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Unusual New Year's gifts that you can do yourself


Here are collected 17 really worthwhile ideas, thanks to which you can make an inexpensive, but significant gift for Christmas! Let's find out the real recipe for the perfect present, which will not only surprise, but will be remembered for a lifetime! Take out scissors, paper, glue and glitter! We are starting to create incredible handmade gifts!

1. Snowflake from wine corks

Do you like wine and for a small amount of time you have collected a large number of jams? Do not throw them away, because you can peredarit this soft material!

Take some shiny ribbons, liquid glitter and, of course, wine corks. Create a unique volumetric snowflake that will shine in the light and give incredible joy! Especially such a gift will be significant for those who appreciate a delicious and aromatic wine.

2. Self-made "Christmas"

Create a unique and magical composition that will dip your friend or relative in the unique Christmas atmosphere. To do this, take a few beautiful cans or glass bottles, pine or spruce branches, slices of dried orange, a little thyme, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves. Tamp these ingredients nicely in a container, wrap them in paper and attach postcards.

The person to whom you present this gift can at any time pour the contents of the can into the pot, add water and put it on the fire. All ingredients will fill the room with a natural aroma that envelops the magical spirit of Christmas. You can add a few drops of essential oil of cinnamon, lemon, tea tree.

3. Renovated frames

We will show you how easy it is to turn cheap shopping into a memorable Christmas gift. Buy old picture frames or photos that can be found at garage sales or at an antique store. And then apply on the surface several layers of fresh paint. Before you give, print your photo, where you are with your friend. Believe me, it will be a nice gift made by yourself!

4. Collage of photos

Want your gift to be more inventive? Make a nice collage of funny photos in one frame. To do this, you need to prepare a white base, winter stickers, selected in the New Year's style.

To surprise a friend or relative, just use your favorite quotes and liquid glitter to make the collage literally sparkling and pleasing.

5. Mix for Brownies

This gift looks not only beautiful, but also very tasty. Put in the glass jar the necessary ingredients - layer by layer. All the recipient needs to do is add eggs, butter and vanilla.

6. Pom Pom Keychain

Each of us is surrounded by a person who regularly loses his keys. Keychain with pom pomchikom prevent it.

How to do? Very simple! Prepare an even circle of cardboard, and cut a small hole in the middle. Wrap the yarn around this “donut” until you get a thick layer. Carefully fasten the last thread so that the pom-pom does not “crumble”. Using a knife, cut the yarn, moving along the outer circle.

7. Fabric wall clock

This is an incredible gift! Because it is both practical, and fashionable, and unusual. But the main feature is that such watches can be made absolutely for any interior. The only negative: for making such a present you will have to disassemble an existing wall clock!

8. Homemade lollipops

Lollipops are the most popular holiday treat. But thanks to our recipes, you can make candies on your own at home! All you need to do is melt some sugar to make liquid caramel. Add dye and a little flavor (you can use orange juice), and then pour the candy into forms to make incredibly tasty candies.

Before giving a gift, choose a beautiful box and a bright cloth with a napkin!

9. Case for cell phone

Quality covers made of durable material with the author's design, as a rule, are very expensive. And if you want to choose a more budget option, you will surely come across dull patterns and boring colors.

But you can turn a cell phone case into a work of art using any available tools. All you need is to purchase a finished transparent panel or a single-color case.

10. Truly hot chocolate

And again in the course are glass jars! Remember the fragrant dry brownie? We suggest you pour dry cocoa or hot chocolate in a can, arrange the container with chopped marshmallow. In addition, attach a bottle of Baileys to the package.

11. Lemon Body Scrub

If your friend or family member is often confronted with stressful situations, then he probably needs to relax. But, as a rule, time for massage and spa is very difficult to find, so create an aromatic lemon body scrub with your own hands.

To do this, mix coconut oil, sugar, sea salt, honey, a few drops of lemon essential oil and zest of this citrus fruit. Scrub put in a beautiful container and wrap in a bright package!

12. Good morning, pancakes!

There is one gift that no one will ever ask for. However, everyone will be happy with such a gift.

This gift - a basket for breakfast, namely for the design of pancakes or pancakes. In a separate package put nuts and dried fruits. The basket itself is filled with maple syrup, nut paste, berry puree, and possibly candied fruit.

14. Eternal tree

This is a simple gift-craft that anyone will like. In addition to the fact that you can give such a product to a friend, you can also leave a couple of handmade Christmas trees for yourself.

Take a cone made of cardboard or foam. Stock up with a glue gun to secure the threads around the base. Wrap the tree with yarn to fill all the gaps.

Make the tree even more festive - add a few amulets, beads or glitter on the thread.

15. Festive jelly

If you do not be lazy and cook fragrant jam, jelly or jam, the recipient will be very happy with such a gift. First, because in winter many ingredients are very difficult to find, and strawberry or grape flavors are inherent in the warmer season. Secondly, this gift will mean that you tried. Just make sure that the person you want to please is not allergic to any ingredient.

Do not forget about the beautiful banks decorated with bright Christmas ribbons!

16. Shiny Holiday Bottles

Give your friends brilliant and bright gifts that will fill the holiday with radiant shine! To do this, you can create decorative wine bottles. All that is needed is to take a crumbly shine (glitter), paint and glue. Mix all the ingredients until you get a homogeneous mass, and then apply on the glass container. Be sure to combine colors: blue with silver, green with red, silver with gold.

17. Home terrarium

A terrarium is a small garden that lives inside a transparent container. It will be a great gift for a lover of plants or nature!

You can use succulents that can take root at any temperature, soil, or moisture.

Tea Tree

Great gift for tea lovers. “Tea connoisseurs do not drink sawdust from tea bags!” You will say. But who prevents packaged in envelopes a good expensive tea?

You will need:

  • cone made of foam or thick cardboard,
  • round cardboard box and rice for stump,
  • tea packed in small paper bags (the amount depends on the height and diameter of the cone),
  • glue gun,
  • star, bows and other decorations to your taste.

Tape the cone with tea bags, putting glue on their top. Move upward staggered. It is better to use bags of contrasting color: the Christmas tree will be more elegant.

Stick the lid of the carton to the bottom of the cone. Fill the box itself with rice so that the tree is more stable, and then attach it to the lid. If you do not have the finished box of the desired diameter, make it yourself. Take as a basis a tube from a roll of paper towels or glue it from a cardboard according to this scheme.

Decorate the tree with ribbons, rhinestones and other decorative elements, and glue a star to the top of the head.

Solid perfume

Such a gift will be highly appreciated by girls. After all, this is an individual flavor, no one in the city will have such perfumes.

Before you create, find out what smells the one you want to please prefers. For example, if a girl likes citrus aromas, you will need lemon or orange essential oil. To add woody notes, you need oils of sandalwood or cedar, powdery - roses or vanilla.


  • ½ cup almond oil
  • ½ cup grape oil,
  • 100 g of beeswax,
  • 1 teaspoon of vitamin E,
  • 60 drops of lemon oil,
  • 25 drops of eucalyptus oil,
  • 20 drops of lavender oil,
  • 20 drops of rosemary oil.

Mix almond and grapeseed oil with wax in a separate saucepan and place in a steam bath. When the wax is completely dissolved, let the liquid cool slightly and add essential oils and vitamin E. Pour the future perfume into forms. A bottle of old hygienic lipstick, jars of vaseline, etc. will do.

When the wax hardens, the perfume is ready to use. It only remains to pack them beautifully.

Mitts from old socks

A great gift for frozen girls. A pair of warm, quite strong socks that you do not wear can be turned into fingerless gloves.

Additional materials:

  • needle with thread,
  • heart cut out of felt.

Trim and stitch the sock as shown in the photos. Be sure to undercut the edge so as not to frown, and make all the seams from the inside.

Sew on top of the heart of felt. You can use any other decorative tools. For example, embroider the inscription “Happy New Year!” Or embroider mittens with rhinestones.

Another DIY gift for those who are always freezing cold is a warming bag. Heating it for 1-3 minutes in the microwave, you get an excellent heating pad, which also smells good.

Paracord bracelet

Paracord is a nylon cord. It was originally used as a material for parachute slings, but then they began to use the paracord everywhere where a light and strong cable may be required. For example, from it weave stylish men's bracelets. In ordinary life - just a decoration, in an extreme situation - a saving rope.

There are various paracord weaving techniques. Here is one of the most common.

You will need:

  • 150 cm of paracord of one color and the same amount of another (it is desirable that the shades be contrasting),
  • 75 cm black paracord,
  • scissors,
  • ruler,
  • needle with thread.

It is possible to weave not only a bracelet from a paracord, but also a key chain, make a braid for a knife or steering wheel. Schemes you can easily find on the web. Even easier - watch the video tutorials on YouTube, there are many.


From this cup you can not only drink. On it you can leave messages to households or simply draw.


  • white porcelain mug without relief,
  • slate paint
  • masking tape
  • brush.

Slate paint is most often used to update the surfaces of blackboards. Now a large selection of such colors. We need one that can work on ceramics. For example, like this.

Select a section of the cup on which it will be convenient to write, but which will not come into contact with the lips when drinking. Seal the rest of the cup with masking tape.

Grind the unglued area and apply a thick layer of paint on it. Remove the tape and leave the mug for a day in a well-ventilated area.


When the paint is dry, send the mug to an oven preheated to 150 ° C. After 30 minutes, turn off the stove, but remove the mug when it cools down.

Now you can wash the cup in the dishwasher and put it in the microwave.

Hot Chocolate Set

If you are one of those who like to give not material things, but impressions, you will like this idea. After all, hot chocolate is not only a delicious warming drink, but also a reason to go or invite.

Take a beautiful glass jars and fill them with about a third of the powder for making hot chocolate or cocoa. Put some sweets or chocolate slices. The remaining space is filled with marshmallows.

Christmas cards

The traditional colors are red, blue, gold and white.

The blank for such a postcard can be cut out of white cardboard, and the image of an angel can be cut from a magazine or an old postcard. You can find a beautiful picture on the Internet, print it and use it for a card.
If the background paper is white, tint it with watercolors using a sponge (for washing dishes, for example). In order to lay a sewing line on the edge, first make holes (use a thimble!), And only then sew. As you can see, here the line passes only in places and this gives the card a lightness and romance)

Snow specks can be made with a toothbrush and toothpaste, this method is known to all of us since childhood!

If you are fond of scrapbooking and you have a figured punch in stocks, then making small snowflakes is no problem. And if not, do not worry, the postcard and without them will look cute enough! In addition, you can use a narrow ribbon and tie a beautiful golden bow, and then stick it on the card.

According to this principle, you can make 2 and 3 postcards, replacing only the central pictures and background color!

Christmas candles

Candles are generally a win-win! Designers in the interior decoration often use candles, so this gift for Christmas is a wonderful choice!

You can easily make original candles with your own hands! You just need regular wax candles, wax molds (use green pea tin cans!), Wax crayons and ice! Candles are very beautiful!

If you don't want to make the candles yourself, decorate the finished ones, add some zest! Decoupage napkins will help you to create original gift candles!

Want an even faster way? You are welcome! Buy decorative braid and decorate candles! What could be easier !? But it's beautiful, right?

Christmas composition

If you want a Christmas present to be remembered for a long time, make a Christmas composition of candles, fresh flowers and sweets! Yes, it is necessary to work hard, but there will be no limit to the delight of the presented.

Some more compositions for inspiration!

DIY candlesticks

Another beautiful Christmas gift - a candlestick!

To create such a candlestick, you will need a small jar, matte varnish, acrylic paint, and stencil.

First cover the jar with a matt varnish. Pre-degrease the glass with alcohol.

Then, applying a stencil to the jar, cover the image with silver acrylic paint.

In order to better view the picture, use a candle of bright color, for example, red. Under the color of the candle you can choose a decorative ribbon and other decorations.

And here's another cute candlestick with your own hands

You can always use decorative braid as decoration! She looks very impressive!

Christmas angels

Angels are a wonderful gift for Christmas, because many people associate it with Christmas, with the birth of Jesus Christ. Make an angel with your own hands and you will definitely not lose!

A sheet of cardboard of golden color, wire and stencil - that's all you need! Such an angel will serve as an original decoration on the Christmas tree.

Christmas angels can be made even from seashells!

If you make angels once or not anything, buy them in the store. In any case, they will delight your family and friends and serve as a protective talisman for them!

A few more workshops on the angel, see the video:

The best gift for Christmas is your attention and care! Therefore, it is worth spending a little time and prepare gifts, because with them you will give more of your warmth, love and kindness!

Drawing on the package as a gift decoration

Proper packaging will make any gift individual. Pack your gift in monochromatic paper and decorate with a small homemade pattern that symbolizes the recipient's hobby: a small machine for car fans, a cat for fluff fans, notes for people playing musical instruments or just appreciating good music, and so on.

A jar with the best memories

This gift is suitable for both lovers and best friends or parents. On small pieces of paper, write down all the brightest and warmest memories associated with the recipient, then roll them up and put them in a beautiful jar.

DIY handicrafts for Christmas. Master classes with step by step photos

We bring to your attention workshops and articles on topics:

- DIY gifts for Christmas

- DIY interior decoration for Christmas

- DIY Christmas crafts

Master classes for co-creation of children and adults.

Be creative and enjoy the magical holiday of Christmas!

Поделки к Рождеству своими руками. Мастер-классы с пошаговыми фото

Поделка из ватных дисков "Ангел" своими руками. Step-by-step instruction from a photomaster class on making handicrafts from cotton pads for children of 7-11 years old and parents. Author: Kirillova Irina Nikolaevna, educator of the kindergarten "Kindergarten No. 4" Romashka ". Description: this master class will be useful to kindergarten teachers, primary school teachers, school-age children, creative people and caring parents. Purpose: interior decoration for the holiday, fir trees for the New Year, crafts for the exhibition, under.

Composition "Christmas Angel" with his own hands. Crocheted angel and paper angels on the cloud. Master class with step-by-step photos. Author: Kuzmina Elena Nikolaevna, senior educator MADOU d / s №11 "Ryabinka", Domodedovo. Work description: this master class will be of interest to children of preschool and school age, teachers, educators, teachers of additional education, parents and for all those who are fond of creativity. To perform with children teachers and ro.

Christmas (or New Year) wreath. Master class with step by step photo. The master class will be of interest to teachers of additional education, parents and creative people. Making with children 5-10 years. Christmas is a great holiday for all people on earth. Recently, the Western tradition of decorating the house with a Christmas wreath has come to our country. Traditionally, a wreath was made from the branches of coniferous trees, decorated with candles, amela and an astrolist and placed on the front door. And the vein.

Master class with step-by-step photo napkin holder from CDs with decoupage. This material can be useful for teachers, parents and children from 10 years of age for co-creation. I saw the idea of ​​making napkin holders from disks on the vast expanses of the Internet and decided to try to do it with my female students. Here is the result of our creativity! Required materials and tools: Three CDs, PVA glue, glue gun, stationery knife, flat brush, ruler, awl, decoupage napkins, b.

Master class with step-by-step photo "Christmas Angel" of jute twine. This master class can be useful for teachers, parents and children from 11 years of age to work together. Required materials and tools: Jute twine, Master glue, PVA, tweezers, small scissors, plastic stationery bag (file), skewer skewer, cardboard for the base, adhesive tape, snowflakes, sequins for decoration. 1. Cut and glue three cones out of cardboard. (1 for body, 2 for arms). 2

Master class with step-by-step photos in the senior group “Christmas Angel” Author: Olga Varlamova, educator at the Gavrilovo-Posadsky kindergarten №1 of the city of Gavrilov-Posad Description: The Christmas symbol is the Christmas Angel, the brightest biblical character. Angels convey all the warmth and kindness of their hearts to people, protect our peace and soul. At Christmas, it is customary to give angels. I got the idea to make a Christmas angel with my own hands. This master class is designed for children 5 -.

Master class “Making a souvenir" Christmas Angel "with your own hands." A detailed, step-by-step description of making an angel with your own hands with photo. Purpose The master class is designed for children of preschool and primary school age subject to the joint work with an adult. This master class will be useful to teachers, additional teachers.

Christmas toy angel do it yourself. Master class with step by step photo Christmas toy angel do it yourself in 25 minutes. Step by step instructions with photosThe second toy to the series of the new year! Everything is very easy and simple, without stitching and complex schemes! How? - Look! Author: Alekseeva Elena Vladimirovna, educator MBDOU "CRR d c № 172", Ivanovo. Purpose: decoration for the new year and Christmas Purpose: making jewelry from scrap materials. Tasks: - to develop accuracy, - to make c.

Painted wooden cubes. Master class with step-by-step photo workshop will be of interest to teachers of additional education engaged in creative activities, parents and children of school age. Purpose: the finished work can serve as a gift for a holiday, for example, Christmas or Easter, the cubes will be very interesting for children to play. Objective: To perform painting on dice. Tasks: 1. To master the painting technique on wood. 2. To develop accuracy and imagination. 3. To instill a love of izgo.

Christmas card. Master class step by step photo. Author: Kolesnikova Svetlana Aleksandrovna. Position: Educator. Municipal Educational Establishment “Berezovskaya Secondary School named after Hero of the Soviet Union G. A. Rubtsov” Berezovka, Anninsky District, Voronezh Region. Description: I bring to your attention a master class with step-by-step photo "Christmas card". The material will be useful for children and adults who want to learn how to draw. The work is not difficult in the performance and.

Toy "Christmas Angel" on the Christmas tree. Master class with step by step photos. Author: Novoselova, Lyubov Sergeyevna, a student of grade 7, school №11 in Serov, Sverdlovsk Region Description: This master class can be used in working with schoolchildren, preparing for Christmas. Objective: the development of artistic and creative abilities of children through the creation of an unusual Christmas toy on the Christmas tree. Tasks: - to develop attention, to raise interest in creativity, - to form skills in working with sequins and nails.

Angels from egg packaging for children 6-7 years. Master class with step by step photos. Objective: the development of artistic and creative abilities of children. Tasks: - to develop children's interest in artistic design, - to teach to create three-dimensional figures from paper (cardboard), - to develop aesthetic feelings, emotions, aesthetic taste, perception, - to improve design skills and abilities, the ability to use scissors, glue, - to develop a desire to participate in the interior design is placed.

Master class for children 4-5 years old on the theme "Christmas angels" Goal: to develop artistic creativity in children through design. Educational: - to develop the ability to follow oral instructions and demonstrations, - to teach various methods of working with paper, - to consolidate the basic techniques of cutting. Developmental tasks: - to develop artistic taste and creative abilities in children, - to develop an eye meter, precise movements with scissors, - to develop spatial imagination. Educational

DIY crafts with their own hands. Master class with step by step photos. Author: Krainyukova Yana, 4 years old, a student of the MBDUU "Berezka", Surovikino, Volgograd region. Supervisor: Lilia A. Shishova, tutor of MBDOU "Berezka", Surovikino, Volgograd region. This master class is designed for parents of children of preschool, primary school age, teachers of additional education, educators. Purpose: a gift for Christmas, decoration for the Christmas tree, interior. Purpose: and.

Master class with step-by-step photos "Christmas wreath" Author: Shilina Larisa Vasilyevna, teacher of additional education, MBU TO "Tsentr" social center, club "Mechta", Yekaterinburg. Master class for teachers, children of 3 - 11 classes, parents. Appointment - a gift for the New Year, Christmas, interior decoration. Purpose: development of individuality, creative abilities and potential of children when working with various techniques and materials of decorative and applied arts. Tasks: • to acquaint and scientific.

DIY Christmas gifts: Christmas balls

Christmas decorations are a great gift idea for Christmas to colleagues, friends and relatives. A minimum of effort - and a cool gift is ready. A master class and photo ideas will help to make such Christmas presents with your own hands.

You can glue the finished ball disc pieces.

It is enough to cut the old CD into pieces with scissors and put them on the ball with glue.

Beautiful Christmas gift - handicraft of light bulbs. You can decorate it or dress up as snowmen, penguins.

Or make a Christmas-tree decoration in the form of a funny deer from puzzles.

Handicrafts made of buttons are also suitable as a Christmas present.

Try to glue the ball with old newspapers and sprinkle with sparkles.

Or fellow sockets, made from book pages, in a single ball.

Christmas gifts will look cool with their hands in a knitted starlet.

New Year's composition under the hood

If you want to make a whole Christmas composition as a gift, consider the option of crafts under the cap.

Making such Christmas gifts with your own hands with a detailed master class is not difficult. Such handicraft on the theme of a Christmas present will decorate any interior.

Angel - DIY Christmas gift for kids

The angel is a traditional Christmas present. Present a homemade angel to your child, so that he would protect the child from adversity.

Angel can be knitted or made of cloth.

A paper craft angel for a Christmas present can be made together with your child to school.

Candles - traditional do-it-yourself gifts for Christmas

You can make a beautiful candle with your own hands or decorate the original candle in an original way.

The original candlestick from a jar can be made literally in half an hour.

Such a hand-made article is the perfect Christmas gift for a grandmother’s mother, a girlfriend.

Christmas socks for gifts

If you like the tradition of European countries to hide gifts in Christmas socks, why not prepare such a package.

Gifts for Christmas can be packed in jars.

Or beautifully decorated boxes.

Unusual do it yourself gifts for Christmas

You can independently grow a Christmas star - poinsettia.

Or violet "A gift for Christmas."

See how beautiful such a gift in the composition for Christmas is in the photo.

Or here are some cool Christmas trees.

Angel is the most traditional symbol of Christmas.

The most traditional Orthodox gift for Christmas is angel. He is a symbol of Christmas. A gift in the form of an angel, made with your own hands with love and kind thoughts, can become not only a decoration of the home interior, but also a kind of amulet that embodies the Guardian Angel.

Such the doll can be sewn from fabricand put cotton wool inside, foam balls or fragrant herbs - mint and lavender.

Fragrant Herbs will help maintain sleep and peace of mind

The figure can be filled coffee beans. Such a gift will occupy a worthy place in the kitchen interior and will be an assistant in the morning awakening of the hosts.

Angel figurine can be crocheted. On whichever option you choose, it's still beautiful in any performance.

If you sew or tie a loop to the finished angel figure, it can become a beautiful Christmas tree toy.

Inexpensive and light gift for Christmas, made with your own hands, can be a homemade postcard.

Very often, such gifts are treated with some disdain. But the card, made with his own hands, is always perceived with a bang.

The plot of the Christmas card can be Bible characters, angels, snowflakes, funny little animals.

A child can draw a card and give such a gift for Christmas to parents or grandparents.

To make a postcard an adult will have to try.

If the artistic talents are far from ideal, you can make a postcard in the technique collage. To do this, fit old photos, magazine clippings, stickers or beautiful pictures.

The basis can be a drawing paper or a thick sheet of paper. The white surface can be tinted with gouache and a regular sponge. After drying the main tone proceed to the design.

All elements of the collage, which could be found, are placed in a harmonious form, and then fixed with glue or double-sided tape.

Postcard can be made from scrap materials.

For the manufacture of christmas card can take laces, bows, satin ribbons, living pine needles, small bumps.

Candle - the main gift for Christmas

Another traditional Christmas present is candle.

Conventional wax or paraffin candles are crushed. In this case, the wick should be kept, and then used for the manufacture of the author's candles.

ANDGround wax or paraffin is poured into a mold, you can take an ordinary tin can from a canned food as a mold and gently drown it on a steam bath.

When the wax becomes liquid, you can add glitters, dyes, shimmer - fine golden "dust", aromatic oilsliterally a couple drops.

The mixture is poured into molds and the wick is immersed there. To drown the wick, you can attach a weight, they can be a regular iron button.

Finished candles can be placed in transparent containers and decorated with Christmas symbols: cones, beads, various figures.

You can also decorate a Christmas candle with the help of a usual satin ribbon or lace. The perfect addition to this gift will be a mini-card or a sprig of spruce.

A great addition to the candle can be candlestick. Such a beautiful gift, made with your own hands, will be appropriate to give to your family and friends for Christmas.

Symbols of Christmas by Catholics

At Christmas, a beautiful DIY gift can be Christmas wreath.

The wreath is an indispensable attribute of Christmas in Catholics. Such an attribute can decorate the entrance door or the wall of the room. To make such a gift you need to take a solid base in the shape of a circle. It can be a blank of cardboard, plywood, wicker or wire.

Next, we attach spruce branches to the base, we wrap it in elegant red and golden ribbons, and then decorate it with cones and Christmas tree toys. As toys you can take beautiful balls and bells. It is possible to decorate a wreath with the help of sweets and bows in the appropriate color range.

TA traditional Christmas treat for Catholics is Brownie Cake.

Giving a finished cake and transporting it is a difficult task.

You can be creative and present an original gift for Christmas in the form of a mixture of dry ingredients for making Christmas cake or components for mulled wine.

Mulled wine - a traditional Christmas drink for Catholics.

Sweet gifts for Christmas do it yourself

For Christmas as a sweet gift you can cook ginger cookie. There are a huge number of recipes for this cookie. You can always choose the right recipe.