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Interesting ideas New Year's pasta


I welcome everyone! You have not made crafts for the New Year of the pasta? Soon the Pig will become the full owner of 2019. The guys do crafts, look forward to the matinee in kindergarten, prepare costumes and jewelry.

Preparing to celebrate a magical night has brought pleasant chores and bustle to many homes.

I propose to take a restless creation of Christmas decorations on the theme "Crafts for the New Year", we will make crafts from noodles, other available materials will be useful. Beauty will be indescribable!

Funny snowman from seashells

Without a doubt, any winter theme is relevant in December. However, without a snowman, made with your own hands, on New Year's Eve, one cannot do without it, as you do without Santa Claus or Snow Maiden.

This is one of the central characters of the winter fairy tale. Snow Foam as a toy hangs on a Christmas tree, paper applique looks at passersby through window glass, a wadding craft stands on the shelf as a New Year's souvenir. And how to make a snowman out of pasta?

Today we offer to make an unusual macaroni craft - a Christmas-tree toy on a clothespin. The work is simple, in time it takes no more than 40 minutes.

For the manufacture of a snowman we prepare the following materials and tools:

  1. paints with a brush,
  2. scissors,
  3. plastic sheet
  4. cardboard,
  5. glue,
  6. two types of pasta (rings / shells and spiral / tubules),
  7. satin ribbon
  8. doll eyes,
  9. plasticine,
  10. pin.

First we will draw, and then we will cut from cardboard the blank of Christmas crafts. Our hero will consist of three main parts: two circles and a trapezium bucket. Attach the paper template to the plastic plate and cut a transparent snowman.

Where to get the "invisible" plate? We cut it off from a plastic folder for papers. The dense base of the crafts will allow the finished Christmas toy to keep its shape and not deform.

Now we grease the circles of the snowman's body with glue and apply macaroni (rings, shells or other shapes).

The process continues until the entire base is hidden under the layer of pasta. Only with gluing the last detail, you can relax and set the figure aside.

For registration of a snowman's headgear - buckets we will use pasta in the form of spirals.

In the end, we must get the result as shown in the photo.

The turn came to take the paint in hand, make the shells white, and the spirals red.

Next we attach plastic toy eyes and a red plasticine nose to the New Year's crafts head. Snowman is ready.

It remains to wind a scarf around the snowman's neck. In our case, the accessory is made of blue satin ribbon. The ends of the scarf fix with glue.

We glue the figure to the usual clothespin. The protruding edge of the red clip hide under the plastic purchased snowflake. In principle, instead of a clothespin, you can make a loop of a ribbon or yarn.

A Christmas tree toy is ready to decorate a New Year tree in kindergarten, window blinds and even flower pots.

Admire the children's crafts, capturing a snowman close-up.

Herringbone pasta: a master class for beginners

Simply. Surprisingly, the pasta makes excellent bulk crafts for the New Year. Now we will consider the simplest master class that even children of primary school age can handle, albeit under the supervision of adults.

  • pasta in the form of spirals and shells,
  • glue,
  • plastic folder or folder,
  • scissors,
  • watercolor paints,
  • stapler

First, from a dense plastic, we need to cut a semicircle, from which a Christmas tree will be formed later. In the picture, the paper sheet is planted specifically to improve the visibility of work.

Then we grease the PVA plastic abundantly and apply spirals to it in several tiers as shown in the picture. By the way, we will connect the edges of the workpiece with a stapler. Therefore, leaving the place in the first row is empty - not a whim, but a “do-it-yourself” necessity.

And here is the promised cone, the base of which is pierced with a staple staple. After fixing the workpiece, it may be necessary to easily align the sides of the cone. This should be done carefully, but do not be afraid that the spirals will disappear. They hold tight.

We turn over the work, put the Christmas tree, as it should. We seal the remaining openings with pasta. We give the opportunity for the PVA to dry, become transparent, invisible.

Then we take a brush and watercolor in our hands and apply green paint. You can immediately multiple shades.

We will decorate the finished Christmas tree from pasta with New Year's toys - balls made of small shells. Bows would look very interesting on green paws, but unfortunately we don’t have them. The details are glued PVA.

Going to the finish line, we will paint our "balls" in red watercolor.

It looks like a Christmas tree in finished form. When the paint is dry, the craft will be matte, but still bright and extraordinarily beautiful.

The product turns out quite strong. The main thing is not to spare glue.
Herringbone made of pasta perfectly decorate the room for kids in kindergarten or school classes for students. The work is not difficult, but scrupulous, jewelry. Well suited for the development of motor fingers.

Snowflake out of pasta for the contest in kindergarten: step by step instructions

For making snowflakes we need:

  1. pasta,
  2. glue,
  3. the remains of glass,
  4. satin ribbon or thread,
  5. scissors,
  6. acrylic paint.

From the glass, you must cut a circle of suitable diameter. The diameter of the circle depends on what size you are planning to make a snowflake.

In the center of the circle, you can glue the asterisk or any other figure, spaghetti of the same size can be glued from the center to the edge in order to make the rays.

The second circle of glass fiber need to cut a larger diameter and make a ring out of it. Gently paste spaghetti on this ring and decorate it with pasta in the form of bows. Similarly, to work with the third ring.

When a snowflake is formed, you can paint it with acrylic paints in different colors.

Well, the New Year 2019 is just around the corner. Today you have learned what crafts from New Year's pasta can be made with your children for home or kindergarten. Let the Pig be generous with pleasant surprises and creative inspiration. See you soon!

Christmas ball

To make such a ball, which for the New Year will look great on the Christmas tree, you will need:

  • pasta (you can use figured, but preferably flat, and not convex),
  • balloon,
  • glue,
  • acrylic paints,
  • glitter
  • glue,
  • thread.

  1. Paint pasta, decorate with sparkles.
  2. Inflate the balloon, but not much, otherwise the craft will be too big.
  3. Place on the ball two or three macaroni, glue them on the sides.
  4. Cover the ball with pasta further, fixing them between each other on the sides.
  5. When glue almost the entire ball, burst it and pull it through the hole.
  6. Cover the hole by attaching the rest of the pasta.

Multicolored garland

You can make an interesting garland with your own hands. To do this, you need a rather thick thread, the macaroni themselves, multi-colored acrylic paints, a brush, glitter, rhinestones and glue.

The making is very simple. First you need to paint the pasta and let them dry completely. Then show imagination and decorate them using rhinestones or sparkles (fix them with glue). Now cut the thread, its length will be equal to the desired length of the garland plus 20-30 centimeters. And finally, fasten the pasta to the thread. If possible, string them. If not, just glue.

Beautiful Christmas tree

If you are interested in how to make New Year's pasta out of pasta, then make a Christmas tree. It is very easy!

  • cardboard (not the thickest),
  • glue (and it is better to use a glue gun, this is more convenient, and fixing will be more reliable),
  • pasta ("tubes" and "bows"),
  • green, red, blue, yellow acrylic paints (you can use different shades of green to create a 3D effect),
  • glitter
  • beads for decor,
  • one big beautiful curly macaroni.

  1. Fold the cardboard sheet so that you have a cone. The edges of the parts glue. The base is ready.
  2. Paint the pasta "tube" paint green paint, dry.
  3. Then you can begin to attach the pasta. You need to start from the bottom so that the details are arranged in tiers, and the Christmas tree in the end was fluffy and fluffy.
  4. Fix the macaroni with a glue or pistol around the circumference of the cone tier by tier until you reach the top of the cone. Between the details should not remain free space.
  5. When everything is dry, proceed to the decor. At the top, fix a large beautiful macaroni, which will play the role of a star. Do not forget to paint it and cover it with sequins to make it even more beautiful.
  6. Now place the toys on the Christmas tree, sticking beads and bows to the sprigs (they need to be painted).

Christmas angels

To make beautiful and cute Christmas angels, you will need:

  • pasta bows
  • pasta "tubules"
  • "horns"
  • thread,
  • glue,
  • acrylic paints (white or silver, black and red) and brush,
  • glitter
  • cotton wool
  • large beads.

  1. Take a bead, one “tube”, one “bow”, four “horns”. Paint all this with white or silver paint.
  2. Now take the "tube". Stick a bead to it. The torso and head are ready.
  3. On the sides just below the head glue the "horns". Hands are ready.
  4. Next, glue on the horn at the bottom of the "tube" on the sides. These are the legs of the future angel.
  5. Behind the "bow". Turned out cute wings.
  6. Cover the bead with glue on top, fix the cotton wool on the top of the head. This is angel hair.
  7. It remains to just draw the lips, eyes and nose on the face.
  8. For attachment, glue a loop of thread to the back of the head.
  9. Done! By the way, in the hands of angels you can put a photo of family members and fix them with glue.

Pasta snowflakes

To make beautiful pasta snowflakes, you need a lot of pasta of different shapes, acrylic paints (white, light blue, silver), as well as glue. First color all the pasta and let them dry. By the way, if you wish, you can add glitter to the paint so that the snowflakes shimmer beautifully.

On a flat surface, collect the future snowflake. It is most convenient to start from the center, and attach the rest of the pasta to it, so that you will end up with a figure that looks like a snowflake. Then simply glue all the details. Attach to the craft a loop of thread, so that the decoration was something to hang.

Now you can not only save money on New Year's accessories, but also decorate an apartment or any other room in an original and bright way!

Christmas crafts from pasta

What could be more beautiful and peculiar New Year crafts from colorful and multi-shaped pasta. Of course, many of us are used to seeing them in a completely different way, more appetizing and fragrant, with sauce or ketchup. However, our imagination does not let us get bored, looking for every day more and more new ideas of how to be creative. That came the turn of pasta. We have transformed them with our own hands into wonderful decorative vytvoryashki who are able to overshadow even their Christmas tree decorations with their brightness and originality. Get to work immediately, because before the New Year 2019 there is not too much time left. In this short time you must have time to fabulously transform your home. But first, find out what is so bizarre and unusual that can be made from this improvised material:

  • Father Frost, Snowman, Snow Maiden and other fairy-tale characters,
  • Christmas balls, snowflakes, angels and other decorative ornaments,
  • colorful garlands,
  • the symbol of the year is the Yellow Pig,
  • houses,
  • vases,
  • decoration of champagne and many other bottles on the festive table,
  • pictures,
  • photo frames
  • photo albums
  • Christmas ball - mobile,
  • decorative dishes
  • figurines,
  • applications,
  • postcards,
  • Christmas trees
  • topiary
  • candle holders
  • baskets,
  • decoration of glasses,
  • Christmas wreaths
  • beads, earrings, bracelets, hairpins and other types of jewelry,
  • caskets,
  • mirrors and stuff.

As you can see, the range is quite wide and varied, which allows us to choose for ourselves the most affordable and very simple in its performance crafts from pasta. Such an activity, of course, your whole family will be carried away, not only children. Therefore, the preparation for the New Year 2019 will turn into a real holiday for you, which you will do with your own hands. Browse our wonderful selection of photo ideas, and your imagination will be greatly enriched.

Here such New Year's creations can be quietly presented as an honorary presentation to someone. To make you more inspired by this work, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with other creative ideas presented in our video. Here you will find not only decorations for your home and souvenirs, but also be able to see which types of children's crafts can be made for a kindergarten or school for annual festive exhibitions or class decoration for the New Year 2019.

Video: super ideas for New Year's pasta

Rainbow pasta

In order for self-made crafts for the New Year 2019 to be colorful and fun, it is necessary to color the pasta before starting the creative work. There are a considerable number of methods for the transformation of these flour products. The most accessible and popular among them are:

  • acrylic paints,
  • gouache,
  • spray paints
  • PVA glue and glitter,
  • food colorings.

Everyone has the right to choose the option that suits him most. However, it is worth noting that the most effective and high-quality method is using food dyes. General approval is deserved by the fact that this component carefully paints even the most complex configurations of pasta, such as spirals, scallops, shells, springs, snails and other species, without leaving behind any flaws. Let us and we plunge into this creative work in order to learn more about all its secrets and subtleties. And our step by step master class will help us in this.

Work process:

  1. First of all, we select a convenient container for coloring these flour products. To do this, it is advisable to choose a small plastic bucket with a lid.
  2. Having chosen the food color you like, we dilute it with a small amount of water and pour it into our plastic bucket.
  3. Now came the turn of our pasta. We send these fancy flour figurines into a container with a prepared dye.
  4. Close the lid with the contents and begin to shake rhythmically so that all products are evenly colored.
  5. After that, we should dry them thoroughly. For this we need a plastic bag or baking sheet. The paper in this case is contraindicated, as it is necessary to subsequently tear off our blanks.
  6. We lay out our floury multi-colored products on a plastic bag, while maintaining a certain distance. We need this so that our crafts will not stick together, since then it will be simply impossible to separate them.
  7. In the process of drying, our rainbow figures should be periodically stirred. That's it! After a certain time, you can safely begin to create their own festive masterpieces for the New Year 2019.

Pasta Topiary

An excellent decoration of the rooms in your house for the New Year 2019 will be topiary made of pasta. Such an odd job looks rather unusual, because we are used to seeing it as a ball with flowers, Christmas decorations, rhinestones, beads, decorative stones, dried fruit, but not with flour products. However, you should not be wary of this idea, because as a result of creative hard work you get a rather original thing, which is very easy to do at home with your own hands. Let's try and we will create such New Year's perfection.

To work will require:

  • pasta of various shapes
  • hot glue,
  • old newspapers and paper
  • wooden skewers
  • spray paint,
  • thread,
  • wooden trunk
  • scissors,
  • flower pot,
  • gypsum or alabaster,
  • stationery knife,
  • decorative elements: sequins, satin ribbons, beads, artificial grass or moss,
  • Scotch.

Manufacturing process:

  1. The basis of topiariya can serve as a finished foam ball, and if this is not, then, having collected all the old newspapers in the house or some paper, you can form a ball of the required size, crushing it with your hands into a dense, hard and heavy lump.
  2. In order for our base to take a uniform shape, it should be smeared completely with glue, wound with threads, and then with adhesive tape.
  3. After that, we need to make a recess in the ball in order to further secure our wooden trunk.
  4. Now our crafts should give a decorative neat look. To do this, we take spray paint of any color you like and process our product. Only one should be extremely careful, at this stage gaps and all kinds of flaws are unacceptable.
  5. After the time of drying, we proceed to the most important thing - the design of our topiary pasta. It is necessary to begin this stage from the top of the ball and gradually move towards its middle. Then it is necessary to turn the product upside down and fix the wooden trunk. Then continue pasting to the end.
  6. Когда данная работа будет завершена, следует взять цветочный горшок или любую другую емкость и заполнить ее гипсовым или алебастровым раствором. После того, как масса немного схватится, необходимо установить в нее наше изделие. Дать немного отстояться.
  7. We take spray paint and process our craft with it, which we subsequently carefully dry. That's it! On the New Year 2019, such a creation will be an excellent decoration of the interior of your home, as well as a great gift for your relatives or friends.

If you wish to make your own hands a few of these souvenirs for the New Year's Eve, then check out our selection of photo ideas that will inspire you to new work.

Our video tutorial will tell you some more interesting ideas on this topic.

Master class on making pasta

Picture of pasta

A very beautiful and bright product for the New Year 2019 will be a picture made with your own hands out of pasta. Such handicraft will impress all your relatives who have visited you on New Year's Eve. By the way, you can present it to someone as a gift, making a few copies differing among themselves. The work of creating such beauty does not particularly complicate you, because there is nothing easier than this occupation. Soon you will see for yourself.

To work will require:

  • gold cardboard
  • pasta in the form of shells, scallops, pipes and much more,
  • PVA glue,
  • gouache,
  • decorative spray gold color
  • tassel.

Manufacturing process:

  1. The basis of our picture will serve as a golden cardboard. On it we will form the flowers and the general background. To do this, take the pasta in the form of shells and, putting them on the PVA glue, press your finger to the cardboard, creating petals. Thus we collect all the flowers that are depicted in the photo.
  2. The stalk will be flour products in the form of pipes and thin wavy noodles, and the heart of the flower will be small figurines or crushed spaghetti.
  3. To make our crafts look interesting and resemble a picture, you need to make a kind of frame out of the scallops and small parts. Secure the whole thing with the same PVA glue.
  4. After our composition will be assembled, we need to process it with a decorative spray of golden color. You can choose any other shade at your discretion and desire. If you want, the finished product, after drying, can be opened with acrylic varnish for a more spectacular shine.

Such a picture, made by your own hands for the New Year 2019 and decorated with a wooden frame, will look gorgeous on any wall of your home. And her golden shine will like so much the symbol of the coming year - the Yellow Earthen Pig, that she will certainly bestow her attention and protection on her.

Browse our photo ideas so that you can quickly determine what your future New Year's handicraft will be. By the way, your children can also take part in this interesting and useful lesson, making funny pictures for kindergarten or school.

If you want to make other creative works in addition to pictures, then you have a great chance to make a frame for photographs from flour figures. This greatly diversifies your occupation.

Master class on making photo frames from pasta

Festive Pasta Vase

Among the wide range of handmade pasta for the New Year 2019, made with your own hands, it is worth noting a vase. It looks quite impressive with spruce twigs on the New Year's table or nightstand. Work on the creation of such a product is quite simple. It should only be patient and flour products of the desired form. So let's get started.

To work will require:

  • pasta shaped figure,
  • pasta - bows,
  • capacity as a base
  • paint in a can,
  • glue gun,
  • food color red,
  • decorative elements at your discretion.

Working process:

  1. We take the basis for our work, for example, a vase or a trimmed plastic bottle. It will serve as a mount for creating a vase frame.
  2. With the help of hot glue it is necessary to tightly join all the figures of the flour products chosen by you, starting from the bottom, and then, putting them in rows over each other, to form walls. This process should be carried out very carefully, as the pasta has a fragile structure.
  3. After our craft finally dries out, you should pull out a glass vase or another container of your choice from it.
  4. Proceed to tinting the surface of the product with an aerosol paint.
  5. You can decorate a vase at its discretion. In our case, these are bows, which we dyed with red food dye and attached to our masterpiece by means of hot glue.

This is the beauty we have got with our own hands for the New Year 2019. You can use it as a bright and original addition to the interior of your home, and if there is such a desire, present it in the form of a significant presentation on New Year's Eve. But for this you should try to create other types of pasta from the pasta, which are presented in our collection of photo ideas.

If you decide to make several such excellent gifts, then turn your attention to the box, made with your own hands from various kinds of flour figures. Such a souvenir will certainly be welcome to everyone. With the help of our video tutorial try your luck and surprise all your family and friends with your skill.

Master class on making a decorative box of pasta

Snowflake on the Christmas tree

From the pasta for the New Year 2019 beautiful crafts in the form of snowflakes on the Christmas tree are obtained. It’s not difficult to do it yourself, moreover, this activity will appeal to children of preschool and school age. They will be able in the shortest possible time to make excellent decorations for the transformation of their group or class, which will earn the respect of educators and teachers. For this creative work, you can use a variety of flour products, as long as they look harmoniously in the overall Christmas tree composition.

To work will require:

  • macaroni of different types,
  • glue,
  • acrylic paint.

Working process:

  1. To make a crafts in the form of a snowflake on the Christmas tree, you need to stick together the flourlike figures selected by you. To do this, use pasta: wheels, stars, shells, bows, etc. You need to form a picture of them, and if you like it, you need to get to work.
  2. When a glued snowflake is obtained, it should be treated with acrylic paint for a more aesthetic look. Such colors as gold, silver and white look very nice. As decoration elements of our product, made by your own hands for the New Year 2019, you can use lacquer with glitter, PVA glue and glitter, rhinestones, beads, beads.
  3. After making our snowflakes, you need to attach a thread to it. After drying, the toy is ready to decorate the Christmas tree. In this order, in stages, you can create any kind of product - flowers, stars, and other toys.

Browse our selection of photo ideas, which will offer you the finest work on this topic, and also we have a cool article with many more cool crafts, follow the link to see for yourself https://funny-new-year.ru/10-luchshix-podelok -na-novyj-god-2019-svoimi-rukami.htm.

These are the crafts you can make at home quite easily. But we recommend to get acquainted with our educational video, which will be useful for you.

Master class on making snowflakes do it yourself

Macaroni snowman

New Year's holidays are not complete without fairy-tale characters such as Father Frost, Snow Maiden, Snowman and many others. We made these heroes earlier from plastic bottles and cups, cotton pads, felt, paper, cardboard and other improvised materials. But today is the time to try to create them with the help of pasta. Our crafts will be the Snowman, whom we will skillfully shape with our own hands for the New Year 2019.

To work will require:

  • pasta - flowers - 1 kg,
  • PVA glue - 3 tubes,
  • balloons - 2 pcs.,
  • black, red, white, orange felt,
  • finished or hand-sewn hat,
  • scarf
  • cotton wool or synthetic winterizer
  • needle with thread
  • scissors,
  • long skewers for pens - 2 pcs,
  • spray paint in white
  • clear adhesive sealant.

Working process:

  1. To begin with, we are inflating our balls, but one of them should be made a little smaller, since this will be the head of the Snowman.
  2. We take two deep containers and insert inflated balls into them so that they hold steadily and do not fall during further work.
  3. We proceed to the direct design of pasta balloons, your chosen form. To do this, starting from the base, with the glue we attach our flour figures in a tight order, keeping the direction to the tail, but not reaching it completely.
  4. When everything dries out properly, we pierce our balls with a needle and carefully remove them from the resulting structures.
  5. We connect two halves of the Snowman with each other with transparent adhesive sealant.
  6. After drying, treat the body with white spray paint.
  7. While the product dries out, we need to make our own clothes for the Snowman. If there is a ready-made hat that would fit a given head size, then great, and if not, then you need to sew it out of felt.
  8. We take measurements from the head and make a pattern, first hats, and then, mittens and a scarf. All sewed by hand or on a sewing machine.
  9. We also cut out eyes, mouth and buttons from black, white and red felt, and then glue to Snowman.
  10. It remains to make a nose. For this we need an orange felt. Having made the pattern and sewing the parts, we need to fill the carrot with cotton wool or padding polyester. We attach it with glue. Done!

Here is such an excellent hand-made hack that will decorate your home for the New Year 2019.

Christmas tree

To create a hand-made Christmas tree for the New Year 2019, you can use simple pasta for this purpose. The process will be very exciting for you and your children, because it includes not only the main work on creating decorative objects, but also preparatory, as a result of which you will turn ordinary flour figurines into multi-colored decorations that attract everyone's attention. Choose in the store those types of flour products that you like best and start to work.

This will require:

  • pasta,
  • green cardboard
  • cap,
  • glue,
  • food coloring.

Working process:

  1. The basis of the Christmas tree will serve as a cardboard rolled into a tapered view. It is advisable to choose for this green durable material, so that the gaps resulting from the work are not so conspicuous. In the absence of cardboard of the desired color, you should simply use any colors: green, silver or gold.
  2. Then the finished painted pasta is fixed with glue to the base. As a stand for the Christmas tree, you can use the cover, which is also desirable to repaint. The star that adorns the top of our artificial cardboard tree must be created from a different kind of flour products so that each detail has its own individuality. Such crafts will decorate any interior, whether it is your home, or kindergarten, or school. She will cheer up in the New Year 2019 to everyone around her.

Our photo ideas will provide you with a lot of positive emotions, as well as inspiration for your own work.

Watch our educational video and learn more about how a tree is created at home

Master class on making a Christmas tree from pasta do it yourself


It is not necessary to buy a candlestick in stores for the New Year 2019 to beautifully decorate the festive table or any part of the room in your house, because even ordinary pasta makes wonderful hand-made crafts. Having created a decorative candlestick with an interesting pattern, you can put it anywhere, the main thing is that this product will delight you every day and delight your family and guests.

This will require:

Working process:

  1. For crafts for the New Year 2019 is better to choose embossed pasta. They need to be glued together by creating a product in the form of a candlestick or basket. To do this, you need to use some small bowl to make it convenient to shape our craft.
  2. After our product dries out, if desired, it can be repainted with acrylic paint. If you want, you can make blanks out of the flourish figures you have chosen, which in a special plastic container should be transformed with the food dye of the color you like, before starting your creativity. So your work will look brighter and more spectacular in the end. For this purpose, you should use all kinds of sparkles. The flame of the candle will give your candlestick a bit of glamor, which, in turn, will flash a flicker on New Year's Eve.

There are excellent options for making candlesticks that you will surely like. Check them out in our selection of photo ideas.

A self-made candlestick creates a wonderful homely atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Its creation will not delay you for a long time, on the contrary, you and your children will be so carried away by this occupation that you want to perform other types of such products, but in a different design. In order to clearly understand all the nuances of this work, you should watch our video.

Master class on making pasta candlestick

Christmas ball

To make a handicraft of pasta for the New Year 2019 with your own hands, dear friends, you do not need a special skill. Proof of this is the New Year's ball of flourish-colored figurines, which we will quickly and very easily create at home.

This will require:

  • pasta,
  • balloon,
  • food coloring or acrylic paint,
  • glue,
  • thread.

Working process:

  1. First, for our crafts, you need to inflate the balloon to the desired size.
  2. Then pasta is applied to it by means of glue, which can be pre-painted using food coloring.
  3. After the balloon has turned out, the air base must be pierced with a needle, after which it is deflated.
  4. Playing with the size of the balloon, in the process of work, you can make your own hands not only home decoration in the form of a New Year's mobile, which you complement with rhinestones, beads, silver or gold threads and other decorative elements, but also uniquely and originally design your Christmas tree for the New Year 2019 the small balls made of flour freakish figures.

We hope our original photo ideas will come in handy.

In addition to toys for the Christmas tree, of the similar flour products for the New Year 2019, you can create a ceiling for the floor lamp. He will bring variety to your home and some unusual, from which your friends will not be able to tear off delighted eyes.

Master class on creating the ceiling of the pasta

Christmas wreath

Every New Year, many people seek to decorate their entrance or room doors with a Christmas wreath. This tradition came to us from European countries and stayed permanently in our houses and apartments with you. If you didn’t have such a New Year's thing at hand, and you are trying in every way to follow all the whims of fashion, then you shouldn’t get lost, but you should make your own hand-made article for New Year's Eve 2019 at home from ordinary pasta. It is not difficult, try it yourself.

This will require:

  • pasta,
  • golden colored spray
  • base for wreath,
  • decorations: ribbons, beads, beads.
  • glue.

Working process:

  1. As a basis for a wreath, you can take a thick cardboard or wood. The material must be cut in a circle with the space inside.
  2. It is advisable to repaint it with the help of a decorative golden spray.
  3. Then pasta should stick on the base in random order.
  4. The product can be decorated with ribbons, bells, tinsel, beads, etc. It turns out very beautiful crafts for the New Year 2019, made with your own hands, which will create a festive atmosphere in the house. A Christmas wreath is usually placed on the door.

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At last

That’s where our article about pasta crafts for the New Year 2019 can be made with your own hands quickly and easily. Now you know perfectly well, with the help of which you can transform your home on the eve of New Year's Eve and what presents to please your guests. Be sure your creative work will be appreciated, so you get a lot of pleasure and positive emotions. Happy holiday, dear friends, all the best to you!