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Top 10 movies about knights and the Middle Ages, a list of the best


Knights - the brave heroes of the Middle Ages, the era of the Crusades, the Inquisition and strange religious rites. They honored their noble traditions, defended the weak, and fought, defending the honor of beautiful ladies. The church at that time had a very strong influence on people. Perhaps it was she who contributed to the emergence of the famous code of honor of the knight class.

Knight films are of various genres and most often show historical events: fateful wars, palace coups, religious problems. They allow the viewer to plunge into the fascinating world of adventure, where danger awaits at every turn, and make you think about moral issues. The creators of films about knights are trying to convey not only the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, but also the traditions and peculiarities of everyday life of that time.

The knight in the movie embodies strength, courage and honor. This is an ideal warrior, strictly adhering to the code and boldly overcoming all obstacles. This image would like to try on any modern man. And women, of course, dream of becoming the lady of the heart of a brave hero.

Fascinating plot, special costumes and scenery, the struggle for honor - all these are the distinctive features of films about knights. We present a list of the top 10 films about knights.

King Arthur (2004)

The film is about a legendary historical figure. It pays great attention to historical facts and political events that took place during the reign of King Arthur. But the picture promises to combine in itself both the real historical events that took place in the province of Britain immediately after the collapse of the Great Roman Empire, and the myths about the exploits of the knights of King Arthur ...

First Knight (1995)

Lancelot, a warrior without fear and reproach, arrived at the golden castle of Camelot to serve the great king Arthur. They will face formidable battles, valor and glory.

But in Camelot he finds a woman, without whom he cannot live, but which he cannot possess - the beautiful Guinevere of Lioness. She is the beloved of King Arthur, who protects her little kingdom from the troops of the black knight Malaganth.

And the First Knight Lancelot must make a choice - to serve his king, or betray him in the name of his beloved ...

Knight's Story (2001)

He did not obey any rule, for he was created to violate them. After the death of his master servant William decided on a desperate adventure. The young man manages to change his ancestry, and, having appropriated the armor and weapons of the departed master, presents himself to the public as a young and well-born knight Ulrich von Liechtenstein.

Now, in a new capacity, he will have to prove his noble origins in knightly tournaments with a spear and a sword. Sir William's courage and determination hardened in countless fights. But as the last test of the great impostor’s ardent heart, passionate love was sent, which could be knocked out of the saddle of the most fearless warrior ...

Arn: Knight Templar (2007)

Events develop in the Holy Land during the time of Saladin, the Battle of Khatin and other events associated with the difficult times of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Arn Magnusson was born in the 1150th year in West Gothia, in the western part of Sweden.

We are faced with the story of the life of Arn and his beloved, who were cruelly separated by evil rock. They both fight for life, both oppose evil and violence: she is in a monastery, he is in the Holy Land as a knight-templar.

Accepting hardships and hardships, they dream of one thing - to see each other once again.

Solomon Kane (2009)

Based on the stories of Robert Irwin Howard. Solomon Kane - an English soldier of the XVI century, who realized that his inhuman and cruel deeds forever cursed his soul. Having conceived to atone for his sins, Kane vows to live in peace and virtues, but when dark forces step on the earth, he has nothing left to do but fight.

The Black Knight (2001)

It was a typical summer day. Jamal, as usual, cleaned the moat in the city amusement park "Medieval World". But fate had already prepared him for the funniest and craziest adventure in his life ...

Having accidentally turned over the railing of the bridge, Jamal falls into the water and emerges in Medieval England! Taken as ambassador from Normandy because of strange clothes and manners, he meets a charming conspirator who wants to overthrow the tyrant king.

Taken into conspiracy, Jamal casually plans to open a chain of fast-food restaurants, seduces the king's daughter and intimidates all citizens to death with his “witchcraft” abilities ...

10. The Iron Knight (2010)

Rating - 6.6

Knight of the Order of the Templars Thomas Marshall defends Rochester Castle (one of the first stone castles built in England) against mercenaries led by King John of the Landless. There is a lot of blood in the film, so it is better not to watch impressionable people.

9. The Black Death (2010)

Rating - 6.6

In the ancient year of 1348 in England, the bubonic plague raged. At this terrible time, a group of knights, along with a young monk, goes to the village, which for some unknown reason passes the plague. At the same time, the leader of the knights Ulrich, sent by Bishop Bishop, must find a necromancer who, in the opinion of the church, is able to raise from the graves the dead who died from the plague. And monk Oswald wants to save his girlfriend, although this goes against religious beliefs. In this picture there will be no Good in shining armor and absolute Evil. But there will be a dark and harsh Middle Ages, shown without embellishment, as well as merciless religious fanaticism, which not everyone will like.

6. Arn: United Kingdom (2008)

Rating - 7.1

In the best historical films about the Middle Ages got another movie about the knight Arn. Having been in a lot of fierce battles, he leaves Jerusalem as a completely different person. Arn returns to Sweden, torn by feudal strife, to his family and first love, Cecilia. However, in his native land, Arnu again has to fight with enemies that threaten his clan.

5. Robin Hood (2010)

Rating - 7.1

There was once a noble and resourceful robber who robbed the rich and gave the gold to the poor. His name was Robin Hood. But about how Robin Hood came to the life of a robber, tell the film, shot by Ridley Scott. Stars such as Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett are in the lead roles, which means that you will not have to complain about a bad acting game.

4. Tristan and Isolda (2005)

Rating - 7.3

The story of the love of the brave warrior Tristan, the heir to the British king, and the gentle, kind Irish princess Isolde. The girl nurses the wounded warrior and between them a strong and pure feeling arises. However, in a foreign land, Tristan faces death and he has to leave Isolde. Later, fate brings them back, but the princess is promised again not to Tristan.

If you think that this is a tearful melodrama, then you are deeply mistaken. Intrigue, battle - all of this in "Tristan and Isolde" in abundance, as well as magnificent entourage and beautiful music.

3. John - a woman on the papal throne (2009)

Rating - 7.5

In the top films about the Middle Ages, there are enough stories about strong and independent men. It is time to dilute them with a story about a strong and independent Papess. Officially, the Vatican did not recognize that once the Pope (under the name of John VIII) had been a woman by the name of John for five months. According to legend, the future Papess was born in the family of an English missionary on the day of the death of Charlemagne. Disguised as a man’s dress, John lived in Rome for a long time, having gone from a curia notary to a cardinal and then the Pope. By the way, it is believed that precisely because of the events connected with John, the newly elected pontiffs before Leo X had to go through the “test of masculinity”. For this served as a special chair with a slot in the center. One of the cardinals climbed under the seat and made sure that the future Pope has a male nature.

2. Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

Rating - 7.5

In second place in the selection of the best films about the knights is the adventure fighter Ridley Scott about the young gunsmith Belian. He joins the Crusader squad, which is headed by his father. However, in one of the battles, the father is seriously wounded and, dying, initiates his knighthood. At the walls of Jerusalem a young man has to prove that he is worthy of the honor shown.