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11 best nail polishes


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The role of manicure in the image of a girl, at first glance, may seem insignificant. In fact, sometimes, the key. No matter how well the wardrobe and accessories were chosen, hair was laid and makeup was made - this all fades against the background of unclean female hands.

The manicure of the last decade can be boldly dubbed the “Epoch of gel varnish”. Due to the unique technology of combining the properties of the gel and varnish, the resulting product allows you to maintain an attractive appearance of nails over a long period. A distinctive feature of gel polishes is a three-step algorithm for the procedure. Manipulation requires a LED or ultraviolet lamp, a set of manicure tools and tools (file, buff, primer, bond, remuver, etc.), as well as a set of coatings (base, color, top).

In contrast to the extension when covering nails with gel varnish, it is not necessary to make a gash of the top layer of nail plates - thus the degree of damage to natural nails is reduced. At the same time it is not necessary to go to the salon for applying gel-lacquer coating - if you have the necessary equipment and imagination, then nothing will prevent you from realizing the dream of an original manicure at home.

We offer you the ranking of the best color collections gel polishes to create the perfect manicure without chipping. The distribution of seats took into account the following factors:

  • brand reputation and reviews
  • demand for goods among users,
  • opinions of nail service specialists.

The best cheap gel polishes: a budget of up to 250 rubles.

Untidy nails can push the other person. The uniform length and shape of the nail plate - only half the success. When preliminary preparation is made, the matter remains for the most interesting - design.

Gel polishes have become an integral attribute of fashionistas, many of whom prefer manicure at home. Newcomers to this issue - the target audience of manufacturers, whose pricing policy can be attributed to the budget. The price for a bottle of color up to 250 rubles does not hit the price, especially in comparison with emotions received from a manicure.

Gel lacquers in this segment are slightly inferior in quality to more eminent manufacturers, but in general have proven themselves to be good.

3 canni colors

Sanni gel varnishes became famous thanks to Aliexpress. It was in the online store that many people first ordered this coating on trial without placing much hope in it. However, the result surprised them a lot. Currently, the beloved gel polish is sold in many retail outlets in our country.

The undoubted advantages of a collection of color coatings are an affordable price, a long period of wear, ease of removal, which most other gel polishes do not differ, as well as a diverse palette of shades. Of the minuses, users noted that the gel polish of this brand does not tolerate careless attitude. In contact with household chemicals or active actions where hands are involved, it quickly cracks and peels off.

  • good price,
  • ease of application and removal,
  • abundance of colors and shades
  • long firmness at the accurate address - from 2 weeks.

  • chips and cracks if you actively use your hands.

2 BlueSky Shellac Camellia

BlueSky Shellac gel varnish is in the greatest demand in this price category. The Chinese analogue of shellac, as it was called, is of high quality, for which it has become popular with users. Despite the low price, coverage resistance, in most cases, does not cause complaints within two weeks. Reviews of chips, air bubbles on the plates, smudges - are rare. Perhaps during the application technology was not respected.

The color coating from Blyuskay from the Camellia collection is perfectly combined with bases and tops from other manufacturers. Incompatibility, according to users, except with Kodi. The series offers a variety of shades of pink, among which you will definitely find your own. Gel polish is removed, as a rule, without any special difficulties. Some felt the consistency is too thick, but the brush is comfortable.

  • low price, comfortable brush,
  • attractive color palette, bright colors,
  • long lasting result - from 2 weeks,
  • Combined with most bases and tops from other manufacturers.

  • thick consistency
  • not compatible with the base and top from Kodi.

In the domestic market among gel lacquers, the products of the following manufacturers are in the greatest demand:

  • TNL (Tatneyl) - South Korean company. The brand occupies a leading position in the Russian market. Budget coatings are not inferior in quality to more expensive counterparts, which allows the brand to enjoy high popularity among users.
  • BlueSky (BluSky) - the so-called Chinese equivalent of the original shellac. The dubious reputation of the manufacturer’s country has nothing to do with a particular company. Products from BlueSky are of high quality, widely demanded in the foreign and domestic markets. The democratic price, coupled with perseverance - the key to the success of this company.
  • Kodi Professional (Cody) - Ukrainian company with production in the USA. Successfully competes with well-known brands, thanks to adequate pricing and high quality. Kodi gel polishes are in great demand. They are referred to as resistant coatings that correspond to the aspects stated in the advertisement.
  • CND (SND) - pioneer. This company was the first to show the world such a miracle as a combination of varnish and gel. It was the lacquer, and not the gel that prevailed in the composition, therefore Shellac could be dubbed it with lac-gel. The well-known name, shellac, soon became a household name. The American company CND has set the trend for this kind of coverage. Their products are premium.
  • OPI (OPI) - American brand, in whose assortment the leading place is occupied by gel varnishes, so much in demand today. The company is working to create premium products with high quality standards. Increased prices are justified by durability and spectacular coatings.
  • CANNI (CANNY) - another to introduce the Asian market. This Chinese gel polish also won the confidence of domestic users. A rich palette of colors and a variety of effects - the main advantages. The advantages can also add a budget price and good durability.
  • Masura - Russian company that is specified on Japanese (medical) manicure. In their arsenal a worthy place is occupied by gel varnishes with increased requirements for composition. Despite a serious approach to quality, the company managed to stay within the budget price category.
  • RuNail (RuNeil) - domestic company. Despite the low cost, the quality of the composition and the durability of the coating, according to surveys, are at a decent level.

Brands such as UNO, Haruyama, Irisk Professional, Grattol, PNB, KLIO Professional and Tertio are slightly less popular.

1 TNL Celebrity

Among the numerous collections of the TNL brand, it is extremely difficult for an ordinary user to make a choice - his eyes diverge. For monotonous manicure without metallic luster, sparkles and thermo-effect the series of gel varnishes "Celebrity" is perfect.

Reviews of gel varnishes brand "Tatneyl" mostly positive. The users noted such advantages as color saturation, good cost, long-term preservation of the coating in its original form. Of the minuses - is a long process of drying the coating, as well as the rapid consumption of the bottle. Some have noticed a deterioration in the condition of the nail plates after prolonged use.

  • saturated colors
  • firmness from 2 weeks,
  • acceptable price,

  • quick coating consumption
  • dries long
  • may worsen the condition of the nail plates.

The best gel varnishes in the medium price category: a budget of up to 500 rubles.

For gel polishes, presented in this section, characterized by high resistance - up to 3 weeks. Manicure is preserved in its original form. There is a feeling that you just left the beauty salon. Masters of nail service use the gel polishes presented below in their work, but they are even more popular with those who like to do a manicure with their own hands.

Due to the high quality and availability, with the help of these gel polishes it is possible to create a unique design. The palette is represented by a variety of colors and shades, different densities, degrees of brightness and effects. Price per bottle - less than 500 rubles.

4 Haruyama Love

The Japanese brand “Haruyama” is familiar to many amateur and professional manicure professionals. The manufacturer focuses on the safety of products for nails. Japanese and American scientists worked side by side on the formula of a persistent three-phase gel lacquer. The buyers will definitely be satisfied with the result of their work - there are no toxins and other harmful components in the coatings that can cause an allergic reaction.

In the collection of "Love" - ​​the most delicate shades. Thick consistency provides covering of nail plates without gaps from the first layer. Gel polish lasts about a month without compromising the integrity of the manicure - no color loss, no chipping, no cracks. Cherry on the cake - affordable price.

3 PNB Hot summer

American gel nail polishes from PNB (Professional Nail Boutique) are distinguished by an affordable price combined with excellent quality. In the collection “Hot summer” you will find bright shades from yellow to purple, which charge your mood and bring back memories of a carefree summer.

In the reviews they write that with this gel polish you do not need to be a professional to make an excellent manicure. Due to its dense structure, the gel polish does not leak, and with the help of a high-quality comfortable brush it is applied quickly and extremely simply. Among the fans of the brand there are a lot of those who have already tried many brands, and it stopped on “PNB”, as the best and most stable. On average, a manicure lasts 2-3 weeks without losing the brightness of color and chipping.

2 Kodi Professional Hollywood

Gel polishes Kodi Professional in the leaders of the user vote. Reviews abound with compliments to the manufacturer. A large assortment of gel polishes is able to satisfy the need of even the most capricious manicure lovers. The Hollywood collection is presented in a variety of metallic colors. Application requires a little more time, but the result is undoubtedly worth it.

Gel polish does not spread, does not peel off within two weeks, lays down a dense layer. Some users in the negatives indicate a long drying, as well as translucence at the tips. But applying in two or three layers solves the last problem. The composition has a pleasant non-"chemical" smell. Colors do not fade, long retain brightness and metallic luster.

  • does not spread,
  • lasts a long time - from 2 weeks,
  • dense bright cover.

  • high price,
  • long process of drawing and drying,
  • may shine on the tips.

1 Grattol Classic Collection

The brand from Germany "Grattol" is gaining more and more popularity every day. "Ideal in all respects" - a very common review of the gel varnish of this brand among customers. In the classic collection of the manufacturer there was a place for a variety of shades for nails from pastel to rich and bright, with effects and without them.

Affordable cost is not the last criterion, tipping the scales in favor of acquiring German coverage. Experienced users are happy to share the fact that finally their ordeal in search of the best gel polish is over - creamy self-leveling texture, dense pigmentation, durability, no chips even after two weeks. These compositions do not conflict with the bases and tops of other manufacturers.

Top gel varnishes premium

Gel polishes, the price of which is higher than the average, should be much better. No one wants to overpay exclusively for the brand. Although according to the users themselves, brand awareness does have a certain value. The choice of expensive resistant coating is not only for professionals of the nail service. Those who at home make a manicure and want to be confident in quality, also get gel polishes, the cost of which exceeds 500 rubles per bottle of color.

The category includes large manufacturing companies that produce gel varnishes with a variety of effects and a rich palette of shades of various densities. They also present a special series of gel polishes and carefully suited to the compositions.

3 GelColor OPI Iceland

For gel polishes, OPI is characterized by durability and uniformity of coating. The creation of the Iceland collection was inspired by Iceland’s captivating nature - volcanoes, geysers, glaciers. As a result, we have a palette of dense smoky, gray, blue, violet and coffee tones. The texture of gel polishes allows for 1 or 2 layers to achieve the desired shade. The coating dries fairly quickly, however, only in the UV lamp. When using LED-lamp problems with drying, as noted in many reviews.

Users also say that they may face difficulties at the stage of gel polish removal. In some cases, not do without gash, which leads to damage to the nail plate. In general, the brand speaks very positively, with regards to quality. But the cost could be lower.

2 UNO Marble

The secret of the success of the Hong Kong brand "UNO" is an international partnership: the formula of the compositions is developed by European scientists, the raw materials for gel polishes are supplied from Germany, Great Britain and Sweden, and production is based in China. The result of a professional tandem is a top-quality gel polishes, characterized by durability (up to 4 weeks) and ease of removal by soaking. The line of gel varnishes "Marble", one of the best and original collections of the manufacturer, is represented by pastel tones with villi in the composition, creating a cashmere effect on the nails.

A distinctive feature of the perfumed gel varnishes from "UNO" is high saturation with pigments. In order to make a manicure, it is enough to apply a coating in just one layer. If you want to get a more saturated and dark shade, then, of course, you can resort to re-application, but a single-layer coating will look quite self-sufficient. There is a savings in volume, which can be achieved, including, thanks to a good consistency. In the reviews they write that the consistency of the gel polish is medium, even a little watery, while providing nails with a makeup without bald spots.

1 CND Shellac Nude

Creative Nail Design (CND) is a real mastodon whose merit in the beauty industry is generally recognized. Shellac is a unique coating. The duration of the socks (about a month), the preservation of the integrity and brightness of the coating, the characteristic brilliance have driven mad millions of beauties around the world. This product has become the prototype of all subsequent gel polishes.

Nude series (Nude) - one of the most popular. In addition to the aesthetic side, shellac solves such a task as strengthening the nail plates. While other gel polishes negatively affect nails, shellac not only does not harm them, but also strengthens them. Does not have an unpleasant smell. CND shellac is a favorite of professional masters, as well as those who do manicures at home.

  • long period of socks - up to 4 weeks,
  • firming effect on the nail plate,
  • no unpleasant smell.

5 RuNail INDI

Gel varnishes manufactured under the brand RuNail managed to occupy a worthy place in the niche of inexpensive coatings. The collection from RuNeil Indy includes several series at once, each of which has a unique property: sparkles, play-overs, etc. Users note that colored gel polishes do not work well with bases and tops from other manufacturers. They need an original base and finish, which narrows the variations of manicure, as there is no possibility to combine.

Some buyers complain about the consistency - it seemed to them to be too liquid. Because of this, light shades fall slightly worse and spread a little. On average, ruNail gel polish lasts from 1 to 2 weeks, which is quite good, given the average cost.

  • lasts 1-2 weeks
  • affordable cost
  • selection of effects and density of coatings.

  • not compatible with the base and top from other manufacturers,
  • liquid consistency, light shades do not fit well.

4 Irisk Professional Odri

One of the best on the domestic market is gel polish from Irisk Professional, which attracts, first of all, with a low price. Special love, judging by the reviews, buyers have to Audrey nail collections - single-phase compositions that do not require prior application of the base and subsequent consolidation. Gel polishes of this series are distinguished by a dense texture and ease of application. Mirror glossy gloss remains until removal.

On average, manicure resistance, as users notice, is 10-14 days. But this aspect is purely individual, and depends on a number of factors. Therefore, many of those who on the 3rd day got chipped, and there are those who have, and on return from vacation manicure, as good as new. But the absolute majority of lovers of gel-lacquer manicure found the brush to be unsuccessful - too narrow and thin.

3 Tertio Classic Eco Line

Gel lacquers from "Tertio" are famous for the best compatibility with the basics and finishing coatings from other manufacturers. Благодаря данной особенности, пользователи охотнее отваживаются на покупку гель-лаков отечественной марки, ведь под них не нужно покупать дополнительно брендовый топ и закрепитель. Убедившись в неплохом качестве, многие остаются верны производителю, и впоследствии уже обзаводятся богатым ассортиментом гель-лаков из коллекции Classic Eco Line.

В расширенной линейке для ногтей представлены оттенки на любой вкус – с перламутром и без, с микроблестками и без блесток, с голографическими эффектами и др. Всех их объединяет высокая плотность покрытия, отсутствие характерного для большинства гель-лаков резкого запаха и цветные флаконы, облегчающие поиск нужного тона. The reviews confirm that gel polishes are applied without gaps and smudges, 1-2 layers is enough to create an effective and lasting manicure.

2 KLIO Professional Macarons

The Russian manufacturer of gel polishes "Clio" was loved by users of self-leveling structure and excellent wear. In the reviews they write that the compositions are devoid of unpleasant smell, and the coating is removed without any problems during the soaking process. Among the many collections of the brand, a special place is occupied by “Macarons”: if you are in search of bright and rich shades for nails - this is the best solution, exactly what you need.

Gel polishes of this series without nacre and sparkles have a rather dense texture. As for the tassel - flat, comfortable and soft. The compositions are well pigmented, so there is no need to apply several layers as such. These are the most unprincipled gel polishes, with which a newcomer to manicure will quickly find a common language.

1 Masura Lady

The uniqueness of Masura gel polishes is in their composition. The company is focused on manufacturing products that are dominated by natural ingredients. Initially, the company specialized in the so-called Japanese manicure, which has a healing effect on the nail plate.

Among the most popular gel varnishes of the brand are coatings from the “Lady” collection. Their low price combined with long-lasting results (2-3 weeks of socks) are key advantages. The chip of the series is a palette of exquisite shades with various effects: mother-of-pearl, glitters, transparent substrate with foil or micro-glitters, etc. Of the shortcomings in the reviews, users note difficulties in applying light shades, they have to be applied at least two or three layers, but with darker ones tones of problems as such does not arise. Chipped users rarely, but face.

  • low price
  • rich palette of shades
  • durability 2-3 weeks.

  • light gel lacquers require application in three layers,
  • chipping possible.

How to choose gel nail polish

For the quality of the manicure is responsible not only the selected coating, but also the technology of its application, as well as removal. Strictly follow the recommendations, and then your pens will cause admiration, not pity.

When buying gel polish you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. Means are divided into three-phase and single-phase. The latter combine all three stages of creating a resistant coating - the base, color and top. Despite the tangible convenience and simplification of the procedure, single-phase coatings are less resistant. So victims cannot be avoided - either time or quality.
  2. By density, they are transparent, translucent and dense. Almost all gel polishes are applied in two or three layers in order to achieve the desired color saturation and painting the nail plate without a lumen. Light gel polishes are more difficult to apply.
  3. For the French manicure, major manufacturers have created a special line of gel polishes. The kits include a pair of nude shades that best fit together.
  4. Gel polishes are also classified into matte and glossy. Depending on the design, give preference to one or another coating. For this is not the color, but the top.
  5. In addition to monophonic, gel polishes with increased effects are popular: craquelure, chameleon, metallic, holographic, cat's eye. The original will be a manicure with a thermocoating, when, depending on the ambient temperature, the nails change shade. Or "Day-night", when the gel varnish changes color based on the lighting. Also, the range is represented by mirror, stained glass, neon coatings.
  6. Not all gel polishes are combined with each other. It is recommended to use the base, color and top from one manufacturer. This will protect you from poor grip and quick chips.

Which firm nail polish to choose

Even if a woman has her favorite brands, now and then she will glance at the products of other brands. In matters of manicure-pedicure, the beauty of flowers and unusual effects play an important role, therefore, in search of fashionable shades, girls and women are ready to “change” their pets.

Most often, ladies stare at the products of the following manufacturers of varnishes:

1. Maybelline New York (owned by French L’Oréal since 1996)

2. TM Golden Rose from Erkul Cosmetics

Those involved in professional nail art are attracted to products of other brands:

7. Kodi Professional

10. Zhejiang Newair Art Co

The best decorative nail polishes

This section contains goods “for every day”, distinguished by an optimal combination of price and quality. Of course, inexpensive coatings are the most popular in our country, but this does not mean that they are mediocre.

Presented varnishes for traditional manicure and pedicure collected a huge number of enthusiastic responses of customers, who recognized them as the best and most affordable.

Maybelline Colorama - always gives a good result.

This motley ruler is presented by 50 various nude, shimmer, glossy and acid tones. The patented formula of a varnish does not contain harmful formaldehydes and toluene, and all means have saturated pigmentation. You can buy them in bottles of 7 ml at an affordable price in most major cosmetic stores.


  • A huge palette of beautiful shades,
  • The varnish evenly lays down - without bald spots and bubbles,
  • Dries quickly
  • You can get a decent result even without much experience manicure,
  • Resistance up to 4-5 days
  • Wide comfortable brush under the lid,
  • There are self-leveling compounds
  • The coating is easily removed from the nail by conventional means.


  • The cap sometimes twists without a brush,
  • Bad structure - will not be able to flatten the surface of the nail,
  • Light shades require a minimum of 2 coats.

Inexpensive, but high-quality lacquer Maybelline Colorama according to customer reviews - the best choice for those who do the manicure themselves and loves to experiment with colors.

Golden Rose Rich Color line - classic glossy marigold

The Golden Rose palette, which is updated every season, already has 105 colors and is simply amazing! Despite the very affordable price, this coverage is practically not inferior in quality to more expensive brands. Turkish varnishes are distinguished by decent durability, and the bottles are equipped with comfortable wide brushes, which allow to make up the nail in one motion.


  • Wide color palette,
  • Smooth application
  • Glossy finish does not require top coating for shine,
  • The bottle, though compact, is enough for 10-15 times,
  • Resistance up to 4-5 days
  • More than affordable price.


  • Light shades in one layer slightly "bald",
  • Hard to flush.

Rich Color - the darling of youth. This cool varnish looks much more expensive than it actually is.

Masura Neon Varnishes - For Party Lovers

A small collection is presented in 9 bright summer shades. Magnificent “acidic” colors give a fluorescent coating that shines in ultraviolet light, for example, in a nightclub. The volume of the bubble in 10 ml is optimal to fully enjoy the fashionable manicure, but at the same time the lacquer itself did not have time to bother you.


  • Unusual colors,
  • Dries in 5 minutes without drying,
  • Does not contain harmful components
  • Keeps without chipping up to 5 days,
  • Affordable price.


  • There is not always a free sale,
  • On the official website, the color may not be true.

The best nail polish with special effects

Decor nails has become akin to art - it requires imagination and skill. Ordinary pearlescent, glossy and matte coatings are recognized classics of manicure and pedicure. But what if a monochromatic coloring seems boring to you, and there is no time or money to create painted masterpieces? Only one way out - buy a varnish with some amazing special effect.

Termo Shine - colors nails according to the weather

Thermolaki Russian manufacturer Dance Legend can change their color depending on the temperature. To date, the company offers 18 such coatings, but the palette is constantly updated and updated. After drying, the lacquer, in addition to the magical changeable shades, also acquires a noble dullness. Also, thermal compositions can be mixed with ordinary decorative varnishes to get new unusual effects and gradients.


  • Large volume of the bottle (15 ml)
  • Smooth application - no baldness and streaking,
  • Dries quickly
  • The thermo effect is well pronounced,
  • There are compounds with glitter,
  • Excellent durability.


  • One layer does not give enough pigmentation,
  • No finish gloss,
  • The price is too high.

Wow Prism - Aquarium Holography

Another interesting product from Dance Legend is jelly varnishes with holographic flakes. They are well and evenly applied, completely dry on the nails in 10 minutes without a top coat, if necessary, easily removed. "Holography" can change its color depending on the light, but even at dusk they do not look colorless. Available in vials of 15 ml and relatively harmless to the health of nails, because they do not contain formaldehyde.


  • Chic "cosmic" shades in a large assortment,
  • The lacquer easily lays down and looks impressive even with single-layer application,
  • Creates an aquarium effect,
  • Can be used as a top,
  • Dries quickly
  • Flat brush allows you to make accurate strokes.


  • Quickly rubbed tips on the nails,
  • The collection has few bold colors - the emphasis is on neutral shades.

This lacquer really creates a Wow-effect of a fantastic manicure, with which you can run to work and get out on the red carpet.

Faberlic Mirage - the most unusual effects

A series of varnishes with the effects of various textures: silk, satin, tweed, salt and “pepper”, which turned out to be just a scattering of multicolored large and small glitter. Also in the lineup there are products with sparks and pearlescent, but these can rather be attributed to the usual decorative varnishes. All formulations are sold in small 5 ml bubbles.


  • Fashionable colors that are suitable for everyday and festive manicure,
  • Resistance - up to 5 days even without a top cover and base,
  • Wide volume brush under the lid,
  • Dries quickly
  • Affordable price.


  • Most formulations give a rough finish,
  • Smooth textures show stripes on the nails,
  • Quite a liquid consistency.

Due to the abundance of various effects and textures, opinions on this lineup are divided. The most successful customers seemed glitterny and matte varnishes.

Miracle Cure by Sally Hansen - fortification and décor

The varnish is intended to treat fragile and exfoliated nails. This is not cheap, but an effective remedy nourishes, moisturizes and strengthens the nail plate due to the content of natural components of nylon, calcium and Teflon. It can be used as a base for lacquer or self-coating. The manufacturer promises that in three days the tool will make nails half stronger. The volume of the bubble - 13.3 ml.


  • Comfortable brush - varnish is easy to apply,
  • Dries quickly,
  • Copes with its protective function,
  • Economical,
  • Makes nails strong and shiny.


  • Not very cheap,
  • You can run into a fake
  • The effect of strengthening is achieved mainly due to the presence of the varnish itself.

In order to fully restore the nails and remain durable longer, the manufacturer advises to use this remedy for two months.

Kodi Professional Gel Polish - fast nail growth even under nail polish

One of the safest means for decorative manicure today is based on polymers of natural origin. With this varnish, you can get a strong and elastic, but completely non-toxic rubber coating on your nails without any harmful chemicals.

The varnish is applied with an ordinary brush and dried under a UV lamp, after which the decor lasts for 2-3 weeks, protecting the nail plate from mechanical damage and allowing it to grow calmly. Remove gel polish by special means without damaging the surface of the nail. But the best part is that in the Kodi Professional palette there are as many as 784 shades.


  • High quality for an adequate price.
  • Easy application
  • Bright and varied shades,
  • Efficiency,
  • The natural composition really protects and strengthens the nails.


  • You need to purchase the entire line of tools for gel manicure.

Any lakomanyachka crazy about such a huge variety of colors in this line. And additional funds and tools can be collected gradually.

"Chameleon" Patrisa Nail - safe and useful

This gel varnish also combines decorative, protective and firming properties. To create an unusual effect of a chameleon, the smallest shimmer is included in its composition, which changes its tint depending on the ambient light. The collection has 6 colors in bubbles of 8 ml.


  • Trouble-free application
  • It fits even in one layer, if you use a substrate,
  • Good coating resistance - at least 3 weeks,
  • Beautiful 3D effect,
  • Allows multiple layering
  • Color "hint" on the lid,
  • Safe composition, plus long-lasting nail protection.


  • High price,
  • Requires the use of base and top coatings.

RuNail gel-paint - ideal for painting nails

Used to draw a "smile" of French manicure and create pictures-substrates in the aquarium design. The manufacturer offers 30 pure shades in 7.5 ml jars, while all colors can be freely mixed with each other. Gel paint creates a dense matte pattern without any problems, because it has an “obedient” consistency.


  • No unpleasant smell
  • Interesting color palette and good pigmentation,
  • There are shades-chameleons,
  • Suitable for any technology - up to full nail coverage,
  • The paint is very thick - it does not flow and does not require stirring in a jar,
  • Does not conflict with other materials
  • It has a democratic value.


  • Varnish is too tight and thick falls - you need to get used to.

Nail Art Pen - the best choice for beginners

New decorative cosmetics, allowing you to create an amazing pattern on the nails, even a child. The marker uses water-based safe acrylic lacquer, and the rod itself is very thin, which helps to achieve maximum accuracy of application. If the picture failed the first time, it will be easy to erase it with a soft swab until the paint has dried. The manufacturer offers a collection of 16 lakomarkers, which can be purchased individually or in a set.


  • Excellent quality at an affordable price.
  • It is more convenient to paint than with a brush,
  • Dries fast enough
  • Not toxic at all,
  • Suitable even for inexperienced “artists”
  • Relatively inexpensive.


  • Some shades are faded and require a two-layer application.

Lac-pencil can not immediately begin to "write", so before work it is necessary to thoroughly shake it without removing the cap.

What nail polish to buy

1. If you carefully apply the varnish layer by layer you do not have time, it is better to immediately purchase Maybelline Colorama.

2. Not enough money for luxury cosmetics? Believe me: Golden Rose Rich Color will look no worse.

3. When monochrome coatings get bored, you can decorate your hands with lacquer with special effects from Faberlic. True, from the entire Mirage collection, only satin, silk and glitter compositions are worthy of attention.

4. A very interesting hologram effect in the aquarium depth can be achieved with a jelly polish. Wow Prism is a great option for an evening or holiday manicure.

5. Young girls before going to a nightclub should make their neon claws with Masura varnishes.

6. Love a variety and pleasant surprises - then you will like Termo Shine thermo lacquer, which radically changes its color depending on the temperature.

7. If, after numerous experiments, the nails have become layered and fragile, they will be supported by Sally Hansen Miracle Cure.

8. Looking for a really long-lasting coating that will not damage your nails? Then you need a UV lamp and gel varnish from Kodi Professional or Patrisa Nail (the second comes with a chameleon effect).

9. For artistic painting of nails for beginners, it is better to use acrylic markers Nail Art Pen.

10. “Painters” with experience will find it more interesting to work with the RuNail gel-gel nail polish palette.

Which firm nail polish is better?

All over the world, in the cause of the beauty of nails, America has been driving for the first decade. American brand developments O.P.I., ORLY, CND, Sally hansen, Frenchi and others are traditionally the most innovative and advanced, and the palette of shades is the richest.

"Mass" brands enjoy the deserved love of girls Maybelline, Loreal, Bourjous, Essie, Victoria Shu, El corason etc. The assortment of these nail polishes is huge, and the quality at a price ranging from 100 to 400 p. quite adequate. Luxury lacquers also have their fans Dior, Lancome, Guerlainetc. However, in the opinion of women, the quality of the “luxury”, although not bad, does not correspond at all to the clearly overpriced price (from 1000 rubles). The leader of the domestic market - Russian products Dance legend. Comparing it with professional varnishes is not entirely correct, but in its niche, varnishes are good, diverse and worthy of our attention.

Queen of the best inexpensive nail polishes - company Golden rose, which in recent years, gives a very current collection at an attractive price. Are lacquers cheaper? Of course! This is a whole army of nameless and lesser-known varnishes that are sold in the markets and in cosmetic pavilions. We do not recommend buying them, as no one can vouch for the quality and safety of the ingredients in their composition.

Which firm gel varnish is better to buy

Available in the market choice abounds in funds from both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Наибольшим спросом и доверием пользуются следующие из лучших фирм-производителей гель-лаков для ногтей:

  • Bluesky– известна тем, что выпускает универсальные составы, сочетающие в себе и базу, и основное покрытие. Дешевых вариантов, как и очень дорогих, тут нет.
  • Kodi– торговая марка косметики для профессионального и домашнего использования. The company participates in various exhibitions and conferences, and its products are in demand in Belarus, Russia, Latvia, Germany and several other countries. For regular customers there is a cumulative discount.
  • Oxxi Professional- The company specializes in creating products for manicure and pedicure. In its line of colors are available, ranging from light to dark. Of particular note are coatings with decor (sparkles, shimmer). The price of all compositions is about the same.
  • OPI Products- one of the leaders among the largest manufacturers in the field of beauty, including the nail industry. The company has numerous awards ABBIES (Beauty Association of America) and has its own patented technology. It differs from competitors in its rich color gamut and the obligatory annual renewal of collections.
  • Canni- This is a company founded in 2007 and produces products for nail service. Its products are valuable because they have no unpleasant smell, are not harmful to health and are used quite easily. Included is always a professional and comfortable brush.
  • Lovely - These are materials for creating a beautiful manicure premium. They meet European quality standards, are safe for health, resistant and economical to use.
  • Hand & Nail Harmony - in Russia, the brand became famous for its high-quality line of gel varnishes of Japanese production Gelish. It guarantees easy application with a brush, fast polymerization in the UV and LED devices. Its products with regular use strengthens the nails, reduces their delamination and brittleness.
  • Masura - The company has become very famous thanks to the line of gel varnishes BASIC. It includes both single-phase and three-phase agents in colors from white to black.
  • TNL Professional - is a manufacturer of products for manicure and pedicure, including gel polishes. Among them there are both ordinary means and compositions with the effect of 3D, glossy and matte coating, various decor.
  • RuNail - gel varnishes of this company are favorites for the perfect combination of price and quality. They are often chosen by the master of manicure. With them, the coatings are ultra-resistant, effective and natural.
  • CND - This corporation has become famous after the release of a series of good reviews for Shellac gel polishes. Particular success gained lineup Asphalt. Its means have a dense texture, ideally lie on the nails, hold on for a long time.

In our rating there are both premium-class firms and those operating in the middle price range.

Top best gel nail polishes

Both for professional and home use, the quality of products, the convenience and safety of its use, the aesthetics of the effect obtained are very important.

When included in the ranking of the best gel nail polish, we relied on user opinions regarding the following characteristics:

  • Is the consistency too thin or thick,
  • How pleasant is the texture,
  • Is the color range beautiful,
  • How quickly consumed composition
  • How long does the tool dry on the nails,
  • Are there any harmful substances in the formula?
  • Is it difficult to remove the coating,
  • How smooth is the overall coverage
  • How long the tool lasts, its durability.

We also took into account whether it was easy to work with a gel lacquer, as well as its purpose - for use at home and / or in beauty salons.

Bluesky Shellac Color, 10ml

This is not one varnish, but a series consisting of more than 20 positions. There are colors from white to black, and each of them is different saturation. Particularly noteworthy are glitter coatings. They lie on the nails in an even layer, without roughness, as if creating a 3D effect. The advantages of these options include a good density, high-quality brush in the kit, fast setting and long-lasting effect. At the same time, the price of products is quite adequate. Those who want a discount to get several different tools, you can buy a ready-made set.

The volume of Bluesky Shellac Color is slightly larger than that of a number of competitors, due to which funds are being spent slowly. It is convenient to paint nail plates with them. The only drawback is that they need to be applied in 2-3 layers and for an amateur to do a manicure with them is quite difficult - you will need a special lamp, topcoat and oil for the treatment of cuticles.


  • Simple use at home, despite its purpose,
  • Rich color palette,
  • Removed very easily even by the cheapest liquid
  • Dries quickly
  • Saturated color.


average price: 200 rub.

Since fake Bluesky shellac color is often encountered, it is worth learning from this video how to distinguish the original:

Oxxi Professional, 8 ml

This is an example of relatively inexpensive and durable decorative coatings. Modern and safe formula provides all means of durability up to 2 weeks or more. Not very thick and not too liquid consistency makes the application of the composition simple and comfortable, and a good density allows you to limit to 1-2 layers and thereby save the composition. It also helps control its consumption.

The manufacturer offers more than 50 of the best gel polishes for nails of various shades, both clean and with micro-gloss or glitter. It has three collections of Classic Collection, Magic Cat and Star Gel. Funds on the nails do not tighten, do not crack and do not split. They have a normal smell that does not irritate the nasal mucosa, do not contain solvents and are sold in convenient packages.


  • Saturated colors
  • Density,
  • Smooth coating
  • Low prices
  • Low consumption.


With Oxxi professional, as the reviews show, they deal with both beginners and professionals.

average price: 300 rub.

Sanni cat eye

This series will please those who like beige, blue, pink and other shades. But with the decor here is difficult - sparkles and shine is difficult to find among them. The effect comes down to a beautiful ebb, which looks especially interesting in the sun. Means are packaged in neat jars, signed with numbers, based on color. Together with them is a soft and elastic brush that does not scratch the nails.

A plus is the presence in the Sanni collection of the cat's eye 38 shades that are rich and bright. Among them are beige, pink, blue, green, beige and red colors, so that everyone can choose a suitable option for themselves. In terms of cost, they are absolutely the same, which also affected the inclusion of gel varnishes in the TOP of the best.


  • Good bed
  • Thick enough
  • Excellent covering ability
  • Comfortable brush,
  • Ideal in the "sock", not picky.


  • Opaque packaging,
  • Sometimes you need to apply in three layers.

Canni gel polish cat's eye - this is one of the most inexpensive varnishes in our ranking, but their quality does not fail.

average price: 250 rub.

Kodi Base Top Gel

This is a combination of the base and finish at an affordable price from a well-known American brand. Means are positioned as professional, but can be safely applied at home. With their help, nails are given a lasting glossy, but natural shine. Thanks to the UV lamp, the lacquer dries almost instantly. If necessary, it can be quickly removed with a special liquid, foil and orange stick. The result, according to user feedback, lasts 2-3 weeks.

The coating will polymerize in the LED-lamp for no longer than 20-30 seconds, and this is a record in our rating. But it is recommended to choose it only for healthy, well-groomed nails, not prone to brittleness. Otherwise, the lacquer will last less. With it, it is convenient to create even complex drawings. This is the leader of this TOP by the amount of content in the tank - 12 ml; its packaging is convenient, although not transparent.


  • Universality of use
  • There are no problems with the removal,
  • There is no "chips"
  • Low price
  • Does not require "zapilivaniya" when removing
  • Considerable volume
  • Persistence


  • High consumption of funds when using the "native" brush.

Average price: 600 rub.

OPI Gelcolor

This is a combination of gels in 15 ml bottles of opaque material. Each of them is dried in 30 seconds thanks to the auxiliary components in the composition. Reviews show that the manufacturer does not fail, promising the stability of a glossy finish for 3 weeks. Among the advantages of economical consumption due to the thick consistency. The color palette is replete with pink, blue, red hues.

If you need to remove the varnish gel enough to spend 15 minutes on it. The peculiarity of this line of tools is the absence of the need to sand the nails before applying them, which eliminates the injury to the plate. Due to the absence of a large number of lacquer components, the finished coating is not exposed to chipping and cracking, gives the nails and fingers aesthetics, lasts for 2-3 weeks.


  • Aesthetics coverage
  • Beautiful colors,
  • Lasting effect
  • Large volume


  • Difficult to control consumption due to the opacity of the jar.

Judging by the reviews, products from OPI Gelcolor got into the top of the best gel polishes due to the low price ratio and acceptable quality.

average price: 1300 rub.

Lovely gel polish

In our ranking of the best gel varnishes, these tools compare favorably with competitors by their diverse palette, which has 12 shades. Gamma is very beautiful, it allows you to create a completely different design, both everyday and festive manicure. They are well pigmented, do not spread on the nails due to non-liquid consistency and are self-leveled on the surface. Included is a comfortable, large and flat brush for an even more uniform distribution of the lacquer composition on the plate.

Lovely Gel Polish gel polishes have a dense texture that allows you to apply it in 1-2 layers. But because of this, drying of the coating takes a little longer than usual, on average, up to 2-3 minutes. They are poured into practical bottles with a rubberized top with a volume of 12 ml. The presence of the sticker on the cap with the color at times accelerates the search for the desired shade.


  • Chic colors
  • Lies exactly on the nails
  • Availability for sale,
  • Large volume in bottles
  • Convenience packaging
  • Ease of use.


  • It is difficult to find an analogue among the products of other manufacturers.

According to reviews, Lovely Gel Polish gel polish lasts a long time even without using a primer.

average price: 500 rub.

Harmony gelish

The title of one of the best gel varnishes in TOP this tool deserves because of its practicality - it is equally easy for a professional and an amateur to work with him. Manicure with such a coating looks impressive due to the saturated shades. The company has a choice of both plain colors and gradients. She even took care of creating products for french. Designers of the company are obviously not indifferent to sparkles, this element of decor is also present in the collection.

In Harmony Gelish take into account fashion trends, which confirms the abundance of flowers - from white to black for spring, summer, winter, autumn. The pleasant moment is the standard, strictly fixed price for all variants from the series. They do not weigh down the nails, give a feeling of lightness, make them aesthetic and do not wear out for 3 weeks or more. In the assortment there are bottles of 15 ml, which is a rarity for this market. After removing the composition from him does not remain even the slightest trace and the nails themselves do not deteriorate.


  • Variety of shades
  • Beautiful decor,
  • Superstability
  • Ease of application
  • Quick flush if necessary
  • Not erased by water and other factors.


  • The price is high,
  • It is necessary to remove a remuver.

Harmony Gelish gel polishes, judging by the photos, give the nails a visual volume, so they are ideal for owners of thin, small nail plates.

average price: 600 rub.

Masura Basic

The products of this series impresses with the availability of budget options with good quality. The choice in it is simply huge, both matte and glossy coatings are offered, beautifully looking on both short and long nails. Special attention is given to coatings with sparkles and glitter, which create an interesting effect of the starry sky.

Masur gel polishes are good for manicure specialists because of their undemandingness - they are applied without any problems, last for a long time, up to 3 weeks, and do not harm the nail plate. They are sold in opaque bottles with a volume of 3.5 to 35 ml, which is convenient for testing the composition in small quantities. Means economical to use due to low spreading over the surface and dry quickly.


  • In assortment there are bottles with a capacity of 35 ml,
  • Variety of designs,
  • Practical packaging
  • Ease of application
  • Easy to remove
  • Giving nail volume.


  • A big difference in price for different products in one collection,
  • There are very small volumes - 3.5 and 6.5 ml each.

In Masur, many shades are duplicated in different volumes, which allows you to choose the most suitable for yourself.

average price: 120 rub.

Miracle Gel, Sally Hansen

When a manicure is urgently needed, but there is no time to go to the salon, Miracle Gel comes to the rescue. This varnish promises a super durable glossy coating that lasts without chipping on the nails for about 5-7 days. No lamp - only modern drying, innovative polymers and patented technology. A variety of shades Miracle Gel is simply amazing! Removed varnish in the same way as usual, with the help of a special liquid.

Miracle Gel, Sally Hansen (299 rub.)

Vinylux, CND

All the beloved Shellac was created by this very American brand, and she was one of the first who came up with the formula of “weekly varnish”, which lasts for seven days. Super-resistant coating will not leave anyone indifferent: its ideality is preserved even with active hand work (washing dishes, working in the country). The advantages of Vinylux are that it does not contain dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde and other harmful chemical compounds that adversely affect the condition of the nails. The color palette is also impressive: 130 different shades that blend beautifully with each other, giving new and sometimes unexpected colors.

Vinylux, CND (550 rub.)

Infinite Shine, Opi

Professional coating available to everyone and at the same time requiring neither drying under the lamp, nor cutting, nor soaking. For even greater durability, the manufacturer advises applying varnish in three stages: the base, two layers of shade (there are about 80 of them, by the way, Infinite Shine) and top. This coating does not form chips, dents, flaking, cracks and irregularities, keeps on nails for up to 10 days. All this time the varnish retains the original characteristics, glossy shine and brightness of color. Harmful components in the composition also does not contain, so worry about the condition of the nails is not worth it. The only negative: dries Infinite Shine for quite some time.

Infinite Shine, Opi (670 rubles).

Nail Color, Essie

Lucky from the French brand Essie are particularly resistant, a variety of colors and rich shades (Nail Color collection has more than 100 different colors). The coating promises to keep on prepared nails for up to 6 days, while washing the dishes without gloves is not forbidden. A special feature of lacquer can be called its flat brush, which completely covers the nail plate, providing an even and uniform coating. The varnish dries for a very long time, about half an hour, but this inconvenience is completely compensated by its unsurpassed stamina and spectacular modulations.

Nail Color, Essie (390 rub.)

Nail Lacquer, Orly

Varnish from the Russian manufacturer with a fairly long history, in terms of durability, brightness and application is no worse than foreign analogues. The color palette pleases with its variety: there are about 350 shades in the collection (including with various fashionable effects), so you can choose for every taste, occasion and for any outfit. Orly lacquers do not contain harmful substances and oil products, so the nails after them retain a healthy look. Coverage is held for at least 5 days.

Nail Lacquer, Orly (475 rub.)

Wonder Nail, IsaDora

Very durable, beautiful and rich varnish with a wide rounded brush for easy application. Thanks to a peculiar brush, the nails are covered in just one stroke, and due to the consistency of medium density, there is no need to apply several layers - one is enough for an opaque and monotone effect. Saturated color and glossy gloss lacquer keeps for a long time. Keeps and does not break off for about 5–7 days even with intensive work with hands.

Wonder Nail, IsaDora (480 rub.)

Eternail, Irisk Professional

This varnish mimics the gel coating, and all thanks to the unique composition, which does not contain toluene and formaldehyde. The stamina is amazing (the lacquer lasts up to 7 days without problems), when applied there are no streaks or stains. Shades are saturated and do not fade even when in contact with aggressive detergents and the sun. The brush is comfortable: narrow and slightly rounded - this allows you to clearly paint even hard-to-reach spots on the nail, for example, at the edges. The varnish dries pretty quickly: only 3 minutes, and you're done!

The best varnishes at an affordable price.

A list of good inexpensive nail polishes:

  • "Maybelline Colorama" - This is one of the best varnishes belonging to the category of inexpensive. And although you spend only a little more than a hundred rubles, the result will definitely not disappoint you and even surprise you. The palette is very wide and includes five dozen different shades, among which there are options for every taste: delicate pastel, trendy nude, rich and deep, as well as “acidic” for those who are used to attract attention. As part of no harmful toluene and formaldehyde, so your nail plate will not be affected. Покрытие стойкое и сохраняется минимум в течение 4-5 дней, но при этом легко удаляется любым специальным средством. Насыщенные пигменты обеспечивают красивые глубокие оттенки, а усовершенствованная кисточка делает нанесение максимально комфортным и простым. Так как флакончик прозрачный, вы сможете всегда видеть оставшийся объём средства.
  • «Dance Legend». Under this brand inexpensive nail polishes are also produced, and the most diverse: with mother-of-pearl, glitter, shimmer, classic glossy, with decorative elements (for example, asterisks), “chameleons” that change shade depending on the lighting, and even thermolacs that change tone warm and cold. There are so many shades that the eyes literally run away, so you can make both a casual and discreet manicure for office or study, as well as creative and bright. In the range there are “acidic”, delicate pastel, saturated colors. Also in the line there is a collection of tools that allow you to create a beautiful coating with the effect of gel polish. Resistance at height and maintained even when exposed to water and temperature changes. The price depends on the specific series and varies from 100 to 250-300 rubles.
  • Listing good budget funds for manicure, it is worth noting that the cosmetics company produces "Golden Rose". One of the most popular and beloved by the representatives of the series is “Rich Color”. The ruler was called "Rich Color" for a reason. Firstly, in the palette there are more than a hundred of the most different shades, among which you will definitely choose the right one. In the range there are pearl shimmer tones that adorn the nails with pearl luster, and luxurious deep and rich, and soft pastel. The stylish transparent bottle doesn’t hide the real color, and the convenient extended brush in the shape of a scapula allows you to make a manicure quickly and simply. The texture provides uniform coating and comfortable application. Another popular brand line is “WOW”. The palette also pleases with a variety and is supplemented with ultra-fashionable effects, and a small bottle fits in any handbag and minimizes the likelihood of thickening and drying of the contents.
  • Pleasing girls and women varnishes brand "El Corazon". Under the brand produced several lines, and each deserves respect and has its fans. So, there are medical varnishes with biogel effect on sale, which contain caring components and restore the structure of nail plates. The Kaleidoscope series will allow you to achieve a cat-eye effect and get an unusual design. "Therapeutic hardness" is a unique basic component in the composition that prevents delamination and fragility. Thermolak able to change shades depending on the ambient temperature. Also under the brand are the tools for decoration and unusual effects: stemping, creating patterns with a thin brush. All varnishes have a pleasant texture that provides a perfectly smooth finish, and even a beginner can create it.
  • Pretty high quality varnishes "Avon", but special attention and love deserves a series of "Gel Finish". This means the effect of gel polishes, the main advantage of which - resistance. And the coating really lasts a long time, while retaining its attractiveness and not peeling off, as some varnishes in the same price category. Another big plus is the palette. Although it has fewer shades than in the above-described lines of other brands, but the scale includes the most beloved and relevant tones. The third virtue is the effects. Among them are luxurious matte, classic glossy and stylish shimmernye. Means are easy to apply, as the consistency is quite liquid. The composition evenly covers the nail, but to get a rich color, it is better to apply two or three layers, which will further increase the resistance.
  • The list should include varnishes of the brand. "Faberlic". The main advantage of the brand is a variety of lines for every taste. But especially the representatives of the weaker sex like “Mirage” with a variety of special effects. With this series you can create a bright manicure at home, and the result will delight and surprise you. Another worthy option is the Smart Color line, which allows you to create volumetric dense coatings and achieve truly rich and deep tones. The disco style series includes bright colors and is suitable for party lovers who are used to attracting attention. Lucky "Phoenix" will present luxurious holographic effects with modulations.
  • If you are ready to spend 300 rubles on a quality varnish, then purchase a brand product "Essie". There are more than one hundred different shades in the palette, and they have original memorable names, such as “Cashmere Bathrobe”, “Fifth Avenue”, “Secret Meeting”, “Fine Tuxedo”. But all tones are persistent and saturated, so the pleasure of the result is guaranteed. The application is very comfortable, the coating has an increased durability, and the exquisite light shine will make your nails perfectly and evenly groomed.

How to choose an inexpensive varnish and do not harm the nails?

Finally, some tips:

  1. It is desirable to acquire high-quality and affordable lacquers in specialized cosmetics stores, and in large and well-known, whose reputation you are sure of. It can be both departments of well-known international trade networks, and points of companies operating within specific regions or localities. The department should be equipped accordingly, and the sellers are obliged, upon the buyer's request, to present a trade license.
  2. Before buying, be sure to inspect the bottle. First, pay attention to the shelf life, since after its expiration the consistency, color and other characteristics may change, and the product will become harmful and toxic. Secondly, evaluate the quality of closing the lid. If it is loose on the bottle or scrolls, the contents will leak and soil everything around. Thirdly, if the container is opaque, then it should have a color designation with a number and pattern.
  3. If you decide to save money and order cosmetics online, then purchase goods only from reliable suppliers on their official websites. Otherwise you can run into a fake.

Do not overpay for a perfect manicure. Get a quality, but inexpensive lacquer by examining the list of the best tools.

TNL Professional

The first thing I would like to mention here is a rich color palette, there are pearl shades, cat-eye coatings and glitter effect. Gel polishes really high quality, keep for 2-3 weeks without chips and cracks. A joyous moment is a handy brush in the set, which can easily tint the areas uncovered with the composition on the nails.

The texture of the product TNL Professional is very dense, thereby eliminating its spreading on the nail plate. It lies on the surface perfectly from the first time. Gel polishes completely cover it, and when applied in two layers of the nail is not visible at all. In the line there are options with a glare, cold and dark shades - pink, yellow, blue.


  • A variety of colors,
  • Not capricious, it fits well,
  • High density
  • Smooth coating
  • Large volume - 10 ml,
  • Normal smell.


  • The tint “butter” dries only under ice-lamps.

Gel varnishes TNL Professional have the best value for money.

average price: 190 rub.

RuNail Laque

This is the best choice for thin nails due to giving them additional volume due to the dense texture and 3D effect. Outwardly, they look natural, the manicure turns out to be aesthetic, the means completely cover the plate at a time. Lucky, judging by the reviews, very persistent, do not abrade and do not wash off for a long time. They are sold in a large bottle of 10 ml, which is enough for many times.

This company has good gel polishes due to high quality and reasonable prices, they are widely known among the masters of manicure. Means are instantly leveled on the nails, despite the high density, they do not “frown” when dried under the lamp and come in several colors. All of them differ in brightness, saturation and originality. Beige, pink, black, blue - this is only part of the shades available in this series.


  • Colors on bottle caps,
  • Holds up to 3 weeks
  • Provides even coverage
  • Saturated colors
  • Gives the nails a natural look.


  • The consistency is a bit watery,
  • At 3-4 layers resistance is worse than with two.

In RuNail Laque, some colors may require three layers, which increases the consumption of gel varnish and time to create a manicure.

average price: 230 rub.

Shellac asphalt

This gel polish is designed for those who like a relaxing manicure, without any special decor - sparkles, gloss, mother of pearl. In this lineup two types of shades are sold - black and gray, but they look stylish and fresh. The tool has practically no odor and is harmless to health, it is not afraid of interaction with water, dries quickly and is impeccable to wear.

According to the reviews, the best gel polish Shellac Asphalt is due to the ease of application to the nails using a convenient brush that comes in the kit. The quality leaves no doubt, the product is manufactured in the USA and successfully tested by experts. It is suitable for use at home and for use in beauty salons by professionals.


  • Hypoallergenic,
  • The coating looks completely natural
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals
  • It looks spectacular
  • High resistance to moisture.


  • Expensive
  • Small volume
  • There is no variety of colors.

average price: 900 rub.

Which of the good gel nail polishes to choose

It is very important that it has a consistency of medium density, does not spread on the nail and dries quickly. The result should be fixed under the UV lamp for up to 2-3 minutes. The brush must be elastic for processing the edges, but also quite tough, otherwise the tool will splash.

When choosing a suitable product from this ranking of the best gel lacquers, consider the following:

  • If you want to save on consumption and look for compositions with a variety of colors, then Oxxi Professional 8 ml, Harmony Gelish and Lovely Gel Polish will completely satisfy your needs.
  • Looking for options with a beautiful decor - choose something from the series Bluesky Shellac Color 10ml, Masura BASIC or TNL Professional.
  • Like the effect of volume - pay attention to the offer brand Canni, gel polishes called "Cat's Eye".
  • If you want to make a manicure for a long time, for at least 3 weeks - take a closer look at OPI Gelcolor, Shellac Asphalt and RuNail Laque.
  • Looking for two in one (both base and finish), as well as fans of beautiful natural shine will be pleased with products from Kodi Base Top Gel.

Summing up, it is necessary to say that the best gel nail polishes can be worn for more than 2-3 weeks. The main indicator of their quality is the absence of cracks and chips on the surface for this period.