leopard, brindle and other animal print became a worthy decoration for fur coats from Louis Vuitton and Tom Ford.

Main trends

The most important and fundamental feature of the coming winter season is diversity and diversity. Apparently, in this way the designers decided to dilute the cold winter days.

And practically everything will be diverse: styles, furs, decorative elements and even colors. So if you already have a classic fur coat, by all means purchase a second, but brighter and bold one. Such a thing will certainly lift your spirits and make you the real queen!

What furs are in fashion?

So, what fur will be relevant in the future 2015? Famous fashion designers decided to provide freedom of choice, so there are many options:

  • Still in the trend remains the classic and beloved by many mink. This fur is almost a symbol of chic and elegance, so it is often found in fashion shows.
  • The beaver’s fur looks no less richly, which, by the way, is more practical than the mink, because it does not fear snow, rain and other vagaries of winter weather.
  • Classic sheepskin fur is considered the most affordable, and this feature was taken into account by fashion designers, having made many interesting models from it. Not everyone likes this material, but some people like it very much.
  • Mouton looks elegant and gentle. In addition, it is very warm.
  • Karakul is also relevant, but more suitable for middle-aged women.
  • Tuscany will also make the image elegant, but this fur requires special care (however, like any other).
  • In the trend of a long nap, for example, llama fur. At the shows in fashion houses were presented models that make the girl look like a real snowman. On the one hand, it is not very elegant, but, on the other hand, this option is very original. Almost all models with a long nap are voluminous and fluffy, so women with appetizing shapes are unlikely to fit.
  • Artificial fur is also relevant, which implies a variety of textures and colors.
  • Gorgeous chinchilla will also be in trend.
  • Sable fur is also used by many designers.
  • Popular and will be loved by many fox fur.

Actual shades

In the coming season, the most riot of colors is expected, so that the colors of fur coats will in some cases be quite unexpected and unnatural. For example, lilac coats, blue, emerald, maroon, orange and even lemon will be relevant.

In such outerwear it is impossible not to surprise others. But in the trend and soft pastel shades, for example, peach, beige, sand and others. Anyone can feel like a queen in a snow-white fur coat, this color will also be fashionable, like the classic and elegant black. White fur coats, by the way, are only suitable for slim girls.

But the real fashion of the coming winter season is multi-colored models. Designers tried their best and played with shades. Tones can be combined in blocks, pieces of different shapes, stripes. Actual two-color models, divided by color into two parts.

Not only interesting colors, but also prints can surprise. Next winter, animalistic patterns (leopard, tiger and others), as well as abstract or geometric patterns and designs will be fashionable.

Variety of styles

What fashion coats does the winter of 2015 prepare for us? In the future season will be presented a variety of styles, so that any woman of fashion will find something for themselves. Here are some especially relevant options:

  1. Shortened models are relevant. Short coats are very comfortable and elegant, especially for business women, who spend most of their time in the car. But those girls who are forced to periodically or constantly spend a lot of time outdoors can freeze.
  2. Ladies who prefer the classics can calm down, as long coats will also be in trend. Such a model may seem cumbersome, but it all depends on the features of the style and on the fur. Although if a girl leads an active lifestyle, the long hem can interfere.
  3. The optimal and convenient option is a medium length knee length fur coat. It is comfortable and beautiful and warm.
  4. Short coats to mid-thigh or slightly covering the buttocks will also be fashionable. Particularly relevant volumetric free-cut short fur coats with flared sleeves.
  5. Designers have relied on the volume, so that the trend will be such styles as trapeze and A-silhouette. The chic coats of almost any length forgotten by many will be relevant. Such models will emphasize charm, but they are more suited to slim and tall girls.
  6. If you are not afraid of the harsh winter or are moving exclusively on a private car, then feel free to choose a short fur coat-cap or fur cloak. Such models are perfectly combined with elegant evening dresses and do not make the figure heavier.
  7. If you prefer minimalism and elegance, get a feminine fur coat, which will be perfectly combined with strict suits.
  8. Waistcoats that remained at the peak of fashion for several seasons in a row gradually fade into the background, although some designers cannot say goodbye to them. But the vests of the next season will be unusual. Fitted models are gradually replaced by free models of direct cut. Want to emphasize the waist? Fashion designers offer wide belts or thin straps.

Fashion details

Fur coat complements details that sometimes play the role of a bright accent of the image. Here are some elements that designers offer in the future 2015:

  • Designers decided to play and experiment with the sleeves, so you can find models with extended cuffs or, on the contrary, narrowed.
  • Shortened sleeves that can make a girl elegant and at the same time fragile are also relevant. But such models are best combined with long gloves that go over the elbow, which, firstly, will provide warmth, and secondly, they will give a special charm to the image.
  • Volumetric fittings are a thing of the past, so that in the next season you will see a lot of models with hidden clasps that are not visible to others.
  • Also relevant will be the coat with the smell. From cold and wind will save either an invisible hook or belt.
  • Femininity will never go out of fashion, so there will be different belts and straps in the trend. Their thickness can vary from a few centimeters to 20 and even 30. Such corset belts will make your waist aspen.
  • Some designers presented models with leather, wool or even fabric inserts. You can also find combinations of several types of fur, for example, different textures or different lengths of pile. It looks very original.
  • Fashionable will be fur coats without a collar.
  • Delayed and voluminous collars can also be found in the coming winter season. They, by the way, can differ from other parts of a fur coat both in color and material.
  • You will see cut lines or patterns in coats.
  • Asymmetry is also relevant, which, by the way, was not previously inherent in outerwear, especially fur coats.

Go to the store and get a stylish and fashionable fur coat.

The most fashionable mink coats-2018

Exclusiveness has become the fashion motto of this season. Mink - quite popular fur, which has become too widespread in recent years, it becomes more and more difficult to surprise such fur coats of friends ... The best world designers sensitively catch the mood and fashionable mink coats of 2018 are the best proof of that.

A classic takes its unchanged position in trends. Looking conservative, aristocratic and slightly detached from fashion is a special style in which the models of the “fur coat” or “jacket” style will help to realize themselves. A straight silhouette with a well-emphasized shoulder line and a miniature collar of the model to the middle of the calf is a real standard.

But only if sewn from expensive and rare fur. The secret of such models is obvious and complicated at the same time: too simple a form and a very expensive “filling”. In this case, the bet is made on rare, exclusive furs of original colors.

This year's trends are headed by pastel, creamy-powder and blue furs. The gamma of delicate brown tones is very relevant, but the black shades of blue this year have lost their positions in trends. Such as in the photo fashionable mink coat from expensive fur confirms the rules of high style:

The simple style and rare exotic fur is a flawless bet on the style, which is known to be above the frivolous fashion. But if you already have such a reference model, it's time to pay attention to the trendy styles of mink coats-2016.

“Globalization” is a term from the vocabulary of politicians, but oddly enough, today it has the most direct connection to the fashion for furs. The mink becomes cheaper, in many ways more versatile than other furs, which means it acquires special qualities for designers. Её используют для создания самых оригинальных, а порой и экспериментальных силуэтов, ориентированных на стильные городские образы.

Мех беспощадно стригут и выщипывают, добиваясь пластичной бархатистой структуры и особой игры оттенков, которые дает такая обработка. Опознать в такой модели классический мех неискушенной любительнице сложно.

Тренд рассчитан на молодежные коллекции, а это точно значит, что им обязательно стоит воспользоваться модницам любых возрастов. Pay attention to these photos of fashionable mink coats, how stylish and original models look:

Mink coats of 2018: fashion trends photo

Simpler and simpler ... this is dictated by fashion trends. But at the same time you need to look expensive and noble, and it is desirable to stand out from the crowd. Fashionable models of mink coats come to the rescue of these difficult tasks.

This season, the so-called base style has remained unchanged - no collection has done without such models. The loose, slightly flared to the hem cut “trapezium” allows you to demonstrate the beauty of the fur fabric and luxurious shades. Designers try to show the fur in such models as much as possible - the more expensive and exotic it is, the more accurate it is to hit the trends.

Combine such models as with voluminous hoods, resembling pelerines, and with miniature collars - racks. In this case, the sleeves complement the volumetric luxurious cuffs, which, if desired, can be turned into an improvised clutch.

And in this and in another case, the model is both luxurious, but also dynamic - this is exactly what urban fashion requires today. A distinctive feature of such models this season has become a soft and smooth, very delicate shoulder line. It is achieved either with the help of the cut “raglan”, or thanks to an accurate fit on the shoulders. And no shoulder straps!

Such models allow you to create images in a variety of styles - from a neutral everyday, but elegant thanks to a fur coat, to a slightly hooligan. This season, no one forbids wearing luxurious fur with worn jeans - this is fashionable.

Another feminine and very sophisticated version of fashionable styles of mink coats is a model coat of cross cut. Miniature, knee-length models, often with short sleeves, are literally not designed for severe cold. This is a great option for urban images - modern and very dynamic, they are perfect for those who do not part with their car at any time of the year.

For them, the most often used is a gradient colored very light fur, for example, “under the sable”. Pearl gray, champagne or peach shades - these pastel colors allow you to demonstrate the cut design of the model, and the edges of it are always elegant. Perfectly demonstrate the most fashionable trends for mink coats of 2018, these photos:

Fashionable style mink coat

It is easy, a little defiant and surely singling out from the flow of people ... This is what the current models look like in this season. The fact that the “coat” and “trapeze” styles are firmly established in trends is a fashionable axiom. Waiting for the new season fashionable women are waiting for new and original ideas. What will be the most fashionable style mink coat?

This season there are several of them, but they all fall into a single stylistic decision - these are variations on the theme of a wide variety of jackets.

Anoraki, parks and even bombers made of beautiful and luxurious fur are a great fashionable winter challenge. Of course, the styles are maximally adapted to the season.

Length to mid-thigh and below, volumetric hoods, external and internal drawstring at the waist and at the hem are characteristic features of such models. And for those who love the freshest ideas, volume patch pockets or kangaroo pockets, non-standard for fur things, are intended.

Even the most perspicacious critics and couturiers could not have imagined that the sporting style would ever come into fur fashion. This trend is only gaining height, and many critics treat it with caution - too frivolous styles, and yet this is the most avant-garde trend of fur fashion.

In such models, sheared and plucked fur is used, colors in colors far from natural are very often used, and even patchwork techniques are used. The designers seemed to have conspired and tried to update the image of the fur coat itself - things are expensive and status. Attempts to make it more modern this season look very tempting. Models are both expensive and very dynamic, helping to create a very modern and non-trivial image. Fashionable styles of such mink coats- 2018 look at the photo below:

Among the frankly feminine models, first of all, attract the attention of the mink coat fashionable style "oversized". Volumetric and at the same time very plastic silhouettes allow you to play with the forms.

The most popular among designers is practical in terms of wearing in the cold - the shape of an oval or cocoon, which emphasizes the voluminous collar. It is achieved due to the wide and free shoulder line - this can be either a Raglan cut or a very low shoulder line in combination with wide and straight sleeves. And the model itself, knee-length or slightly lower, has soft silhouette lines and often a narrowed hem.

Especially beautiful this solution looks in combination with smoothly cut fur with a velvety texture. Both saturated dark shades, such as "mahogany", and gentle nut-cream tones look great. Trim the gate with fluffy fur - sable, marten or arctic fox - to support the idea of ​​a slightly naive and very feminine style. Fashionable mink coats of 2018, as in the photo emphasize femininity and aristocracy:

On the eve of any winter season, almost all women of fashion are concerned with the question: has the “trapezium” come out of fashion? The most convenient and practical style, allowing you to show the beauty of fur.

Due to the fact that the style perfectly falls into the global fashion trends in the spirit of 70-80 - these models are back in the trends. But today they are sewn from smoothly cut fur, complemented by voluminous hoods and luxurious trim. The edge is always elegant, it is precisely matched to the tone, and the original is a contrast. For example, a combination of black mink and black-brown fox.

Fashionable styles of mink coats: photos and style secrets

No matter how tempting the trends are, they should choose their own model only to their own taste. Taking into account not only the features of his figure, but also a way of life. The mink, that rare fur, which practically does not add volume, all the more so since this season the clipped, plucked and laser-treated textures are actively used.

Thanks to such processing of fur, models of fashionable mink coats become more plastic and lighter, not only “by weight”, but also visually. If you choose a model for everyday wear, and not for special occasions, then it makes sense to pay attention to such fur coats.

Shorn fur gives more room for designer imagination, which means for elegant and modern silhouettes. Of course, the classic looks very modern in the “cropped” version. Very stylish models in the style of "sport-chic", stylization under the "retro", for example, the 70s, avant-garde and free forms - any imagination of designers is relevant today.

Except for one - the use of dyed furs. Trends are relentless, in this, and obviously, in subsequent seasons in fashion - only the fur of natural colors. Fortunately, they are many, so you need to choose only your own taste.

Such models, especially pastel or neutral natural shades - today are not only things of “urban chic” style.

They allow you to create an individual image that can be varied to your own taste. Such models are becoming an indispensable part of the fashionable winter wardrobe, and not the dominant and defiantly expensive part of it. You, for certain, more than once caused bewilderment of an expensive “floor” length coat on a lady in a crowded public transport. This approach is not in fashion today! Notice how the fashionable styles of mink coats in these photos create the tonality of a stylish look:

Do not lose sight of such a bright and very relevant reception as a combination. It is fashionable to combine trimmed and smooth fur, different textures, adding fluffy and expensive furs to the mink.

Especially stylish look fine-tuned color combinations. In the collections of this season, fur patchwork appeared as a serious tendency - miniature models assembled from mink fur of different colors. Such fashionable styles of mink coats as in the photo are headed by trends:

Beautiful fur coats winter 2018-2019 - general trends and trends of the season

Fashionable winter coats are very diverse in style, color, style and even texture. They are the same for products from natural and artificial fur. The main trends of the 2018-2019 fur coats are aimed at color saturation.

Trendy in the new winter season will be colored coats of bright shades. In addition to purple and green shades familiar to us from past collections, pink, red and yellow fur coats will be trendy.

Natural shades of fur coats ranging from black to light brown, of course, remain relevant. Choosing spectacular coats of classic color, you can not be afraid, because such options always remain in trend.

In addition to bright shades, the designers managed to combine several shades among themselves, and also offered unusual prints for fur. Printed fur coats with a pattern printed on the fur are considered the most stylish version of the season 2018-2019.

By the way, animal prints, in particular, leopard prints, were most often met on the catwalks and it can be said with confidence that the leopard fur coat made from natural or artificial fur will be one of the most trending in the upcoming season.

Not done in the new season and without the bold combinations of fur, leather and suede. Fashionable fur coats 2018-2019 with a combination of different types of fur look original and stylish. The use of patches of fur with different pile lengths allowed designers to create incredibly beautiful and unique models of fur coats.

Fashionable fur coats decorated with rhinestones, beads, appliqué and embroidery are not far behind the popularity.

Fashionable models of fur coats 2018-2019 - fur coats, coats, jackets and vests made of fur

Considering the fashionable collections of outerwear 2018-2019, and in particular fashion models of fur coats, it is immediately apparent that the designers rather boldly approached fur products, showing both short and long models of various styles on the catwalks.

Classic models of fur coats, the relevance of which moves from season to season, can boast bright accents in the form of a colored gate and original decor.

The most popular will be short, and even shortened fur jackets and fur coats of medium length to the knee. The advantages of such coats are obvious, they are more practical and youth, and you can wear a similar coat in winter with different clothes.

The most advantageous looks fashionable short coat with leggings or a fitted skirt in tandem with suede boots or boots. Beautiful cropped fur coat is ideal to complement the evening dress with a long dress or overalls.

These models of fur coats look very beautiful with short sleeves. Stylish coat with short sleeves is better to wear with long gloves or take care that under the fur coat was warm tight clothes.

Straight and slightly flared styles will certainly be the most fashionable for the fur coats winter 2018-2019. This also applies to long models such as coats and robes. Complemented by a belt, these coats advantageously emphasize the waist and look great.

Among the fashionable styles of fur coats 2018-2019 there are also oversized models. Voluminous coats with lowered shoulders and sleeve length to the middle of the fingers make a woman fragile and graceful.

The choice of avtolyubitelnitsy become fashionable fur vests. Incredibly beautiful and original vests made of color or classic shade of fur will be a worthy alternative to the outerwear of winter 2018-2019.

The choice in favor of naturalness - delightful fur coats from natural fur

The most popular are naturally incomparable mink products. Due to the ease of fur and resistance to adverse conditions, mink coats are ideal for the frosty period.

Among them there are so many models with a hood that perfectly replaces a headdress. Mink wool looks very elegant and is therefore one of the most expensive.

More affordable and equally luxurious fur coats made of natural fur are made of astrakhan, muton, sable, arctic fox and fox.

For example, the original astrakhan fur coats from a little curly and short wool look very elegant. They do not add volume, more resemble elegant coats, and warm no worse than a mink coat.

More similar to mink coats, fur products made from the skins of a mouton and sable. Lovers of more voluminous models should pay attention to the fox and fox fur coats.

No different luxury - fashionable faux fur coats

Fur coats from faux fur 2018-2019 can also be beautiful and chic in appearance. Moreover, in the new season the popularity of piece fur coats has reached incredible demand and not only because of the more affordable price.

Thanks to modern technology, piece eco-fur has become more wear-resistant, diverse, and most closely resembling natural fur.

Long, short, colored fur in different textures and combinations allows you to create unique and beautiful models of fashionable fur coats 2018-2019.

If you are a fierce defender of animals or you just feel sorry for furry animals, feel free to choose beautiful fur coats made of faux fur.

This fashionable colored fur coats and coats, jackets and jackets, vests and long fur coats - there really is a choice.

Fashionable colors of fur coats for fall-winter 2015-2016

If last season bright colors are relevant, then in the coming season more subdued and restrained colors will prevail. The most popular colors include:

  • Chocolate,
  • Caramel,
  • Beige,
  • Turquoise,
  • Milky white,
  • Steel,
  • Saturated gray.

Fashionable fur coats for fall-winter 2015-2016

Despite the fact that fur coats made of faux fur are much cheaper, the natural equivalent has much more advantages: it warms better, looks great, and lasts longer. That is why fashionable fur coats and coats of 2015-2016 presented at fashion shows are made of natural fur, and not of artificial material. The advantage of this season has won the following fur: arctic fox, mink, fox, sable and muton.

They were involved in the production of expensive fur coats 2015-2016, and for more democratic designers used the fur goat, rabbit and pony fluff. If we talk about silhouettes, then they have the advantage - trapezoidal and X-shaped. And in order to make the 2015-2016 fur coat a real “business card”, stylists-image-makers recommend emphasizing a thin waist with a leather belt or strap. A slightly casual look is welcome, - a baggy shape, a wide-open fur coat, etc.

Trend season autumn-winter 2015-2016

The trend of the cold season 2015-2016 will be white fur coats. The styles of fur coats can be very different, but the main thing is that they should be made exactly in white. Also relevant will be black fur coats. If such models seem to you very boring, in this case, we recommend to opt for black and white fur coats.

Pastel is also on the list of popular colors of this year. Beige color of fur coats, especially with a touch of gold will be very useful. Also beige gray will be popular. The furs of light shades include gray, sapphire and iris.

Retro fur coats are back in fashion 2015-2016

Podiums of fashion houses again filled fur coats in retro style. Not only classic, but also profitable design elements. First of all, the models appreciate laconicism and simple at times, skillfully emphasizing the figure. In place of the traditional shades comes brightness. New is the trend in the world of fur coats - coloring "under the jeans." The combination of black, gray and blue colors is quite relevant in this season.

Shaggy coats fall-winter 2015-2016

In the world of fashion for fur coats, the fashion trend of 2015-2016 will undoubtedly be original shades and shaggy fur. Marni and VFiles in their latest collections presented models in the form of a snowman. If you give preference to such fur coats, then you simply can not go unnoticed in them. In addition to its originality, the pleasant fur will give you comfort and lightness. Fur coats of both pastel and bright colors will be popular.

With the help of white coats in the winter of 2015-2016, you can create very stylish images. Fashion brand Ralph Lauren managed to create truly excellent models of fur coats. Fluffy and pleasant to the touch coats cause pleasant admiration for women, they seem to immerse the fantastic world. Shaggy coats not only pleasantly surprised, but also help protect you from cold weather outside. If you want to take a walk in such a fur coat, then even a severe frost will not prevent you from doing so.

Stylish long fur coat for fall-winter 2015-2016

The most relevant length of fur coats will be exactly the maxi length. Longer models of fur coats will become the main trend of the coming season. Wearing such a coat you will acquire a certain status, besides, in such outerwear you will look very elegant and simply elegant in any situation. These coats are better to choose monochromatic colors.

Fur coats without zipper autumn-winter 2015-2016

Fur coats 2015-2016 not having a fastener are more suitable for those who want to flaunt in a beautiful fur coat not only in winter, but also in a windy autumn. They can say "substitutes" for jackets, coats and coats. Particularly interesting is the model from Christopher Kane - straightforward style and non-standard length emphasize the "frivolity" of the fur coat of 2014-2015. In this coat you can walk in a cold autumn, but certainly not in the frosty winter. Похожие по стилю шубы 2015-2016 можно увидеть и в коллекциях DSquared2, Giorgio Armani, Dolce&Gabbana, Blumarine и других, не менее известных брендов. Кстати, некоторые из них компенсируют отсутствие застежки поясом.

Шубы из стриженного меха осень-зима 2015-2016

Для тех, кому по душе опрятные и элегантные шубы, дизайнеры предлагают шубы из стриженного меха. Самые интересные интерпретации были представлены в коллекциях — Calvin Klein, Angelo Marani, Louis Vuitton. В первом случае, модная марка представила белоснежную шубку с выстриженными линиями, что позволило визуально создать 3-D эффект. The design of the second fur coat involved relief embellishment and various color experiments. Well, Louis Vuitton offered a simpler option - horizontal stripes cut along the surface and the emblem LV.

Fashion coats fall-winter 2015-2016

Women who have practicality and comfort in the foreground are more likely to prefer a comfortable and light short fur coat of short or medium length to a smart fur coat. Perhaps this is correct, because it is much easier to move around the crowded streets of the city, drive a car, and even ride a bus — an indispensable item in the autumn-winter wardrobe. A variety of models of coats from famous designers, brands and brands, not just make lick and tempt. Especially mink coats from Roberto Cavalli and Blugirl.

What furs will be fashionable in the winter of 2015-2016

On the fashionable fur should separately focus on. In the collections of couturiers you can find artificial and natural items of outerwear. This winter will be relevant bulk and long-haired fur. These furs include fox, arctic fox, and faux fur.

To create fashionable fur coats of the cold season 2015-2016, fashion designers decided to use types of fur with a short and dense pile, which allow you to roam the imagination. This is primarily a natural and artificial muton. Natural sable and mink will always be very fashionable, designers prefer the North American skins, because they have a thick undercoat and a short guard hair. Such fur is thick and matte, similar to velvet and looks very noble and expensive.