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Where to go to the sea in Ukraine: the top 10 best holiday options


Have you noticed that every second person in the post-Soviet space, at the slightest opportunity, seeks to go to rest in Egypt or Turkey, and, if possible, even in Europe, completely forgetting that homeland is also interesting, fascinating and very informative.

And, importantly, it is much cheaper than advertised tours abroad, which means that there is an opportunity to save something! Going on a trip to Ukraine, you will be surprised how many unique and fascinating places you can see, meet and touch the cultural heritage of one of the largest countries in the European continent.

We have compiled a list of the best places for family and leisure in Ukraine, believe me, these places will be able to pleasantly surprise you much more than the already “hackneyed” resorts of Egypt or Turkey.

Did you know that tourists from all over the world dream to get here? And you have this unique opportunity in your pocket! Use it and hear the beating of the heart of the Ukrainian people!

  1. Island Khortytsya, Zaporozhye

What many people associate with Ukraine? Well, of course, with the Cossacks! Visit the "island of liberty", which is the largest island of the Dnieper, it means to see one of the "Seven Wonders of Ukraine".

The place that became the cradle of the Ukrainian Cossacks, only here you can see for yourself the places where Prince Svyatoslav died in the distant 972 during the battle with the Pechenegs.

You will be able to see the real “Zaporizhska Sich” with its life, facilities, fortifications, and even rules! And what is the nature here! Green meadows, wide steppes, coniferous and oak forests - I want to breathe in the scent of the island with full breasts and never let it go!

  1. Park "Sofiyivka", Uman

A beautiful legend says: the unique park has become a green memory of the eternal love of Count Potocki to his beautiful wife, a Greek woman, Sofia. To create such an amazing phenomenon of nature in record time is not easy, and therefore one of the best gardeners of those times, the German Oliva, was discharged by a decree of the count from Germany.

And the impossible has become possible: for 7 years, literally from scratch, hundreds of exotic plants have sprung up, lots of flowers from all over the world, grottoes, beautiful fountains and underground locks were formed. Almost three centuries have passed since then, and couples, as in former times, come here, filling an already beautiful place with an atmosphere of love and romance.

  1. Poltava pyramids, Poltava region

Did you know that in Europe there are only three pyramids: one of them is in Rome, and two - in the Poltava region! Locals claim that these unique buildings have miraculous properties, and those who took it into their head during the Soviet era could not live to scoff at them until they were 40 years old.

The history of the construction of these pyramids is shrouded in mystery, however, the priests claim that they still emanate grace: many people come here who have health problems, go one by one, where they are charged with powerful solar energy.

  1. City Yaremche, Carpathians

If you have not seen the winter Carpathians, then you have lost a lot! Perhaps, this is the best place in Ukraine, where it is possible to celebrate the New Year, to feel the beauty of the real Ukrainian winter.

In the rest of the seasons there is also something to admire: the atmosphere of antiquity, the healing mountain air, ecologically clean and picturesque landscapes. Do not forget, being in Yaremche, to visit the Probiy waterfall with its twelve-meter bridge, as well as look into the Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist with its richest iconostasis.

Among other things, this place is the center of Hutsul crafts, which means that here you can always see and even buy handicrafts.

According to experts, Lviv is exactly the city where every self-respecting Ukrainian is obliged to visit. And, especially if you are planning a vacation with the whole family!

Here everyone will have something to see: a unique atmosphere and striking architecture, many colorful and authentic cafes, elegant and impressive castles, as well as unique streets with already recognizable houses will not leave you indifferent. Having been in Lviv, one might say, I briefly plunged into the heart of Europe, however, it is much more accessible and dearer.

  1. City Berdyansk, Azov

If vacation for you is still a mandatory beach holiday, be sure to go to Berdyansk, a city that is rightly called the pearl of Azov. It is especially good to relax with children here, because on the famous

Berdyansk Spit has dozens of sanatoriums, recreation centers and hotels, there are also mineral water sources, where you can improve your health and have a good time.

In addition to the beaches, in Berdyansk there are a lot of funny monuments, which is worth getting out of the city hatch "plumber Uncle Vasya" or metal toad, which, according to local residents, is a symbol of greed and envy.

The main place that attracts tourists not only from all over Ukraine, but also from all over the world, is Palanok Castle. The grandiose stone structure, which in the past was the residence of the royal people of Hungary, today is the main film set of the country.

If you are lucky enough to visit this place in good weather, then you can enjoy great views from the observation deck of the entire city.

It should be noted that Palanok is not the only place worthy of attention, because in Mukachevo, it’s not a house, it’s a special story. Here you can find the oldest Orthodox monastery in Ukraine, as well as visit the chapel of St. Martin, built in the Gothic style.

This place is not just called "the pearl of the sea", because there is everything that the city relies on the coast: excellent beaches, warm sea, beautiful streets with ancient architecture, lots of museums, monuments, as well as many entertainment and shopping centers. By the way, during the times of the USSR, the streets of this particular city were the most popular place for shooting national cinema.

  1. Kamyanets-Podilsky, Khmelnytsky region

The emergence of this famous Ukrainian fortress city is still fanned by many mysteries. Historians argue that Kamenetz-Podolsky was founded by the Romans, according to another, more romantic version, this place was found by one of the princes Koriatovich, he considered it unusual and decided to lay the city.

So, anyway, there really is where to rest and what to see: about 200 monuments of architecture, Kamenetsky fortress, a sarcophagus bridge, many museums and much more.

Every Ukrainian, at least once in his life, but simply must visit the capital of his own country, especially since there really is something to see: ancient and impressive streets, interesting houses and churches, great cathedrals and museums, monuments of the past and present, as well as Sea shopping and entertainment complexes for every taste.

Be sure to visit Kiev, no wonder he managed to get into the top 20 most beautiful cities in Europe, therefore, planning a trip to Ukraine, it is impossible not to look into the capital of Ukrainian culture and history.

Resorts of the Azov Sea

The warmest and smallest in Ukraine is the Azov Sea. But where better to go to the Sea of ​​Azov, because the choice is not small?


The heart of summer holidays in the Kherson region is Genichesk. The small town is located on the shore of the Utklyuk estuary opposite the Arabat Spit. Here the sea, like fresh milk and pure azure shore. Because of the shallow coast it is called the "paddling pool". For lovers of diving, it will definitely be small, but this is a great solution for moms who are looking for the answer to the question "Where better to go to the sea in Ukraine with children?".

Sights in the city a bit. The main ones are the T. Shevchenko Park and the local history museum. There are other attractions: a dolphinarium and an ostrich farm.

In the summer at the Arabat Spit you can also improve your health. Hot springs are open in several places. One of the most visited is located outside Schastlivtsevo, 20 km from Genichesk. The water here is mineral and healing, it has a temperature of 70 degrees. Bathing in the source contributes to the treatment of chronic and skin diseases. Entrance to the source is free.

Accommodation in Genichesk is mostly inexpensive, mainly represented by the private sector, from rooms with metal beds to houses with modern furniture.

Difficulties in buying products are also not found. Vegetables, fruits, fish and meat can be purchased at the Central Market at affordable prices.

How to get there: you can get to the city both by car and by public transport. From Kiev you can get to the station. Novoalekseevka, and from there by train or minibus to Genichesk.

Price: Accommodation 50–200 UAH. (per person, without power).

Photo: Genichesk (arabat-tour.com.ua)


This is the next city on the shores of the Azov Sea, where you can go in the summer in Ukraine. This is a unique resort formed by the Dairy and Utluk estuaries.

Despite the wide price range and different in terms of comfort housing will allow everyone to find an option affordable.

In addition to medical and environmental factors, Kyrylivka is notable for its close location by the sea. So, today in the village there are about 200 bases on the Fedotova Spit and more than 100 bases on the Peresyp Spit.

From housing to the sea very close. Therefore, the payment for living here is much higher than in the village itself. For example, a day in a rented house will cost about 60 hryvnas to one vacationer, at the recreation center - 2 times more expensive. However, the price for a room in Kirillovka depends primarily on the facilities provided.

The main attraction of Kyrylivka is, of course, the sea, but there are other attractions - the largest water park in Ukraine, amusement park and dolphinarium.

Prices: 50 to 1300 UAH. (per person, without power).

How to get there: it is convenient to go to Kirillovka from Melitopol, which can be reached by train.

Photo: Kirillovka (lovileto.com.ua)


Berdyansk is another wonderful place to go to rest on the sea cheap in Ukraine.

On the sea there are a number of entertainment: the Ferris wheel, water park, zoo, dolphinarium. But perhaps the main attraction is monuments. In a small town a lot of them. Here and a monument to the bull-breadwinner, and the fisherman, and mosquito-bellies.

The cost of food in the city is standard.

Prices: 50-350 UAH. (per person, without power).

How to get there: In the summer, regular trains from Kiev go to the sea. There are bus routes, but their price is higher.

Photo: Berdyansk (bmr.gov.ua)

Photo: Berdyansk (Igor Streltsov)


Primorsk - a small town located on the shores of the Azov Sea. Excellent option, where you can go to the sea in Ukraine with children, because here is the smallest, respectively, and the water is very warm. The advantage of the beaches is clean sand and access to two bodies of water - to the sea and estuary.

The main attraction of the city is the local history museum, where there are ancient artifacts: stone figures and the Trinity Church (19th century)

Prices: Accommodation 50-250 UAH. (per person, without power).

How to get there: regular buses from the bus stations of the Dnieper, Zaporozhye, Melitopol go to the sea all year round. If you use the rail, you can get to Melitopol, then change onto a fixed-route taxi: Melitopol-Primorsk.

Photo: Primorsk. Passage through the estuary (bookit.com.ua)

At the Oposhnya - at the Pottery Festival

It is not the first year in Oposhnya that they hold a large-scale holiday - the Pottery Festival. Here you will learn how to work with clay, you can take part in various contests, taste the local cuisine, recharge yourself with a good mood and, of course, bring home handmade souvenirs. This year the anniversary X Week of the National Zdvig-2018 Pottery Movement will be held.

Author photo: IGotoWorld Photo Group.

When: The festival will run from June 25 to July 1, 2018.

How to get there: Oposhnya is located in the Poltava region, 45 km from the regional center. You can get to Oposhny from the Poltava station “Poltava Kievskaya” by train, or by bus from the bus station number 1 or number 2.

Enjoy music - listen to "Jazz on the Dnieper"

Dnepr revives tradition. A large-scale festival “Jazz on the Dnieper” will unfold on the Monastery Island in the city of Dnipro. Visitors will have the opportunity to hear world jazz performers.

If you are going to the festival, book accommodation in the Dnieper river is advance, as the best deals are already being bought.

Waterfall on the Monastic Island. Author photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

When: July 20 and 22, 2018.

Cost of: a ticket to the fan zone will cost about 250 UAH.

Where and how to get: the festival will be held on the Monastic Island in the Dnieper. The island is located on the waterfront, so the center can be reached on foot. Take tram number 1 to Shevchenko Park, and then walk for a few minutes.

And if on the sea - Kirillovka, Arabatskaya arrow, Genichesk

The Sea of ​​Azov will welcome you in May / June. It is shallow and quickly warms up, so a full-fledged beach vacation in warm weather is provided to you much earlier than at other resorts in Ukraine.

Beaches. The sandy beaches of Kirillovka, as well as the longest spit of the Azov Sea - the Arabat Spit, are good for families with children. There is no crush even in the peak season and there are many recreation centers, guest houses and guest houses. Only in one Kirillovka there are already more than 500 of them.

Areas. The most popular district of Kirillovka is Fedotova Spit, in second place is the Peresyp Spit. The sea is gently sloping here, but deep - comfortable for adults, just like in Strelkovoy and Schastlivtsevo. In contrast to these areas, in Gengork and Genichesk itself, to a comfortable depth you need to walk about 200–300 m.

Entertainment and Infrastructure. If we talk about entertainment infrastructure, Arabatka and Kyrylivka differ significantly. In Genichesk there is only the Oscar Dolphinarium among the popular objects. In Kirillovka, Ukraine’s largest water park, Treasure Island, Oscar Dolphinarium, equestrian circus, extreme park, terrarium and aquarium with exotic fish, two amusement parks, several nightclubs and many cafes on the old Fedotovaya Spit road, running in this resort the role of the waterfront.

Spit Scatter. Author photo: Kirillovka.Ukr.

Recuperation. Kirillovka is mainly focused on aeroionotherapy - treatment by the sea air with high salt content. From all sides the resort is surrounded by the sea and estuaries. This effect in Kyrylivka, and especially on Biryuchy Island, is expressed as well as possible. Declaratively, there is also mud therapy, but in fact it comes down only to the post-Soviet sanatorium "Kirillovka". In Genichesk you can also improve your health - in addition to the sea, hot radon springs are suitable for this purpose.

Culture. In the last week of August, the ethnographic festival “Tavria Family” takes place in Genichesk, and in May and September on the island of Biryuchy - the festival of modern art “Biryuchy”.

How to get there: train Kiev - Genichesk runs all year round. Buses and taxis Kiev - Kirillovka regularly run in the summer season. It is also convenient to go to Kyrylivka through Melitopol - to Melitopol by train, and then by bus.

Cost of living: from 100-150 hryvnia per person for housing with private facilities in the room, and from 60-100 hryvnia - with amenities on site. Detailed prices for recreation centers in Kyrylivka can be found on the project site Kyrylivka.Ukr.

Arabatskaya arrow. Author photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

In Berdyansk - windsurfing

In the resort Berdyansk on Azov there are many boarding houses, sanatoriums, guest houses and mini-hotels. There is a beautiful water park and zoo "Safari", which collected about 70 species of animals, ducks, pelicans and other birds splash in the pond. Children will be happy.

Adults can add adrenaline: Berdyansk is considered the capital of windsurfing - on the Sea of ​​Azov there are better conditions for extreme sports.

How to get there: to Berdyansk by train or bus.

Cost of: Accommodation from 60–100 UAH per person, tickets to the zoo 80–100 UAH, hour of windsurfing rental - 150 UAH, hour of training - 300 UAH.

Kitesurfing on the Azov Sea. Author photo: Yuriy Perebayev IGotoWorld Photo Group.

To Odessa - for impressions

The pearl of the Black Sea Odessa attracts beaches to suit all tastes: Arkady is suitable for young people with chic nightclubs. For a more relaxing holiday - Joy and Langeron, next to which is the Dolphinarium "Nemo". The ticket costs 250 UAH.

Dolphinarium "Nemo". Author photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

In Odessa, you will not only relax on the beach, but also admire the huge seaport, walk along the picturesque Deribasovskaya Street, Primorsky Boulevard, the Potemkin Stairs, go to the famous Privoz market. For completeness of impressions you can go down under the ground - in the Odessa catacombs. Without a guide here is not enough.

Colonnade. Author photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

How to get there: to Odessa by train, bus or plane. In the center of Odessa, you can walk on foot and view numerous attractions. Кстати, прошлой весной у Приморского бульвара наконец-то открыли утопающий в зелени Стамбульский парк и обновленную Потемкинскую лестницу.

Стоимость: квартира посуточно от 200 грн, хостел – от 150 грн. Забронировать жилье в Одессе сможете здесь.

Аркадия. Автор фото: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Курорты Одесской области на заканчиваются на самой Одессе. Все самое лучшее собрал в одной статье Юрий Перебаев.

Белгород-Днестровский: море и старая крепость

Городок Белгород-Днестровский (древнее название Аккерман) находится недалеко от Одессы. Летом – это чудесное место отдыха. Изюминкой является известная Аккерманская крепость, несущая в себе историю 12–15 веков. She perfectly preserved. At the end of June the Fortetsya music festival is usually held here. Read more about the city and the fortress in the article by Yuri Perebaev.

How to get there: from Odessa by train (1 hour 40 minutes) or by bus from the bus station (1.5 hours).

Cost of: housing for rent in Belgorod-Dniester and Zatoka - from 100 UAH, an adult ticket to the fortress is 40 UAH. Book accommodation in Belgorod-Dniester here.

Akkerman fortress. Author photo: Yuriy Perebayev IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Koblevo: sea and wine

In the small village of Koblevo, Nikolayev Region, you can relax by the sea with comfort - there are many options in mini-hotels and private pensions. In Koblevo there are two zones - Moldavskaya, which is usually recommended to young people, and more quiet and calm - Nikolaevskaya - for a relaxing holiday with children. There is a water park.

In the village there is a winery of the Koblevo brand, tasting tours to the production are offered.

How to get there: Kiev - Koblevo bus goes from Kiev in the summer. Or by train to Nikolaev, Odessa, from there by bus.

Cost of: accommodation - from 80 UAH per day. Tasting in Koblevo: 60–130 UAH (depending on the set of wines). Find accommodation in Koblevo here.

Author photo:Yuriy Perebayev IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Kinburn Spit

In the Nikolaev region, in the Ochakov district, there is a wonderful place - the Kinburn Spit. White sandy beaches, aroma of coniferous forest and wild steppes with grasses are waiting for you. Here is the National Natural Park "Beloberezhie Svyatoslav".

These are wonderful places for photo hunting: you can go on excursions to places where pink flamingos, egrets, pelicans live, see the wild gigantic forest. On the Kinburn Spit there are also therapeutic mud lakes.

How to get there: go from Odessa or Nikolaev to Ochakov. Read more about how to get there and about other issues in the article by Elena Yarimko.

Cost of: Accommodation at private recreation centers - from 70 UAH.

Kinburn Spit. Photo Author: Elena YarimkoIGotoWorld Photo Group.

Olbia - a journey through time

If you are relaxing on the Black Sea in the vicinity of Nikolaev or Ochakov, it is worthwhile to set aside a day to visit the National Historical and Archaeological Reserve "Olbia". Here in the 7th century was an ancient Greek colony, and now you can see the ruins of fortifications, city blocks and temples. In the recreated building of the old lighthouse there is a museum where you can see the most valuable archaeological finds. Read more about how to get there, what to see and other practical tips in the article about Olbia.

How to get there: to the village of Parutino, where the entrance to the reserve is located, there are minibuses from Nikolaev from Dachnaya station (30 minutes on the way) and from Ochakov (20 minutes).

Cost of: admission to the reserve is 10 UAH, with a visit to museums - 15 UAH.

Author photo:Yuriy Perebayev IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Vilkovo: go boating

Perhaps the main reason why we recommend visiting Vilkovo this summer is the road to Vilkovo that was repaired in spring 2017. She has been there alone and has not been repaired for the past 10 years, which was one of the main reasons for not going to the “Ukrainian Venice”. Of course, one should not expect to see the Venetian canals here, but Vilkovo will definitely conquer you with its atmosphere.

Here you will taste fish soup from dunayka, baked perch and many other goodies. There is a good fish market. Since you are in Vilkovo, you should visit Zero kilometer.

How to get there: the road to Vilkovo runs through the Kiliya and Tatarbunar districts of the Odessa region. This is the T-16-28 road. There are buses from Odessa.

Cost of: housing in a rented house costs about UAH 200 per person. Renting a boat costs UAH 300–900 per hour. You can try to negotiate cheaper directly from the locals.

Vilkovo. Photo Author: Elena YarimkoIGotoWorld Photo Group.

Transnistrian Hobbiton - touch the unknown

Something mysterious is also planned for the summer. Transnistrian Hobbiton is the best for this. Legends and guesses, as well as historical studies concerning the early medieval city, white Croats, and even Neanderthal settlements in the Nikolaevsky district of the Lviv region, have quite real evidence found by scientists.

For more details on how to get there, and a lot of other information, see the article by Irina Maksimenko.

Author photo: Natalia Volos IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Shatsky Lakes

Picturesque Shatsky lakes in Volyn can rightfully compete with the sea holiday. They are part of the Shatsky National Natural Park. The largest of the 30 lakes of the ridge is Svityaz, its depth reaches 58 m, and the water is so clean that even at a depth of 8 m you can see a sandy bottom. Sunset on the island of Lake Svityaz is an incredibly beautiful sight that you will remember for a lifetime.

On the Shatsky Lakes there are four recreation areas - the “Ridge”, recommended by young people and the quieter “Svityaz”, the Gushove and Pesochnoye tracts.

How to get there: by train to Kovel, from there by bus to Shatsk or Svityaz.

Cost of: Accommodation from 65 UAH in the private sector. The most expensive resort is Svityaz, in Gayevka (Pesochnoye) is cheaper.

Photo source: liza.ua.

Sorochinsky fair - holiday in August

In the village of Great Sorochintsy in the Poltava region from 21 to 26 August will be held the famous Sorochinsky Fair. Here you can not only buy a variety of goods, souvenirs, embroidery, but also participate in master classes of folk crafts, look at the elite breeds of cows, pigs, chickens.

At the opening of the fair - a great presentation, where you will see both Gogol himself, and Solokh and other heroes of his works. Combine the trip with an excursion to Mirgorod, where the most famous in the world, thanks to Gogol, is located, Mirgorodskaya puddle. On the way back, visit Poltava. In the catalog of attractions Poltava you will see a lot of interesting things.

How to get there: from Mirgorod during the fair to the Great Sorochintsy ply minibuses. If you are driving your own transport, you will need to pay for parking.

Cost of: entrance to the fair is free.

Photo Author: Elena YarimkoIGotoWorld Photo Group.

Rest in the Carpathians in the summer

Agree, summer vacation in the Carpathians is no less interesting than the sea. We will not write much about the benefits, but we will recommend the following interesting materials about our experience of rest in the Carpathians in the warmest time of the year.

Ascent to Hoverla. The entire team of IGotoWorld speaks with one voice, every Ukrainian has to climb to the highest peak of the country, especially since it is not the hardest route in terms of complexity. Tatiana Polices wrote about climbing Hoverla from her own experience here.

On Goverle. Author photo: Eugene Naryvsky IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Borzhava. Author photo: Anna Semeniuk IGotoWorld Photo Group.

On interesting sights in the Carpathians, Marianna Ivanenko last year prepared a selection. There are both natural and architectural pearls.

Kolomyia. Author photo: Marianna Ivanenko IGotoWorld Photo Group.

About 4 days in the Carpathians in the summer wrote Yarimko Elena. Journey from Bukovel to Transcarpathia.

You will learn a lot about Svidovets here.

Universal route to see two "Popov" prepared by Natalia Steba. The route is designed for 4 days.

Author photo: Alexander Demidenko.

Those who love cycling routes should be interested in Natalia Steba’s article about cycling in Ukraine.

And, of course, Bukovel. Here you will learn that Bukovel is not only skis and snowboards, but also a lot of advantage for summer holidays.

Truskavets, Morshyn and Mirgorod - get healthy and have a rest

Unique nature, unique water. unique holiday. They are sent here not only for recovery, because the healing properties of the waters of Truskavets, Morshin and Mirgorod are known far beyond the borders of Ukraine. It is also a very beautiful place where you can fully enjoy the stunning scenery. In addition, the resort cities are constantly updated with new attractions. So, in August 2017, Morshin decorated the sculptural ensemble of Konstantin Skritutsky.

Morshin. Author photo: Anna Semeniuk IGotoWorld Photo Group.

About the monuments in Mirgorod, interesting facts, information on how to get there and housing, read the article by Tatyana Donenko. About self-guided tours of Mirgorod read here.

About Morshyn, its sanatoriums and other information about the resort, read the material of Anna Semenyuk.

Morshin. Author photo: Anna Semeniuk IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Truskavets. Author photo: Iryna Maksymenko IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Visit one of the 50 most interesting castles in Ukraine

Eyes scatter when it comes to castles and fortresses in Ukraine. It’s impossible to imagine a summer vacation without visiting at least one of these bright sights! IGotoWorld collected in one article exactly 50 of the most interesting fortifications and real locks in Ukraine. Some can devote a whole day, others can be seen on the way from one city to another. So, for example, on the way from Kiev to Lviv we stopped to enjoy such beauty.

Podgoretsky castle. Author photo: Eugene Naryvsky IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Lake Synevir

Accommodation price: from 400 UAH per room.
How to get there: from Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk or Mukachevo.
Tip 1: Do not listen to locals who kindly tell you the way (in 8 cases out of 10 they will deliver you in the wrong place). It is better to download a map to the phone that works without an internet connection before the trip.
Tip 2: be sure to take raincoats with you, because in the mountains the weather is very changeable.

Lake Synevir in the Carpathians

Incredible beauty in the midst of the Carpathians is about Lake Synevir. True, swim here will not work. This is prohibited, as is fishing. But here you can ride on a raft on the lake, feed the fish (there are a lot of them), buy different varieties of honey and Carpathian wine. Take a walk along the mountain paths and breathe so useful and clean air. By the way, entrance to the lake is paid - 21 UAH per adult and 6 UAH for schoolchildren and students.

You can stop near the lake, or in the neighboring towns and villages. Mizhhirya is one of the best options: price - quality - proximity to the lake.

Near Synevira is also located Rehabilitation Center for Brown Bears. There they are saved from poor living conditions in circuses, evil owners and other problems. They are fattened and they turn into well-fed and satisfied clumsy beauties. Such an excursion will be instructive for children.

But what could be better than mountains? Near the lake are such mountain ranges as Beskydy, Borzhava, Mount Pikuy and others. But it is better to go on a hike with older children, because the little ones, though restless, get tired quickly. For them, the best option for rest is short walks with the opportunity to sit or ride a car.

Polonia Borzhava

From Mizhhirya is also quite close waterfall Shipot. This is one of the highest waterfalls in the Carpathians. By the way, in the beginning of July the festival of representatives of informal cultures, which has the same name, is traditionally held here.

Shipot Waterfall

Where to rest in Ukraine: 5 best places for family holidays

The team of the project "Known in Ukraine" is looking for new places for recreation in our country and describes in detail their pros and cons. Meet the beauty of Western Ukraine - the best places to relax with the whole family.

Especially for the “Only” Lala Tarapakina, Andrei Gorb and Ivanka Yakovina ranked the 5 most attractive places for families with children. "Known in Ukraine"!

Places in the ranking were determined by the following criteria:

  • what conditions to live in
  • what to eat
  • where to swim
  • what to see together so that it is equally interesting for both adults and children

White Lake, Rivne region

This is an incredibly beautiful lake of karst origin with a high content of glycerin, which translated into “human” language means: the bottom is sandy white, the water is soft and healthy. And for both children and adults.

After swimming in the White Lake, the skin becomes extremely soft, does not require additional moisturizing, besides, the water heals problem areas and provides an unusually even and strong tan.

This is a special place for families with children who love to splash and dive more than anything: the depth of the lake for more than 50 meters from the coast is no more than half a meter, the water warms quickly, and the forest surrounding the lake from all sides protects the coast from the wind.

Despite the fact that the rest on the White Lake is only White Lake, without any interesting excursions, we recommend: a spacious open beach with sports fields and trees for shade, a pier with boats and catamarans, from which it is not terrible to fall out, because small, vast territory of the adjacent base, where you can play hide and seek, reserved places for fishing ... All this will make your holidays unforgettable, and we can safely count the “undiluted” places, relative lack of people and silence as bonuses.

Ust-Chorna, Tyachiv district, Transcarpathian region

Ust-Chorna (formerly Königsfeld, "the royal field") is a real ecological health resort in Ukraine. The air here is crystal clear and of exceptional value.

For the forest walk with the whole family along the path of the 20 waterfalls, we recommend taking a basket with food and not taking water: you can drink it straight from the cleanest stream. Waterfalls flow into one another, forming peculiar fonts among the stones - small lakes, here called "jacuzzi". They can and should swim!

In the same places there is the most beautiful Polonina of Transcarpathia - Polonina Krasna, rich in herbs, blueberries, cloudberries, and all the herbs and roots known for alternative medicine. And while your children rush through the expanses of their native country, you admire the views, fry kebabs or climb Gayson Gavor - a small hill right there on a mountain valley.

Gayson Gavor - the mountain is not simple, but opening "all the upper doors" - that is the name translated. Local aksakals believe that the desires voiced there will be surely fulfilled.

And also riding horses, quad bikes, carts and UAZ, a picnic in the forester’s hut, sleeping in a fragrant meadow and mineral springs are what you should definitely try in Ust-Chornaya.

But the local beach will cause special joy in children: a little lake with a waterfall of two human height surrounded by peacefully grazing well-groomed goats.

The food here is almost the most delicious in Transcarpathia, and the prices are almost the lowest.

Kolochava, Mizhhirya district of Transcarpathian region

Kolochava - a unique Transcarpathian "resort", a village of 10 museums, each of which is really interesting.

For example, in the open-air museum “Old Village” moms are reviewing a collection of old “labutenes” in a local leather workshop, dads are exploring old cars and other sly vintage techniques, children run everywhere and read the space with joyful shouts: “Mom! Dad! Look, what i found! " And then they all have fun together at one of the authentic cafes nearby. Well, and ride a local rare narrow-gauge railway - a holy cause, recommended for the whole family.

The famous parrot reserve, the only private poultry farm in Ukraine with more than 2000 breeds of parrots and pigeons, will cause genuine delight in children. A bee hospital (you can correct the emotional background and make a noble honey shopping) and a trout farm (where you can choose the best fish with your child in the evening to roast it on the grill at the house) will welcome you no less cordially.

If you are traveling for a long time, you will have time to admire Synevir (30 km) and take your child to the sheep farmer’s school on the top of Strymba Mountain (children from 13 years old can climb it, the youngest will be more difficult).

There are no problems with food - local mistresses in the “sadybah” for a small fee will cook deliciously for the whole family, and all the wishes of restless mothers about the healthy children's menu will be taken into account.

Slavske, Skole district of Lviv region

Despite the fact that traditionally Slavske is a winter resort, in the summer it is no less interesting here.

Stunning views, meadows of raznotravya, the river Opir and Slavska, and the most beautiful peaks of the Carpathians - Trostyan, High Top, Zvorets, Menchil with many springs and waterfalls make up your summer Carpathian route.

It is in Slavske that there are special mountain trails for mountain biking and a large number of routes for quad bikes.

Horses are also not forgotten, and local stables offer family tours to low mountains, adapted to the needs and abilities of the child.

In addition to natural entertainment, there are several large hotel complexes in Slavskoy, which offer such infrastructure and a list of entertainment, that even if you come all summer, your every day will not look like another. For example, in Zakhar Berkut there is its own cable car, in Slavyanka there is a large heated pool overlooking the mountain range, in Vezha Vedmezha there is a huge rope park for children, a paintball club and a private kriyivka.

And in the evening, when the children of the whole country see their first color dream, moms and dads, who are motivated by an active day rest, drink their well-deserved cold glass of wine on the terrace of the cafe overlooking the mountain ridge.

Bakot Zatoka, Kamyanets-Podilskyi district, Khmelnitsky region

The nature reserve in the vicinity of Kamyanets-Podilsky is loved by the Ukrainians for a special microclimate - there is always more sun and less wind, because Bakota is reliably protected from the outside world by white cliffs. In one of them the remains of the Mikhailovsky Cave Monastery are still preserved, and not just preserved, but continue to be a place of pilgrimage.

Набор развлечений невелик, но никогда не надоедает: моторные лодки, на которых можно покататься по затоке (можно и нужно – иначе как вы увидите противоположный берег, который однозначно стоит посмотреть и восхититься), катамараны, пирс для отчаянных прыжков в воду, купание в озере, все виды рыбалки (не бывает без улова!) и фотоохота – разве этого мало для настоящей сыгранной команды?

Увидеть «Голову Чацкого» в Житомире

Летом стоит посетить одно из самых живописных мест – Житомирский каньон. На берегах реки Тетерев вы увидите причудливые, поросшие лесом скалы, одна из которых напоминает человеческую голову. Ее так и называют «Голова Чацкого». In honor of whom exactly the rock is named - the versions diverge. The local nature is a great place for a picnic, and the cliffs are suitable for backpacking.

How to get there: to Zhytomyr by train or bus.

Cost of: apartment for rent from 200 UAH. Find accommodation in Zhytomyr here.

Photo source: lyonl.com.ua.

In Raisin - on the mountain Kremenets

In Kharkiv there is a unique place - Mount Kremenets, the highest in the region, a geological monument of nature. Climbing on it, you will see a magnificent panorama of the surroundings. At the very top there are mysterious stone idols, the origin of which is still unknown, and a memorial in memory of the Great Patriotic War.

How to get there: from Kharkov to Raisin buses and trains.

Cost of: only for travel.

Photo source: io.ua.

Swim in the waterfall

Summer - it's time to swim in the waterfall. 55 km from Nikopol and 100 km from Dnepropetrovsk there is a wonder of nature cascading Sholokhovsky waterfall. This place is also called the “Red stones”. The length of the waterfall is about 14 m, it splashes among the bizarre stone heaps, but it is not difficult to choose a place for swimming.

How to get there: it is better to go by your own transport via Orzhonikidze, minibuses from Nikopol

Cost of: only for travel.