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Makeup brushes: what is it for?


What makeup brushes are meant for, how to make the right choice? A wide range of can enter into the stupor any woman. Obviously, the quality of makeup depends not only on the properties of cosmetics and skills of visage, but also on the tools intended for its application. So, what do you need to know in order not to make a mistake?

What makeup brushes to choose: natural pile

Where to begin? What makeup brushes to choose? First of all, you need to remember that there are products from natural and artificial pile. The first brushes are softer, with their help the product is applied more transparently, it is better shaded. They are ideal for dry cosmetics. Natural pile - soft and elastic at the same time, it will not damage the skin. Makeup using such brushes is applied evenly, lasts longer and looks neat.

Which is better to choose brushes for make-up from natural pile? Possible options are discussed below.

  • Squirrel. Characterized by a fairly wide range of uses, optimal for applying powder and blush. Tools with squirrel pile qualitatively feather cosmetics. It is on them that the owners of sensitive skin should pay attention.
  • With pony fur. These brushes are suitable primarily for shading blush and shadows. They are smooth, silky to the touch, strong enough and elastic.
  • Sable. They give preference to experienced makeup artists when applying shadows. They are ideal for working with sensitive areas of the face. Another advantage of such products is a long service life, they are elastic and wear-resistant. However, there is a drawback - a fairly high cost.
  • From the column. These brushes do not require special care, they are durable. They are elastic and soft, easy to work with. Optimally, they are suitable for imposing shadows, when using them, cosmetics lie down in a thin even layer.

Artificial pile

What brushes to use for makeup? When applying cream products (foundation, cream blush and shade), you can give preference to products made of artificial lint. It has no pores, it is easy to clean. It absorbs less moisture, so the skin gets maximum texture. Another obvious advantage of artificial lint is affordability.

Of course, such brushes have significant drawbacks. They can damage the delicate skin of the face, especially for eyelids. Products made of artificial lint quickly lose their shape, they can not be called durable.

When choosing brushes with artificial nap, it is best to give preference to products made from taclon. They are easy to clean, with proper care, they have a long service life. They can also be disinfected. Such tools can be a real salvation for girls who are allergic to natural bristles.

Other selection criteria

What are makeup brushes, what else do you need to pay attention to when choosing products? The main factors are discussed below.

  • Manufacturer. The optimal solution is to give preference to tools that are produced by well-known cosmetic brands. At their production hypoallergenic materials are used, quality is carefully controlled.
  • Density and size. It is important that the pile is not hard and rough. When buying, be sure to make sure that the brush is tactilely pleasant. It is also important to pay attention to the size of the tool. It should correspond to the size of the area of ​​the person for whom it is intended.
  • Purpose There are brushes for the eyes, face, lips. You can also purchase the whole set.


So, what makeup brushes are meant for? First of all, you should learn how to choose the product that is used to apply foundation. In this case, professional make-up artists prefer artificial pile. These brushes are not demanding to care, easy to clean, absorb less moisture. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the grinding ability is better for versions with natural bristles.

Packing density is another factor that is important to pay attention to when choosing a tool. If a girl uses a thick consistency concealer, it is best for her to prefer thick-haired products.

Choosing the right tool shape is another issue for beginners. What kind of brushes do you need for makeup when it comes to applying foundation?

  • Flat shape. Its advantage is a dense covering ability.
  • Semicircular shape. At such a product should pay attention to those who prefer to apply the tool in a circular motion. This brush creates a lighter coating, better polishes.
  • Duofiber. It is a mixture of short and long nap. Thanks to the long pile, the texture is applied and distributed, while the short one is responsible for grinding. This brush can be used for applying the base.

We continue to understand what makeup brushes are intended for. The product for applying powder - a large, fluffy, soft, pleasant to use.

  • The oval tool provides a uniform covering, with its help it is easy to distribute means.
  • Fan shape allows you to quickly remove excess cosmetics. She should give preference when applied to the protruding parts of the face with bronzing powder.
  • Kabuki is characterized by a thick cone-shaped pile, has a short handle. With its help, you can apply a dense layer of powder, which is convenient for those who do not like the foundation.

Synthetic or natural pile is more suitable for beginners? What makeup brushes are needed when it comes to applying powder? To create a light and transparent layer is better to give preference to the natural option. With the help of synthetic tools it is easy to provide a more dense powder coating.

We continue to understand how to choose cosmetic makeup brushes, which is necessary for what. For applying cream blush is best to use synthetics. The tool with natural pile is more suitable for laying dry means.

The shape of the brush also plays an important role in creating high-quality makeup. Possible options are described below.

  • Round brush is optimal if the goal is to apply a lot of blush on the cheeks. For a natural pattern means superimposed light strokes.
  • The product is bevelled designed for contouring the face of dry sculptors.
  • Duofiber is characterized by a round shape with a flat tool. Professional makeup artists apply it to applying cream and dry blush. This tool contributes to the natural and soft finish of makeup.

How to choose a brush for eye makeup, what is meant for? The most popular manufacturing formats are described below.

  • Flat. With this product it is easy to distribute the shadows over the eyelids. Such a tool imposes shadows tightly and locally. For applying dark shadows on the ciliary contour, it is best to use flat, dense tools with a short nap. Synthetic dense products are used for laying the base under the shadows. They are also relevant when applying a light shade on the eyelids.
  • Fluffy. Smooth, soft transitions are easy to perform with it.
  • "Barrel". This tool is used for high-quality study of the fold and the outer corner of the eye. It can also be used for shading shadows on the lower eyelid.

What kind of brushes are needed for eye makeup if cream shadows are used? The choice of product depends directly on what effect is the goal. To create a smoke, it is better to give preference to a tool with a natural long nap. For applying an even layer is more suitable flat brush, corresponding to the size of the century. A soft, flat tool or “barrel” is optimal for feathering a pencil.

For eyebrows

For the design of eyebrows, makeup artists prefer to use tools with a flat shape that have short or medium bristles. When drawing lines, as well as at feathering, the product with a beveled nap is optimal.

Is natural or synthetic nap preferred? The first option is suitable when you need to quickly and easily fill the volume of the eyebrow with a dry product. Synthetic beveled brush is ideal for the hair technique, draws a good eyebrow.


We continue to find out what makeup brushes are for. For applying gloss and lipstick optimal tools with a synthetic pile. It is desirable that the brush had an oval or triangular tip. This will help to easily paint contours, draw thin lines.

Product stiffness also plays an important role. Optimal stiffness is best suited, such a tool is convenient for drawing and shading.

What firm makeup brushes are better? Below are the sets of the most popular brands. So, which brands do professionals prefer?

  • "Bobby Brown". The kit of this company is the best choice for beginning makeup artists. It includes brushes designed for applying foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, as well as for eyebrows. The tools have wooden handles, natural bristles (synthetic brush for the tonal framework).
  • Hakuhodo. The products of this brand enjoys the reputation of the best brushes in the world. At their production natural pile is applied, assembly is made manually. You can buy such a kit only in the official store. Perhaps his only drawback - the high cost.
  • Nyx. Brushes of this brand are not offered in the set, but individually. Buyers choose what they need. The tools, although they possess synthetic fibers, are distinguished by a long service life, they have proven themselves well in work.
  • "Rubleff". The products of this company willingly become artists, makeup artists. With the help of these brushes it is easy to create soft and clear lines of transition of shades, draw complex art on the face.
  • Inglot, Clarins. Sets of these firms are used primarily for contouring, feathering the tonal framework. Brushes are made of natural high-quality pile.
  • "Essens". The main advantage of the products of this company is an affordable price. They are made of nylon, differ in hardness. These brushes do not always cope well with the shading of cosmetics, but they are stored for a long time, they do not require complex care.
  • "Just Jeans". These brushes professional makeup artists happy to use for applying decorative cosmetics. The brand also produces convenient organizers for storing products.
  • "Mermend Multipurpose". Products of this company are very popular among beauty bloggers. They are made of natural nap, they are of high quality, long service life. The highlight of these brushes is a curved shape that allows you to process even the most difficult parts of the face.

Makeup artists tips

Above it was told about what professional makeup brushes are and what they are for. Beginning makeup artists often forget that the product must not only be chosen, but also properly looked after. The makeup artist tips below will help to keep the brushes in good condition for a long time, to avoid harm to the skin.

  • Rapid surface cleaning is recommended using an express cleaner. This tool will not only clean the product from cosmetics, but also disinfect.
  • Once a week be sure to wash the tools with shampoo. Due to this, the pigment will not get into the pile, it will retain its original properties for a long time.
  • Water temperature also plays an important role; water should not be too cold or hot.
  • In the process of washing the instrument should be kept pile down. This will prevent water from entering the mounting base.
  • When washing the brush should not be allowed to form. Clean it with your fingers under the stream of water, while carefully removing the pile.
  • It is not recommended to squeeze the pile, making efforts. It is better to blot the instrument with a paper towel or cotton cloth.
  • It is necessary to dry the product on a flat surface with absorbing ability. It is important that the brush is in a ventilated room. It is forbidden to put a wet tool upright pile up.
  • Do not dry the product with hot air, spread it on the central heating radiators. As a result of such actions, the brush cracks, which causes the pile to fall.
  • To flush out waterproof textures from a tool, you need to apply a remuver to a cotton pad. The texture dissolves in soft movements. Then you should rinse the product under running water using shampoo.

Following these simple tips will help keep your tools in top condition for a long time.

Purpose and types of professional brushes

Brushes differ at once by several criteria. First of all, the separation takes place according to “areas of responsibility” - parts of the face on which they are recommended to be used: for the face, eyes, eyebrows, lips. Also, all brushes are generally divided into two types - made from artificial pile or natural. The latter are better combined with powdery dry textures. Artificial is necessary for the application and shading of cream and liquid textures. Consider in detail each category.

Face brushes

How many brushes for the application of tonal tools you must have? At least three: flat synthetic for foundation and two fluffy natural for blush and powder. If we talk about the basic set of professional makeup artist, then it includes a lot more brushes. What kind? Read below.

For foundation

Brush for tonal tool Maestro Brush, Giorgio Armani © armanibeauty

A flat synthetic brush is popular with both professional makeup artists and beginners. With its help you can easily distribute the foundation as thin as possible.

More information on the topic:

For concealer

Brush for concealer Maestro Brush, Giorgio Armani © armanibeauty.com.ru

It resembles a brush for the foundation, but it is several times smaller in size. As a rule, concealers have a denser texture and are harder to shade. Therefore, such a small flat synthetic brush is what you need to correct small imperfections on the face.

Professional Brush for applying powder Pro Brush, NYX Proffesional Makeup © nyxcosmetic.ru

Moderately wide natural brush perfectly gathers powdery textures. The important point: to fix the makeup, use the patting movements with a brush, do not stretch it over the face - this way you will only “move” the foundation.

"Golden" rules of choice

The market of cosmetic accessories offers a legion of trademarks of this type of product and a lot of different brushes, each of which serves to apply only one type of cosmetics.

  1. For powder. This category includes large round and very soft brushes made of natural lint for loose mineral powder. Larger brushes are designed for bronzer. Small round brushes - for shading blush. Brushes with two-color bristles (artificial and natural) are used for cosmetics with a liquid consistency. A whisk brush removes excess powder well from the face.
  2. For the basics. These are brushes with synthetic nap, with which it is easy to apply foundation. Round, handle-short, shaped like a heel, ideal for crumbly mineral powder.
  3. For the shadows. This type of brushes is divided into 3 subspecies: large ones are applied under the shadows, with a pile of different lengths - for decorative shades with different shades that are applied to the corners of the eyes. For shading brushes with short soft bristles are used. It is easiest to draw the fold of the century with a small brush, and thick the borders between different shades.
  4. For blush. These brushes can be rounded or cut at an angle. Their flattening helps to beautifully shade the blush to most naturally emphasize the cheekbones.
  5. For liner Brushes with stiff synthetic bristles and a curved fine tip. They are easy to "fill" neat points in the eyeliner.
  6. For eyebrow makeup. Brushes from rigid natural or synthetic fibers, are similar to brushes for an eyeliner. They can paint eyebrows or wax them.
  7. Small brush-proofers made of synthetic materials easily mask the defects of the skin with a “tonalum”.
  8. For lips. These brushes are made in the shape of the cat tongue to gently lay down lipstick. They can also create a smooth lip contour.

You need to purchase this necessary minimum so that your make-up is no worse than that of Hollywood makeup artists!

А теперь нужно правильно выбрать материал для щетины… Как определить, какие кисти лучше для макияжа: искусственные или все же натуральные? Каков должен быть их размер и относительная жесткость изделия?

Материал для кистей

В зависимости от состава косметики, которой вы пользуетесь, визажисты советуют натуральные волоски выбирать для сухих и сыпучих косметических средств (пудры, румян или сухих теней), а искусственные – для жидких видов декоративной косметики (основы, тонального крема), так как синтетика не впитывает продукт.

Из натуральных материалов для визажа используются следующие виды ворса:

  • Соболь и колонок – упругие волоски золотисто-коричневого оттенка. При нанесении теней идеально прорисовывают веки, при этом очень мягкие и нежные на ощупь.
  • Squirrel - squirrel brushes are soft and smooth, do not scratch the delicate skin of the eyelids and perfectly shade the borders of the shadows.
  • The pony is thick and smooth brown fur. Good for applying make-up on the eyes and face.
  • The goat is slightly wavy, voluminous and slightly harsh black fur. Well and evenly masks the face powder.

Brush size and stiffness

For any part of the face on which we will apply makeup, you can choose the right brush to fit. The brush should lie freely in the hand, the bristles will certainly need to choose a flexible, but not rough or hard, so as not to injure the skin. According to the above recommendations and their contours of the eyes and face determine the size and types of brushes.

Choosing a brush

  • For the shadows - this is the main brush that allows you to create even a multi-layered exquisite makeup.
  • Feather - masterfully performs high-quality color transitions of shadows. If your makeup requires a lot of shades and color play, then you need to purchase a few pieces of such "masters".
  • Combined brush for eyebrows and cilia. They visually make these contours more dense and voluminous.
  • Eyebrow brush helps to gently apply smoothing agents for “strokes of emotions”.
  • Brush "heels" causes and smoothly blends the highlighter - sparkling powder, shimmer with sparkles on the cheekbones for evening makeup or bronzer. The pile of such a brush is like a puff: it can only be surprisingly soft!
  • Even experienced make-up artists argue about sponges. Some are categorically against their use, while others consider it appropriate to apply liquid cosmetics with them.
  • A lip brush is applied to make-up of lips while applying lipstick, gloss and creating a smooth contour.

Makeup artists advise to use professional tools of at least seven even when applying everyday makeup, because, firstly, they absorb the absolute minimum of cosmetics, and secondly, they work not only more conveniently, but also faster. If you need to apply make-up with ordinary brushes within five or ten minutes, then master brushes will complete it in a couple of seconds! And the quality of this makeup will be several orders of magnitude higher! Isn’t this what any beauty wants when going out?

The following video will tell you about the most necessary makeup brushes and how to use them:

Big brush duofiber

Absolute must-have! The tonal tool is best distributed over the skin with this brush. Convenient and multifunctional. It consists of half of natural pile, half of synthetic, due to this it does not absorb too much tonal means, beautifully and smoothly blushes, highlights, makes powder with a thin layer, etc. Suitable for everything.

Medium brush duofiber

Its purpose is almost the same as that of a large brush, but the area of ​​application is much less, so the brush is suitable for a more detailed study of your makeup. If you just want to mask minor defects or apply concealer under the eyes - this brush will become the best assistant.

Bevel brush

Synthetic beveled brush is best suited for filling eyebrows with products of any texture - whether you use lipstick or eye shadow. Natural pile brushes are not as obedient in this case as synthetic ones. I have a Pupa brush, it is wider than the usual beveled brushes and perfectly paints thick eyebrows, extinguishes or makes a graphic line when necessary.

Brush for smoky eyes

One of my favorite brushes is M.A.C. 217. When I make Smoky-Aiz any saturation and complexity, this makeup brush is indispensable. Even if you are unprofessional, she will do everything for you. It blends beautifully, imposes shadows or pigments in layers, copes equally well with dry and creamy textures, it is thanks to her that the smocks are perfect.

Sponge for concealer and foundation

Another tool for creating a smooth, inconspicuous tone is the Beauty Blender sponge. They are designed to apply a tonal tool easily and evenly, to hide the pores. I have a pink one - it is the most soft in the whole series and cheerful! When you use Beauty Blender, it is important to apply the product with patting rather than rubbing movements. I use a small lime Beauty Blender for a concealer in the lower eyelid area, in the inner corner of the eyes and in the nasolabial area. And very happy with it. Recommend!

Brush for applying gel and liquid eyeliner

Brush for applying gel and liquid eyeliner. 50% of success in such business as equal and symmetric arrows, depends on the correct tool. It is not worth saving. Here are my two favorites. Curved Japonesque BB and Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eye Liner.

Powder brush

A broad brush that resembles a fan is perfect if you want to apply powder in a very light and thin layer. Also, makeup artists use this brush for the body - if you want to powder the neckline or neck area - it is the most convenient for this purpose.

Correct tweezers

For me, any makeup starts with perfectly shaped eyebrows. Therefore, the first tool in the pouch is eyebrow tweezers. From tweezers I like Rubis and Japonesque. They serve forever, if they are not dropped and treated carefully, do not pick something that is not in their prof. responsibilities, that is, use only as directed.

Brow Brows

Eyebrow brush or brush - perfectly combing the eyebrows. It is necessary both in the process of care for the eyebrows (design tweezers), and for the finishing touch - laying and fixing the form.

Curler - a tool for curling eyelashes. If you want to achieve the effect of an “open look,” you cannot do without a curler. It is better not to save on it, but to immediately buy a professional, for example, M.A.C.

And finally ...

The main tool in make-up, and in make-up for myself especially, I think, hands. Clean, disinfected fingers are the best tool for all cream textures, and the back of the hand is the best palette for mixing foundation with moisturizer and different shades of lipstick.

It is important to have disinfectants in your cosmetic bag - special sprays or wipes that are suitable for both hands and for the treatment of hands and instruments. Do not forget to use them each time before makeup, and wash the brushes for greasy textures and sponges after each application.

Types of brushes

All professional makeup brushes are classified by use.

Makeup artists distinguish the following types:

  1. For applying shadows,
  2. For the tonal framework, corrector,
  3. For dry powder and rouge,
  4. For lipstick, gloss,
  5. For liner

Also, the appointment depends on their form. For example, diagonal are used to correct the shape of the nose, and fan - for the cheeks and forehead. Visually, they can not only differ in shape, but also in the material from which they are made.

Makeup brushes

The shape of the contour of the hair bundle of the makeup brush is:

  • Smooth,
  • Petal,
  • Oblique or diagonal
  • Bundle-like (long and short),
  • Fan,
  • Barrel.

In addition, brushes are both cosmetic and for the application of masks. In medical cosmetology, they are widely used due to the ability to increase the effectiveness of cosmeceuticals.

The following materials are used as a nap for brushes:

  1. Natural wool (squirrel, pony, goat, marten, measles and other),
  2. Stiff bristles (pork, badger, buffalo),
  3. Synthetic fibers (nylon and hard nylon).

Traditionally, shadowing tools are made from synthetic nap. They blend cosmetics well and can “collect” a large amount of money on themselves at once. For applying powder, blush and foundation are often used soft natural brushes. With their help, it is easy to shade a small amount on the skin, creating a thin corrective veil on the face.

For convenient use, some brands label their products by color. For example, this is Real Techniques and Chanel. Tools for the base are presented with a beige palette, and additional - more bright.

Eye brushes

In order to properly apply the shadows, it is most convenient to use the model, the main part of which is made up of synthetic fibers. It should be a flat shape with a rounded outline of the hair bundle. In this case, it will be possible to shade the shadows much faster than if it were even.

A brush for applying eye make-up can be:

  • Smooth (flat),
  • Round or keg,
  • Beveled for liner
  • Eyebrow brush.

For feathering it is better to use a round one - it evenly spreads the color, keeping the intensity of the shade, with it it is easy to distinguish depressions over the eyelid. And for accents - flat. The best option would be to buy a brush with an applicator for makeup, reviews claim that it is the most expedient option. Then you can do any kind of make-up without acquiring a lot of tools.

Eye brushes

In the variety of brushes for eye makeup also includes a brush. for liner. This is a round thin brush, which is necessary for the careful application of eyeliner or liquid liner. It is advisable to purchase several pieces at once with different thickness and rigidity. For drawing curly arrows, it is better to take a tool with a natural synthetic pile of medium or low rigidity. To create the perfect fine lines, it is recommended to store brushes of high hardness in cosmetics.

The purpose of the beveled brush - Stretch the liner to create the perfect shape of the arrows. Depending on what consistency is selected for the makeup tool - liquid or dense, varies the rigidity of the tool.

For powder blush

Diffusing Blush Brush blush brush, Urban Decay © urbandecay.ru

Professional brush for applying powder and blush. Pro Brush - Dual fiber pwdr 08, NYX Proffesional Makeup © nyxcosmetic.ru

Brush for blush dry texture made of natural nap. It is slightly smaller than for powder, as it is intended to apply more locally - on apples of cheeks, cheekbones. Such a brush often has a beveled edge for more convenient distribution of funds. How to choose the best option, read in a separate article.

Brushes for the tonal framework

A set of brushes for makeup includes the following types:

  • Contour. Externally resembles a cut barrel. Its shape of the hair bundle is straight, and it is thick enough to hold wide lines. Used to contour the face
  • Flat long. Its fleecy part is rounded. It is made exclusively from synthetic lint, due to which it does not absorb foundation and minimizes its consumption. Relatively small, so that you can work out thin areas - eyes, lips, Drawing brush for foundation
  • Flat short. It is necessary for spot shading, ideal for applying liquid correctors or shading problem areas,
  • Thin for bronzers and concealers. Also, as well as flat long it is made of synthetic pile. Allows you to gently shade cosmetics without smearing it beyond the selected limits,
  • Putty knife. This is a dense round oblique model that is able to drive into the pores and wrinkles even the most disobedient tonal tool. It includes almost every review of cosmetics by popular makeup artists.

Brushes for powder and blush

A beginner makeup artist needs only these types - they are essential for creating the right makeup. They are made exclusively from natural material, since their main purpose is to feather powder and rouge with the thinnest layer.

Brushes for blush and powder

Powder brush types:

  • Kabuki. Designed to work with compressed cosmetic products: powder, blush and others. They are a dense ball of nap, where the hairs are very densely adjacent to each other,
  • Oval dense. This is an enlarged version of the classic powder brush. It is necessary for stretching the rouge, for greater convenience it is made with a broken handle. So it is more convenient to handle the hollows in the cheekbones,
  • Fan. The name speaks for itself. It has a broad shape, resembling a fan. In this case, the villi are not very tight. It is necessary for the accurate application of powder or removal of its excess. A little less used for bronzers or rouge.

How to use

Before you determine which brushes are needed for makeup, it is important to understand exactly what you want to achieve by applying decorative cosmetics. If you are not a professional makeup artist who needs to create many different images every day, then five basic tools will be enough.

Commonly used brushes:

  • Putty knife,
  • Kabuki
  • Fan,
  • Beveled
  • Barrel for shadows.
A standard set of brushes makeup artist

Description of how to use brushes correctly:

  1. For skin of a problem type or prone to dryness, be sure to use oval makeup. They will gently drive the cream and foundation into the skin, without lifting the flaky epidermis,
  2. The movement should be made to the side of the hair or the lower part of the face - depending on the treated area,
  3. It is important not to use the same tool for different cosmetics. For example, if you need to apply powder, and then blush, it is important to use two different brushes. And it is better - three, in order to remove excess friable products from skin with one,
  4. For drawing thin lines it is important to use thin tools, and for large planes - wide or three-dimensional. When painting, do not press on the fleecy part, but easily carry it across the face.
How to use makeup brushes

Which brushes to choose

It is difficult to determine which makeup brushes are better: each manufacturer uses different materials, and some work only with tools of a specific purpose.

Makeup Brush Sets:

  • Kit Bobbi Brown (Bobby Brown). Includes a basic set, suitable for all novice makeup artists. Includes brushes for tonal foundation, blush, powder, eye shadow and eyebrows. Differ in natural pile (except for the tool for toners) and wooden handles. Its cheaper counterpart is Manly PRO Magic Moments,
  • Japanese Hakuhodo. It is believed that - this is the best brush in the world. They are made from natural lint and are assembled by hand. You can buy them only in the official store. They are very similar to the available Naked 3 Urban Dekay or UBU,
  • Professional Nyx not sold in the set. You will need to choose the necessary. They proved to be excellent in durability and performance, although they are made of synthetic fibers. Slightly more affordable, no less quality - SHIK (Chic)
  • Brand tools Sigma (Sigma) They are divided into fascinating and classic. With them also sold the original organizer. A bit more expensive, but much better are the network products from Oriflame and Avon, A set of brushes for beginners
  • Products Roubloff (Rubleff), Da Vinci (Da Vinci) Sephora (Sefora)designed for artists, makeup artists. They will help you draw complex art on your face, create soft but clear lines of transition of shades,
  • Clarins Brush (Clarins) and Inglot. Their main application is the feathering of the tonal base and contouring means. Included in the ranking of the best brushes. They are made from high-quality natural lint, in some cases combined,
  • Essence Brush (Essens). These are budget options for the Polish production of makeup, but still deserve attention. Made of nylon and classified by hardness. They are of good quality, they are stored for a long time, but cosmetics are not always well shaded,
  • Valerie D, Mirage, Limoni and Iris professional. Cheap products that are sold in the "Fix Price", "Rive Gauche" and the network "Girlfriend". They are synthetic, with plastic handles. Not suitable for prolonged use even with the condition of daily washing,
  • Just & Jean’s (Just Jeans) - high-quality professional brushes for decorative cosmetics. This brand also produces organizers for their storage. You can buy a set, and to them immediately a suitable case,
  • Mermaid Multipurpose Brush (Mermend Multipurpoz) - the most trendy, now they are in the top of all the beauty bloggers desired. They are created only from natural nap, but the main difference from other brands in the form of tools. If other brands are not much different from each other, then the Little Mermaid brushes have a curved shape that allows you to efficiently process any parts of the face. Drawing Mermaid Multipurpose Brush
  • Brushes for applying foundation and eye makeup company Zoeva include a few pieces in the set. These are the main tools (classical) and professional. They are the most famous in the CIS. They are used even by Gohar Avetisyan. They are quite expensive, so they can be replaced by more affordable MAC (MAC) or even Mary Kay.

How to wash makeup brushes

Tools from natural pile need to be disinfected once a week, from synthetic fiber - every other day. If you have problem skin, it is best to treat them daily. To clean the brush from the tonal base and powder, you can use makeup remover gel, a special cleaner or ordinary soap.

How to wash makeup brushes

How to wash makeup brushes on the example of the brand Anastasia:

  1. It is important to use cool water for washing. This is especially important for tools made of natural wool. Otherwise, the villi will begin to fall off and break,
  2. To make a professional brush cleaner with your own hands, you need to take a glass of water, a teaspoon of foam or washing gel and two spoons of alcohol. При чувствительной коже лучше брать спирта тоже 1 ложку и две детского шампуня,
  3. Кисточки нужно аккуратно замочит в жидкости и оставить на несколько минут. После пальцами легонько размять ворсистую часть и размылить пенку. Снова замочить на несколько минут, а потом промыть под проточной водой,
  4. Самое главное – правильно сушить инструменты. Для этого их нужно положить под небольшим углом на подставку или тубус, предварительно накрыв его полотенцем. Держите кисточки как можно дальше от источника тепла и сквозняков.
Хранение кистей

Чтобы инструменты прослужили должно, за ними нужно правильно ухаживать. Для хранения используйте только специальный чехол или пенал для макияжных кистей (JAF, Том Форд, Мери Кей, прочие). Он не даст ворсинкам спутаться и скататься, сохранит их форму. Спустя полгода, какой бы ни был хороший уход, они заменяются. Natural pile wears out even earlier - already in several months, especially in the conditions of continuous cleaning.


Shader Brush - Medium Angled Eyeliner Brush, Foundation Kabuki, Double-ended Sculpting Brush, Precision Corrector Brush

MAKE UP FOR EVER - the leader in decorative cosmetics. It is not surprising that they have the widest range of all kinds of makeup brushes. Our favorites are the double-ended Sculpting Brush for sculpting, repeating each bend of the Foundation Kabuki face to distribute the base and the versatile Precision Corrector Brush for applying concealer and eyeliner.

Chanel les mini de chanel

Chanel universal set of 5 types of mini-brushes - an indispensable must-have in every girl's beauty arsenal. Depending on the thickness and shape, a single brush can be used to apply several types of agents at once: for example, the Foundation Brush 6 brush can also be used to distribute and feather blush, highlighter and bronzer.

Urban Decay Pro

Diffusing Blush Brush, Large Powder Brush, Optical Blurring Brush

A real find for a beautician - a set of professional makeup brushes from Urban Decay Pro. The widest Large Powder Brush is ideal for applying and blending mineral powder, Diffusing Blush Brush is suitable for blush and bronzer, and Optical Blurring Brush is for creating a perfectly smooth tone with natural finish and an optical blur effect.

MAC Duo Fiber Blush # 159

The Duo Fiber Blush # 159 brush from MAC is good for applying blush and highlighter. It is also convenient to create contouring with it. Thanks to its rounded shape, it perfectly blends products of different textures: from crumbly to liquid. The successful combination of two types of nap (natural + synthetic) allows you to collect the strictly necessary amount of funds to create a natural coating.

Rouge bunny rouge

Foundation Brush, Face Contour Bruch

In the beauty menu Rouge Bunny Rouge - a wide selection of all kinds of brushes for makeup. We chose the two most versatile - the flat Foundation Brush, with which it is convenient to distribute the tonal tool, concealer, liquid highlighter and bronzer, and the fluffy Face Contour Bruch to create perfect contouring or dripping.

Erborian miniature brush was created specifically for applying BB and CC creams, which are so famous for the Korean brand. Synthetic bristles make it possible to create a sufficiently dense coating to mask all visible skin imperfections. Also with its help it is convenient to apply concealer and cream highlighter.

Real Techniques

Blush Brush, Arched Powder, Expert Face Brush

With the help of Real Techniques brushes you can master make-up of any level of complexity. With the help of Expert Face Brush we apply a tonal basis, concealer or highlighter. Blush Brush is used for blending loose or cream blush on the cheekbones, and Arched Powder - for the distribution of mineral powder and bronzer.

Yves rocher

Foundation Brush, Telescopic Powder Brush, Double-Pile Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Beveled Eye Brush

An interesting find from the brand Yves Rocher is a two-tone double-pile brush. With its help, it is convenient to shade crumbly textures, which means to create the effect of light shading or dripping. The classic kabuki is good for applying powder, and the flat one is for spreading the tonal base.

Jane iredale

Jane Iredale brush, the pile of which in its shape somewhat resembles a small palm, is good for applying blush and tinted powders. After the distribution of the product disguise the boundaries, carefully blending the contours.

Kabuki Brush, Blush Brush, Powder Brush, Concealer Brush

Kabuki brush for powder, brush for blush, brush for shading shadows and applying concealer - a large variety of brushes using synthetic lint is presented in the essence brand arsenal. The color scheme of all brushes is delicate pastel, and their design uses synthetic bristles.

Hurst Shkulev Publishing

Moscow, st. Shabolovka, house 31b, 6th entrance (entrance from the Horse Lane)

For cream blush

Polishing brush Pinceau Teint Perfecteur №2, YSL Beauté © yslbeauty.com.ru

The brush from synthetic pile does not absorb cream textures. Thus, it is very easy to spread soft blush on the cheekbones.

For contouring with blush

Maestro Brush Contour Brush, Giorgio Armani © armanibeauty.com.ru

A flat wide brush with a smooth cut is ideal for blending dry powder blush of gray-brown tones. With its help, you can emphasize the line of the cheekbones, sharpen the chin, narrow the edges of the nose.

Kabuki brush

Kabuki brush for dry and creamy textures Parisian Kabuki, Lancôme © lancome.ru

The kabuki brush can be recognized by the following features: it is very soft, with a lot of villi and a round cut. It is very delicate distributes powdery textures, so it is best suited, for example, for feathering bronzers.

Liner brush

Eyeliner Brush for a liquid eyeliner Brush, Giorgio Armani © armanibeauty.com.ru

A thin caligraphic brush made of synthetic hair is what the doctor prescribed when you want to experiment with the arrows. The width of the arrows depends on the intensity of the pressure.

Shading brush

Professional eye makeup brush. Pro brush - blending 16, NYX Proffesional Makeup © nyxcosmetic.ru

This fluffy brush allows you to create the desired “smoky” feathering in two accounts. It should be used as follows: when the main shades of the shadows are already applied to the eyelid, take a clean shading brush and go over the borders of the colors, mixing them together.

More information on the subject:

Eyebrow brush

Applicator Eye & Brow Maestro, Giorgio Armani © armanibeauty.com.ru

Today, in a fashion broad, traced eyebrows. Therefore, the eyebrow brush is a must have in any cosmetic bag. Before you begin drawing hairs with a beveled flat brush, carefully comb your eyebrows. And then proceed to fill the color.


Angled Lip Brush Lip Brush, Urban Decay © urbandecay.ru

The average width of the brush distributes lipstick evenly across the lips. A good lip brush should be a very clear shape, with a dense pile. So, it can easily outline the contours even without a pencil. Read more about how to choose a lip brush, read here.

Brushes of different shapes

Above, we have given examples of basic brushes for applying makeup, which will be useful for beginners in makeup. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many more brushes - even for the same purpose, brushes can differ dramatically

  • Brushes for concealer can be not only flat and from synthetic pile. Hair can be combined - artificial mixed with natural. This gives the brush greater fluffiness and, consequently, increases the chances of a better feathering.
  • Some make-up artists even prefer to distribute concealer with a brush from only natural nap. In this case, it will be rounded, frankly fluffy and soft. She can have only one minus - natural hairs absorb the remedy, so that concealer consumption will be more.
  • For many, it remains a mystery why we need very flat fan makeup brushes. Those that are made of minimal hairs are almost weightless: powder highlighter is perfectly distributed by them. The layer will be very thin, which will create the effect of highlighted skin. Fluffy brush fan are good for applying powder, bronzer.

Among the variety of forms of brushes (oval, round, flat, beveled, etc.) it is important to understand their logic. Take the hand in hand, touch it, try to move it on the back of your hand. It will immediately become clear that bevelled are more suitable for a more graphical distribution of color. Round - for application with fuzzy edges: for example, shadows, blush. Flat brushes impose color better, and fluffy it is shaded.

Brushes made of natural pile

They are made from natural hairs of different animals. The most popular are hairs from squirrel, goat or horse hair. Since the hairs are natural, their cuticle has the ability to pick up and absorb powdery pigments and completely shade them on the face.

For practice, natural brushes are ideal - they are as soft as possible: this means that it is more difficult to overdo them with application. As for powdery textures, natural brushes will be your best choice for this purpose.

Artificial hair brushes

As a rule, for the manufacture of artificial brushes used a variety of synthetic materials - from nylon to recycled. Such brushes are more dense, they are easier to wash and do not absorb liquid and cream textures. Accordingly, when using them you will spend less amount of money.

Basic set of brushes for makeup: what brushes are needed for beginners

The following tools can be considered a standard set of brushes.

  • Flat shadow brush - for applying color.
  • Brush for shading shadows - to create a soft effect on the edges or make-up Smoky ice.
  • Small oblique brush - it is suitable for drawing arrows or filling eyebrows.
  • Powder brush - to fix foundation, concealer and other cream textures on the face.
  • Brush for foundation is not a mandatory item at all, but it is useful if it is more convenient for you to distribute the tone with a brush. Many today prefer sponges for this purpose.
  • Bevel brush for blush - this can be and give a person a more healthy look, and contour volume.
  • Concealer brush - if you choose a flat synthetic pile, here's a little life hack - you can also use it to draw the lips.
  • Eyebrow brush - because without combed, magnificent eyebrows are nowhere.

Makeup novices should not immediately buy a huge professional set of brushes. First you need to figure out which brushes you prefer to do makeup, and this is largely known only in the process of using them.

Then everything depends on you. Do you like to let the eyes down? Then the brush for the liner is your must-have. Or maybe you love to draw eyebrows? If you are a fan of eyebrow shadows - get a small beveled natural brush. In case you prefer cream shades, an artificial flat brush with a smooth or beveled cut will come in handy. Gradually it will become clear to you what is missing, and you will form your own basic set.

You might be interested in:

How to wash brushes?

  • During the use of brushes on the hairs accumulate particles of makeup, oils, dirt and even bacteria. Therefore, if you do not wash your hands in time, it can cause inflammation and clogging of the pores.
  • To keep the brushes clean, get a spray cleaner - spray them with brushes after each use. And once a week, wash them thoroughly with water and shampoo. Today, special tools are sold to clean the brushes, but in fact, for the same purpose, you can use a good cleansing or simply neutral baby shampoo.
  • Special cleanser for brushes can also be made by hand.
  • Wash the brush better at room temperature. First moisten them with water, then rinse thoroughly with shampoo. Rinse off the product until the water is clear.

How to store the brush?

  • It is better to dry the brushes in a natural way: just put them on a clean towel and in a couple of hours they will be as good as new.
  • If you dry the brushes in a vertical position, putting them in a glass, there is a risk that the water, dropping down from the lint, will break up the glue holding the handle and the top of the tool. If you do this regularly, the brush will break very quickly. Therefore, dry them, putting on a vertical surface.

Brush Cleaner

Specialized tools for cleaning brushes today are popular with professional makeup artists and lovers of makeup. Their types are different - from pressed, reminiscent of classic soap, to liquid like shampoo. Their compositions are made in such a way that they gently clean the villi of the brushes, while carefully removing the remnants of makeup and bacteria.

Brush Accessories

Many brands produce special accessories that will come in handy when using makeup brushes. Their presence is not necessary, but in some cases can make life much easier. For example, the NYX Professional Makeup has a special rubber cleaning pad that is very easy to use. Apply a little cleanser to the mat and rub the brush on its surface, then rinse thoroughly with water.

The same brand produces a box in which it is convenient to store and transport brushes. It can also be used as a stand for brushes, located on the dressing table. On other options, where you can still keep the brush at home, we described in detail in this article.