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Gommage for face and body - what it is, how to use, how it works, what means to choose


The human body is a unique and perfect system that is equipped with many useful functions of self-defense and self-control. Unfortunately, the negative impact of the environment adversely affects our health and appearance, many functions weaken and slow down, including self-cleaning and skin renewal.

Every day, thousands of microparticles of dust, dirt and other pollutants that clog our pores are deposited on the skin, the surface of the epidermis thickens and becomes dull, unhealthy. Also, the natural process of self-purification is influenced by such negative factors as stress, unhealthy diet, overwork, ecology and many others, from which it is not so easy to get rid of!

As a result, dull, painful and weakened skin of the face or body, on which earlier than it should be, wrinkles, pigmentation spots and other age-related changes occur. But there is no need to despair ahead of time, because we can help our skin to recover and rejuvenate, for this purpose it is enough to carry out peeling procedures regularly, and gommage is one of them. What it is?

Perhaps this is a completely new word for you, which is not surprising, because, as a way or means of cleansing the skin, it appeared in our country not so long ago, however, it already managed to acquire an army of fans.

The word “gommage” originates from the French “gomme”, which means “eraser,” and indeed, if you try this tool on yourself, then make sure that the textures are similar: a sticky and elastic film covers the skin, collecting dead skin cells under it.

Beneficial features

If you feel that not a single modern gel for washing can cope with cleansing your face, and all sorts of scrubs only injure, scratch and irritate sensitive skin, then it's time to learn about the innovative discovery of cosmetologists and gommazh.

Such agents have a number of important advantages over other cleansing agents: despite the fact that gommage works on the principle of the same scrub, you will not find solid traumatic particles in it that can easily injure the delicate surface of the epidermis.

In fact, the peeling gommazh in the original version was created for too sensitive, delicate and thin skin of the face or body, but this does not mean that women with another type cannot indulge themselves with such a highly effective means.

Due to what is a gentle cleansing? The composition of such funds always includes chemically active substances, the so-called fruit acids, which cover dead cells with their layer and dissolve them, thereby eliminating the upper surface of the epidermis.

Such an effect is much softer and more delicate, but due to additional components, such as chamomile, aloe, licorice, ginseng or other cosmetic components, the skin is also moisturized, nourished and saturated with vitamins.

Such a number of real advantages of this tool make it truly unique, and therefore each woman must not only know about its existence, but also regularly use it for the beauty of her own body.

Which to choose?

Practically in every famous cosmetic brand you can find similar skin care products, they may contain special components or vary in volume, but the principle of action remains the same.

In principle, as we have said, gommage was created for cleansing delicate and sensitive skin of the face, and therefore there is no need to select it for your own type, in fact, any option is suitable, only you will need to use it differently.

If you are the owner of oily or combination skin, then the procedure can be carried out 2-3 times a week, for ladies with a dry and normal type, it is recommended to use gommage no more than 1-2 times a week.

How to use?

As before any other procedure at home, those areas of the skin to which you intend to apply gommage should be steamed: it is better to take a hot bath or use steam baths on herbs.

If you have thin and very sensitive skin, then it is better to skip the process with herbs. And all the rest is only an additional therapy for rejuvenation, which will increase the effectiveness of gommage, usually calendula or pharmacy chamomile is suitable for baths.

Then we apply the remedy itself - it should have a soft, watery and uniform structure, with massage movements we move from top to bottom. It is better to apply gommage with your hands in order to simultaneously massage the top layer of skin, after which we give it 10-15 minutes to rest. The eye area should be closed with cucumber slices or cotton swabs dipped in herbs.

When you feel that the product has dried (the face will begin to tighten), then the resulting film must be “rolled up” with your fingertips, while holding the skin with your other hand to avoid stretching it. After the film is completely gone, wash your face with warm water and apply a nourishing mask or cream.

It is possible to apply gommage not only on the face, but also on the neck, decollete and hands. By the way, peeling-homer can be prepared with your own hands: for dry and delicate skin, you can use orange zest and oatmeal as ingredients, which must be ground in a blender.

Then add a little semolina and water to the resulting mass in order to achieve the consistency of the porridge. For oily skin, you can use dry cream and rice flour, taken in equal proportions, and then mix with the same amount of barley flour. The principle of use remains the same as for professional tools.

Gommazh - what is it, pros and cons

Unlike a scrub, gommage does not incorporate large, hard, abrasive particles, so its effect on the skin is gentle, but no less effective. Outwardly and in sensation during use, the gommage resembles a mask film, which, after drying on the skin, should be rolled up.

But the result from the use of these two tools varies significantly.

Gommazh - a natural remedy, which includes extracts and extracts of fruits, as well as acids and oils. The action of active substances is expressed in the dissolution of dead cells of the epidermis and pollution. Without mechanical action, everything superfluous is removed from the dermis, the regeneration process takes place and the skin condition improves.

Gommazh for the face - what it is and how it is used for the face, body, hands and feet, it is necessary to check with cosmetologists.

The procedure has almost no drawbacks, except for the possible individual intolerance. Therefore, it is so important to test for an allergic reaction before using the product.

If we talk about the pros, the use of the tool allows you to:

  • perform a delicate deep cleaning of the skin,
  • care for any skin type,
  • noticeably narrow pores,
  • to establish a metabolism at the cellular level,
  • normalize the sebaceous glands,
  • eliminate inflammation on the skin.

Means of this group can be used in daily skin care, which is an undoubted advantage for owners of the combined and oily types of dermis. In addition to the above, gommage has a positive effect on skin tone, making it more elastic, and fights signs of age-related changes.

Facial gommage

We can say that gommage for the face is such a gentle peeling that, without unpleasant consequences, allows you to renew the skin, make it soft and smooth. The great advantage of using gommage in skin care is ego efficiency, which is difficult to compare with something.

Unlike scrub and gels, the soft composition does not injure the delicate dermis.It deeply cleanses and tones. Initially, gommage was created for sensitive skin, care for which should be special, but the tool turned out to be so popular that manufacturers had to take care of the development of a series for women of all skin types.

With regard to the frequency of use, experts advise the use of gommage, focusing on your skin type. For the combined and fat, the best option would be 2-3 times a week, owners of sensitive and dry dermis should be limited to 1-2 treatments in 7 days.

Body gommage

A full care is needed not only the skin of the face, but the whole body, and gommage able to provide it. In principle, the tool for the face and body does not have dramatic differences in composition, except that the bottle with such a tool is larger.

On sale it is quite often possible to see a certain direction gommage:

  • to give tone,
  • to fight cellulite
  • to eliminate stretch marks, etc.

The effectiveness of such funds is due to specially developed formulations that include active substances. Therefore, when choosing gommage for the body - this is one of the factors that must be considered.

The skin of the body, like on the face, can be dry, oily, sensitive and combined. A conscientious manufacturer will definitely indicate on the package who exactly is suitable for his product, we should not forget about this either.

Foot gommage

Unlike gommage for face and body, foot cleaner has a rougher texture with abrasive particles. This is justified, because often, in order to bring the heels in perfect condition, “light artillery” is not enough.

Quality gommage for legs helps to solve many pressing problems, such as:

  • corns,
  • the natties
  • rough skin
  • unpleasant smell
  • cracks
  • dryness.

To ensure that the effectiveness of the product was higher, manufacturers advise the use of a line of products, which usually, apart from gommage, include sprays, creams and lotions. This will ensure the legs full care and extend the result for a long time.

Hand gommage

A great advantage of the hand remedies is that the result is achieved with minimal time costs. All care is to apply a small amount of clean hands and rub for 5 minutes. Gommazh will begin to roll, and its particles will fly off, leaving behind a gentle and well-groomed skin.

It is unnecessary to wash it away - it absorbs itself and does not create a feeling of stickiness. As in the case of other drugs, gommage for hands should be selected individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the skin.

Gommage for hair and scalp

According to manufacturers, this tool is ideal for owners of sensitive skin of the head, as well as those who have dandruff. The mild effect of the product allows you to effectively cleanse the scalp, eliminate flakes of horny cells, which manifest as dandruff, and normalize the function of the sebaceous glands, which allows the hair to remain clean longer.

Opinions on the effectiveness of gommazh in the scalp radically different, so it will have to use at your own risk. Most women complain that after using it, their hair began to fall heavily. However, do not exclude the possibility of an allergic reaction.

Features of the use of gommage

Now about how to use gommage for the face.

What is already known, but for better results, you need to know about some of the nuances of using the tool:

  • Before the procedure, it is imperative to test for allergies, causing a little of the drug on the area behind the ear.
  • Before applying the composition you need to thoroughly steam the skin over the sauna for the face or with the help of a hot towel.
  • Do not apply it to the area around the eyes.
  • It is best to plan the procedure for the evening, since at its end it is not recommended to go out. After gommage, the skin remains sensitive to the sun and wind for several hours.
  • If there are inflammation, redness and acne on the skin, then it is better to remove the gommage by flushing, rather than rolling.

Once the skin is prepared, you can proceed to the procedure, which is performed in several stages:

  1. Distribute the gommage on the face, neck and décolleté with gentle movements. When applying it is better to follow the direction of the massage lines so as not to stretch the skin.
  2. Leave the base on the skin for 2-3 minutes to form a crust on the surface.
  3. Gently massage the skin to the composition began to slide. The procedure takes place until such time as the entire mask does not come down.
  4. Complete the procedure to wash and apply a nourishing cream.

If unpleasant sensations appeared in the process of rolling the gommage, you just need to wash the product off your face.

Gommage oxygen balance for Faberlik's face (Air stream, Verbena)

To suit:

  • Age: 20+.
  • Skin type: combined, oily.

The budget version of the mask gommage, which perfectly cleans, gives the skin smoothness, normalizes the sebaceous glands. The herbal composition of the mask includes an extract of fireweed and deep-water algae, which is perfectly combined with a fat and combined type of dermis.

Peeling gommage Christina (Сhristina) with vitamin E

To suit:

  • Age: 12+.
  • Skin type: sensitive, problem, normal, dry.

Provides a mild exfoliating effect, contributes to the smoothing of the skin relief.

Under the influence of active ingredients, including squalane, essential oils, algae, vitamins A, E and C, improves metabolic processes, increases the elasticity of the dermis.

With regular use, the pigment spots become less noticeable, which is explained by the slight lightening effect of gommage.

Gommage Propeller from black dots

To suit:

  • Age: 14+
  • Skin type: oily, problem.

Gommage from the popular brand is aimed at combating skin imperfections such as black spots, enlarged pores, and acne. The high efficiency of the product is due to the presence of soft peeling components and activated carbon.

The innovative ANTI-SEBUM acids quickly penetrate the sebaceous ducts and normalize their activity, which allows the skin to remain clean and matte for a long time.

Uriage (Uriage) integral gommage

To suit:

  • Age: 18+.
  • Skin type: sensitive.

Soft option gommage for face and body. Thanks to the exfoliating ingredients and fruit acids perfectly smooths and smoothes the skin's relief.

Vitamin C and E inhibit the oxidation processes in the skin, organize a protective barrier and stimulate cellular renewal. In addition to high-quality cleansing, griage from Uriage is ideal for preparing the skin for the procedure of hair removal.

Scrub Clinics gommage

To suit:

  • Age: 18+.
  • Skin type: problematic sensitive.

Exfoliating Scrub Scrub is based on water with menthol, which gives a feeling of freshness and coolness. Clinique's gommage brightens the dermis, improves blood circulation, prepares the skin for makeup. Gentle granules gently cleanse the skin and do not damage it. It is better not to apply the product to inflamed acne.

Delicate gommage with phytoenzymes Cora

To suit:

Delicate version of gommage for gentle superficial skin cleansing. Suitable for care at any time of the year, goes well with all skin types. The great advantage of gommage from KORA is that it can be used for rosacea. Literally after the first procedure, the skin becomes soft, renewed, and its color evens out.

Vegetable gommage Yves Rocher Radiance Freshness

To suit:

92% Gommazh from Willows Roshe consists of organic components that gently cleanse the skin and take care of it. The tool has a pleasant aroma and delicate light texture. Gommage granules gently peel off the top layer of the skin without damaging it.

Gommage Exfoliant Clarens

To suit:

Gentle exfoliating gommage for the body. The main active ingredient - bamboo powder - gently cleanses the surface layer of the dermis, evens out the relief and provides cellulite prevention. Licorice extract and shea softens the skin and gives a feeling of comfort.

Gommazh face Natura Kamchatka

To suit:

A delicious berry gommage for the face evens out the skin's relief, gently cleanses it and actively fights against the imperfections of the dermis. Natural oils give a feeling of freshness, promote cell renewal, nourish and moisturize the skin, making it more elastic and radiant.

Peeling gommage Kosmotoros

To suit:

Gommage from the French brand KOSMOTEROS provides a gentle but deep cleansing of the skin, activates the regeneration processes. The actions of active ingredients improve the processes of penetration of nutrients with the subsequent use of cosmetically preparations. The unique formula of the composition provides high-quality hydration of the skin, and also stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Gommazh Gerlen

To suit:

Gommage de Beauté aims to awaken the natural brightness of the skin.

Gommazh in a short time noticeably transforms the state of the dermis:

  • evens out complexion
  • improves skin texture
  • eliminates dullness.

Unlike most cleansers of similar effect, Gommage de Beauté does not contain abrasive particles that would traumatize the skin.

The effectiveness of the product is due to the presence in the composition of a number of fruit acids and organic oils, which not only cleanse the skin, but also care for it.

Scrub gommage Planet Organic

To suit:

  • Age: 20+.
  • Тип кожи: комбинированная, проблемная, жирная.

Идеально подходит для ежедневного очищения кожи. Уникальный состав, в который включены 12 минералов Мертвого моря, витамины F и E, не только эффективно устраняет загрязнения с поверхности кожи, но и борется с возрастными изменениями дермы.

Gommage from Planeta Organica accelerates the regeneration processes at the cellular level, has a tonic, healing and pronounced rejuvenating effects. Crushed pistachioles, which perfectly polish the surface of the skin, making it soft and velvety, act as an abrasive substance.

Payot gommage

To suit:

GOMMAGE OR ELIXIR contains golden melting sugar particles and nourishing jojoba oil, which gently cleanses the skin of dead cells and nourishes with valuable substances. After applying gommage, the skin becomes smooth and tender. The unique formula of the product creates a protective barrier on the body that prevents the loss of moisture, leaving a lasting sensation of moisture.

Gommazh Teana

To suit:

  • Age: 18+.
  • Skin type: combined.

This gommage does not contain mechanical particles of scrub, which guarantees a gentle effect on the skin. Without causing irritation, the tool provides deep cleansing of the dermis, restores its elasticity and eliminates signs of wilting.

Bioderma gommage

To suit:

  • Age: 16+.
  • Skin type: combined, oily.

Mechanical removal of dead cells from the surface of the dermis and deep cleansing occurs due to the presence of microspheres in the composition. Under the influence of salicylic and glycolic acids, the activity of the sebaceous glands is normalized, which allows the skin to remain dull for a long time. Regular use of gommage makes pores less noticeable.

Organic Shop (Organic Shop) "Morning Coffee" gommage for the face

To suit:

Delicate fragrant gommage perfectly cleanses the skin and gives it a silky and soft. Coffee powder acts as an abrasive. The gentle effect on the skin allows the use of the Organic Morning Coffee Shop as a daily skin care product. The composition of gommage excludes the presence of parabens, SLS, preservatives, dyes and synthetic fragrances.

The recipe cleansing gommage with oils


  • For all skin types except sensitive. Mix 2 large spoons of crushed mandarin zest with a large spoon of mashed pulp of the same fruit. Add a small spoonful of green clay and a large spoonful of warmed almond oil.
  • For combination skin. In a bowl, mix in a large spoonful of ground coffee and greasy sour cream, a small spoonful of sea salt, half a small spoonful of grape seed oil.
  • For all skin types. Two pears chop in a blender. To cook mashed potatoes, pour 1 large spoonful of olive oil, add 1 yolk and add 0.5 big spoonful of starch. The composition is well mixed.
  • For all skin types. Crush half a cup of red or black currant berries with a fork, add 2 large spoons of honey and olive oil.
  • For all skin types. Grind half a glass of dates thoroughly in a blender. Combine the prepared gruel with the juice of half a lemon and 4 drops of orange oil.

Gommage recipes for different skin types


  • For oily skin. Combine 2 large spoons of barley flour, a large spoonful of dried cream and rice flour. Dilute the mixture with warmed milk to a slurry.
  • For deep cleansing. Mix a large spoonful of sea salt until completely dissolved in 4 large spoons of dissolved honey.
  • For normal skin. Hercules, in the amount of 2 large spoons, chop and mix with the same amount of preheated milk, pour a small spoon of drunk ground coffee.
  • For combination skin. Chop one carrot on a fine grater. To the prepared vegetable pour half a glass of starch and 0.5 tsp of olive oil. Mix everything well.
  • Moisturizing gommage. Combine a large spoonful of oatmeal flour in a bowl, 2 large spoons of semolina and a small spoonful of dried dried orange peel, ground in a coffee grinder. Prepared mixture pour kefir to the formation of gruel.

The above recipes show that making gommage for the face is not as complicated as it may seem initially, and the effectiveness of home cosmetics is not inferior to the store. However, you need to take into account the small shelf life, so you need to prepare the tool only for one use.

To achieve the best result when using gommage, you need to apply it regularly, because after the first time a stunning effect will not be achieved.

Video about hommage to the face

What is gommage and where to use it, find out in the video clip:

Delicate peeling using orange gommage:

What is a gommage mask? What is this cosmetic and how to apply it?

The main task of this mask is erasing and cleaning. It cleans very gently, while not injuring and helps the skin to get rid of dead cells and particles of dirt. Thanks to this procedure, your face will begin to breathe actively, all pores will open on it and the color will noticeably change. Generally, gommage mask is a skin care product. cleansing and exfoliating procedure. If you compare it with an ordinary scrub, then it has a special sensitivity and delicacy.

The upper layers of the skin are exfoliated not by the mechanical action of solid particles, but by the action of fruit acids. Those active substances that are part of the gommage mask contribute to the dissolution of dead cells, which ensures their rapid removal. Gommazh for the face is a very pleasant procedure, which is also very useful. Women of any age can make it, as well as owners of any skin type.

Rules for the use of gommage face mask. Technique of cleansing procedures.

It goes without saying that you can seek professional help from a beauty salon, however, it’s possible to carry out this procedure at home. To do this, you just need to purchase a special mask gommage from Avon. First you need to decide how often you can use this tool. It all depends on the personal characteristics of the skin.

  • For porous and oily skin gommage should be done in a day,
  • For mixed skin types, a few cleansing procedures per week are enough,
  • Dry and normal skin needs gommage no more than once a week,
  • Fading, mature skin (for women over 45 years old) is enough for one or two procedures per week.

Mask gommage for the face is in the range of almost all cosmetic companies. however, you can even cook it yourself. If you cook this product from fresh fruit, it will have a greater effect. Before applying the mask, it is imperative to prepare the skin, for this, clean it thoroughly and steam it. The most ideal time for gommage after taking a bath or shower.

  1. Intense and gently apply the mask on the face, making it along the massage lines. Also, do not forget to use the neckline and neck area in the process. Put fresh cucumber slices or cotton pads slightly moistened with mineral water in your eyes. The skin around the eyes is very delicate, and therefore it needs additional nutrition. In this state, lie down for about ten minutes, it is best to listen to pleasant music.
  2. Gommage should be removed from the face while it is still soft. Do not wait for the mask to freeze, as it is also a pilling. If the product is completely dry, the skin can be badly affected. To remove gommage, you must also consider some of the nuances.
  3. The layer of the mask should not be washed off, but rolled off the skin in order to prevent its stretching. In the presence of inflammation on the face (like pustules or acne), simply wash off the gommage with warm water using a sponge or cotton swab.
  4. After washing, it is advisable to make a nourishing mask or apply a suitable moisturizer. As a result, their action will increase many times, as they fall on a good, cleansed "soil."

What is gommage for the face and how does it act on the skin?

Gommazh is a delicate cosmetic product without abrasive particles, dissolving only the top layer of dead skin. During the procedure, healthy cells are not damaged, on the contrary, they receive additional nourishment and hydration, therefore this method of cleansing will suit even the most sensitive skin.

Regular use of gommage will help get the following results:

  • clean skin without damage,
  • healthy complexion
  • bleached stagnant spots
  • smooth and delicate skin
  • visual alignment of fine wrinkles.

Types of gommage

Gommazhi are of different types:

  • For face. They help to remove the cornified layer without breaking the protective barrier of even the most sensitive skin. It may be:
    - mask gommage for the face with anti-aging and refreshing minerals,
    - peeling - gommage with activated carbon, eliminating black spots,
    - soft gommage for super sensitive skin, etc.
  • For body. Struggles with stretch marks and gives the skin smoothness and tenderness.
  • For legs. As a rule, the composition of such gommage includes anti-fungal and deodorizing components.
  • For hands. Such peeling nourishes the skin with vitamins and leaves a protective layer on it.
  • For scalp. It cleans the skin from silicones, sedimenting particles after styling products, and also reduces fat content at the roots.

How to use gommage for face: procedure

Step 1. A small amount of the product is heated in the hands, after which it is applied on a clean face and kept for the time specified in the instructions. As a rule, it is about twenty minutes.

Step 2. Gommazh should dry up to the state of the film. In order to remove it, it is necessary to wet your fingers in water and start rolling down along the massage lines, avoiding stretching of the skin. Residues can be removed with water or mild alcohol-free tonic. Rolling off is not recommended if couperosis or inflammation is present on the skin. In this case, the film is completely washed off with water without additional manipulations.

Step 3. Applying a moisturizing mask after the procedure will enhance the effect. The skin will become smooth, moisturized and acquire a healthy complexion.

It is important to keep the face out of the sun for a day after the procedure in order to avoid the appearance of age spots.

Why the epidermis dies off

On the outer part of the skin, especially on the face, nature provides increased tendency to regeneration - self-healing. Due to this, the cells of the epidermis are constantly dividing, the old layers die off.

Natural regeneration - this is a change of old layers with new ones. Young skin grows, protects, absorbs toxic substances and dies, giving way to a new one. The sites of the cover that had worked out gradually disappear, but for some time they are still on the face, since their separation does not occur simultaneously.

Modern care products contribute to a longer preservation of these particles - creams delay the full drying and timely falling away. And their presence on the face, in turn, contributes to more severe pollution of the epidermis - dead particles create bumps and trap pollution from the environment and waste products of the sebaceous glands.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

The most gentle chemical method epidermis cleansing - gommage. Its essence lies in the fact that any contaminants are absorbed by the applied substance, and the scaly remnants of the dead layer are separated from the healthy cover.

The positive effect of gommage lies in the selectivity of the action. When using scrubs, a continuous impact occurs, the entire area is polished, regardless of the state of the epidermis. This causes microtraumas on the intact epidermis prior to the procedure.

Gommazh removes only dirt and dead particlesand healthy areas are not at risk. On the contrary, during the procedure they receive hydration and nourishment.

Gommazh apply to all skin types, contraindications to the use of less than with scrubbing. Without a mechanical effect, this peeling does not damage even the most sensitive and thin skin.

Comparative characteristics of the basic means of purification are given in the table:

This procedure is not very effective on heavily soiled thick skin - more procedures or preliminary peeling with a scrub will be required.

Indications and contraindications for use

You should not risk applying scrubbing agents on thin, dry and fading skin. Gommage will cleanse delicately and effectively. To revitalize and tone the skin, gommage is also ideal: during the drying of the composition on the face, the pores narrow and the elasticity increases, and the removal of pollution will give freshness.

Do not clean in any way.:

  • open wounds or unhealed sutures,
  • a significant amount of purulent rash,
  • kuperoze - persistent red skin of various origin,
  • intolerance to the ingredients making up the remedy.

From this article you will learn what it is - cleansing the face of a beautician, how it happens, what types of skin cleansing are there and is it necessary to do it at all?

Alginate mask - what it is and whether it can be used at home, how to properly dilute the compositions and apply them to the skin, read about this in this material.

Carrying out the procedure how to use

This simple manipulation provides minimal preparation, time to carry out and some precautions after the procedure.

The effect will be better if the face is pre-moistened. There is no need to steam the face (this action is not as safe as it seems), it is enough to take a shower, bath or just wash with warm water without drying the face completely. The goal is to loosen the contamination and ensure the penetration of the active substance to the problem areas..

Apply lightly to the prepared face cream / paste / ointment for gommage. The skin is not stretched and massaged.. The area around the eyes protects against ingestion.

After application, rest is recommended, preferably lying down, with eyes closed. For ever, you can put cotton pads soaked in a weak tea broth or parsley juice, this will eliminate swelling around the eyes, or just apply the cream. Period of explication - 15 - 20 min. During this time, the tool dries and turns into a mask. Remove the mask by gradually and carefully rolling upwards.

With proper procedure, there is no need to wash and apply a moisturizer. On the day of the cleaning after the procedure should not go out into the bright sun without protective equipment.

Find out from this video what gommage for the face is and how to properly use a mask or cream:

With systematic cleansing complexion is improved, irritation, peeling, tendency to dryness are eliminated and the formation of fine wrinkles. Increases skin tone and resistance to adverse factors.

Make-up lies more evenly, not emphasizing, but veiling flaws. Makeup removal also becomes less time consuming. Gommage is carried out constantly, 1-3 times a week.. Course application is less effective.

Possible complications

The cream, in addition to moisturizing and nourishing base, includes acids. They dissolve and separate the skin particles. Most often these are useful fruit acids that do not cause chemical burns. However, natural fruits, especially citrus fruits, can cause a strong allergic reaction.

Before the procedure, it is recommended to test for sensitivityfamiliar to everyone who has ever dyed his own hair: a small amount is applied on the area behind the ear, on the back of the wrist or on the inner surface of the elbow bend and wait for 20-30 minutes. If there is no reaction, you can proceed to peeling.

When you exit after the procedure in the sun without applying a protective cream is quite likely the wrong reaction of the skin: can start the process of formation of freckles and age spots where they were not there before. This is true for any kind of peeling.

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Average prices and reviews

When conducting a gommage at home, its cost is low: a tube at the cost of in 100 - 500 rubles. enough for several procedures. If the tool is prepared on its own, you need to spend time, and almost no money is needed. In the cabin of the service will cost more.

Opinions of women applying gommage are neutral or positive.

  • Anna, 25 years old: “The acquaintance with the gommash took place several years ago - I saw a cream on which there was this unfamiliar word on sale. The seller said only that it was for cleansing the face. I tried, but at first I did not understand - in the process of applying I did not feel the scrub particles, as I was used to. But time has stood, and the result pleased. Now I do it once a week, occasionally 2 ”.
  • Svetlana, 33 years old: “I have thin skin, prone to dryness. The pores are small, but still need periodic cleansing. Scrubs do not suit me, after them there is redness on the nose. I chose gommage - cleans neatly, removes peeling and black dots. Rest during the drying of the mask is very beneficial effect on health. My dream is to find the time and make the natural gommazny cream itself. ”
  • Margarita, 28 years old: “Gommage for me is not exactly what is needed. Of course, there is no harm, but I don’t feel much good either. Моей жирной коже хорошо подходит регулярное очищение скрабом, а гоммаж – разве что для расслабления во время процедуры. Делаю, когда надо нанести маску на глаза, – все равно лежать 20 мин. Использую средство из тюбика, подруга подарила”.

Далее вы можете посмотреть видео о приготовлении пилинга-гоммажа в домашних условиях:

Gommazh is one of many skin care treatments. The result, as with the other methods of purification, depends on the frequency of use and choosing the right product.

What is gommage and what is it eaten with? How does the manufacturer promise? (Photo inside)

Good day to all who have glanced!

The hero of this review was Gommage for the face The propeller express from black points.

It so happens that you use something and can not decide whether you like the product or not. But finally the hands reached the writing of the review, but the attitude is not clear. I'll start in order.

For those who are in the tank, as actually I, until recently. What is the actual gommage.

The essence of the gommage is that any contamination is absorbed by the applied substance, and the scaly remnants of the dead layer are separated from the healthy cover. What are the advantages and disadvantages of gommage and facial scrub. The positive effect of gommage lies in the selectivity of action. When using scrubs, a continuous impact occurs, the entire area is polished, regardless of the state of the epidermis. This causes microtraumas on the intact epidermis prior to the procedure. Gommazh eliminates only contaminants and dead particles, and healthy areas are not at risk. On the contrary, during the procedure they receive hydration and nourishment. Gommazh apply to all skin types, contraindications to the use of less than with scrubbing. Without a mechanical effect, this peeling does not damage even the most sensitive and thin skin.


Gommazh is in tuba. The lid opens and closes easily. With the extraction of gommage problems arise.

Volume:40 ml.

Shelf life is indicated on the packaging.



Used as written in the instructions.

Producer promises:

My skin is porous, prone to the appearance of black spots, sometimes pimples are called in.

Feeling of use:

  • There are small scrubbing particles in the composition.
  • In the process of applying and "finding" gommazh on the skin there is a tingling and a little warmth.
  • It rolls off easily, there are no problems with it.
  • After washing away on the face, there are incomprehensible nacreous particles, which are visible in the cream itself, similar to nacreous eye shadow or other similar cosmetics. In order to completely remove them from the face, one has to additionally wash with soap or other cleansing agents. I really don’t know why these particles are added to gommage (for beauty?), But it is immediately visible to the end, whether the agent is removed from the skin or not.

How to cope with the promises of the manufacturer:

  • Cleans the pores of accumulated sebum, does not clog the pores again. This is yes. But from old pollution does not clear.

  • Eliminates the black dots, no. For this you need something more substantial means for 100 rubles. After gommage once every 3-4 weeks, I use a loop to remove black dots.

  • Narrows the enlarged pores, no. With my pores it does not work.

  • It has an antibacterial effect; we will believe that, yes. At least the new lesions were not noticed as the gommage was applied.

Of course, there is no effect of vacuuming the face. But black dots become noticeably lighter. Although I like the effect of washing with a silicone brush with any ordinary wash. The skin is at least injured not so much as from this gommage. After cleansing the skin I use gel with aloe vera and cream.

I do not recommend gommage for the face Propeller. I definitely won't buy it again. Yes, and this packaging is not used in the bucket.

Thanks for attention!

My other reviews:

What is gommage

Previously, 2 tools were used for deep cleansing of the face: a scrub that mechanically acts on the skin, and a peeling, which has a chemical effect. Both methods had a number of contraindications and did not satisfy the requirements of all the fair sex.

The discovery for many was gommage (in translation from French - eraser) - a new cosmetic and procedure that combines the best properties of scrub and peeling. It was based on the interaction of fruit acids, dissolving the dead skin cells and the smallest abrasives, which gently massage the skin, helping to eliminate minor defects, and improve blood circulation.

Malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid and other acids act as a “solvent” of pollution. The ground bones of apricot, olive, bamboo, and kiwi are often used as abrasive particles. To feed and moisturize the skin during the procedure, oils are often added to the gommage.


Cleansing the skin with gommage does not have any special disadvantages.

  • Caution should be applied gommage with a tendency to allergies, because fruit acids can sometimes cause irritating reactions. Before the procedure, a susceptibility test will be superfluous: a small amount of the composition is applied to the inside of the elbow bend and, after half an hour, the skin's reaction is evaluated. In the absence of redness, itching and burning, gommage can be used for its intended purpose.
  • Before going out after the procedure (especially with active sun), you need to use a cream with a high level of UV protection to avoid the appearance of freckles and pigment spots.

Instructions for use

To make skin cleansing procedure as efficient and comfortable as possible, it should be carried out in several stages:

  1. Cleanse the skin with the usual means for washing.
  2. To steam the skin using a herbal bath based on chamomile or calendula, this will ensure the opening of the pores. But if the skin is too sensitive and thinned, it is better to skip this stage.
  3. Massage gommazh on the face (from top to bottom) with a thin layer and leave for 5-10 minutes, ensuring that the tool is not dry.
  4. When the composition begins to "tighten" the skin, it is necessary to gently "roll up" the fingertips, moving from the forehead to the chin. Plots that can not be "rolled up", in any case should not be removed by force - they are easily removed with water. If the removal of gommage by rolling brings discomfort, causes redness and discomfort, then you can simply wash it off.
  5. After removing the product, wash with warm water, make a nourishing mask and apply a cream.

The frequency of the procedure depends on the type and condition of the skin:

  • When oily and porous skin gommage is permissible to use every other day,
  • When mixed - a couple of times a week,
  • When dry, normal, and also mature and withering (after 45 years) - once a week.

For fading

Soft gommage for the face is made of 1 tablespoon of tangerine pulp, 2 tablespoons of crushed mandarin peel, 1 teaspoon of green clay. Mix all the ingredients with 1 tablespoon of warm almond oil.

Mix 1 tablespoon of dried orange peel, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal, 2 tablespoons of semolina. Dilute the composition to the required thickness with slightly heated kefir. Use exclusively on steamed skin up to 3 times a week.

For problem

Mix a tablespoon of cocoa butter and 2 tablespoons of rice flour. Dilute blue clay with water to the desired consistency and combine with rice flour and butter. This gommage need to massage the skin of the face for about 5 minutes, and then rinse with water.

In 4 tablespoons of liquid honey dissolve 1 tablespoon of finely ground sea salt. Massage the skin for 5-10 minutes.

Top Rated

  • Faberlic facial gommage “Oxygen balance” - an excellent budget option for sensitive skin, which has a gentle and mild cleansing property, a pleasant aroma and efficiency in use. It is not suitable for too contaminated skin.

Moisturizing Peeling Facial Yves Rocher - an affordable tool that does not involve "rolling". Suitable for thin and super sensitive skin. It does not irritate, does not tighten, gives the skin a feeling of comfort after use, tightening the contours of the face and leveling its color.

Christina Gommazh-pilling for the face - A great tool for owners of oily and problem skin. Due to its composition, gommage smooths the skin, regulates sebum secretion, gently, but deeply cleanses the pores without causing dryness. The only disadvantage is the high price.

Natura Siberica Kamchatka Berry gommage for the face - means with "tasty" berry aroma, perfectly eliminates pollution and black points. Mattes the skin well, but causes sensations of dryness and tightness, therefore it is not suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Organic Shop gommage for the face "Morning Coffee" - affordable and cost-effective remedy that resembles a scrub. Cleans skin impurities more delicately. Does not dry, does not tighten the skin, has a pleasant aroma.

GORMAZH for the face KORA - light face cream designed for all skin types. Cleans superficially, therefore it will be ineffective for oily and too polluted skin. Quickly consumed.

Konopka’s Moisturizing facial gommage is a light product for the skin without any particular impurities. Perfectly softens the face, making it smooth and silky, does not dry the skin.

Avon Facial Gommage Mask - means for clarification of skin of any type which does not injure at all. The result of the application is a smooth and soft face, with narrowed pores and an even tone.