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Ideas for giving your own hands: tips, photo review


Cottage is the place where people go to take a break from the city rush and be alone with nature. And, of course, I want the site to be well-groomed and cozy, because after working in the garden it is so nice to relax and enjoy the beauty around.

These 20 ideas will help everyone to create a paradise on their own piece of land. A couple of them are edited AdMe.ru already noted.

Choosing original ideas for giving

Each owner of the cottage, if desired, can find a lot of different ideas for the design of their site. For the manufacture of most of the scenery will be enough just available tools and minimal cost. And the old, unnecessary furniture and furnishings will further inspire creativity. Often, it would seem useful, it would seem, completely useless and forgotten things. Country designers use everything that comes handy in their work: broken old furniture, unnecessary toys, various bottles and dishes, car tires, remaining building materials and much more.

No dacha design is complete without intricate interesting flower beds. The uniqueness of floral arrangements can be added by dropping them into old containers. It can be barrels, and pans, and even carts. Many gardeners construct various fence for flower beds.

Comfort will always add the original track at their summer cottage. They are made of timber or stone. And the remnants of materials can always be put on the construction of the next composition.

Bottles, plastic jars are especially popular with country designers. Of them it is easy and simple to build many interesting sculptures, ornaments for flower beds, borders. There are no boundaries for fantasy.

Be sure to place at the cottage bird feeder. Children usually like to watch birds. And with the feeder the birds will be a frequent guest at the dacha. It can be made both from a plastic bottle, and from an unnecessary chump, and from rods.

Without much difficulty, you can make a variety of figures that will bring comfort and individuality in the dacha atmosphere. For their manufacture, you can use a variety of design solutions and materials. For example, polymer clay, the remains of polyurethane foam, gypsum and other building materials. One has only to start creative work and it will immediately become clear that there is nothing not possible.


The most popular among scrap materials for crafts are bottles, various plastic jars and boxes. Before starting work, you should definitely consider the details so that the result was really beautiful, and did not resemble a pile of plastic waste.

Plastic bottles are easily cut, it is easy to give the desired shape. And if you cover the result of the work with suitable paints, you get bright, unique decorations for the garden. For example, you can make animal figurines (piglets, cows, bees) or fairytale heroes. Making such decorations, you can unleash your creative potential, and each time crafts will be more and more perfect. With a large amount of unnecessary plastic, not only crafts, but also pieces of furniture are made of it.

If there is a glass cutter among the tools, you can make original pots from glass bottles. Such crafts look very stylish and easily fit into any design. In the same way can be made and stands for candles.

Bottle caps can also be useful for decorating furniture, decorative fences, creating compositions and even curtains. You can also use the containers of toys from chocolate eggs.

The remains of a natural stone perfectly will be suitable for registration of a pond at the dacha. A small pond will bring a unique comfort to the atmosphere of the villa. Around the well will look flower beds, crafts or recreation area. If the pond is big enough, it can be decorated with an interesting bridge.

Every motorist will always have old tires. They can be simply painted and made of them bright bases for flower beds, and you can show imagination and cut out various shapes.

Arrangement of gaming area in the country

Being engaged in an accomplishment and an ornament of the seasonal dacha, you should not forget about children. They need their own territory for games and entertainment. Children of any age love the swing. They can be made from ordinary planks and ropes or use metal chains and old tires painted in bright colors. From scrap materials it is easy to build slides, rocking chairs. The main thing is that everything is durable and reliable.

For kids, you will definitely need a sandbox. Her borders will look interesting from colorful bottles or wooden log cabins. The sandbox in the form of a ship or car will look original. Above the sand is recommended to make an awning to protect from the bright sun.

Children will certainly enjoy the presence of their play house at their summer cottage. Inside can be placed benches, table or other furniture. It all depends on the fantasy. The house can be decorated with a bright flowerbed or homemade decorations. Usually the guys themselves are happy to take part in the decoration of their territory.

Fence design ideas at the cottage

In the best way it will emphasize the uniqueness of the suburban area of ​​its fence. The fence is not only the protection of the territory, but also the so-called business card of the owners.

A simple wooden or iron fence is trite. It must be decorated. You can decorate the fence with a variety of materials: flower pots, animal crafts, painted landscapes and everything that is enough imagination. For example, unnecessary rubber boots of bright color will look original as pots.

You can decorate the fence with old discs. They reflect sunlight and look interesting in any light. On the discs, too, can be applied to various patterns.

Looks impressive fence of wooden logs, painted "under the colored pencils." This fence can also isolate the children's territory in the country.

Any fence will look cozier if some climbing plants grow along it. There are various species that grow very quickly. For example, decorative beans or ipomoea. You can plant vines. They grow much slower, but look more expensive. Beyond any comparisons in this case, wild grapes. Grape leaves gradually change their color and retain their beauty until frost. Original look when the "grape fence" goes into the canopy. This design gives the fence a vintage look.

The flowering shrubs planted along it will be the beautiful decorations of the low fence. You can combine plants with different flowers and flowering time.

In the evening, different lanterns on the fence look beautiful. They also really make their own out of scrap materials. Or you can simply place candles in the painted glass jars attached to the fence. The main thing is that the flame does not fall on the fence.

Lots of room for imagination will open lovers draw. You can paint anything on the surface of the fence: nature, scenes, cartoon characters, ornaments, small patterns in the form of flowers, butterflies, and ladybirds. It is easy to draw on any fence, but easier on the fence of corrugated board.

The compositions of lids, seashells, stones, and dishes look original. It is easy to make plastic flowers from the bottoms of bottles and paint them in rich colors - they will look beautiful on a wooden fence.

We make flower beds and flower beds

Flower beds will help to transform the dacha plot and bring color to its atmosphere. Choosing plants, you should definitely take into account their individual characteristics. First of all, it is necessary to determine the colors of the "soloists", that is, the main plants in the flowerbed. The choice can be stopped on three or four views.

The decoration of flowers with ornamental herbs and leaves of interesting shape looks beautiful. With them, the flower bed will be original, even when the flowers do not bloom. But do not try to place in the country a lot of different plants. The territory of the site should look whole and harmonious.

Of course, it is not enough just to plant flowers beautifully. More original look flowerbeds also decorated around. The composition must be complete.

Flower beds can be arranged using any unnecessary items. The article has already said that it is easy to make small flower beds from old tires painted in bright colors. You can use a wheelbarrow, a cart, an unnecessary hive, or even an old car. The main thing is that everything should be done neatly and aesthetically. If desired, you can add decorations to the flower garden in the form of homemade bees, butterflies, and interesting stuffed animals.

Around the flower bed you can make a small fence. For its manufacture it is possible to use plastic bottles or cups, fence of tyn, stones. Beautifully the flower bed smoothly turning into a lawn.

We equip a recreation area

At the cottage must be equipped with a comfortable place to relax in the fresh air. This issue should be approached very responsibly. It all depends on the preferences and desires of the owners. It can be just a laid out platform with a table and comfortable chairs or hammocks placed in the shade.

On any summer cottage, an arbor that can be made from the remaining building materials will look spectacular. Beautiful look gazebos, whose walls are decorated with climbing plants. Bright soft pillows or blankets look cozy as decorations.

Swings can be not only for children, but also for adults. It will not be difficult to build a wide wooden swing for relaxation or to make mounted somewhere in the shade of the trees. For convenience, they can be decorated with soft pillows.

In the recreation area will definitely need a brazier. It can be made, for example, from an old barrel. For the evening and night time, you can provide flashlights.

When making and decorating the dacha plot, it is worth remembering that the cottage is a place of rest from the urban daily life and bustle. It should be comfortable and calm, and the environment should be pleasing to the eye. It is important not to overload the territory with hand-made articles or any design solutions, everything should be in moderation. Imagine, create, amaze!

Your cottage can serve you not only as an area for growing food, but also to become a place for physical and mental relaxation.

In order for you and the people whom you will invite to visit you, it was pleasant to relax on your territory, it is necessary to make the design of the cottage cozy, beautiful, and most importantly unique. For this you need ideas for design.

1) One of the most important places in your summer house is occupied by various representatives of the “Green World”: trees, bushes, and, of course, not without flowers. But it is also worth paying no small attention to other decorations of architectural themes. Without a gazebo, some lovely fountain or flower bed in the old chest of your great-grandmother's cottage will not look so elegant.

2) Undoubtedly, you will put your whole soul into design. So add to the design items that you do with your own hands. Some interesting crafts made of wood in the form of animals, original fixtures or affection-causing feeders for feathered friends will arouse the interest of your guests and delight among young family members.

3) There are owners who perceive everything with great enthusiasm and try to fit a lot of decorative objects in a small area. It is necessary to understand that the stuffed territory, in which even the very next to it, will have nowhere to look beautiful. Try to do everything moderately and with taste.

4) When deciding on plants, it is not necessary that they all come from overseas countries with difficult to pronounce names. You can use our, local and all beloved representatives of the flora. Do not overdo it. You do not need to make an exhibition of exotic plants from your villa.

5) If you were visited by a brilliant idea to decorate your site with an artificial pond, then try to keep its “artificiality” as close as possible to “naturalness”. Steal it from trees that are in perfect harmony with water. Cover the surrounding area with stones, it will look very beautiful. And maybe some of the guests will not guess that these are your creations, and not of Mother Nature herself.

6) And the most important rule. The owner and the main element of the whole decor in your country house is still the house. So when selecting items for decoration, be guided by the design of the building itself. Agree, modest house, in a rustic style will not be very harmoniously combined with ancient Greek statues and other pathetic works of architectural art. Good luck to you!

How to make landscape design on the site with their own hands?

To equip the plot, it is necessary to prepare evergreen trees. As a rule, most people prefer to use thuyu, cypress, juniper, yew. They do not grow too high, respectively, too much shade of them should not be expected. And if you use garden shears, any interesting shape can be created from them. And here, for example, if such trees are planted around the entire perimeter of the site, you will end up with a beautiful hedge! In addition, these plants are just perfect to fit into any flower garden, or to decorate an alpine slide. If the path on the site is wide enough, you can spread thuja, juniper along it.

How to plant and care for coniferous plant types:

  • The best landing time in early spring or autumn
  • In the soil, be sure to add peat, turf, sand
  • Saplings are watered very carefully
  • Between trees there should be a minimum distance of one and a half meters.
  • Young plants can be nourished and mineral fertilizers
  • Trees that have not reached the age of five years should be covered for the winter period.

Thuy may begin to turn yellow after it is planted in the soil. This may be due to poor watering, poorly prepared soil or damage to the roots.

Arrangement of the entire plot

The first step is to understand what you would like to see as a result of the work done.

So, for example, you have a place on the site to install a decorative pond, that's fine. You can also arrange a barbecue? Also great. It is also important to remember that the site should be decorated with beautiful plants and flowers.

You should buy a container in a special shop for gardeners. It can be used as a reservoir. Accordingly, it is necessary to prepare a pit for it, around which plant low-growing plants. For beauty, put in the water that you want.

Near the pond make a gazebo, a place where to cook kebabs. Decorate this place with a floral border. Plant conifers throughout the site. Also decorate the tracks with flowers.

Empty grounds and any corners should be sown lawn.

Consider the fact that flowers and trees should not be planted near the mangal. After all, they can turn yellow and dry!

If you have a fence, surround it with a plant of beans, or wild grapes.

As for the spacious plots, it is easy to design an alpine slide, a decorative pond, a gazebo, various figures, a lawn, a mixborder, plants of coniferous breeds, and so on, if you wish.

We decorate the cottage with our own hands

The main advantage of a homemade dacha decor is that it is possible to attach all that it was a pity to throw out. Each hoarding owner of the house in the garage and on the balcony, mezzanine and in the pantry stored perennial deposits of all good, which will soon become a decoration of the landscape.

Under the suburban design with their own hands, you can adjust many items that have served the main term:

  • bald car tires
  • plastic bottles, containers and containers,
  • rope, tarpaulin, burlap, camouflage net,
  • trimming boards and thin wood cuts,
  • waste plastic pipes
  • thick wire, netting, metal trimming,
  • old shoes and sports equipment,
  • plywood boxes and wooden packaging,
  • empty drums and other containers
  • Leaky kettles, bowls, pots,
  • unnecessary carts and bicycles,
  • old plastic and wooden furniture
  • remnants of building materials and foam.

First of all, it is necessary to estimate the “reserves” in order to distribute for the arrangement of the summer house as necessary. Some materials will be used to make quite functional devices.

In any yard, “Moidodyr” (wash basin) in the barbecue or barbecue area and a sofa swing in the shade of the garden under a canvas shed will be useful. From other old things make flower stands and flowerpots, all sorts of original garden decorations with your own hands.

The head of a boar from a pile of land in the country

Flower bed decoration

You will need a detailed site plan for competent zoning and marking. Even in a small courtyard of a country house or in a country garden, it is necessary to distribute functional zones that delimit:

  • curbs,
  • sides of plastic bottles,
  • hedges,
  • decorative stonework,
  • оригинальные заборы.

Благоустроенное имение не требует перепланировки, понадобятся лишь креативные идеи дизайна для дачи. На новом участке определяют места для комфортного времяпровождения:

  • outdoor cooking center,
  • playground with decorative sandbox,
  • gazebos, benches, swings,
  • parking under a carport for a car, motorcycle or bicycle,
  • paddling pool,
  • decorative beds, flower beds, flower beds and alpine slides.

Working on a country house design with your own hands, it is possible to realize old dreams and plans of the whole family. Free areas can be filled with small pebbles, sowed lawn grass, undersized curb plants and flowers, as in the photo.

Arbor in the country with their own hands

Flowerbed with flowers in the country

Do-it-yourself border in the country

Garden paths

Arguments about whether you need tracks in the country, last until the first rain. In some regions, the soil is so viscous that the legs cannot be pulled out of the dirt - it sticks to the shoes with a heavy lump. The only way out is to provide aesthetic paved walkways between the dacha objects.

Decorate the cottage with their own hands will help track from different materials:

  • bricks or foam blocks,
  • trim boards and circular cuts,
  • sea ​​pebbles and wild stone
  • rammed fine gravel and sand,
  • homemade paving tiles,
  • marble crumb and other bulk materials of small fractions,
  • concrete paths with mosaic of broken glass and ceramic tiles.

The country alley leading to the garden will itself be functional and attractive when there are original sides or rows of annual flowers on either side. But the original styling idea will make it a real garden decoration with hand-made materials.

Registration by plants of the seasonal dacha

Flower beds in the country

A paved path may be below ground level or slightly elevated, have a flat or slightly convex surface. Alley will last for many years, if done according to the rules.

Need a shallow trench, which mark and fix the border along the rope between the hammered pegs. This is the only way to make a track of the same width.

The bottom of the trench is compacted with gravel and sand, regardless of the type of paving material.

Next you need to organize a formwork for concrete with a filler or bumpers for large blocks. Low log pegs, rows dug up by the bottom of glass or plastic bottles of the same size will be suitable as decorative sides.

Sandbox with flowers

Potted flowers in the country

Flowerbed of stones in the country

Between the formwork, the tamped trench is filled with a concrete base for retractable finishing materials. Between the pieces of tile mosaic track you need to carefully fill the seams.

Alleys of bricks, blocks and solid tiles (without cement mixes) are sprinkled with sand at the seams.

When laying tiles or bricks on the sand, use a rubber or wooden hammer - for adjustment and leveling.

Horizontal adjust building level.

If the site is located in a valley, it is necessary to organize drainage, otherwise alleles during the shower may turn into gutters. The situation will save a shallow drainage ditch parallel to the garden path, paved with ceramic fragments or filled with cement.

Design ideas for giving will be embodied in the best way, if all stages of the construction of the track and its decor are done slowly and efficiently, observing the installation technology. The easiest way to use ready-made trellised patterns for homemade cement tracks with filler, as in the photo. Template step by step rearrange the will of the prepared trench with a “pillow of sand and gravel, filling the basic material.

Forms for paving slabs and "eurofence" of various sizes and shapes are on sale. You can organize for the suburban area the whole production or start your own business.

Border gardening at the cottage

Do-it-yourself border in the country

Decorative fences, fences and borders

According to the technology described in the previous section, decorative side walls are made to reinforce the levels of the summer cottage under a slope and the walls of a cascade flower bed. The picket fence method is also suitable as a decorative hedge.

The edge of a low side can be used as a path between flowerbeds and sandboxes. Children love to run along the rows of the dug-out penechki.

Hedges are a great way to save money on zoning the summer cottage with your own hands. Shrubs suitable for pruning, ordinary or standard roses in the form of a tree. Between them, planted curb roses planted, you get a two-row flower wall.

The simplest rim is made from plastic bottles. Tanks of the same color are filled with sand, gravel or soil. In a small trench, bottles are instilled in half and covered with earth or stone chips. They may be empty, but they hold longer for something longer.

Attention! Plastic bottles cannot be filled with water - lenses are formed under the sunlight, which burn out nearby plants. Even a fire is possible.

Flowerbed do it yourself

Castle of stones in the country

Brazier from the stones in the country with their own hands

Flower arches and pergolas from climbers

Climbing roses and other curly flowers are a great way to decorate a homemade summerhouse or arch from scrap materials. A metal rod, a corner or a channel, which can be assembled in a structure with a welding machine or twisted with bolts, will be suitable as a base.

Ready-made supports for arches must be securely fixed in the ground. Dug pits with columns under the dacha decor with their own hands well tamped with rubble and sand, and then cemented and covered with stone chips. Depending on the climatic features of the region, grapes or fragrant flowers can travel along the top of such a gallery.

In hot climates, it is better to make a covered gallery. The remnants of light transmitting roofing materials will also be suitable. Sheds along decorative paths can only be on the south side, but tilted to give more shade. Between the pillars they stretch the trellis from the wire, where the plants will wind. The most economical way is to grow cucumbers, decorative beans or pumpkins along the arch.

Fans of flowers can decorate the cottage with hand-made materials from various materials using different methods. They make vertical flowerbeds in the openings of wide plastic pipes, wooden or openwork metal shelves for pots, as in the photo.

Flowerbed of stones in the country

Making your own hands

Garden sculptures and decor from improvised means

Do-it-yourself garden design is mainly associated with such materials:

  • car tires (bald tires)
  • templates made of plywood scraps, from which it is easy to make the missing elements for the “smiling characters” of the dacha decor,
  • plastic containers
  • ceramic flower pots,
  • unnecessary shoes
  • metal and wooden barrels, etc.

Some homemade garden sculptures are so good that they can compete with real masterpieces. For example, frogs from polyurethane foam or plaster swans.

But most of all role models are made from car tires - rifled and turned out. Acrylic paints transform any material to make recognizable characters for country design with their own hands. Depending on the skill and style of the garden and courtyard, you can choose any idea. Here is what rubber swans and parrots look like, palm trees from plastic bottles.

Making flower beds with snails do it yourself

Making a cottage with materials at hand

Table and chairs from hemp at the cottage

Original flower beds and mini-beds

The mini-beds with succulents and cacti (other small plants) inside large shells look original. No less interesting is the idea of ​​using shoes as flower pots or old hats on the wall.

Small containers are suitable for succulents and indoor plants for summer outdoor use. But before decorating the cottage with your own hands, keep in mind that they will have to be brought into the house during a shower, hail and gusting wind. It is better to make the original forms and pots stationary, and insert flower pots for the season or upon arrival at the dacha on weekends.

Traditionally broken vehicles are used as original garden decorations with their own hands. Trolleys and bicycles, large parts of the car body are suitable for a small flower garden. Musical instruments are also suitable. Creative idea - a piano with flowers and a waterfall.

Fountain, artificial pond

Mini-pond - a great solution for the design of giving their own hands. A small tank can be equipped with improvised means:

  • old rubber boat
  • big metal barrel
  • excavator bucket,
  • tub,
  • tank trim.

The bottom of a homemade pond is made in a small trench, with a rammed cushion of gravel and sand. Top lined with a tarpaulin and a thick film in 2-3 layers, the edges are fixed with stones in the form of sides. It remains to fill with water and decorate pivotal plants.

Council To maintain the ecobalance, you need to monitor the condition of the water, which is periodically drained or organize circulation. For the fountain you need a pump and a filter. To complete the design of the “lake” add a homemade frog, swan or crocodile.

Flower beds in the country with flowers

Flower bed do it yourself at the cottage

Landscape design with a playground

So that the children would not be bored at the dacha, and they would not take time while working in the garden and in the garden beds, there is a solution - a playground with a sandbox and funny homemade figures.

Important condition - a place for children's games should be well viewed from a different angle of the suburban area, in order to observe what is happening.

Sandbox sides can be easily built from improvised means:

  • palisade of logs
  • painted boards,
  • wide wooden box
  • big tire, etc.

With any type of sandbox children need a place to sit and lay out molds. A country children's corner can be fenced off from the neighbors with a fence in the form of pencils or decorated with other homemade decor - paints to help!

If there is enough space, a more interesting sandbox can be built on the site - in the form of a ship, car or a teremka. Somewhere nearby you can build a tree house with rope ladders and a slide for descending into a sandbox or a tent city from old bedspreads. Stretch the ropes between the trees, give them clothespins and cloth, they will gladly build their houses.

Original garden furniture

The fantasy of national craftsmen is limitless - garden furniture is on the verge of masterpieces made of plastic bottles, awning materials and wood waste. After trimming the garden and removing the dead wood, a lot of material remains that is easy to attach to do:

For comfort, make soft seats, and the material of natural form goes to the sidewalls and frame products. It is very convenient to use ready-made pallets or pallets as a basis for a sofa or a corner under a canopy. From plastic bottles make puffs and stools, tables and chairs. There is time and experience - make a whole sofa to the country from plastic bottles, but it will take a lot of containers of the same shape and volume. A cover or a cape on a homemade sofa is sewn from old curtains.

More original ideas will be prompted by photos from our gallery.

Features of the cottage design

First, let's list the features of the villa design:

  • Conciseness and simplicity. You must admit that at the dacha you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle! And that is why the interior should not be too aggressive and bright. Let everything be simple.
  • Comfort This feature is very, very important. You must do everything so that in your country house you want to enjoy the warmth and quietness. Therefore, no futuristic and other complex elements.
  • The use of scrap materials. Cottage is a place where many people take a variety of old things that are so dear to the heart and make you dive into the memories. So, so that such objects do not gather dust and do not occupy space, make something beautiful, original and cute from them with your own hands.
  • Use for finishing inexpensive materials. You should not paste over walls with expensive wall-papers with silk-screen printing, it will look ridiculous. But the wall paneling, which is mostly not used for the decoration of residential premises, will look very harmonious in the country house.
  • Freedom of choice. If in an apartment or house, many try to achieve the perfect combination, regularity and strict compliance with the style, then it is not necessary to do it at the dacha. You can dream up and add something special to the interior. And from this the design will not be spoiled, but, on the contrary, will sparkle with bright colors.

How to decide?

So, how to choose the interior design of the cottage? Before dwelling on some stylistic direction, you should pay attention to a few points:

  • Country house area. This criterion is important, because the main task of arranging the interior of a small room is to make it as comfortable and more spacious as possible. But if the house is spacious, then it is possible not to think about cutting out extra centimeters.
  • Lighting. Agree, in too dark room will be uncomfortable. Therefore, if the natural light of the dacha is insufficient, then supplement it with artificial and use some tricks and tricks: give preference to light warm tones, pay attention to mirrors and shiny surfaces that will reflect light.
  • Budget. In fact, the arrangement of the interior dacha can be very, very economical. Using inexpensive materials, your own strength and imagination, you can create a unique design without spending a lot of money.
  • Preferences. For most families, a dacha is a place of rest and relaxation, so it should evoke only positive emotions. And for this, listen to your feelings when you make this place and throw aside all the stereotypes and rules. Here you can create and fantasize, regardless of stylistic principles and clichés.

We offer several interesting ideas and options for the design of the villa.

Country style

Country translated from English means "village". But this is not a simple Russian or Ukrainian village, which is known to all. Country music is something simple, cozy, but at the same time very sweet and even romantic. Some tips:

  • The walls can be painted, the panels are necessarily made of light wood, or pasted with cute wallpaper with plain drawings.
  • The ideal floor in such a house is wooden.
  • Pay special attention to textiles. Topical bedspreads, small pillows, various curtains and so on.
  • In the living room, put simple chairs and a sofa upholstered in thick fabric. Put a wooden coffee table in front of the sofa. Hang shelves on the wall, place family photos and books on them. Spread a small rug on the floor with simple patterns.
  • In the bedroom, place the high wooden bed, wooden wardrobe, wooden dresser, light wood bedside cabinet and pouf. On the wall, hang a picture of the landscape.
  • The kitchen should be comfortable and spacious. It is better to give preference to the built-in technology and disguise it. Place small cabinets on the walls. In the middle let them stand a round wooden table and upholstered chairs.

Russian village

Imagine a real Russian hut with a stove. That could be your cottage. Tips and rules:

  • If the house is wooden, the walls can be left intact, it will be the best option. Concrete walls can be plastered.
  • The floor is only wooden.
  • Whitewash the ceiling.
  • In the living room, instead of a sofa, place a couch, lay out pillows with embroidery or fabric appliqués on it.
  • An ordinary shower or bathroom can be turned into a bath. Wall, floor and ceiling are enclosed with wooden moisture-resistant clapboard. Bath can also be hidden in the same wall paneling. Hang a wooden cabinet on the wall, place a mirror next to it.
  • In the bedroom, put an iron or wooden bed with a large headboard and a wardrobe.
  • Do not forget about palaces, bedspreads, napkins, tablecloths and other textile elements.

Provence is a French province, that is, a village. By choosing this style, you will get an interesting, elegant and at the same time cozy country house.

  • Use old items and things: peeled cabinets, cabinets, tables, and so on. All this will be enough to cover with a single layer of paint and sandpaper. As a result, you get interesting antique gizmos.
  • Forged items are appropriate.
  • The interior is dominated by light pastel colors: milk, peach, lime, blue, ivory, beige.
  • Arrange around the perimeter of the room candlesticks.
  • In the center of the living room place a cute sofa. Opposite put an old coffee table.
  • In the bedroom place a large iron bed, painted, but as if an old wardrobe, ottoman on forged legs and a large dressing table with a mirror.
  • Do not forget to hang on the walls cute small paintings with still lifes, landscapes or portraits. You can also use black and white photo frames for decoration.
  • More textiles and potted flowers!

Sea style

Sea style is suitable for a small cottage. It is a bit like country, but it is dominated by blue tones and marine attributes. So, on bedspreads, pillows and tablecloths gulls, ships or starfish can flaunt. Instead of a coffee table, you can use the chest. On the walls, by all means hang pictures that will remind you of the sea and everything connected with it.

East style

Для отделки можно использовать плитку, декоративную рельефную штукатурку. В качестве декора используйте мозаику, витражное стекло. Ковры должны быть непременно длинноворсными и украшенными традиционными восточными орнаментами. И больше тканей, причём дорогих и благородных, таких как парча, шёлк, фатин.

Дизайн садового участка

The landscape design of the garden plot is also important, because in the warm season it is here that the whole family will gather. Several interesting options:

  • Garden of Eden. Divide the area into several sections, plant different plants on them: roses, garden trees, shrubs, and so on. And let all these sites communicate with each other using paths paved with pebbles or stones. Do not forget to place around the perimeter of your marvelous garden lanterns and interesting statues of fairies, gnomes and other fantastic creatures, without which the garden will not be fabulous.
  • Create a patio on the site - patio, surrounded on all sides. As a fence for this corner, you can use a fence, a wall of a house, a screen, green spaces, a decorative grid, and so on. And inside the patio place a wicker table and chairs.
  • Oasis. Divide the plot into zones. In one, let it be a pool or an artificial pond, in the other - a relaxation area (here you can put a swing), in the third - a zone of holidays and celebrations (here place the table, chairs and barbecue).

Let the dacha become a place for you in which it will be pleasant to rest, relax and enjoy your time.