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We grow thin after 40 years rationally: tips for women


The female body has a number of features that can manifest every year. Nuances relating to health, should be taken into account in the preparation of a weight loss program. A bit of theory: the female body on the threshold of 40 years of age is faced with a change in hormonal levels, which affects the overall metabolism. The skin structure changes, its elasticity decreases.

Starting at the age of 40, the level of calcium decreases annually, the bone tissue weakens. Due to the slowing metabolism, the body requires less energy to maintain life, putting aside excess fat in the waist and hips. How to lose weight properly and effectively? What you should pay attention in the first place?

In no case can not sharply limit yourself in eating or resort to using hard diets. In addition to the exacerbation of chronic or acquisition of new ailments, nothing good will happen. Of course, when fasting weight is rapidly lost, but then not only returns to its previous mark, but often increases several times. The explanation for this is quite simple. Weight loss occurs due to dehydration, if a restriction in drinking is applied, as well as a decrease in lean body mass, the matter does not even reach fat. Then, when returning to the previous diet, the hated folds become even softer and more voluminous.

Principles of the power system

Knowing how to lose weight properly and effectively at home, you can simultaneously improve your body shape, well-being and overall health. The nutrition system should be built on the following principles: the percentage of fat in food should be reduced, the basis of the diet should be proteins, mostly dairy products, carbohydrates should come in the form of whole grain cereals, vegetables, fruits and greens.

Correct breakfast

To get more energy from a smaller amount of food and to feel cheerful at the same time, the diet should be diversified as much as possible. Now let's talk more specifically about how to lose weight properly and effectively. For example, it is better to start the morning with a glass filled with warm water and lemon juice. After half an hour you can have breakfast. The plate should consist of:

  • on a third of complex carbohydrates - flakes, porridge,
  • 2/3 of the proteins - scrambled eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, soft cheese,
  • the rest is vitamins, minerals and fiber in the form of fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, greens.

For example, you can eat oatmeal with slices of apple, orange, kiwi, with the addition of walnuts, watered with honey, yeast free bread with soft cheese and herbs, coffee with milk without sugar. This breakfast will give a charge of vitality and energy, as well as replenish the reserves of calcium and minerals in the female body.

After 2-3 hours, you can have a snack with fresh fruit or vegetables. Before lunch, you should give your body a supply of energy that it will process and burn all day. This is the main principle on which the system is based.

How to lose weight a woman after 40 years

1. Refuse fashionable diets

Diet on cabbage soup? Not worth it. Sharp calorie restriction and fast elimination of subcutaneous fat can play a cruel joke with the hormones leptin and ghrelin, because of which your appetite will increase dramatically, and the metabolism will slow down. The consequences of such diets can last more than a year, even after you have not been on a diet for a long time.

2. Remember the golden rules of weight loss

Some things change after 40 years, but the basic rules of successful weight loss remain the same regardless of age.

You need to eat less

Even if you eat one chicken breast, rice and salad, you still need to reduce the size of servings, otherwise you will not lose weight. Everyone's calorie needs are different, but if you are a woman and consume 2000 calories a day, you need to strive to eat 400-500 less calories.

Drop 0.5 - 1 kg per week

Of course, diets promising you a minus 5 kg per week sound tempting. However, slow and constant weight loss is much more effective to help you get back in shape, since you can develop useful habits in yourself that will keep you slim longer.

Skipping meals will break your metabolism

When we skip breakfast or lunch, our body receives a signal to accumulate calories instead of burning them. Ignoring one of the meals, you risk that your blood sugar levels will drop, your appetite will increase dramatically, and you will look for a quick source of energy in the form of sweets.

Nutrition for weight loss after 40 years

3.Review your diet.

It is time to monitor the consumption of foods containing carbohydrates. Such a measure is necessary to fight the body's insulin resistance associated with age, and help keep blood sugar levels constant.

You will also need to add more protein to your diet to prevent muscle loss and increase your metabolic rate, as your body needs to work harder to digest the same bun.

Of considerable importance is the amount of nutrients that you eat. Ideally, your meal should consist of:

Vegetables or fruits: they should occupy half of the dish. They are rich in fiber and water, fill your stomach and contain fewer calories.

Protein: The size of the protein portion should be approximately from the palm. Good sources of protein are Greek yogurt, eggs, chicken and fish.

Complex carbohydrates: on the plate there should also be a portion of carbohydrate sizes with a fist. Choose whole grains, fruits, starchy vegetables (potatoes), legumes.

Fat: The size of the portion of fat during one meal can be 7-10 grams. This is about 1.5 teaspoons of olive oil, a quarter of avocado or 2 tablespoons of nuts or seeds.

4. Eat less, but more often.

The body's resistance to insulin leads to the fact that we constantly feel hungry. Divide the food into three servings of medium size and 1-2 snacks, so that the level of sugar in the blood is at a constant level, and you are not tempted to eat something harmful.

5. Add Omega-3

If you want to lose weight, add more fish to your diet. The fact is that the omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish help you lose weight faster and not gain it again, as well as relieve hunger for a long time. Salmon and tuna are good sources of omega-3, which also reduce the symptoms of menopause.

6. Drink green tea

Scientists have long figured out the benefits of green tea for weight loss. One study found that when participants started drinking green tea every day, their ability to burn fat increased by 12 percent. In addition, the combination of antioxidants and caffeine in green tea helps to increase energy levels, a decrease which is often observed in middle age.

7. Take more calcium.

Want to burn fat more easily after 40 years? Make sure that you have more calcium in your diet. Women who eat a sufficient amount of foods containing calcium, were able to lose more than 5 kg per year.

8. Love Citrus

Citrus polyphenols help to partially eliminate the harmful effects of high-fat foods, making it easy to get rid of extra pounds. At the same time, vitamin C in oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits promotes the production of collagen, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

9. Be selective in choosing treats.

Unfortunately, you can no longer eat pizza and chocolate cocktails uncontrollably like 20 years ago, and at the same time do not worry about extra kilos. But this does not mean that you need to completely abandon your favorite products. Just save them until you really want to. If the thought of cookies does not give you peace, then try to eat a little bit, enjoying each bite, instead of mindlessly eating the whole package.

How often can you do such a relief? First, it all depends on how much you want to lose weight. Some can afford to eat a treat of 100-200 calories every day, while others will have to cut back to 2-3 times a week.

Also remember that alcohol is also considered a treat, and here, too, you need to comply with the measure. You can put 2-4 small glasses of wine with a volume of 150 ml per week on your weight loss plan. But, if you decide to drink a glass of wine for dinner, then chocolate dessert will have to be abandoned.

How to lose weight after 40 years

10. Move More

You will be difficult to lose weight with a single diet, especially after 40 years, when the level of the hormone testosterone falls. As a result, muscle mass and the number of calories that our body can burn during exercise, begin to decline.

You can start with moderate exercise for 30 minutes a day. Then add the recommended 10,000 steps per day to your mode. If your health allows you, gradually introduce strength training 4-5 times a week to maintain muscle mass and burn more calories.

11. Do microtraining

Not everyone has the opportunity to spend several hours in the gym. However, experts have found that we need only 2.5 minutes to increase metabolism and start burning calories. The study found that those who had the training consisted of 5 30-second pedal torsions on a stationary bike with maximum effort, after which they had a rest for 4 minutes, were able to burn 200 calories more per day.

If you can not go to the gym, you can replace these workouts jogging on stairs or jumps.

12.Add leg training

Exercises to strengthen the buttocks and legs make it easier to get rid of excess weight. Studies have shown that the stronger the muscle tone in the lower body, the lower the risk of falls and fractures. Strong legs are also an indicator of the strength of another part of the body - your brain.

13. Know yourself and be honest.

If you are over 40, this does not mean that you need to immediately give up certain foods in order to lose weight. However, if you know that some kind of food prevents you from losing weight, you need to take action. For example, if you know that you cannot eat a small piece of chocolate and, most likely, destroy the entire package, you do not need to eat a small piece of chocolate (this approach does not work for you).

In this case, you will have to either say “no” to this product forever, or choose treats from which you don’t go crazy. It will be a little difficult at first, but instead of treating it as a limitation, try to take it as your choice that will lead you to your goal.

Also remember that slimming strategies that were effective at the beginning may stop working at some point. Women over 40 should each year review and adjust their weight loss plan. If the process is stalled, change something in your diet and exercise, because our body needs a challenge.

Why after 40 a woman recovers

The main reason why weight gain occurs after 40 years is the aging of the body, the restructuring of hormonal levels and the slowing down of metabolism. The reproductive function fades away, the mood begins to change, I want to seize it with “harmful” food, and it becomes more difficult to lose weight. The lack of a minimum level of exercise and sedentary work contribute to the growth of body fat.

A woman faces the question - how to lose weight after 40 without causing harm to the body, so as not to get stretch marks and sagging skin. The situation is complicated by numerous diseases, including chronic ones. The main principles of female weight loss after 40 years are:

  • balanced drinking regime so that the body does not suffer from dehydration,
  • helps reduce calorie slimming because the body needs less energy
  • an increase in the amount of calcium and protein, a decrease in the volume of saturated fats and carbohydrates - this will give a stimulus to weight loss,
  • ban on popular diets with many restrictions that help to lose weight for a short time. Diet should be a clear system.

How to start losing weight

The key to obtaining a beautiful body is the acceleration of metabolism. It is wrong to lose weight on hard nutrition restrictions or with full starvation - this will not give a long-awaited effect, and changes can harm health. No need to go on a diet with the exception of cholesterol, which threatens the dysfunction of sex hormones, which are formed from metabolites after receipt of substances from fats. With a decrease in the amount of hormones menopause and menopause occur before the term, the weight is rapidly increasing.

To start losing weight, consult a doctor, evaluate your health to calculate a reasonable weight and caloric intake. It is better to contact a professional nutritionist, who will take into account all the features of the patient and help you lose weight. Remember that you don’t need to go up to the weight that you had at the age of 20: add 3-5 kg ​​to it and focus on this figure to get the perfect figure.

How to lose weight in 40 years old woman

To properly lose weight without harm to health, pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • for dinner, choose low-calorie foods,
  • hard diets won't work
  • forget about food after 18.00,
  • 1-2 times a week to eat by type of fasting days, which will help to lose weight,
  • replace meat with fish,
  • revise the protein-fat balance in favor of the first,
  • keep your drinking balance to lose weight
  • enable exercise.

Diet for women

The easiest option for weight loss is a diet for weight loss. It should become a way of life, proper nutrition. The basic rules for eating women and men upon reaching the 40-year mark:

  1. Refuse oil, mayonnaise, fatty meat in favor of low-fat for weight loss.
  2. Reduce the use of sugar to lose weight and improve the body.
  3. Increase the frequency of food intake - women should eat food 5-6 times a day at regular intervals.
  4. Eat slowly to lose weight.

Slimming exercises

Due to low mobility in older age, women and men are rapidly gaining weight. Training also helps to keep the tone, delay the aging of muscles and their atrophy, the replacement of muscle fibers with fat. Exercise for women after 40 is useful, but in moderation. To lose weight, fit fitness, yoga, cardio, swimming or water aerobics. Here are some sports load tips for women and men over forty:

  • work under the control of a trainer in order to avoid injuring your bones and ligaments,
  • walking, jogging, cycling will help improve the tone and improve the body
  • give up intense tedious workloads - it is better for women to follow the average pace of training, at which there will be no shortness of breath and excessive heartbeat, the maximum heart rate is 120 beats per minute,
  • optimally engage daily or every other day for 40 minutes to lose weight,
  • in combination with sports, perform massages, water treatments, and douche to help enhance weight loss.

Proper drinking regime

For weight loss after forty years to be effective, you need to adjust the water balance. A sufficient amount of moisture supports the metabolism, helps not to overeat, improves the condition of the skin, hair, nails. The norm for women 40 years old is 8 glasses of water in winter and up to three liters in summer. Drink it better cool. Together with water, adjust the intake of salt, which retains moisture and causes swelling. During the week, salt should be replaced with spices, which will help a woman to lose weight by several kilograms at once.

How to remove a stomach after 40 years to the woman

Weight loss in women suggests a rich 45-minute cardio workout five times a week. The process will help to cope with internal fat, to remove the sides, abdomen, to achieve chiseled waist, to lose weight. In cardio includes intense walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, running. Exercise from complicated aerobics will help prevent osteoporosis - 7-10 minute workouts with sprint, quick ascent up the stairs, step.

How to lose weight to a woman after 40 - choose sparing programs: walking on uneven terrain, running with a tilt track, classes in a weighted vest. Strength training should give preference to three times a week - enough for up to 15 repetitions of the exercise in the same approach with a small burden. Also, women can use the opposite method - fewer repetitions (6-8), but with increased weight, to lose weight faster.

How to lose weight man

For the stronger sex, the problem of overweight is acute, especially after forty years. The belly grows, fat accumulates, men want to lose weight. The basic principles of weight loss:

  1. Food - refuse cookies, pastries, pizza. A diet for a 40-year-old man assumes the inclusion of protein products (source - chicken breast, beef steaks, lean fish), fiber. Refuse is to late dinner, replacing it with a salad with seafood or cottage cheese to lose weight. Dinner should be no later than 19.00. В день мужчине положено 2200 ккал с соотношением БЖУ 1:1:2.
  2. Тренировки – следует заниматься кардио трижды в неделю и силовыми дважды за этот же промежуток времени. Чтобы похудеть, желательно заниматься в течение часа, использовать гантели или легкую штангу.

Меню диеты

The main methods of reducing body weight for women are nutritional adjustments. Diet includes factors to lose weight:

  1. Breakfast - consists of saturating and uplifting products. Ideal - oatmeal with almonds and banana.
  2. Lunch - turn on antioxidants and vitamin-rich foods, protein and fiber.
  3. Safe, - sandwich with cheese, fruit, a handful of berries.
  4. Dinner - easy and fast: cottage cheese, fish, kefir with a loaf.

Calorie intake

For women who want to lose weight, the question of how many calories after 40 years are considered normal for daily consumption is relevant. Depending on the load, the woman should receive 1200-1500 kcal, the man - 2000-2200 kcal. They will help you calculate the optimal calorie calculators on dietology sites or the option of multiplying the current weight by 22 and subtracting 700 kcal from the resulting figure.

Dinner and supper

If we talk about how to lose weight properly and effectively, then be sure to remember about lunch and dinner. They must also be balanced and helpful.

For lunch, you can eat vegetable soup, fish with rice, a slice of whole grain bread.

Dinner optimally organize no later than 8 pm. On the plate can be lean meat with a small amount of vegetables or salad. An hour and a half before bedtime, it is good to drink a glass of kefir or yogurt. This is the approximate daily diet should be a healthy woman.

How to lose weight properly and effectively after 40 years?

Many believe that the less you eat, the more you lose weight. This extreme can not be advised even to 20-year-old girls, not to mention older ladies. It is clear that the method of losing weight after 40 years differs from that used before the age of 30. Just do not eat will not work! Such an approach is fraught with the possible exacerbation of disease and general malaise.

With retirement, a woman often completely loses interest in herself. After all, work always keeps in good shape. And if you look at age over 50 with optimism? This is a period when you can pay more attention to yourself, spend time with your family. Most often at this age grandchildren appear. Why not become a slim and active grandmother - the pride of their loved ones. To do this, you need to understand how to lose weight properly and effectively after 50 years, taking into account age-related features.

Many experts argue that due to cardinal hormonal changes and slow metabolic processes, overweight control at this age is even dangerous. And how to lose weight properly and effectively? Of course, body fat deposits after the age of 50 increase the load on the cardiovascular system. So you should find a middle ground and do not overdo it in pursuit of a thin waist.

So, what methods can not be used for the purpose of losing weight after the age of 50 years:

  • Monotonous tight diets. Rapid weight loss as a result of such restrictions leads the body to a state of stress, after which there is a high probability of gaining much greater body weight. Also, radical weight loss contributes to the visual aging of women. Volumes are sharply reduced and the skin, not having its former elasticity, droops.
  • Starvation. This method can and young lay on the hospital bed.
  • Too intense training program, work to exhaustion. Such a regime can not only plant the heart, but also lead to inflammation of the joints. We should not forget that during any workout no one is immune from injury. After the age of 50, recovery is very slow.
  • Limiting water consumption. The body already with age loses moisture from the tissues, in particular, for this reason, decreases the elasticity of the skin, as well as problems with joints.

First stage

Now we will touch on the topic of how to lose weight properly and effectively on vegetables. After all, these products are mostly low-calorie, they support a good state of health due to fiber, vitamins and microelements.

The daily ration is formed on the basis of vegetable dishes, with the exception of potatoes. It can be baked zucchini, cabbage, gherkins, onions, carrots, beets. Of these, you can make a stew or salad with olive oil and herbs. Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, young peas, broccoli - all this is so useful and tasty.

It is necessary to move on to a similar food system slowly, introducing gradually more and more plant products. If you have problems with the intestines, then it is better to start with steamed vegetable dishes. When peristalsis will return to normal, you can add fresh plant food. At this stage, the fiber, like a sponge, pulls slags out of the body. So that cleansing does not provoke a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, you can add lean kefir or yogurt to the intervals between meals. The first stage lasts about a week.

Second phase

At the second stage, it is important to adhere to a daily caloric value of 2200 kilocalories. In this exercise must be regular. According to the calorie tables, it is not difficult to determine how much energy a particular product will bring. Daily amount of food is better divided into 5-6 receptions. The second stage should last until the weight ceases to decrease. It may take from one month to six months, depending on the number of extra pounds.

Gender and age characteristics

To lose weight after 40 years, women and men have to put different efforts. As a rule, representatives of the strong half of humanity do this much faster and easier. And there are scientific explanations for this.

For women

Beginning at the age of 40, women enter the pre-menopausal period and by the beginning of the 5th dozen most often lose their reproductive abilities after surviving menopause. This is closely related to changes in the hormonal background, which have a significant impact on weight.

First of all, the amount of estrogen decreases dramatically. As a result, hair becomes thinner, memory deteriorates, urination becomes more frequent, and the menstrual cycle becomes unstable up to the moment when it all ends. This is the cause of metabolic disorders.

Drops to almost zero. This indicates a complete extinction of the reproductive system. The consequences are insomnia, anxiety, suspiciousness and compulsive overeating.

Its decline is directly related to overweight. This provokes the development of abdominal obesity. If you do not take measures in time, after 50 you can get into the hospital because of such a dangerous diagnosis - then you will have to lose weight with medication. So grab your figure right now, before it's too late.

When this hormone in the body of a woman becomes less, the fat layer begins to grow on the sides.

But the stress hormone becomes much more than it was before, even if there is no reason for anxiety and depression. This is fraught with the habit of seizing any problems with goodies - this is how compulsive overeating develops.

The closer to the climax, the woman feels worse: unpleasant "hot flashes", dizziness, hyperhidrosis begin, the mood is ready to change at any moment. Psychosomatics at this time often gives a serious failure. And against the background of all that, the woman still has to think about losing weight.

The solution to this problem becomes urgent, as the metabolism slows down by the age of 40, and those extra pounds begin to arrive, even if the appetite has not increased.

We conclude: for women over 40 years old, weight loss needs to be started with the normalization of hormonal levels and all the selected ways should be coordinated with the doctor. This will avoid health problems.

For men

A man over 40 years old to lose weight is much easier than a woman. Only 17% of them at this age have an androgenic deficiency (hypogonadism), characterized by a decrease in the number of male sex hormones. Those who fall into this percentage will feel not only a decrease in libido, but also notice how the weight increases with the beer belly, even if there is no addiction to the "foam". This is due to the decline of testosterone, which leads to abdominal obesity (read more about this disease in a separate review). Exit - take hormonal drugs.

However, the problem of overweight may be faced by those who are not included in these 17%. Here it is not the hormones that are to blame. Unlike women, men who have gained extra kilos by this age are paying the price for their lifestyle: they ignored sport, suffered from hypodynamia, smoked, allowed themselves to eat everything in a row and did not refuse alcohol. The solution is to gradually put all this in order, no matter how hard it is.

General problems of losing weight after 40


  • A large number of adipocytes accumulate in the body. Especially a lot of them for those who were up to 40 and were far from being skinny.
  • Metabolism slows down (how to speed it up, you can learn from the previous article). Women have more than men, but the process still affects both.
  • Changing hormones, which increases the risk of obesity.
  • The level of physical activity decreases. The result - the calories are not consumed and go to the fat depot.
  • The accumulative effect of harmful factors (smoking, poor ecology, dangerous working conditions) begins to manifest itself as a malfunctioning of the organs. The body can no longer, as before, maintain energy balance and weight within the normal range.


By the age of 40, people develop food habits, which, oh, how difficult it is to change, and the most difficult thing to deal with this problem. It is necessary to eat by the clock, organize clear meals, and if in recent years a person has not been tied to the schedule of the day, it is extremely difficult to change lanes.

By this age, many already have a family, which also adds problems to the process of losing weight. For the diet, you need to cook separately because matured children and husband are unlikely to be with you in the morning to chew steamed buckwheat from the evening and drink a spinach cocktail.

Motivation is also a problem, as a person by this age probably already self-determined in life. His social circle, family, and other half accept him for what he is, with all the flaws, including the growing extra pounds. The question arises: why change? It is at this stage that most people abandon the goal, thereby continuing to gain weight and deteriorate health.

Where to begin?

The first thing you need to work with is motivation. Against the background of a successful life and universal recognition, a thought might indeed come to mind: why lose weight, if everything turned out to be achieved, and no one pays attention to the folds that appeared on the sides and the tummy bulging through the dress?

We stop these thoughts on the vine and immediately stipulate an important point: you will lose weight not for someone, but only for yourself. More specifically - for your health. You are no longer 20 years old, and you will not diet only to climb into a narrow dress or seduce someone.

When working on motivation, you need to think about hypertension, menopause, diabetes, arthritis, varicose veins, Alzheimer's disease and other age-related pathologies that are not far off. A quick 50-year anniversary in combination with obesity will open the doors for all these ailments, and then you will have to work only with medicines and register a disability. Do you really want to meet old age?

Look through glossy magazines and find photos of stars who are over 40: Aishwarya Rai, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek and others. You see how they look: no more than 35, or even younger. And it's not just a skillful make-up and breathtaking outfits. It is chiseled figures that give them a touch of eternal youth and beauty. So why are you worse?

Psychologist's advice, books and films, real stories, as well as facts after which you will definitely want to change, can be found in the article by reference.


It is necessary to undergo a comprehensive medical examination and discuss its results and future plans with a specialist. This may be a therapist, an endocrinologist, or a nutritionist. In 40 years, you need to clearly understand what is happening with your body, or weight loss is not achieved.

For example, during menopause, you will not be able to lose weight without harm to health: the body is already under stress due to hormonal imbalance, and you will also bring down a diet with exercise. The result will be one - hospital, dropper and long-term treatment.

The survey will show immediate health problems and their compatibility with weight loss plans. Be sure to listen to all the recommendations of a specialist and follow them clearly. At this age should not be amateur.

Perhaps the doctor will come to the conclusion that diet and intense exercise are contraindicated to you. In such cases, he can prescribe a medical weight loss: after 40, rarely everything goes without hormonal drugs.

And a few more important points.

Eliminate your laziness: go for a walk, get up early in the morning for exercise, go up the stairs instead of the elevator - in a word, do not sit still.

Make a schedule of the day, which will be allocated enough time for training and walks, and all meals will be scheduled by the hour. Follow it strictly. It will be hard only in the first 3 weeks, and then a habit will be developed.

Allow money - order an individual nutrition plan from a nutritionist and find a fitness room with enough weight for you. The personal trainer will also have to be by the way, because many energetic ladies and self-confident men after 40 overestimate their physical abilities and pick up too intense and hard training programs. As a result, they either get injured or cannot get up the next day because of muscle pain - this is where the weight loss process ends.

There is no financial opportunity - learn the diets (the most effective) and the principles of proper nutrition. A set of exercises can always be performed to the music and at home.

Even after 40 years, the effectiveness of losing weight is 70% dependent on the diet. However, mono-fast and long-term rigid diets do not work here, since on the second day of such unloading you can find yourself in a hospital bed. To organize food that will contribute to weight loss at that age, you need to rely on the professional advice of a nutritionist and the advice of a doctor.

There is a separate diet for weight loss after 40 years, which is designed taking into account age features. It is compiled by doctors and nutritionists and relies primarily on a healthy diet. Thus, it does not harm the body. The only major drawback is that weight reduction will be slow, so do not count on minus 10 kg per week.

Take note of its basic rules, review the product lists and sample menu. Correct all this in accordance with the recommendations received from your specialists and start losing weight.

Basic principles

  1. Losses per week should not exceed more than 1 kg.
  2. Daily caloric content - not higher than 1 800 kcal.
  3. Drink about 2 liters of water per day.
  4. Meals - every 4 hours.
  5. Fractional nutrition - frequent, but in small portions.
  6. Minimize salt and sugar.
  7. Dinner - 3 hours before bedtime. At night, the stomach does not overload.
  8. Balanced from the point of view of BZHU diet (the percentage and calculation of the daily norm find here). You can not refuse any fat or carbohydrates.


  • protein foods (at least 200 g daily): turkey breast, chicken, low-fat cottage cheese, eggs, hard cheeses,
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids: olive oil, nuts, sea fish,
  • fresh vegetable salad (daily): celery, spinach, greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, cabbage, carrots, radish,
  • fruits and berries,
  • fresh juices, fresh juices, smoothies, green smoothies,
  • complex carbohydrates: cereal (oatmeal, buckwheat, brown rice), whole-grain bread, bran and rye bread.

Foods that should be limited or removed from the diet altogether:

  • sweet,
  • flour, macaroni,
  • potatoes,
  • seasonings, sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup,
  • canned food
  • salted, pickled products,
  • semi-finished products, meat offal,
  • alcoholic, carbonated, energy drinks, store juices.

Sample menu for the week

To this menu you add lunch (something from fruits, berries, nuts, dried fruits) and snack (fermented milk drinks, smoothies, fresh juices, cocktails).

And keep in mind one important point: after 40 no diet will be effective without a full sleep at 7-8 hours and sufficient physical activity.

Physical activity

In addition to nutrition, you need to significantly increase physical activity. Do not immediately rush to weights and rods. If you have not been involved in sports before, such a sharp start will lead to increased pressure and problems with the heart and bones. Start small:

  1. Do light exercises in the morning for no more than 10 minutes. But every week complicate the exercise.
  2. Walk in the evenings with a leisurely step for at least half an hour. But gradually speed up the pace.
  3. Discard the elevator in favor of the stairs. Each time you go through more and more spans.
  4. Once a week you can go to the pool or go cycling (skiing) for fun.
  5. Do not miss the opportunity to go hiking, go to the forest for mushrooms, organize a picnic outside the city.

Running in the morning after 40 years is recommended for those who used it for weight loss before. Everyone else should start with sports or Finnish walking. Ну и, конечно, два-три раза в неделю придётся отдать время и силы тренировкам.

Мужчинам рекомендуется походить в спортзал и покачаться на тренажёрах. Ведь им обязательно нужно превратить пивной живот в красивый пресс. А вот женщинам можно подобрать несложный комплекс упражнений и выполнять его в домашних условиях.

Программа тренировок для мужчин после 40 лет

Promotes weight loss, develops and tones muscles, strengthens the joints. Designed for 2 days a week.

Training program for women over 40

It promotes weight loss, tones muscles, reduces problem areas in the volume, fights cellulite. Designed for 3 days a week.

Slimming products

With the permission of a doctor or a nutritionist after 40, you can use various drugs for weight loss.

Normalize hormones, increase estrogen levels and get rid of excess weight will help:

Specialists are also allowed to use Femoston, Reduxine, Kliminorm, Xenical, Angelica, Modelform 40+.

These are the best diet pills after 40 years: they accelerate metabolism, block hunger, have a fat burning effect.

Amino Acids

Of dietary supplements essential for weight loss at this age are amino acids. They prolong youth and with regular sports activities help to form a beautiful and slim figure, regardless of age. Which should pay special attention:

Expands blood vessels, improves blood circulation, stimulates the production of growth hormones necessary for fat burning.

Controls the content of lactic acid in the muscles so that they do not hurt after workouts and are more resilient under intense exertion. Promotes the consumption of fat and build muscle.

Helps muscles recover quickly after exercise, improves immunity, supports the body during diets. Especially useful for women, as it primarily burns fat on the buttocks and thighs.

It improves the condition of muscles, including the heart. It helps even at this age to withstand intense loads without harm to health.

Provides muscles with the necessary energy.

Folk remedies

After 40 you can also use traditional medicine for weight loss, i.e. use herbal teas and herbal infusions, bee products that speed up metabolism and reduce appetite:

Despite the fact that in the body after 40 years there are significant age-related changes (especially in women), this does not mean that you have to give up on yourself and stop losing weight. After all, now it is a question not only of beauty, but also of health. And it will depend on the duration of your life.

What changes occur in the body?

Before turning to methods of getting rid of extra pounds at home, a person needs to figure out what is happening with his body. This will help you find the right way and solve the problem without compromising your health.

After forty years in the body, the following changes are observed:

  • deterioration of the excretory function,
  • slowing down the metabolism
  • reduced muscle mass
  • an increase in the amount of subcutaneous fat,
  • changing hormonal levels, reducing the production of female sex hormones,
  • deterioration of the bone system,
  • vascular disorders, etc.

Most often at this age, women have low physical activity, which leads to the development of various pathologies. At the beginning of menopause, it is important to visit an endocrinologist.

Weight and waist

To understand how many kilograms you need to lose, first you need to calculate your optimal weight. For this, it is recommended to build on normal body mass index.

To calculate it, you should divide your weight in kilograms by height in meters, multiplied by itself. The result is a mass index. Based on it, you can understand how he deviates from the norm.

For example, with a growth of 1.7 m and a weight of 60 kg, according to the above formula, 1.7 * 1.7 = 2.89. 60 / 2.89 = 20.76. The normal mass index in women is 19-24. That is, in this case, the weight is within the normal range and there is no need to lose weight.

For many, an important indicator is the waist and lack thereof. In this case, it is not necessary to build on the norm imposed by advertising - 60 cm. In fact, not even all known models have such parameters. Focus better on body weight. When the weight normalizes, the waist will return to the correct parameters by itself.

Key nutrition rules

Discussing the problem of how to lose weight in 45 years a woman, first of all, you need to review your diet. It must be balanced. It is important to eat right. To do this, follow a number of tips:

  • Morning should begin with a glass of clean warm water. Additionally, you can add a little lemon juice. Thus, the work of the gastrointestinal tract organs is stimulated, and metabolic processes are launched.
  • Every day you need to drink at least 2-2.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water. It is advisable to do this in the morning to avoid swelling after sleep. When calculating the amount of fluid consumed, soups, tea, coffee, etc. are not taken into account. It is all about water.
  • 30 minutes before a meal, drink a glass of water. This will help reduce appetite. The liquid takes up part of the free space in the stomach, as a result of which a person eats less.
  • Meals should be fractional, and portions are small. It is recommended to eat food 4-5 times a day. The last reception should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime.
  • It is advisable to eat at the same time.
  • Regarding how much you need to eat at a time, nutritionists argue that the serving size should be 2 folded women’s fists.
  • To facilitate the task of reducing the portion, experts recommend putting food in a small plate. This way you can fool the brain.
  • It is important to chew food thoroughly. So the body receives a significant amount of nutrients. At the same time, saturation is faster.
  • The amount of fat and carbohydrates in the diet should be minimized. Carbohydrates can be consumed only in the morning.
  • The daily total calories should not exceed 1200-1500. The second figure is designed for people whose body is experiencing physical exertion. How many people get calories, so much he has to spend. The numbers should be as close as possible.
  • In the diet should be as much as possible iron and calcium. To do this, you can take multivitamin complexes.
  • To improve metabolism in the diet include products that contribute to the burning of body fat.
  • As a snack, you should use fresh vegetables, fruits, natural yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese.

The body should receive sufficient quantities of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other substances necessary for normal life. When there is a shortage, the brain gives the command "stock up". As a result, the body reduces energy expenditure. At the same time, the amount of subcutaneous fat deposits increases.

Important factors for weight loss

Understanding how a woman to lose weight in 40 years, it is important to understand that only with one restriction of nutrition the result will be difficult to achieve. The process can take a long time. An integrated approach is needed.

This requires:

  • Take walks. Walking speeds up metabolism. Long walks in the fresh air is a great way to provide tissues and cells with oxygen, which has a positive effect on the process of losing weight.
  • Do sport. The body needs at least minimal exercise. To do this, 2 times a week you can visit the pool, practice yoga, gymnastics, dancing, etc. Training should be regular. Exercises can be done at any convenient time.
  • Good sleep. To lose those extra pounds and feel better, you need to get enough sleep. In the dream, the body is restored. Normal adult sleep 7-8 hours a day. It is important that it is continuous. You can also relax in the daytime. However, it is not taken into account in the above 7-8 hours. Thanks to this woman will look younger.
  • Survey. Often the cause of weight gain is health problems. To exclude a pathology, you should undergo a medical examination 2 times a year. Visit the endocrinologist, therapist and other specialists.

The body should receive positive emotions. Stress leads to weight gain and poor overall health.

The best products for weight loss

When losing weight in the diet should be certain foods:

  • Fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits. They are a source of fiber. As a result, intestinal cleansing, removal of toxins and toxins. Also, vegetables and fruits saturate the body with vitamins. However, most fruits are not calories and do not strike a figure. Fruits are consumed only in the morning.
  • Cereals. Rice, buckwheat, millet and other cereals are a source of complex carbohydrates, vitamins and microelements. They should also be consumed in the morning. The ideal option is breakfast. The exception is semolina. From her recovering.
  • Nuts In the day you need to eat a small handful of nuts. Despite the fact that it is a high-calorie product, with moderate intake, they do not harm the figure.
  • Beans. Beans, peas and other products normalize insulin levels. At the same time canned beans - are prohibited.
  • Dairy products. Women need to eat cheese, cottage cheese, kefir, natural yogurt. It is advisable to choose foods with a minimum amount of fat.
  • Meat and fish. The body needs protein and amino acids. For this, it is important to eat low-fat meats and fish daily.
  • Eggs They are a source of protein and fat. Eggs should be present in the daily diet of a woman.
  • Soy. Soy products are a source of protein. They quickly and effectively eliminate obesity.
  • Spice. Red pepper, cinnamon, ginger and other spices are excellent fat burners. With moderate use, they contribute to weight loss and will not cause harm.

Allowed to use bitter chocolate, cookies in limited quantities, black bread.

Black list of products

Separately, it should be said about the products from the use of which get better:

  • Salt. Salty foods retain water in the body. Along with this grows weight. To reduce it, the amount of salt is cut to a minimum. Soy sauce can be used instead.
  • Alcohol. Alcohol contains a large number of calories. Many people who eat it at the same time take a large amount of food, as a result of which they become stout. Alcohol also removes water and vitamin C from the body, which leads to the acceleration of wilting processes.
  • Sugar. This is the main product from which people grow stout. Sweet does not bring benefits to the body. Instead, it manifests itself in kilograms on the stomach and cellulite on the legs.
  • Some vegetables. Despite the benefits of the fruit, women are recovering from a number of them. We are talking about potatoes, carrots, beets. Their amount in the diet should be minimal.

It is also worth limiting the amount of coffee.

Even children are aware of the dangers of losing weight and the shape of the whole smoked, preservatives, chips, fast food and other products. It is important not to forget about it and to completely abandon such dishes.

Fundamental rules

So, where to start and what you need to pay attention to in order to lose weight after 40 years? How to approach the solution of this problem?

Your first step should be a visit to the gynecologist and endocrinologist. What for? And then, that the correction of body weight should begin from the inside. If you find that there are hormonal disorders, your whole healthy lifestyle, along with diets will go to ashes. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to be examined before embarking on any active actions aimed at reducing weight.

After making sure that the hormones are all right, you can finally proceed to reviewing your daily menu in order to radically change your eating habits.

Surely for anyone will not be the discovery that to lose weight will have to refrain from fat and fried. It is best to cook foods, particularly steamed. Allowed and roasting, but without oil. Use foil or parchment paper.

But to completely abandon sweets to lose weight after 40 years is not necessary. You just need to reduce the amount of sugar intake. A sharp ban can lead to disruption. This is much worse.

Add foods that have a low glycemic index to your daily menu. And with high - remove. You have no idea what the index is? If in a nutshell, it is an indicator of the rate of absorption of carbohydrates and increase in blood sugar levels. The smaller this figure is, the more comfortable it is for the body to absorb the food that goes into it.

Proper diet is almost always based on complex carbohydrates and proteins. Therefore, your diet on an ongoing basis should include vegetables, fruits (in large quantities) and dairy products. Try to reduce the amount of meat consumed in favor of seafood and fish.


Proper nutrition involves not only the replacement of foods in the diet, but also the correction of meals. If there is no clear diet, problems usually begin with weight loss. And in some cases, even his set is likely. What do we have to do?

  • Eat every 3 hours (maximum - 4). So you speed up the metabolism and stabilize it for the whole day. Rare meals contribute to weight gain. The body urgently stores fat, as in this case it goes into survival mode.
  • Putting food on small plates. This will avoid overeating and problems with the pancreas afterwards.
  • Do not hurry. Take at each meal for at least 20 minutes. Remove all distractions - turn off the computer and TV, close the book. Conscious food makes it possible to quickly feel the saturation.
  • Forget the “do not eat after 6” rule. It is outdated. The main thing is that you have time for dinner 3 hours before bedtime. If you still feel hungry, it is permissible to drink a glass of kefir an hour before you go to bed.

Calorie content

How to lose weight in 40 years a woman and what you need to eat or, conversely, do not eat? Remembering offhand their regular menu and, mentally removing from it all the hazards, you can begin to revise the caloric intake. To successfully get rid of extra pounds, daily calorie should not exceed 1500 calories. This amount is enough for a mature female body to function normally. But there is nothing to accumulate fat.

Of course, you should not eat all 1500 calories in one sitting. It is necessary to distribute them for the whole day. After all, as already mentioned, fractional nutrition helps to lose weight quickly and improve the functioning of the digestive organs.

Nutritionist Tips

Effectively help you lose weight after 40 real tips nutritionist. However, if a woman suffers from any chronic diseases, it is advisable to visit relevant specialists before consulting him.

First of all, the nutritionist will recommend reviewing your daily diet with him. A slimming person must remove light carbohydrates from them. The largest number is contained in:

The second tip is to eat more fiber, which is mainly found in fruits and vegetables. It improves intestinal function, removes from the body the harmful substances that have accumulated in it for many years, and, of course, helps to lose weight. The leaders in fiber can be considered:

  • cabbage
  • carrot
  • beets,
  • tomatoes,
  • greenery.

And finally, the third recommendation. To lose weight after 40 years, there is no need to completely abandon your favorite products. If you like, for example, dairy products and dishes from them, just buy them with a low percentage of fat (1%).

It is categorically forbidden to neglect the milk, because it contains important for the proper functioning of the body protein. But the fat just needs to be limited. You would get rid of your own. Where else to accumulate additional?

The older a woman becomes, the slower the metabolic processes in her body. Therefore, to quickly solve the problem, how to lose weight after 40 years is not so easy. There is no single most effective diet that allows you to achieve guaranteed reduction and reliable weight stabilization in every mature woman. Therefore, we offer several options. Each of them can be adjusted in accordance with the advice of a nutritionist and the rules of healthy weight loss.

Write out for yourself an individual plan to combat excess kilograms, arm with purposefulness, enlist the support of relatives and get to work on your body.

Duration - 2 weeks. Based on the principle of product separation. Some of them will need to be consumed twice or thrice a week. For example, chicken eggs. Below is an example menu for 1 day.

Why losing weight after 40 years is problematic

The fact is that with age, women change the rate of redox reactions. In men, this process also occurs, but still in women, due to the characteristics of the endocrine system, it is more pronounced.

Every ten years, the metabolism is reduced by 10%. That is, if you take the metabolic rate in the female body in adolescence for 100%, then by the age of 40 it will decrease by 30%. By 50 years - already at 60% of the initial rate. And by the age of 60, this figure reaches 90%. These numbers clearly show that while maintaining the normal diet, the risk of gaining extra pounds is very high. The body does not have time to spend the amount of nutrients that comes with the usual amount of food.

Есть еще одна причина, которая накладывает отпечаток на характер похудения после 40-45 лет. Именно в этом возрасте начинаются изменения в женской гормональной системе. И хотя по данным гинекологов менопауза у современных женщин наступает сейчас несколько позже – в среднем в 55 лет, колебания в синтезе эстрогенов начинаются раньше.

If, against the background of such metabolic changes, “sit down” on a tough long-term diet, then you can make a very serious imbalance in the endocrine system and harm health. Therefore, to lose weight after 40 years must be treated sensibly. By this word means nothing more than the observance of the norms of a balanced diet.

Serving size

Given that with age, the metabolism of women slows down, the conclusion suggests itself - you need to eat less. And nutritionist advice really says so. If you continue to eat like in 20 years, without reducing the volume of meals, then those extra pounds are provided.

After 40 years, and a woman, and after 50 years, and a man must gradually reduce the amount of food eaten. It is not necessary to switch to such a ration cut down in volume quickly, it is best to accustom your body to this gradually. Otherwise, have to deal with outstanding appetite. Although, of course, there are real ways reduce appetite and cope with the onset of hunger.

Meal frequency

Nutritionists often talk about fractional nutrition and this is quite reasonable. For those who are already 45, 55 and more years old, this way of eating is extremely important. If the body at a certain time receives a portion of energy in the form of food, the metabolism works smoothly. All incoming nutrients are absorbed in full and are not stored as fat. And besides, there are no extreme “flashes” of glucose, which overload the pancreas.

Weight loss stories really show that fractional nutrition is one of the indispensable conditions for weight loss. The number of meals can vary from 4 to 6. The best option is to arrange a meal every three hours. For example:

  • first breakfast - at 8-00
  • second breakfast - about 11 am
  • lunch - at about 14-00
  • afternoon tea - about 17-00
  • dinner - at 20 o'clock

This, of course, an approximate diet. It can be modified at its discretion and adjust to your working rhythm. But it is important to observe two main principles:

  1. First, the power should be approximately the same time intervals.
  2. Secondly, it is impossible to miss any meal for any reason.

Failure to comply with the second paragraph leads to the fact that the next meal greatly increases hunger, and, therefore, quench it in the usual small portion will not work. A hungry woman overeats and thereby negates all the efforts to lose weight.

Substance balance

When composing an exemplary menu for weight loss, a woman should take into account the body's need for all nutrients and biologically important substances. The diet on which it is made, should not completely exclude fats. They are necessary for the synthesis of many compounds in the body of a woman. First of all, these are estrogens, which are becoming less and less with age.

You can not restrain yourself in carbohydrates. Porridge, whole grain bread, vegetables and fruits must be on the menu. It is only important to observe the first rule - the amount of food eaten, including carbohydrate, should be small.

Sample menu for weight loss after 40 years


To maintain health and beauty, it is important to maintain your hormonal balance in normal conditions. Doctors often give advice on doing this with low-dose estrogen pills. But there is another way to help the body. It is considered more innocuous, and the reviews are also more acceptable for many women.

Since after 40 years, estrogen synthesis begins to decline, it makes sense to add to the diet foods and herbs that contain its analogues. In the greatest number of phytoestrogens contain:

  • sage herb
  • liquorice root,
  • flax seeds,
  • linden flowers
  • grape oil
  • Red clover,
  • legumes,
  • jasmine flowers
  • Hop seedlings.

It is advisable to use these products more often when cooking dishes, and herbs to be added to tea or taken as an infusion. But it is necessary to focus on the first half of the menstrual cycle, when the body tries to synthesize its estrogens.

In the second half of the monthly cycle, a woman is recommended to take natural remedies that enhance the synthesis of another hormone, progesterone. With age, this compound is also synthesized weaker in women. To enhance the production of progesterone are used: