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6 effective ways to help stray animals


What can each of us do to reduce the homeless animals on the streets of our cities? How can each of us help solve this problem?

You know, probably if each of us at least did not pass by, there would be a shift in this eternal problem. We now live in a one-room apartment, a husband, a daughter, three pussies, two dogs, a wounded parrot. All the animals are selected, and we are not limited to this. Constantly saving homeless animals, treating and attaching. Well, I can not pass by. Because they are not to blame, looking for help and family. Such animals will always be devotees, they remember the good. For every saved animal, God gives health to our children.

To help homeless animals, everyone can use the best of their abilities and capabilities.

  • The most important thing is not to throw your cats and dogs on the street. If kittens and puppies are not needed, or there is a risk that you don’t distribute everyone, then sterilize yours. And it is desirable to castrate cats, and then they run along the street and as a result stray kittens, and then the cat itself dies in a fight for a cat.
  • You can feed a hungry cat, dog. If there is an opportunity, it is better to feed them constantly, at least one or two, and it is better to bring them sterilized so that unhappy, useless cubs are not born.
  • Protect the animal from beatings and bullying, if you see one. You can scare the sadist, call the police.
  • Take a street kitten or a dog.
  • If you have time and energy, desire, then you can join the ranks of the defenders, help stray animals, demand from the authorities to create a shelter. True, it is necessary to be able to do this in order to make sense, and not for the sake of creating self-popularity.

As you can see, you can make a lot of useful things, there would be money and time.

In order for the homeless animals on the streets to become less, then for a start, people need to stop throwing them there.

Few who themselves become homeless, they are usually “helped”.

How can I help you? This is the eternal question of kind and pitiful people, but no matter how great the desire is, the possibilities are limited. It must be understood.

  • If there is extra money, a great desire - create a shelter. Post on the site requests for assistance to this shelter. Many do this: collect animals, cure, sterilize. And they either distribute them in their hands, or release them again - the shelter is not rubber and help is needed by others.
  • Allows living space - take the foundlings to yourself. Either leave for yourself, or, giving the dog / cat look, offer to friends and acquaintances.
  • find a shelter for animals in your city and become their volunteer, periodically bringing them new tenants.
  • Well, the most minimal, but no less important, give the animals food. Everyone wants to eat, but not everyone can find it.

I agree with Pypsik, I really need to stop throwing them out, and many also need to reconsider their attitude to the castration of pets. And it is a pity to castrate, and the cat shouts, we must release it, let it walk. Kitty "walked a couple of days" and for 20-25 homeless has become more, they do not mind the "good" cat owners.

Of course, it is necessary to help homeless animals, feed, attach (pre-neutered). But, if their population continues to grow, it will simply be unrealistic to help everyone.

Yes, we collected here funds for stray dogs in the kennel, there was a lot of noise, then everything calmed down, apparently the cream was removed and those who asked for it went to other sites! We will be waiting for new tears-stories from us will not be lost!)))

In our city there is a social movement "Loss", which consists of people helping animals. They constantly raise funds for the treatment of homeless animals, cure them on their own and add them to their families for permanent residence. Everyone can help them and not necessarily means, animals also need care and good hands.

For stray animals to be less, they should not be thrown away and at least be sterilized if you are not sure that you can raise their offspring.

For example, someone can create a channel on YouTube, all the proceeds from which to send to help homeless animals. Anyone can contribute by simply watching one or several videos on the channel (and there will be no money for watching an advertisement) - you don’t even have to invest personal funds. More on this and other options for help - below.

I have 6 homeless cats at home. Two of them are disabled. I attach two in good hands. To help, take home at least one single stray cat. And you will save LIFE. And none of us knows who and how much will be reckoned for your kindness TAM! On the other side of good and evil!

go to the store, buy them food, instead of scoring yourself with such points

Anything an ordinary person can not help. And do not torment yourself with illusions. No matter how many shelters are opened, homeless animals will still be more, and every year their number will increase, even if every family picks up a kitten or a puppy from the street. Sterilization also does not solve the problem. Even if it is conditional to sterilize all strollers, abandoned and not sterilized pets, or irrelevant offspring offspring, will appear on the street year after year.

In my life there was only one cat, acquired for money, from my grandmother on a bird, and turned out to be pedigree (almost).

Two cats, and one cat, who lived a long life, were picked up on the street. The first cat in childhood. The last homeless thug is now sniffing alongside on a blanket. Was picked up in the cold.

At the last apartment, my husband and I took an adult cat into the house. Twice she gave birth to us kittens, twice we attached them. What is 4 pieces of a four-month-old gangster in a two-room apartment, even the first floor, you can only imagine. But a month before the move she disappeared without a trace. Looking for a long time, not found.

Few animals pick up adult animals, especially mongrels. Not because they are ugly, but because the unknown and already hopelessly wild. There will not be such a dog to keep clean and tolerate educational measures. This is a wild beast.

Feed stray animals - prolong their agony. They still die, or at the hands of sadists, or from cars, or from poison. Sooner or later, a stray dog ​​will attack - on a child, or on an adult.

Now we are preparing to move to a private house. And besides our gangster Motka, I’ll probably have a couple of other cats, and at least a dog. To guard, to fight mice. And it will definitely be matched puppies and kittens. But how many I will warm? Exactly as much as I can feed. And this is a drop in the sea.

1. Do not feed

It seems that a bowl of food is the easiest way to help a homeless animal. Surely, you also bought sausages for a puppy that had gotten together, and you know a grandmother who arranged a “canteen” for all the cats and dogs in the yard, and at the same time for fifty pigeons.

But feeding is an illusion of help. Firstly, it worsens the situation: there are more stray animals on the streets. One yard cat can give birth to up to 15 kittens annually. And lured dogs can stray into dangerous flocks. Secondly, the wrong and spoiled food can lead to the death of the animal.

There are much more effective ways to help an animal that is on the street.

2. Engage in volunteering

If you really want to do something useful for stray animals, find the shelter closest to you. Most likely, his employees are breaking, trying to embrace the immense, and another pair of hands will not hurt them. You can bring food there, go for a pleasant walk with shelter dogs, take the animal for treatment or sterilization - in general, there will always be tasks. By the way, if you have an old outerwear, it must be used in a shelter for the insulation of enclosures.

3. Find a new home animal

Of course, the first step is to check if the owners are looking for a dog or a cat. Have dogs need to search adresnik or brand. District groups in social networks, groups about the breed will also help in the search for owners. If the owner is not found, you can take the animal to yourself, cure it and make it part of the family - this is probably the best thing we can do for a dog or cat left without a host.

Of course, not everyone has such an opportunity (small apartment, allergies, lots of other obstacles), but you can try to find an animal shelter: post a photo in social networks, tell friends or just bring to the shelter. But when saving a stray dog, remember that he could grow on the street and be aggressive and dangerous.

4. Support the WWS program

The OSVV (catching, sterilization, vaccination, release) is the most humane way to prevent stray animals from getting on the streets anymore and stop the spread of rabies and other diseases. Many charities are engaged in collecting dogs and cats on the streets, treating them, sterilizing, and then releasing them.

5. Inspire others

Forget the talk that you should keep silent about good deeds. The study showed Help for adults in Russia that people are more willing to engage in charity when they see an example of loved ones. Every fourth will be inspired by the positive experience of a familiar or famous person, and every third will be inspired by family approval for good deeds.

Do not hesitate to tell in social networks about the cat that you took home from the street, about your volunteer experience or that you transferred money to a shelter that needs a veterinary unit. Its cool!

6. To make an auto payment to a charitable foundation

There are quite a few honest and proven animal protection organizations - “Project May Day” from Ivanovo, “New Ark” from Obninsk, “Umka” from Vladivostok, Moscow funds “Nika” and “Ray” and others. And for each of them, you can make an auto payment, which without extra gestures on your part will go to the charity fund every month. Even small monthly donations of 100–300 rubles will help the foundation plan its work better and save many more animals.

Help stray animals

If you see an abandoned pet on the street or in the entrance, feed him. It is advisable to choose food by age. If it is a kitten or puppy, you can give him childish canned food.

Pour warm water to the animal. Try to equip a warm place for your child. It can be a box in size with old towels and sheets, so that the poor fellow can hide and warm himself. This is the least you can do, but already a chance for survival.

If you are ready for more, it is better to take your pet into a warm, but isolated room: a storage room in the house, a separate room, even a bathroom or a corridor (depending on the size of the individual).

It is unknown whether the animal is healthy. Foundlings should not walk freely around the house until you are sure that he is not sick. This quarantine should last about 2 weeks.

At first it is better not to touch the cat or the dog with your bare hands. Try to touch the animal only with gloves or through a towel. Wash your hands thoroughly each time after contact.

Take a picture of the foundling, post information about him on the Internet on your pages on social networks and on the pages of all groups involved in the device of homeless animals in new families.

Perhaps the animal already has a host, it is simply lost, and the owner does not find a place for himself from excitement. Ask all friends on the web to repost your entry. The more people find out about those who are found, the faster they will respond to your cry for help.

Ask your neighbors about the animal and put up ads on the doors of nearby houses, posts and stops in your area.

If you don’t know exactly what to do with your pet, find the online community of cat and dog shelters, post your ad and questions there. Volunteers will respond and give you useful tips. Moreover, in such groups most often even have instructions on how to give the abandoned animal first aid without harming themselves.

Take the animal to the vet

Do not pull a visit to the vet. The sooner you check the health of a new pet, the easier it will be to cure it. It is also important to find out if he has microsporia (depriving). This disease is transmitted to humans and is very difficult to cure.

A veterinarian will tell you how to cure an animal, how to treat it against worms and fleas. True, if the health of the young man is weakened, you will have to wait out with the treatment for parasites until the “patient” gets stronger. Take the pet to the vet better in a carrying bag. If there is none, you can take a regular bag. But leave openings for air to enter.

I picked up a small matched kitten to the vet in a box. Made holes for air, and grabbed the sash with adhesive tape. At home it was easy to lure an animal into such a self-made "carrying". But already in the car crumb got out of captivity. He frantically scratched the box with his paws, nibbled. In the veterinary clinic it was very difficult to put him back. Besides, I didn’t take the scotch with me ... Later, I learned that at many veterinary clinics there are small pet stores where you can buy a carrier, a collar, and a leash. So the main thing is to somehow bring the pet to the clinic, and it is already easier to take it back.

When I was for the first time with a selected dog at the vet, I made a lot of mistakes! Listen carefully and remember what the doctor says. Do not expect to read everything on the recipe. Veterinarians have illegible handwriting. After several times I called the clinic. First to find out who accepted us. Then, to clarify the dosage of the drug from the veterinarian. And I also advise you to ask your doctor which of the prescribed medicines you need to buy in a veterinary pharmacy, and which ones in a human pharmacy. It saves you time.


Many people believe that they have not very good conditions in order to keep the found young themselves, or they will not be able to care for the animals due to the tight schedule. But it is not so! The most famous story that confirms this is an autobiographical book about a homeless musician and his pet (“Street Cat named Bob” by James Bowen).

At the time of acquaintance with the purr, the author suffered from drug addiction. Because of this, he lost his job, and he did not have enough money even to pay for housing. He actually lived on the street and played the guitar, collecting meager donations. But, despite his food, the man felt sorry for the cat, cured him. And then he tried to drive him away to bring the animal to more prosperous owners, but Bob the cat stubbornly sat next to James while the musician played for passersby.

The animal began to attract people to Bowen, the number of donations increased. Bob inspired James to completely change his life. The owner began to be treated for addiction to drugs and wrote a book.

Now James Bowen is the author of 3 bestsellers and is thinking of a fourth! He says that in many respects all the magical changes in his life occurred thanks to the faithful and intelligent foundling.

If for some reason you cannot keep the animal for yourself, try to find an overexposure for it. This is also a big deal! You can meet with the volunteers in groups on social networks. In your ad or posts, clearly ask for overexposure - temporary assistance.

Agree on the conditions. People are more willing to take a pet for a while if they are promised to help with the cost of food and treatment. Take on the financial part - then the issue of overexposure will be resolved faster.

Looking for good hands

Every day, write something in all network groups dedicated to helping homeless animals that are just looking for. And not only your city. There were cases when crumbs from the CIS were taken abroad. Foreigners were so impressed with the unhappy fate of a cat or dog that they were ready to come after them themselves! No wonder they say that the word can be saved!

By the way, good lyrics are not all. Try to make the kitten or dog look as good as possible in the pictures. To do this, they need to be cured, washed, fattened, combed “model”. There are no ugly animals, only unhappy and sick!

By the way, some professional photographers respond to a request for help. You can write to them and offer to take a picture of the found young, or at least professionally process his picture. And do not forget to sign a photo, telling that in life an animal is even nicer than in the picture. After all, the way it is!

Permanent home

In animal shelters, there are blacklists of the owners who did not treat the animals very well or gave up the pets they agreed to take care of. Therefore, try to check if there is a person in these lists who has decided to take for himself your found one.

Photo: Need help homeless animals

Surnames are usually placed in groups for helping animals in social networks. Better not pass the pet in neutral territory. Try to take him to a new home. So you can determine if it is in good conditions.

Photo: How to help a stray dog?

The story of your foundling will surely become fabulous if you spend a little time and effort. There is nothing more pleasant than the happiness that a person who has done a truly good deed feels!

How to help stray cats?

Практически в каждом дворе современных городов живут кошки. Одни оказались выброшены на улицу бездушными хозяевами, другие родились уже на улице. Но ещё худшее положение у кошек, «забытых» на даче – в пустых садоводствах нет ни еды, ни тёплых подвалов, где можно укрыться с наступлением холодов. Мы дадим несколько простых советов, как помочь бездомным кошкам:

  • Try to find the owners. On the street you can see obviously domestic but lost cats. As a rule, such animals do not go far from home, and this facilitates the search for their owners. The way of salvation is simple: shelter a cat in your house and post ads with a photo at the entrances and pillars of the area. Ask your neighbors if this is their cat. Along the way, look closely at the announcements about the search for the missing cat - most likely, the owner himself is looking for his pet.
  • Try to attach. If the cat does not look lost or the search for the former owner was not crowned with success, still try to find a new home for the animal. Ask your friends and colleagues if they need a pet. Write on the Internet in thematic forums, post an ad in the local pet store - this method often helps to attach the cat in good hands. Place the photo of the found on your page on the social network - the better the photo, the higher the chance that the cat will attract someone.
  • Contact a specialized nursery. In your city, for sure there is a public organization that accepts homeless animals. Together with the cat, take some useful things to the shelter - bedding, food, medicines (depending on the needs of a particular shelter) - let it be your contribution to the common good work.

How to help a stray dog?

It is difficult for an abandoned dog to look into its eyes - it guesses your sympathy and follows it for a long time, and if you turn away from an unhappy dog, your soul will be sick for a long time. But it’s not always possible to open the doors of your house too - the dog is too big, the children are at home with allergies, and maybe another sick animal ... but is there a little excuse? The reason is always there. Only then a long time pursued by a sense of guilt and thought: that someone would be kinder than me ...

To prevent this from happening, we will advise how to help a stray dog. Maybe some way is useful to you:

  • If you can not shelter, then you can warm and feed. Naturally, all abandoned animals can not be settled at home. But you can put together a booth and put it in the yard, or in extreme cases, find a large box and lay an old blanket. But the main thing - do not regret for a homeless dog a piece of bread and a bowl of water, but by purchasing a kilogram of cheap bones and cuts of meat from the store, you will arrange a real feast for the dog. Such an animal will quickly become the favorite of the yard, and many local residents will start feeding him already. Maybe someone will need a loyal friend or “guard” to the country and the dog will find a new home. As is the case with the help of cats, try to find the owner, taking a picture of the dog and placing ads wherever it is appropriate.
  • It is better to live in a shelter than to wander through the streets. Do you often see a stray dog? Try to identify her in a special shelter. Find the coordinates of such an organization on the Internet and call the staff. Most likely, the foundry will be given a warm place, will provide food and provide veterinary care. Such organizations are often funded by the state, so you do not have to pay money for the arrangement of the dog. Private shelters are also quite a few. They all exist on donations of ordinary people and, if lucky, sponsors. If you wish, you can also help the shelter with money, food or other useful things.
  • Volunteers are true friends of homeless animals. Volunteer movement is actively developing in our country. Young people, by calling their hearts, organize charity events, help owners to find missing pets, and stray animals are attached to a shelter or given in good hands. So if you do not know how to help the curs yourself, contact one of the volunteer organizations - there will definitely find activists who will take part in the fate of the stray dog.

And finally, think about not taking a pooch or a yard cat to your home. A true friend will appear in the family, requiring not so much care as it seems at first glance. Just imagine with what joy you will be met in the evening by a pet for whom you will become both a savior and a beloved master. Moments of happiness for the whole family are provided every day!

Always leave room for sympathy in your heart. Remember that people helping homeless animals make a big contribution to the common fund of world kindness.

Let's talk about the essence of the problem

The term "homeless animals" means a population of animals left without human supervision. Their habitat are city streets and any other recreational areas. Also, our smaller brothers who find themselves in shelters and overexposure fall into the category of the homeless. In general, in Russia there is no single base of stray animals; therefore, different cities provide very approximate information about their numbers. But even such very average figures look shocking - in the capital alone, according to preliminary estimates, about one hundred thousand stray dogs live. In this case, some of them get off in flocks and behave quite aggressively. As a result, in Moscow every year up to thirty thousand people turn to clinics complaining about the sting.

The main problem of stray animals is that among them there are practically no people who have been neglected for several generations. Most of them were once home and got into the street due to the irresponsibility of people. Such animals are trying to settle down closer to humans. They live in playgrounds, in the courtyards of houses and near metro stations, thereby creating a serious threat to the citizens. After all, dogs, for example, are dangerous not only because they can attack people. They are carriers of various diseases that can cause an epidemic.

Solving the problem of animal neglect

To date, in our country there is no single scheme for resolving issues with dogs and cats, thrown into the street by the owners. City authorities, depending on their financial capabilities, use different measures to make the problem less acute. But more often than not, any methods further aggravate the situation on the streets.

If we turn to the Soviet past, the problem with wild cats and dogs was solved by catching homeless animals. This was done by special services that performed their work very professionally. Animals after catching were placed in a shelter for a brief overexposure. If, within the prescribed period, they could not find their hosts, they were put to sleep. Then the corpses were burned. Thus, the regulation of the population of stray animals took place. However, such an inhuman way caused mass protests of animal defenders. Therefore, in the majority of Russian cities by the 2000th year, catching was prohibited.

And here the mayor faced a real problem, because the number of stray dogs and cats did not decrease, and there are not so many ways to clear the streets of them. The only way out of this situation, many have seen in the sterilization of animals. However, only large cities could afford such programs, since the organization of sterilization is a rather expensive project.

In general, the program consisted of several stages. On the first group of homeless animals were tracked and among all the individuals bitches were caught. They were then placed on quarantine for several days. The next step was directly sterilization, produced by specialists of veterinary clinics. After all the manipulations, the dog or cat was returned to its original place.

However, this humane method turned out to be an absolutely failed attempt to regulate the population of stray animals. The problem not only did not dare, but also worsened - as practice has shown, the number of strollers only increased. Veterinarians involved in this issue claim that the law of compensation works during sterilization. That is, the remaining breeding animals try to produce as many offspring as possible. For example, one cat and all its offspring in a few years increase their population by hundreds of thousands of kittens. And all of them, naturally, become inhabitants of the street. Due to the failure of the program in many cities, it was closed and returned to catching stray animals. But there is absolutely no one to do this professionally.

Thus, it becomes clear that the issue of homeless animals in the country remains open. And the most effective option to close it once and for all is legislation. The government has more than once received initiatives to tighten legislation on pets. An example is the attitude towards our smaller brethren in England. In this country, in order to have a cat or a dog, you must pay tax. In addition, the owner at the legislative level is obliged to monitor the health of his pet: he must regularly visit the vet, have a vaccination passport, and so on. For the loss of a cat or dog, an Englishman will be forced to pay an impressive fine, therefore, in the country, residents are very responsible for animals and never throw them on the street.

It is possible that Russia also needs such laws in order for a generation of people to emerge who are really responsible for those whom they have tamed.

How to help homeless animals: what can not be done

While the authorities are solving the problem of homelessness among former pets, they meet us literally at every step. And very few people can pass by these sad eyes fixed on a person without pain in the heart and a certain feeling of guilt. But absolutely everyone can lend a helping hand to stray animals. Volunteers and zoodefenders claim that this can be done in different ways. At the same time, there is also the most unacceptable of all the help options, which, by the way, many people for some reason consider suitable. We are talking about feeding animals.

Of course, if you saw a stray cat or a dog, then it is only natural to give her a piece of bread or other delicacy so that she does not die of hunger. This is especially true in winter, but such acts should be sporadic. But many people gather in the courtyards whole flocks of strollers who are fed on a regular basis. It seems to these people that they help homeless animals by giving good in the form of necessary food. However, in fact, more and more dogs will come to such feeding places each time. And one day they may well pounce on a child or any of the neighbors. Therefore, zoodefenders with all the forces warn people against such “kindness” and develop a number of recommendations, following which you will really save the life of a homeless animal.

Helping the cat: tips and tricks

The number of homeless cats and cats increases markedly with the onset of autumn. To those who have long lived on the streets, are added the newly born youngsters, the horsemen and those animals that were intentionally left to the mercy of fate in empty houses by the departed summer residents.

If you saw a stray cat and decided to help her, then try the following tips:

  • Take a look at the owners. Sometimes at first glance at the animal it becomes clear that it is domestic and lost. Such cats usually roam near their former home and are easy to contact. Therefore, zoodefenders are advised to shelter the animal at home for some time and come to grips with the search for owners. It is best to do this through ads. Take a photo of a cat and post ads all over the district. Do not be lazy to ask your neighbors about the loss and to study the same ads. Perhaps someone is already looking for his pet.
  • Find new owners. Absolutely all people can become friends of homeless animals. Therefore, if you did not manage to find the previous owners, or it is noticeable that the cat has been on the street for a long time, try to find him a new home. There are several ways to do this: ask all your colleagues and acquaintances, place a post with a photo of an animal on your page on social networks, look at special groups on the Internet, where similar announcements are often posted. You can also contact any fund to help homeless animals in your city. Its employees often attach cats and cats due to their site with an abundance of visitors.
  • Take the animal to a shelter. In many localities, shelters are functioning, where vagrants are placed in anticipation of new owners. However, before you take the animal there, call the leadership of the organization. Find out if they can accept a cat, and take a list of necessary things. Usually, shelters accept new guests, provided that you bring bedding, food and other items with you.

Perhaps, in the time that you spend on finding a new home for a lost girl, she will become dear to you and you will keep it for yourself. We can say that this is the best option to provide protection to a homeless animal and give it a chance for a new life.

Helping stray dogs

Dogs have always been very sensitive. They unmistakably guess our thoughts and feelings, and in the once abandoned dogs this ability is sharpened.

Have you noticed how long a stray animal can follow you only after one glance casually cast at it? It is quite difficult to drive it away, and even then the heart hurts for a very long time from its indifference. So show mercy and help the animal:

  • Overexposure. Sheltering a stray dog ​​is more difficult than a cat. With it, much more trouble, so quickly finding a temporary home for a vagabond is almost impossible. If for some reason you can not take the dog to your apartment, then try to arrange it in the yard. Chuck a booth for an animal, throw an old blanket into it and place bowls of water and food. After that, start searching for owners in the same way as we described this process regarding cats.
  • Contact shelter. If the dog does not manage to find the house, then do not give up and find the phone of any organization for the protection of homeless animals. Usually it is a shelter where the animal can be placed indefinitely. However, be prepared for the fact that your responsibility for the dog will not end there. Shelter staff will most likely take a dog with your regular help. It can be expressed in drugs, feed, or real help in the form of periodic contact with animals and their walking.
  • Volunteer movement. It happens that the dog can not attach. In these cases, it is worth contacting the volunteer fund of stray animals. They exist on a voluntary basis and are organized by caring people. They are always ready to take part in the fate of the next tramp and will tell you how best to deal with it.

The volunteers themselves are advised to keep the animals found. They claim that grateful dogs will become your best and most loyal friends.

Vetpomosch homeless animals

Often, the object of attention of passers-by becomes a downed machine, injured as a result of cruel treatment, or just a sick animal. Such foundlings need to be delivered to the nearest veterinary clinic, but this is often not easy.

An animal in need of medical care is often aggressive. Therefore, it must be approached slowly and calmly. Speak with a stroller and be sure to show your hands so that the animal is not afraid. As soon as it let you closer, treat him and stroke him a little. So you make contact with the dog or cat.

If the animal was hit by a car, it must be immobilized and stopped to bleed before transport. Small dogs and cats can be placed in a carrier or box of suitable size. It is better to place large dogs on a blanket and then carry them carefully.

Upon arrival at the clinic, it will be useful to phone with a volunteer organization. Her representatives will contact the doctors and discuss all the nuances of treatment, in addition, they often have discounts on procedures.

Volunteers will also solve the issues of the animal's stay in the postoperative period. They will find him a juggling or pay him to be in a veterinary clinic.

Taking the vagabond to the clinic, be prepared for the fact that you have to take part in his fate. If you don’t get through to the volunteers, the cost of inspecting the animal and its treatment can lie on your shoulders.

We help shelters

Most modern shelters are private. They constantly have difficulties with financing, therefore they are glad for any help. It is quite simple to render it, especially since there are several ways to present a piece of your soul to homeless animals:

  • Remittance. On the websites of shelters are always details for the provision of financial assistance. Do not think that the sum of one hundred or two hundred rubles is insignificant. Perhaps it is she who will be decisive in saving the life of some mongrels.
  • Volunteer movement. In addition to money, shelters always need free labor. You can become a volunteer and help animals by repairing cages, walking dogs, cleaning territory and performing other duties.
  • Informational assistance. Не всегда люди знают о том, что существуют приюты и организации, занимающиеся защитой и передержкой животных, а главное – не имеют представлений об их нуждах. Поэтому распространение информации в соцсетях, на сайтах и других ресурсах будет являться существенной помощью.
  • Временный приют. Передержка – это очень важный этап в возвращении собаки к нормальной жизни. Но зачастую люди, занимающиеся этим, регулярно принимают у себя дома до десяти разных питомцев. Чтобы разгрузить их, вы можете взять кошку или собаку на время к себе.

Осторожно, мошенники!

Unfortunately, in our time there is a great risk of stumbling upon scammers hiding behind a sign of an animal shelter. Therefore, before transferring money to an organization, review the information provided on its website.

Scammers always need only money. They will refuse, under various pretexts, for help in the form of feed, medicines and warm clothes that can be put on bedding.

Unfair people who disguise themselves as animal advocates never post legal information about their organization on the Internet. Also, you will not find on their website pages with photos of pets looking for owners. Real shelters pay special attention to this.

With a thorough study of the online scam resource you will not see financial reports. Usually, real volunteers and shelter managers report on all the money spent at least once a quarter.

To once again check the shelter, you can call up with his staff and offer to bring the necessary things for pets and objects. If you are denied this, then most likely you have come across scammers.

Take the animal home: an algorithm of action

The best help to our smaller homeless brothers is your love and support. And for this you need to take the animal from the shelter to his home. Believe me, it’s hard to find another such best friend who will immensely appreciate you.

But before such an important act be sure to ask the consent of all family members. Discuss the wishes of each and try to accommodate them so that the pet immediately becomes the universal favorite.

Do not be lazy to go to the shelter several times and get acquainted with its inhabitants. Remember that an animal once abandoned will be afraid to experience it again. Therefore, think several times before opening a cage and taking a dog or a cat behind you.

After choosing a pet, talk to the shelter staff. They know all the characteristics of the nature of the animal and will help you with advice. Believe me, they are interested in the animal finding a new home, which means that they sincerely tell about the pros and cons of your future friend.

And one more tip - do not be afraid to take adult animals from shelters. They are perfectly acclimatized in families, and also have great patience towards children. Problems with the care of such cats and dogs practically does not arise.

Can you help the veterinary clinic?

In conclusion, I would like to say that you can help and veterinary clinics. They often open loans to volunteer organizations in the amount of several thousand rubles. In addition, they have a category of preferential tail patients and those who are treated out of pity. To help doctors, you just need to go to the clinic and ask about problem animals. In this case, you can not pay the entire amount owed to the hospital, but only part of it.