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10 best eyeliners


  • If you first started drawing arrows, refuse to purchase liquid liner, it is better to “fill” the hand on the contours with a solid applicator.
  • For lovers of shooters on the lower eyelid, it is preferable to prefer a soft contour pencil, which among the makeup artists is called “kayal”. Gel or liquid eyeliner draw neat thin arrows here will not succeed, and the marker will only scratch the eyelid.
  • Having thought about purchasing a gel liner, be sure to ask about its shelf life - it is spent very economically.
  • If the main purpose of the purchase is to visually widen the section of the eyes, refrain from acquiring the classic black contour, it is better to take the liner of color shades. As a rule, manufacturers produce a fairly wide color palette of this cosmetic.
  • Those who prefer a glossy contour finish should look at either liquid liner or felt-tip pens, because pencils or gel types, as a rule, are distinguished by a matte result.

Trademarks of the best quality mark

The names of the manufacturers of decorative cosmetics recognized throughout the world are hardly a secret for most women. Choosing eyeliner, you should pay attention to the long-established benchmark quality brands Maybelline (USA), Chanel (France), MAC (Germany) or Clinique (USA). It is not inferior to them in popularity and L'Oreal (France), Bourjois (France), Givenchy (France). However, it is worth taking into account that the price of their products will be decent.
If your budget is limited, you can look at companies whose quality is not worse, they just can not boast the promotion of its brand. For example, Essence (Germany) or VivienneSabo (France) also have a lot of their fans.

We present our ranking of the best in 2017 eyeliner, compiled from reviews of both experts and ordinary customers.

Main selection criteria

Learning how to draw beautiful and even arrows is no easy task. This type of makeup is used for both everyday and festive look. In order not to be mistaken and choose the right liner, which will simplify the procedure of "drawing", you must consider the following factors:

  • manufacturer credibility
  • stamina
  • packing tightness
  • ease of application
  • color saturation
  • flowability
  • quality brush or applicator,
  • the presence of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients.

In addition, choosing a good quality eyeliner, you need to pay attention to such nuances:

  1. For beginners “make-up artists” who try their hand in this field for the first time, an eyeliner with a solid applicator is best suited. She will allow to master the basic skills and techniques of makeup.
  2. For those who like to draw arrows on the lower eyelid, it is recommended to use softer eye pencils. Drawing a neat arrows using a liquid or gel liner will not succeed, the marker can scratch the eyelid.
  3. To create a glossy finish contour suitable liquid eyeliner or marker. Matte arrows are drawn in pencil or gel.
  4. When purchasing gel products, it is necessary to carefully study the data on the expiration date indicated on the package, since the consumption of the product is very economical.

If the main purpose of buying make-up products is a visual expansion of the eye contour, then in this case it is necessary to refrain from the black classic contour. It is preferable to give preference to color eyeliner, which has a wide palette.

This information and the rating of the best products for eye makeup will allow you to navigate the variety of cosmetic products and choose the preferred liner.

Eyeliner - Eyeliner

A popular and easy-to-use version that allows you not only to draw a contour, but also to shade it if necessary. The best pencils from well-known manufacturers allow you to discreetly emphasize the contour of the century, create the desired effect, without using shadows, to depict complex parts.

1. Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes

The eyeliner from the American brand Clinique is made in the form of an ordinary pencil. The best liner in durability is characterized by a creamy soft consistency enriched with components for moisturizing the skin. Convenient sharpener allows you to quickly bring a pencil in working condition.

Due to the waterproof effect, the applied lines are not dissected or smeared, keeping their shape for a long time.

  • stable contour fixation
  • economy,
  • deep rich shade
  • high quality,
  • possibility of feathering.

Disadvantages: high cost.

Price: from 750 to 1161 rubles.

Prices for Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes:

2. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Professional waterproof pencil has a soft, atraumatic cream structure. A wide velvety palette of 39 different shades will allow you to create an exclusive makeup for all occasions.

The formula is perfectly shaded within the first 30 seconds after application.

The pencil contains moisturizing ingredients - jojoba oil and cotton seeds, vitamin E.

  • excellent durability
  • high quality,
  • intense color
  • perfect application
  • resistance to moisture and high temperatures.

Disadvantages: high price.

Price: 1345 rubles.

Prices for Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil:

3. Dior Crayon Eyeliner - Waterproof

Waterproof pencil from the global brand DIOR is designed to create an expressive look.

The series has increased stability due to the presence in the composition of volatile, waterproof silicones. Colors do not lose their intensity and are not smeared.

A convenient applicator on the back side of the pencil will allow you to shade the eyeliner and achieve a mysterious smoky eyes effect. Volume - 1.2 g.

  • the ability to create the perfect contour
  • clear line
  • saturated color,
  • stamina
  • diverse palette.

Disadvantages: not identified.

Price: 1386 rubles.

Prices for Dior Crayon Eyeliner - Waterproof:

1. Guerlain Eyeliner

This luxury cosmetic product has an ultra-thin brush, thanks to which you can create a flawless arrow. Good glide over the eyelid provides a liquid consistency of the product. Glitter and excellent durability is achieved by a special formula, which includes enveloping elastic polymers. The liner is presented in three shades: black, ultramarine and ash-chestnut. Branded packaging is made of frosted glass, which protects the composition from the influence of negative external factors.

Before using the liner, the package must be shaken vigorously, since the composition has a two-phase structure.

  • stamina
  • ease of use
  • hypoallergenic,
  • profitability.

Disadvantages: high cost.

Price: 2840 rubles.

Prices for Guerlain Eyeliner:

2. Bourjois Liner Pinceau 16h

Liquid eyeliner ensures fast application of precise, even lines of any width. High-quality pigments present in the formula provide rich color tones.

The composition is held on the eyelids for 16 hours, does not float or smear.

The color palette is represented by three shades - black, brown and gold. Due to the high cost of 2.5 ml funds will last for a long time.

  • resistant matte make-up,
  • comfortable brush,
  • dries quickly
  • affordable price.

Disadvantages: not identified.

Price: from 395 to 777 rubles.

Prices for Bourjois Liner Pinceau 16h:

1. Bobbi Brown Long-wear gel eyeliner

The product has 14 different matte and shimmer shades that allow you to create any kind of makeup. The texture of the liner is thick, sliding.

The moisture-resistant formula allows you not to fear for make-up, not only in bad weather, but also during intense physical exertion in the gym.

The composition for a long time retains its original appearance, leaving no traces on the eyelids. Makeup is removed with a special cosmetic.

  • a wide variety of colors,
  • economy,
  • glossy finish.

Disadvantages: high cost.

Price: 2040 rubles.

Prices for Bobbi Brown Long-wear gel eyeliner:

2. MAYBELLINE EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner

The creators of the unique gel liner made sure that the makeup of the woman remained flawless for 24 hours. This is achieved due to the presence in the complex formula of special elements that ensure the clarity of the contour, saturation, haze, resistance to moisture, fat and temperature changes. The eyeliner is safe and comfortable.

Improved double-sided brush makes application very simple.

The product is sold in small glass jars, ensuring the safety of the composition for a long time.

  • comfortable consistency without adding oils,
  • economy,
  • high durability
  • the ability to select colors.

Disadvantages: not identified.

Price: 620 rubles.

Prices for MAYBELLINE EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner:

3. MAC Fluidline

The manufacturer placed a professional gel eyeliner in a convenient glass jar, the volume of which is 3 g. The composition does not spread and has good durability throughout the day. The product is represented by a wide palette of shades, allowing you to create a unique image.

  • silky soft coating
  • easy use
  • moisture resistance
  • classic design.

Disadvantages: the lack of a set of brushes.

Price: 1300 rubles.

Prices for MAC Fluidline:

1. Artdeco High Precision Liquid Liner

The product is very popular with consumers. In the Russian market it is presented in chocolate and black color.

The applicator consists of elastic, thin villi, collected in a cone.

They are easy to draw beautiful arrows that retain their appearance for a long time.

  • sealed packaging
  • long shelf life
  • high durability
  • economy,
  • dries quickly
  • saturated color,
  • convenient "nose" of a felt-tip pen.

Disadvantages: during storage, you must maintain a vertical position.

Price: from 635 to 1653 rubles.

Prices for Artdeco High Precision Liquid Liner:

2. L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim

The convenient ergonomic shape of the marker allows you to create a stylish image without much difficulty.

A very thin (0.5 mm) felt applicator brush ensures the accuracy of drawing thin arrows with a barely noticeable glossy shine.

The composition withstands contact with water, is well removed with soap and micellar water. Available in three colors - black, blue and green. Volume - 1 ml.

  • ease of application,
  • stamina
  • nice texture
  • dries quickly.

Disadvantages: not saturated colors.

Price: from 488 to 662 rubles.

Prices for L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim:

Decorative cosmetics - an individual type of product, the choice of which depends on the possibilities, preferences and other factors. This rating will help navigate the extensive range and get the best liner.

Types of eyeliner

To create a make-up in the daytime it is recommended to use eyeliner-pencil. She allows to make lines thin and graceful. In the evening it is best to use a marker, which will help create a bold line. Gel liners are the most resistant of all.

Creamy, too greasy eyeliners do not provide comfort in their use, because usually you need to use a brush to apply them. Also note that they dry up almost instantly.


Italian, American and French manufacturers of cosmetics managed to win only a positive reputation for themselves. After all, it was in these countries that this branch of the cosmetic industry developed over several decades.

How to draw arrows with different types of connections:

Well proven eye liner

Eyeliners are manufactured by many manufacturers, which is why you should give preference to the most well-known brand, which has long been able to establish itself in the market among consumers only from the positive side. After all, a cosmetic should not cause allergic reactions, it is desirable that it provides reliable care for face skin and eyelids. There are several proven eyeliners, which are particularly popular among consumers.

This eyeliner has excellent quality, so it can be considered one of the best. It also has a very affordable price that is available to every consumer. Made in the shape of a pencil, it is easy to use, durable and bright.

The brush at the cosmetic is thick, so with its help you can create not very thin and not too thick arrows.

Despite the poor palette of colors (black and brown), for each type of skin eyeliner lays down in its own way. It makes the face shine. Consumers are very pleased with this makeup tool, they consider it the golden mean between pencils and liquid liners. However, you need to practice before using it, because from the first time neat lines will not be produced.

  • bright colors and arrows
  • convenient use
  • proven manufacturer
  • fits in any cosmetic bag.
  • not too thin brush,
  • few flowers
  • for a make-up in the afternoon not too approaches

The approximate cost of 400 rubles.

This eyeliner in the form of a marker includes a special composition that does not cause allergic reactions, which is why it is great for those who have too sensitive skin. It is perfectly shaded on the skin, because it has a structure in the form of a cream. The eyeliner is very stable, which is why it is quite problematic to wash it away from the eyes. It is necessary to use a special makeup remover.

It will be quite unpleasant sensations when getting eyeliner on the mucous membrane of the eye. The appearance of the eyeliner resembles ordinary mascara, but it differs significantly from it in its composition. The tangible advantage is that with one movement you can draw a perfectly flat line.

  • ease of use
  • fits perfectly on the skin
  • durability of cosmetic products
  • does not cause allergies
  • price-quality ratio,
  • four colors.
  • not too saturated colors
  • coarse brush.

The approximate cost is 200 rubles.

Eyeliner can not be called a means for applying permanent makeup, because it is not waterproof. When hit in the rain make-up immediately spoil. However, consumers are not afraid at all, because they appreciate the fact that the composition does not crack and is evenly shaded over the centuries. The brush here is great for creating thin arrows; it is not too wide. The color scheme of this tool looks attractive, eyeliner looks perfect all day. Before use, the tool must be shaken to avoid the formation of lumps and drying.

  • soft and comfortable brush,
  • means ideally evenly lays down,
  • perfectly applied to the skin
  • does not cause eye irritation.
  • shake eyeliner before use,
  • eyelids heavy.

The cost of the product is about 600 rubles.

This tool has a double effect immediately, and therefore has been a leader in the market for a long time. Its composition is completely safe for human health, does not cause allergic reactions, it lacks perfumes and parabens. In the liner there is a soft and thin brush, with which it is easy to draw perfectly smooth lines on the eyelids. You can also draw with a brush both thin and thick, noticeable lines. The eyeliner is made in brown and black, which look very bright on the skin of the face. The product is very resistant, but you can wash it off without any problems with any makeup remover.

  • no allergic reactions
  • stamina
  • the ability to draw thin and thick arrows.
  • the case is not very durable, so it may crack if dropped.

The cost of liner is 800 rubles.

This eyeliner can be called the best of all possible cosmetics. It is perfectly suited for drawing arrows of any thickness. Users believe that this allows an elegant applicator. The brush is quite thin, so the lines look very neat. The tool is spent quite economically, it lasts a long time. However, it is worth knowing that if you do not use eyeliner for a long time, the brush will quickly dry up, which will be very noticeable on the face.

  • bright colours,
  • stamina
  • makeup can hold all day.
  • crumbles after drying,
  • color range is not suitable for everyone.

The cost is about 500 rubles.

This cosmetic can be called qualitative and the most optimal for its price category. The manufacturer claims that eyeliner is applied with precise and soft movements, is very convenient and comfortable. Also, the tool does not cause allergic reactions in humans. Consumers say that the cosmetic is very persistent, keeps on the face throughout the day without deforming its appearance, and does not spread even in the rain.

  • bright colors,
  • stamina
  • suitable for both professionals and beginners
  • does not spread,
  • nice smell.
  • too fast drying, which sometimes becomes a problem when applied.

The approximate cost of 300 rubles.

Cosmetic tool will be a worthy assistant in a cosmetics bag of every representative of the weak half of humanity. The eyeliner is waterproof, so she is not afraid of snow and rain. Выпускается она в сером и черном цвете, что является настоящей классикой. Состав следует наносить при помощи мягкой кисти, которая является очень удобной благодаря не слишком большой длине. Средство можно при необходимости быстро смыть, оно не растекается. Однако следует знать, что если использовать подводку ежедневно, то она расходуется с невероятной быстротой.

  • классические цвета,
  • стойкость,
  • отсутствует растекание.
  • быстрый расход.

Стоимость средства около 300 рублей.

Корейская подводка имеет ряд неоспоримых преимуществ, ведь она не растрескивается, быстро высыхает и пользоваться ей очень удобно. Стойкость подводки также является плюсом, ведь даже во время дождя она не смывается. With the help of a convenient brush you can make both thick and thin arrows for day and evening make-up. The cosmetic is produced in plastic packaging with a convenient applicator and flexible tip. Eyeliner does not stain the skin on the face, it is very economical. The eyelid skin is moisturized due to the special ingredients in the composition, hyaluronic acid and panthenol.

  • profitability in use,
  • convenient packaging
  • fashionable and bright colors
  • able to keep on face for over 24 hours
  • nourishes the skin of the eyes.
  • the brush is not too comfortable.

The approximate cost of 500 rubles.

This cosmetic is very high quality, it is not smeared and perfectly applied to the skin of the eyelids. Even a beginner can draw beautiful arrows, because the brush here is very simple and convenient. The tool can stay on the face for more than a day, but the lack of oils allows you to wash it off if necessary.

  • proven manufacturer
  • great brush
  • does not stain face
  • nice smell.
  • may cause an allergic reaction,
  • quickly consumed.

The approximate cost of the product is 400 rubles.

This eyeliner from the French manufacturer has proven itself as an excellent decorative tool for creating the most unusual and original images. In the color palette there are burgundy, sky blue, green and purple hues. Such an eyeliner is perfect for parties and parties: makeup will be unforgettable.

The advantage of this eyeliner is that it is not smeared on the upper eyelid and is easily washed off with water. Despite its liquid structure, it falls flat, dries quickly and allows you to draw arrows of the desired shape and size.

According to customers, we can say that the color palette of the eyeliner is very rich and relevant, suitable for any girl.

  • suitable for creating an unusual image
  • great texture
  • does not spread,
  • high durability.
  • the brush is somewhat stiff
  • over time, packaging may lose functionality.

The average price is 300 rubles.

Extras: video comparison of different brands:

What is to choose?

First of all, you should focus on the very texture of the decorative means.

Gel eyeliners are considered the newest among all others on the market. So far, they are produced not all known brands. They are very easy to use, bright and vibrant colors and long service life.

These funds are very popular, because they hold on for a long time without changing their appearance. Despite the fact that the texture of the eyeliner is a bit like mascara, they do not spread over the eyelids. Cosmetics suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Eyeliners in the form of markers help create a neat and bright makeup. They are very convenient to use.

Liquid gel liners with sharp and thin tips in most cases are considered waterproof, so they last for a long time.

10. Waterproof makeup base

Base MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation is super wear-resistant (lasts up to 24 hours) and waterproof. It costs about 2,700 rubles, but if you are looking for something cheaper and at the same time high-quality, then pay attention to the hypoallergenic fluid VICHY Dermablend 16H Fluid Foundation, which costs 1,550 rubles. It remains on the skin a little less than the basis of the MAC Pro - up to 16 hours, but it is unlikely you will spend so much time on the beach. Both bases do not clog pores and are suitable for sensitive skin.

9. Tonal basis

Some tonal foundations are too dense - this is like wearing a blanket on your face. And the skin should breathe, but not be exposed to the implacable effect of the sun on a hot day. Terracotta Sun Protection Compact Foundation SPF 20 Guerlain will perfectly cope with the task of protecting the skin. It has a very light texture, and the formula with moisturizing ingredients will not allow the skin to dry, even out its tone and make it velvety to the touch. There are options for the basics of all skin tones. The price of the product is high - 3800 rubles.

A more affordable option is Laura Mercier Silk Crème Photo Edition Foundation - 3,500 rubles. This foundation makes the skin smooth and matte, and this effect lasts 12 hours.

Primers are necessary for summer, they contribute to the smoothness of the skin, mask imperfections and, most importantly, help to create the perfect base for makeup to last all day. A good primer for the summer period is

Tom Ford Complexion Enhancing Primer. Its price is about 3000 rubles. The tool refers to the fall collection of 2015, inspired by the naturalness of Hollywood images

20th century. This primer provides an even and radiant tone of the face and has 2 shades - pink and peach.

7. Makeup Catch

Licking powder VICHY Dermablend Setting Powder, worth about 3,240 rubles, will protect makeup not only from water and sweat, but also from accidental rubbing of cosmetics on the face.

A less expensive option is the Graftobian Setting Spray, which protects against sweat and creates a waterproof effect. Its price is from 900 rubles and higher.

6. Good waterproof mascara

There are a lot of varieties of waterproof carcass. One of the best mascaras is Rimmel London Wonder’Full Waterproof Mascara, which costs about 400 rubles. According to reviews of users, it does not crumble, lasts a long time, and eyelashes with it look natural. The disadvantages of this cosmetic include: the rigidity of the eyelashes after application and the fact that the brush stains the eyelid when applying mascara.

Another excellent option in terms of price / quality ratio is Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection (1565 rubles). This is an eyelash mascara corrector that allows you to apply mascara without lumps and “spider legs”, as well as soften and comb through an already applied make-up.

5. Waterproof eyeliner

Some women prefer not to use mascara, and make the eyes visually larger and more expressive using eyeliner. The best waterproof swim pads include creamy Lancôme Ombre Hypnose Intense 24H (from 2000 rubles) with a large selection of bright colors and a light texture, as well as the super-resistant Chanel Ligne Extreme liquid eyeliner. Liquid Eye Lines (1380 rubles), which passed ophthalmological control. The second option is suitable for experienced fashionistas who already have experience with liquid eyeliner.

4. Waterproof eyeshadow

In fourth place in the list of the highest quality waterproof cosmetics are excellent cream shadow called Ombre Waterproof. They are produced by Clarins. Shadows have a velvety texture with the smallest nacre particles, easy

applied and give the look a beautiful and mysterious shimmer. They cost about 1000 rubles.

Another suitable summer option for waterproof shades is TOPSHOP Long Lasting Crème Eyeshadow. They hold their eyes for up to 16 hours, have a creamy-smooth texture and come in five different shades. The cost of 2-gram packaging - 650 rubles.

3. Means for removing waterproof makeup

A selection of the best waterproof cosmetics for the sea can not do without a tool designed to remove these cosmetics. After all, ordinary water "will not take it." We recommend the quality and non-irritating two-phase variant from Chanel - Demaquillant Yeux Intense Eye Makeup remover (price from 2300 rubles). After applying it, the skin is velvety and there is no greasy film on it.

A less expensive option is to take it away. Estee Lauder. It costs about 900 rubles and is suitable for washing waterproof makeup with eyes and lips.

2. Waterproof lipstick

Many cosmetic lip products have waterproof properties because they are enriched with waxes and oils. Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick lipstick lasts up to 12 hours, does not spread and, thanks to its wax texture, resists water. Its cost is 1200 rubles and more.

Fans of gloss can enjoy the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, which combines bright colors with beautiful shine. The cost is 1,170 rubles.

1. Resistant blush for the beach

Fresh blush on your cheeks on a summer day looks very attractive. You can create it using TOPSHOP Lip & Cheek Smudge (price - about 600 rubles).

Those who are looking for a blush of unusual colors can pay attention to Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush, they have 12 shades. They do not pretend to a special water resistance, but they hold on until 8 o'clock and will calmly withstand a trip to the beach, if your task is to tan, and not to dive with water.

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