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How to restore the color of clothes at home?


Beautiful multi-colored dresses, sweaters, pants, skirts are a real paradise for the inveterate fashionista, but to care for a motley set of clothes is not so easy as we would like.

Surely, almost every housewife, at least once faced with the problem of faded clothes, in particular, things made of synthetic fabrics that contain various patterns or patterns are subject to this phenomenon.

Another problem is the washing away of color, many have also come across it: how sad it is when a favorite thing loses its former brightness and beauty, turning into a dim and unattractive rag.

Why does this happen?

It is especially offensive when the thing cost a lot of money and, according to the manufacturer, was made from high-quality and expensive fabrics. What is the matter? Most likely, unsuitable care products were used or the wash temperature was set incorrectly, so every time you read the labels on the clothes carefully.

In general, it is already meaningless to deal with the causes of an unpleasant result, except to get a useful lesson for the future, it is much more important to figure out how to restore the lost color of clothes after the next wash.

In fact, there are many ways that help prevent such incidents, and if something like this happened, you can try to reanimate your favorite thing, the main thing is not to rush to give up.

Method number 1. Another wash

In fact, sometimes such a simple way turns out to be very effective: faded things quickly return their original color, getting rid of the resulting dirty-colored spots.

It is necessary to do the second washing for the spoiled thing, having set the temperature in the region from 40 ° to 60 °, but the powder needs to be added by half more than you usually use. If necessary, re-washing can be carried out again.

Method number 2. Dry cleaning

Another simple and effective method is to contact specialists. In dry cleaners, with the help of special equipment and more powerful industrial tools, they return color and former gloss to even the most hopeless things.

However, it is necessary to contact the specialists as soon as possible, because the more time it lays, the less chance there is of a positive outcome for the restoration of the lost color.

Method number 3. Ammonia

One of the most popular methods, which allows you to achieve the return of the former color of the product, if it was spoiled again after unsuccessful washing with other colored things. To do this, you need to take a large container, for example, a 6 or 8-millimeter saucepan, add water to it and add ammonia (from a proportion of 1 liter of water - 20 ml of alcohol).

We put the spoiled clothes into water and gradually begin to warm up until the moment when the water with ammonia begins to boil, after which we turn off the gas. If the result of this “boiling” is not completely perfect, a similar procedure can be carried out only 2 times. If you are zealous, then the thing can be ruined irrevocably.

Method number 4. Return the color to black things.

Another problem of clothing is washing out the color. Especially sad look black things that have lost the depth of shade and took the unpleasant white stains. What to do? In the last stage of washing, you can add half a teaspoon of table salt to water.

In addition, instead of salt, you can use a very strong tincture of leaf tobacco: to do this, 20 g of tobacco is brewed per liter of water, which must be infused for 30 minutes.

After that, it is enough to rinse and dry the clothes. By the way, on the same principle, you can use a decoction based on the peel of green nuts, however, it is more suitable for restoring brown things.

Method number 5. Restore color underwear

To improve the color of various fabrics, they need to be washed with various additives: for example, to restore red and blue things, it is enough to add a spoonful of baking soda to water for rinsing (per 1 liter). For beige and cream fabrics, tea brewing solution is suitable, and for blue and red things - vinegar.

Method number 6. Dyes

If the above options do not help, and the thing you do not want to throw away, then you can try to restore its color with the help of special dyes, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

True, to get the shade that was before, it will be difficult, but possible. Instructions for painting are usually indicated on the dye package, it is better to add salt in the process, and vinegar during rinsing so that the color is fixed.

General recommendations

As a rule, on each new thing there is a label on which it is written how to wash the thing (suitable water temperature, whether it can be washed and wrung out in a washing machine, etc.). Compliance with these instructions will allow you to maintain the beautiful appearance of the product for a long time.

Before washing things should be divided by color. In no case can not wash the contrasting products together - some of the things can shed and spoil all the clothes.

Do not forget that you need to properly dispense suitable detergents. For colored products, powders with color marking are usually used. Such an inscription indicates that this detergent is suitable for colored items.

Any things must be thoroughly rinsed, especially for colored and dark fabrics. To do this, in modern washing machines there is a function of additional rinsing.

However, even with such recommendations, favorite clothes often lose their former color brightness. This can contribute to:

  • Numerous washings and friction of fabrics.
  • Exposure to sunlight.
  • Long storage in the closet.

What will help to return the faded shade

After repeated or not entirely successful washes, you can return the lost color depth and gloss with the help of the following ingredients:

• unshelled nutshells,

• black tea brewing

• coarse salt,

Knowing how to restore the color of clothes with proper use of these components, you can achieve a stunning effect.


The use of this substance is one of the most reliable and proven ways to restore a presentable type of clothing. It is usually diluted at the rate of 20 ml per 1 liter of water. Faded wool or cotton items are placed in this solution at room temperature and left for 15 minutes.

If the product needs to be bleached, then add a little bleach to the solution. To achieve the crystal whiteness of things they are boiled in such a mixture for 30-40 minutes. However, products can be boiled if their labels have no restrictions on the water temperature during washing.

Using tobacco helps to restore the gloss of dark shades. First, a special solution of tobacco is prepared at the rate of 20 grams per 1.5 liters of water. The resulting mixture should be infused for half an hour. Then, with a brush or towel, the prepared solution is evenly distributed over the fabric that has lost its color.

Onion Husk

How to restore the color of clothes using onion peel, our forefathers knew. This effective method is perfect for brown and green clothes. To obtain the necessary remedy, it is necessary to boil ordinary onion peel in water for a long time. The result is a strong solution that will give faded and faded materials golden brown or greenish hues.

However, before this, on a small piece of fabric from the wrong side, you need to check whether the tone does not change. The required color can be obtained by changing the concentration of the onion solution.

Starch - excellent stain remover

How to restore the color of clothes after washing with unsuitable color things? Here starch comes to the rescue. Immediately after detecting the stains, the affected clothing is treated with a mixture of starch, citric acid, salt and soap shavings, taken in equal amounts, and left overnight. Then things need to be washed and rinsed thoroughly in warm water.

The joy of your favorite shades

How to restore the color of clothes at home, remember our mothers and grandmothers very well. Washing and soaking with bleaching agents is an effective way to restore and preserve white things. And still help refresh the whiteness of hydrogen peroxide or a weak solution of potassium permanganate. The use of ordinary soap also contributes to the preservation of purity and freshness.

It has long been to restore terracotta, cream and beige shades of the product rinsed for several minutes in a weak tea solution. This method is successfully applied to refreshing the color of nylon stockings - the shade becomes deeper and more saturated.

Pink, peach colors and decorative threads

During the rinsing of such delicate flowers in water it is necessary to add a couple of tablespoons of ammonia. Clothes, embroidered with decorative threads, should be soaked in warm salted water for a short time before washing. To obtain the optimal concentration of the solution, you must use two teaspoons of coarse salt per liter of liquid. After that, the product is washed in soapy water and rinsed thoroughly. Once the thing is completely dry, it is carefully ironed from the wrong side.

Let black remain black

Products of black or dark colors are very practical for everyday wear. However, numerous washings affect them negatively - these shades fade a little and lose their former luster.

Preserve and restore the black color of clothes at home will help the welding of black tea or tobacco solution. A little refresh and return the depth of color will help rinse in salt water. Products of dark colors can be tinted with special products sold in hardware stores. This method will perfectly help to even out the color, if things are wiped out in places.

How to restore the blue color of clothes

Refresh and slightly restore the red and blue colors in the clothes will help rinse with regular vinegar or baking soda. Soda can be added during the washing of blue things: just one dessert spoon per liter of water contributes to the return of the presentation of clothing. The fact is that organic acids in small quantities contribute to the strengthening of any bright hue and preserve the fresh look of products for a long time.

Many people advise the use of ammonia, diluted in warm water. Placed in such a solution, blue and blue products in just a couple of hours will acquire the lost brightness.

How to restore the color of clothing, sun-bleached?

The use of special dyes for fabric will help to restore the color of the clothes faded in the sun When using such tools, it is necessary to strictly follow the enclosed instructions. Sometimes, in order to return the damaged item to the lost shade, it is enough to wash it with other things of the same color.

How to freshen colored clothes?

Unfortunately, bright clothes, even the most expensive and high-quality, lose their color over time due to washings. Once such bright red, blue, pink, green colors become faded and dull. As a result of washing, almost all clothes fade, and even white fabric may turn yellow. Many do not know how to restore the color of clothes, and meanwhile, make it very simple. Chemical and folk remedies will help to return the color and brightness to your things.

The white color faded in the sun for a long time can be made snow-white again, and the faded black faded will again become coal-like.


In general, dry cleaning is the fastest and most reliable way to return the brightness of colors to any faded thing from absolutely any fabric. Modern dry cleaners are equipped with equipment and have in their arsenal strong chemicals that can bring back the novelty and brightness of colors even to a much faded, not new thing. But there are dry cleaning services are expensive, and therefore many hostesses prefer to act by other methods.

Today on the shelves in the shops you can see a huge amount of stain removers and detergents, the labels of which promise to return the former brightness of colors and color to clothes in just one application.

If you decide to buy such a tool, then read the label carefully - the composition can be intended only for white or vice versa - only for black clothes, for colored things, wool or silk.

Magic solution

A simple way how to return color to things is to prepare a solution that is very effective in its composition. In a basin of cool water should be dissolved in a large spoon:

  • regular table salt,
  • potato starch,
  • citric acid
  • household, white soap. Soap is better to knife.

In the solution should be lowered faded clothes and leave for 12 hours. After this, things should be washed in the usual way - they will become bright again.

Peroxide can also be used to restore color. Need half of the bottle diluted in cool water with detergent. In this solution, spoiled things need to hold three hours, three o'clockand then wash in the usual way.

This method will help to make the faded color black again bright. The method is very simple - before washing the thing should be dipped in a basin with cool water, to which two tablespoons of vinegar are added. Keep clothes in vinegar should be no more than 20 minutes. After that, the item is washed, and after washing it is rinsed again in a solution of vinegar.

Home remedies

But there are home remedies that will help restore the brightness of the color of wool and silk. For example, dark things can be refreshed with tobacco solution. To do this, take tobacco from 3 cigarettes and insist in half a liter of water. Thing is stretched, dried and then thoroughly.

rubbed with a towel dipped in tobacco solution.

Folk remedies

If your coat is of a dark color, then a walnut shell will help to refresh the colors of coarse cloth. 30 grams of shell should be boiled in a liter of water for 15-20 minutes, and then poured into the basin and immersed in the coat solution for 30 minutes. Paints "come to life" after the first rinse.

Another paltovuyu fabric will help refresh tea brewing. Prepare a strong brew, dilute it with cool water and immerse the coat in the solution. The stronger the brewing, the more noticeable the effect of coloring.

How to erase multi-colored things?

But, if you care about your colored things, they will delight you for a long time.

brightness and saturation of tones. How to properly wash such clothes?

  • Read labels carefully - never wash clothes in high temperature water.
  • White and dark things, and there are more black, it is necessary to wash separately.
  • Always more shedding cheaper things from synthetic fabrics. Natural fabrics are safer.
  • Completely new clothes should be washed separately from old ones. So you keep its novelty longer.
  • To fix the paint, you should soak the clothes in a solution of table salt before washing - so the thing will not fade.

Restore black clothes

The restorer of the color of black things is a salt solution with a few drops of special paint for fabrics or ordinary ink for black letters. After washing the clothes rinse in this solution. Supports the novelty of black fabric solution of tobacco, which is prepared at the rate of 5 grams per 1 liter of water. Clothing that is difficult to rinse or not recommended to wet, for example, some top, can be processed with a brush dipped in this solution. The ink of a different color is used for things of a corresponding shade.

To restore clothes that have burned out in the sun, special dyes for fabrics are used, sold in household chemicals stores. On each package written detailed instructions on the application of the dye composition. You must carefully select the exact dose of the composition to get into the original shade of the product. A very interesting way to restore brightness is to wash faded clothes with molting things of the same shade.

Restore white color

The easiest and most effective way to restore the whiteness of the fabric is bleaching. Many chemical agents adversely affect the fibers of the material.

The most effective way is soaking in whiteness. Before use, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with tags on clothes, some fabrics are strictly forbidden to bleach.

At home, the reducing color of the fabric of white color is acetic acid. Things before washing are recommended to be soaked in 2 liters of water with the addition of 1 tbsp. vinegar, to enhance the effect, it is recommended to add a pinch of salt. A solution of soda and ammonia is suitable for soaking clothes. Periodically they must be mixed. Four hours is enough for the fabric to turn white again. Hydrogen peroxide is also excellent for washing white things, while after drying in direct sunlight the fabric will be very white.

To bleach white items from wool or silk, it is required to choose oxygen bleach, since it will not affect the structure of the material and the product will not lose its shape. Хлор испортит одежду из нежных тканей.

И немного о секретах

При обнаружении перекрашивания вещей после стирки, если технология сортировки была нарушена, требуется постирать их вновь пока они мокрые, но отдельно, чтобы краска не успела высохнуть и закрепиться на волокнах.

Using any color reducer, you must protect your hands with gloves.

Too hard to repair can damage the structure of the fabric and spoil the product. In some cases, unfortunately, it is impossible to return the original appearance to clothes.

How to restore brown / beige color at home

If a thing that has lost its previous colors, previously had a brown or beige color, you should turn to ordinary tea brewing. This inexpensive and more than affordable tool will quickly bring back the old shades of faded clothes. One has only to brew tea, and then soak things in it.

And it is possible to get an even brighter, more saturated color, if you make strong tea leaves. A few hours is enough to see the result.

Another method involves the use of walnut peel. In this case, the nut should be still green, just starting to crack. Broth from its peel is effective for returning the same color of things. But do not forget that in this case the result may be a bit unpredictable. Before soaking, it is better to check the decoction in an inconspicuous area of ​​clothing (for example, on the wrong side). It is necessary to use broth in case of coincidence of shades.

How can I restore green color

What if a shedding green thing? In this case, alum will help. These whitish pebbles are sold in almost every pharmacy. Their price is quite affordable, so anyone can buy alum. How to restore the color of clothes at home with alum? You need to add these pebbles in warm water, and then put there faded clothes. After a few hours you can look at the result. This method is considered quite effective.

How to restore things in black

Black things often fade, becoming dark gray. Then they can be washed in the usual way, but with the addition of a small amount of salt and special ink (ink), which is used for drawing and writing.

That's all simple secrets how to restore the color of clothes at home. And how do you restore colors from clothes? Got your family tricks? Leave feedback on the forum or read the responses of other visitors.