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There is an opinion that not everyone can run. Probably, this position is held by those who have joint problems, flat feet or other diseases. Fortunately, modern technologies in the manufacture of shoes can significantly ease the load when running. All that is required is to choose the right model.

The rating includes the best running shoes of famous manufacturers, created to make you love running. To compare the price level selected men's sneakers.

The best sneakers for the marathon

ASICS - the world's leader in the best professional running shoes (ranked 1st in terms of sales in Europe). This company was chosen as the official supplier of equipment for the Federation of Athletics and Triathlon at once in 11 countries of the world. The company's mission is easy to understand when deciphering the name: "A (nima) S (ano) I (n) C (orpore) S (ano)" = "In a healthy body - healthy mind". Following this motto, ASICS sponsors the world's largest marathons, including in New York, Paris and Tokyo - more than half of the marathoners, according to statistics, run in ASICS sneakers. Why? Because at the heart of all technologies of the company is the knowledge of HOW the human body moves. Biomechanics research, development and testing of new models of running shoes ASICS engaged in a whole institute - Research Institute of Sport in Kobe (Japan). The best models of running sneakers - for example, women's ASICS GEL-Contend 3 or men's ASICS GEL-GALAXY 8 - perfectly absorb the foot thanks to ASICS Gel technology, reduce the load on the knees and spine, provide good adhesion to any surface. Suitable for medium and long distances.

Running shoes: technology

Our summer cycle of articles, in which, by the way, we have already covered the following topics: [how to properly tan], [sunglasses], is ready to embrace one more colleague. Well, let's not refuse him the pleasure ...

Do you like to run like I do not like to do? :)

Of course, we could not ignore the topic of running and the right shoes for him, because summer is the best time for this type of activity. Just imagine: early morning, you went out into the still-sleeping city, on the street, quiet and fresh. Stretched, warmed up and slowly went to his running "campaign". If you are not a fan of urban landscapes, but prefer more secluded and beautiful places (park, forest belt or beach area) - give five, we are brothers to run errands with you.

Actually, back to our sheep :)) ...

Of course, running involves an appropriate slip. We have already written a practical guide on how to choose running shoes. However, in the comments to the article, our dear readers, you asked not to beat around the bush, but to name the best sneakers for running. Well, we have listened to your requests, and today we will consider specific models for purchase.

What we did, we learn later in the text.

For a better assimilation of the material, all further narration will be divided into sub-chapters.

How much are good running shoes for running

Do you know what makes up the final cost of sneakers? For example, take the Adidas brand and any model for 100$. The financial balance will be as follows:

As you can see, the main contribution to the final price is not provided by production costs, but by the seller’s margin (and 1/2 From the price it is still flowers). Sneakers themselves are not an expensive item. Cheating the store where they are sold is what often “makes” the price too heavy (it's like with milk: it is bought from farmers 10-15 rubles per liter, and the chain of workers doing nothing brings the price to 50-80 rubles).

Conclusion: do not get fooled into the place of purchase of sneakers (expensive boutique) - the more prestigious it is, the more your money goes to the sales network.

Best running shoes - what are they?

Who can tell us which are the best running shoes for running? Of course, those who directly “work” in this area - i.e. runners On the market there are many brands that produce running shoes, but among them there are clear favorites.

Here are the comparative data on brands given by the most famous running portal:

The survey shows that Asics sneakers are the most popular running shoes for runners, Adidas is in second place. I think this is a weighty argument to figure out why the nominal Japanese brand is liked by professional (and not only) runners.

Running shoes for running: manufacturing technology from the company Asics

In a healthy body, a healthy mind is the motto of the Japanese company Asics, which has been 1949 and still tries to produce the best product in its segment. The company pays close attention to new technologies that allow them to squeeze the maximum out of their bodies and achieve super-results. For many years, Asics sneakers have been honored with the title “The Best Model for Running” from the most authoritative world edition of Runner’s World.

Let's get into the Asics technology solutions in detail and find out why this particular brand “taxis” among runners at different levels (from beginners to professionals).

The main achievements in the work of specialists in creating the most productive sneakers were the developments in the following areas (the main ones are given):

  • depreciation (ASICS GEL system) - depreciation system based on a semi-solid ASICS GEL jelly substance encased in an elastic plastic capsule, which is placed in the middle sole at the places of application of shock loads,
  • Stability (DuoMax / Space Trasstik technology) - a mid-sole construction, which consists of using two or more materials with different stiffness to reduce the risk of overdraft (laying the foot on the inside),
  • landing (technology Biomorphic) - technology of the top of the shoe, which is an insert of a special material. These inserts are located both on the inside and on the outside of the shoe in places subject to the greatest deformation when walking and running. The technology is responsible for reducing the deformation of the top of the shoe and the load on the foot,
  • gender specificity in biomechanics e (Gender Specific Forefoot Cushioning) - a system of depreciation in wear. The density of the material varies depending on which floor sneakers are made for,
  • outsole (Ahar) - rubber material of increased wear resistance of carbon rubber, used on the outsole areas, significantly extends the life of the shoe,
  • top materials (Gore-Tex) - mesh material with breathable bulk mesh with metal fibers. The top does not pass water, passes air and retains a certain heat, thereby providing an ideal microclimate inside the sneaker.

As for attribute technologies, i.e. those who are responsible for the external component of the sneakers (convenience, comfort, and TP), the most interesting are the following:

  • Loop Lacing System - a looped lacing system that provides a better fit on the leg and equalizes the pressure of the laces in different places,
  • Speed ​​Lacing System - quick lacing system,
  • 3M Reflectives - Reflective Elements 3Mthat provide visibility of your feet to others in the dark,
  • lacepocket - pocket for filling laces on the tongue of shoes,
  • Removable Sockliner - removable insole.

This is only a tiny part of the technological solutions that Asics uses in its models. The complete list is such a picture (clickable).

But how are all these technologies “crammed” into sneakers:

Asics Guide. What to choose?

From the material above, we have already realized that the Japanese Asics brand is the best running brand, therefore we will find out later which models are suitable for what cases.

Asics shoes, depending on the properties incorporated in it, are divided into 4 categories:

  1. depreciation,
  2. structural depreciation / stability
  3. off road
  4. collection 33.

Let's sort each category similarly.

№1. Depreciation

All models of this category are sharpened to create the most comfortable conditions during the run (both in urban areas and in the hall). The name of the model contains the name “cloud / cloud”, which indicates the ease of running (as in clouds). The content of the gel in the heel determines the degree of depreciation and support (the more gel, the better). Examples of models: ASICS Gel-Nimbus 14, ASICS Gel-CUMULUS 14.

№2. Structural depreciation

The models are made using DuoMax technology, which implies strengthening (double density) of the middle part of the sole and increasing the transition (to 10-13 mm) from heel to toe. Examples of models: ASICS GT-2000, ASICS GEL-KAYANO.

Number 3. Off road

The models of this line use the Trail Sensor technology (sensor system) - division of the base into segments (usually 2-4 grooves), which guarantees contact with the ground at any position of the foot when running. Examples of models: Asics GEL-TRAIL-TAMBORA 4, Asics Gel-FujiRunnegade 2 Plasmaguard

№4. Collection 33

The number of joints on each leg is equal to 33 and hence the name of the collection. The peculiarity of this line of models is the minimalistic design and lightness (the feeling of running barefoot). Examples of models: 33-FA, 33-M2.

In addition to this division, the following memo will help you decide on the desired Asics model (clickable).

We go further to find out what of represent ...

The best running shoes in 2017 according to the Internet

Agree that the “best” of a particular model is best measured by user ratings, that is, a rating system from ordinary people who like to run, who bought a certain model for running errands, evaluated its quality and decided to recommend it to others. such a concept was implemented by a resource dedicated to running - runrepeat, which collects estimates for various models of sneakers and forms its top rating based on their models.

For june 2017 he (top ten) presents such a picture.

As you can see, the top ten are mainly represented by Adidas models, and these are all new models. As for Asics, among all their models, runners preferred the following: Gel Fortitude 7Gt 1000 5 and Gel Hyper Speed 7.

Best running sneakers for all times

Sneaking technology does not stand still, and every year more and more new models are put on the market, supposedly better than the previous ones. In fact, the new can not always give odds to the old in quality, but for the price in 100% cases - yes, it is much higher. Therefore, when choosing the best running shoes, it is best to focus on models that have become timeless classics of the genre, those that have carried their running qualities through the years.

These sneakers are (in brackets indicate the year of manufacture):

  • reebook GL6000 (1986) ,
  • nike air pegasus (1992) ,
  • asics gel-nimbus 16 (2014) ,
  • adidas ultra boost (2015) ,
  • asics gel-kayno 23 (2016) .

These models are experts in the field of running to the classics of the genre in the category of the best running shoes.

And the last thing left for us to find out is ...

How to wear sneakers?

It would seem that high-quality sneakers purchased, which means comfortable and long-lived (in terms of wear shoes), we are provided with running. However, as they say, the whole thing is in the details, and it is precisely their non-observance that can spoil the whole beautiful running picture.

What are these little things? But what.

№1. Correct lacing

Lacing should ensure correct fixation of the foot in the running shoes, as well as non-detachable sneaker while running. Cotton laces are desirable because they hold the knot more tightly, and the chance of their unleashing is much lower than that of a synthetic analogue.

Most models of running sneakers have an extra pair of lace holes. These holes are made specifically for the runner to properly lace his shoes. That's right, then as follows:

  • lace up the sneakers crosswise, leaving the top two pairs of holes,
  • pass the end of the right lace through the topmost hole on the left, and then immediately through the remaining bottom on the same side - a loop is obtained,
  • do the same with the other side, and then take the ends of the laces and pass through the opposite loops,
  • we tighten 1-ym or 2knot.

№2. Strict delineation of physical activity

This means that running shoes for running should be used only for running - no daily trips, classes in the weights room or country rest. They should have one working surface and some conditions for their use. In other words, don't drag your running shoes.

Number 3. Drying

In this case, it means not a decrease in the percentage of fatty tissue of the sneakers :), but the removal of moisture from them. After each running procedure, insert special drying pads of silica gel adsorbent into sports (and not only) shoes. Such a trifle for 300p in the limit will extend the life of your shoes for several years.

In no case do not neglect this “small things”, and then your shoes will serve you faithfully for a long time, and your legs will be grateful for the comfort and convenience delivered.

Actually, this is all that I would like to tell. Summarize what was said :).


Today we discussed the “henpecked” theme - we figured out what the best running shoes should be. What did you find out? What price model should be in the hallway 3-5 etc., and Asics or Adidas will be the manufacturer, what is best to buy in sports (or online) stores and “old” models. And so that the shoes do not fall into the category of “money to the wind”, you should follow simple rules for its operation. Well, have you understood everything?

Ps. And in what sneakers are you running now? How much did you buy?

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With respect and gratitude, Protasov Dmitry.

Very soft running sneakers are unstable under a heavy weight load.

Shoes that are perfect for a 70kg runner may end up injuring a heavier runner. If the intermediate sole does not support the foot, then this leads to a greater load on the joints. During each phase of the step cycle, the body must constantly work to compensate for the shortcomings of an unstable shoe. This increases the chance of injury.

Using extremely soft sneakers leads to a significant difference between static and dynamic heel gradient.

An often overlooked aspect is that there can be a huge difference between the official (figures in the catalog) and dynamic (under load) drop from heel to toe - especially in the case of soft sneakers. The heel-to-toe drop is the difference between the height of the mid-sole at the heel and the height at the tarsus, and brands often indicate this figure.
But you should be skeptical of official figures. A heel-to-toe shift with a full load (with body weight) can be very different from a static drop (without load). To make this difference as small as possible, choose shoes with a hard mid-sole.
Otherwise, running in very soft shoes will lead to a lower heel-to-toe difference than expected, and even more so when the shock load is multiplied by 90kg.
For you to understand, a “10 mm” drop can lead to a dynamic drop of 4 mm or less while running. This may lead to excessive strain on the calf muscles.if you're not used to shoes with a small heel to toe drop.

Sneakers with ultra-soft shock absorption are not long

With the exception of new materials, such as adidas Boost, Saucony Everun, Nike React, Brooks DNA AMP, traditional foam composites tend to lose their amortization over several hundred kilometers. A heavy runner who uses shoes made of soft EVA foam is likely to push it faster than, say, a runner that weighs around 70kg.
So far, we have been describing super-soft sneakers in a bad light, but there are exceptions for every generalization. Some models from Hoka or adidas Boost can be very soft, but not “swampy”.

If you remove very soft sneakers from the menu for heavy runners, what will be left? Good question.
Softness and depreciation are often used interchangeably, but depreciation — the ability to protect the foot from shock loading — also exists in more elastic sneakers. therefore It is very important that you buy shoes that are soft but supportive and able to cope with a load of more than 90kg hundreds of kilometers away.
In the assortment there are many such soft (and supporting) sneakers, but the problem is to understand this vast and confused line of sneakers of a particular brand.
To narrow the search, we have compiled a list of the top 10 sneakers suitable for heavy runners. This list is far from exhaustive, but it is a good starting point.

Category: Supporting sneakers, but without additional hard inserts on the inside

Asics Gel Fortitude 8

1) Asics Gel Fortitude 8

Fortitude 8 was developed for heavy runners. The model has an elastic and stable intermediate sole, and the mesh on top with a new design makes the interior smoother than the V7. Their price also does not bite the wallet, so this is a good purchase for your money. Given the massive platform, Fortitude is not the easiest of sneakers. Weight: 350 grams, 10 mm drop, available in several widths.

Brooks Transcend 5

Two features make the Brooks Transcend suitable for 90+ kg runners. The first one is a wide Transcend midsole in combination with raised cup-shaped side walls. The second feature is a tight top landing. However, a tight fit is a double-edged stick. On the one hand, it provides a comfortable interior. On the other hand, some of the Transcend runners seem too narrow for their legs. Weight: 306 grams, 8 mm drop, only available in one width.

Mizuno Wave Sky 2

Mizuno is a great option when it comes to stabilizing sneakers. Японский бренд использует запатентованную амортизационную систему Wave. Эта твердая вставка из гофрированного пластика придает большинству моделей Mizuno свой характерный райд. Wave Sky 2 — кроссовки из категории Mizuno Neutral, у которых отлично сбалансирована амортизация с поддержкой. Вес: 326 грамм, перепад 10 мм, доступны только в одной ширине.

Saucony Echelon 6

В отличие от многих моделей Saucony, которые перешли на платформу из 100% пены «Everun», Echelon придерживается старой пены EVA. Everun существует только в виде прокладки под стелькой, называемой «Topsole». Это помогло модели Echelon сохранить стабильные ходовые качества. Echelon также имеет чрезвычайно широкое основание подошвы и верхнюю часть, которая структурно усилена синтетическими накладками. All these factors are combined and create perfectly supporting sneakers. Depreciation is also sufficient. Weight: 306 grams, 12 mm drop, available in several widths.

Brooks Glycerin 16

5) Brooks Glycerin 16

If you are looking for sneakers with a plush and smooth ride, it's time to look at the Glycerin 16 novelty. The midsole with a sufficient level of support is suitable for heavy runners, and the upper part pleases with a soft interior.
Weight: 300 grams, 10 mm drop, available in several widths.

Saucony Triumph ISO 4

Triumph ISO 4 - Saucony top shock-absorbing sneakers. The fourth version midsole consists entirely of Everun brand foam to provide a responsive ride under your feet.
As in all previous versions of ISO Triumph, the upper part consists of a single piece of fabric with an integrated tongue. Engineers made sure that a smooth interior and enough space was provided for the legs.

Nike Zoom Vomero 13

7) Nike Zoom Vomero 13
Updated Vomero - super versatile sneakers that can "swallow" a large number of kilometers thanks to the bulk layer of cushioning foam and air cushions. Heavy runners, these sneakers will please with elasticity for periodic accelerations and performances at competitions.
Runners characterize the landing of the Nike Vomero, as spacious and not narrow. There is enough free space around the toes, which increases overall comfort while wearing these sneakers.
To improve comfort, the collar around the ankle and tongue made softer, and the rubber on the sole made stronger to increase the life of the shoe.

Sneakers with optional stabilizing pads

Mizuno Wave Horizon 2

8) Mizuno Wave Horizon 2
Traditionally, Mizuno developers have avoided the use of rigid foam inserts from the inside, even in the supporting collection of sneakers. Horizon doesn't have that either, but the Wave plate has an aggressive design on the inside. Which, in our opinion, can be qualified as a medial inset. Nevertheless, this plate is in a cocoon inside two layers of foam in the midsole, so that your feet are provided with good cushioning without "annoying" support. The Horizon uses premium upholstery, which translates into a comfortable interior for the foot. Weight: 326 grams, 12 mm drop, only available in one width.

Hoka One One Arahi 2

9) Hoka One One Arahi 2

The main difference of the Arahi 2 from the first model is a new, more breathable upper part, while the rest of the shoe, including the reflective heel and the innovative J-Frame midsole, remained unchanged. Traditional stabilizing sneakers are equipped with a solid insert, placed on the inside of the sneaker, usually under the arch, to combat excessive blockage of the foot. When the foot “collapses” during the runner’s step, the insert prevents excessive displacement inwards, corrects this movement and pushes the leg forward. The Hoka's J-Frame design, in the first place, effectively directs the foot forward. EVA hard foam was placed along the heel and the inner side of the midsole, so that the runner’s foot was more naturally guided and moved correctly, rather than suddenly “bumping” onto a hard foam wedge.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 25

Asics Kayano 25 is a version with soft support for the Nimbus 20 model, or the “plush” version of the GT-2000 6, if you wish. A wedge-shaped insert made of hard foam (Duomax) adds stability at every step, but these sneakers still have a soft ride.
The overall design of the sneaker resembles the previous Kayano 24, but the top and the midsole are completely new. The fit on the leg became better as the front of the sneakers became wider, the heel cup better fixes the ankle.

Disappointment of the Year - Asics FuzeX Rush

FuzeGel depreciation technology appeared a couple of years ago with the release of the Asics FuzeX and FuzeX Lyte models. In 2017, the FuzeX Rush model was introduced to the world of running, which was supposed to gain great popularity. It would seem that the basic wishes of recent years for the training shoes of many runners were taken into account: light weight, not the biggest drop, and even a sufficient level of depreciation.

Contrary to the idea of ​​developers, this model could not compete with other new products, such as Asics Dyna Flyte and Noosa FF or more traditional old training models (for example, 33 FA). FuzeGel material was not impressed by its depreciation properties, which is positioned as responsive and soft at the same time. The landing also disappointed many runners.

Budget (popular) model - Asics Gel-Pulse 9

6490 rubles for a model from a professional line - this is more than affordable if you focus on the average cost of leading models. Pulses often become the first pair of running shoes for beginner runners who do not know whether they can be drawn into a new kind of activity.

Working sneakers Gel-Pulse 9 are recommended for small and medium training volumes (up to 8-10 km per workout) or races not exceeding the specified distances at a low pace. As a rule, beginners feel a serious difference with those sneakers that they used before, because Asics pays serious attention to the structure of even the initial models.

As you have noticed, the main quality of the models that fell into our rating is universality. And this is not by chance - now all the leading manufacturers of running shoes are trying to combine several properties in one model. Softness and resilience have always been considered the least compatible. Nevertheless, these characteristics in recent years can be combined in the most technologically advanced models for running.

Most of the models presented in the rating will be sold in 2018. We hope that our experience will help you to make the right choice for your new running pair. It should not be forgotten that the sneakers are the result of mass production, and each runner is unique. Therefore, it is not always necessary to focus on the reviews and recommendations of others, it is important to focus on the anatomical features of the foot and athletic goals. Our consultants will always help you choose the best pair that has proven itself in the running market and is right for you.

Running shoes which company to buy

Especially for you, we have compiled a ranking of the best manufacturers of running sneakers. We have chosen only time-tested and quality brands.

ASICS is the most popular Japanese manufacturer of sportswear and footwear. The company's slogan translates as “In a healthy body - healthy mind”. For over 60 years, the brand has shown itself reliably in the sports market, winning the sympathies of customers with the help of the latest technologies and beautiful design of products. The company is ranked 1 in Europe for selling models of running shoes.

Interestingly, the company Mizuno also started its activities in the Japanese market. The brand has a special studio in which the movements of athletes are studied during training, so it produces only comfortable shoes, made with the use of high technology.

Nowadays, it seems everyone knows the American company that makes sportswear and footwear, Nike. The brand is considered the most valuable brand that produces sporting goods. Due to the beautiful appearance, excellent functionality and affordable price, the products of this company are in the first positions in popularity among buyers all over the world.

In terms of brand popularity, Adidas has never yielded to previous firms. This is a German concern specializing in the manufacture of sportswear and footwear. The newest technologies provide the company with a huge demand for products, while the affordable price increases it several times. Many professional athletes won gold medals and cups in the shoes of this brand.

Ranking of the best models of running shoes

In compiling the ranking of the best models of running sneakers, we, first of all, were repelled by real customer feedback. For you, we have collected only the highest quality models of running shoes, the selection of which occurs according to the following criteria:

  • The materials of which the shoes are made,
  • Flexibility and softness of the sole,
  • Shoe durability
  • Ventilation,
  • Comfortable lacing,
  • Price,
  • Convenience in operation,
  • Quality insoles,
  • Design.

Running sneakers are made for both amateur sports and professional athletes who are important in winning the competition.

The best running shoes for professional athletes

Shoes for professional athletes should be, first of all, flexible, so as not to obstruct the movement of the runner. In addition, it can be made for training, in this case, sneakers protect the owner from microscopic injuries. There are sneakers made specifically for competitions, then they will not protect against injuries, but they will provide maximum relaxation of movements.

The best model for long-distance running

Adidas Energy Boost ESM running shoes are chosen by many professionals who expect to win in the long run.

Advantages of the model:

  • High landing
  • Individual heel setting
  • Great flexibility
  • Durable backdrop,
  • Adaptation of the foot to the uneven surface of the earth,
  • Powerful ventilation system
  • Long service life.

Disadvantages of the model:

  • It is difficult to wash the sole,
  • High price.

Buyers of these sneakers say that feet do not get tired at any kilometer, so shoes allow you to come to the finish line easily and naturally.

The best running sneakers for training

Sneakers Asics GEL-DS TRAINER 20 NC is a new model released by this brand, but it has already gained the trust of many buyers.

Advantages of the model:

  • Lungs,
  • Excellent air exchange
  • They protect their feet from microtraumas,
  • Provide a comfortable fit of the foot,
  • Fix the leg in one comfortable position,
  • Beautiful bright design.

Disadvantages of the model:

  • High price,
  • Do not allow to run long distances
  • Lack of flexibility.

Customer reviews suggest that the model is great for daily workouts, but for professional competitions it is better to choose another model.

Sneakers for training short distance runners

The MIZUNOWAVE ENIGMA 5 J1GC1502-03 sneaker model is a popular product among athletes who are used to training in fast running for short distances.

Advantages of the model:

  • Soft staging of the foot when running,
  • Comfortable leg position,
  • Stylish appearance,
  • Very light weight
  • Comfortable lacing,
  • Provides fast movement
  • Suitable for training in any weather.

Disadvantages of the model:

  • Wears off quickly
  • Very high price.

Professional athletes are willing to pay the price for high-performance training, but for the competition they choose other sneakers.

Excellent model for competition

The model of running shoes MizunoELEVATION is suitable for professional athletes, both for short and for long distances.

Advantages of the model:

  • Light weight
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Great flexibility
  • Durability,
  • Reliable fixation of the foot,
  • Comfortable lacing,
  • Good ventilation
  • Affordable price,
  • The latest materials for manufacturing.

Disadvantages of the model:

  • Not suitable for cross-country running,
  • There is a risk of getting a microtrauma.

Although professional runners choose other models for training, they consider running shoes to be ideal for participating in competitions.

Sneakers for workouts in running and fitness

The MIZUNO WAVE INSPIRE 12 J1GC1644-03 sneaker model is an excellent choice for athletes who combine any distance running with fitness classes.

Advantages of the model:

  • Long service life
  • Good ventilation system
  • Newest technologies,
  • A light weight,
  • Soft staging legs when running,
  • Fixed position of the foot.

Disadvantages of the model:

  • High price,
  • Suitable only for clean terrain.

Professional athletes speak of these sneakers as a reliable model, which in any situation will save a foot from injury.

Best running sneakers for lovers

If you need shoes for regular runs in the park or over rough terrain, then running shoes for non-professionals will suit you. For such shoes, it is important to have a protective function that will save from microtraumas not only the foot, but all joints to the knee. Such sneakers are developed using new technologies by many popular brands.

The best model for fast running

If you are a non-professional athlete who needs good shoes for fast running, then the Nike FS Lite Run 3 807144-001 will suit you.

Advantages of the model:

  • Low price,
  • Good air exchange
  • Reliable fixation of the foot,
  • The natural position of the foot while running,
  • Flexible model.

Disadvantages of the model:

  • Only suitable for dry weather.

This model is very similar to professional sneakers, so buyers recommend buying it to people who are regularly engaged and have already achieved certain results.

Sneakers for small runs

If you are looking for good shoes for short regular runs, then Nike Air Max Dynasty 816747-001 sneakers will suit your taste.

Advantages of the model:

  • Good flexibility
  • Reliable fixation of the foot,
  • Soft outsole
  • A light weight.

Disadvantages of the model:

Customer reviews of this model are mostly positive, sneakers are perfect for daily workouts.

Women's sneakers for any purpose

The ASICS PATRIOT 8 sneaker model is great for both daily runs and daily activities.

Advantages of the model:

  • A light weight,
  • Beautiful design,
  • Durable materials
  • Good air exchange
  • An opportunity to establish an orthopedic insole.

Disadvantages of the model:

  • Not suitable for wet weather,
  • Top sneakers made of fabric.

Customer reviews suggest that these sneakers will suit busy people who don’t have time to change their shoes after a run.

Model for non-professionals with any condition of the foot

The manufacturer took care not only of running lovers with a normal foot surface, but also of people with flat-footedness. The MIZUNOWAVE PARADOX 2 J1GC1540-03 model is universal, it is suitable for all.

Advantages of the model:

  • Reliable fixation of the foot,
  • Long service life
  • Robust construction
  • Good breathability.

Disadvantages of the model:

  • Only suitable for fair weather,
  • High price.

Customer reviews say that these sneakers are ideal for regular classes, and the quality of sneakers for lovers is unmatched.

What model of running sneakers to buy

Thus, if you are a professional athlete and are looking for sneakers for competitions, then the following models will suit you: Adidas Energy Boost ESM, MizunoELEVATION.

1. If you are a professional runner and you need training shoes that will save you from injury and allow you to move freely, pay attention to such models: Asics GEL-DS TRAINER 20 NC, MIZUNOWAVE ENIGMA 5 J1GC1502-03.

2. When you are unprofessional, but do jogging regularly, you definitely need shoes that will fix the foot and protect you from unwanted traumatic movements. You can use these sneakers: Nike FS Lite Run 3 807144-001, Nike Air Max Dynasty 816747-001, MIZUNOWAVE PARADOX 2 J1GC1540-03.

Approach the choice of running shoes responsibly, because the health of your joints depends on your choice.

Let's start with the popular training category.

  1. Asics Oberon 10, Asics Pulse 7, Asics Phoenix 7, Asics Gt-1000 4 - simple and fairly reliable work horses from Asix. Asics Cumulus 17, Asics GT 2000 4– for those who want a little more comfort and cotton-like softness under their feet. Models Nimbus 18 / Kayano 22 I do not advise, they are not so far gone from less expensive Cumulus 17/ GT 2000 4 in terms of comfort, and the price tag of 12000r is not pleasing to the eye.
  2. Mizuno Ultima 7 / Rider 19 - successful franchise updates from Mizuno. Enigma 5 - good universal sneakers for heavy runners.
  3. Saucony Ride 8 is a universal option for runners with an average weight. The Triumph ISO model is suitable for heavy runners.
  4. Adidas glide 6/7/8 Boost For three years in a row, this series of Adidas remains virtually unchanged, and this is something that says. One of the strongest models in the entire market for running shoes.
  5. Nike Pegasus 32/31 A lot of proposals in the group Collect running Vkontakte. For 3600-3900r you can get a good training model. Vomero 10 - for those who are heavier.

Half marathon tempo

Quite a limited selection of models in Russia. The successful version of Mizuno Sayonara 2 was replaced by a not very successful Sayonara 3. Asics DS-Trainer 20 gained fame for a model with a not very strong top (and narrow), the update with index 21 did not greatly change the situation, and the cost of such sneakers is about 9000r ... In drains I advise you to look for Asics Noosa Tri 10. You can also see Saucony Kinvara 7 - Something between a training sneaker and half marathon. Well, for myself, I would take the new Mizuno Wave Catalyst.

It is a pity that the inexpensive and robust Asics Hyperspeed 6 model has left the market. The Hyperspeed 7 version is not represented in Russia. There is money - you can see Asics Hyper Tri 2, but the design of these marathons is ambiguous. Saucony Type A6 can be viewed in Sportmaster. I will prefer Mizuno Hitogami 2/3 or Adidas Adios Boost 2/3.

Off-road sneakers

If you like to run along the paths in the park, choose the usual asphalt models, which I mentioned above. If you like to conquer serious off-road, then sneakers need to choose the appropriate.

  1. Salomon SpeedCross 3 or Spikecross 3 (spiked version). Anyway, the whole trail line of the French company has a good reputation.
  2. Mizuno Wave Mujin 3 GTX. Finally Mizuno Sneakers will receive a Gore Tex membrane and another chip - Michelin sole! One of the most anticipated models this fall for me. Wave Kazan 2 are also good and reliable off-road running shoes.
  3. Well Saucony Peregrine 5.
  4. Have Asix the line is extensive, but there is no really strong and universal model. Asics Fuji-Attack 5 can be called such a stretch. Есть многоцелевые, но не очень крепкие FujiTrabuco 4, все остальные модели узкоспециализированные: с шипами FujiSetsu, тонкоподошвенные FujiElite, и для непролазных дебрей Fuji-Renegade.

Про лучшие кроссовки с мембраной Gore-Tex мы поговорим в следующей статье.


У меня стоит вопрос покупки кроссовок — Mizuno Ultima 7 или Adidas Glide 7 Boost?Чтобы выбрали вы?

обе модели хорошие. Adidas Glide 7 Boost взял бы

Из марафонок советую поискать Asics dc racer 10. Очень удачная модель, купил прозапас вторую пару, т.к. неизвестно какими следующие версии будут.

Что можете сказать об asics noosa tri 11? Есть возможность взять за 4800, или лучше поискать 10 версию. Хотел взять ds trainer 20/21 но из за неудачного верха передумал.

на блоге был обзор asics noosa tri 11 за 4800р хороший выбор, если это не подделка)

Помогите с выбором: gt 2000 4 или Noosa tri 11 , цена одинаковая, вес 90-95, небольшой уклон в гиперпронацию, сравните их амортизицию . Бег по асфальту 3-5. thank

ну здесь понятно gt 2000 4. Noosa tri 11 — вам не подойдут

Hey.Thanks for the review, advise something to a runner with a weight of 62 kg and a height of 172 for running on asphalt. jogging is usually from 10 to 23 km at a time 3 times a week. thank

Duck in this article training models are indicated

Hello! If not difficult, help, please advice. My weight is 64 kg with a height of 172 cm. I usually run under a stadium with a coating (not Fashionable of course, but still) or on the trampled ground in a park, sometimes I have to use asphalt (usually in early spring). Volume up to 10 km., Rate 4.30 per km. I suppose that my running technique is somewhat unusual: on my toes, with staging on the outer part of the foot. Now in thought what model to take. Stopped on asix cumulus 16. Is it suitable for me? Previously, I ran into Adidas supernova, from the last asix gt 2000 2. On both models, the sole from the outer part of the foot was severely deformed, despite the fact that the heel is like new. Or should you look for other options? Thank you in advance!

Nike vomero 10 are not bad, mizuno rider 19, saucony ride 9. asics I would not take, not an unambiguous model

The other day, Kayano took the same 22. Today ran the first 10-ku in the stadium. It feels a little wadded, for a pace of about 4.30, even 5.00 per km.
Thanks for the advice!

Thanks for the review. I agree with you on the findings of the Asics FujiTrabuco4 off-road sneakers. I have Trabuco3, but they, except for the color gamut, are no different from version 4. There is with gorteksom and without. In the model with Gortex, which I have been using exclusively “autumn-winter-spring” for three years now, problems of this kind have appeared: a protective nosing began to peel off the outside, calling on the sneakers (this problem was solved quickly - glued), and the most unpleasant, inside , on the back, where the “capsule” of Gore-Tex and the internal “upholstery” come together and sewn together, this discrepancy of this very seam appeared, which is responsible for, let's say, the connectivity of these two different materials. The model without a Gortex, she is also three years old, the same problem with the external "nose" and for now.
But I would like to talk separately about Asics Fuji-Attack 5. You have a link in the text on the 4 model. But 4 and 5 models are different. They have a different top, different soles, different fit on the leg. Even the density of the grid is different. I had 4 models without Gore-Tex and I immediately refused it. Subjectively, these sneakers seemed to me awkward.
By the 5th Fuji-Attack watched for a long time and nevertheless decided - took. Without gore-tex. I run into them from the middle of March. I believe that this model is very suitable for such surfaces as: winter-spring porridge made of snow and water, wet and damp earth, wet stony soil, and so on, that is, where it is wet and damp-soft ... I’ll say right away to me These sneakers are not suitable for dry and hard surfaces. On the leg, a 5-ka sits perfectly, not at all like a 4-ka. The grid and the protection are tight, which allows you to run into the most damp and not be afraid of any hooks ... The most real brutal SUVs. We will see later on how their quality will manifest ...
P.S. I would like to know your opinion about Asics GEL-Venture. They, too, from a series of SUVs? Thank…

Three years is a rather long time limit. Asics Fuji-Attack 5 is a good model, perhaps the strongest in the entire Asics off-road series at the moment. But not soft. Asics GEL-Venture will try to review

Good evening. Advise sneakers for a morning run. Growth 166 weight 48 kg, easy hyperpronation, osteochondrosis, I want to reduce the load on the spine, except for not gel kayano, gel kayano 23,38 size me small, 39 big, kayano 21 from my sister, on the website at a discount, it is of only one color, and without discounts it does not work out. Gel kakno 22 read that it is unreasonably expensive and not very successful. The site offers discounts only today. Advise very good shock absorption and stability.

Hello, advise that it is better to take for trainings and competitions for 10kg, half marathons and a marathon. At the moment I want to update my sneakers, I run in Asics Gel Kayano 20, when I took 84-85kg in weight, now 76kg, I fell preference on Asics DS-Trainer 20/21, is it worth taking? Or look at some other. Should I consider other models? What is better if compared with Mizuno Wave Catalyst (by reading your article)

Or compare with Saucony Ride 7?

December 29, 2016

Good day, advise which crosses are better to take: height 180 cm, weight 80 kg
Novice runner :)
Gee, thanks

Hello could express their views on the choice of shoes for the daily run (stadium, track).

Good day! Please help me decide. Height 180 cm, weight 79 kg, beginner. I run in the club on the track in the old Adidas ClimaCool, I understand that I need other shoes to feel if it’s mine. I would like to go outside, in the hall it's still boring to run, to take part in some races. Preliminary I look at Mizuno Sayonara 3 for the hall. If everything goes, I will choose a model for the street. Well, if it does not work out, it means it will not work out. )

Thanks for the support of the blog. If from Mizuno, then take something more cushioning to get you started: Rider or Ultima 8 models. From other manufacturers: Brooks Ghost 9, Adidas Supernova Glide 9, Asics Pulse 8

Still, pronation is neutral.

Good health to you! Let the blog live and live, because in the race for many (including me) our whole life, whether you are an amateur or a pro. You are doing a very important and useful work, for which many thanks, and indeed throw PayPal - I’m ready to reheat what I can! Prompt useful information about the choice of cross-country off-road / off-season / snow and mud. I live in the countryside. Baseline: height 176, weight 81-85, both knees torn to dashing adolescence (I run in bauerfeind orthoses), slight flat feet and excessive pronation, a 40-50 weekly mood raid, mostly trails a bit of asphalt, sometimes a stadium with a rubber band and a treadmill. For the track and rubber I use asics gt-1000 3, for the rest of the gt-2000 4. I can’t make a choice, I want a goretex, a tenacious sole, good fixation and a relatively soft, but assembled ride on shit, without injury. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Found, threw! Map 0870, question above)

The author was more objective One of the best models for running in the forest MIZUNO "HAYTE". Although it is more preferences!