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Duck confit in a different way


Confit de canard is a classic French dish. In fact, confit is one of the oldest methods of canning meat and poultry. With the help of fat, such products are stored for months, but this is not its main advantage. The confit recipe is truly delicious and versatile. The duck confit, which has become a delicacy and has been recognized by thousands of people around the globe, is called the real “brand” of French cuisine. Today we will figure out how to prepare delicious restaurant dishes step by step at home.

Duck confit recipe

Duck confit recipe consists of fairly simple ingredients:

  • Oily duck - 2 kg, you can only use duck legs,
  • Duck fat - 1 kg, it will turn out in the course of preparation,
  • Vegetable oil (needed when there is a shortage of fat)
  • Allspice - 1 tsp
  • Shallots - 2 pcs.,
  • Salt (coarse grinding) - 3 tbsp.
  • Garlic - 2-4 cloves,
  • Thyme - 1 bundle.,
  • Rosemary - 1 bundle.

Cooking involves many stages and cooking itself is quite time-consuming. But our photos will help you to do everything right and as a result, an exquisite confit duck will become the favorite of your household.

Cooking Instructions:

Stage 1 - Duck Preparation

Since the classic duck confit is cooked in fat, the thighs and legs of the bird are best suited for it, but there are no strict restrictions. You can take the whole duck and start cooking.

  1. First of all, divide the duck, cut off the excess fat, and if possible, leave the skin intact.
  2. After processing, wash the bird and pat dry with a disposable paper towel.

Stage 3 - fat preparation

Before cooking whole poultry, you must prepare the fat. If there is no melted pre-purchased, then it will need to be heated independently. Here all fat cut from the bird will do, nothing if it is with skin together. Cook over low heat, periodically drain excess fat. Do not touch the pieces of fat, in any case do not interfere or turn over - get fried cracklings. The process of heating will take a lot of time, but excess fat can be frozen and used later. It is very useful and suitable for recipes of many dishes.

If you are going to cook confit from duck legs only, then this stage can be skipped; you only need sunflower oil for cooking.

Stage 4 - cooking duck confit

  1. After marinating, wash off the remains of spices from the bird and place them tightly in the prepared baking molds (it is best to use ceramics).
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients in the recipe: in between duck pieces, put garlic cloves, shallot slices, thyme and rosemary sprinkles, sprinkle with peppercorns.
  3. Next, fill all this with fat (if it is not enough - add vegetable oil), covering all the ingredients with fat, and tightly cover with a lid. If you are cooking confit from duck legs, then forget about the fat and completely fill the form contents with oil.
  4. We put in the oven heated to 150 degrees for 2-4 hours (depending on the number of poultry and the thickness of the walls of the molds).
  5. After baking, remove all spices, garlic and onions, leave the dish for a couple of minutes on a paper towel to remove excess fat.

You can do all this in a frying pan, “on a weak rut”. Cook for several hours, keeping the fat (or oil) from boiling.

Cooked duck confit acquires a golden crust, perfectly moves away from the bone. The bird should be stored in the refrigerator, you can decompose it into banks, pre-fill them with warm duck oil.

Stage 5 - Submission

  • Leg confit, then before serving, it must be roasted over medium heat from two sides.
  • If the bird has long been in the refrigerator, before serving, you can bake it together with fat, vegetables, fruits, or even berries (apples are often used).
  • Duck leg confit is very tasty and goes well with mashed potatoes, barley, mushrooms, braised cabbage and other side dishes. Classical serving dishes on a pillow of garlic and shallots, seasoned with spices and fresh herbs (arugula, lettuce, parsley, etc.).
  • Cold confit is perfect for sandwiches - just disassemble the meat into pieces and spread like bread pate. Done!

Honey Confit

Duck leg confit with honey receives enthusiastic feedback from tasters around the world. So why don't you try this delicacy? The cooking scheme itself remains the same, but before serving, the duck will need to be poured over with honey glaze. For her you will need:

  • 70 ml. honey
  • 10 gr. cinnamon,
  • 2 gr. saffron,
  • 5 gr. ground pepper.

The method of cooking honey leg confit:

  1. For the preparation of honey glaze in a skillet mix honey and 2 tbsp. l water, add spices and bring the mixture to a boil.
  2. Then we lower the fire and cook until the honey is slightly darkened (it will also become more dense), then turn off the fire.
  3. Hot duck should be poured over the duck just before serving, and its remains should be used as a sauce, pre-mixed with water to taste.

Anyway, the leg confit is a refined French delicacy that adorns any table. We advise you to try!

How to make duck confit?

How to make duck confit?

Duck leg "Confi", the recipe for which you will like, is not only one of the most popular French dishes, but also the best way to cook meat of this gourmet bird.

Duck "Confi"

  • duck ham - 4 pcs.,
  • potatoes - 600 g,
  • duck fat - 400 g,
  • butter - 100 g,
  • Shallot - 400 g:
  • garlic - 50 g,
  • thyme - 10 g,
  • rosemary - 5 g,
  • salt, pepper to taste.

“Confit” is a French word and culinary term meaning that the dish is cooked by frying in oil. Duck "Confi" - a unique recipe, because instead of butter it uses the fat of the bird itself.

Preparation of "Confi" takes several hours, and the recipe itself requires the utmost attention and concentration.

The first step is marinating duck meat. Pound thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper in a mortar, add a teaspoon of butter to them and carefully wipe the ham with the resulting paste. If desired, add basil, bay leaf, garlic, thyme, or any other herb or seasoning. The duck should be marinated for 24-36 hours in a cold and dark place. The juice which is allocated when marinating do not pour out.

Cut the duck fat as small as possible and place it in a cauldron or pot with high sides. Fat should get as much as possible, so drown it until it turns into a homogeneous mass, the consistency of oil.

Fold the pickled duck into a small heat-resistant form, overlay it with garlic and garlic on all sides and pour the dish with melted fat. Greaves worth pre-get, and the largest deferred for further decoration. Form with poultry and vegetables, place in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees, for 2 hours. If you get a big duck, or you cook for a large number of people, it will take 2.5-3 hours to bake the dish. From time to time, check the readiness of the meat and water it with fat.

Duck "Konfi" is considered an exquisite and sophisticated dish, so the usual side dish does not fit it. To prepare the appropriate garnish for this dish, boil the potatoes until ready. Mash it with the remaining butter, add a pinch of grated nutmeg and ground seeds of cardamom.

Remove the finished duck from the form in which it was prepared and place it on a paper towel so that it absorbs excess fat.

For serving, place a portion of mashed potatoes on the edge of the plate using a round metal mold, and sprinkle it with nutmeg. Serve the finished duck leg "Confi" in portions, on a pillow of leek and garlic, with which the bird was prepared. Decorate the dish with cracklings and fresh greens, such as arugula.

For duck perfect semi-sweet red table wine.

Honey duck "Confi"

The second option for making this delicacy, with the exception of the use of honey glaze, is no different from the first.

  • honey - 75 ml,
  • cinnamon - 10 g,
  • Saffron - 2 g,
  • ground pepper - 5 g.

In a small saucepan, mix honey with two tablespoons of water, bring the mixture to a boil and add spices to it. Stir the whole mixture until smooth, and keep it on the fire until the honey becomes denser and darkens slightly, then turn off the heat.

Cook the duck according to the instructions described in the recipe above, and begin to cover the skin of the bird with boiling glaze before placing it on a paper towel. Mix the rest of the glaze with water and serve to the table as a sauce. If you are cooking a confit duck for the first time, be sure to try this option.

On the occasion of the celebration, you can also please your loved ones with a classic duck with apples. or a more unusual option - with oranges.

Duck confi in the manner of sous vide

2 duck legs
4 tbsp. sea ​​salt
1 tbsp. Sahara
a few sprigs of thyme and bay leaves
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp juniper
2 tbsp. duck fat

Traditionally, duck legs are salted before cooking: this allows you to inform them of the flavor of the spices and make it more saturated, and the meat itself - more juicy. Pickle is sometimes used in modern recipes (about how brine makes the meat more succulent, read here), but I decided to go a more traditional way. How should rub chicken legs with a mixture of coarse sea salt and sugar, coarsely ground black pepper and juniper, as well as broken bay leaves and thyme leaves. Remove the chicken legs in the refrigerator, and after 24 hours, rinse thoroughly in cold water to wash off the excess salt and seasonings.

What is good about sous-vy when cooking duck confit is the fact that you can do without fat at all - from duck's legs it will be enough to be consumed. Pack the chicken legs tightly in a bag or cling film, trying not to leave air in there (I did add a couple of spoons of duck fat to each bag) and cook them in water heated to 75 degrees for 20 hours. There are other options - for example, 8-10 hours at 85 degrees - so you can set up an experiment and determine what you like more.

Then I got a little embarrassment: an hour after I put the pot of water in the oven, heated to 85 degrees, the water temperature just corresponded to the required 75 degrees, but overnight it warmed up to 85. Fortunately, for this dishes like duck confit are not critical, but I have reduced the temperature.

After 20 hours, remove the bags from the water and cool them in ice water before removing the legs from them, so that the tender meat does not fall apart. Before serving the confit, you need to bring it to readiness - fry the chicken legs in a frying pan, deep-fried or fry the crust in the oven (I recommend the grilling mode with blowing), put it on plates and serve with some brutal side dish (as befits a dish with village roots), and also sweet sauce and red wine.

Ingredients for Duck confit:

  • Allspice - 1 tsp.
  • Garlic - 3 tooth.
  • Shallots - 2 pcs
  • Salt (large sea) - 3 tbsp. l
  • Thyme (fresh) - 1 bundle.
  • Rosemary (fresh) - 1 bunch.
  • Fat (duck) - 1 kg
  • Duck (fat) - 2 pieces
  • Vegetable oil (as needed)

Duck confit recipe:

Prepare the products.
The most important thing for confit is fat. If you can not buy it - you will have to do it yourself. Preparation begins one day before the main cooking time.

So, the day before the main cooking you need to cut the duck. Duck legs and thighs are best suited for confit. Although, you can send in it wings and even breasts. All excess fat along with the skin must be cut and carefully preserved. To leave parts for confit with a thin skin - in it the most gusto.
* Earlier, I made confit with legs, and with wings, and with breasts. In my opinion, the most remarkable result is obtained from the legs and hips. This time I have 2 legs, 2 legs (leg with thigh) and breast, below I will explain why breast.
** From the remaining cores and wings you can make a delicious duck broth. And breasts - freeze for further use.

The prepared parts are well rubbed with a mixture of coarse salt, pepper, rosemary and thyme. Put in a ceramic dish, add herbs and leave to marinate in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours (overnight).
* Coarse salt is necessary, since confit is very easy to over-salt. The duck easily absorbs the fine salt and all the work can go down the drain. With coarse salt this will not happen.

Now you can do vytaplivaniem fat. All carefully preserved fat along with pieces of skin should be put on a wide-diameter pan, put on the smallest fire and forget about it for several hours. Fat will be heated and spread under the pieces. You do not need to touch them, interfere with or turn them over, otherwise you just get roasted cracklings. The only thing that needs to be done is to occasionally approach the pan and drain the melted fat.
* In modern kitchen, confit made in vegetable oil is increasingly common. But real French duck confit can only be made from real duck fat. It took me almost a day to heat the fat, but believe me - the result is worth it. In addition, duck fat itself is a very valuable product for the preparation of many dishes, especially French dishes.

Fully drenched pelts and pieces of fat will become hard golden brown pieces, and you will get the purest duck fat, which, like purified oil, does not chadit and does not burn.
* I have an intermediate result in the photo - fat, melted from one duck. Fat really need a lot, so they should stock up for future use - when preparing something from the duck - it is worth carefully collecting it and freezing it until the right moment.

The next day, when both the fat and the pickled duck are already available, you can proceed directly to the preparation of confit. Duck pieces should be removed from the marinade, cleaned of unabsorbed salt, brushed off the seasonings and tightly packed in a deep ceramic dish, alternating with shallots, garlic cloves, rosemary, thyme and peppercorns (3-5 pieces). All this is to fill in duck fat so as to cover the entire contents. If the fat is still not enough, then it is permissible to add a little pork fat or, at worst, good vegetable oil.
* Shallots and garlic need to be disassembled into cloves and can not be completely peeled. I cooked both this way and that way - with unpeeled ones - the color of the frozen fat will be darker.

Dishes with a duck send in a cold oven. Set the temperature to 140-150 degrees. In this form, the duck will spend in the oven from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the selected volume. It will slowly languish in its own fat, absorb flavors and acquire its "confidential" look.

After this time, the meat will begin to easily separate from the bones and spread to the dark fibers. All fat is melted from the skin and it becomes golden and crisp.
Confi is ready. Now from it it is necessary to take herbs, onions and garlic. Then it can be decomposed into cans / containers, filling up to the top with fat, you can roll up, or you can leave to cool and subsequently store right in shape. Fat will harden, and that stew will turn out. In this form, confit can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 to 12 months (in the form and rolled up banks, respectively).
* I leave in the form, for a long time I have not kept such delicacies.

But from the part of the duck, namely from the breast, I still make a kind of canned food. After sorting it into fibers and adding a couple of black peppercorns, I put it in a clean, dry jar and pour hot duck grease on it.
* If someone does not know what will come of it, then I hasten to please you - nothing else will turn out of it, like duck ryet - real French classics. (From fr. Rillettes - coarse meat pate, long cooked in fat).

How to use confit hot ?:
Remove the leg, remove excess fat and slowly heat it in the pan, lay it skin down to make it brown, (this is very, very tasty), turn it over once, so that the leg warms up. On the resulting fat, or by adding it from the confit, prepare a side dish. New potatoes roasted on duck fat are classics, but also barley with mushrooms, braised sauerkraut, and seasonal vegetables, and apples with honey, and mashed potatoes - will come out just perfect, almost everything will do.
The second option is to bake something in the oven. The same potato / cabbage / shredding / apples - prepare, put in a heat-resistant dish, generously add duck fat, lay out the duck meat and stir in the oven.
* I have a sweet onion and young potatoes with stewed (in the same fat) sauerkraut with apple and lingonberry roasted on duck fat for a garnish.

How to use confit cold ?:
First of all - smear on bread - like pate, like stew, as an ingredient for a very tasty sandwich.
The second option is to use duck confit in a salad. Having relieved the pieces of meat from excess fat (you can use heat, then cool it), you get a wonderful ingredient for salads from fresh leafy greens, with vinegar / fruit / citrus and berry sauces.
* У меня просто холодный бутерброд из бородинского хлеба с утиным конфи и ягодами брусники.
** Есть в кулинарии такие блюда, про которые так и хочется спросить " А стоит ли игра свеч?". В данном случае ответ однозначен - стОит!

What it is?

Утиное конфи – это одно из традиционных блюд изысканной французской кухни. Confi is a special method of preparation, which consists in a multi-stage, gradual and slow languor of the product in fat (usually its own).

There was such a way in those times when there were no refrigerators, but I really wanted to preserve dishes. That is, fat is a kind of preservative. Moreover, it is often used duck, as it differs by hardening already at room temperature, which allows you to save all the properties of the product and prevent its damage.

How to cook?

The secrets of cooking duck confit and its main stages are discussed below. But first you need to prepare everything you need:

  • four fat duck legs,
  • 500 grams of duck fat,
  • two or three tablespoons of salt (preferably sea and coarse grinding),
  • two onions (it is desirable to use a shallot),
  • three or four cloves of garlic,
  • bunch of thyme,
  • half a teaspoon of allspice,
  • a bunch of rosemary,
  • olive or any other vegetable oil (if required).

Description of the whole process:

  1. If you do not have the finished fat, then it should be melted. To do this, use the fattest part of the duck carcass, which languish over low heat for several hours. Separate fat should be periodically drained into a separate container.
  2. So, when you already have the right amount of fat, go on to marinate the duck. The legs should be washed, thoroughly rubbed with salt, placed in a deep enough bowl and sent for a day or even two in the refrigerator.
  3. Next, remove the legs and clean the salt, which did not have time to soak and dissolve.
  4. Move the fat to a thick-bottomed and thick-walled, fairly voluminous pot. Also add all seasonings, garlic cloves and shallots (you can not chop them or cut them into large pieces). Immerse the legs in the mixture, but so that they are completely covered with fat. Then just simmer the dish on a slow fire for at least five or six hours under the lid. If desired, you can cook confit and in the oven, using heat-resistant dishes. The temperature should not be higher than 140-150 degrees.
  5. Remove the container from the fire or remove from the oven, remove the duck legs from the fat in which they languished, and serve hot.

How to serve?

Duck confit is usually served with a side dish, and the ideal option would be potatoes, moreover, both baked (you can bake it all on the same duck fat) and puree. But vegetables are also suitable, and it is also advisable to bake or cook them on the grill. The second option is preferred by girls watching their figure, because the dish itself is very high in calories, so it is best to serve it with a dietary side dish.

Also confit can be served and sauce, it will complement the taste of the dish. Its basis can be fat itself, left after languor. So, you can add honey and various herbs to it. Or you can make an onion sauce by frying purple onions or shallots in fat. If you want something lighter and more interesting, then use berry sauce or even jam (such options will be appreciated by real gourmets).

It is worth paying attention to the drink with which you are going to serve duck confit. The ideal option would be, of course, good red wine, preferably semi-sweet or dry.

How to store?

If you did everything according to the rules, that is, you were tormenting your legs for a long time in fat, then their shelf life can be impressive. So, in the refrigerator the dish will retain its properties for three months. And if you bury it, that is, roll it into a jar, then it can stand for a whole year. But to freeze the duck confit is undesirable, it can lose the taste and the characteristic delicate texture.

Some useful tips:

  • Before use, cold confit can be heated in a pan so that the leg slightly browns.
  • You can eat such a dish and in a cold form, for example, spreading it on bread, like pate. From above you can put a little green, it will give a pleasant taste and bright aroma.
  • Try experimenting and serve a dish with a side dish of fruit or berries. Moreover, it is desirable to use sour, they will create an interesting contrast with the sweetish taste of duck meat, as well as help the fatty product to digest faster. So, you can put out apples in wine or, for example, lingonberries. This side dish will get spicy and at the same time quite easy.
  • Do not throw away the fat left after cooking, you can make a side dish or something else on it.
  • It is important that the fat covers the legs completely, they should literally cook in it. And if you did not have such a component, then you can bring the volume to the optimum with the help of pork fat or good olive oil.
  • The dish should be covered with a golden crust. But if it is not there, then try to remove the leg and either bake in the oven for about ten to fifteen minutes at 170 degrees, or fry in a pan.

Take the recipe described above and pamper guests or household duck confit!

Duck leg in the oven - photo recipe with step by step description

At any festive table certainly present delicious meat dishes. Of course, every family has its own traditions and features of cooking meat. Perhaps this method of roasting duck meat will appeal to housewives who do not want to stand at the stove for a long time, but who dream of a tasty and satisfying dish! Meat made according to this recipe will appeal to everyone, because its taste is simply impeccable.

List of ingredients:

  • Duck meat - 500-600 g.
  • Lemon - 2-3 slices.
  • Soy sauce - 30 g
  • Edible salt - 1.5 tsp.
  • Spices for meat - 10 g.
  • Mustard table - half a teaspoon.

Cooking sequence:

1. It is necessary to start the process with already prepared meat. It can be a loving part of a duck. It is possible that the use of poultry as a whole, only in this case the number of products for pickling should be increased.

2. Salt the meat. Wipe it with your hands.

3. After that, add the mustard and soy sauce. Again, wipe off the meat.

4. Squeeze the juice out of the lemon. Pour dry spices. All rub into the meat. Leave to marinate in a bowl for an hour.

5. Bake the meat in an oven heated to 180 degrees, pre-wrap it in foil, an average of 1.5 hours.

6. Treats can be served on the table.

Duck confit - real french recipe

The conventional wisdom is that the French know a lot about food, but it is confirmed by those who have tasted Duck Confit at least once. These are duck legs, which you first need to simmer, and then send to the grill. With this method of cooking, the meat acquires a delicate structure, and from above a stunning, tasty crust is formed.


  • Duck legs - 6 pcs. (or less for a small family).
  • Chicken broth - 200 ml.
  • Salt (you can take the sea) - 1 tsp.
  • For the sauce - 1 tbsp. l honey, 2 tbsp. l soy sauce, a few juniper berries, a few sprigs of fresh thyme, bay leaf, salt, ground pepper.

Cooking technology:

  1. Put the oven to warm up and take the legs. Rinse them under running water. Dry paper towel. Salt
  2. Proceed with the preparation of the sauce - crush the juniper berries in a bowl. Add aromatic herbs and seasonings, liquid honey and soy sauce, salt. Stir thoroughly.
  3. Legs put in a deep container, which can be put in the oven. Pour chicken broth (you can replace the vegetable).
  4. Stew first in the empty broth. Then add soy sauce and continue stewing for about half an hour.

As experienced culinary experts advise, this dish can be made even more tasty if you add a little white or red dry wine.

Recipe for cooking duck legs with apples

It is known that both the goose and the duck are quite fat, and therefore their best friends in cooking are apples. The same applies to cooking not the whole duck carcass, but only the legs. They are perfectly combined with apples and sweet and sour lingonberry sauce.


  • Duck legs - 3-4 pcs. (depending on the number of consumers).
  • 3-4 sour apples
  • Salt.
  • Hot pepper.
  • Rosemary.
  • Favorite spices and herbs.
  • Olive oil.

Cooking technology:

  1. Prepare the legs - cut off the excess fat, rinse. Dry with a paper towel.
  2. Sprinkle with salt, spices, spices, herbs.
  3. Cover with cling film. Put the legs in the fridge for 5-6 hours (or overnight).
  4. Rinse green sour apples, clean from tails and seeds. Apples cut into slices.
  5. Take the form for baking-quenching. In her beautiful lay duck legs.
  6. Lubricate them with olive oil, which will help in creating a beautiful golden brown. Overlay the legs with apples.
  7. Put in the oven. To prevent the legs from burning, cover the container with a sheet of food foil.
  8. Soak an hour in the oven at 170 degrees.
  9. Open the foil, pour over the legs with the juice that is released. To sustain a quarter of an hour (or less) for formation of a crust.

Serve in the same dish in which the duck legs were cooked. To garnish, besides apples, be sure to offer lingonberry sauce. If the dish is prepared for a company where there are men, then you can boil the potatoes and serve it with butter and greens.

Duck leg with orange

The fact that duck meat can be served with sour fruits, for example, with the same apples, cooks knew not only in Russia. In Western Europe, there is the same trend, only here they use their own most popular fruit - oranges.

The recipe for duck legs with oranges can be found in the Italians, Spaniards and French. But today, when oranges are sold in supermarkets all year round, it’s not a problem to cook such a dish for the hostess from Eastern Europe.


  • Duck legs - 4 pcs.
  • Bay leaf.
  • Garlic - 2-3 cloves.
  • Dry white wine - 50 ml.
  • Oranges - 1-2 pcs. (need pulp and peel).
  • Sugar - 2 tbsp. l
  • Vinegar - 1 tbsp. l
  • Salt.
  • Spice.

Cooking technology:

  1. The first stage is the preparation of duck legs, everything is traditional - to wash, dry, salt, sprinkle with spices.
  2. Put in a sufficiently deep heat-resistant container, pouring a little oil on the bottom and putting a bay leaf, put garlic through a press.
  3. Legs pour wine. Cover with foil. Bake for about an hour in a moderately hot oven.
  4. Remove the foil and redden the duck legs.
  5. Peel oranges and white membranes. Grate the zest into a cup.
  6. Sugar put on a dry frying pan, cook caramel.
  7. Put caramel orange slices, caramelize.
  8. Then pour vinegar, put grated orange peel, hold for 15 minutes.
  9. Duck legs shift on a dish, oranges lay out around.
  10. In the caramel add juice remaining from stewing legs. Boil, pour the sauce over the meat.

Boiled rice can be additionally served to such a dish, and a little bit of greens will not interfere.

How to cook a tasty duck leg in a pan

Not all housewives love to cook in the oven, some think that on the stove this can be done faster. The following recipe is for such cooks, another feature of it is no exotic products, only duck legs, usual vegetables and spices. It takes a deep frying pan and a little time to cook.


  • Duck legs - 4-6 pcs. (depending on family).
  • Onion - 1 pc.
  • Carrots - 1 pc.
  • Bay leaf.
  • Pepper bitter, allspice.
  • Salt.
  • Garlic - 3-4 cloves.

Cooking technology:

  1. Prepare the legs - rinse, blot, cut off excess fat.
  2. Send this fat to the pan and melt it.
  3. While the fat is being heated, you need to prepare the vegetables - also rinse, peel, chop. Teeth across, onion diced, carrot plates.
  4. Remove the duck bacon from the pan, put the duck legs there, fry until golden brown (but not ready). Legs shift to the dish.
  5. In the heated fat unload all chopped vegetables. Passerate.
  6. Return the duck legs to the pan, add 100 ml of water or broth, salt and spices.
  7. Simmer for about an hour with the lid closed tightly.

This dish harmoniously looks with any side dish - porridge, potatoes or mashed potatoes.

Recipe duck leg sleeve

The main mistake of many housewives when cooking duck legs - the desire to get a ruddy crust. But in the process of cooking the dish often becomes too dry. To prevent this from happening, experienced chefs recommend using a roasting sleeve.


  • Duck legs - 6 pcs.
  • Apples - 2-3 pieces
  • Lemon - ½ pcs.
  • Cinnamon - on the tip of a knife.
  • Salt, spices.
  • Honey.
  • For soaking duck legs, you can use marinade - 1 tbsp. l salt, 2 tbsp. l vinegar, laurel and black ground pepper, water.

The soaking process lasts for 3-4 hours, during this time the specific smell will disappear, and the meat will become juicier, cook faster.

Cooking technology:

  1. Pour water into a deep container, put salt and spices, broken laurel leaves, pour vinegar. Immerse duck legs, press down.
  2. While the meat is marinated, prepare the fruit. Wash lemon and apples, cut into small slices, sprinkle with cinnamon.
  3. Take the duck legs out of the marinade, get wet, smear with honey, sprinkle with spices.
  4. Put in a sleeve, add sliced ​​apples and lemon. Sleeve tightly tie, make tiny holes for steam.
  5. Baking time from 30 to 40 minutes.
  6. Then the package can be cut and wait for the formation of a crust.

Duck legs cooked in sweet and sour, apple-lemon sauce, put on a beautiful dish, serve, decorated with greens.

Tips and tricks

The number of legs to cook based on the number of future tasters. Prepare the dish in the pan and in the oven.

Legs recommend pre-pickling in water with vinegar, salt and spices to get rid of the specific smell of duck meat.

In the oven, it is recommended to bake, covered with a sheet of foil, or wrapped in foil, or put in a sleeve for baking.

How to cook duck confit

First of all, you need to trim the duck. Traditionally for confit use legs and hips - they look presentable on the plate, especially in the restaurant serving. At home, confit can be cooked from a whole duck. Any parts of the poultry will fit except for the neck, skeleton and ribs, which contain very little meat and are more suitable for broth.

Divide the duck into pieces, cutting it into large portions, always with skin! Carefully cut the fat from the tail (after removing guzno), as well as in the neck and ribs - save this fat, it will need to be separately heated.

This time, I used 4 duck legs, breast and wings for a total of 1300 g. To prepare the confit, I put the prepared parts in a bowl, sprinkled them with large table salt and pepper, poured them with lemon juice, added an onion cut into half rings. I stirred everything up and put it in the fridge to marinate for 12 hours (for the night).

The second important part of confit is fat melting. In modern cooking, you can often find confit recipes in vegetable oil. But the classic French duck confit should be made exclusively from natural duck fat. All cut pieces of skin with fat, I laid out in the pan. She put on the fire a little less than the average and tormented about 40 minutes, stirring from time to time.

After about half an hour, the pieces were noticeably reduced in size and all the fat was melted. Fritters leave in the pan (they do not need us), and duck the fat poured into a jar. It will need a lot, about 500-700 ml. From scraps of one large carcass will be only about 250 ml. Therefore, it makes sense to stock up on fat for future use - you can collect skins gradually, preparing something from the duck and freezing them in the refrigerator. If this is not possible, use partially pork fat or, at worst, high-quality vegetable oil.

The next day, when the duck marries, proceed directly to the preparation of confit. I brushed off the pieces of meat from the onion and bay leaf, and then tightly packed it into a deep heat-resistant form. Added a few peeled garlic cloves, black pepper peas, a couple of sprigs of rosemary and thyme.

Filled everything with duck fat. It must completely cover the contents of the form. If it is still not enough, add lard or refined vegetable oil. She covered the dishes with a lid (!) And sent them to a cold oven. Set the temperature to 140-150 degrees. And left for 3 hours - all this time the duck in the oven will slowly simmer in its own juice. No need to mix!

Duck confit in the oven is ready. Meat should easily move away from the bones and be divided into fibers. The duck will get a beautiful golden color, the meat will darken, and the skin will become thin and tender.

Then it can be decomposed into ceramic forms, filling it with fat to the top - the shelf life will be 2-3 months. And if you roll up in turnkey sterilized jars, the stew will last up to 1 year! I just leave the meat in shape, as a rule, such a delicacy does not linger with us for a long time.

Before serving, the meat will only be heated - traditionally in a frying pan, the fire should be moderate, so that the piece warms up evenly over the entire area. You can brown your skin in the oven or just eat it! Do not rush to throw out the fat, you can cook an excellent side dish on it, for example, fry new potatoes with garlic. With sauces also endlessly experimenting. Sweet and sour berry and wine sauces will do; it is good to serve a glass of red wine.