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The most fashionable hairstyles for men 2018 - 2019


Modern men look after themselves and fashion. They often know about the novelties of the cosmetic industry and try to look elegant and elegant. Metrosexuals in the correct sense of the word are considered to be almost the standard of the modern representative of the strong half of humanity. After all, the days when the natural, and not always pleasant smell and worn working things were common, have passed.

Much attention is paid to men hair. Only a highly skilled craftsman is able to give them the correct shape and well-groomed appearance, especially when it comes to popular Canadian haircuts. It became fashionable back in the 70s in the Soviet Union, when hockey players from Canada came to the country to the Olympics.

For a long time, this hairstyle could be seen in many Hollywood stars, singers and even politicians. She is very fond of the young singer Justin Bieber, as well as the players Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham.

Best male haircut

Canadian is considered a classic hairdressing. A skilled master can create this masterpiece in minutes. This men's haircut is comfortable to wear at any time of the year, because it is short enough so that the scalp is not steamed under the weight of lush hair, but at the same time, not too short for the classic version. This makes it possible to supplement it with the business image of those men who are forced to look solid in the hot season.

This type of hair has no age limit, so if we consider the question of who it suits, the answer will be unequivocal - everything, from kids to older men. The only thing to consider is the shape of the face.

Those who have smooth lines (round, oval) predominate can be safely sent to the hairdresser, but for men with clearer contours (square shape) it is better to refuse such experiments, because a large amount will stretch the face even more.

How to make a haircut?

The main feature of the canadian - in a large volume of hair in the forehead and front of the head, while the back of the head and the temples are made significantly shorter. Transitions from thicker to less dense should be done smoothly. To achieve this effect, the master uses scissors as often as possible.

Canadian can have two varieties - the classic and sports version, which have a difference in performance technology.

Performing the classic version of the Canadian, it is necessary to adhere to several stages:

  1. Comb and evenly wet hair, making partings along the entire length.
  2. Make a parting in the region of the crown, raise a thick strand that should be cut at a distance of 3 cm from the head. All subsequent strands should be trimmed in the same way, trimming them with the main strand.
  3. To transition to the temples were smooth, you must use different nozzles machines. For this type of haircut is best to make oblique temples, which should be at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the main hair strand.
  4. The last stage - filing the tips of the hair.

The sports version of the Canadian is very convenient for those who are engaged in active sports or do not like to devote much time to hair care. This haircut is done with the help of a typewriter on a pre-washed head. Her performance is somewhat different from the hairstyle that is made with scissors:

  1. The temporal parts are cleaned with a machine with a nozzle of 3 mm, and if necessary, adjusted with a nozzle of 1 mm.
  2. The hair on the back of the head is clipped, starting at the bottom, following the smooth transition at the level of the ears and the neck.
  3. For the top it is better to use scissors because of the peculiarity of the structure of the hair (at the top of the head it is more rigid).

How to pack your hair?

In the photo of famous personalities, you can often see different types of Canadian laying. The most popular way is to comb the strands around the forehead and crown up. For fixing use various gels, varnishes and the hair dryer.

You can also lay your hair to the side. This option to face older men and does not require the use of cosmetics. In the process of cutting, you just need to take into account the side on which the hair will be laid, there the master will do the parting.

Canadian is a fairly diverse and versatile haircut. It will suit both those who are not afraid of change and are ready to experiment with their appearance, and those who want to keep an elegant business look.

Men's hairstyles: some more types of men's haircuts with photos

See photos of fashionable men's hairstyles that are very popular with men.

Men's hairstyle "Boxing" Men's hairstyles with shaved temples Men's hairstyles: halfboxing Hairstyles for men: British Men's Hairstyles: Canadian Hairstyles for men in the style of "Elvis" Men's hairstyles: double Hairstyles for men: bob Men's hairstyles: hedgehog Men's hairstyles: playground Men's hairstyles: Voyage Men's hairstyles - classic

We offer you the most beautiful hairstyles for men of 2018 - 2019, whose photos will tell you which men's hairstyles will be the most relevant and fashionable in this and the following year.

What does Canadian haircut look like? Description

The history of haircuts is rooted in sport. Members of the Canadian hockey team looked so interesting that many people wanted to make an unusual hairstyle after matches. And its name was formed in honor of the country where the athletes came from. The popularity of the Canadian is due to its ability to adapt to almost any type of person, easy to fit and look great. Today it is one of the most popular hairstyles in the world, which film actors, sportsmen and musicians wear with pleasure.

Haircut for a Canadian looks like this: on the forehead and crown is concentrated the main body of hair, which looks magnificent, and the temples, the back of the head and other areas make it shorter. When creating an original hairstyle, hairdressers try to create a transition between a long and well-cut hair bundle with a smooth one. Soft neat contours allow a man to look as elegant as possible. Often, the Canadian is done to boys who study at school - a boring haircut does not fit into the eyes, comes to any dress code, does not interfere during study, but helps to stand out.

What kind of men are Canadian haircut

It is safe to call a Canadian a universal male haircut, because it is suitable for any age: the boys look older with her, the men are more elegant, the elderly - more energetic. In addition, its unique feature is that the hairstyle emphasizes any face shape, making the features more manly and expressive. Some rules for the implementation of the Canadian are still there, but they are few. Features create an interesting hairstyle for different face shapes:

  • Rectangular shape. In order for the Canadian to look harmoniously together with a massive chin and angularity, the hair on the forehead and crown of the hair is cut a little shorter than the classic version of the haircut provides, they also make a straight bang.
  • Round and square shape. When performing a canadian for these types of faces, hairdressers try to create a large volume of hair in the upper part of the haircut, so that the shape visually approaches the oval.
  • Extended shape. The Canadian haircut in this case is performed with a longer bang, so that it can be laid on the forehead and make the face visually shorter.
  • Oval shape. It will allow its owners to wear any version of hair.

Types of male haircut Canadian

A beautiful haircut has a canonical scheme of execution, according to which even a novice master can easily trim a man, but over time, besides the classic Canadian, another kind of hairstyle became popular - sporty. It is necessary to choose the type of original styling depending on the shape of the face, preferring the one that will make it more harmonious and balanced.

Classic Canadian

Standard Canadian is a wonderful hairstyle that emphasizes a stylish look. To make a classic styling, the master will operate with scissors, creating a canonical appearance of it: the volume at the top (gradually decreasing from the forehead to the crown) and shortly trimmed temples, the back of the head. Special attention is paid to the smoothness of the lines when doing the haircut, because if the transition is too sharp, the result will be unexpected - the hair style of the “Hitler Youth”.

Sports Canadian

Haircut Canadian fell in love with many men, but due to an active lifestyle, not everyone can wear a voluminous shock of hair on his head. As a consequence, there is another version of hairstyles, which is appreciated by those who build a sports career or do physical activity more than once a week. The so-called sports Canadian is the same haircut, only the hair stylist makes it much shorter, and the neck and temples correct the machine, because it is difficult to achieve the required length with scissors.

The scheme and technology of the haircut

Haircut Canadian can be done at home, if you have patience. To do this, a man should invite his friend or girlfriend, find relevant materials and use the instructions with the scheme. Before you cut a Canadian, you need to prepare a comb, straight sharpened scissors and for thinning, a machine with a nozzle 2 (optional). Read the phased technology, how to make this hairstyle:

  1. Wash hair, dry it well, combing from the top down to the back of the head.
  2. Through the crown, from the right to the left ear, make a horizontal parting. On both sides create two more vertical divisions from the temples.
  3. At the hairline on the forehead, separate a small strand of a width not exceeding one and a half centimeters. Holding it at a right angle, cut off a bunch of hair until there is a length of three centimeters.
  4. Treat the entire parietal part of the head as in step three, aligning the trimmed strands with the first one.
  5. Using the technology of the third step, gently shorten the hair on the lateral temporal parts.
  6. Work on the temples: pull the hair at a 90 degree angle, make a smooth transition from the frontal part to the ears.
  7. Make a parallel parting on the back of the head, dividing the hair into two parts. It should be smooth.
  8. Start working on the upper zone of the occipital lobe: to do this, take a vertical strand of hair that will begin at the upper horizontal parting (you did it at the beginning) to the second (separating the two parts of the back of the head) in the center. Use the technique of "oblique cut": shorten the strand so that the length gradually decreases to the bottom. So shear the rest of the top of the neck.
  9. Work through the lower zone of the neck: here the hair is cut short, gradually disappears. Do not forget that the transition from the top of the head should be smooth. You can easily cut the bottom area with a typewriter, but if not, use scissors, holding them at a small angle at the very bottom and shortening the length right next to the comb. To the top, the angle of inclination should become larger.
  10. Comb your hair. Use thinning scissors to make laying more natural. Trim the hairstyle so that there are no sharp transitions or irregularities anywhere. Haircut Canadian ready!

Video tutorial on creating haircuts Canadian machine

Haircut Canadian is done not only with scissors: an experienced hairdresser will easily create it with an electric machine. The training video, recorded by a professional, will provide an opportunity to learn more about the technique of cutting Canadian, and the process of its implementation more simple and convenient. Igor Sidorov, a hairstylist who has been practicing for a long time, shows step by step how to create neat, unsharp transitions using a typewriter, and then he demonstrates an interesting styling option for a man. Watch the video that will help you easily perform a Canadian by yourself:

Haircut styling options

Hairstyle created by the hands of an experienced master will give a man the opportunity to always look in a new way. There are several basic types of Canadian styling that fit a particular image. So that the classic haircut always looks “fresh”, it is advisable to purchase a gel, hairspray or light mousse. For a sports canadian, it is not necessary to have additional styling products due to the short length. How to stack the canonical version of hair:

  • 1 way. Lightly treat wet hair with mousse, comb up and back slightly using a comb and a hairdryer. For dry hair need styling tools that can create the desired amount - hair spray or gel. With the use of lacquer hair will look more natural, whereas the gel will create a completely uniform array of hair or the "disheveled" option.

  • 2 way. If you need to adjust the elongated shape of the face or there is no time for laying, in the morning, comb the fringe on one of the sides. This option does not require additional funds and looks stylish. Varnish or mousse will be needed when you want to make the haircut look more model.

  • 3 way. In the case when you want something unusual, create an image in the style of Elvis Presley, or "Hipsters" - smooth, combed back hair, fixed by gel, will create a sensation.

  • 4 way - for wavy hair. On the owners of curly strands, the Canadian looks especially interesting. To give it a shape, you need to slightly ruffle your hair or comb it to the side, and fix the result with varnish.

Canadian haircuts photo for men 2018

The relevance of the original haircut is confirmed by time - so far, Canadian is popular both among business people and among artists in the field of art and sports. To emphasize the ability of hairstyles to take different forms, creating unique, stylish images, hairdressers experiment with styling products, cut unusual bangs, decorate short hair on the back of the head or temples with patterns using a typewriter. How to make men's haircuts in 2018, look at the photo:

Styles for male haircuts and types of modern hairstyles

The variety of types of model haircut offers men the opportunity to create any stylish image: classic, sporty, romantic, military or creative. But it will be successful only in the case of an individual and pedantic approach to appearance. In this case, one should make a start not only from the shape of the face, the structure of the hair, but also from the character and lifestyle of the owner of the hairstyle. In this article we will look at the features of men's hairstyles for different hair lengths and find out what the most popular and popular hair salons in beauty salons are called.

Style 1. Classic

Classic men's haircuts are variants with clear, even lines and hair length not exceeding 3-5 cm. Usually they are laid as smoothly as possible, combing up or making a center part. These classic hairstyles include: hedgehog, halfboxing, boxing, playground, Canadian, British and others.

The length of the hair in a classic hairstyle has the ability to vary, it can also change the sequence of processing areas of the head and the division of the hair, although there are characteristic features. Classic male hairstyle implies smooth parting from the side or combed back hair and neat styling. Perfect image is not in the beauty of styling, but in the beauty of the features of cutting.

They say that women like these hairstyles the most. Having picked up this look, it can be combed and laid as it is most like. Haircut "classic" is characterized by straight lines and hair length of not more than five centimeters. Emphasizes aristocracy, but it requires care. Fits perfectly into a business image.

Style 2. Sports

Men's sports hairstyles have long since migrated from the images of athletes to the masses. The simplest haircut - under the machine, where the hair has the same ultrashort length, is called sports. Although this name refers to a huge number of hairstyles that are copied from famous athletes, most often from football players.

Men and boys who prefer clothes in casual style are suitable for sports hairstyles. This type includes haircuts with long hair at the top of the head and short hair below the back of the head. Hot summer sun to fully appreciate the convenience. It is believed that this haircut made popular by the US military in Vietnam. But the image of the military prefer to support not only people in uniform.

Men's athletic hairstyles give the owner courage, brutality and style. Their main target audience - men are determined, hardy, focused. The length of the hairstyle varies from ultra-short (almost naked) to standardly short. Model haircuts of this type go to everyone, except for blondes and those who have scars on their heads.

Style 3. Romantic

Men's hairstyles in a romantic style are possible only on medium-length hair. You can stack them in different ways: smoothly combed or create light negligence. They are supplemented, as a rule, by long bangs, which can be oblique or straight. A vivid example of their owners - people are thin, dreamy, with a creative kind.

Любовь — именно она владеет мужчиной, выбравшим романтический стиль. Это привилегия юношей и молодых людей, которые ищут свою половинку. Длинные волосы обязательное условие для сознания романтического образа. «Романтика» — это обычно волосы средней длины. Они характеризуют людей творческих, тонких, с мягким характером. Основное их преимущество – возможность разнообразной укладки. Such haircuts look particularly impressive on thick and wavy hair.

Style 4. Military

Short and very short hair are classified as "military". Such hairstyles can be created from hair of any length, its peculiarity is deliberate negligence, military hairstyle does not require care. A man creates an image of a man who has just returned from a military campaign. He is characterized by a slight unshaven, imperiousness and experience in his gaze, fatigue and measured movements.

Haircut first appeared during the “war of independence”, since military has remained a constant attribute not only of soldiers, but also of peaceful life. The soldier’s readiness to protect his loved ones does not leave women indifferent, and men are ready to conform to the image.

Most often, army haircuts are worn by men of young and middle age, while service in the armed forces is not a must. Brutality to face and athletes, and fashionistas. Military hairstyles require minimal care.

Style 5. Creative

When the imagination of the master and the client goes beyond the ordinary, a hairstyle in the style of "creative" appears. The options for creative hairstyles are many, only the fantasy of a hairdresser and the readiness of a man to defy everyday life will stop the impulse.

Creative haircut can be:

  • Short haircut with shaved symbols, hieroglyphs, stripes and lightning,
  • Chaotic styling of long hair, Iroquois and bangs sticking out in different directions,
  • Haircut with the addition of colors - from causing bright across the head, to highlighting the individual strands,
  • Any hairstyle that will make passers-by turn.

Men's fashion hairstyles of the creative type are exclusive, original and glamorous. As a rule, these are asymmetrical variants with different lengths of hair, non-standard bangs, color and other unexpected solutions.

Their main audience is men under 30 years old. However, it should be borne in mind that such a call, as if it did not look chaotically, requires careful care. Long hair should be regularly styled, and embossed places very quickly overgrown.

The number of varieties of male hairstyles is now almost the same as that of women. Any modern man who stares at his appearance, finds his own type of hair. Fashionable men's short haircuts are suitable for any type of person, regardless of the type of hair.

A very popular hairstyle that is found among many celebrities is a “hedgehog” with sharp strands. The hair is trimmed with a hedgehog, and the front remains elongated and stacked spikes.

Hairstyle "false mohawk" is also very popular. It is suitable for those who want to show a sense of style and fashion. The essence of this hairstyle is that the hair from the sides is combed upwards and a sharp top is formed from them. The advantage of the "false Iroquois" is that it can be worn both in an informal setting and during working hours.

A business-like approach to solving problems, the ability to appreciate the beauty of being, an insatiable desire to break out of the routine - different types of men's haircuts are able to broadcast to those around them those or other priorities. A businessman is used to clear and clearly set installations - a well-defined hairstyle, where there is nothing superfluous, is ideal for him.

A dreamy romantic will appreciate strands falling on his face in the form of elongated bangs - a sort of mystery and understatement. And the one who does not sit in one place will put practicality at the forefront - he is shorter in length.

Men's haircuts: names and photos of men's haircuts

Choosing a hairstyle for your lifestyle, it is important to do this adjusted to the shape of the face. And if for the female half, the oval is the ideal to which all haircuts and hairstyles aspire to, then with men everything is somewhat different. The square of the correct form - this is the gold standard, to which you need to bring all the visual images. Choosing stylish men's haircuts, it is necessary to take into account the role of a man's activity, because not all will suit the same types of men's haircuts. So, creative and active young people may prefer longer male haircuts, but business and busy men - on the contrary, they will choose for themselves classic and short male haircuts.

Classic men's haircuts out of fashion, but today they will not surprise anyone. In short, everyone will find a haircut that can sound in unison with their lifestyle. And the following options will help those who have not had time to figure out or want to refresh their image of a new hairstyle.

Classic men's haircut

Not all men have the opportunity to vary their image. Undoubtedly, you can choose one of the dozens of existing models of hair, but the most popular and popular is the classic men's haircut. Classic haircuts are characterized by clear geometric lines and medium hair length.

Classics are always out of time and rules - it is universal in time, place and that with which it should be combined. Classic men's haircut is the best way to illustrate this fact: it suits absolutely any representative of the strong half, does not depend on fashion and the age of its owner.

Men's haircut machine

Model men's haircut machine must be individualized, as the shape of the face, the skull of each young man is different, therefore, in addition to fashion trends, you must take into account all the slightest nuances of appearance.

Every man, sooner or later, decides to change his style or some detail of appearance. And most often hair becomes such an element. For dramatic changes is perfect male haircut machine.

Haircut "Tennis" - neatness and sophisticated taste

Haircut tennis is another version of versatile comfortable haircuts for men. It has several varieties. Looks great both on young guys, and on men in age with any facial contour and hair type. Often you do not know what you would like to see on your head. The perfect solution to this problem can be a haircut tennis. Virtually no factors influence it: neither appearance, nor age, nor style.

Boxing - easy, neat, comfortable

Its structure is shaved or short-cut temples and the lower zone of the occiput with an elongated top. When choosing such a hairstyle you can save yourself from the problem of sweating of the head, with it you will be very comfortable to wash it. The typical boxer is the world famous Brad Pitt.

A handsome man is confident, slightly bold, independent and self-confident. These features help to give the appearance of men's haircut box - the choice of true gentlemen, which is the epitome of style and convenience, is characterized by minimally short hair, neat outlines and clear lines.

Haircut boxing appeared in modern life, thanks to the eponymous sport, and, at first, was popular only among athletes. However, the convenient structure of the hairstyle, stylish look made her a name, and she went to conquer the men's hearts of the whole world. His appearance haircut boxing is obliged to one very masculine sport, and as it is not difficult to guess - this is boxing. It was the athletes who were the first to wear this hairstyle.

Halfboxing - both stylish and solid

Extended subspecies haircut box. At the temples and behind the hair is slightly shorter than in the parietal zone, and the edging runs along the back of the head. Haircuts are often preferred by young boys who like to look stylish. Polubox is a classic version. The great football player Cristiano Ronaldo himself prefers this comfortable hairstyle.

In the photo of male haircut box, you can see the direct visual illustration of this type of hair. Men's haircut box has a sports origin, as you might guess from its name. The main feature of the haircut is a length not exceeding 4 cm and not less than 3 centimeters. Where the master strands leave, the length reaches 8 cm. The technology for cutting the semi-boxes is not complex, so you can do it yourself. Cut need washed and dried hair.

Briton - the unique charm of the classics

Haircut for young, energetic, stylish, self-confident men. It is characterized by a short cropped neck and hair of sufficient length at the top of the head. She definitely does not fit forever busy and sloths, as it requires at least minimal daily care. It is convenient, practical and easily gives in to any kinds of laying.

Want to call admiring glances from others and be especially attractive in the eyes of the fair sex? Then it will suit you "British". Men's haircut in this style was performed in the middle of the last century.

The British or undercard is related to Canadian. In the British use scissors, in the Canadian - a typewriter. Externally, the Briton differs little from the Canadian. The strands in the region of the vertex and crown are longer than on the back of the head and on the sides. This makes the face more elongated.

Haircut Bob - a special charm for special men

Haircut bob became male, but it can hardly be attributed to the classic. Classical execution is made on strands of medium length. The back of the head is lush, and artistic disorder is attached to the bangs and curls on the temporal region. In this case, the front curls are trimmed along the side and casually fall on the forehead.

Looking bob is always attractive and sexy. Due to the presence of careless facial hair, the man becomes refined. Bob, like any male haircut of medium length, requires more frequent washing of the hair and special careful care of them. They must have a healthy look so that this non-standard male hairstyle emphasizes their beauty.

Canadian - haircut for any man

Its original look is sure to emphasize the impeccable taste of its carrier. Canadian is a haircut that allows you to perform interesting styling, perfect for a party, business meeting or a romantic dinner. Haircut Canadian is included in the ranking of the most popular men's haircuts in the world. Some argue that it is the most common, but most likely it is not so, but boxing and halfboxes hold the lead.

Canadian is very universal and can be an element of the student image, and military, and business. It is convenient, practical and easily gives in to any kinds of laying. She will be able to perform the master, who owns the basic techniques of cutting in any salon. Haircut Canadian has no age. It is suitable for both middle-aged men and young people and children.

Haircut "Hedgehog" - men's sports classics

The hairstyle is not difficult both in performance, and in leaving. In addition, quite versatile. Short suit bold, open, confident men. And the elongated hedgehog is able to hide some of the flaws in appearance: to correct the shape of the head, to cover the unevenness of the skull. “Hedgehog” is a men's sports haircut, which is preferred by young people.

Haircut gives the image of masculinity and self-confidence. This men's hairstyle is quite simple and comfortable. With the help of mousse and some hairdressing skills, sticking hair can be turned into a stylish style. Classic haircut "Hedgehog" - is the lack of flat areas and rectangular transitions from the temporal to the parietal region of the head.

Haircut "Bobrik" - practical elegance

Short haircut Bobrik refers to sports hairstyles. Its silhouette resembles Kara, but at the temples the hair in relation to the Site at the top is cut at an angle.

Men's haircut Bobrik suggests short cutting of the temples and the back of the head. At the same time, relatively long strands remain in the fringe zone, a little shorter in the vertex zone. Thanks to this solution, a flat platform is formed at the top of the head. Visually reduces the head, makes the image rough. More suitable for owners of sophisticated features.

Men's haircut with shaved temples

If you are ready to properly care for your male hairstyle with shaved temples, then you can safely experiment, because after just a couple of weeks, shaved temples begin to grow, and a visit to the hairdresser is inevitable again. Men's haircuts with shaved temples - an element of the individual style of those who do not accept monotony.

Only an experienced stylist will tell you the types of haircuts, give recommendations on how to choose a hairstyle depending on the shape of the head, the type of face and the quality of the hair. A haircut with shaved sides is associated with a bold, courageous, eccentric gangster image. And in the 20s of the century of the past, and today, men choose the same hairstyle, balancing between elegance and aggressiveness.

Haircut "Sagittarius" - the perfect haircut on the sign of the zodiac

Most males prefer short haircuts due to their convenience. No exception was the male hairstyle archer, which also conquered many guys with its simplicity. Its main criterion is high side parting with elongated bangs.

A special effect and volume will help add shading of the hair. Hair of this type of haircut should be the same length, and the temple - in the form of a sharp corner. The peculiarity of the haircut Archer for men is that the shape of the hairstyle is modeled with the use of highly spaced side parting and elongated side bangs. The ear opens, the temple is cut short along an oblique line. Men's hairstyle Sagittarius is suitable for men with any face shape and any hair structure.

Hairstyle in the style of "Grunge" - rebelliousness and audacity in fashion again

Today, the trend again men's haircut in a defiant grunge style. Chaotic hairstyle, disheveled strands expressively emphasize the advantages of eccentric natures. Men's haircut "grunge" relevant among young and young. This is a reflection of modern "rock" culture. Rebellious styling, highlighting male sexuality, combined with the image of a business person, with the style of "Casual".

Appropriate look in any situation, in the office, at the reception, in a nightclub. The main task of men's haircuts in the grunge style is to emphasize the individuality of a person, thereby distinguishing him from the crowd. Such images are mainly chosen by men of creative professions - designers, musicians, photographers, people associated with the world of art, who can afford not to adhere to the dress code and express themselves with the help of their appearance.

Hairstyle in the style of "Elvis" - the famous haircut of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is truly considered a trendsetter. On the sides, the hair is shortened with the help of a typewriter or scissors to a minimum, and long strands remain on the crown, which, if desired, can be formed in the form of a bang, dropping down or lifted from the forehead. Fixed such a haircut with a gel or spray. Model men's haircut Elvis is recognized by long curls on top, which are shortened to the bottom. Combining styling with Elvis Presley with certain clothes.

Men's haircut "Playground" - elegant simplicity of charisma

A classic haircut area can not be confused with any other. Horizontal flat plane on the head looks very unusual. Men's haircut area, which is differently called the square, is characterized by short hair length - about 4-5 cm. At the same time, the hair on the section from the forehead line to the top of the head forms a strictly horizontal surface. And the hair of the lower zones are reduced to "no".

Men's haircut playground looks spectacular and gives manliness. This is an ageless classic, so it does not go out of fashion. The hairstyle is easily recognizable by the form: the hair at the temples and the back of the head is cut short, and at the crown, the average length is cut as a flat area.

Haircut "Voyage" - fashionable men's hairstyle

Men's hairstyles "voyage" - are made with straight thinning shears. Usually on a long hair. "Voyage" has the appearance of a voluminous hairstyle at the top of the head, and short hair comes from below. The cut line should clearly stand out.

Men's haircut Voyage suggests the volume at the crown, smoothly or abruptly switching to shorter hair at the temples and the back of the head. This haircut is more suitable for young boys, mature men, it is not very suitable, as it gives some naivety and softness.

Military (Military Style) - concise image of a real man

The main trend of this year is the military hairstyle or military haircut, creating a concise, courageous image of a real soldier, hero. Military style has no clear boundaries.

Here you can find haircuts of various lengths and shapes. They are united by such common features, such as severity, tidiness, a minimum of time for leaving, maximum convenience. This haircut is performed by both very young and quite mature people. Not very beautiful, it will look on men of slim build. Going military haircut into civilian fashion means only one thing: such hairstyles create style.

Cap - male creative haircut

Men's haircut hat in the people is often called "haircut under the pot." This phrase immediately evokes the image of a rustic Russian guy in a canvas shirt and sandals. However, modern men's haircut cap has little to do with this hairstyle. Hairdressers strive to maintain the rounded shape of the model, but always give it a stylish look.

In the original, its appearance is really quite simple and even a bit outdated. Но благодаря новым тенденциям, веяниям и неординарным взглядам «шапочка» снова возвращается в моду в новых впечатляющих вариантах. Прическа шапочка подойдёт любому типу волос.

Ее можно делать, как на кудри, так и на ровные пряди. Смотреться при этом она будет по-разному. На кудрях она будет смотреться слегка растрепано. Выгодней всего такую стрижку делать мужчинам с редкими и тонкими прядями. Она визуально придаст объема. Стрижка шапочка настолько востребована благодаря аккуратному внешнему виду.

Romantic haircut - a romantic style of creative personality

Men's haircuts for long hair are not too popular in our country. However, now the trend is beginning to change, and more and more men are trying to emphasize their individuality with the help of stylish and fashionable elongated hairstyles. Romantic image is obtained if the hair has an average length. In this case, it becomes possible to add long bangs to the men's hairstyle. Men's haircuts in the style of Romance require special care - styling, regular correction.

However, the result will justify the effort, because this haircut stands out with its soft outlines and deliberate negligence. Such a haircut for a man is suitable if he is a real romantic or a creative person. Smoothly combed hair creates an image of a very intelligent man.

The desire of men to maintain hair in a well-groomed condition is growing, so the fashion for men's hairstyles changes every season. This year's classic men's haircut is popular. Fashion designers offer new images that help express individuality. Most men prefer short haircuts that characterize masculinity, with simple, timeless daily styling. The selection takes into account age, activity and taste.

Classic men's styling does not age, different restraint, tidiness, smooth lines and simplicity. They are universal, suitable for both businessmen and representatives of creative professions. Classic model men's haircuts are created by a hairdresser, taking into account the wishes of the client, the shape of the face and head. The base is considered to be a regular haircut for short hair, in which the master brings the elements. This may be a shaved pattern on the back of the head or side, a “tail” pattern or patterns.

Consider your own lifestyle, your own profession and your age, if you need a model classic male haircut, view the photo. An extravagant hairstyle will decorate for example representatives of some creative professions, but for conservatives it is better to choose a classic simple hairstyle. Consider the structure of your hair, your type of face, which directly affect the choice of haircut. Before you begin, talk to an experienced stylist.

Probably, no haircut looks so luxurious as a classic male haircut. Choose a classic style and you will not lose. This image will suit any man. It is important that properly selected men's haircuts are practical and do not require long styling, but rather are comfortable and convenient. Every person needs to take care of their appearance. Women are not attracted to untidy and sloppy men. Looking at a stylish and well-groomed gentleman, the lady associates with reliability, strength of will and high social status at that time.

Fashion trends

Hairdressers offer a huge variety of haircuts in the new season. The main conditions - grooming and naturalness.

Fervent fashion trends 2018 - 2019 in the style of “Grunge” continue to rule the ball: in a trend the shortened length at the temples and playful bangs. So a haircut that Justin Bieber has once loved for several seasons has not gone out of fashion.

Boxing and semi-boxes remain the top performers of short hair. No less popular are the hedgehog or haircut for a typewriter: in combination with a short beard, such an image makes a man a brutal rebel.

As well as 50 years ago, haircuts with parting for short hair are in demand. This style is recommended for business people who want to keep up with the times.

In addition to the classics, stylish men's haircuts include mohawk and variations with color. You can get acquainted with fashion trends in color in the article about fashionable hair color.

“Tomboy”, shaved patterns on the temples and TopKnot remain in the run.

For teens

Youth is the time of discovery and search for oneself. A great way to experiment in school and college years is to get a new hairstyle.

What are they, youth men's fashion haircuts 2018 - 2019 for teenagers? Now more than ever, any variations on the subject of people are popular. This and “Gavrosh” (with long hair in front, behind and on top), and short-cropped temples. Haircut “Elvis” (it's “Pompadour”) has returned to fashion, with short temples and characteristic tuft.

Bang is the main fashion trend in women's fashion. You can see the options in the article about haircuts with bangs 2018 - 2019.

Long hair is still an effective way for teens to show themselves to the world. Hairdressers recommend to pay attention to the double square. Haircut "Polka" would be the best option for those who decided to get rid of short hair, but not ready for semi-box or hedgehog.

For elegant men

Classic tends to stay fashionable.Therefore, stylists offer elegant men a neat haircut with a short, banged sideways. Minimum cost with maximum effect.

Hairstyle with side parting for a short length, which came to us from the forties, fits perfectly into the casual image of a serious business man. No less popular is the above-described “British” haircut.

A more risky option - haircut "Caesar". She inherited from us the great commander and, to match him, is designed to show the severity and determination of his owner. Relevant time-tested haircut “Princeton”. Classic, easy styling, nice appearance - hair will not leave indifferent practical and at the same time neat representatives of the stronger sex.

Photos and names of male haircuts

The number of fashionable solutions offered by stylists is increasing every year. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of all the new items and remember their names. To save your time, we chose the most relevant, stylish options of recent years and supplemented them with photos:

The face of each person individually and requires a special approach. Different hairstyles are suitable for different types of faces, and what looks perfect on a picture in a glossy magazine has every chance not to suit you specifically.

We offer to watch the video, clearly demonstrating how these or other haircuts look on models live:

On medium hair

The haircuts made on strands of average length allow to hide the most various defects, defects of the face and head. For owners of medium-length hair, hairdressers recommend looking at style “Mr. Cool”. The hairstyle appeared in 2014, but enjoys deserved popularity among fashionable solutions to this day.

In the trend of this year, curls and curls, the optimal length of medium hair has grown to the level of the tip of the nose. Easy hair coloring in combination with tattered ends will give the desired effect of naturalness. Additionally, we recommend to familiarize yourself with the article fashionable hair coloring.

A graduated quad on medium hair is recommended for owners of slightly curly hair. Treats universal type of hairstyles, allows to try different types of laying. There are two versions: with a parting and without.

And of course, do not forget about the good old “Grunge”: on average length, it looks even more advantageous.

The average hair length remains in fashion for women. Additionally, we recommend to familiarize yourself with the article fashionable women's haircuts for medium hair.

With shaved temples

Shaved whiskey in the fashion world brought David Beckham. Today, this trend appears in most variants of men's haircuts. Anderkaty, boxes and grunge coexist perfectly with his temples cut under zero.

The Mohawk began to play with other colors: now it is hair not sticking out in all directions, but a smooth transition to a neatly laid wave along the length of the head. The name hairstyle changed to “kwiff”.

For a round face, a haircut with shaved temples is a real salvation. She visually “pulls” the face and emphasizes its expressiveness.

Remember that shaved whiskey - it is now also a canvas for a hairdresser. Shaving all sorts of pictures guaranteed will not leave you without attention of others.

With parted

This is not the first season of the highlight of a haircut adds such a simple thing as a parting.

It is divided into several types:

Classic hairstyles with side parting are perfect for business and strict style or sports brutal. Attention worthy haircut "Tennis" with any parting, elongated strands and shortened or shaved temples. Classic halfbox does not go away from trends.

Shortened "Canadian" - The hit of the season for part lovers. With the correct processing of temples an ordinary machine copes well. If you are the owner of a lush mustache, experts advise to choose a ultra-short haircut with a clear parting on the side and smoothed bangs. Retro has never been so popular.

Curly hair

Men with curly hair, not versed in the choice of styles of hairstyles. With violent curls difficult to work, even harder - to give them shape.

Stylists recommend a closer look at the classic romantic haircut, with slightly elongated hair.

Bob or quads look great: they give their owners masculinity. Model haircuts help calm the lush hair, retaining the playful notes with bangs.

Those who wish to risk the hairdressers advise to turn to a clear box, leaving only a long curly fringe. It looks extremely impressive and bold.

An interesting option - hair, laid in an emphasized stylish mess with the preservation of length.
Highlighted cheekbones perfectly emphasize asymmetrical wavy bangs.

Stylists suggest looking for something fundamentally new in Korean version, a little repeating the direction of emo and offering to make curls a little disheveled.


The most win-win options for haircuts for long hair - Man bun. Classic tail where the hair is collected in a bun at the crown. Direct relative of Meng Ban - TopKnot. Keeping the principle of the bun at the top, hairdressers shave off the whiskey and all the hair from the bottom of the head.

The main trend of long hair remains maximum naturalness. Stylists strongly recommend not to complicate the image of complex styling. Combed back strands, fixed mousse or varnish - the most optimal solution.

Cascade - Another type of haircut, painted in the tops. Hair perfectly masks all the flaws of the face. Experts say that this image emphasizes the romanticism and elegance of a man.

Cascade - actual haircut for women. We recommend to familiarize with the article women's haircuts for long hair.

Remember: long hair is not recommended for men who do not have thick hair.

Owners of thick facial hair have two ways: long hair or cheeky shaven temples. The ability to properly combine a haircut with a beard will turn any man into a real macho.

Hairdressers are inspired by the images of the Vikings and advised to wear a beard with either Meng Ban or boxing. Do not forget about the classic version with a hedgehog and a neat little beard.

But the main trend of the current season is the Crop haircut. A characteristic feature is the ragged texture of the strands: the hair at the back and sides are cut short, and at the top they maintain an optimal length. Strands are combed forward or laid to the side, depending on the length.

Bangs has an amazing quality to transform the face. This year, stylists offer several different hairstyles with bangs, depending on its length, type and styling.

  • Bangs laid on the side with a parting, creates a business and fashionable image. Esteperate with volume and enjoy completely different results.
  • Disheveled the appearance of a bang will give the image relaxation, breathe naturalness and lightness into it.
  • For the brave guys fit option with bangs raised upstairs This styling will add the image of audacity.
  • Owners of long strands are advised to split the bangs into parting, that will frame your face with strands and thereby make it younger.
  • Oblique the bang will suit natures romantic and refined.

Do not overdo the length - and the image of a sensually tender guy will not leave indifferent any girl.

With a bald spot

For men who are confronted with alopecia, hairdressers recommend shortening the hair at the temples as much as possible, allowing them to grow together with sideburns and a beard. Then the hairline will not be evident, and a haircut will add volume to the hair.

Slightly elongated bangs, raised to the top and sideways, distract attention from the problem area and create "Bohemian" view. From season to season goes classic haircut in style Ivy League. Without giving out the hairline, it perfectly copes with the problem of bald patches.

The so-called “creative mess” successfully fights with a lack of hair on the head. Tousle your hair with a gel and give yourself a little bit of brutality. Those who do not want to say goodbye to the length, we advise to pay attention to textured haircut: different levels of length create the illusion of volume and density.

For moderately long hair fit back hair fit. This is a good way to hide the bald patch at the top of the head, and in the area of ​​the forehead a slight rise and brush back will give solidity to the appearance.

Fashionable men's haircut "Tennis" 2018-2019. A photo

Men's haircut Tennis is more like the most familiar among our men. For this reason, it is recommended for those who wish to conform to a fashionable, but more classic image.

The details corresponding to the style of 2018 include:

  • neatly clipped top
  • missing bang,
  • bare but not shaved temples.

This haircut can have an individual top shape corresponding to the type of appearance of a man. But these additions should not be too bright. Trimming temples should also be neatly, without fanaticism, exposing the skin.

Fashionable men's haircut "Boxing" 2018-2019. A photo

Boxing is one of the most popular men's haircuts for the current year. It is more attributed to the youth style, but it can be recommended for older men who want to look younger. This is allowed and even appreciated. For all representatives of the strong half of humanity, designers have decent blanks.

To use boxing in the image has its limitations:

  • hairstyle visually rounds the face and is not very suitable for full men,
  • emphasize thinness
  • suitable mainly for owners of an oval face.

Boxing is another way to choose a trendy classic hairstyle with personal options. It is perfect if you have thin hair of medium thickness. Stylists do not recommend Boxing to owners of rare hair.

Fashionable men's haircut "Military" 2018-2019. A photo

Military is a fashionable style in the image and clothing. We recommend to choose a similar hairstyle, if you are inherent determination, the ability to solve problems, if you do not accept female softness. Military is a variation of traditional boxing. Initially, this form was formed under the influence of requirements for the military. In general, this image is more convenient for physical activity, while creating a pleasant courageous image of its owner during any social events.

This year, the following trend elements emerged:

  • neat shape
  • characteristic elements of traditional hairstyle,
  • there can be individual solutions for clipping the crown: with a longer bang, with elements of asymmetry and complex shape.

Military model of the 2018-2019 year is a discreet sporty style, ideal for the military. Unless you yourself do not belong to the elite units, which allowed everything.

Fashionable men's haircut "Playground" 2018-2019. A photo

2018-2019 year is rich in novelties in men's hairstyles. Fashion trend touched and popular among men hairstyles Playground. It can be seen in many athletic folded members of the strong half of humanity.

If you attribute yourself to them, pay attention to the features of this image:

  • This year's hairstyle Playground has become more neat. You need to cut it, giving importance to the holistic image of a man,
  • This image is recommended for business style,
  • a haircut can be complemented by fashionable elements, neatly shaved at the back of the head.

The platform is suitable for those men who want to look trendy in the classical tradition.

Fashionable men's haircut "Poluboks" 2018-2019 year

One unique quality is characteristic of Polubox, the haircut can be made with varying degrees of glamor.

The style of performance can be chosen depending on the image needs of the man:

  • shaven temples are characteristic,
  • the top of the hairstyle implies a hair of considerable length
  • most often performed stylish crest on the head,
  • Holders of longer hair at the crown can make stylish glamorous styling.

Halfbox is considered a classic. He is always on top of fashion trends, it can be seen in the photos of visitors to various social events.

Fashionable men's haircut "Canadian" 2018-2019 year. A photo

Canadian version of the classic hairstyle, with a characteristic raised top. The hairs on the crown usually do not exceed a length of 3-3.5 cm, due to which they form a beautiful standing shape.

This year, the Canadian has become more extravagant and even a bit rough:

  • shaved or clipped temples are in fashion,
  • The top of the head should be trimmed carefully, tracking the shape,
  • practiced styling on men's hair.

Canadian is more suitable for students and young people. This is a youth hairstyle.

Модная мужская стрижка «Британка» 2018-2019 года

Британка – это еще один вариант национальной прически. В 2018-2019 году появились некоторые отличия, делающие консервативное исполнение более динамичным:

  • более выраженная форма вертикального прямоугольника,
  • длинная челка, зачесывающаяся назад,
  • не выбритые или легко выбритые виски.

This type of hairstyle is also considered youth.

Fashionable male haircut "Bob" 2018-2019 year

The bob is a square with a raised head, it can be found among men. Male Bob is performed somewhat differently. It is characterized by a lush top, long enough hair at the crown.

Bob hairstyle 2018-2019 year features:

  • strictly even execution or negligence,
  • the length of the lower hair is selected individually,
  • Asymmetry can be seen on many photo models.

Choose the features of Bob to your taste. It is with this hairstyle, you can create an individual style.

Fashionable men's haircut "Anderkat" 2018-2019 year

Anderkat is considered by some stylists to be a variant of Canadian, therefore, these haircuts have a common execution, but with characteristic differences:

  • Anderkatu has a higher top,
  • they cut the whiskey backwards, the crown upwards with the movement of the machine.

This image is a well-built men.

Romantic male haircut 2018-2019 year

Romantic hairstyle in the 2018-2019 year - a combination of carelessness and extravagance.

  • long bangs are allowed,
  • hair styled with creative carelessness.

Romance this season is synonymous with freedom.

Fashionable men's haircut "Grunge" 2018-2019. Youth

Male Grunge is a choice for men who combine elegance with brutality. This hairstyle is very popular in Italy and Spain.

  • long bangs
  • neatly clipped temples with long enough hair,
  • It is allowed to lay the bangs by curling.

Grunge is perfect for curly hair.

Fashionable men's haircut 2018-2019 with shaved temples

Shaved temples are the main trend of the year 2018-2019, but this haircut is characterized by its individual features:

  • when shaving temples need to keep track of beautiful angles,
  • shaven temples are often complemented by a trimmed nape,
  • allowed various drawings made with the help of a typewriter.

Hairstyles are perfect for the summer. Especially for men engaged in physical labor.

Stylish men's haircut "Elvis" 2018-2019 year

Elvis is a variant of the Pompadour hairstyle. It implies a high, laid bangs. Form may vary.

This hairstyle fits:

  • young men
  • supporting fashionable clothes,
  • owners of beautiful hair that have time for styling.

Despite the female features, a man in the style of Elvis looks stylish and courageous.

Stylish men's haircut "Voyage" 2018-2019

Voyage is a hairstyle with shaved temples and a beautifully clipped head.

It can be called a classic:

  • in 2018-2019, the Voyage became rougher,
  • during the haircut work better whiskey
  • Be sure to use styling products.

You can choose a neat or casual style.

Stylish men's haircut "Hedgehog" 2018-2019

Hedgehog is, as they say, a classic of the genre. This hairstyle has many synonyms, it can be compared with Princeton's haircut, Playground, Military or Caesar. But it is precisely the hedgehog that is peculiar to simplicity.

In 2018-2019, make your haircut more stylish:

  • give shape to the top - a triangle, a square, an oval,
  • cut the whiskey.

Hedgehog is ideal for physically working men at any time of the year.

Stylish men's haircut "Bobrik" 2018-2019

Beaver on the photo of stars in the 2018-2019 year was:

  • more stylish
  • neat
  • restrained and more like a pad.

Do not forget to shave whiskey well.

Stylish men's haircut "Sagittarius" 2018-2019

This year's Sagittarius with magnificent riding became:

The perfect hairstyle for men with soft hair.

Stylish men's haircut machine 2018-2019

Haircut machine should take into account the following features:

  • in fashion shaved whiskey
  • maintain the correct angles
  • Try to create a neat shape.

In general, the fashion trend includes a range of simple stylish hairstyles.

Creative men's haircut "Cap" 2018-2019

Creativity in 2018-2019 is the main trend, so choose one of the key features:

  • long bangs
  • cut whiskey
  • styling
  • sloppy forms.

One of the options will create a fashionable image.