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Top 15 cool mini - series, of which very few people know


If you do not have time for seven seasons of the “Game of Thrones” season and you have long lost count of the “Supernatural” series, then we advise you to pay attention to the best foreign mini-series. The pleasure of viewing is not less, but instead of hundreds of hours at the computer, you better go to the gym or on a date.

"Real Detective" (2 seasons)

This series has two seasons, but they are not related to each other. Just two high-quality detective stories (the first about the serial maniac, the second about the loss of the head of the city administration), which will make you rather run home after work. Rachel McAdams (38), Matthew McConaughey and other Hollywood A-list stars took part in the project. In 2018, the third season will be released.

"Black Mirror" (4 seasons)

Cast: Rory Kinnear (41), John Hamm (46), Gugu Embat-Ro (34)

And here, not only are the seasons not related (the premiere of the fourth was held the other day), but even individual series. So feel free to start with any (they last no longer than an hour). We especially recommend the episode "San Junipero", he even received an Emmy in 2017. The series, we recall, is devoted to the lives of people in the era of technology.

"Lake Top" (2 seasons)

Cast: Elizabeth Moss (35), Gwendolyn Christie (38), Nicole Kidman (50)

The series has two seasons (but only six or seven episodes). Both talk about a detective named Robin Griffin, who investigates mysterious crimes. The main role in the series, by the way, is played by Elizabeth Moss, the star of The Handmaid's Tale.

"Prikup" (season 1)

Cast: Shaun Evans (37), Tom Hardy (40), Charlotte Riley (35)

Two gangsters - a psychopath recently released from prison (Tom Hardy) and his cousin - cruelly resolve business issues, and their wives and children suffer from difficult lives with such husbands. Betrayal, death, rape ... In general, do not get bored. Only four series of 40 minutes.

Mildred Pierce (Season 1)

Cast: Kate Winslet (42), Guy Pierce (50)

In the center of the plot is a housewife who throws her husband and opens her own restaurant in search of livelihoods. Adaptation of the novel of the same name by James Kane with Kate Winslet in the lead role.

Big Big Lies (Season 1)

Cast: Shailene Woodley (25), Reese Witherspoon (41) and Nicole Kidman (50)

At the charity ball at the school is murder, but the name of the victim is not reported to the audience. Then we are told about several months before the incident, or rather, about five families whose children go to the same class. All these families are mysteriously connected with murder. The series is based on the best-selling eponymous book by Liana Moriarty (50).

"Lost Room" (Season 1)

Cast: Peter Krause (52), Julianne Margulis (51)

If you liked the movie "1408", based on the novel by Stephen King (70), then this series will go down. The main intrigue is what happened in the tenth room of the Sunshine Motel. A little psychedelics and mystics still did not bother anyone.

"Night administrator" (Season 1)

Cast: Tom Hiddleston (36), Hugh Laurie (58), Olivia Coleman (43)

The night administrator (handsome Tom Hiddleston) of a European hotel is recruited by the special service - he must become his in a crime syndicate who sells weapons. Fans are waiting for the second season, but the producers say they are not going to prolong the project.

Black's bookstore, 3 seasons, 18 episodes

A small bookstore in the capital of Britain fully reflects the nature of its owner: it is “closed”, then “open” to buyers in the middle of the working week, a mess on the shelves and behind the cash register. And all because it is owned by Bernard Black, unsociable, without a commercial vein and with a caustic sense of humor, the Irishman. If it were not for the assistant, Manny Bianco, the institution would not have been able to sell even one paper copy.

Opposites, friends converge only in the predilection for cheap wine and a cigarette after the "intense" work concerns. Philosophical controversy and subtle English humor are the main features of the series.

New day 1 season, 13 episodes

Detective Brett Hopper was accused of murdering the assistant district attorney, and in some supernatural way the suspect was going through the fateful day again and again, finding out previously unknown details of the criminal case.

Waking up next to his girlfriend, Rita Shelton, at 6:15 am, the detective risks getting a mortal wound or messing up in a time loop in 24 hours so that his future will shift irrevocably, but the man still hopes for a happy outcome, since he already attacked the trail of the criminal.

Hatfield and McCoy, Season 1, 3 Series

It is recommended to watch all those who like revenge, since the documentary history of the many years of hostility between two American families, which resulted in the death of a dozen people, can wean anyone from this dangerous pleasure.

Fertile Hattfildy and McCoy lived on the border of two states - Kentucky and West Virginia, but there was not enough space in the district, and they just didn’t like each other’s neighbors so much that one day the hatred resulted in the first murder.

Empty Crown, Season 2, 7 Series

Fans of Shakespeare should definitely look at the modern adaptation of such his “no passages” plays like “Richard II”, “Henry IV” and “Henry V”.

The reign of the three monarchs passed against the backdrop of civil war, and it began with the filing of a traitor, Henry IV. In general, court intrigues, family feuds, and the poor people do not want to keep silent.

Experience Far Cry, Season 1, 5 Series

The film crew is in a remote corner of the wilderness to photograph the story of how to survive in extreme conditions.

But the actor, Christopher Mintz-Plass, will have to experience the horror of a solitary existence on an island in the midst of a vast ocean, since the pirates and their crazy leader, Vaas Montenegro, are unhappy with the unexpected neighborhood, and therefore blow up the yacht of filmmakers, and then shoot the survivors. For the main character, the leader of the bandits has prepared a series of cruel tests. The viewer can not but rejoice the abundance of black humor.

Decalogue, 1989, 10 episodes

Ten life stories, filmed back in 1989 by Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski, in which there is a clear reference to the ten biblical commandments.

But in the film there is no preaching and anathema on nonbelievers' heads, in some episodes it is not even possible to clearly define which of the commandments is meant, since everything is intertwined, as in reality. The work was shot truly emotionally, as they could in those non-commercial times.

Prikup, season 1, 4 episodes

Freddie Jackson spent enough time in prison to “wise up,” which means, in the understanding of the hero, that as soon as he is released, he will be a short pawn in the underworld of London.

And so it happened: the gangster “leaned back”, nailed his wife, drank a little at a party in honor of his return home and went to kill his partner, because of which he landed behind bars. Having completed his plans, Freddie took the place of the poor fellow in the criminal hierarchy and appointed himself a new assistant - cousin Jimmy, but only the "godfather" did not take into account that his assistant would move up the career ladder faster than the benefactor. What about family?

Lost Room, Season 1, 3 Series

A pawn shop kills detective Joe Miller to room number 10, at the Sunshine Hotel.

It turns out the government, sectarians, gangster groups and oligarchs hunt for some supernatural Objects from this Lost Room, and the Key opens the room, giving its owner complete freedom of movement through any spatial and temporary "doors". So it turns out that Joe's daughter, little Anna, disappears into the immense number 10, and now a man must unravel the nature of unexplained phenomena in order to return the child. An interesting mix of S. King, "OZ" and thriller.

Tenth Kingdom Season 1, 9 Series

The tenth kingdom is our world, which exists parallel to the fabulous.

Once in the Ninth Kingdom, the Evil Queen turns Prince Wendell into a dog, and in the future, nothing good would come to the heir to the throne if he had not fled through the magic mirror to New York. There, an unusual pet quickly got the owners - a waitress Virginia and her father, Anthony. The family is poor and has long been followed by a series of failures, and it all began with the disappearance of Virginia’s mother. The Queen - The Stepmother is not going to put up with the Tsarevich, who is free to walk, so she sends trolls and the Wolf for his head.

A wolf in love, reading books on psychology, and a heroine, a feminist - this is an old kind fairy tale about the main thing.

Firefly, season 1, 14 episodes

Currently, Malcolm "Mel" Reynolds is not a very successful smuggler, but a veteran of the civil war against the Alliance in the past.

He manages a firefly spacecraft called Serenity and a team of nine restless people who will pass both fire and water for their captain. The crew does not have time to be bored, because in different parts of the Galaxy they either owe someone a dangerous round sum, or are wanted by the authorities, and sometimes they are busy with good deeds. The series is considered one of the best fantastic works.

Brothers in arms, season 1, 10 episodes

Soldiers - volunteers gathered together in a training camp to become exemplary soldiers of the US airborne division.

The guys are completely different, but together they have to overcome the incompetence of officers, the first defeats and victories, so far in the training battle, and then in the battle on the shores of Normandy and many other operations, because the damned war of 1940. from them will not go away. Baptized by enemy fire, they will travel this difficult path to tell their grandchildren how things really were and what is most important in this life.

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Season 1, 10 Series

Slave Gannik glorified Batiat's house with fury and endless victories in the gladiatorial arena, so his master decided that it was time to put all the power and wealth of his native polis into his own hands, and his sly and slutty wife Lucretia would help him.

The gladiator himself also will not remain in the loser: wine, women and the desired freedom sparkle on the horizon, but will not his treacherous Lentula deceive him?

The Musical Blog of Dr. Horrible, season 1, 3 episodes

Dr. Horrible, or the simple guy William, is trying to become a powerful villain, but he lacks luck and is constantly hampered by Captain Hammer, fighting on the side of good.

In addition, the handsome super hero meets the girl from the laundry, Penny, who William is secretly in love with, so that the confrontation between men is increasing with grave turns. True, the ending of a love story is puzzling.

Mildred Pierce, Season 1, 5 Series

A middle-aged woman begins her life from a white sheet, as only now she has opened a second wind.

Leave the spouse - the tyrant "nowhere", even if it is condemned by friends who allegedly care about the welfare of Mildred Pierce Beragon and her daughter, get a job at the non-prestigious position of the waitress, but little fun, but it is independence and freedom. And, perhaps, these are small steps to the correct, suffered, fate.

Black mirror, 3 seasons, 7 episodes

Do we manage technology or do they manage us? And under the word "technology" you can freely mean 21st century advertising, because such a marketing "machine" for making money was never dreamed of by our ancestors.

Phobias, joy, grief of immature brains of adolescents have long belonged to the media world, and to some infantile adults, and a more balanced part of society must pretend that it is “in trend” and God knows where, otherwise, professional unsuitability or the stigma of retrogrades. Gadgets and herd instinct - is it a terrible force? These and other problems are very cool in this satirical series.

And what serials would you add to our list? Write in the comments to the post!

Black mirror

Future. New technologies. With a slight wave of the hand, we can perform different actions. Everything is easy and simple. The triumph of the media world. However, every day people go to work, on which they make pennies to buy their own food, and the rest of the money goes to buy any nonsense, which is being daily imposed on us by advertising. And the show is about that. Each series has nothing to do with the previous one, and each ending is a shock.

Mildred pierce

The main character is a housewife named Mildred Pierce Beragon, who left her tyrant husband and decided to get a job as a waitress. Everything is good, but the heroine also has problems in relations with her own daughter. The series that make decisions is always difficult. Pride, fear of reaction from other people - all this stands in the way of correct and fateful decisions. The picture is unhurried, filled with beautiful, beautiful shots with amazing music.

The Musical Blog of Dr. Horrible

This is a funny story about the supervillain Dr. Horrible, who is constantly unlucky. On top of that, he is also secretly in love with the laundry girl, Penny. This picture is really something brilliant, but at the same time simple and sincere. Particular attention deserves a very unexpected ending.

Brothers in Arms

The series raises issues of friendship, self-sacrifice, the values ​​of human life. It has absolutely everything you need to understand the world around us. He is about the indestructible soldiers brotherhood. When your comrade is wounded and bleeding at the other end of the street, bullets whistle around, you still run to him, because it is simply impossible to do otherwise.

This work, thought out to the very last frame. Captain Malcolm Reynolds is a battle-hardened veteran of the galactic civil war who fought on the wrong (losing) side, earns his life with petty crimes and carries cargo on his Serenity ship. One of the best science fiction TV series.

Tenth Kingdom

Fairy tale. So beautiful and bright that you quickly forget that you have already matured. The main characters are facing difficult trials. Traveling through other worlds, kingdoms, they literally live half a life in a fairy-tale world. The series is about a waitress named Virginia who works in a New York cafe. She once rescues a dog who is enchanted by Prince Wendel, who escaped from the Land of Nine Kingdoms to our world, fleeing from the evil Queen Stepmother.

Lost room

Fantasy, from which dizzy. The plot of the series is that somewhere in the state of New Mexico there is a motel Sunshine. Something terrible happened in room 10 of this hotel. After that, the room disappeared without a trace, but the objects that were in it at that moment acquired unusual properties. Microwave radiator knob, time comb, and much more that we don’t usually pay much attention to. The protagonist accidentally gets the key from this very 10th room. It turns out that he opens any door, and this door always leads to that non-existent Sunshine motel room.