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Do you need gloves for pulling up on the horizontal bar


Boxing gloves, the size of which should be chosen individually, are designed to protect the boxer's hands, as well as mitigate the impact force applied to the opponent. Such protective devices are provided in most types of contact martial arts, which facilitates work with sparring partners and sports equipment. Experienced fighters already know how to choose the right gear. What to do for beginners? Next, we consider the criteria for the selection of gloves and especially their sizes.

general information

To choose the right size boxing gloves will need to understand some of the nuances. Among them:

  • The main functions of the use of equipment.
  • Types of glove material and configurations.
  • Product material and fastener type.

In order not to get lost in this assortment and to choose the optimally suitable "cues", it is necessary to consider their purpose. Roughly speaking, emit training, competitive models. Initially, you will need copies of training orientation. They have medium density filler and do not actively affect the face or other parts of the opponent. The initial option is best to choose from the average price category. First, cheap samples wear out quickly. You can not understand how they suit you. Secondly, in high-quality gloves, hands do not sweat, which allows you to more confidently control the fight and concentrate as much as possible on the training process.


Boxing gloves, the size of which suits you best, are not yet high-quality products. Good models let the air through, prolonging the effectiveness of training over time. For sparring and preparatory classes are best suited products from complex materials, which include the outer part of the skin and the internal equipment of high quality leatherette.

Before choosing the size of boxing gloves for children, it is necessary to determine the type of attachment. In this case, the best option will be Velcro, since the lacing does not allow you to remove and put on the ammunition yourself.

At the stage of training also use slug counterparts. They are not so named because they are designed to work on the projectile (“pear”, heavy bag, side cue ball). These products are characterized by the presence of a dense filling and a small mass. It is worth noting that the projectiles and training options are not interchangeable. The training option will simply not withstand the stresses from interacting with projectiles, it is quickly deformed and will become unusable. Meanwhile, the use of slug type gloves in sparring is fraught with a high degree of injury.

Boxing gloves size: table

Many novice athletes are trying to figure out the size grid of boxing gloves. It turns out that the considered devices are selected mainly by age and weight of the user. Glove calibration is done by weight in ounces. One such unit is equivalent to 28.35 grams. The indicator is denoted by the abbreviation OZ.

Men over 16 are not allowed to workout with gloves weighing less than 12 ounces. The minimum weight increases with the weight of the athlete. Such a relationship is far from accidental. First, heavy gloves prevent opponents from inflicting excessive blows. Secondly, due to the larger volume of training models, they enable more reliable protection. Boxing gloves are used in competitions, the size of which is optimally adjusted to the arm of a boxer. This allows you to achieve a significant increase in terms of speed and maneuverability during strikes and blocks.

The table below will allow you to more accurately determine the specified parameters.

What to choose

When performing exercises with normal or reverse grip, hands can slide on the crossbar, which threatens to drop an athlete from a horizontal bar, and this is not always safe despite the small height of the simulator.

To avoid any sign of slipping, you should use special gloves for the horizontal bar.

They will help you more confidently perform tricks, including ordinary pull-ups, and in addition they eliminate the appearance of bleeding calluses on your hands.

Some turnstile men argue that these devices on the hands only interfere with the normal performance of the exercises, because they lose the feeling of contact with the crossbar, there is no proper tenacity, the point of application of force shifts.

However, such a statement is relevant only if the athlete buys or makes a protective product of the wrong size. For a better hold, you can use open gloves - fingerless gloves for the horizontal bar, protecting only the palm of the person involved.

Thanks to samples of this type, it is possible to concentrate on the observance of the pull-up technique.

In addition, sweaty palms without gloves can also cause slippage from the crossbar, however, if gloves are stretched on the athlete’s hands, sweat will be absorbed by them and will not cause a fall from the simulator (especially when performing complex elements of gymnastics, such as “sun”) .

So, we found out that be that as it may, but it is necessary to protect hands on the horizontal bar during intensive training.

The only question is: which gloves are better for the horizontal bar?

Let's start with the simplest:

Cotton construction

They are made either entirely rubberized, or rubberized on one side only, sometimes they are “decorated” with pimples for better adhesion of the hand to the object being grasped. The cost of such products is super democratic, within 10-15 rubles.

And although this option provides a safe slip of hands on the crossbar, however, their lifespan is short. A few hours of classes - and this part of clothes for hands is wiped down to holes and requires quick replacement, since such things are not burdensome for the budget.


From the palm side, these gloves for practicing on the bar are leather, the back side is made of an open type for better ventilation, in addition, the fingers are cut off. The skin coating on them is quite thin, and therefore with an active training process they are prepared for a similar fate, as well as for cotton gloves.

The difference is only in life expectancy. The quality of cycling is higher, and therefore they can last a whole season, or even a half. Their cost ranges from two hundred rubles to a thousand or two. For the same price you can find a better option.

What is the use of them?

  • Protective function. First of all, it is a good protection of the skin of your palms from all sorts of scratches and corns, which, one way or another, arise from constant contact with the fingerboard or dumbbells. Most often, this moment, of course, worries the female audience of athletes who wear light gloves, even for fitness, but corns are not the best decoration for men's hands.
  • Efficiency. Thanks to the soft pads that are on the fingers of the gloves, the adhesion to the metal improves, and the pressure on the hands decreases, which makes the athlete less tiring.
  • Hygiene. Being engaged in a public gym, you can never be sure of its exceptional purity, before you for the same dumbbells were taken by different people, leaving different bacteria on the equipment. Gloves, in this sense, are a good barrier against skin infections.
  • Security. Among other things, good gloves are designed in such a way that with different grip and exercise, allow the hands to be in a natural position, thereby preventing various stretches and problems with the wrists.

What are gloves for practice?

First of all, they are divided into female and male. Female models are small in size, as well as bright colors, which are more to the taste of the fair sex. In addition, unlike male models, they usually lack wrist fixation, otherwise they are very similar.

The material from which gloves are made for fitness, mainly polyester, neoprene or leather, in addition, they must be equipped with a special perforated fabric or mesh, which will ensure air circulation, and hands will not sweat much.

The material on the palms is different from the rest of the increased coefficient of friction, so that dumbbells and other sports equipment practically does not slide during training. Models for bodybuilding and fitness are sewn according to a special cut: their fingers are cut off, which increases the comfort of their use.

There are variants of gloves, which are equipped with special clamps, allowing you to perform more complex exercises without unnecessary injury to the limbs. There are even models with weighting, which add weight during training, but at the same time, remain comfortable for an athlete.

How to choose a model for yourself?

What characteristics should have good gloves and how to choose the perfect pair for yourself? Much depends on the goals, as well as on the level and professionalism of the athlete.

Naturally, it is very important that they fit in a cut and size: for this, they must be tried on, dumbbells or something similar must be picked up in order to fully feel comfort or lack thereof. For enhanced workouts with a serious weight you need to pick up gloves from durable materials, as well as equipped with special straps for fixing your wrists.

If you are just starting out in a gym or attending a fitness workout, then perhaps you need ordinary leather gloves without fingers, which simply protect your hands from corns and bacteria. For strength training, it is better to purchase models with soft pads on the fingers and perforations for sweat removal.

But for professional bodybuilders the best solution will be the most expensive and high-quality gloves, as a rule, made with the latest technology and providing the best wrist fixation.

Criteria for choosing gear gloves - practical advice

Today, hundreds of models produced gear gloves. Of course, they all differ in design, but this, as you understand, is only the tip of the iceberg. Although the aesthetic side of the issue also should not be forgotten, because it is very important - that the fighter liked his equipment. However, answering the question of how to choose shell gloves, we offer a number of criteria, having determined which, you will understand exactly what equipment you need:

  1. Boxing gloves for boxing are different from MMA gloves for gloves, it is obvious, based on the rules and restrictions of a particular type of martial arts.
  2. Choose the easiest gloves, because the less you get tired - the longer and, as a result, your training will be more effective.
  3. As in the case of any sports equipment, the main criterion is the size, the hand should be clearly fixed in the glove, but do not forget about the need for a slight play for bandages.
  4. Pay attention to the material of manufacture - shell gloves are subjected to enormous loads, and if you do not want to throw them away after two or three workouts, then they should be made of durable materials (the best option is genuine leather).


Such sports gloves for a horizontal bar are similar to cycling ones (first of all, with cut fingers), but unlike the latter - with a denser leather covering on the palms. The back side is reticulated or even cut out. This type of hand guards from corns costs from 300 to 800 rubles. Suitable for work in the hall, but not very suitable for street competitions.

Winter wool

Fingers in these gloves are not cut off, leather elements are missing, the entire surface is made of wool. Such devices are convenient for gripping the crossbar palms, glide along it in moderation, but at the same time wear out very soon.

But nothing better is not invented to practice on the bar in the icy season. Winter gloves for the horizontal bar will pull in the amount of 200 rubles to 2000.

Under the brand WORKOUT

The average cost is about or over a thousand rubles. They are specially designed for occupations on horizontal bars or parallel bars in the yard. The inside is covered with suede for a better slip of the hand along the crossbar and long abrasion.

No corns in such samples are terrible, it is allowed to perform exercises of any complexity. Even with the excessive activity of the gymnast WORKOUT will last for six months and longer!

Few people know what the gloves are called for the bar: someone calls them mitts because of the cut fingers, someone thinks they are called workout.

Be that as it may, some experienced bartenders declare with full responsibility:

WORKOUT - this is the best that they had to use to protect the hands on the bar!

Special sports gloves for training on the bar in the winter and summer at an affordable price, you can see on the site workoutshop.ru. There are models with and without fingers.

Children's gloves for the horizontal bar

For children, it is often impossible to find good horizontal bar gloves in the store. Everything is explained by the fact that children rarely practice on the crossbar on such a serious level that they need gloves.

Usually, interest in a horizontal bar wakes up in adolescence, when gloves are picked up for a young athlete as an adult.

To ensure a safe mode of practice, gloves are used for the horizontal bar with straps, even if the hand gets stuck, weakens, slips off - the athlete will not break the crossbar. It is best for the kids fit gloves lining with an open outside of the palm and neoprene coating from the inside.

With such linings it is possible to achieve absolute adhesion to the surface to be grasped. In this case, the hand does not slide at all, and the palm is perfectly ventilated. These pads are universal in size.

In addition, gloves for the horizontal bar with hooks can be useful for reliable engagement on the crossbar. They are wristbands with curved leather strips and in combination with metal hooks that can withstand a weight over a centner. Hooks help loosen the load on the forearms, and in this case the hands will be less tired.

If the purchased gloves seem too expensive for you (for example, pads cost a thousand rubles), then you can try to do the gloves for the horizontal bar with your own hands. It is economical, and gives some old things a “second” life.

If you are going to continue to work hard to improve your physique, continue to study, study materials on the desired topic and apply the information in practice. Believe in yourself and never stop there.

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Why do we need gloves for fitness

Do you need seals in the gym, each athlete decides for himself. There are several reasons for this, which speak in favor of their use:

  • Most men's models of gloves are completed with overlays on palms and fingers. They improve the grip and level up the feeling of discomfort from its pressure on the palm when working with large weights,
  • Gloves protect the skin of the palms. Scratches, abrasions or corns appear on them from constant contact with the metal. This is not critical for all men, but important for women
  • Many athletes who train in the gym are familiar with problems with wrist joints. They can be a limitation with increasing weights during training. Gloves made with a special technology allow the brush to remain in its natural position and not be injured,
  • Such accessories increase the safety of occupations. It is no secret that during training the hands sweat, and this can lead to them slipping from the simulator or barbell. Gloves reduce the risk of such situations and injury to a minimum,
  • In the gyms, as a rule, a large number of people. As a result, pathogenic bacteria accumulate in sports equipment. Gloves help to avoid skin infections.

Existing types of gloves

Gloves for fitness are primarily divided into men's and women's. Women have smaller sizes and quite often bright coloring. Men prefer athletic gloves with a retainer for wrist and overlays. These accessories are made of neoprene, polyester or leather. To drain moisture and improve air circulation, they are supplied with a mesh or perforated.

When practicing bodybuilding or fitness, gloves with trimmed fingers are used. Models with a lock for the wrist will be needed when working with large weights or performing exercises with a narrow grip. In this case, the clamps can be rigid or tensile. Separately, you should select gloves with weighting. Такие выпускает, например, Adidas. Средний вес грузов составляет ориентировочно 0,5 кг. Для удобства использования они могут быть съемными.

На что обращать внимание при выборе перчаток для фитнеса

Чтобы понять, какие перчатки нужны для тренажерного зала, you should pay attention to some points when choosing them:

  • It is desirable that the material of the products contributed to their good adhesion to the metal. The best option is leather or neoprene,
  • When working with a large weight gloves should tightly fix the wrist. This will help avoid injuries
  • In order for gloves not to cause inconvenience during training, they must be optimal in size and tight-fitting hands,
  • Preferably the presence of perforations on the back of the products,
  • Completion of gloves with internal linings is desirable. They increase the strength of such accessories and reduce the feeling of discomfort.

The last thing you should pay attention to is design. However, to get the most out of your workouts, you really should like gloves.