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How to really give up sweet: 10 tips


I was shocked by the statement in the well-known female edition that it turns out that there is no sweet addiction! What am I then tormented every day, persuading myself to refrain from another candy? Experts have argued that if you do not use sugar for 21 days, the taste buds are broken, and you will no longer be seduced by the sweet taste. I decided to try a promising task for myself.

In addition, circumstances drastically pushed for positive changes: centimeters at the waist long ago exchanged 80 dozen, a substantial part of the salary was sacrificed to confectionery demons, December was approaching, and after that - with continuous holidays and feasts that could have resulted in an even larger size of clothing. It is definitely time to get rid of sugar sugar and lose weight!

Week One - melancholic

Day 1: In the morning she pulled herself up when, out of habit, her hand reached for the sugar bowl to sweeten the tea. My friend, who drinks tea without calories, says that this is the only way to feel the true taste of the drink, and it will never drink syrup. I can not wait, when I can also boast of such sensations.

So far, tea "without anything" seems to me indistinguishable from ordinary boiling water.
For a whole day, I had to constantly stop myself when, out of habit, I wanted to finish a piece of jam and jam that a child rejects or finish dinner with at least a couple of spoons of jam. Habitual evening phrase to her husband "and buy something sweet for tea" stuck in his throat.

Day 2: I remembered my previous exploits. Due to my health I had to be on a strict diet as a student for a year and a half. I ate dishes only boiled or steamed, without salt, and there was no talk of sweets. And as they did not want. I knew - it is necessary, it means it is necessary. During pregnancy and in the first months after the birth of the baby, I was also not tempted by desserts. This led me to believe that I still have willpower, but, unfortunately, it is activated only under special conditions.

Day 3: Inspired by articles and TV shows about the dangers of sugar and sweets from the store. The overabundance of sweet threatened with premature aging of the skin, the formation of acne, diabetes, obesity, lack of vitamins, tooth decay, toxins in the arteries, mood swings, a constant feeling of hunger and so on.

I already had many “flowers” ​​from this “bouquet”. After the bitter truth about industrial desserts, she became more wary of looking at the boxes of candy and colorful display cases with bars in the supermarket. Truly, knowledge is power!

Day 4: I realized that giving up the sweet, it is important not to fall into one of the traps. The first is when the thought is constantly spinning in your head: “I do not eat sweets, then I can afford more other foods. Eat at least something. " When in a fog I devoured a whole pack of seeds, it became obvious to me that willpower should extend to food in general, and one should not lose vigilance. The second trick was not to feel sorry for yourself and not wait for the end of these three weeks, in order to set off again in all grievous ones. In the evenings it feels sad ...

Day 5: Do not leave the feeling of mild melancholy. With mute sadness I look at sweets in the store, but there is no longer an unbridled desire to immediately eat some kind of tasty treat. Jeans are fastened much easier.

Day 6: I decided to start a piggy bank and save there the money that I hypothetically spent on desserts. I figured that only last summer I spent about 2,000 thousand hryvnas on ice cream, not counting other sweets. I ate one ice cream at lunch when the child fell asleep, and then another late at night, after laying down the little one. And here the insight came to me!

Day 7: The decree, which I now don’t dare say, leave, became a catalyst for my sweet addiction. Constant lack of sleep, fatigue, lack of life diversity pushed me to gastronomic sins. It seemed to me subconsciously that I deserve small “compensations” after a hard day or the whims of a child. And what gave me these "awards"? 7 kilograms of excess weight and loss of self-esteem. It was necessary to look for other ways to relax and have fun.

Week Two - Adaptation

Day 8: Psychologists advise to make a list of ten non-edible ways to indulge yourself. My list first includes the most obvious methods of satisfaction - books and magazines, movies, music, chatting with friends and self-care.

Day 9: I thought about the continuation of my nosweet-list. I listened to myself, and it turned out that it was cleaning (especially throwing out rubbish and getting rid of unnecessary things), keeping a diary, selecting photos for albums, coloring (you can now find elegant specimens especially for adults), learning new English and French words. The method of "replacement" has been very effective.

Day 10: I was convinced from my own experience that the condition of a closed sugar circle is not just a fiction by nutritionists. This is when you eat a sweet, you feel an instant surge of energy and pleasure, but very soon you need a new dose of sugar, and the cycle repeats. When I stopped completing the lunch meal with dessert, in the evening I did not feel the brutal hunger.

Day 11: I read an interesting article about “great food”. When we live boringly, without novelty, goals, aspirations and a search for our vocation, we strive to compensate for the absence of this “big meal” with gastronomic liberties. The thesis “a bun instead of recognition” very well illustrated my life situation. As a result, I wrote a summary in English and resumed work on the book I started.

Day 12: Dietary diversity insures you against sweet addiction, nutritionists said from the pages of thematic journals. Since the beginning of my anti-sugar marathon, I have undertaken to bring new products into my diet. Sea cabbage, mussels, olives, baked fish with lemon and spices, broccoli, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, persimmon, grapefruit, baked apples with vanilla and cinnamon, which were previously very rarely on my menu, appeared on the plate. And the taste of sauerkraut made me even forget about chocolate in the evening!

Day 13: I clearly understood that it is important not only to change myself, but also to change the attitude of others to myself. My second mother (mother-in-law) always brings sweets when she comes to visit. My husband's sister bakes amazing cakes and cookies, and part of the yummy gives me with me. Loved one often buys store desserts.

You can barely control yourself, and here there are additional provocations. For myself, I came up with a few rescue tricks - at a party otgryvayu moment of treats (my little son helps me a lot, constantly trying to get somewhere), part of the donated baking I give my sweet-tooth father, during the sweet tea and drinks of my husband ask for a bath. At the time of the refusal of the next treat, I feel disappointed, but then it is much easier for me without remorse of conscience and self-flagellation.

Day 14: Sport lowers blood sugar and improves mood. Only here with physical activity I somehow did not work out. True, when I was a student, I enjoyed dancing. Having rummaged on the Internet, I found for myself an ideal alternative between fitness and dancing - zumba. It was fun and driving to make energetic beautiful movements under your favorite hits.

Week three - changing consciousness

Day 15: First misfire. I was offered to try homemade marshmallows, and I could not resist tasting. It was unusually tasty and not at all like a porous cloying "something" from the store.

I know that I cannot afford desserts for life, but there is a good alternative - homemade sweets. Marmalade, meringue, marshmallow, sweets from dried fruits, natural jelly, cheesecake with bananas ... Decent candidates for the culinary incarnation have already gathered in my head. The creative process itself promised to give pleasure. And every housewife knows that if you cook something, then you don’t feel like eating it.

Day 16: Catch crept unnoticed. The doctor said that I had poor analyzes of thyroid hormones, which to some extent explains my insatiable appetite, despondency and the fat figure of Winnie the Pooh from the Soviet cartoon.

It was impossible to eat before donating blood, so I asked my husband at the hospital to bring me something to eat. Out of habit, he bought me a croissant with filling and sweet yogurt.

Frustrated, I ate it. Strange, but I did not feel much pleasure. Conclusion of the day - sugar addiction can signal some health problems. A competent doctor will insure you against an unsuccessful strategy to combat this disadvantage.

Day 17: Suppressed after yesterday's breakdown. But the phrase from the book “you don’t go home immediately, being five minutes late for work” made me not turn away from the race almost at the finish line. Although the temptation to quit and abandon the venture was great.

Day 18: I thought about what kind of example I give to my son with my sweet gluttony. For the time being, he does not tighten chocolate eggs and bars from the easily accessible supermarket shelves, because he has not tasted sweets. No, I am against a total ban on sweets. My girlfriend saw how the son of the dentist’s mother ate sugar from the sugar bowl at a party, hiding under the table.

But the child must be taught to love healthy food, choose high-quality desserts and not seek constant comfort in the candy bowl. On the topic I remembered the parable of the old man, to whom the parents brought the boy to forbid the child to eat sweets. The sage said to visit him again in three days. After three days, the father and mother again brought the boy, the old man said to the boy not to eat sweets, and he obeyed without question. Surprised parents asked why the sage had not voiced his ban during their first visit. The elder replied: “Then I also ate sweets myself ...” An example is the only successful method of education.

Day 19: After the start of hormone pills, I began to feel better. On money deposited in a piggy bank, she made herself inspiring shopping. I have acquired a long-desired tone, fashionable matte lipstick, a seductive set of underwear of sweet marshmallow hues, a beautiful diary and charming gloves of the trendy color of Marsala. Chocolate, what kind of chocolate?

Day 20: I like my reflection in the mirror: the skin has become cleaner, the hair remains fresh longer, the silhouette has become more subtle in the waist. The mood is peaceful.

Day 21: After these three weeks, I am confident that small positive changes in one area of ​​life have a positive effect on the rest. Sometimes it was not easy for me, I felt something like breaking, sometimes the idea seemed meaningless to me, but the result was worth it.

No, I did not stop loving sweets, but I became more selective in the matter of treats. I do not allow sweet food to dictate my mood and do not try to drown out my problems under a mountain of desserts. I realized that only taking care of health and beauty, self-esteem, perseverance, love and my own mission can make my life truly “tasty” and “sweet”!

Top 10 Tips

1. Consult a doctor. If you can not physically control the amount of sugary foods you ingest, this may indicate that your body has problems: hormones, hemoglobin, and metabolism. The doctor will give you recommendations on proper nutrition.

2. Stop adding sugar. Believe me, good tea will not be less tasty if you do not put 2 spoons of sugar in it. You drink 3-4 cups of tea a day, which is 8 spoons of sugar, not counting the cookies and sweets you will eat during the tea ceremony. At first, getting used to the lack of sugar in tea and coffee will be hard, they will seem very bitter, but if you wish, you will succeed.

3. Strengthen willpower. For many people, it is easier to spend three hours in the gym than to give up sweets. But this is not an option. The next time you look at the delicious croissant, remember that it will distance you from the cherished dream of having a thin waist. Think carefully before you eat something.

4. Have breakfast necessarily. It is at this meal that our body gets everything necessary for a full existence during the day. If you eat breakfast correctly, you will not want to put the first chocolate in your mouth.

5. Observe the diet. Most often, when a person strongly wants to eat, he satisfies his hunger with sweets. This will not happen if you stop starving. To do this, eat 5-6 times a day. The portions should be small and no sugary products.

6. Do not mock yourself. If you are adamant in your decision to eliminate sweets from your life, do not torture yourself by going to the pastry shops. Sweets have a very pleasant smell, which is absolutely everyone's appetite. Seeing dozens of desserts in front of you, it will be very difficult for you to control yourself. If you do not live by yourself and your partner does not want to exclude sweets from his life, then let him keep his sweets in a far locker, and not in a prominent place.

7. Love the fruit. Yes, they also contain sugar. But it is better to eat an apple than a chocolate bar.

8. Discard fruit juices. Here they most often do not have as much benefit as fruit. Manufacturers, to improve the taste of the drink, add a lot of sugar. So it is better to give up juices.

9. Eat fresh foods. Often we add sugar in the process of cooking a variety of dishes. If you start to eat more natural products, then not only enrich the body with essential vitamins, but also reduce the amount of sugar consumed.

10. Down with cooking recipes. This is the same temptation as a pastry shop. Seeing hundreds of baking recipes and desserts in front of you, you will definitely want to eat something from this.

It is possible to deprive yourself of sweets only on the condition that you are ready to control yourself. It is not easy to do. But in the end we eat to live, and not vice versa!

Sweet Tricks

1. You can always find sweets, cookies, etc. in your home. Eat everything and no longer go to the store shelves with pastry. As they say, "out of sight - out of mind." There will be no snacks in front of your eyes, nothing to stretch your hands to. So sweet purchases are taboo.

2. Products with sugar substitutes and fructose also delete from the menu - they have a lot of their harmful properties, and they are not helpers in the fight against sweets.

3. Do not exhaust yourself on holidays with the sight of relatives and friends who eat pastry dishes. Encourage your body for patience and eat a piece of cake without any remorse. You will agree that it will be worse if you, exhausting yourself with constant deprivations, at one fine moment, break off and devour the monthly rate of sweets at a time.

4. If you have another episode of “sweet”, try to eat regular food - soup, salad, or just drink a glass of water.

5. Sometimes it helps to eat one small slice of white bread instead of a cake or a sweet bar. Not the best option, but it will help to blunt the hunger, and the calories in this piece are much less than in some “snickers”.

6. Stretching hand for candy to tea? Replace them with two or three nuts and a teaspoon of honey.

7. Taste buds can be cheated with the help of flavored teas with additives: pieces of berries, spices. A cup of this tea will help to escape from the insidious thoughts about cake with cream.

8. Analyze your diet. It should be about 70−75% of proteins and fiber, and 30% - carbohydrates. Such a ratio naturally reduces your sugar intake.

9. Another way - the substitution of the habit of eating a sweet another habit. For example, at the first urge to get close to sweetie, do yourself some kind of cosmetic procedure: wipe your face with a tonic, apply a mask or update the nail polish.

10. Does the family absolutely refuse to do without your baking? Then, instead of sugar, add honey to the dough.

Harm sweet or 10 reasons why you need to give up sweet

About the harm of sweet to the figure they say constantly, but the sugar-containing products are not only deposited on the stomach and thighs, but also cause significant harm to the body. So, why it is better to abandon the sweet or minimize its consumption:

1. The main harm for losing weight is that sweets provoke weight gain and even obesity. Industrial sweets contain many fats and simple carbohydratesthat go to the construction of fatty tissue.

2. Sweets are high-calorie products, for example, 100 g of cake or chocolate contains 400-500 kcal. This is the energy value of a full-fledged dinner, but if you satisfy your hunger for a few hours with garnish and meat, then dessert will not be full for a long time.

3. Сахар вызывают повышение уровня глюкозы в крови и заставляют поджелудочную железу усиленно вырабатывать инсулин. Поэтому частое употребление сладостей может привести к сахарному диабету.

4. Отсюда вытекает еще один вред от сладкого: недолгое насыщение. Уже через 1-2 часа после употребления шоколадки или печенья ваш аппетит снова даст о себе знать.

five.The consumption of large amounts of sweets leads to the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and disruption of the intestinal microflora. Sugar also increases the likelihood of ulcerative colitis and can even trigger the onset of bowel cancer.

6. Skin deterioration - this is another harm sweet. First, the violation of intestinal microflora negatively affects the quality of the skin, causing rashes on the face, back, neck and chest. Secondly, sugar accelerates cell aging and promotes the appearance of wrinkles. This is another good reason to give up sweet.

7. Sweets are serious harm to teeth. Sugar nourishes bacteria, provokes the destruction of tooth enamel, causes caries and gum disease - periodontal disease. Caramel, chocolate, toffee and other toffee are especially destructive for teeth.

8. From industrial sweets the body does not receive any nutrients and vitamins. it empty calorieswhich do not give your body anything useful, except energy for 1-1.5 hours.

9. The negative effect of sugar on cardiovascular system - This is another reason to abandon the sweet. The presence of excess glucose in the blood weakens the walls of blood vessels. In addition, frequent consumption of sweets increases cholesterol levels.

10. In addition to sugar, industrial sweets add various chemical additives: flavor enhancers, flavors and dyes that have unpredictable effects on the human body, ranging from allergenic reactions to the appearance of cancer cells.

If sweets have such a negative effect on the body, why are they so popular? First, sugar-containing foods are fast carbohydrates, which means they are instantly absorbed into the blood and give energy. This is especially true in the modern rhythm of life, when there is not always enough time for a full meal.

Secondly, sweets are addictive, so they are very beneficial for production. A person easily sits on chocolates, candy bars, cookies, cakes and sweets, buying them all more and more. Because of this addiction it is so hard to give up sweets.

10 practical tips on how to give up sweet

But if all of you decided to embark on the “besaharny” path, then perhaps you will be helped by a number of tips on how to give up sweets.

1. Often, dependence on sweets lies in unbalanced diet. If you during the day very much underpowered calories or carbohydrates, then your body requires you to quickly fuel to get energy. And sweets are best suited for this. Therefore, in the process of rejection of sweets avoid low-calorie and low-carb diets.

2. Always keep fruit on hand; they must be washed, cleaned and easily accessible. Try to take them with you to work, school or even a regular walk, it will help to pass by the store without wanting to buy a chocolate bar.

3. Another tip on how to give up sweet just stop buying them. You should not test your willpower and keep sweets and chocolates at home in the hope that today you will definitely refrain from their excessive consumption.

4. One more thing follows from the last tip: never go shopping for food being hungry. You have much more chances to give up sweets and walk past bright “dessert” shelves if you are full.

5. When you uncontrollably want sweets, try eat mint candy, chewing gum or brush your teeth. This will help interrupt the taste buds and forget about the dessert.

6. If you seize sweet negative emotions and disorders, then try to come up with another “psychological anchor”. It can be music, a book, a film, a conversation with a pleasant person, or training. Wean your body from sugar as a cure for bad mood.

7. If you are endlessly treated to candy by relatives or colleagues, refer to the ban on doctors from eating sweets. Usually in such situations, people try not to offer prohibited products.

8. Use natural sweeteners instead of sugar. Only better choose natural sugar substitutes (stevia, fructose) and do not abuse them beyond measure.

9. If it is difficult for you to give up sweets one day, give yourself 2 weeks to gradually reduce sugar in the diet. Reduce the number of spoons of sugar in tea and coffee, reduce portions of cakes, eat not the sweetest cookies, replace the white and milk chocolate with dark, etc.

10. Exercise. Workouts contribute to the development of happiness hormones, which means you don’t have to seek comfort in sweets.

Many claim that they cannot live without sweets, but most have not even tried to give them up. Habit is formed for a long time, so it is impossible to give up the sweet and get rid of dependence for 1 day. Give yourself a time limit — for example, 30 days without industrial sweets. Just argue with yourself that you can. A month is not such a long time, but after this time you will realize that life without sweets is possible.

Of course, the first time will be hard, and you will even feel a little “breaking” in your favorite sweets. It is absolutely natural. But if their absence is compensated by other products, then it will be much easier for you to give up sweets. Even for 1 month without industrial sweets, you will change your taste habits, improve your body shape and Create a strong foundation for good health and longevity.

What to replace the sweet?

But if the fruits do not inspire you and it is very difficult to give up sweets, we offer you the most benign products to replace high-calorie cakes and pies.

Dried fruits. Dried fruits retain all the beneficial properties of fruits. In fact, it is a concentrate rich in fiber, calcium, iron and magnesium. Dried fruits are useful for blood vessels, heart and gastrointestinal tract, are a good diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent.

  • Caloric content in 100 g: 250-280 kcal.

Honey. Contains a lot of iron and calcium. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens the immune system, improves digestion. However, be careful, honey is a very allergenic product.

  • Caloric content in 100 g: 300 kcal.

Marmalade. Marmalade is mainly made from pectin, which lowers cholesterol, removes toxic substances from the body, restores carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. If the basis of marmalade lay agar-agar, then with its help you normalize the work of the liver and get the necessary dose of iodine for the correct operation of the thyroid gland.

  • Caloric content in 100 g: 250 kcal.

Marshmallow. Marshmallow contains a large amount of iron, phosphorus and other components, it is useful for nails, hair and vessels. The beneficial properties of marshmallow will vary depending on the constituent components of this product.

  • Caloric content in 100 g: 300 kcal

Paste. Pastila improves digestion, cleans the intestines from toxins, and also strengthens intestinal motility. In addition, the marshall slows down the absorption and absorption of cholesterol, while protecting the cardiovascular system of the body.

  • Caloric content in 100 g: 310 kcal

Attention! Specify the caloric content on the product packaging, the figures are approximate and may vary depending on the specific recipe.

How to minimize the harm from sweet

If you do not plan to give up sweet, but want to minimize the harm from its use, we recommend that you use the following tips:

  • Do not replace the desserts full breakfast, lunch or dinner. It will not give you any long-term saturation, nor the optimum rate of nutrients. In addition, so you are guaranteed eat sweet more than normal.
  • Want to lose weight without giving up sweet? This is easy to do. Just eat in the framework of the daily calorie intake with a deficit of 10-20%. In this figure, you can enter those products that you yourself wish. Even your favorite sweetness can find a place there.
  • It is better to eat sweet in the morning, until 11-12 o'clock. First, the morning fast carbohydrates are the safest for the figure. Secondly, if you eat your favorite sweetness in the morning, you will no longer feel such a sharp craving for sweets during the day.
  • For good intestinal function, consume large amounts of fiber. One of the leaders in fiber content is bran.
  • If you care about your teeth, but do not want to give up sweets, be sure to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth thoroughly after consuming it.
  • Eat balanced during the day, do not starve and do not bite. If possible, use as a dessert fruit, dried fruit, marshmallow, marmalade, marshmallow.
  • If you are cooking dessert at home, try to add less sugar than in the recipe, each time reducing its amount. Prefer cottage cheese casseroles and other useful desserts.
  • Do not drink a sweet drink. Drinks wash the sweetness from the taste buds and we eat more dessert.

Not everyone can completely refuse the sweet, but minimizing the amount of sugar consumed. Analyze your food, avoid harmful foods and try to fill your diet with nutritious foods rich in vitamins.



1. In the morning, a person wakes up with the decision to refuse sweets, because “it is no longer possible that way”, but that evening he finds himself eating a sponge cake right at the fridge. And then he scolds himself for gluttony and despises for weakness.

Most attempts to start with sweet fail because of a misunderstanding of the seriousness of the situation and the lack of a clear plan of action. The seriousness of the situation lies in the fact that if you are a sweet tooth type B, sugar will not let you go so easily.

The moment when sugar turns out to be stronger than you is not gluttony, not disgusting, or even lack of willpower. If you are a type B sweet tooth, the pleasure center of your brain is genetically programmed to receive an incredible high from sweets. The brain gets used to a certain dose of sugar and requires it constantly (every 2-4 hours). Nervous signals requiring a buzz are not only very strong e, they are also very fast - they occur in thousandths of a second when you see a cake in a refrigerator or a bowl of candy on a table with a colleague. And it is much faster than you learn from the reason why they decided not to eat sweets. And certainly faster than the braking part of the brain.

That is, you first eat the proposed candy, and only then remember why you can not. And it's too late to slow down - as soon as you feel sugar in your tongue, the buzz is already taking you along a roller coaster with a terrible speed.

2. Moreover, sugar will entice your friends and relatives to your side.

No matter how many times you repeat to your colleagues that you have forever rejected products with added sugar, they will still treat you to chocolates. Friends on a walk will certainly offer to go to the pastry shop to taste fresh buns. And when you come to visit relatives, they will surely serve marshmallow in chocolate and homemade apple cake for tea. You remind them in a weakening voice that you do not eat foods with added sugar. And they will answer something like: "But this is your favorite marshmallow!" Or "Oh well, quite a bit of sugar went into the cake - just a glass in the dough and half a cup in the apples."

Be prepared that this situation will be repeated day after day. If your relatives showed understanding - this is a great rarity and good luck, do not forget to thank them for it.

3. It is impossible to tie with sweet in a hurry, obeying an instantaneous impulse caused by self-loathing. This process requires careful preparation.

First of all, you need to assess your environment: family, friends and colleagues. Which of them will most likely sabotage your intentions? You will have to plan what to do and how to behave in these cases. What do you do when, after a stressful situation at work, a colleague treats you to candy, while the signals of the pleasure center in your brain turn on faster than common sense and brakes?

What else can prevent you? What situations will be the most difficult? Parties and holidays? Tea drinking at work with the indispensable cakes? A pastry shop by which you pass twice a day - on the way to and from work? It may be wise to walk down another street and skip a couple of parties while you are at the very beginning of your journey without sugar.

Sweets can also be part of a daily ritual, for example, tea with marshmallows in the evening, in silence, when everyone is asleep. Or at lunchtime, when you have ten minutes to retire with a cup of coffee and chocolate chip cookies.

How do you replace these moments? Will you cut the fresh persimmon into thin slices and savor it? Or will you get a frozen banana specially prepared for this purpose out of the freezer? (These are my methods).

4. Before choosing a method of giving up sweets, you need to understand why you need it.

The goal should be very clear and clearly formulated, for example, “reduce blood sugar”, and / or “lose weight”. But the goal is “to get rid of food addiction, to become the master of your taste preferences, and not their servant,” is weighty enough. “Return natural taste sensitivity to taste buds.”

It is good to write down the reason / s, or at least speak loudly, in order to hear yourself. And utter loudly in particularly difficult moments.

If there are not enough reasons for you, then I will remind once again that sugar is a parasitic product. It reduces the natural sensitivity to taste of natural products with a high content of valuable substances, and gradually displaces them from your menu. It provides empty calories, increases appetite and creates favorable conditions for fat deposition, especially in the abdominal area. Both factors increase the risk of chronic diseases.

5. Harm from the use of excess sugar can be listed for a long time. But it is better to focus on the positive effect of giving up sweets. Here is a letter that I, with the permission of the author, a mathematician by profession, translated from English for this article. I must say that this author inspired me to a complete rejection of sugar. (Before, I tried to limit it with varying success).

“Today, exactly a year since I do not eat products with added sugar. Initially, it was a temporary measure to lose weight, but the changes that have occurred to me are so amazing that I decided not to return to my previous habits.

So, in my menu there are no more cookies, jams, sweets, cakes, ice cream, sweets and sweet soda. I eat only foods with natural sugar: fresh fruit and one tablespoon of maple syrup per day (I add it to unsweetened yogurt). What has changed besides the fact that during the year I lost 15 kg.

1. Sharp bouts of hunger disappeared. I no longer say: "I am starving." There are also no moments of anger and irritability ("hangry" - derived from "hungry" and "angry" - angry because he is hungry), which made my husband very happy.

2. There is also no sleepiness and fatigue after eating.

3. Significantly improved skin, became more smooth and healthy. Even in the winter months there was no dryness and flaking.

4. Headaches have almost disappeared. Previously, if I did not have time to eat on time, I was provided with a headache until the end of the day — even a hearty lunch didn’t take it off.

5. Strengthened immune system. This fall and winter I did not have colds or flu. If members of my family got sick before, then I got infected from them instantly. And now it was not. (I am aware that Murphy’s law can overtake me after this statement).

6. No more blaming myself for eating sweets or making excuses, for example: "Only one piece of chocolate" or "I will buy this cake now, but eat it only after dinner" or "Well, why did I eat so much? Last ball the ice cream was obviously odd. " Now I am free from these thoughts - I escaped from the vicious circle of guilt and excuses.

People asked me the following questions:

1) Are you on a diet?

Not. Vegetarians have refused meat products, and I - from those that contain sugar.

2) But you want sweets?

I must admit, the first month was difficult - I really wanted a sweet one. But after this period, no, not at all. Delicious desserts that I loved so much before now look no more attractive than a piece of plastic.

3) But after all, from one piece of cake at a party or at a celebration will there be no harm? The main thing is everything in moderation.

Theoretically, yes, almost none. Installing "Everything in moderation" - is a slippery slope. "Only on a visit or on holidays" gradually flows into "once a month." "Once a month" gradually spills over to "after a hard day." "After a hard day" flows into "only on weekends." You do not have time to look back, as you already eat sweets every day. Nobody offers an alcoholic in the outfit to drink on holidays. And for many people, sugar is as addictive as alcohol is for others.

And finally, for those who decided to abandon sugar, I would recommend the following books: "Breaking the Sugar Habit "Margaret Wertheim, MS. RD. and"Always Hungry?" David Ludwig, MD. PhD. ""

As for the question: “Are you on a diet?”

People will understand your refusal of certain products if you are allergic. People respect your choice if you have a religious post. People will understand, and perhaps sympathize, if you are diabetic and / or overweight. People are unlikely to impose a veal cutlet on you if you are a vegan vegetarian. Но если вы здоровы, в нормальном весе, но при этом отказываетесь от пирожного, — понимания не ждите.

Итак, подготовка к отказу от сахара, должна начинаться

  • C понимания биохимических сигналов вашего мозга.
  • С понимания вреда, который излишек сахара причиняет вашему здоровью и внешности.
  • С весомой причины почему вы это делаете.
  • С подготовки плана обезвреживания окружающих.
  • С подготовки к трудным ситуациям.

В продолжении: Сахарная ломка. Методы отказа от сладкого. Сладкое и дети. Types of sweeteners.

Starting a healthy lifestyle is a decision made.

My HALO way began literally half a year before pregnancy. Before that, I studied and lived in China for half a year and gained my maximum weight of 64-65 kg! They constantly wanted to eat, food was very quickly digested, we ate food with cookies / chocolates with tea every two hours =)) And in general there were a lot of temptations - everything is very tasty, cheap. Plus, frequent trips to clubs / restaurants make themselves felt.

My friends often recall how I, after a hearty lunch, always went to the store and collected various sweets, candies, butterscotch and ate it all on the way home. And after that I drank tea with my roommates, and of course, not with “such”, but with some tasty bread or cookies).

It seemed to me that I did not have a stomach, but a hole, and I could not help it. I will not tell you what consequences the excessive consumption of chocolate and other sweets led me to. other people's problems are of little interest to anyone. I'll get right to the point. Everything is much simpler, and it's only in our head.

Upon arrival in Russia, I decided to pull myself together. In general, I never allowed myself to eat away, or rather, I was eating away until my weight reached 60-61 kg, then I got on some kind of diet, threw it back to my 58 kg, and then everything went in a circle. But I did not forgive myself for gaining extra 5 kg in China. The quality of the body was terrible. The most terrible for all my existence. It seemed to me that the back of my thighs was all in mounds, right down to my knees.

I began to read a lot of literature on nutrition, on fitness. Loaded various trainings from VKontakte, and very quickly dropped the weight to its 58 kg. I was ready to move forward and improve more and more, but I had a wedding and a birth ahead of me.

In the first half of the year after birth, the body responds very easily to our desire to throw off extra pounds! If you run everything, then it can only be worse. The fact that you can not play sports during feeding - it is not. I practiced, ate well, did not fret, and successfully fed the child for a year and seven months, but that is another topic.

Start with proper nutrition

When I realized that my troubles were only due to poor nutrition, I decided to completely change my diet. But it happened already two years after the birth of the child. I thought for a very long time how to switch to proper nutrition so as not to leave the race ahead of time.

Earlier, during the diets, I just went angry and irritable for weeks, carrying a picture in my head with KHACHAPURI WITH CHEESE or some chocolate bar, and waited for the onset of the day “X” when I sit down and eat something forbidden and tasty.

I DON'T KNOW what happened to me this time, probably, this is the case when you need to grow up to everything ... Nobody and nothing will make you change until you realize that it is really very necessary only for YOU!

I was ready more than ever. I had a click inside. I knew that it would be difficult for me, since I really like to eat a tasty meal, having always had a bite with the sweet at the end. I knew there would be a breakdown, but I definitely wanted to go through this NEW WAY. I just sat down and decided that I would not set myself any time frame (lose weight in a week or get rid of the sides in a month). I just decided that I would SLOWLY go towards my goal. I decided to try.

The first time I did not set myself tough restrictions, I just thought, what if it turns out ... !? Well, no, so no ... I'll try again in a week. Although a couple of weeks ago I told my friends that I NEVER IN LIFE CANNOT REFUSE SWEET. I really was very dependent on him.

If I haven't eaten anything chocolate, I walked angry and irritably all day, I hated everything around ...)). Sweet was my sick topic. That is why, I decided to start with the rejection of sweets. And I advise you to start with the products that cause you the strongest addiction. What you eat every day is YOUR dietary weakness. For some, it's cakes, but for someone it's fried wings.)

I definitely decided for myself that the most difficult for me is the rejection of all chocolate and sweet. I decided to try how long I could last without sweet, and the next day there were no sweets and chocolates in my diet, but there were, for example, pancakes, sausages in dough. Those. I removed the chocolate, but left the flour delicacies, because They are in second place for food addiction! When a week passed, and I noticed that I was generally happy and without chocolate, I took away the floury sweets, but I ate fried potatoes, fried chicken, etc. Those. the point was not to limit yourself IMMEDIATELY IN EVERYTHING !! I approached everything gradually.

When I realized that I calmly removed the sweet and flour, I refused all fat and fried. Exactly one month later I had a very lean menu (chicken breasts, unsalted cereals, vegetables / fruits, cottage cheese), and I was really happy. I just climbed the stairs higher and higher, slowly, slowly. I did not have depression ... I did not have anger ... I, on the contrary, had some internal positive changes ...

It seemed to me that my body is cleared before my eyes! This month, which I took away for the transition to proper nutrition, I didn’t exercise, I didn’t have any training at all !! But I lost a lot of weight, and to take into account the fact that I was doing a self-massage at home, combining it with a normal balanced diet, for the first time in my life, cellulite began to melt so much right before my eyes. It was just unreal!

And as with him only, I did not fight. It seemed to me that this was just a genetic lifetime stigma on me! He was with me from an early age, even when I was training in school 6 times a week! But no, the thing is really nutrition. 70% of success is pure nutrition.

But I do not recommend losing weight on one diet. skin begins to sag! That is why I added massage. I deliberately had no training, because I knew that they were causing me a wild appetite, and I was afraid that the rejection of harmful products would be more difficult. Therefore, you either begin to train, get used to it and then change the diet, or you change the diet, you get used to it, and only then you start to train. But to do everything at once is very difficult, it is a strong stress for the organism, which for many years used to live in a completely different way. You can try to do everything at once, but then don’t be surprised that you don’t last long, and you will quietly hate the whole world ... for the first time so sure.

Start training

When cellulite leaves the buttocks, the buttocks become flat and flabby. The place is freed from fat deposits and it is time to build up myasko ... That is why from the second month I began a full-fledged way with good nutrition and good strength training. And thanks to Roman Pomazanov, who gave me the basis for strength training, and thanks to which I realized that there is no better simulator for building a perfect body than dumbbells. I always take as a basis his programs and complexes, and they really work. Even when I was at home, after 4 months, I looked like many people would not look good at doing gymnastics for years. Letters began to fill me with acquaintances with requests to tell what my secret was and how I achieved such a relief body so quickly ... But I will write about this another time (see Dumbbells or simulators? Why do I choose "Fitness for smart people")

What do I want to say after everything written above, especially to the female sex !? Girl, my dear, do not chase fast results. It is not even necessary to share with someone that you decided to eat or practice in a different way ... 50% will be very skeptical about this, 40% will say that you look good and only a small part will support you. Only you can answer your own questions.

Stand and look in the mirror. If you do not like at least one part of your body - this is an occasion to think. If you are shy of your man, or hide in the shower when you wash - these are also the first signs that the time has come to change. Even worse, when you refuse to go to the beach, there are not so many sunny days in a year ...

Do not be afraid to deal with your fears. Fears limit us in movement and give rise to complexes. Tell your fears NO, and you will become much freer, you will be very surprised how easy it is to live when you are free in your actions and desires. The main mistake, to think that eating a tasty meal is the only joy in life, and you are not ready to even give up this! This is usually said by unhappy people who only seize their failures / offenses / complexes with food.

So say people who have a very boring life, someone has a personal life, someone has a working sphere. People who do not have a hobby, active life. People who instead of occupying themselves with something useful, run to the refrigerator, or go to a restaurant with a friend to discuss the whole world. If you also said this phrase at least once, just think, maybe your life is not so bright and interesting as you would like, but know that everything is in your hands.

Walk in small steps, but constantly

When you begin to live according to the regime, when you begin to lead an active lifestyle and look at all things positively, you will see how your life will change and how people will reach out to you! At first, someone will not take your actions seriously, someone will scoff. And then they will respect you and run to you for advice.

Just try to be better than you are today! And even if you still get out of the distance in a week / two, then you don’t have to blame yourself. Fell up - stand up, shake off and move on !! I'm also not iron. When I feel that I am tired, or terribly want sweet again, I just go and eat it! And I don’t run afterwards, as if I’m mad to work on the things I’ve been eating for all day. On the contrary, I can not train for several days, but just do what the soul says. I can sleep all day, and I can run every two hours to eat something that tomorrow will be forbidden for me).

Stress and depression will have a much worse impact on my body than a regular blast). You do not need to hate yourself, scold, if something goes wrong with you, the main thing is not to stop. Much worse if you were sitting on your hands, continuing to accumulate extra pounds. And so, EVERY NEW ATTEMPT makes you stronger, gives you a new experience and an incentive to move forward and prove to yourself that you can!

Try, listen only to your feelings! We are all different! Your body itself will tell you what is bad and what is good. Make friends with him. Find harmony and constancy in everything. Only daily work, the right attitude and harmony with yourself will help you achieve your goals! Be honest, first of all, with yourself! Do not rise HIGH too FAST, there is a risk to fall down quickly as well. Slowly, thoughtfully go forward, benefiting from everything that comes your way, be it failure, or, on the contrary, achievements ...!

It has been exactly one year since I changed my taste habits. And with each new attempt, my diet is becoming cleaner and cleaner, and rebuilding to the regime after some important feast is becoming easier and easier. Everything comes with time. People for some reason are not ready to spend 4 months on ghosts in their shape, but they are ready to eat for years ... Everyone is afraid of big terms ... But, remember that while you say: - "Oh, this is so long ... I can not ..." others for it time is already on the path that you could go along with them. I think that if one could, then others can, the only question is that someone has a slightly shorter and easier way because of his character, nothing more. And for someone a little longer and more difficult.

Work, patience and discipline work wonders. I sincerely wish you all new victories over yourself.

Skin condition improves

Sugar triggers an inflammatory reaction in the body - glycation. For edema, dry and unclean skin, dull complexion and dark circles under the eyes, we owe much sugar. Simply put, sweets steal our youth and beauty.

It is necessary to abandon the sweet, and you will see that the skin has become clean and smooth. You will no longer be disturbed by acne, and your face will look rested, healthy and radiant.

Dependence on food will disappear

The mechanism of action of sugar dependence is similar to the drug. It happens like this: you eat a cake, your brain gets pleasure and asks for another portion of sweets. An overwhelming desire to eat dessert is a bitter consequence of the abuse of sugar-containing foods.

If you exclude hidden sources of sugar from the diet (fructose, maltose, lactose, maltodextrin, xylitol, sorbitol, and others), you will notice that your dependence on food disappears before your eyes. You will no longer be stuck with stress or overeat from boredom, and learn to treat food intake as energy and care for your body.

You will no longer suffer from mood swings.

It is no secret that food affects our mood: the brain perceives it as a reward, and when we starve, it triggers stress hormones. Sugar level also controls our state of mind. Only if you feel much better immediately after you have eaten something sweet, in the long run, the consumption of sweet leads to depression, weakening the production of dopamine and making you powerless against irritants.

Replacing the sugar-containing products in healthy fats (eggs, nuts, red fish and poultry), you will no longer "jump" from false euphoria to a depressed state, and your mood will finally become even.

In the daytime, you will feel vigorous, and at night - sleep well

Despite the fact that sugar gives us pleasure and endorphins, it is not an antidepressant: on the contrary, sugar triggers the production of a strong stress hormone cortisol. Be careful: causeless sleepiness during the day and painful insomnia at night can be caused by the abuse of sweet.

Try to last at least a week without sugar-containing products, and your sleep will be restored, you will begin to fall asleep faster, and wake up - much more pleasant and easier.

Your memory and concentration will improve.

Many studies have shown that excessive consumption of sweets can lead to memory impairment. Excess sugar negatively affects the communication between the cells of the brain, creates obstacles to blood flow to the brain, and thus dulls the ability to learn, work and concentrate.

If you want to keep the sharpness and clarity of mind, as well as a good memory, do not abuse the harmful sweets. If absolutely necessary, make exceptions only for dark chocolate.

Reduced risk of getting sick

Passion for chocolates and sweets harms digestion, as well as the immune system, because of the high doses of sugar the absorption of beneficial vitamins and microelements is impaired.

That's not all: high blood sugar directly affects the health of the heart and blood vessels, increasing the risk of developing hypertension, angina and myocardial dystrophy. Well, “for dessert” - it is sweets that are stronger than other products “beat” on the bone tissue, provoking the development of caries, periodontal disease and even osteoporosis.

You can build your dream figure.

The most obvious harm from sugar - those extra pounds. Slow metabolism and a high content of adipose tissue in the body is nothing but the result of the abuse of foods high in carbohydrates.

Refusing to sugar, you can build your dream figure, fit and healthy, as well as get rid of extra pounds. Maintaining the ideal weight will be easy, because you get used to proper nutrition and just do not want to part with the best version of yourself - energetic, healthy and happy.