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Practical qualities of baking soda and application tips


What is soda ash? The sodium salt of carbonic acid (Na2CO3), sodium carbonate, and washing soda are the names of the same substance. White large and small crystals are characterized by the ability to quickly absorb moisture. Therefore, storage is allowed in tightly closed containers or in dry rooms.

What is different from food

What is the difference between soda ash and baking soda? At least the fact that food can be used when cooking food, and sodium carbonate - no. There are four more differences.

  1. Alkaline reaction. In sodium carbonate, it is more powerful - ph11, in baking soda - ph8.
  2. View. Sodium carbonate has a different composition and a looser structure.
  3. Impact force. A non-edible compound usually moves to clean areas that are too dirty, which ordinary soda cannot handle.
  4. Security . Although the soda ash is not as dangerous as caustic, but at the interaction it is necessary to take precautions to protect the skin, nose, mouth and eyes.

Soda Ash: Domestic Use

Using soda ash with the right approach will help to cope with the most complex procedures to restore cleanliness. The cost of sodium carbonate is low - an average of 20 rubles per 1 kg (data for July 2017). Thanks to the affordable price tag, sodium carbonate leaves far behind the “competitors” from the household chemistry department.

Washing, bleaching and car care

Sodium carbonate can be used for laundry. Prepare homemade powder or liquid gel. Powder: it is enough to pour two teaspoons of soda and borax powder for one wash cycle (if you wish, you can throw 150 g of soap chips). Gel: the same ingredients need to be combined with 3.5 liters of water, heated and stirred until complete dissolution of the components. Can also be used as a detergent.

  • Machine washable. For heavily soiled items, add three tablespoons of white crystals to your usual laundry detergent or use homemade powder. Set the water temperature to 50-100 ° C.
  • Handwash. Pour homemade powder in water heated to 40 ° C (proportions: three tablespoons per 5 liters). Leave things soaked for two to four hours.
  • Whitening Composition for whitening things soda ash: in boiling water (1.5 l), leave the soap chips (100 g) to dissolve. Add as much sodium carbonate. Wait until everything is cool, and add a few drops of any of the essential oils so that things smell good. This composition can be used as a wash in the machine, and hands.
  • Cleaning the washing machine. Homemade liquid gel is suitable not only for washing. He is also able to clean the washing machine, get rid of mold and the smell of stuffiness. Handle the parts of the unit, not forgetting the rubber seal on the door. Turn on the idle wash at the highest temperature, before adding a glass of the remaining homemade product.

Before you start cleaning it is important to know how to make a solution of soda ash. On a liter of boiling water enough three tablespoons. Sodium carbonate copes well even with complex contaminants. Use the six recommendations before the labor force in the kitchen.

  1. Dirty surfaces. Cleaning surfaces with soda ash will return them to their original appearance. Apply the prepared solution to the surface: microwave, stove, coffee maker. Remove the tea or coffee stains on the dishes. After treating the surfaces, rinse them with a clean cloth and wipe thoroughly before drying.
  2. Oven and gas stove. For the manufacture of household cleaners, mix three tablespoons of sodium carbonate with a spoon of silicate glue (you can buy in the departments of household chemicals called "Liquid glass", but do not confuse it with ordinary PVA glue). Add detergent (0.5 tablespoons) and water (250 ml). Spread the resulting product over the surfaces and gratings. When the dirt becomes softer, remove it with a wet sponge. If the fat and soot are old, then the procedure should be repeated. Homemade product is suitable for repeated use, but before storage, tightly close the container lid. In the next application, mix the mixture and, if necessary, add water.
  3. Sink. In the same way, you can achieve the purity of the sink, tap and its elements.
  4. Dishes. Can I wash dishes with soda ash? With a reasonable approach, it will not bring harm. Prepare the solution as described above, process the mixture of dirty areas and grease on plates and glasses. Do not forget to rinse all with clean water.
  5. Frying pans and other cooking utensils. Soda successfully fights with soot, yellow spots, scale and multi-layered fat. Take a large metal basin or pan. Put pans, spoons, forks, ladles and other appliances into the container. Pour enough water to cover the entire surface of the dish. Put on the fire. Add soda ash (one pack) and silicate glue (two or three bottles). Optionally, you can add household soap shavings from one bar. Wait for it to boil. After that, leave the cooking utensils off. For lightly dirty enough 20 minutes, for sustainable - up to three hours. Then remove all items and rinse.
  6. Drain pipes. The linen soda will help to cope with a blockage. Pour half a packet of salt and the same amount of sodium carbonate into the problem drain. Fill the thermonuclear mixture only with boiling water. After a short time, the water will go away.


The linen soda is also able to perfectly clean dirt, rust, grease and yellowness of the surface of baths, toilet bowls and other plumbing equipment, which requires not only cleanliness, but also disinfection. Plumbing faience will shine if you use one of three processing methods.

  1. With laundry soap. Take shavings of laundry soap and laundry soda in equal quantities, add water to obtain a slurry. To give a pleasant smell, add a couple of drops of essential oil. Wet plumbing, apply the solution and leave it for about an hour. Then rinse the mixture with a sponge and rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water.
  2. With vinegar. Treat the bath with white vinegar or a solution obtained from citric acid (one to two teaspoons of powder per liter of water). Sprinkle the surface with laundry soda. Leave the mixture for ten minutes (with heavy pollution it can be longer). Then wipe with a sponge or brush. Finally rinse with water.
  3. With baking soda. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda and soda. Add water to the mixture until you get a mushy consistency. Rub the surface of the faience. Wait 15 minutes. Mix a quarter cup of bleach and vinegar, apply the solution on top and wait another 30 minutes. Wipe all with a sponge and rinse with clean water.

The linen soda will help to facilitate cleaning. She can clean many surfaces: floors, carpets, carpets, furniture. But do not treat with sodium carbonate wood or painted floors, varnished parquet, fiberglass tiles and laminates. The following four steps will make the house much cleaner.

  • Floor cleaning. On one five-liter bucket of water, add three tablespoons of sodium carbonate. Wash the floor with this mixture, and then go around with clean water.
  • Removing odor from the tray. The “fragrance” of a pet toilet will not cause discomfort if under a trellis grate in a tray a thin layer of priory is applied to sodium carbonate.
  • Removing the smell of the palace. If the baby "did his work" on the carpet, sprinkle that stain with soda ash and leave for half an hour. Remove the powder with a sponge.
  • Salvation damp carpet. Even if the product is damp, you can make it smell of freshness. Sprinkle it with alkali and forget for a day. Then scoop powder or vacuum.

Removing old paint

Applying sodium carbonate to clean only painted surfaces is not recommended, but to get rid of dried traces of enamel, it will help easily. Wear a respirator, goggles, and gloves. Follow the instructions in five steps.

  1. In 5 liters of water dissolve 1 kg of soda.
  2. Put the solution on the fire and heat to 60 ° C. Take the container in such a size that the liquid in it will occupy a third of the area, as during heating the solution will foam and try to “escape”.
  3. Mix the slaked lime with water until a creamy consistency is formed and gradually add to the heating mixture.
  4. Brush apply the resulting product to the paint. When it starts to bubble, put a spatula in the case.
  5. Rinse off residual with water or solvent.

7 ways for gardeners

Sodium carbonate will help get a good harvest of fruits and berries, to destroy various pests. Below are seven ways to use soda ash in the garden.

  1. Harmful insects. In a bucket of water, dissolve 40 g of laundry soap and five to six teaspoons of sodium carbonate. Treatment of bushes means rescue from insects. Spraying once a week will relieve powdery mildew. The procedure should not be carried out during rains and intense heat. As a preventive measure, one treatment is enough in the spring and summer.
  2. Gray rot. Strawberries will be saved if they are treated with a solution prepared from a bucket of water and one tablespoon of sodium carbonate. Need to use every 15 days.
  3. Leaf beetle In 10 l of water dissolve a tablespoon of sodium carbonate and a special green soap for plants (half a cup). Spray the plantations once every seven days until all the pests have disappeared.
  4. Caterpillars on grapes. During the ripening of the grapes, it is necessary to treat them with a mixture obtained from a bucket of water and 75 g of sodium carbonate powder. Bathing will make the berries sweeter.
  5. Rejuvenation of roses. In a five-liter bucket of water, dissolve one spoon of sodium carbonate and the same amount of magnesium sulfate (British salt), 0.5 tablespoons of ammonia (for young plants, do not add it). Process the composition of the bushes and repeat the procedure after ten days.
  6. Weeds Prepare the solution by mixing soda and water (two to four tablespoons of powder per liter of liquid). When the heat pour a mixture of harmful plants. The tool is safe and less toxic in contrast to store products containing "chemistry".
  7. Determination of soil acidity. Alkali will sizzle on contact with an acidic medium.

Where not to use

There are materials that are absolutely contraindicated contact with soda ash. For example, the paint after such treatment can go. Also do not wash with stretch ceilings with alkali. Four more surfaces that do not "love" linen soda.

  1. Delicate materials. Harmful sodium carbonate for silk, wool, leather, impregnated fabrics, membrane surfaces, leatherette and suede.
  2. Aluminum, cast iron and plastic. On aluminum and cast iron already mentioned above. Also, do not use the tool for general cleaning of the refrigerator. Under the influence of strong alkali plastic can deteriorate.
  3. Wood varnish. Sodium carbonate is harmful to wooden and lacquered furniture surfaces: polishing may suffer.
  4. Fiberglass. Bricks and tiles made of fiberglass do not like soda ash either.

Precautionary measures

Soda ash is not nearly as safe as baking soda. Therefore, always wear gloves, and after each procedure, do not forget to thoroughly rinse off the residues with water. Also follow these three rules.

  1. Further away from the products. Do not store laundry with soda, and keep it away from children and four-legged pets.
  2. Eyes and skin. If lye splashes into the eye or gets on the skin, wash these areas with plenty of clean water.
  3. Use a respirator. Too much sodium carbonate can irritate the airways. If there is no protective mask, do all the manipulations with an outstretched hand.

Now you know what soda ash is for. However, the scope of its application is very wide and life is not limited. Its properties are used in animal husbandry and in industrial production. Judging by the reviews, the sodium carbonate-washed bathrobes and overalls look like new.

Reviews: "Wonderful soda washes even robes"

This is a unique helper in the household. I got to know her when the drain in the kitchen was clogged, I had to call mechanics and clean them. So they said - that you (we, the homeowners)) will need all kinds of tyrants, etc., and then they freeze in the pipes and this only aggravates the situation. Buy regular soda ash and pour it into the pipes to clean it. And how much she helped to wash the dishes !! I advise everyone.

I want to share my experience. I have a spouse and father-in-law crane operators. So you know washing enough, especially after repair work. She washed these things with a cheap “Myth” or “Biolan” was not washed well. They advised me to add soda ash to the powder; the black oil items were washed off the first time. Not even an extra rinse was required. Advantages on the face of the purity and softness of the "black oil workwear." Mene liked the familiarity with "miracle soda"!
Familiar repairman washing machines suggested how to deal with scum. Prevention and control of scale in washing machines of all types:

Once every 2-3 months we fill up 10-12 bags of food citric acid (5 g) in an empty drum, turn on the machine for maximum mode (I turn on cotton 90 degrees). (I pour citric acid right into the drum for 2 years).
All no kalgona is necessary. We have medium hard water in our house. I think if all the same hard water, then protection for the machine needed.

By the way, soda spoils the skin of the hands, it is still desirable in gloves. I worked as a nanny in the children. to the garden and to remove fat, we added soda to the bath for washing dishes; then our hands dried up, and my skin itched and cracked ..

Masha M, http://irecommend.ru/content/mylovary-varim-moyushchei-eko-gel-s-kopeechnoi-sebestoimostyu-podrobnye-foto-retsepta

I also recently began to use soda ash, add it to soak heavily soiled laundry (husband's work clothes), copes with a bang.

Video about soda for real hostesses

What should never be done is to use soda on aluminum surfaces. A chemical reaction may begin. The rest of the baking soda (sodium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate) is absolutely safe, which can not be said about other products that housewives use. Soda neutralizes the acidic taste of water, absorbs unpleasant odors. Remember that wet soda absorbs odors more effectively than dry. But if you use wet soda to clean the carpet, it is then difficult to remove from the villi. Therefore for carpets it is better to use dry soda.

Hair treatment after the pool

If you go to the pool, you probably noticed that the hair from the high content of chlorine in the water may become a greenish tint. To prevent this from happening again, rinse your hair with a solution of soda and lemon juice after leaving the water. It will be enough to half a small cup of this solution.

Mold prevention on a bathing suit

If you regularly visit the pool, you have to put a wet swimsuit in the package. After some time, it forms mold. To prevent this, put it in advance in a bag prepared for a wet swimsuit, dumb soda. Put down the swimsuit, shake the package. Back home, wash your swimsuit. You can also do when you go to the beach.

Eco-friendly housing cleaning

And here the possibilities of baking soda are endless:

  • With its help, you can eliminate blockages in the pipes, clean the silver, cope with the fungus on the curtain in the bathroom (to do this, mix the soda with a cleaning agent and vinegar), clean the toilet (It is necessary to boil the soda solution, add a little vinegar to it, then pour the product into the toilet overnight, and in the morning clean it with a brush).
  • Also, baking soda is used as a softening fabric softener. (add at the rate of 1/4 cup of soda for each wash), helps to get rid of the fungus on the tile in the bathroom (For this you will need to dissolve two tablespoons of soda in 1/2 liter of hot water, and then wash the tile with the solution).

  • Soda will also serve for washing dishes, especially pots and pans with the remnants of dried food. To do this, add to the dishwashing liquid two tablespoons of soda, put the mixture on the dish and leave it overnight. In the morning you will see that the dishes are washed easily.
  • Use soda to remove stains on the walls and clean furniture (for this, put a little substance on a wet sponge).
  • To clean sports equipment, dissolve four tablespoons of soda in one liter of warm water.
  • If it is necessary to remove grease stains from the carpet or floor, put a little soda powder on the surface, then walk on it with a wet brush.
  • Also baking soda can be used for mattress cleaning.

Unpleasant odors

We have already said that baking soda helps to cope with bad breath. But its possibilities do not end there.

  • Если нужно избавиться от неприятного запаха в холодильнике, положи в него открытую емкость с содой. То же самое касается и давно не используемой пластиковой посуды, ковров (посыпь ковер пищевой содой, подожди некоторое время, а потом вытряси его), shoe (pour a little soda inside the shoe), kitchen towels (soak them in a solution of two tablespoons of soda in two glasses of hot water), a dishwasher (for this, pour 1/2 cup before the start of the cycle).
  • With the help of soda you can get rid of the unpleasant smell in the trash can, cabinets (in this case, the algorithm of actions is the same as with a refrigerator), car (sprayed soda in the car above the seats and floor mats, and after 15 minutes, clean the cabin with a vacuum cleaner), cat tray (before filling it with sand or stones , put baking soda on the bottom of the tray), rugs on which pets sleep (they are cleaned the same way as regular carpets).

Pest control

  • If there are ants in your garden or in the kitchen, fill baking soda in small grooves near windows and doors.
  • If your pets have fleas, the prepared mix from baking soda and salt will help your pets. To do this, scatter the mixture on carpets and other places in the house, where there are often pets. Wait a day, then clean the apartment with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Concerned cockroaches? In this case, the following recipe will help you: mix one part of soda with one part of sugar, then pour the mixture in small groups in different parts of the kitchen.
  • If the garden or indoor plants suffer from pests or fungi, dissolve one tablespoon of soda in a liter of water. It is recommended to spray the plants from a spray bottle, or treat their leaves with cotton pads soaked in this solution.

  • Baking soda eases discomfort after mosquito bites and relieves pain while getting sunburn. To do this, add a little water to the soda and stir it so that the mixture acquires a creamy consistency. After that, apply this home remedy on the affected skin.
  • If you feel tired in the legs, prepare the foot bath of soda, when you come home. To do this, fill the basin with warm water and add three tablespoons of soda.
  • Also, soda helps to cope with high acidity and relieves a burning sensation in the stomach. To do this, you need to dissolve half a teaspoon of soda in one glass of warm water and drink.

Baking soda for home cleaning

From this article you will learn:

In the previous article, we began to consider how to apply food soda in the household. In this article we will continue to do this.

And we learn 26 more options for the use of baking soda in everyday life. Yes, that's such a universal product, soda.

How can you use soda in everyday life?

  1. Unpleasant smell in the closet, in the drawers of the dresser will disappear if you put bags of soda there. They will absorb unnecessary aromas, and it will always be pleasant to smell in your closet.
  2. . Half a glass of soda, added when washing laundry, things, will enhance the effectiveness of washing powder, soften your clothes, help preserve the brightness of the color of fabrics, its whiteness, and give things a fresh scent.
  3. You can add it only when rinsing.
  4. If you wash yellow tulle curtains with soda solution, they will acquire the former whiteness. The same can be applied to yellowed shirts and gray linen.
  5. The shower curtain in the bathroom is easier to wash away from persistent deposits, if you first soak it in soda solution for several hours and then wash it in the usual way.
  6. Well washes soda household appliances. In particular, a dishwasher. Add a few tablespoons to the detergent compartment, start the machine for a full cycle of work. After that, do the same with water only, in order to wash the car from the inside.
  7. This procedure is an excellent prevention of damage to the dishwasher, it will extend the life of your equipment, save the car inside from unpleasant odors.
  8. Even with its help you can easily remove scale in the kettle. To do this, add three tablespoons of soda to the water, boil the kettle, let it cool. Pour out the water. Use fresh water and boil again, after adding a couple of tablespoons of citric acid or acetic acid. Let cool. Rinse the kettle thoroughly with clean running water.
  9. Another way to clean the kettle from scale, if it is very old. Pour water into the kettle, add 50-100 grams of soda and citric acid, depending on the size of your kettle. Let stand an hour or two. Then rub the scum with a sponge. It will become friable from soda and acid, and you can easily remove it.
  10. If you iron your burnt cloth on a silk fabric, this can be easily removed with the help of soda gruel. It should be applied to the stain, let it dry, then gently rub it with a soft brush.
  11. Soda will help to extinguish the fire on the stove if necessary. Keep a box with her at hand, and if a fire happens, just put it on the fire.
  12. In the garden pool water will not bloom quickly if you add soda there. You can do this without fear for your health, as it is completely safe when applied.
  13. If it is not possible to bathe a pet with water, then an unpleasant smell from the wool can be removed by sprinkling the pet's hair with a soda solution and then combing it.
  14. The same can be done by simply sprinkling wool with soda and combing. The smell of a dog or a cat disappears.
  15. Under the cat litter, at the bottom of the tray, pour a little soda evenly. This will help to avoid the quickly emerging unpleasant smell from bowel movements.
  16. If your child showed creativity, sticking paper crafts on the windows, then you can easily remove them by wetting them in a warm soda solution (1 tablespoon per 0.5 liter of water).
  17. It will help in the contamination of wallpaper. To do this, put soda gruel on the wallpaper, leave for a while, then gently rub and rinse. The same can be done. If a dirty spot on the painted walls.
  18. The Japanese have proven that spraying soda solution of garden plants will protect them from powdery mildew infection and will also cure your disease at various stages of neglect.
  19. If fresh flowers are put in a weak soda solution, they will delight you with their freshness and beauty for much longer.
  20. She will help to drive out ants from the house. For this it is necessary to pour in their places of accumulation.
  21. Do not like soda and cockroaches. Do the same as in the previous paragraph. Cockroaches leave. Such an application is especially valuable for those who have small children in the house. So you will be calm for their health and safety.
  22. A very unpleasant smell in the ashtray will disappear if you pour a little soda into it, let it stand, and then clean the ashtray and rinse with water.
  23. Put the bag with her in wet shoes. Leave overnight. By the morning there will be no musty smell or moisture.
  24. The same can be done if the characteristic smell appeared in the purse.
  25. Soda solution well washes glass windows. To do this, wash the glass with it, and then rinse the solution with plain clean water and rub to a shine.
  26. Car enthusiast to help. In order for the contacts not to rust, the battery terminals must be periodically cleaned with soda gruel using a small brush. Then wipe dry and lubricate with gasoline jelly.

How to check the shelf life of soda?

And finally, how to check soda for shelf life? Just extinguish a small amount of soda with vinegar. If the hiss is weak, then this means that the soda is exhausted. And from it in culinary use will be of little use.

However, do not rush to throw it away! In this case, it is perfect for domestic use in the economy!

To clean, to eliminate unpleasant odors and so on. Everywhere, where in recipes with her participation you do not need to extinguish her with acid, everywhere she will fit!

Let your household chores be your only joy.

Soda in everyday life

  1. Surface cleaning. It is unlikely that any modern tool from household chemicals will cope with dirty sinks, tiles and baths better than baking soda. No need for any Mr. Propers: just wipe the surface with a brush or washcloth with soda, rinse with water - and everything will shine.
  2. Disinfection. When preparing banks for preservation, do not wipe them with unknown substances, but rinse thoroughly with soda. It is an excellent disinfectant.
  3. Washing dishes. Even the old bloom from drinks can be removed from the cups, if you use soda. And your glasses, glasses and glasses shine with an unprecedented brilliance after you wash them in cool water with soda.
  4. Removing food debris. Baked baked dishes are incredibly tasty, but the burnt surface is not such a pleasant thing. But try to boil the dishes in a solution of soda (3-4 tablespoons / 1 liter of water) and leave overnight, and in the morning you will see that everything is washed off with light movements.
  5. Dishwashing liquid. Grandmothers can name several ways to make homemade dishwasher, which also includes soda. It is simple to the impossibility: hot water and soda. Before washing, it is desirable to clean the dishes from the remnants of food.
  6. Detergent component. Excellent tool, whose composition includes soda (soda ash and food), laundry soap, essential oil. And if you have not tried soda in such a role, then you certainly know about the whitening properties of laundry soap.
  7. Fight against soapy bloom. The owners of the curtains in the bathroom sooner or later the question arises: how to quickly wash off all the unpleasant plaque? With soda, of course! Just wipe the curtain with a sponge and soda and wash it off.
  8. Sewage treatment. It is necessary to take equal portions of soda and vinegar, pour soda into the drain, and after a while pour vinegar. Wait about five minutes and rinse. By the way, to drain less clogged, for the prevention of falling asleep in them soda.
  9. Odor neutralization. No matter how clean the hostess is, something in the fridge should be rotten. Smell is easy to bring out if you pour the soda into a bowl or any other small container and put it on the shelf in the refrigerator. This "neutralizer" lasts for 2-3 weeks.
  10. Carpet Deodorant. The recipe given below will help not only to get rid of odors that are “attached” to your carpet, but also to clean it from dust, dirt and wool. Take a pack of soda and add about 10-15 drops of aromatic oil to it. Mix well, cover the carpet evenly with the mixture, leave it for 3 hours, but preferably overnight. After that, take a stiff brush and walk it around the pile, especially in contaminated places. Now vacuum and dry cleaning with carpet soda is complete!
  11. Stain removal. Pets can be inherited on the carpet or laminate. But do not rush to get washing chemistry. It will be enough to dry napkins and soda: the first one gets wet spot, the second you fall asleep it and scrub everything with a brush. Do not use the vacuum cleaner immediately, it will be needed after the cleaning is completed.
  12. Pet wash. Soda will help in the event that you need to clean the coat of your pets. In a spray bottle, you need to pour the solution (a couple of teaspoons per liter of water), spray your pet's hair with it, then comb it thoroughly, and you will see how clean it has become.

Soda and Personal Care

  • Water softening The condition of our skin depends on the hardness of the water in which we bathe. If you take a bath with soda, naturally, with the addition of aroma oils, then the health of your skin will improve. But the cream will never hurt!
  • Teeth whitening Once every few months you can brush your teeth with soda as a tooth powder, due to which they will become noticeably whiter. After such cleansing, you must use regular toothpaste. You should not get carried away with soda, otherwise it will easily erode the enamel of the teeth.
  • Bombs. Surely after a hard day’s work you relaxed in a warm bath, throwing a fragrant hissing bomb into it. You guessed it, why did she react to water like that? That's right, it contains soda!

Soda and cooking

  1. Bakery products. The most common use is soda slaking, so that the dough is not too hard and turns out to be lush.
  2. Cooking meat. To speed up the preparation of hard meat, add half a tl to it while stewing. soda This also applies to meatballs, only the mince requires a tiny pinch.
  3. With the addition of a pinch of salt, legumes will also be cooked faster.
  4. Soda can and remove the acid, which is undesirable in the dish.

Soda and treatment

  1. Hot milk with the addition of a tiny pinch of soda may alleviate a strong cough.
  2. For sore throat and teeth, use rinsing with soda solution. It is enough to stir a teaspoon of this substance in a glass.
  3. With an itch after a mosquito bite ointment from soda copes.
  4. With heartburn, you can use soda solution - 1 tsp. on the third of the glass. But do not use the soda treatment all the time, otherwise you will burn the mucous.
  5. Baths with a solution not only make the skin softer, but also relax, even help to lose weight! For this procedure, you need three hundred grams of baking soda, 500 grams of sea salt and 10-12 drops of aroma oil, preferably citrus. The water should be about 39 degrees, and it takes no more than twenty minutes to lie in the bath. Do not take a shower, immediately lie down.

That such an indispensable assistant can be ordinary soda! Now you know much more about it and can save not only money on household chemicals, but also your time.

Cleaning dishes with soda

Many people know that soda is a soft abrasive, and use it to clean cups, glasses, carafes. Soda is also easy and safe for the instrument to clear the piano keys.

Polished silver

With the help of soda you can add shine to silver products. To do this, fill a small saucepan with hot water, put a small square of aluminum foil, add one teaspoon of soda per liter of water. Bringing to a boil, throw the silverware into the water and immediately remove it with forceps. Wash silver with soapy water, rub to a shine.

Removal of foci of corrosion

Perfectly removes corrosive paste from salt and soda. Wipe the corroded area immediately, as a mixture of salt and soda with water begins to bubble.

With the help of soda you can clean any surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom without using harmful cleaners from the category of household chemicals. This advice will be the way for people with allergies or asthma. If you have coughing attacks from household chemicals, try using only soda for cleaning. Of course, the effect of the good old soda is not the same as that of modern chemicals, but health is more important.

Smells from dishwashers and washing machines

When you leave your home for a long time, an unpleasant smell can appear in a dishwasher or washing machine. Apply a little soda on the inner surface of the machine, leave the door slightly ajar. When you return home after the holidays, there will be no unpleasant smell in the car.

Soda can remove the smell from clothes that are not completely dried in the drum of the machine. If the clothes smell like mildew after drying, sprinkle it with soda and set the drying program again. There will be no trace of smell. Soda can be added during washing along with the powder. Then the smell from clothes will be more pleasant, and the clothes themselves will be better washed off.

Remove unpleasant carpet odor

Spread some baking soda on the carpet, leave for 20 minutes, and then vacuum. But first, carry out the carpet "sensitivity test." Check the effect of soda on it in a small inconspicuous area. Some carpets with paint come off soda. You can dilute a tablespoon of soda with a glass of water and pour the mixture on the carpet. After drying, wipe with plain water. Carpet did not change color? So, baking soda is not afraid of him.

Baking soda as a pesticide

Soda is mixed with sugar to bring cockroaches and silverfish. They say that this method is very effective.

Soda is a universal remedy, but every modern woman saves time, and cleaning time is no exception. I use a ruler from the duft for both the car and the apartment. I first met this tool six months ago, when my cat spoiled in the car, I could not remove this smell with anything. But duft quickly delivered me and the car of all unpleasant odors