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Decor of corners with benefits and aesthetics


In order for the room to appear as comfortable and habitable as possible, the owners often try to occupy literally every meter of the room, with the exception of even the corners. Well, that put in an empty corner or hang in general, and will be discussed in this review. But in fact, you can take it with all sorts of objects, the main thing is to show imagination and choose an accessory, combined with the general style of the decorated room.

Corner fireplace:

Now you know what to put in an empty corner, so that he pleased with his design. This is how an empty corner turns into a functional or simply decorative place, and all you have to do is to choose a suitable interior solution from the above ideas for your home.

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Secrets of zoning the corner space in the house

Many people think that a few centimeters on both sides of the corner is a completely useless space, but this is not so. It all depends on how they are used, the functionality of the usable area - and perform the design of the corners in the apartment.

Private space is something that is sorely lacking in a cramped apartment with numerous households. Sometimes there is no place to retire, so that after work you can get away from obsessive thoughts to listen to good music in headphones. This is not so much necessary - a comfortable chair in the corner, which can be separated by a movable screen or a curtain, but this is not necessary. There are options on which to sit comfortably:

  • bag chair,
  • recliner
  • folding couch,
  • computer chair,
  • upholstered chair with armrests
  • classic or folding chair bed,
  • chaise longue or spinosha (in the summer they are taken to the cottage).

A cozy place in the corner is suitable for communication in social networks (behind a laptop or tablet), it is desirable to have a lighting device nearby. There may be a landline phone, but to communicate on the mobile you want to come to this chair when you hear the call bell. Such a corner can be equipped in any room, even in the corridor, but be sure to consider lighting.

A flexible stone is perfect for decorating corners.

Wall decoration with a flexible stone will look great in the interior

It is very convenient when in such a private space there is a small coffee table or another horizontal small plane:

  • wall shelf,
  • console,
  • floor lamp with shelf,
  • folding table top.

On a small shelf you can place a lot of necessary things, including tea with a sandwich and a charger, if there is a socket in the corner or carrying is brought. Such a corner for solitude can be taken in turn, but it can be someone's really personal space. Even if the furniture is slightly outside the corner, the method of application will not change.

The work corner is also an important feature, especially when you have to zone a one-room apartment. The equipment and furniture of the mini-office varies according to its purpose:

  • computer desk,
  • writing desk for the student
  • corner under the sewing equipment and cutting,
  • place for music lessons
  • fitness equipment and equipment,
  • corner of the artist with an easel.

Using compact furniture, you can store everything you need for work, study, development and self-education in one place. Convenient when the corner shelf, shelving or built-in furniture is located up to the ceiling. It is also important to think about how to decorate the working corner of the room - colored document cases, glass shelves, fresh flowers, photo frames, etc.

In the corner of the room you can make a fountain, it will look gorgeous

It is best to decorate the corners with a flexible stone.

These vases will be a great solution for decorating corners.

A small-size collection rack is useful for those who have nowhere to put their “treasures”. There is no sense in hiding real masterpieces in the hand-made cabinets; it is better to arrange them beautifully on shelves and windows.

A narrow corner rack is just the case when you cannot do without furniture. It is desirable that he did not go beyond the limits of his place, then the decor of the corner of the wall is not needed, the exhibits will replace them. If the furniture is not planned, you can put your handicraft in the frames on the walls of the corner.

The mini-library in the corner is an excellent application for a small empty space. If it seems to someone that in the age of computer technology, books have gone into oblivion, is mistaken. In many homes, books are still valued, read, and carefully stored on shelves. They need shelves, shelves or stands, not necessarily angular shapes, depending on how to decorate the corners of the walls in the apartment with a mini library.

Chimney corner, while there may be a real fireplace, a modernized hearth or a false fireplace. This is a self-sufficient element of the interior, it does not need any extras, but you can place a clock or an original souvenir over a decorative fireplace.

A living corner is another sensible use for unallocated space. There may be an aquarium on a pedestal or a whole shelf of fish production, if the family does it for the sake of additional income. Here you can also place a cage with parrots, a chinchilla, a squirrel or another rodent. A bed for a cat or dog is the bottom "floor" of a home mini-menagerie.

The most common way to occupy the free corner space of a well-lit room is to place a large plant, indoor exot, or a stand with flowers. If the corner is spacious, a shelf with flower pots or a vertical gardening unit will enter.

You can put tree branches in a vase

Flexible stone is perfect for decorating corners

1. Angles opposite

Unusual shelves for the living room.

Speakers angles can also be used rationally. For example, equip them with unusual shelves. Such furniture is ideal for apartments with a plan of open or studio type.

2. Spacious wardrobe

Practical corner walk-in closet.

Corner closet - a real salvation for those who do not know how to fill the empty space in the bedroom or living room. Modern storage systems allow us to use every square centimeter with advantage. As a result, the corner cabinet is not inferior in size to the usual linear or even surpasses it in this characteristic.

4. Children's joy

Play area in the corner.

In small apartments it can be difficult to equip a full-fledged play zone for children. Moreover, children tend to privacy, so that adults do not distract them from the exciting game. The canopy in the corner will help to equip the playing area. Another one of his plus - closing the curtain, for an instant it will turn out to hide the scattered toys from the suddenly arrived guests.

5. The angle behind the screen

How to make a corner? Put in it a screen.

Screen - a subject which will make any interior more refined and elegant. If the area of ​​the room allows, the screen can be put at some distance from the corner. So the screen will become a way of separating the room, and behind it, if necessary, placed a certain functional area. In a small room, the screen is placed close to the wall, acting as a decor.

6. Work with pleasure

Corner computer desk.

Work at home requires complete concentration. The computer corner table will allow to contain all necessary equipment and documents. In addition, such a position of the table will not be distracted by interfering external factors.

7. Practical hallway hanger

How to make a corner in the hallway? Hanger will help.

The standard hallway is a miniature room where every centimeter of space is important. Corner hanger allows you to conveniently place outerwear, umbrellas and bags.

8. Graceful console

Corner console table.

The console table is for the most part an unusual piece of furniture. But it is he who, thanks to the compact size, will fit perfectly into any corner. Depending on the size, the console table can be used either as a worker or as a decorative one.

9. Lonely place to read

A cozy place for a hobby.

The more places in the apartment where you can retire - the more comfortable it seems. A comfortable chair, a small table or a bedside table is all that is necessary for arranging a comfortable place to read. But do not forget about the thorough coverage of this area.

10. A special angle for a personal art object.

The angle for the decor.

It is not necessary to place a real art object in the corner. It will be replaced by any unusual object - from the original vase to the mirror in a carved frame. The main thing is to choose the right environment for him to create a complete decorative composition. For example, a miniature nightstand and a table lamp shade.

12. The best corner for guests

Guest area in the corner.

Guest zone will replace the full living room, if the size of the apartment does not provide a separate room for friendly gatherings. Depending on the size of the room, in the guest area can be placed or a soft corner, or several chairs. A must-have element is a compact coffee table that will become the center of the guest zone.

13. Corner Gallery

Angle - a suitable place for pictures or photos.

Empty walls - a clear sign that the interior is decorated without the participation of professionals. But the situation can be rectified by decorating adjacent walls in an original way. Just hang in the corner a lot of pictures or photos. Finished corner frames of the original form can be bought.

14. Comfortable and unusual bed

Corner bed looks very original.

Corner bed - an unusual piece of furniture that can dramatically transform the atmosphere of a bedroom. High bedside headboard protects the walls from pollution and mechanical damage.

15. Hidden coffee table

Coffee table in the corner.

If large furniture stands near adjacent walls, the angle between them remains free. Put there a small coffee table with a lamp. Unusual visual effect guaranteed.

corners in the living room - 7 techniques of beautiful decor

Some of these ideas require a very small space and will not affect the original arrangement of the furniture. For the implementation of others, you may need to acquire some new elements of decor or make a small permutation.

1. Large indoor plants.

Tall plants with large leaves are appropriate in any room, regardless of style and size. Put a ficus, a small palm tree or anything else at that inconvenient empty corner - and immediately feel how it has become easier to breathe. And if in your house there are architectural delights like columns that already aggravate empty corners - the plant will balance them.

2. Beautiful screen.

What is she good at? That will not be lost in a corner, as, for example, a picture. The screen will turn the corner of the living room into a highlight of the interior. The higher and richer the decor, the more attention will be attracted.

3. Decorative niches for empty corners.

For more effect, frame them with a contrasting color or decorative panels, add lighting. Put your favorite books or cute things in the niche.

4. Large art object.

Just do not rush to argue that you have no money for such a luxury. This decor does not have to be expensive, fashionable or challenging. As an art object will suit any large object that you like.

This may be an unusual installation of bare branches, as in this eco-style interior. Or - a large vase on the bedside table. Or maybe you will like the collection of vintage suitcases or the antique mirror in the corner?

5. The upholstered table with a desk lamp.

If such a table is already available, simply add a spectacular desk lamp (interesting in color, texture or shape). This decorative element has practical benefits - it is convenient to read or communicate in a private setting.

And a positive visual effect is added - the lighted corners are perceived as more comfortable, while the room seems larger.

6. Spectacular floor lamp.

It perfectly illuminates the middle of the living room, if it has a modern fashionable shape (curved base + very large lampshade). Or replace a table lamp (more traditional forms of floor lamps).

At the same time, a high effective decor appears in the corners. So, as in the previous method, you get two effects at once - decorative and practical.

7. Console table and mirror.

If a console table or a beautiful chest of drawers is planned in the corner, hang a mirror above it. It will turn out very elegant element, especially actual in a classical interior.

In addition, the mirror surface will add light and volume (practical role).

additional area in the corner of the living room - 4 options

furniture and design is selected depending on what you need - the opportunity to work, private communication or a corner for personal relaxation.

Reading corner.

It will fit even in the smallest room. Enough comfortable chair and lamp (wall sconces or floor lamp). If desired (and sufficient space) - a bedside table or a miniature bookcase.

Workplace in the living room corner.

In your house there is no room for a full-fledged study, but is there a large empty corner in the living room? The perfect place for a home office!

To spend precious space with maximum benefit, hang corner shelves on the walls or choose a corner desk.

Interested in the idea? We know everything about the corner home office, and you will find out in our guide on this topic.

Corner for private communication.

A couple of chairs, a coffee table or a coffee table, a bit of decor - and voila, a hospitable corner is ready!

If the living room is large, this trick will help to hide empty corners. If the area is modest, you will win additional space for gathering with the second half or a friend.

Tea corner or mini bar.

In the large living room you can create an additional, very comfortable corner for a small meal, evening tea or a conversation over a cocktail. The difference from the previous version - in the height of the table (or stand, if we are talking about a small home bar).

In the "gentleman's set," in addition to the table, may include a pair of chairs or a corner sofa. Even if you already have a full-fledged dining room, you can always supplement it with such a corner for a cozy conversation over your favorite drink.

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large interior elements

Here we look at the 2 most popular options.

TV in the corner of the living room.

Sometimes this arrangement of the TV - the most convenient. Suffice it to purchase an angular cabinet for equipment.

It is not easy to beat such a zone with a decor. However, if you look for spectacular furniture that frames the TV, it can be a very good move.

Another reason to take advantage of this solution is the problematic combination of the modern plasma screen and the traditional style (anyone from the classics and country to ethnic and colonial).

Want to show that the TV does not really matter to you - hide it in a corner cabinet. How else can you hide this item, we showed in our large two-part gallery on how to hide the TV.

Fireplace in the living room corner.

Usually, the hearth turns into a focal point of the living room, and it is located in the most conspicuous place. But it is more appropriate with large classic fireplaces, beautiful in its scale. And for the corner (for example, near the window) their younger brother is quite suitable - a mini-fireplace (usually a gas one).

It smoothes the corner, and at the same time attracts attention - light, warmth and comfort. By the way, this solution is ideal for those who really want a fireplace, but cannot make it the center of the living room (for example, if the room is small or performs several functions at once).

Beautiful decoration is not canceled and depends on your imagination (or the type of model purchased in the salon).

By the way, corner fireplaces are more expensive than standard ones. Therefore, it may be sufficient to simply unfold an ordinary model at an angle to both adjacent walls. If at the same time you are confused by the free space formed in the corner, order a corner mantel-counter and attach it instead of the standard one.

The best options for filling the corner spaces

There are many ideas that allow you to turn an ordinary corner into a functionally useful zone or a main decorative accent. The choice of “filling” is determined not only by the personal preferences of the owner, but by the direct purpose of the room. What looks beautiful in the hallway or bathroom is unlikely to be appropriate to look in the living room.

So, we suggest to take note of the most interesting ideas for decorating the corner zones.

Kitchen Area

This option is well known to the older generation, because once every inhabitant of the former Soviet Union literally dreamed about this “miracle”. Today, this furniture will surprise no one, but it still successfully saves the space of small kitchens.

To improve the result, supplement the room with a corner sideboard, and you can safely invite guests to the party: there is enough space for everyone.

Corner shelves, cabinets and racks

This is the best option to accommodate many things.

Поклонники бумажных книг, которых почти не осталось среди молодежи, с легкостью расставят на полках всю библиотеку.

Дамы смогут разместить в подобном шкафу весь обширный гардероб и домашний текстиль.

The children will be happy to arrange toys on the shelves so that at any time it is easy to find the right one.

Open shelving will be a stylish solution for placing souvenirs, cute crafts and photos. By the way, today racks of old chrome or wooden stairs are very popular. Therefore, with a little skill, you can easily make this stylish thing yourself.

Relaxation area

An empty corner can easily be turned into a full-fledged recreation area. For this it is enough to arrange the space with a corner sofa or an armchair. Conservatives can advise rocking chair or modular furniture, but young people will like ordinary floor cushions or a bag chair.

Take care of an additional light source in the form of a wall lamp and enjoy reading and relaxation.

In the nursery you can hang a canopy in the corner, scattering pillows on the floor. Which of the children will refuse personal "secret" shelter?

Music and television equipment

It’s hard to imagine a vacation without home entertainment equipment.

Thanks to specially designed curbstones and brackets, today you can easily place a television panel, a stereo system or a whole home theater in the corner. This will allow to win additional space and increase visibility due to the possibility to put a large plasma diagonal in the far corner.


If you only dream of peace, and you prefer to rest mainly in the bedroom, it will be appropriate to turn an empty corner into a work area. This option will undoubtedly appeal to freelancers working at home. Yes, and schoolchildren, and the student does not hurt to have a permanent place to study.

To create an "office", purchase a corner table, complete it with racks and computer equipment, and place a comfortable chair. If you want to “lighten” the space, give preference to light and white furniture sets.

Next is your imagination: stationery, necessary literature, handicraft trays, in general, everything you need for creative and working activities.

Small table

This is a good idea for practical and discreet use of angles. An elegant table placed in the bedroom can become a toilet that every woman will appreciate.

The coffee table will perfectly fit into the interior of the hall, allowing you to conveniently drink a cup of coffee and look through the magazine.

Having placed a mirror-book in the corner, you will visually “push apart” the room and get an excellent piece of interior for a review of your appearance from all sides. The most rational for use in the bathroom, hallway or bedroom.

There is hardly a person who, in boring winter evenings, does not dream of a warm fireplace. Fortunately, current technologies make it possible to install an electronic "hearth" not only in a country villa, but also in a standard apartment.

The design of the fireplace on the central wall is the main focus, requiring a competent design approach. But its angular placement is less binding and affordable. In addition, there is an additional surface to accommodate numerous souvenirs.

Decorative stickers

If you do not need to benefit from the corner zone, you should think about using special decorative stickers. They are very easy to use and in just a few minutes they can turn a boring wall into a work of art with flowering trees, singing birds or abstract compositions.

Aquarium, waterfall and other beauty

Placing the “reservoir” for fish is not only a stylish solution, but also a real way to relax after a hard day’s work. The aquarium of a special form can easily fit into a given place. It only remains to buy a couple of additional lamps that will give the room a mysterious glow.

Ideas from the same series - alpine slide, fountain, bonsai or waterfall, thanks to which the house will be filled with life and air.

Often, the usual floor lamp of unusual design can eliminate the feeling of emptiness. Its lighting will add to the comfort of the room and allow you to easily switch to the "romance" mode, in which bright ceiling light is contraindicated.

Pet house

It is no secret that our pets are full members of the family. Therefore, few of the owners manage to observe the severity, "evicting" their bed in the corridor.

An excellent solution would be a "house", located in the corner of the room. Here the animal can feel safe, being in a happy neighborhood with his beloved master.

Turning the corner into a functionally useful zone or a bright decorative element is not at all difficult. It is enough to show a little imagination and make a little effort to select the necessary "content".